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KANDI BURRUSS From ‘Real Housewives’ to ‘A Mother’s Love’ The New Adventures of the

Fabulous Beekman Boys Navigate Your Way Through the Holiday Haze

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Giving Thanks

Ah, Thanksgiving. It’s that day that comes before Black Friday. You know, the one where we all gather with some form of family, eat a meal that may or may not include turkey, watch a parade and/or football, and otherwise get some well-needed sleep before busting down the doors of every retail establishment in sight. It’s weird. This year, I feel like I’ve heard more about Black Friday, and the sales that are starting on Thanksgiving evening, than about the holiday itself. And I’ve been spending the last few weeks working out a busy Thanksgiving schedule, so it’s not like I’ve not been thinking about the date. But writing this lets me reflect for just a moment about what I am thankful for this year. I’m thankful for this job that lets me do something I love. I’m thankful for my boyfriend, who keeps me sane when work threatens to drive me insane and lets me do other things that I love. I’m thankful that this job lets me get away with saying something like that, too. And I’m thankful to you, our readers. I’ve been in this position for nearly a year now, and I’ve heard so much positive reaction to what we’ve been doing this year. I feel like we’re doing something right, and I don’t want to take that for granted.

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By Romeo San Vicente Guinevere Turner Creeps up on you Guinever Turner, star and co-writer of the ’90s lesbian indie classic Go Fish, has never stopped working. Or working it. She wrote the screenplay for American Psycho and died on screen, glamorously, at the hands of Christian Bale. She’s produced projects, written even more and stayed true to the indie film world throughout. Now she’s going to direct. The movie is called Creeps and it’s a dark-ish comedy about a pair of best friends, a lesbian and a gay man, who, according to the sassy Turner, “decide to quit drinking and doing drugs for a week so they can have great skin for a party.” Stop and read that again, because it’s the single greatest plot synopsis for a movie in the history of cinema. When will you get to watch it? When the money comes in, that’s when. The entire project is being crowdsourced by an IndieGoGo campaign – trans porn action hero Buck Angel even volunteered to run naked down Hollywood Boulevard if the price was right, how’s that for a perk? – and we can’t think of a better, sillier, weirder idea to toss cash at. Link now: creeps-a-darkly-comedic-feature-by-guinevere-turner

he marries the love of his life. Then there’s the one-hour drama over at CW. It’s called Players and it’s ambitious. Set in Hollywood in the 1930s, it involves a young woman who moves to Los Angeles to get revenge for the death of her sister caused by a studio boss. But when she arrives she finds herself manipulated into becoming the fake romance for a closeted movie star and also pawn in a mob deal. Nowadays you just work at Jamba Juice until you get frustrated and move back to Des Moines, but in the ’30s the movie biz was a lot wilder, apparently. Anyway, we can’t wait for both of these shows to become real things to binge-watch on our iPad. Zachary Quinto accepts Invitation with possible regrets

Frankly, we thought filmmaker Karyn Kusama was a lesbian. Turns out she’s not, but can you blame us for assuming the woman who directed Girlfight, Aeon Flux, Jennifer’s Body and an episode of The L Word might play for the lady team? An honest mistake if ever there was one. And, more honestly, her gender-role defying work has kept her on our radar all this time. Well, now she’s got a new project, The Invitation, starring Zachary Ellen DeGeneres keeps making new TV Quinto, Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki, Luke Wilson shows happen and Topher Grace. Co-written by Kusama’s husband Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi, the story revolves around a man There’s nothing like being successful to make you even (Wilson) invited to his estranged ex-wife’s dinner party. more successful. So along with having the most popular Once there, he realizes that something very strange has talk show on daytime TV, Ellen DeGeneres is producing come over his ex and that she and her guests may have up a storm. There’s an untitled sitcom pilot set up at NBC, something fairly ugly planned for him. Due in 2014, we written by DeGeneres’ longtime colleague Liz Feldman dare this thriller to be disturbing enough to make us fear (2 Broke Girls), that will center on a lesbian and her gay eating. Won’t happen, but we still dare. male friend who decide to have a baby together just as

12 //

Casting call: Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum. Maybe. At this point we won’t believe anyone is playing Elton John in Rocketman, the biopic of the rock ’n’ roll legend’s life, until the day the film opens and we see that actor wearing some oversized glasses and/or those gigantic “Pinball Wizard” platform shoes. But just in case you’re more trusting, they say it’s going to be Tom Hardy. We can get with this. Hardy is hot, he’s idiosyncratic, he’s played gay before and he’s one of the more dynamic young actors working today. Now let’s wait and see if it all falls apart. And while we wait, somebody go put a homosexual bug in Channing Tatum’s ear, please, and get him to say yes to Paul Feig (director of The Heat and Bridesmaids), who wants the Magic Mike star to play gay in his new romantic comedy. John Milhiser (one of the new batch of SNL regulars) is already set to play an Average Joe gay guy whose life gets turned upside down when he starts dating his dream man. Feig threw Tatum’s name around and it started rumors that the actor was already cast as the dreamy one, and that turned out be wishful thinking. But if the director of The Heat and Bridesmaids can’t wish out loud for Channing Tatum to become gay, then none of us can. It’s not like Tatum didn’t already get S&M crazy with Danny McBride in his cameo appearance in This Is The End, and whatever Feig has in store for the actor eventually cast will be much less provocative. So come on, Channing Tatum, we’re all counting on you to make out with a guy on the big screen.

Channing Tatum

photo: Helga Esteb /

@DavidAtlantaGA // 13


of the week:

The Moscow City Government

how many Russian children were saved from the perils of homosexuality by this courageous act. An anti-gay parent group even wants to ban Elton John. Because Elton John is the gayest. But John still plans to pack his “funny” glasses for a December tour date in Russia. As he told The Guardian, “I’ve got to go. And I’ve got to think about what I’m going to say very carefully. There’s two avenues of thought: do you stop everyone going, ban all the artists coming in from Russia? But then you’re really leaving the men and women who are gay and suffering under the anti-gay laws in an isolated situation. As a gay man, I can’t leave those people on their own without going over there and supporting them. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’ve got to go.” Good for him. And I hope he doesn’t end up in jail. Being anti-gay under the guise of protecting children is common. Russia’s anti-propaganda law is really no different than the arguments against acknowledging in America’s schools that LGBT kids exist by including them in anti-discrimination and anti-bullying policies. There’s this pervasive fear that if kids get wind of this gay stuff, they’ll just have to try it out. It’s a weak, and stupid argument, but it has had some success here in the states. And Russia has gone ahead and made this terrifically stupid argument the law of the land. Which leads to headlines like, “Russia bans tribute to gay victims of Nazi Germany.” According to the Gay Star News, “Around 20 participants applied to hold a peaceful event in Kudrinskaya Square in Moscow on 5 November.” They wanted to commemorate the gays who died in the Holocaust and those who were arrested during World War II. And the Moscow City Government told them to go borscht themselves. On Halloween, no less. And why did authorities in Moscow nix the peaceful demonstration? Because, according to GSN, “paying tribute to gay victims of Nazi Germany could potentially ‘influence’ children on homosexuality.”


By D’Anne Witkowski

s you probably already know, Russia is not exactly a paradise for LGBT people. Even talking about being gay is a crime there because it might corrupt children somehow. In fact, the only gay-related speech allowed in Russia appears to be hate speech toward gays, accompanied by ass kickings. You know, to set a good example for children. Violence against LGBT folks is rampant. In fact, The Advocate reported that on Nov. 3 a meeting of the Rainbow Coffee Party, an LGBT social group in St. Petersburg, was paid a little visit by some gun and baseball bat toting thugs who sent two people to the hospital with injuries. In other words, the climate in Russia is so anti-gay that a coffee klatch is cause enough for violence. It is not clear 14 //

That’s right, folks. Should any hapless children be exposed to a group of people commemorating horrible atrocities against gay people, those children might be “influenced.” What “influenced” means here is unclear, though I suspect that the Moscow authorities would find it in poor taste to accidentally engender some feelings of sympathy toward gays because kids are pretty keen at recognizing gross injustice. Of course, “influence” could also mean that authorities are worried that kids witnessing the demonstration would “turn gay.” Because as we all know, nothing is a better advertisement for homosexuality than a mass genocide. I mean, pretty soon all of the cool kids are going to be wearing the pink triangle and then heterosexuality is basically doomed. Because nobody wants to be part of the lame-o unoppressed crowd. Keep it classy, Russia.


Kandi, with Love

The ‘Real Housewives’ Star Talks About the New Season, Her New Musical, and the Holiday Season BY DYL AN MICHAEL photo: Ray Tamarra 16 //


inger, producer, star-finder, mother, daughter, friend, and Real Housewife. Kandi Burruss wears a lot of hats in life. And now she’s taken another leap of faith and is adding “theatre star” to that list! Following her appearance with David Atlanta at Atlanta Pride, we spoke with Kandi about A Mother’s Love, her upcoming musical (which she wrote and produced) at The Rialto, plus the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta and more! Well, hello, Kandi! Hope you enjoyed hanging out with us at Pride!

Who is your dream artist to work with? Ooh, there’s a lot. I would love to work with someone like Carrie Underwood. She’s crazy talented. Rihanna, of course. Everything she touches turns to gold. And actually, I’d love to work with Miley Cyrus. I know everybody thinks that everything she’s doing right now is ridiculous, but I love it. She’s crazy, she’s talented, but above all, she can sing. Tell us a little bit about your upcoming season of Real Housewives?

I did, I did! Thank you for having me! It was a blast! Oh man. It’s crazy! It’s better than any season we’ve shot What have you been up to? You seem to be every- so far. There is so much going on in our own personal lives, where! Hope you enjoyed Pride! and then you factor in the drama that comes with being on that show? It’s crazy! It’s definitely our most stressful I did! It was a lot of fun to hang out with you guys and expe- season to date. rience Atlanta Pride. Seeing the community come together is great! But I’ve been fine. I’m just staying busy. I’ve been taping the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and I’ve been working on my new musical that’s debuting at the Rialto this month. I’m actually on my lunch break from rehearsals right now. Tell us about your musical! Well, it’s called A Mother’s Love. First, Todd [Tucker] and I kicked around the idea of doing a movie for a while but then we started toying around with the idea of doing a play. He didn’t like the idea at first, but after some convincing, he was on board. (Laughs) We used our lives as inspiration, which has been a good concept. My mother doesn’t really approve of our relationship so she’s not too happy about that! (Laughs) I wrote the music for the play, which was very therapeutic. And we’ve got some amazing talents in the show with us. We have Portia Stewart, Eddie Levert, Shirley Murdock, D. Woods from the group Danity Kane and so many more talented folks! Can we expect more acting from you? Maybe Broadway in your future? I would love to do Broadway. Growing up, I was always involved in performances of some sort and theater was one of them. So, it was something that I always wanted to pursue, but when the music thing happened, and I got signed, acting kind of got put on a back burner. So, it’s something that I love, and would love to do, but I just never really got the chance to do it yet. On top of being a reality star, a mother, etc, you are also a musical mentor on your show Kandi Factory. Will there will be a second season for us to watch? Well, I haven’t heard anything yet! You know networks change their mind all the time, so you never really know what they want! So, at this time, there has been no green light for a second season of Kandi Factory.

photo: Bravo @DavidAtlantaGA // 17

Do you watch any other of the “Real Housewives” franchises? If so, who is your favorite housewife that’s not on the Atlanta season! (Laughs) No. I’m sorry. I don’t. I never really have time to watch TV!

Not really. Well, I guess you could say going to the Bahamas for Christmas might be a tradition. I went last year with my girl Phaedra Parks and Rasheeda. I won’t be going with Kim this year. (Laughs) Do you have any tips for decorating?

Hey, not a problem! I understand you’re busy! So I always try to make my house, and my Christmas tree, look with the holidays coming up, I have to ask: what is like the ones you see in Macy’s. So I think the more decorations, the better! Don’t hold back! your favorite holiday? I’ve always loved Christmas. It’s just all about gifts and family and good food. The energy around Christmas is always so fun, too, ya know? Plus, for Christmas, I’m going on vacation. Where are you going, if you don’t mind me asking? Hopefully somewhere warmer! Oh yes! I’m going down to the Bahamas! Ooh, well that’s marvelous! Much better than this cold weather we’re having. Do you have any holiday traditions? Something that you always do every year? 18 //

So, last question for you. Where can people catch you? They can follow me on Twitter at @Kandi, on Facebook at, my website kandionline. com, my store website, on the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and at the Rialto Theater for A Mother’s Love on November 22–24. Make sure to check out Kandi at all the websites listed above (busy woman!), and make sure to catch her new show “A Mother’s Love” at the Rialto theater at the end of November!

20 //

@DavidAtlantaGA // 21

A Not-So-Traditional

Thanksgiving BY NICHOL AS GR ANT


very year, millions of Americans gather together around countless dining room tables to feast on turkey, stuffing, gravy and a multitude of other foods. For a large group of people, though, there won’t be any turkey. In fact, a lot of people may find it tricky to navigate the holidays when it comes to eating with family and friends. There are special names for people like this.

establishments and all have enjoyed long and continued success here. Café Sunflower even publishes a cookbook with some of its most popular and requested recipes. If countless other countries (and some daring restaurants here in the states) understand that a variety of diets is acceptable and enjoyable, why has it taken our “land of the free” so long to realize the same?

They are called vegetarians or vegans. Whether a dietary restriction is a choice or a need, it doesn’t make sitting down at the table on Thanksgiving any easier. As Americans, we are programmed that a meal needs include some kind of meat; it goes back to the old “meat and potatoes” mindset. Generations upon generations of Americans have believed that the only way a meal was complete was with some kind of meat on the plate. Nowadays, however, most people realize that the opposite can be true. As a nation of immigrants, consumers here are constantly under a barrage of restaurant and food choices from around the world, and a lot of the time they do not include a centerpiece of meat.

Maybe it all goes back to that very first Thanksgiving when the Pilgrims sat down with the Native Americans all those years ago and indulged in wild turkey along with a variety of other foods. I can hear some of you now; “Thanksgivingjust isn’t Thanksgiving unless you have turkey.”

Maybe some people’s aversion to giving up meat comes from childhood dinners where we were forced to sit at a table and not get up until we had eaten every last pea or Go to an Indian restaurant or any establishment that serves carfrom one of the many countries of Asia and you’ll see that there are bountiful options that don’t include meat. Even Italian or Mexican food can easily keep the meat separate. There are even a few “American” restaurants in Atlanta that are staples for food connoisseurs where meat is never on the menu. Café Sunflower, Green Sprout and R. Thomas are just three of the most popular meat-free 22 //

rot on your plate. We’d gobble down the meat as fast as we could thinking that would be good enough, only to be faced time and time again with those pesky vegetables.


When I offer to bring something I make sure it is something I can eat. It’s really not that complicated to make stuffing vegetarian. Read the labels of the instant kind and find one that doesn’t have chicken As adult, we obviously now know better. No person can live flavoring in it. Then when you are making it, use vegetable on vegetables alone of course; we have to get protein from stock instead of chicken stock. Soup is the same way. That some place. brings me to the next thing I do… Let’s start with getting a couple of things in order. A vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat of any kind but most do consume dairy and eggs (that’s technically called an ovo-lacto vegetarian). So all you people out there that say you are a vegetarian but eat fish, I hate to tell you but you called a Pescetarian. “Vegetarians” that still eat poultry are called liars. Poultry is meat, end of story.


I ask questions. People are not insulted if you politely ask what’s in something before you start piling spoonful after spoonful on your plate. If you were allergic to nuts, wouldn’t you ask if something had nuts in it? Asking what ingredients are in something or how it was cooked it total acceptable. Just don’t get preachy about it. Which brings me to…


A vegan is someone who does not eat any meat and does I don’t push my beliefs on others. If someone wants to eat meat, who am I to tell them not eat anything that contains any animal byproducts. They differently? To each his own. I’m over here don’t eat any dairy or eggs, and some vegans go as far as not wearing leather or using household items that have loading up on mashed potatoes because that’s animal byproducts in them. my choice. If they want to fight over the last piece of white meat in the turkey, they can All of this can make the dinner table, and namely the be my guest. dinner table on the last Thursday of November, a challenge. Of all of my friends, family and my boyfriend, I am one of only a few that doesn’t eat meat. I don’t plan to hole myself up in my apartment this Thanksgiving. I’ve enjoyed many meals and different houses over the years, and all have been memorable and enjoyable. There are, however, a few things that I do to make sure I am going to have a good time.

@DavidAtlantaGA // 23


There is one other thing that, as a worst case scenario, I do if I am unsure about what the meal I am going to will hold for me; I eat before hand. I won’t stuff myself, but I’ll make sure I am not going to starve either. I may eat something small and then just eat side dishes and desert (and there is always room for a couple of beers or a few glasses of wine.) Being a vegetarian these days is not hard. Fifteen years ago it was a lot more complicated, but now with Morning Star brand foods being sold in every major supermarket and us as a society being more conscious of what we are putting into our bodies, it’s not that hard. Vegans may find it slightly more difficult to out to dinner, but most of them are so dedicated to how they eat that you can bet they spend A LOT more time in the kitchen preparing meals and finding new and interesting things to eat than most of us.

piece of turkey? It’s not all tofu either (even though tofu, when prepared correctly is one of the most delicious things you can eat and an AMAZING source of protein.) Like all things in this day and age, we can go online and find just what we need. Meat free recipes are plentiful online, and just to get you off on the right foot, here’s a great recipe you can try for any holiday table: Risotto With Asparagus, Mushrooms and Sundried Tomatoes

1 Tbsp canola oil 1 large onion, diced 1 large leek, halved, cleaned, and thinly sliced 1 Tbsp finely minced garlic 2 cups Arborio rice 8 cups vegetable stock If you want to impress the people around the table at 12 sun dried tomatoes, thinly sliced Thanksgiving, you can list off these famous vegetarians and 1 cup thinly sliced asparagus vegans: Betty White, Bill Clinton, Denzel Washington, Ben Stiller, 1.5 cups sliced cremini mushrooms Christian Bale, Alec Baldwin, Carrie Underwood, Christina 1/2 cup torn or chopped fresh basil Applegate, Anna Paquin, Bruce Springsteen, Lea Michele, 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese (optional) Kristen Wiig, Natalie Portman, Tobey Maguire, Chris Martin, Salt and pepper Ellen DeGeneres, Paul McCartney, Anne Hathaway, Boy George, Brad Pitt, Alan Cumming, Diane Keaton and Kate Winslet (just to Heat the vegetable stock in a saucepan over medium name a few). heat. Once it’s boiling, reduce to a simmer and keep it there. If you are hosting family or friends this holiday season, chances are you are going to do some cooking. How difficult do you Heat the oil in a large pot or dutch oven over mediumthink it would be to cook something up that anyone could eat? It high heat. Add the onion, leek, and garlic; stir frequently would probably take the same amount of time and effort as any for about 3 minutes until just softened. Add the rice and other dish you were planning. a pinch of pepper, and stir frequently to toast the rice without letting it get brown. After about 5 minutes, you Challenge yourself this holiday season. Make something that is should hear the rice quietly squeek or whistle, your signal either vegetarian or vegan, and don’t tell anyone (especially the to begin adding liquid. Add about 1.5-2 cups of the stock ones that are going to make the five-year-old-child-grossedand stir constantly for a few minutes until most of the out-at-the-thought-face.) See what they say about it. You may liquid is absorbed. You know it’s time to add more when get some of your best reviews for whatever your new culinary you can run your spoon through the rice and see the botexperiment is. Wouldn’t that be better than another dried out tom of the pan for a few seconds before the rice covers it again. Add 1 cup of the stock, stir for about 30 seconds, then only often enough to prevent the rice from sticking to the pan. Once the liquid is absorbed, add another cup, stir for 30 seconds, and repeat the process until there’s only about 1 cup of stock left or the rice is nearly al dente. After the rice has been cooking for about 5 minutes (say, after the initial amount of liquid is absorbed), steam the asparagus, mushrooms, and basil until crisp-tender (about 5 minutes) in a saucepan or microwave. When the rice seems almost done or there’s only a cup of stock left, add all the vegetables to the rice mixture with a cup of the stock (if the stock isn’t all used up, it’s ok). Stir the rice and vegetables together for just a few minutes until the rice is al dente. Stir in the Parmesan, if using, and enjoy! Makes 5 servings (plenty to be thankful for this holiday season!) 24 //

Navigating Your Way Through the Holiday Haze BY DYL AN S. GOLDMAN

26 //


he holidays mean one thing: ‘tis the season for food-filled with family is especially important for those who got the hell family functions. This is our fool-proof method to surviv- outta Dodge at the stroke of midnight on their 18th birthday. ing the holi-daze, from Thanksgiving to New Years. Cherish the time you have together, and since the effects of age are inevitable for everyone, make it memorable. Try The Family Feat planning a game, activity or even craft project that includes everyone, from 1-100; you will definitely get a gold star for Have a Game Plan: Pre-plan a bit for uncomfortable famyour thoughtfulness. ily encounters. First, think back on past experiences with your family. Were there any disagreements? Arguments? Stay True to Your Beliefs: Unless too heated a converUncomfortable moments? Figure out who they were with, sation, hold your ground when it comes to your opinions and devise a way to either avoid them, be prepared for shit- and feelings. Do not fall into the guilt trap, get wrangled by starting comments; Until then, practice ways to change the unwanted religion or compromise yourself just to fit in. It’s topic of conversation or politely walk away. one thing to not rock the boat, but conforming robs you of your individuality. Do Damage Control: Now that you’ve pinpointed the issues and whom they are with, try to resolve those differences Be Positive: Your lifestyle and choices are probably ofbefore your travel. Call them, text them…hell, Facebook fensive to someone at the family table, and it is always them if you can, and smooth out any differences if you are the someone who can’t just keep their big mouth shut. If able to. There have been countless times I have taken the off-color or intolerant comments come flying your way, try high road and let an annoying family member “win” (in their finding another way to interpret it. If the interpretation isn’t opinion). Just because they are too narrow to see your point up for debate, remember this: anyone who doesn’t love of view, doesn’t mean they really “win” when you take one and accept you for who you are has bigger problems than for the team- you are the real winner, since you know your having a “queer” in the family. More likely than not, they are smoothing over of a situation was pure placation of them and miserable, have regrets or are jealous of your strength and for you to have a stress-free trip. courage. Take it with a grain of salt; it is a lot harder to hate than to love. “Destressification”: Make sure you get plenty of exercise on your vacation. Exercise gives you an outlet for the In-Laws Clause: Mostly all of the above can go both inevitable pent up anger and frustration you will experiways…except: Do not be too much “yourself” right off ence when with family for extended periods of time, or even the bat. Dress well, but don’t show anyone up; know short periods during the holidays. Family is more annoying a little family history and their interests; stay out of than anyone else; it doesn’t mean we don’t love them. If the political and religious conversations; no relationship talk; apple didn’t fall far from the tree, invite the fam to come remember to compliment the chef and show your thanks with you on a brisk walk, hike or whatever may elevate and gratitude for their hospitality. Once you get back to their heart rates, increase their breathing and stifle their your day-to-day, mail or phone a thank you to the host, tongue-wagging. if appropriate. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Try to find the humor in a tense or uncomfortable situation this holiday season. The dynamic y’all have is all your own…something that makes your family unique as a unit. Celebrate it! And when all else fails, remember: It is what it is. Bring Company: Whether it be your partner or friend – preferably not someone you scooped up at the Greyhound station on your way over – having a familiar face with you can be comforting. Not only do you have a buddy to walk away with, you have someone to vent to and get advice from if the gathering turns sour. Note on partners: If this isn’t your first time meeting the family, read on. You’re fine. However, if it is, heed this advice: Be yourself. Relax. Be polite and respectful, but refrain from brown nosing. Parents are people, too. Consequently, if you being “you” is a total douche bag, don’t be yourself. Be someone else. Permanently. Make Memories: Let’s face it: time flies. With each passing year, your kin grows up, moves on, or passes on, making the holidays a significant time to reconnect. Quality time @DavidAtlantaGA // 27

Hefty, Hefty? Cinch, Cinch. Anyone can beat the bulge over the holidays, but please understand: there is no method to avoid gaining weight that involves over-indulgence and lack of discipline. This ain’t Miracle on Peachtree. Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’: Before and after the day of mass consumption, get off your ass and move! Exercise before and after will help you burn fat and kick up your metabolism so that you can enjoy a second helping. Make Smart Choices: Obviously, a second heaping pile of raw or steamed veggies or fresh fruit is way better than another pile of mashed potatoes and gravy. That doesn’t mean you can’t have the rich stuff- just take larger helpings of the healthy stuff. Use a smaller plate. Stay away from sauces, dips and condiments. Hydrate: Water helps fill you up. If you really want to avoid holiday weight gain, drink water like it’s going out of style. Also, it’s obviously a much better choice than soda, with zero calories and fat. Pre-Eat: Have a little snack before the meal, like some crackers, fruit or anything else that is a healthier alternative. You’ll make a little less room for the trouble foods.

Flight vs. Fight: Avoid the airport anger by booking your flight on a less-travelled day. Monetarily, it always helps to buy a ticket well in advance. If you don’t have the luxury of time, spend a little longer researching the best fare.

Speaking, Not Shoveling: Open your mouth for more than a bite of food when you’re at the dinner table this year. This slows down your eating which allows your body to register being full. It Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: By contactalso is nice to be more human and less Sasquatch. ing the airline for the exact dimensions and weight of their Travel Tips Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. Don’t forget this, or you’re just setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.

carry-ons, you avoid having your bag – and in turn, your attitude – checked by the gate attendant. Expect Delays: No matter how you travel, you will likely incur some form of delay, so make sure to leave yourself plenty of time. Also, bring plenty of games, books, movies, toys, and/or technology to keep yourself and others busy. That is, unless you are the driver. In that case, the road is for driving, not texting.

Safety First: Most people drive over the Thanksgiving holiday, making the roads even more congested and infuriating than your daily Atlanta commute is. You can’t make people smarter or better drivers, so make sure you and your vehicle are prepared. Buckle Up: We hope these tips will help make your holidays Get an oil change, check the tire pressure, and even get an early joyous. From all of us at David Atlanta, have a safe and tune up if you are due soon. Preplan your route and provide happy holiday! yourself with alternate routes. If you take the scenic route right off the bat, you will be better off. 28 //

30 //

The Fabulous Beekman Boys’

Worldwide Journey BY BILLY JONES


er a recent Thanksgiving tradition, David Atlanta likes to check-in on the city-slickers-gone country, the Fabulous Beekman Boys. Brent Ridge and Josh KilmerPurcell are the happy couple from New York City who turned into the co-creative directors of their company, Beekman 1802. They’ve been very busy with their television series on the Cooking Channel, cook books, a wedding, and a new addition to their happy home. The last time we checked-in with the boys, David didn’t know the outcome of The Amazing Race, which the couple triumphantly won. David caught up with the couple while they were busy working, seeing what else is in store for the Fabulous Beekman Boys.

The last time we spoke, David Atlanta didn’t know you were winners of The Amazing Race. Congratulations on your win! What was it like watching yourselves on screen, re-experiencing the journey? 32 //

Brent: Each week, our entire community got together to watch the Race. We were such underdogs, and good at keeping a secret, that neighbors felt each week that it was our last. It was really fun to surprise them – and the rest of the world – each week. What was your favorite place to travel through? Brent: We really enjoyed Istanbul. What was it like coming back to the US after traveling the world like you did? How has Beekman 1802 benefited from your travels? Brent: We had just finished writing the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Dessert Cookbook before leaving for the Race. We each lost about 15 minutes during the month we were gone, but came back to business as usual and gained it all back while doing the photo shoot for the book.

Season three of The Fabulous Beekman Boys was Brent: Josh’s family tried to avoid one another so spent lots on the Cooking Channel. How has it been working of time in the kitchen. Brent’s family wanted to spend as with the new network? much time together as possible. While Josh always makes a delicious homemade stuffing, Brent opens up a box of Stove Brent: Cooking Channel is a great network with a very loyal Top. Both traditions make it to our holiday table. audience of food lovers. People can also check out the Beekman Wedding Special exclusively on Amazon, and see When will The Fabulous Beekman Boys be back what it’s like planning your wedding when you know that in Atlanta? Martha Stewart is going to be a guest. Brent: We’ll be back in Atlanta on Nov 23 in the morning at How has life changed for you two since becoming Morningside Farmer’s Market and in the evening at Cook’s married? Warehouse. Brent: We’ve been together for 15 years, so that was a really long time to wait for the wedding night. Glad that’s over. What are some of the challenges of married life?

Josh, I understand you performed for a bit in Atlanta as Aquadisiac (great name, BTW). Where in Atlanta did you perform? Have you reconsidered bringing her back just one more time?

Brent: Now that we’re both on the farm fulltime and coJosh: Aqua is long gone – those costumes were tiny! – but creative directors of Beekman 1802, the biggest challenge is she did get her start at Backstreet, which is also long gone. having a conversation that doesn’t involve work. Every Christmas, we hang one of her dangling earrings on our Christmas tree. She was always most comfortable What’s next for The Fabulous Beekman Boys? around sparkling lights and glitter. Brent: We’ve just rescued a dog, half-lab, half Pyrenees, and have named her Önder. She’s the joy of our life right now. The Beekman 1802 store has expanded tremendously! What are some of your top sellers? What are some of your favorite products? Brent: We continue to grow the company by working with first-in-class retailers like Williams-Sonoma, Anthropologie, Henri Bendel, and even have a new mini-shop in EPCOT at Disney [World].

Where can we get a pair of spectacular rain boots? Brent: We actually are working on designs for new Beekman 1802 boots that will debut next year. They’re made for walkin’. Like the Boys said, you can hang out with The Fabulous Beekman Boys on Saturday, Nov. 23 at 8 a.m. at the Morningside Farmer’s Market, and from 1–3 p.m. at Cook’s Warehouse at Ansley Mall.

Do you have any recipes that are currently in the works? Brent: We are just putting the finishing touches on the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Vegetable Cookbook which debuts in May 2014. What is the new recipe process like? Brent: All of our recipes have their origins in something that we grew up eating. We deconstruct and re-make them based on what we are harvest or using on the farm during each season. How would you describe Thanksgiving in seven words or less? Brent: The reason elastic band pants exist. What are some Thanksgiving traditions that the two of you grew up with and have continued to incorporate into your Thanksgivings as adults? @DavidAtlantaGA // 33

34 //

Sweet Potato Cupcakes...

They’re Back! Along with many more Fall & Thanksgiving favorites!

- since 1997 -

- since 1997 -

Let the force of pull you in... Come tour our gym today! New Member Special Join today and receive:

One Week Free Tanning or One Free Trainer Session

2201 Faulkner Rd. Atlanta GA 30324 - 404-486-0506 -

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Lenox Overlook Townhomes From the

Mid $200’s

Move-In Ready and Basement Homes Available! Community Features: • Gated Community • Amenities Include a Pool, Cabana and Bark Park • 2-Car Garages • 3 Bedroom/2.5 Bath or 4 Bedroom/3.5 Bath Floor Plans from 1,900 Sq. Ft. to 2,600 Sq. Ft. • Exterior Building Maintenance


For more information, please call 404-633-0604 or visit

® ®

In the Atlanta division, prices, plans and specifications are subject to change without notice. Photographs and or renderings are for illustrative purposes only. Information believed to be accurate but not warranted. BUILDER magazine named Ryland Homes the 2012 “Fastest-Growing Public Homebuilder” in the May 2013 issue of Builder 100. See Sales Counselor for details and a complete list of HouseWorks® features. © 2013 The Ryland Group, Inc.


$199.99 I N S TA L L E D

Most cars and light trucks. See store for details. Not valid with any other offer. Does not apply to previous purchases. Must present coupon at time of service. Included semi-metallic pads and entry level rotors. Front or rear. OEM grade materials extra. Offer expires 12/21/13



Most cars and light trucks. See store for details. Not valid with any other offer. Does not apply to previous purchases. Must present coupon at time of service. Offer expires 12/21/13

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DISCO Dabbler Frontman Brendon Urie on Hot Dudes, Bisexuality and Being Naked ‘All the Time’ BY CHRIS A Z ZOPARDI 46 //


fter years of speculation, Brendon Urie is coming out as… “a straight dabbler”? Panic! at the Disco’s glam frontman, who celebrates bisexuality on the band’s single “Girls/Girls/Boys” from their fourth LP Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!, opens up in our recent chat about his curious past with men and finding himself “attracted to dudes all the time.” What inspired “Girls/Girls/Boys”? Like every song on this record, the song is very autobiographical. Just very honest and very confessional about exactly how I feel. The biggest summarization of the whole song in general is in the lyric “Love is not a choice,” which I completely believe. I’m proud of who I am and I’m gonna act accordingly. It’s really kind of loosely based on the majority of relationships I’ve been in, even now with my wife. Yeah, she’s attracted to girls, and I think some men are extremely attractive and I don’t wanna hide it. I have no shame in it. I like being able to shed some light on that. It’s nice to be able to open up like that.

to my wife that I go, “Well, OK, my love of musicals can’t trump that I love pussy.” (Laughs) A straight dabbler? Yeah, sure. It’s fun to dabble! What’s it about D’Angelo’s music video for “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” that made you want to pay tribute to it in the “Girls/Girls/Boys” video? When I first saw that video, I was pretty young – I think I was 12 years old – but I don’t even know if it was something sexual. At that point I was just more mesmerized by how bold it was. I was like, “This guy is so confident that he has no problem being naked.” I did like his pants and how low they’d go. It got real close to seeing his junk. Something about it was so open and so just naked… not just physically but figuratively. He’s really opening himself up to be that comfortable in front of the camera. This song was such a vulnerable song that I felt it just made sense to do something like that.

Are you as comfortable with being naked as you You basically answered my next question: Was look in the video? this song inspired by a relationship with a bisexual woman? Oh yeah. Right now I’m naked. I’m naked all the time. If I’m home, I’m naked. (Laughs) (Laughs) It was! I’ve been in these scenarios and I just find that attractive. Maybe not just the bisexuality, but the So you’re at home now? openness and the honesty that one can accomplish by just knowing, “This is me, this is who I am.” It’s so attractive to No… I’m walking through a grocery store, totally naked. have that kind of confidence. (Laughs) Would you call the song a bisexual anthem? I mean, that’s a bold statement, but I’d be honored to call it a bisexual anthem – that’s kind of awesome. I feel like (bisexuality) needs to be celebrated, because a lot of times I feel like people are ashamed and they hide it and they might be a little scared to open up about it. Being able to do that is a big step for me.

How aware are you that both women and men are swooning over this video? Are you getting salacious tweets? How does your wife feel about all this? (Laughs) I’ve gotten a couple. My wife was on set, actually. She was helping to oil me up! My wife is the coolest. She’s so down to let me do whatever crazy thing pops in my head. It’s kind of amazing.

Gay rumors about you have been circulating since the beginning of your career. And last year you But I’ve gotten tweets from fans, and it’s flattering. They’re tweeted, “Everyone’s a little gay.” Do you truly like, “Your video is so hot.” I’m just a skinny white dude. I’m believe that for yourself and for other people? not built. I’m not some supermodel dude. I’m just a normal dude. And I feel it’s flattering in a way, and also surprising – Oh yeah, definitely. It’s natural. I find myself being attracted you think it’s sexy? Really? I was just spoofing a video that I to dudes all the time. I’m like, “Wow, that’s a beautiful man.” really love, but it’s nice to get some good feedback. There’s no shame in it; that’s how I feel. To stifle that would probably bring on stress and probably make somebody Thank your wife for me please. homophobic. (Laughs) I thank her every day. How do you label yourself sexually, then? You guys are known for putting on a pretty gay I guess if I had to classify myself, I’d say I’m straight. But I show. It’s been about 10 years since you referred have, in the past, experimented in other realms of homosex- to your former bandmate Ryan Ross as your lover uality and bisexuality. Overall I’m more attracted to women. and chased him across the stage, trying to kiss Like with my wife, I’m just so insanely in love and attracted him. What’s gay about the latest show? @DavidAtlantaGA // 47

We have this thing we call “stage gay” where I become a different person on stage. I think I can say the same for the rest of the band: We become just a character, a different person on stage, and you treat every situation accordingly. So you get close to somebody on stage and there’s sexual tension and you’re all of a sudden this cocky person running around on stage. I like to bring that person to the character I play on stage.

a funny one: OMC’s “How Bizarre.” I have weird one-hit wonders from the ’90s. Oh, and I’ve got Aqua. Definitely got Aqua.

It’s also just very flamboyant. Our costumes are pretty amazing. Some very flamboyant shiny, sparkly clothing. I have a pinkish, rose-gold jacket that’s my favorite thing ever. I gotta gay it up a bit.

What accounts for the shift in sound on Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!, an album that meanders from your theatrical flourishes as of late and goes electro-pop?

And show tunes, right? I have a whole folder! I’ve got Li’l Abner and Cabaret. I have The Sound of Music!

What about the heavy eye makeup? When’s that making a comeback?

I was spending a good amount of time going to clubs and just watching people dance – things I really never did in the past – and going to Vegas, where I grew up, and just spendI miss the makeup, actually. I’ve been looking at ideas in the ing time at nightclubs. Basically not being the cynical hipster with the beer in the corner and actually joining in and being past couple of months to not replicate what we’ve done in the past but to do something new and different, because I do one of the people that I would’ve made fun of in the past. It’s liberating in a way. I wanted to make a record like that. miss wearing the makeup. I wanted to make a party record. One that got me excited. One that I felt could excite people to get up and dance – and You’ve always prided yourself on being pretty dance like no one’s watching. And to celebrate life. odd. What do you find so weird about yourself? I always roll paper, which is a weird thing. I mean, I can roll a really good joint… but all day I’m just rolling bits of paper. My wife is impressed by it. She’s like, “Wow, these are perfectly rolled pieces of paper. Tightly packaged like a toothpick.” Maybe you have a second career in origami. (Laughs) Maybe! I should look into that. What’s on your iPod that would surprise people? Let’s see what I have here. This might actually surprise me. We’ve got Ace of Base. Gotta have Ace of Base. Here’s 48 //

What inspired the nod to Janet Jackson with the “are you nasty?” line on the song “Miss Jackson”? A lot of times my samples are stolen from a place of admiration. With the “Miss Jackson” line, I was watching Janet Jackson’s “Nasty” and, when she gets out of that car and says that line, I’m just like, “Ahh, it’s so good!” I don’t know why I love it so much, but I love it. I just started having the best time dancing around, singing that. You were naked when this all went down, weren’t you? Chances are that yes, I was naked. (Laughs)

@DavidAtlantaGA // 49

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@DavidAtlantaGA // 53

58 //

theScene 1

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14 Cowtippers

27 Jungle

40 The Model T


Amsterdam 502 Amsterdam Ave. NE

15 Daiquiri Factory

28 Las Margaritas

41 Tripps


Atlanta Eagle 306 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE

16 Einstein's

29 Manifest 4 U

42 Urban Body Fitness


BJ Roosters 2043 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

17 F.R.O.G.S

30 Mixx

43 Woof's


Blake's 227 10th St. NE

18 Felix's

31 Oscar's

44 XS Ultra Lounge


Bliss 2284 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

19 Flex Spa

32 Opus 1


Boy Next Door 1447 Piedmont Ave. NE

20 Friends

33 Roxx


Brushstrokes 1510 Piedmont Ave. NE

21 Gatsby's

34 Sam's Hair Salon

Le Buzz 585 Franklin Rd. SE Marietta, GA


Bubbles Salon 1579 Monroe Dr. NE

22 Gilbert's

35 Southern Nights

Mary's 1287 Glenwood Ave. SE

10 Bulldogs

23 Gravity Fitness

36 Ten Atlanta

My Sister's Room 1271 Glenwood Ave. SE

11 Burkhart's

24 Heretic

37 The Den

Club Rush 2715 Buford Hwy. NE

12 Capulets

25 Hobnob

38 The Fifth Ivory

Sister Louisa’s Church 466 Edgewood Ave. SE

13 Club Eros

26 Joe's on Juniper

39 The Hideaway

Swinging Richard's 1400 Northside Dr. NW

893 Peachtree St. NE 1492 Piedmont Ave. NE 1510 Piedmont Ave. NE 2219 Faulkner Rd. NE

1600 Piedmont Ave. NE 889 W. Peachtree Str. NW 1077 Juniper St. NE 931 Monroe Cir. NE 1510 Piedmont Ave. NE 76 4th St. NW

2115 Faulkner Rd. NE

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1842 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

1931 Piedmont Cir. NE

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1510 Piedmont Ave. NE

708 Spring Str. NW Not Shown: Cockpit 465 Boulevard SE

1086 Alco St. NE

736 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE 931 Monroe Dr. NE 219 10th St. NE

1824 Cheshire Bridge Rd. 2000 Cheshire Bridge Rd. 2205 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

2201 Faulkner Rd. NE 2069 Cheshire Bridge Rd. 1551 Piedmont Ave. NE 1049 Juniper Str. NE

990 Piedmont Ave. Ne 2135 Liddell Dr. NE 794 Juniper Str. NE 1544 Piedmont Ave. NE













60 //

Monroe Dr. NE

42 2 Amsterdam Ave.


1 22 5

10th St. NE

9th St. NE Charles Allen Dr. NE


e D r.




Ave. NE Piedmont

. NE Juniper St

St. NE

ree St. NW



Ponce De Leon Pl. NE


Pi e



West Peac ht

Spring St. NW


Piedmont Park



10th St. NE


tA ve .


Juniper St. NE

West Peachtree St. NW

Spring St. NW

14th St. NE

4th St. NE



40 20

Ponce De Leon Ave. NE

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e rg



32 6

.N Dr

A lco





E .N tA ve on m ed Pi

. NE

Manchester St. NE

Piedmont Rd



ed m on tC ir.

Monroe Dr. NE

Piedmont Park






id Br


L i d de l l D



ge R Brid




34 4

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13 er





29 Fa






R d. N





tA ve





L in

n t R d.


12 18 11 31 30

Lindbergh Dr.








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tripp’s Free Taco Bar 5pm xcess ultra lounge Raquell Lord’s BLAKE’S Game Night - Trivia / Family Feud Talent Show 10:30pm, Sophia Mcintosh & 11pm | Ru Paul’s The Lost Season 9 pm Fab 5 +1 11:30pm, 18+ BURKHART’S Blue Monday Karaoke w/ Angelica D’Paige 11:30pm COCKPIT  Big Red Cup All Day, specials blake’s Texas Hold’Em Poker 7pm, “Guys EAGLE Music Videos with Scotty & Dolls” with Shawnna Brooks. 11pm FELIX’S  Free Pool FRIENDS Manic Mondays DJ opens - 2 pm BURKHART’S Twisted Thursday w/ HERETIC Jukebox drag with Knomie Moore Phoenix 11:30pm cockpit  Dirty Boy Bingo w/ Ruby Redd HIDEAWAY  $2.50 Domestic Beer JUNGLE Stars of the Century Show 11pm eagle Balls Deep Karaoke w/ Mikey felix’s Karaoke w/ Brett & Tyler 10pm MODEL T Monday Night Madness Free friends  Where Girls Who Like Girls Meet Pool - 10pm - 2am OSCAR’S Service Industry Night with Eric Girls with Regina Simms 8-closing Gilbert’s Wine tasting 6-10pm swinging richards Hip-Hop Night, heretic  3 Legged Cowboy Night 9pm Sponsored by Hennessy 8:30pm ten atlanta Texas Hold’em Poker 7pm hideaway  Service Industry Night TRIPP’S Monday Nite Madness w/ Tana 9pm jungle Crazy Bitch Bingo 8pm lips atlanta Dinner with the Divas model t Party Time with Michael - 9 pm oscar’s Twisted Thursday with Eric BLAKE’S POP! Karaoke w/ Sasie Monroe 11pm swinging richards 2-4-1 VIP & Entry BURKHART’S Trivia Tuesday Karaoke w/ ten atlanta Thursday Night Live! All Angelica D’Paige 11:30pm Request w/ DJ Daryl Cox 10pm club rush “Tipsy Tuesday” 18 & up xcess ultra lounge Turnt Up Thursday Open until 4am COCKPIT  80s Party 9pm, specials 5-8pm EAGLE Tuesdays w/ Tony 10th & piedmont Live DJ 10 PM FELIX’S  Smirnoff Martini Night FRIENDS Let’s Make A Deal with Ken 6 pm blake’s 5-9pm TGIF, Charlie’s Angels w/ Gilbert’s Industry Night (complementary Charlie Harding 11pm BURKHART’S Fab Five w/ Angelica pizza after 10pm) HERETIC 2-Step Tuesday, dance till 11pm D’Paige 11:30pm club rush “Got Leche” Free entry until HIDEAWAY Trivia with Wil 9 pm 11pm 18 & up - Open until 4am JUNGLE We Are Family 9pm cockpit  DJ Diablo Rojo, guest VJ/DJ’s MODEL T Wii Tuesday Afternoons 2pm eagle DJ Dance Party 9pm $2.50 beer / $3.0 well vodka OSCAR’S Show Tune Tuesday with Chad- friends Happy Time Friday Kelly & Ken 6 pm heretic FUR Friday 8 pm hideaway  Kick Back Fridays! SWINGING RICHARDS 1/2 Price cover jungle Dinner and a Movie 7 pm; The Other Show with Edie Cheezburger 9:30pm lips atlanta Glitz & Glamour Las Vegas BLAKE’S 5-9pm Doug’s party pop hits, Style Charlie Harding’s Hard Body Party 11 pm | model t Friday Bagels - 10 am | Texas “American Horror Story” 10 pm Holdem Poker 8 pm BURKHART’S Humpday Karaoke w/ oscar’s Music Video Night Darlene Majewski 11:30pm swinging richards T-Shirt Review,$10 COCKPIT Balls Deep Karaoke 10pm ten atlanta Music & Videos by DJ EAGLE Underwear Night with Tony Shane V / DJ Daryl Cox 10pm Friends Hump Night with Regina Simms tripp’s Afternoon Delights 4pm Gilbert’s Karaoke 10pm-2am heretic  Pig Dance Black Out Party DJ Stan Jackson 10pm-3am NO COVER 10th & piedmont Live DJ 10 PM hideaway 1/2 Price Beer blake’s Open at 1pm, All NEW Show, lips atlanta Bitchy Bingo DragXotic with Necole Luv Dupree at 11p model t Party with Elvis - 9 pm oscar’s Ruby Redd’s After Party - 10 pm BURKHART’S Extravaganza w/ Shavonna B. Brooks 11:30pm swinging richards 2-4-1 VIP Room cockpit  DJ Diablo Rojo, guest VJ/DJ’s






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eagle DJ Dance Party felix’s Karaoke w/ Brett & Tyler 10pm friends Free Pool and Cheap beer with DJ! 2 pm - 6 pm Gilbert’s All you care to eat brunch (cooked to order) 11-4pm heretic Varies: Club Night or 3 Legged Cowboy Night - 10pm hideaway Open at 12:30pm! Saturday Night Party jungle Ruby’s Redd Light District 9pm; Club Night, Various Guest DJ’s lips atlanta Glitz & Glamour Las Vegas Style model t Texas Holdem Poker - 3 pm | Party with the M&M Boiz - 9 pm oscar’s DJ Christopher Kind swinging richards T-Shirt Review $10 ten atlanta Music & Videos by DJ Rob Reum 10pm tripp’s Afternoon Cookout 3pm xcess ultra lounge 25+ FREE til 12am


10th & piedmont Bellini Brunch 11 AM & T-Dance 4 PM blake’s Open at 1pm - High Energy Music & Video w/ Bill Berdeaux & Daryl Cox BURKHART’S Armorettes Drag Show club rush Hip Hop and R&B - 18 & up Open until 4am cockpit  PBR Beer Bust felix’s  Bloody Marys & Mimosas friends Open @ 2pm; Dinner @ 4pm while it lasts Gilbert’s All you care to eat brunch (cooked to order) 11-4pm and Karaoke 6-11:30pm hideaway  Atlanta’s Favorite Bloody Mary Bar! 12:30 pm Jungle  Harness @bckspce atl behind Jungle (No shirt, No cover) 6pm lips atlanta  las margaritas All You Can Eat til 3pm model t Sunday Dinner with Ron 3:30 pm oscar’s Sunday Fun-day ten atlanta Brunch 11am & Music by DJ Rob Reum 4pm tripp’s Buffet of Goodness - 3 pm | Karaoke - 7 pm

theRundown How Many More Must Die?


Wednesday, Nov. 20 • 6 p.m. • Georgia State Capitol, Washington St

Join the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance memorial organized by the Juxtaposed Center for Transformation. For more information, visit

Mix & Mingle Networking Event

Thursday, Nov. 21 • 6:30 p.m. • Parker’s on Ponce (116 E Ponce De Leon Ave)

AEN, bringing Atlanta’s LGBT professionals and our allies together. For more information, visit

Bears Thanksgiving Dinner

Janelle Monáe: The Electric Lady Tour

Enjoy a potluck dinner with the Southern Bears club. For more information, visit

Atlanta’s very own Janelle Monáe wraps up her Electric Lady Tour on Tuesday, Nov. 26 at the Tabernacle. Fans of Monáe’s know that she knows how to put on a show, so for those who haven’t followed the adventures of Cindi Mayweather, this is as good a place as any to get a start. Doors open at 7 p.m., while the show itself starts at 8. Tickets are available through Live Nation or at the Tabernacle.

Friday, Nov. 22 • 7–9 p.m. • The Phillip Rush Center (1530 DeKalb Ave, Suite A)

Tony Jackson

Friday, Nov. 22 • 7-9 p.m. • MISTER Center (60 11th St)

Featuring Tony Jackson’s art show works. For more information, visit

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Friday, Nov. 22 • 7:30 p.m. • The Arena at Gwinnett Center (6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Duluth)

Watch Macklemore & Ryan Lewis play one of their most wonderful songs “Same Love.” For more infor, visit

Leslie Jordan and Del Shores Saturday, Nov. 23 • 7 p.m. • 14th Street Playhouse (1280 Peachtree St NE)

This Week in Theatres The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: One of the biggest films of the year arrives this weekend. The question: does a change in director for the film help or hurt this film, compared to its predecessor? We’re betting on “help.”

Watch the hilarious Leslie Jordan and Del Shores star at “Sordid Soiree” benefiting AID Atlanta. For more information, visit

Delivery Man: Vince Vaughn stars in this remake of the French-Canadian film Starbuck, about a man who finds out that, through clerical error, he’s the father of 533 children via sperm donation. Yikes.


The Book Thief: Based on the bestselling book (of course), this story follows a young girl sent to live with a foster family in WWII Germany, and the books she starts to collect to create a magical world of her own.

Watch lead vocalist Hayley Williams and the band rock it. For more information, visit

Kill Your Darlings: This gay-themed film, which had its Atlanta premiere during the Out on Film festival last month, stars Daniel Radcliffe as poet Allen Ginsberg. Yes, there’s a gay sex scene with the Harry Potter star, and yes, the film’s worth watching for more than that one scene.

Wednesday, Nov. 27 • 7:30 p.m. • The Arena at Gwinnett Center (6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Duluth)

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fairyscopes ARIES (March 20 – April 19): Your moods will be

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22): Don’t obsess

ignitable today. Couple that with a hectic day and spontaneous combustion is a very real possibility. Keep cool, diamond dog, because it’s embarrassing to lose it in public. Sure, it always makes you feel better, but it’s still embarrassing.

over relationships if you’re a single guy. Haven’t you ever heard that the grass is never greener yada, yada, yada? Enjoy being single while you can, and don’t be in such a hurry. The money you’ll save on years of couple’s therapy alone will make it all worth it.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20): Don’t be sad about

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21): Don’t do

another busted romance, as there’s always another one right around the corner. Romance, that is. That, yes, will probably end up busted. It may seem like you’re stuck in a vortex, but this curious cycle must end some time. They can’t all be Mr. Wrong.

anything butch or manly like tune up your car or work with power tools today. The possibility of debilitating injury is only a hedge cutter away. Breaking a nail while fixing the plumbing in the bathroom could keep your out of macrame class for weeks.

GEMINI (May 21- June 20): Listen to the advice of friends today, but don’t act on that alone. They only know so much about your personal situation, and only you know the rest. See how your gut feels, since it rarely lies, and then act. Sometimes you just have to solve things yourself.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 20): Today will be fun, and you won’t believe how much you’ll get done! This will leave spare time for flirting with the UPS guy, gossiping with the gals in accounting or bidding online for a Burberry man purse. Why can’t work be this much fun all the time? Ponder this as you leave early.

CANCER (June 21- July 22): Seek out the company

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 19): Cancel

of those who share your personality traits today. This way everyone will agree with each other, and no one will be surprised by emotional outbursts or dark moods. But too many of you can get the water boiling, and that’s not going to be good for anybody.

dinner plans and postpone coffee dates for tonight. You’ll be gripped by a strong urge to be alone and there won’t be a man handsome or rich enough to keep you from that. Well, there may be one thing to lure you out, but you’re not willing to do the work required to find out.

LEO (July 23 – August 22): You see fiery potential in a

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18): It’s tough selling advanced ideas to prehistoric minds. That’s what you may face at work today. It may be time to start thinking about changing jobs or careers. Keep a job search on the down low, but be prepared to bolt faster than Elton John from paparazzi should the right offer come along.

new guy in your life. He smolders and simmers and you can see things getting quite hot. But remember that everything that glows eventually dims, and then you’re stuck with something lukewarm, tepid, and no longer of any use.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22): Problems with coworkers could reach a boiling point today. It may be time for a mediator, someone other than your boss to help you work it out. Because escalating tensions will lead to a public catfight, and with the way you two have been sharpening those claws, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

72 //

PISCES (February 19 – March 19): Trying to work through the fog in your head will be like trying to figure out the relevance of Kim Kardashian. That’s right, a complete waste of time. Try your best to get through a trying day. After work, engage in the type of brainless activities that only the Internet can offer in such abundance.


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henever we hear the 70s disco anthem, We Are Family, it’s sure to bring a smile to our faces! However, we don’t always have these same smiles when thinking of our own families at times. As the holidays are drawing near, my inbox is reminded of how our loved ones are the same bitches that cause us the most fuckin’ grief! Whether it’s ya mamma, ya daddy, ya bratty sister or ya boo or hell, even your grandmommy, their bullshit always explodes during this time of year. Especially during the holiday dinners! I see some food fights in some of y’alls futures. So get ready, ‘cause this week’s installment of #FavoriteBitch is all about dysfunctional families! And you know they came to the right place, hunty! Psychiatrists, preachers, and counselors ain’t got shit on Miss Tiger ... because I’m telling’ it like it is- without the fee! Dear Miss Tiger, My mom borrowed $1500 last year and still hasn’t paid me back. The other day she asked to borrow more money to pay her electricity bill. Any advice?

Dear Miss Tiger, I’m dating my brother’s ex wife. For the record, we didn’t have an affair while they were married. Our family recently celebrated our grandmother’s birthday and my brother got totally wasted. He told me I could have his leftovers and pushed me. I fell on the coffee table but refused to create a scene at the party and walked away. Any advice? -Bill Dear You Should’ve Walked Away From Your Sister-In-Law’s Pussy The Same Way You Walked Away From That Fight At Granny’s House, But since you didn’t ... all I can say is there ain’t a damn thing wrong with some leftovers, but a fresh meal is always the best! Dear Miss Tiger, My brother dates men who are old enough to be our grandfather. Do you have any advice for him?

-Tormented Daughter -Angie Dear Better Tell Mommy To Get Some Flashlights ‘Cuz It’s About To Get Dark Up In Here, Dear How About I Give YOU Some Goddamn Advice, My advice is really quite simple. Do mommy like her electricity ... and cut her off! NEXT! Dear Miss Tiger, I love my gay son! I don’t mind him being in a gay leather scene. I do have a problem with him referring to himself as a ‘pig.’ To make matters worse, he has a huge tattoo of one on his arm. I don’t get why he wants to call himself a pig?

If you were gettin’ some dick, you’d spend less time worrying about the one your brother is riding. Furthermore, although these old codgers are somewhere between dementia and death, I have to hand it to your brother ... in today’s economy, their wills are far more secure than his 401k! Now that I have you reconsidering your holiday guest lists, I’ll leave you with this: Make the best of your next family gathering and remember, if and when the bullshit goes down, and it probably will ... you can always write me later and get the goddamn answers you’ve been looking for!

-Marjorie Dear From Playpen To Pigpen,

Miss Tiger

Advice columnist • SiriusXM radio personality ... and Mommy ... didn’t you have a fucking clue when your bundle everyone’s FAVORITEBITCH of joy preferred the dog’s rawhide bone over his goddamn pacifier? Website Twitter @MissTiger Advice 74 //

I don’t need you to tell me who my ex is dating.

Why are there so many Hot NC boys invading Atlanta on the weekends?

Really, LOVE does not stand for Legs Open Very Easily? Why don’t let me worry about that.

Don’t lie about your pictures. It’s dishonest to me and to yourself.

76 //

If your brain was as big as your mouth, MAYBE we could have a good discussion.

If you have respect for yourself and your friends, then there IS a “friend code.” When in Rome, you don’t have to do as the Romans do.

Saying you’re an A-list bear only shows you’re a douchebag, not a bear! Go back to wearing polos and khakis, twink! What’s that? My clothes are too feminine? Actually, yeah, and I’m loving it. That’s why I’m wearing them despite the judgement.

We need a sitcom about four gay friends called We’re All the Miranda. Alanis Morissette is turning Jagged Little Pill into a Broadway musical. Wonder if the album’s greatness will go down on us in a theater. *This page reflects the bitchiness of the community not David Atlanta or its publisher (although we’re bitchy too!)

Hot ’n horny hookups.



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