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Gearing Up for Atlanta Pride


t’s that time of year – the time where the buzz surrounding Atlanta Pride starts to truly form. It came this past week through the announcement of this year’s Grand Marshals. Five individuals and two organizations form this year’s group of Grand Marshals: Dr. Christina Bucher, Lorraine Fontana, Mark S. King, Evelyn Mims, Charles Stephens, the Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and Charis Circle.

We posted brief biographies of the different Grand Marshals online when Atlanta Pride announced the Grand Marshals, so if you want to know why these individuals were selected, I encourage you to read up on them. These are some truly outstanding members of our community, and the work they’ve done individually and collectively should serve as an inspiration to our community as a whole. We’ll have more announcements in the coming weeks, including entertainers, but as far as I’m concerned, Atlanta Pride led with the right announcement: acknowledging those in our community who make us better. Until Next Time,

Elijah Sarkesian

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8.14.13 Issue #62

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Ben Whishaw, who’s played gay in several films (including last year’s Cloud Atlas) and is currently playing Q in the James Bond series, came out the next week as gay – and married since last year! Whishaw has been a vocal supporter of the community for years, but has stopped just shy of coming out himself in interviews. He hasn’t addressed why he’s coming out now, but we welcome him anyway.

By Elijah Sarkesian As Lady Gaga prepares for the release of her new album, ARTPOP, and its lead single, “Applause,” she’s dealing with a surprise leak of a song alternately called “Aura” and “Burqa.” It’s an odd combination of Born This Way’s “Judas,” “Americano,” and the music of Zedd that’s proving divisive both because of the music and the lyrics, which some take as cultural appropriation and others take as empowerment. In other words, Lady Gaga’s back. There’s another pop diva also angling for a big return. Katy Perry’s announced her new album, Prism, is coming out in October, and by the time you’re reading this, lead single “Roar” should already be on constant play on the radio. Perry’s promoting the single with various videos showing her shedding her Teenage Dream-era look, including by burning and burial. We’ll see just how far-removed Prism is from her previous works – if it is at all.

He may be the youngest Jonas Brother, but Nick Jonas isn’t a kid anymore, and he’s taken to Instagram to prove it. If this doesn’t win the Jonas Brothers new fans, nothing will. While on tour in Australia, P!nk decided to dance with a rainbow flag on stage. Some individuals in that bastion of tolerance known as Twitter (ha) decided that made her a lesbian. Her response: “Fun fact:when you twitter me and say ‘you’re a lesbian’ it really doesn’t bother me at all. It’s a compliment. Most of my fav ppl are, so…” Just another reason to love P!nk.

Oh, how sad. Apparently Chris Brown is tired of people judging him for that little incident where he brutally assaulted Rihanna, so he’s planning on retiring after the It’s been a big couple of weeks for celebrities coming out. release of upcoming album First: while rumors have persisted about her orientation X. Never mind the fact that for years, Raven-Symoné took to Twitter and quietly he’s turned into a repeatedly came out as a lesbian, saying “I can finally get married! violent, misogynistic and Yay government! So proud of you.” She then retweeted homophobic figure since that multiple accounts congratulating her for coming out, just one big event – no, apparto confirm the news. She may not be planning on getting ently the Rihanna beating is married anytime soon, but congratulations all the same to the only thing people rememour favorite little Huxtable. ber about him. Sheesh. 12 //


of the week: Chris Doyle

front of the Supreme Court building in D.C. to hold a press conference demanding equality and respect for ex-gays. “While the turnout was humble, the enthusiasm among those who participated in Ex-Gay Pride was immeasurable,” writes Doyle, adding, “we have to start somewhere.” Which is kind of weird, because if this whole “ex-gay” thing is really, well, a thing, then where are the thousands of people Doyle claims have thrown the homo monkey off their backs? Why, in the closet, of course. Because the big gay meanies are bullying them. That’s right. While gays are steadily coming out of the closet, ex-gays are apparently grabbing up the newly available real estate. Hey, it’s a buyer’s market, after all. According to Doyle, numbers don’t matter. “[I]t only takes ONE ex-gay that has changed to put a wrench in the ‘born that way, cannot change’ strategy [gay activists] are using to deceive the public. The fact is, these activists cannot handle the existence of ONE person who says they have experienced change from same-sex attraction to opposite sex attraction,” Doyle writes. “So they need to mock, belittle, and downplay the significance of yesterday’s events. That is why there is so much anger. So much intimidation. So much disrespect. So much harassment.”

By D’Anne Witkowski “One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever know…”

No disrespect, but surely he can’t be serious. Out of the thousands he claims exists, if he can find one real ex-gay then BAM! he wins? How convenient.

Look, there is no doubt that people who identify as ex-gay exist, but their existence does not negate the existence of I’m sorry to report, but Ex-Gay Pride Month has been LGBT people and the legitimacy of love between people of retroactively cancelled. I mean, obviously the month of July the same sex. Doyle’s insistence that because a handful of itself happened, but the ex-gay part, not so much. people claim to have cast off their same-sex desires then gay people are not, in fact, real, is akin to climate-change That’s bad news for folks who were hoping to march on deniers denying global warming because a miniscule Washington with their thunderstorm flags (Get it? Because sub-set of scientists aren’t on board. The evidence to the that’s the opposite of a rainbow flag). But it serves those contrary is overwhelming. You have to willfully ignore the folks right, since they didn’t even bother to show up. majority of evidence to see the conclusion you want to see. But if you were to ask Christopher Doyle, president and co-founder of Voice of the Voiceless, an organization that calls itself “the only anti-defamation league for former homosexuals,” this whole ex-gay pride thing is working fabulously.

And so for Doyle, that means shouting from the rooftops that Ex-Gay Pride is a thing. You’d get a bigger crowd in D.C. if you did a march of Pastafarians (Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster members). And, as an added bonus, Pastafarians aren’t known for hating themselves.

In an Aug. 2 to the VOTV website he writes, “July 31, 2013 was a great day for former homosexuals in America!”

But Doyle hasn’t given up. Instead, he’s declared that September will be Ex-Gay Awareness Month. Apparently before you can celebrate Ex-Gay Pride, you have to wake the sleeping ex-gay masses. It’ll be just like The Night of the Living Dead, only more depressing. Save the date!

What was so special about July 31? Well, that’s when approximately one dozen people stormed milled about in 14 //


My Tucked-Up Moments, Part 2

s I stated before in my first “tucked up moments” article, I think it’s proper to take a moment (every three or four months) to talk about my own whereabouts and carrying ons and how it relates to the rest of the wonderful “gay/drag” scene in this wonderful place we call the ATL.

Trashetta wild crazy ass. But no worries, owner Richard was on the side holding a water hose In no particular order, I would like to start off by sharing for safety with you my rendezvous with Ej Aviance. Okay, what had precaution). happened was… after one of my variety shows that I do Also among every third Thursday of the month, she needed to borrow my favorites my Pee Wee Herman shoes – yes, occasionally I do a Pee were Evah Wee act in the show – and girlfriend asked me to stop Destruction by her very expensive high rise condo to scoop them up representing (yeah child, she makes all the girls take their shoes off Burkhart’s once you enter into her villa). Thursday night cast While over there, I was not only able to get my shoes doing her creback, but I was highly entertained by our “kiki” session ative Family and sashaying to old school house and a couple of her Guy act, and own songs. I also learned that she is doing a VIP “Grace of course shout out to Kimora Layou from my team stepJones” impersonation gig in New York. Congrats boo! ping in at the last minute to sing live! Next, I’d like to talk about the new weekly benefit show I’m a part of at the Jungle called We Are Family. In a cute nutshell, it’s a very unique charity drag show where the casts of different shows, or “families,” compete for their particular charity of choice. I’m doing it with the cast of the P.A.L.S. Bingo show for P.A.L.S. (Pets Are Loving Support). Each week one of us has to compete with one person from the other teams. Let me just say, those girls are in it to win it! Too many to mention, but shout out to Trinity Kardashian Bonet representing Stars of the Century for doing a fantastic job as Beyoncé (complete with a fan blowing all that Grown Woman hair!), I also enjoyed Trashetta Galore doing her dangerous but exciting fire act for Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” (I wore my fireproof glove when I tipped her and stood 8 feet back. You gotta be careful with

16 //

And speaking of charity, it feels good to do good sometimes. At my weekly wild, over-the-top bingo show I do every Monday at Cowtippers, we raised money for a regular in the scene who recently passed away, Glen Mikesell. What I loved about him: he was always out having a good time and truly living life to the fullest…why not? Tomorrow isn’t promised. Thank you for reading and remember, sometimes you gotta grab life by the balls and live it up!

Brent Star’s Performance Schedule: Mondays: Cowtippers (Bingo) 8 p.m. Third Thursdays: The Laughing Skull Comedy Club (“The Brent Star Variety Show”) 10:30 p.m.

@DavidAtlantaGA // 17

Haus of Stiel The San Francisco Drag Family Makes Their Atlanta Debut BY DYL AN MICHAEL 18 //


iving in Atlanta, I’m sure you’ve heard of drag houses or families. From the Brooks family to the Cassadines, the Duprees to the Redds, a drag family is a group of people, or performers who bond together to create a support system for each other. But not everyone in these families are the same types of performers. For example, the Haus of Stiel, by way of San Fransisco, is headed up by two amazing performers: daddy bear DJ Shane Stiel and maternal figure, the fierce Grace Towers. Together, they’ve created one of the best drag families in the nation, and these guys are a force to be reckoned with! On August 17, the Haus of Stiel is bringing their unique San Francisco style to the A-town! That night, they are throwing one of the craziest parties Atlanta has ever seen, complete with fierce drag performances, amazing beats to dance to, and hot, hot, HOT go-go boys all night long. I got a chance to chat with Shane and Grace as they prepare to wreak havoc on Atlanta! First off, for those of us who aren’t familiar with you, who are you? Introduce yourselves!

Shane Stiel: I’m currently residing in San Diego, CA but originating from the Mile High City of Denver, CO. I have been DJing for well over 15 years now and don’t foresee myself stopping any time soon. I began my pursuit of dance music in the early 90’s during the explosion of the underground rave scene. My DJ career began when my mother, whom many refer to now as Mama Stiel, surprised me with my first set of turntables and a mixer for my birthday. I worked very hard teaching myself and learning from many of the big names at the time including Kimball Collins, George Acosta, and Digital Assassins to name a few. I spent countless hours in the DJ booth at several Denver clubs watching how DJ’s mix and taking in the journey that they were creating. My big break came at a festival in Pueblo, Colorado when I spun for an event called “420”. Since then I worked with many of the great names of today including Tiësto, when he was just building his name in the United States. I took a minor break in 2003 to join the United States Navy, which was quite the experience. When I was assigned to my first duty station in San Diego was when I first came out as a gay man. Kind of cliché, don’t you think? Since then I began gaining the experience of the gay club and circuit scene. I was encouraged by several individuals including Dan De Leon to continue my pursuit of music. I worked hard once again to regain recognition in this new scene. This hard work and determination led me to where I am today, recently winning the Just Circuit Award for Best Up and Coming DJ 2013 and performing in cities around North America. Needless to say I am blessed to have this @DavidAtlantaGA // 19

opportunity and even more blessed to have the support of all my fans, friends, family, and my partner Chad. Grace Towers: Grace Towers was created from a formula comprised of a passion for performance, the need for an artistic outlet, and the underlying attitude that gender assigned stereotypes never fit my profile as a person or as an artist. I enjoy blurring the lines between masculine and feminine, male and female and most of all I enjoy making people question the way they think and where those ideas really come from. I feel as though my career as an entertainer really took flight because I stood out and really love what I do. If I am to entertain to you, whether it is for five minutes or an hour[-long] production, I want you to be able to forget about your every day worries and simply enjoy the passion that I bring with me onstage. Together we make this fiction a reality.

We are all-inclusive and want to come together under the premise that we all enjoy and share the same passion for amazing music. When people come together to share and experience commonalities there is no room for focusing on the difference that would usually keep people so compartmentalized. Music acts as an excellent buffer, and really allows for people to let their guards down and simply live! Grace, people can look at your videos on YouTube and find endless performances of you doing Gaga, Kat Graham and others. My favorite video of yours, however, is “Leather And Grace,” where you cover the B. Ames remix of Rihanna’s “Cockiness.” What has been your favorite performance of yours?

Grace: “Leather and Grace” is definitely one of my favorites, it taught me the a lot about collaborative projects. I hold the experience very close to my heart. Fernando Gonsalez, the director, and I were interested in creating a performance specific for video. So much of my heart and Shane: The Haus of Stiel is first and foremost about energy went into developing a concept, finding dancers, the love and passion for dance music. To be honest the conceptualizing different looks, working side by side creation of the Haus was designed after the drag houses of with a director of photography, securing a venue, lighting the 80s. One morning at an after party several of us were design, costume design, choreography, equipment, extras sitting in my living room watching the legendary docufor the shoot, and the list goes on. I am so proud of it as it mentary Paris is Burning. I always wanted to build a family was just showcased in the LGBT film festival in San Diego around clubbing and music and that is exactly what I did. alongside films by James Franco and other amazing artists. We formed our original house with Grace Towers as the Queen of the Haus, and our Haus GoGos: Dangilo “The That being said, I think I approached my very first Uberglitterati, Gogo BFF, and Gogo Max. We began intro“Trannyshack” performance in San Francisco with the ducing the Haus of Stiel at Rich’s Nightclub in San Diego. same mentality, but it just felt more important because I We wanted to bring something different and unique to was in a new city and with a new group of people around the typical gay club scene. We wanted that feeling of the me. It meant so much for me to have the opportunity to old New York Party Monster days. We quickly found that share my passion with a group of people known for their there were many unique and beautiful kids that wanted artistic commitment to the art of Drag. My performance to explore and bring back the club kid experience. A new was well received and it really catapulted my name into group called the San Diego Club Kids was formed and the spotlight as an artist in a new community. It was a they followed us wherever we went. I hold a residency performance to Xelle’s song “Queen,” which they came at Beatbox in San Francisco and presented the idea to across on Vimeo and later tweeted about! them. They loved it and thought it would be a perfect fit for Folsom Street Fair weekend. Since introducing it there we Grace, you have lots of looks. What would you quickly made a name for ourselves and our creation, which say is your main aesthetic? brings us to Atlanta and to the legendary Heretic. Grace: I have been a chameleon all of my life. Sometimes The Haus of Stiel is for anyone who loves to dance and be I look back at photos and think to myself, “What the heck one with others. It is not about discrimination but about was I thinking?” In the end, what makes me happiest unity. We accept all walks of our community: bears, twinks, to know that I have always had a very carefree attitude muscle studs, jocks, women, club kids, drag queens, when it comes to people not liking what I do. It makes it bearded divas, and pretty much anyone who wants to be a lot easier for me to try some crazy non-conventional sickening for a night. It is quite sad to us that there is so looks. My aesthetic is “make you look thrice.” Shane much segregation in our beautiful community and all we and I use the motto F3 (F Cubed): Fierce, Fabulous, and want is to bring everyone together for at least one night of Flawless. It’s simple math, and I was never big on complicated math equations. good ole’ house music and true equality! You are part of the Haus of Stiel. What is that like? What sets you guys apart from other drag/ gay houses?

20 //

What has been your favorite experience since Shane, you seem to be the mastermind behind creating the Haus of Stiel? It can be anything all of the craziness that is the Haus of Stiel. What from touring around the country, or to something is it like to be the daddy figure of all that? just in your hometown? Haha, I never thought I would be a “daddy” at only 33 Shane: I have a few but would have to say that my favorite years old. In all seriousness, if there can be seriousness, moment was watching Grace bloom immediately at our it all really is quite amazing. I am the type of person who first Haus of Stiel event at Rich’s San Diego. It was the first loves to have fun and let loose, however at the same time I event we did and the first time Grace performed with me. have to remember that there are many fans and followers, We had it all planned out but just weren’t sure exactly how whom I call Haus Hedz, that look up to me. Being in the or if it would work the way we wanted it too. I will never spotlight is not all fun and games, I have to be careful of forget it though like it was yesterday. She was performing my actions and be cognizant of my surroundings. I like to to Martin Solveig’s remix of Dragonette’s “Big in Japan”. be a good role model to my Haus Hedz and I encourage She came out in a fierce Kimono and looked absolutely them to be the same. The San Diego Club Kids all call me stunning. Then it happened… The beat dropped and she daddy in which at first was funny to me but I realize that killed it. I get chills just thinking of it. If anyone is interested there is a reason they do. The love I receive on a daily basis in seeing how it went they can look it up on YouTube. That from them in their messages, posts, etc. really drives me was the moment I knew that Grace was the one I had been to continue to strive to be a good person, for if I falter, they looking for. will be the first to let me know. Grace: I am a dancer by trade. It’s what I’ve been doing for a living for quite some time now. I feel at home on stage and my favorite moments have always been feeling like the luckiest person at the party. I get to entertain and enjoy the company of so many like-minded people. A real blessing, if you ask me. I have met and connected with so many that thank me for just being me and doing what I love, nothing compares. What has been your biggest celebrity moment? Shane: My biggest celebrity moment would have to be my appearance on LogoTV’s The Adonis Factor. This documentary film produced and directed by Christopher Hines is a provocative investigation into the gay men’s obsession with beauty. In my portion I describe my challenges in being accepted in the gay circuit scene and the mistakes I made in doing so. I am very honest and open about what I went through. I believe that this was my biggest celebrity moment because I want other young gay men looking for the same acceptance to have a full understanding of the consequences that come with it.

When you guys come to Heretic in a couple of months, what can we expect from you guys? Beefy, hairy, twinky, geeky, sexy, tranny bearded diva Haus Hedz fierce realness! An entire night of F3… Fierce, Fabulous, Flawlessness. We ain’t playing around, henny! To check out The Haus of Stiel, simply swing by Heretic August 17, starting at 10 p.m. You can look up DJ Shane Stiel on SoundCloud ( djshanestiel), and you can find all of Grace Towers’ performances (including my favorite, “Leather and Grace”) on YouTube. You can also find both entertainers on Facebook.

Grace: My biggest celebrity moment was an astonishing collaboration with a theater company in San Diego. I was approached about having a play written about the life of Grace Towers. I was in awe that someone who had heard of me or seen me perform would be interested in creating a theater piece about my life. “Deconstruction of a Drag Queen” opened April 6 2012 and ran for a month at the Tenth Avenue Theater in San Diego. Katherine Harroff directed it with theater company Circle Circle Dot Dot. It was a true highlight of my career and personal life. Talk about an open book! It will be the opening production for the company’s newly established residency at the La Jolla Playhouse, coming soon. @DavidAtlantaGA // 21

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Atlanta’s Longest Running and Only Weekly LGBT Magazine Send resume to:

Cocktail Chatter R I M M I N G BY ED SIKOV “I can’t talk to you now. I’m rimming.” Dan was obviously aghast. There was a momentary pause on the line, after which he said only, “Who?” “Get your mind out of the gutter!” I cried in triumph. “It’s not that kind of rimming.” “What other kind is there?” he asked warily. “I’m creating decorative and tasty rims on cocktail glasses. You know, like salt on a margarita?” “Very funny,” he muttered, clearly indicating that he didn’t find my little joke even half as amusing as I did. “I’ll be home in an hour.” Then he hung up. The truth of the matter is that I was initially inspired by a very, uh, captivating porn video I’d watched a few days earlier. To be a bit confessional here, the actual practice of rimming has never appealed to me. Before. Then I saw these two most attractive young men appear to be enjoying themselves fully, executing their task with vigor. I couldn’t tear my eyes away. And that’s saying something, because having been a video porn reviewer earlier in my checkered career, I have seen so much bad porn that it usually does absolutely nothing for me now. (I wrote for the late, lamented Inches magazine under the by-line “Joe McKenna,” which was Doris Day’s character’s name in The Man Who Knew Too Much; I added the e to “Jo” to make it conform to gender norms.) It was through this filth that I got to musing on the word “rimming,” and in a flash of pure inspiration, I realized I had the subject of my next column. Why stop at salt for margaritas? There are many things you can use to beautify and spice up the edge of a cocktail glass. So I began experimenting. The liquor cabinet was running low, so I was forced to use my imagination; I employed only a bunch of clean glasses, a saucer full of water and several small plates. A quick tour of my spice cabinet produced an array of spices and seasonings that I paired with imaginary cocktails. I suppose a wealthier cocktails columnist 24 //

would have made real cocktails to try out the various rims I created, but stocking the liquor cabinet and refrigerator for all the following drinks would have meant going without food for a few days. I’m certain these combinations will work. I wouldn’t print them if I had any doubts.

Multicolored Pepper Rim

Hand-grind a saucer full of multicolored peppercorns. Take a tall tumbler, dip it in the water, and then in the ground pepper. Voila! Here you have the perfect topper for a Bloody Mary. Variation: shake some hot pepper flakes onto the peppercorns for a spicier crust, but don’t overdo it.

Cracked Fennel Rim

Either buy cracked fennel from Penzey’s spices (penzeys. com) or crush some whole fennel seeds in a mortal and pestle and dip your wetted glass into a saucerful of fennel. This would make a great Bloody Mary crust, too, as well as an interesting rim for plain frozen Absolut or the caraway flavored liquor, Aquavit. Cumin seeds would work just as well.

Sugar Rim

Pour some granulated sugar or superfine sugar onto a plate, and dip a tumbler in to form a sugar crust for a screwdriver or a Madras or a Watermelon or even a Manhattan, as long as you decrease the amount of sweet vermouth in the Manhattan to keep the drink from being cloying.



year ago, the first Nike LGBT Sports Summit took place. Held near the industry giant’s Oregon headquarters, it brought together 25 LGBT coaches, athletes and administrators. Tentatively, they set a goal: to eliminate anti-gay bias in athletics by 2016.

Because Bryant works with student-athletes, he spent the second day with them. The discussion centered around the need for their voices to be heard – loudly. “Student-athletes can be strong catalysts for change,” Bryant explained. “It was great to see them empowered to create inclusive environments.”

What a difference a year makes.

The conversation ranged from the positive and negative experiences of LGBT student-athletes, to the roles of straight allies. The group included NCAA student-athlete advisory board members from Divisions I, II and II. “They were totally engaged,” Bryant said. “Now they’ll go back and address leaders of each sports conference. Student-athletes from there will go back to their individual schools. That’s going to be a very powerful force.”

In the 12 months following that initial meeting, two professional basketball players – one male, one female – came out. So did a former U.S. national team men’s soccer player, scores of college and high school athletes and coaches, even sportswriters and club owners. Those acts prompted others. Teams made antihomophobia videos and promoted LGBT Pride Days. Hundreds of athletes took to social media to proclaim their pride in their gay teammates and vowed to promote gay issues.

One of the highlights for Bryant was meeting Hudson Taylor, the former All-American wrestler and founder of Athlete Ally. “I love his emphasis So the second annual Nike LGBT Sports Summit – held last month that people are responsible for their own actions,” said Bryant. “That’s in Portland – had a vastly different tone. exactly what we’re doing at UW. It’s about helping people recognize The mood was celebratory, not hopeful, wondering or tentative. The what they can do individually to create inclusive environments, agenda was broader. And the list of participants quadrupled, to 100. regardless of their own sexuality.” One of the first-time attendees was Mike Bryant. A former athlete, coach and administrator, he’s entering the final year of his Ph.D. work at the University of Washington as a research assistant in the Center for Leadership in Athletics. Bryant is focusing on studentathletes’ experiences from an LGBT perspective. The summit offered many opportunities for him to meet the men and women he’d read about and communicated with online. They came to Portland with a variety of perspectives – lesbian coaches, gay athletes, straight allies – and represented many different organizations, from established (the NCAA) to grassroots (Go! Athletes). Together, all created a “great, inspiring environment.” The charge of this year’s summit was to bring individuals and organizations into the same space, so they could learn about (and from) each other’s work. Bryant was particularly interested in meeting men and women who could help make this fall’s University of Washington’s “inclusion summit” a success. The first day, he sat in a circle with coaches and administrators. “They’re leaders of sports groups,” Bryant said. “They’re the ones who create environments – supportive or not – not only for athletes, but for recreational athletes.” Day two began with a surprise. Jason Collins – the NBA player who recently came out – took the stage. He described his long journey through the sports world, answered questions, and inspired the already highly motivated group. 26 //

Bryant also met Fallon Fox and Kye Allums, transgender athletes in mixed martial arts and basketball, respectively. “The stories of athletes and coaches in the trenches – competing every day – were the most moving and powerful” parts of the Summit, Bryant said. From them, he learned the importance of collaborating effectively, across a broad range of institutions. By the Summit’s end, attendees had agreed to formalize an LGBT Sports Coalition. It includes a coordinating committee, media rapidresponse plan, and funding (part of which comes from Nike). Bryant returned to Seattle “totally energized.” A few days later he was in Minneapolis, during that city’s Pride celebration. He met a female hockey player, and another woman climbing the ranks as a basketball official. Drawing on his experiences at the Summit, he realized how wide the LGBT sports movement is, and how much of an impact it can have on individuals, teams, even entire leagues and sports. Of course, the Summit was not just about meetings, plans and commitments to work together. The event took place over Portland’s Pride Weekend. Nike pulled out all the stops to show participants a good time. On the final day, Summit attendees marched with Nike employees in the huge Pride parade. “It was a great environment, with unbelievable energy, and incredible support and awareness,”Bryant said. “Everyone wore their #BeTrue shirts, and rainbow shoes. It was incredible.”

@DavidAtlantaGA // 27

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number of Atlanta bars are joining a national campaign boycot ting Stoli in response to Russia’s discriminator y laws against the LGBT communit y, popularized through the #dumpstoli hashtag on Twit ter. The national campaign got into swing when writer and activist Dan Savage wrote an oped in The Stranger on July 24 on why he was personally choosing to boycot t Russian vodka. While Savage named a number of Russian vodkas in his piece, he made sure to highlight t wo of the biggest names: Russian Standard and Stoli, a.k.a. Stolichnaya. So why has Stoli become the primar y object of this boycot t ? Being among the most well-known of Russian vodkas doesn’t help. Even though Stoli and its owner have said that they suppor t LGBT rights and even recently amended their non-discrimination policy to include sexual orientation, many boycot ters feel the move was simply motivated by an at tempt to protect sales. Opponents of the boycot t are quick to mention several facts that they say make the boycot t misguided. Chief among them: the version of Stoli found in the U.S. isn’t Russian. Stoli is,

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instead, distilled in Lat via and distributed in the United States through William Grant & Sons USA , a subsidiar y of a Scot tish brand. Stoli’s owner, SPI Group, is based out of Luxembourg; the head of the company, Yuri Schef fler, is a Russian billionaire no longer living in Russia.

“[…] As a result, Blake’s on the Park will no longer be ser ving Russian owned, Stolichnaya vodka. While our refusal to ser ve Stoli in itself is not necessarily a grand gesture likely to bring about reform, this act may prove ef fective in helping to at least begin to stir the winds of change.”

What boycot t opponents fail to mention is Stoli’s ef for ts in the past to claim their ties to Russia, including use of 100% Russian ingredients and statements in PR documents such as this: “The par t ‘Russia’ plays is an essential element in our brand education. It’s where the brand was born and where our grain comes from today.”

Amsterdam joined the ban on August 4 through a photo stating: “Solidarit y. Proudly Not Ser ving Stolichnaya.” At press time, Swinging Richards became the four th bar to join in. In a statement to Project Q Atlanta, general manager Mat t Colunga said, “Is us dropping Stoli going to make Russia change their mind? No. But we are Here in Atlanta, the boycot t star ted a lit tle early. making a statement.” On June 15, the Atlanta Eagle became the first bar to dump Stoli. Co-owner Robby Kelley made At least one bar owner thinks the boycot t is the announcement via Facebook: misguided, though. In an inter view with GA Voice, Richard Cherskov of Jungle made the “So I came to a conclusion about [S]toli following statement: and other Russian made vodka. (I know [S] toli is not made in Russia but the profits “I think this Stoli boycot t is misplaced. Stoli made from it goes there.) [ T ]he Atlanta has been a suppor ter of the communit y (at Eagle will no longer carr y these vodkas. least in America) and this boycot t will hur t When we are out, we are out. I’m a small Americans (i.e. local distributors, etc.) more bar but [feel] like its my job [not] to than it help[s] this cause in Russia. suppor t a vodka or product from a countr y “So for now we are not making any changes. that just removed the rights of the [ LGBT ] I think this is akin to the ‘boycot t Florida’ communit y for the nex t 100 years.” thing over the Zimmerman case – people want Blake’s on the Park became the second Atlanta something to lash out against, but perhaps bar to ban Stoli, beginning on July 31. Through a are doing so against the wrong target.” post on the bar’s Facebook page, Cherskov’s perspective is gaining some “We live in a countr y that’s moving in the popularit y of its own. Other opponents of direction of banning laws that discriminate Russia’s draconian laws have pushed for other against and exclude our gay citizens. forms of boycot t, from calls to not at tend the We’ve come a long way and we need to winter Olympic games in Sochi this Februar y continue making strides toward equalit y. to calls for moving the Miss Universe pageant As U.S. citizens, we enjoy luxuries that away from its scheduled location in Moscow other people in other par ts of the world do on November 9. The debate ser ves to remind not have. ever yone of one thing: there’s no simple solution to helping Russia’s LGBT population, but ef for ts “Led by President Putin, who is looking still need to be made. more like a modern day ‘Fuhrer,’ the Russian Government recently set back the chance for equalit y of the LGBT communit y in Russia to the days of Joseph Stalin.

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Laurie Edward Launches a New Photo Campaign BY KELLI GOLDMAN


aurie Edward, an Atlanta-based photographer, recently created Love is Love, a photography campaign to promote and support marriage equality.

Edward created the Love is Love Campaign on June 26, the same day the Supreme Court of the United States repealed the archaic Defense of Marriage Act and struck down California’s Proposition 8 case, in order to spread awareness and support equality for marriage equality. The campaign will visually promote marriage equality, education and advocacy through the magic of the pictures. Each photo subject will wear a red shirt, boast the official Love is Love logo on one cheek of their faces and will create a heart symbol with their hands, symbolizing love equality for all people. The campaign, which will run indefinitely, will launch in Atlanta on Saturday, Aug. 17. Since it was enacted in 1996, the Defense of Marriage Act was a Federal Law that allowed states to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages that were granted lawfully in other states. The law also barred same-sex couples from using the term spouse for their wedded partner, as well as made them unable to receive the same Federal marriage benefits that heterosexual spouses received. For as long as he can remember, Edward has loved photography, more specifically the male form. At age five, he received his first camera for Christmas. Immediately, the passion took hold. Edward originally hails from Woodruff, a small town in South Carolina. In 2004, Edward and his partner Scott moved to Atlanta. Whether you know it or not, you’re probably quite

familiar with Edward’s work. His photography was featured in the September 2012 edition of Vogue, and currently is featured in DNA Magazine Australia as well as DAVID Atlanta, (Tag Me: Winter Fashions Heat Up Atlanta in Issue #34). Matthews took time out of his bustling schedule to talk to us regarding his work, passion, beliefs and the new Love is Love Campaign. What inspired you to launch Love is Love? After the SCOTUS decision, I was overwhelmed with emotion. My partner and I have been together for 15 years and for the first time in our relationship we felt like we were somewhat equal to heterosexual relationships. We were inspired to launch the Love is Love Campaign to be able to give back and continue to support the organizations who are fighting to support the marriage equality cause in an effort to have every state in the U.S. recognize same sex marriage. What did the death of DOMA mean to you and your partner? The death of DOMA displayed to my partner and I that love equals love regardless of whom you are. What message do you hope to convey with this campaign? Our message is simple… love is love, regardless of gender, age, race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. @DavidAtlantaGA // 35

Why should people be accepting, or at least tolerant, of speaks for itself and requires the mind to think, whereas gay couples, especially of gay marriage? other forms of media are sometimes spoken or include words to tell a story rather than viewed. We, gay couples, are just like everyone else. Our sexual orientation and love for each other does not change that. What are the venues and dates of the campaign? How do you define marriage?

The venues will be gay friendly businesses such as hotels, restaurants, churches, and any other Being united to a person in a relationship that is establishments who support our cause. Also, shoots recognized by law. will also be available at scheduled appointment times at our studio space in Atlanta, GA. The campaign will run Briefly describe your love for photography, for how long indefinitely. you’ve enjoyed it and why. If you are interested in participating in the Love At the age of five when I received my first camera for is Love campaign, it launches with an open photo Christmas I immediately knew I had a love for the art of shoot this Saturday, August 17 at Ten Atlanta, photography. I have always looked at photography as an located at 990 Piedmont Ave. Individual photos (one art form and enjoy capturing an image of someone in a person) are $40. Group or couple photos of two or manner that they have never seen of themselves. I enjoy more people are $25 per person, per shot. There will learning from each shoot and model that I photograph. be two more photo shoots in Atlanta before Love is Love hits the road, first focusing on the East Coast How do you believe a picture is worth a thousand and then branching out to the rest of the country. words? A full schedule of open photo shoot dates will Each photograph is individually unique and can be viewed be available soon on Facebook at facebook. in many different ways. It speaks volumes and everyone’s com/theloveislovecampaign and coming soon to eye is drawn to something different in each piece of art. Check out Edward’s professional work on his personal website, at In your opinion, is photography more powerful than Or you can follow Edward other media? Why do you believe that is? on Twitter @laurieedward and the campaign, @ loveequalrights. I believe that photography is more powerful than most other media. Photography tells a story without words. It 36 //

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oss Mathews is talking to me from his own office in Hollywood and he can’t believe it. “It’s the dream,” he says, bubbling over with joy. “I’m getting to do exactly what I’ve always wanted to do.”

That dream began back in 2001 when the pop-culture fanatic landed a spot on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as the host’s buoyant intern. It wasn’t long before Chelsea Handler took him under her wing and he became the comedian’s resident gay. Now, she’s letting him fly solo: Mathews launches his very own show, Hello Ross, with Handler co-producing, on Sept. 6 on the E! network. In our recent chat, Mathew talks about how over-the-top gay his new show will be, why he learned to embrace his high-pitched voice and the trick to keeping it together when meeting Madonna. Your story of being this kid from a farm town who didn’t feel like he fit in, who was bullied and is now the star of his own show, must be really inspiring to young gay people. How do you hope your story inspires those who are going through what you went through as a young gay kid? When I was growing up, I remember thinking, “What is my life gonna be like?” I didn’t know what it meant to be a successful, happy, grown-up gay person because I didn’t see that. I didn’t see that in my small town. I didn’t see that represented on television. Even when I started on television in 2001, it was really at the beginning, before Queer Eye and Will & Grace, before Ellen was out, before Rosie was out; it really wasn’t represented anywhere. I started appearing on national television as people like Rosie and Neil Patrick Harris came out and shows like those became relevant, and I was part of something. From this point forward, whenever kids are realizing they’re gay, they know what it means to be a happy, 42 //

successful, openly and unapologetically grown-up gay person, and what that looks like and what life can be for them. And I hope people can see me on Chelsea Lately and see me on my show and say, “Hey, look, he’s got a partner and a family and a dog and friends, and he never apologized for who he is and neither will I.” Do you realize that you are like the modern-day Ellen and the modern-day Rosie? You are now that person that you once looked up to. OK, now that freaks me out! I have a lot more to achieve to reach anything like that, but I will gladly fulfill that role for people, whomever needs it. I feel like I have a big ol’ wagon; everybody hop on it and let’s do this together. Who’s the tougher boss: Jay Leno or Chelsea Handler? (Laughs) Well, I would never categorize either one of them as tough in terms of tough on me. I will tell you, though: They’ve both given me incredible platforms, which is very rare for comics to do. I take it very seriously when they do that because they don’t do it lightly, and I know if they give me that opportunity, I gotta show up and be on point. That’s how you get the next opportunity. That’s how this town works. You get a shot, you deliver and you get another one. And now look at you in your own office. I know. Isn’t that nuts? And Chelsea is upstairs. You know, there’s been two pivots in my life when it comes to my career: one was meeting Jay Leno and the other was meeting Chelsea Handler, and both of them have been so instrumental and crucial and supportive and inspiring and have served as the most amazing mentors anybody in this town could ever have. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve them, but I will spend the rest of my life thanking them.

celeb superfan ross mathews on his own talk show, road to success and being a ‘full tilt’ gay

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Don’t forget about Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who you interviewed recently when you guest hosted Chelsea Lately. When I guest hosted and I said, “Please welcome MarkPaul Gosselaar,” and he walked around the corner, it was like I needed a time machine to go back to myself at 12 years old in my bedroom and be like, “Oh my god, guess what he just said?” – because it was the most surreal thing in the world. (Laughs) All of a sudden he’s there and he had heard me on Howard Stern talking about how, maybe, I had fantasized about him as a young kid watching Saved by the Bell, and he said he heard that and told his wife and screamed, “Ross Mathews masturbated to me!” It really was like my head was going to explode. No pun intended? (Laughs) Hilarious! Tell me about the “interactive” element of your new show. It’s a big party. This show is what I wish existed when I was a little kid, when I could reach out and be a part of pop culture. The audience is joining the conversation, and I’ll literally be in the audience with a microphone asking people’s opinions. When I have a guest, the people in the audience can ask the guest questions. We’re Skypeing people in from all over the country so they can ask questions as well. Everybody’s welcome. 44 //

There’s never been a show like this on TV then, has there? No, there hasn’t. I looked at all these shows that sort of talk about pop culture and the majority of them, if not all of them, were kind of saying, “Isn’t she a dumb bitch?” “Isn’t that stupid?” “He’s so lame.” There wasn’t a show that was doing what I’m doing, which is saying, “I love this stuff, you guys love this stuff, let’s talk it out.” How gay and fabulous is your set? Oh my god, it’s pretty great. It’s a little Palm Spring chic-y, but very comfortable as well. We’re trying to mix the two things. And it’s all a little elevated because I am super gay, so it has to be; people would be disappointed if it wasn’t. Ellen has her dancing. Rosie had her Koosh balls. What will be your signature thing on this show? I don’t know! I think that kind of thing just evolves, so I’ll figure that out. My thing is interacting with the audience; this show is really for the fans, so if that’s the legacy of this show, I’m thrilled with that. How did you decide on Hello Ross as the name? There was a lot of debate from a lot of people about the name, but there was never a debate on my end about the show. To me, it was always Hello Ross. That’s my Twitter,

that’s my website, that’s the spirit of the show. Chelsea is a producer on the show. How involved will she be? She’s been involved every step of the way. She sees the whole process and she’s invested a lot in this. Not financially or anything like that, but to say, “I pick Ross, I think the audience wants to hear from Ross, I get behind Ross” means more to me than she’ll ever know.

hate, so I said, “Fine, I accept myself fully. Go 100 percent. Be you. Do you.” You talk about your Madonna encounter in your book. What’s the trick to keeping it together when meeting Madge?

Clench your legs. Don’t just, like, lose it. And if you’re a huge fan, perhaps bring a diaper, because I have to tell you, that was so surreal. All I was thinking was, “Don’t say something that makes her kick you out.” I’ve shot What have you learned from Chelsea about having your pieces at zoos with animal keepers where they hand you a snake and you think, “This is exotic, this could bite me own show? and this could kill me at any second.” It felt the same way when I met Madonna. That there’s a power in saying “I am what I am.” Never second-guessing that thing that only you own and only you know, which is your point of view and your perception There’s already talk of a follow-up to your first book. Where might you take the second one? of things and your truth. I know that sounds really hippy-dippy, but if you look at her, how many times do The first book was about this person who loves pop you think she’s probably heard, “You can’t say that”? culture and got plopped in the middle of it and tried to And I’ve heard, “You can’t be that gay, you can’t be that paddle and survive. I wanted to sort of establish who I high-pitched, you’ll never host a show with that voice.” But what I’ve learned from her is to use what makes you was growing up, how I got plopped in pop culture and why that was such a big deal. different to stand out. I could’ve come to this town and taken hosting classes and done this and that and tried to lower my voice, but I would’ve looked like every other The next book is about what happens now. You achieved this dream; what’s it like? rock on the beach. The ones that work are those weirdlooking rocks. Those are the ones you notice. I have a partner, we’re starting a family, I’m trying to see the world and travel. Every day I live this crazy life When did you start to really love and embrace your and I think to myself, “You’ve gotta write this down.” voice? I mean, the fact that I’m sitting where I’m sitting and I There was a point in my teenhood when I realized that the walk by celebrities every day on this lot and amazing voice wasn’t changing. I was this gay cartoon of a person things happen, and I go to these celebrity houses and I and it was a crossroad for me: I could either hate myself just can’t believe it. I am this superfan, but I get to be on the inside. I think that’s a story people want to hear. or I could love myself, and it’s just not in my nature to

Photo credits: Timothy White/E! and Austin Young. @DavidAtlantaGA // 45

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O U T O F T OW N :




each vacations come in many forms, especially in the context of gay and lesbian travel. Years ago, GLBT travelers seeking summer fun at the shore tended to focus on several tried-and-true resort communities, primarily Provincetown, Ogunquit, Rehoboth, Fire Island, Laguna Beach, Key West, and Saugatuck. Although all of these towns are as are still justly popular, with their lively gay beach bars and inviting accommodations, America has no shortage of quirky, scenic seaside communities with progressive bents and welcoming vibes.

western Penobscot Bay, including Rockland and Camden ( Maine’s Mid-Coast is a place for quiet vacations, ideal if you’re a hiker, photographer, fishing enthusiast, or sailor. Camden is home to a fleet of Windjammer sailing ships, which can be booked not only on multiple-day excursions throughout the region but also for afternoon jaunts along Penobscot Bay.

The craggy 1,000-foot peaks of Camden Hills State Park delight outdoors enthusiasts - you can scamper along more than 20 miles of rugged nature and hiking trails through this unspoiled paradise - there’s also overnight Here are three great little coastal towns - two on the West Coast and one on the East Coast - you may not have camping. The formerly workaday town of Rockland has thought much about, especially if you live outside the come into its own in recent years, with several outstanding restaurants and cafes - don’t miss In Good Company regions they’re in. Each has plenty going for it, from an abundance of romantic, gay-friendly inns to urbane res(, a dapper neighborhood wine bar with creative American cuisine, or Primo (pritaurants to memorable cultural and recreational assets., where James Beard award-winning Camden and Rockland, Maine chef Melissa Kelly turns out stunning farm-to-table Mediterranean-inspired fare. The key draw in Rockland is one of the country’s best small art museums, the To experience a less-developed, ruggedly scenic part of New England, make the two-hour drive north of Portland, Farnsworth, which focuses on noted regional artists of international acclaim, including Louise Nevelson, George Maine to visit the historic seaside communities along 52 //

Bellows, and the Wyeth, who are celebrated with their own wing.

Camden, Maine

Among recommended accommodations, Camden is home to the GLBT-owned Camden Harbour Inn (, which is situated across from a harbor and has 18 warmly appointed rooms and suites, plus a terrific restaurant. In Rockland, the gay-owned LimeRock Inn ( is a handsome painted-lady Victorian B&Bs whose rooms are outfitted with all the perks you’d expect of a modern hotel. A lavish breakfast is included in the rates, and downtown restaurants are within easy walking distance. Homer, Alaska You may not think of Alaska when you’re planning a beach vacation, but the offbeat fishing town of Homer ( is an endearingly funky and gayfriendly coastal getaway popular both with residents and visitors to the Last Frontier. On the Kenai Peninsula and reached from Anchorage either by a stunning 220-mile drive or an easy 40-minute flight, the town is situated at the mouth of Kachemak Bay and affords dramatic views of the glacier-capped Kenai Mountains. You can stroll among the cool coffeehouses and seafood restaurants along Homer Spit, which pokes out into the bay - good bets include Captain Patties Fish House, which serves delicious crab cakes and a nice selection of Alaska microbrew beers, and Coal Town Coffee & Tea. A must-see here is the fascinating Alaska Islands & Oceans Visitor Center, but also note Homer’s many outdoorsy activities, from sea kayaking to road-biking to wildlifeand whale-watching tours.

Homer, Alaska

For a splurge, consider taking a water-taxi across Kachamak Bay to spend a couple of nights at the secluded and rustic-elegant Tutka Bay Lodge, which overlooks a crystalline fjord and has its own cooking school run by talented chef-owner Kirsten Dixon. Back in Homer, charming, gay-friendly accommodations include Brigitte’s Bavarian B&B (, on a bluff outside town, and the Bay Avenue B&B (, a modern house with plenty of big windows and great views over the bay. In Homer’s funky village center, notable dining options abound - be sure to check out colorfully decorated Mermaid Bistro (, which serves out-of-this-world salads, sandwiches, and pizzas with an emphasis on organic ingredients; colorful Café Cups (, where you can feast on platters of tiger prawns with honey-habanero sauce, and charbroiled filet mignon; and adorable Two Sisters Bakery, which is known for seafood chowder, creative salads, @DavidAtlantaGA // 53

and delectable baked goods. There’s not a ton of nightlife in these parts, but offbeat Alice’s Champagne Palace ( is a fun spot for live music, cold beer, and juicy burgers.

Mendocino, California

Mendocino, California Among the many jewels of the rugged California coastline, the beautiful little town of Mendocino ( stands out for its rugged sea cliffs, charming New England–inspired cottages, and serene seclusion. The town is just 150 miles up the coast from San Francisco, and 80 miles via the lovely Anderson Valley from the heart of the Sonoma Wine Country. This cliff-top community is in the heart of a region where loggers, tourists, winegrowers, writers, farmers, hippies, yuppies, and fishermen all more or less coexist harmoniously. And while it’s not really a gay mecca, it does have a strong following among same-sex couples who appreciate the low-keyed vibe and alluring setting. The most intriguing activities in coastal Mendocino County usually involve one kind of touring or another. You can rent mountain bikes, kayaks, or canoes and explore the region’s rivers or country lanes. And you can hike along oceanfront bluffs that loom high over the frothy Pacific surf and watch whales during the spring and fall migrations. A great place for this is Mendocino Headlands State Park, an easy walk from downtown. Just north of Mendocino, the once-prosaic lumber town of Fort Bragg has lately gentrified with hip coffeehouses and fun restaurants - it’s also home to such attractions as the 47acre Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, and the historic 21-mile Skunk Train scenic excursion railroad, which passes through soaring redwood groves. You can also go wine-touring in the adjacent Anderson Valley, whose cool climate is particularly suitable for turning out stellar Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Mendocino County Wine ( has information on tastings at dozens of vineyards open to the public. The region has no shortage of stellar restaurants. Occupying a dark, wood-paneled room with big windows overlooking colorful gardens, 955 Ukiah ( serves sophisticated California-style cuisine. Also outstanding, the unassuming Moosse Café (, which is warmed by a fireplace, offers exceptional modAmerican fare and laid-back yet efficient service, and the MacCallum House ( - also a nice place to stay - serves some of the most accomplished regional American cuisine on the Northern California coast. Mendocino and nearby villages have a bounty of gayfriendly inns and B&Bs, with an emphasis on unpretentious, rustic luxury. The J.D. House ( is a 54 //

lovely eight-room B&B surrounded by fragrant gardens, and with an invitingly simple and fresh country-chic aesthetic. Innkeepers Andrew Hindman and Damien Wood also run two sister inns, the Packard House and Blue Door Inn. A stylish “eco-resort” with one of the country’s most acclaimed vegan restaurants (Ravens’), the Stanford Inn by the Sea ( has a breathtaking location overlooking Mendocino Bay. A short drive south of town near verdant Van Damme State Park, the gay-owned Glendeven Inn (glendeven. com) looks like a Maine farmhouse and is surrounded by lush gardens and dewy meadows. Most of the rooms here have private decks overlooking the ocean and are warmed by fireplaces, and the on-site wine bar is a wonderful dining option. Another highlight is the gay-owned boutique resort Stevenswood (, which is nestled among tall trees and open meadows and has 10 rooms decorated in a light and airy contemporary style. A big draw here is the serene full-service spa. Also nearby is the the 65-room Little River Inn (littleriverinn. com), a rambling and comfy hideaway with a friendly staff and charming rooms - it’s perfect for a romantic getaway - room all face the ocean, and some with fireplaces and Jacuzzi tubs.

zopardi By Chris Az ROBIN THICKE, Blurred Lines


It’s probably safe to call “Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke’s ubiquitous dirty ditty that your grandma can’t get enough of (hey, it’s catchy!) – the song of the summer. It’s now officially the longest charting No. 1 single of the year so far, and because of its modestly produced easy-on-the-ears groove, this is something we should all agree is a good thing. For Robin, it absolutely is; based on the single’s mega success, Blurred Lines will likely be Thicke’s biggest disc (that’s d-i-s-c; not d-i-c-k) to date. But should it be? It certainly keeps to the soul daddy’s established paradigm of bedroom pillow talk and nightlife booty-bouncers, with “Get in My Way” – where he toughens up and drops the signature falsetto – thematically favoring a similarly named Kylie Minogue song and ranking high among the 11 tracks. With its melty flow almost masking the disc’s raciest come-ons (including turning his own last name into a penis pun, as he should) – and its nasty-good rap from Kendrick Lamar – “Give It 2 U” is up there, too. But otherwise, there’s a lot of blurring here, and it’s not just the lines: Thicke’s always been, despite his kinky teases, a vanilla artist, unable to overcome his “second-rate Justin Timberlake” billing – apart from being “the dirtier one.” His namelessness also hasn’t changed. The club-pop predictability of tracks like “Go Stupid 4 U” and “Take It Easy On Me” do him few favors, and “The Good Life” sweetens his horned-up image but still flops. Despite all the sex talk, Blurred Lines needs a Viagra.

To recognize that Kanye West is a cocky, self-righteous egomaniac, which he is, is also to recognize how these idiosyncrasies directly influence his ability to create cocky, self-righteous – and almost always masterful – music (after all, what does the album title rhyme with?). A West record, at this point, is about as unpredictable as his temper bouts with the paparazzi, and so we have the latest entry in his motley empire. And it’s another high-art doozy. Like something off Daft Punk’s latest, “On Sight” cranks the electro stammer, and then he goes harder: Squawking rumbles on “Black Skinhead” make for a defiant rush of adrenaline, he throws down on the fame portrait “I Am a God” (and has, of course, a conversation with the Man himself), and “I’m In It” accents a thundering beat with dog barks, bedroom moans and Bon Iver vocals (somehow it works). These kinky sound fusions aren’t just musical, either; West’s words link sex, Jesus and slaves to make bold statements about liberation – both sexual and civil – and the lack thereof. The closer “Bound 2,” with the best guest vocal on the album coming from soul crooner Charlie Wilson, isn’t so much a social commentary as it is, I guess, a love song to Kim Kardashian or something. He gets her drunk and cums on her, and you can’t help but be intrigued by this kind of casual frankness. So let him be cocky. Let him be egotistical. Let him be Jesus. With his rants on Yeezus as forward thinking and out-there as the foundation of beats he serves them on, this sounds like it came from a higher power. Bow down.

Grade: C

Grade: A-

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ALSO OUT CIARA, Ciara The poor man’s Rihanna returns with a self-titled outing that’s got some good jams … for an album that sounds like it should’ve been released five years ago. I mean, not just one but two Nicki Minaj cameos? If the optimistic club joint “Livin’ It Up” – and, to a lesser degree, “I’m Out” – weren’t so good, Minaj’s appearance would be even more baffling. But, despite Ciara’s trend lagging (and the club popper “Overdose,” which sounds a lot like J. Lo), she manages to keep all ears on her when she dips into a sexy timbre on the perfect-for-pole-dancing “Body Party” – and the wordplay pop of “Read My Lips,” where she uses kitchen entendres to describe the act of cunnilingus. COURT YARD HOUNDS, Amelita The lightheartedness of the Dixie Chicks sisters’ second side project suggests that, maybe, they’re ready to move on from their country trio days. Natalie Maines has (she released her own – and better – solo disc recently). Amelita is an easygoing set of summery folk pop a la Sheryl Crow’s “Soak Up the Sun,” with the charming mandolin-flecked “The World Smiles” breezing on by and opener “Sunshine” cheerfully chiding a narcissist. The title track and “Aimless Upward,” with its gorgeous two-part harmonies and heavier emotional crux, are obvious standouts on an album that’s just a little too featherweight to be anything more than background music. @DavidAtlantaGA // 59

theScene 1

10th & Piedmont 991 Piedmont Ave. NE

14 Cowtippers

27 Jungle

40 The Model T


Amsterdam 502 Amsterdam Ave. NE

15 Daiquiri Factory

28 Las Margaritas

41 Tripps


Atlanta Eagle 306 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE

16 Einstein's

29 Manifest 4 U

42 Urban Body Fitness


BJ Roosters 2043 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

17 F.R.O.G.S

30 Mixx

43 Woof's


Blake's 227 10th St. NE

18 Felix's

31 Oscar's

44 XS Ultra Lounge


Bliss 2284 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

19 Flex Spa

32 Opus 1


Boy Next Door 1447 Piedmont Ave. NE

20 Friends

33 Roxx


Brushstrokes 1510 Piedmont Ave. NE

21 Gatsby's

34 Sam's Hair Salon

Le Buzz 585 Franklin Rd. SE Marietta, GA


Bubbles Salon 1579 Monroe Dr. NE

22 Gilbert's

35 Southern Nights

Mary's 1287 Glenwood Ave. SE

10 Bulldogs

23 Gravity Fitness

36 Ten Atlanta

My Sister's Room 1271 Glenwood Ave. SE

11 Burkhart's

24 Heretic

37 The Den

Club Rush 2715 Buford Hwy. NE

12 Capulets

25 Hobnob

38 The Fifth Ivory

Sister Louisa’s Church 466 Edgewood Ave. SE

13 Club Eros

26 Joe's on Juniper

39 The Hideaway

Swinging Richard's 1400 Northside Dr. NW

893 Peachtree St. NE 1492 Piedmont Ave. NE 1510 Piedmont Ave. NE 2219 Faulkner Rd. NE

1600 Piedmont Ave. NE 889 W. Peachtree Str. NW 1077 Juniper St. NE 931 Monroe Cir. NE 1510 Piedmont Ave. NE 76 4th St. NW

2115 Faulkner Rd. NE

699 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE

1842 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

1931 Piedmont Cir. NE

2103 Faulkner Rd. NE

500 Amsterdam Ave. NE

1492 Piedmont Ave. NE

2425 Piedmont Rd. NE

1510 Piedmont Ave. NE

708 Spring Str. NW Not Shown: Cockpit 465 Boulevard SE

1086 Alco St. NE

736 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE 931 Monroe Dr. NE 219 10th St. NE

1824 Cheshire Bridge Rd. 2000 Cheshire Bridge Rd. 2205 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

2201 Faulkner Rd. NE 2069 Cheshire Bridge Rd. 1551 Piedmont Ave. NE 1049 Juniper Str. NE

990 Piedmont Ave. Ne 2135 Liddell Dr. NE 794 Juniper Str. NE 1544 Piedmont Ave. NE













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Monroe Dr. NE

42 2 Amsterdam Ave.


1 22 5

10th St. NE

9th St. NE Charles Allen Dr. NE


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Ponce De Leon Pl. NE


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Piedmont Park



10th St. NE


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Juniper St. NE

West Peachtree St. NW

Spring St. NW

14th St. NE

4th St. NE



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Ponce De Leon Ave. NE

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Lindbergh Dr.








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got an upcoming event?


Brooks and Phoenix 10pm model t Party with Elvis - 9 pm BLAKE’S Game Night - Trivia/Family Feud oscar’s Ruby Redd’s After Party - 10 pm 11pm swinging richards 2-4-1 VIP Room BURKHART’S Blue Monday Karaoke w/ ten atlanta Drag-a-maki w/ Kitty Angelica D’Paige 11:30pm LeClaw 8:30pm COCKPIT  Big Red Cup All Day, specials tripp’s Free Taco Bar 5pm EAGLE Music Videos with Scotty xcess ultra lounge Raquell Lord’s FELIX’S  Free Pool Talent Show 10:30pm, Sophia Mcintosh & FRIENDS Manic Mondays DJ opens - 2 pm Fab 5 +1 11:30pm, 18+ HERETIC Jukebox drag with Knomie Moore woof’s Food Special, Trivia 8pm HIDEAWAY  $2.50 Domestic Beer JUNGLE Stars of the Century Show 11pm MODEL T Monday Night Madness Free blake’s Texas Hold’Em Poker 7pm, “Guys Pool - 10pm - 2am OSCAR’S Service Industry Night with Eric & Dolls” with Shawnna Brooks. 11pm BURKHART’S Twisted Thursday w/ swinging richards Hip-Hop Night, Phoenix 11:30pm Sponsored by Hennessy 8:30pm cockpit  Dirty Boy Bingo w/ Ruby Redd ten atlanta Poker Night TRIPP’S Monday Nite Madness w/ Tana 9pm eagle Balls Deep Karaoke w/ Mikey felix’s Karaoke w/ Brett & Tyler 10pm WOOF’S Texas Hold ‘Em Poker 8pm friends  Where Girls Who Like Girls Meet Girls with Regina Simms 8-closing Gilbert’s Wine tasting 6-10pm BLAKE’S POP! Karaoke with Sasie Monroe heretic  3 Legged Cowboy Night 9pm and Suzanne Gleeson 11pm hideaway  Service Industry Night BURKHART’S Trivia Tuesday Karaoke w/ jungle Members Only with Evah Angelica D’Paige 11:30pm Destruction 10pm club rush “Tipsy Tuesday” 18 & up mIXX Gentlemen Cocktails with Aaron & Open until 4am Matt at 6pm COCKPIT  80s Party 9pm, specials 5-8pm model t Party Time with Michael - 9 pm EAGLE Tuesdays w/ Tony oscar’s Twisted Thursday with Eric FELIX’S  Smirnoff Martini Night swinging richards 2-4-1 VIP & Entry FRIENDS Let’s Make A Deal with Ken 6 pm xcess ultra lounge Turnt Up Thursday Gilbert’s Industry Night (complementary woof’s Food Special, Country Music 7pm pizza after 10pm) HERETIC 2-Step Tuesday, dance till 11pm HIDEAWAY Trivia with Wil 9 pm 10th & piedmont Live DJ 10 PM JUNGLE Ruby’s Tuesdays 8 pm blake’s 5-9pm TGIF, Charlie’s Angels w/ MIXX Piano with David Reeb at 8pm Charlie Brown 11pm MODEL T Wii Tuesday Afternoons 2pm BURKHART’S Fab Five w/ Angelica 9pm $2.50 beer / $3.0 well vodka OSCAR’S Show Tune Tuesday with Chad- D’Paige 11:30pm club rush “Got Leche” Free entry until 8 pm 11pm 18 & up - Open until 4am SWINGING RICHARDS 1/2 Price cover cockpit  DJ Diablo Rojo, guest VJ/DJ’s WOOF’S Industry Day Free Wii 5pm eagle DJ Dance Party friends Happy Time Friday Kelly & Ken 6 pm heretic FUR Friday BLAKE’S 5-9pm Doug’s party pop hits, hideaway  Kick Back Fridays! Charlie Harding’s Hard Body Party 11 pm jungle Dinner and a Movie 7 pm; BURKHART’S Humpday Karaoke w/ The Other Show with Edie Cheezburger Darlene Majewski 11:30pm 9:30pm; Jungle POP 11pm COCKPIT Balls Deep Karaoke 10pm mixx Ron’s End of the Week Party 4pm | EAGLE Underwear Night with Tony Grown & Sexy Dance 10 pm Friends Hump Night with Regina Simms model t Friday Bagels - 10 am | Texas Gilbert’s Karaoke 10pm-2am Holdem Poker 8 pm heretic  Pig Dance Black Out Party DJ oscar’s Music Video Night Stan Jackson 10pm-3am NO COVER swinging richards T-Shirt Review,$10 hideaway 1/2 Price Beer ten atlanta Music by George Greenlee jungle Dragamaniacs with Nicole Paige tripp’s Afternoon Delights 4pm





62 //

woof’s Atlanta’s Best Social Night 6pm


10th & piedmont Live DJ 10 PM blake’s Open at 1pm, Daring Divas 11pm BURKHART’S Extravaganza w/ Shavonna B. Brooks 11:30pm cockpit  DJ Diablo Rojo, guest VJ/DJ’s eagle DJ Dance Party felix’s Karaoke w/ Brett & Tyler 10pm friends Free Pool and Cheap beer with DJ! 2 pm - 6 pm Gilbert’s All you care to eat brunch (cooked to order) 11-4pm heretic Varies: Club Night or 3 Legged Cowboy Night - 10pm hideaway Open at 12:30pm! Saturday Night Party jungle The Q 9 pm; Club Night, Various Guest DJ’s mixx Guest DJ’s Dance 10pm model t Texas Holdem Poker - 3 pm | Party with the M&M Boiz - 9 pm oscar’s DJ Christopher Kind swinging richards T-Shirt Review $10 ten atlanta Music by George Greenlee tripp’s Afternoon Cookout 3pm xcess ultra lounge 25+ FREE til 12am woof’s Game Day All Day


10th & piedmont Bellini Brunch 11 AM & T-Dance 4 PM blake’s Open at 1pm - High Energy Music & Video w/ Bill Berdeaux & Daryl Cox BURKHART’S Armorettes Drag Show club rush Hip Hop and R&B - 18 & up Open until 4am cockpit  PBR Beer Bust felix’s  Bloody Marys & Mimosas friends Open @ 2pm; Dinner @ 4pm while it lasts Gilbert’s All you care to eat brunch (cooked to order) 11-4pm and Karaoke 6-11:30pm hideaway  Atlanta’s Favorite Bloody Mary Bar! 12:30 pm Jungle  The Day After with Knomie Moore 12-3pm; Sweet T with Bubba Dee and Wild Cherry Sucret 7pm las margaritas All You Can Eat til 3pm mixx Old School Sunday Dance 7pm model t Sunday Dinner with Ron 3:30 pm oscar’s Sunday Fun-day ten atlanta Music by George Greenlee tripp’s Buffet of Goodness - 3 pm | Karaoke - 7 pm woof’s Bloody Mary bar, PBR special



Most cars and light trucks. See store for details. Not valid with any other offer. Does not apply to previous purchases. Must present coupon at time of service. Resurface/replace rotors additional. Offer expires 9/14/13



Most cars and light trucks. See store for details. Not valid with any other offer. Does not apply to previous purchases. Must present coupon at time of service. Offer expires 9/14/13

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theRundown Wabi Sabi: Dance in the Real World Thursday, August 15 • 6 p.m. • Atlanta Botanical Garden (1345 Piedmont Ave NE)

The Atlanta Ballet’s dancer-driven troupe, Wabi Sabi, is back for a new season with a performance at the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Cocktails in the Garden series. The troupe will also be performing at the same time and location on August 22. For more information, visit

AEN’s Third Thursdays Thursday, August 15 • 6:30–9:30 p.m. • Hudson Grille Midtown (942 Peachtree St NE)

The monthly gathering of the Atlanta Executive Network boasts special appearances from Atlanta City Council candidates Matt Rinker and David Cox. For more information, visit


Piedmont Park Arts & Crafts Festival

The Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces presents the Piedmont Park Arts & Crafts Festival this weekend, August 17–18, in (where else?) Piedmont Park. The event includes several components which promoters claim attendees will not find at any other art festival event, including participation in an attempt to create the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous hula hoop chain. Guests will also be treated to a wide variety of arts and crafts, live music from local musicians, and various local concessions. The weekend is free to attend and petfriendly. For more information, visit

Atlanta’s Original Ladies Night

Thursday, August 15 • 11 p.m. • LeBuzz (585 Franklin Rd SE, Marietta)

Bianca Nicole hosts this weekly event, which includes a drag king competition. For more information, visit

ACT Up Atlanta Film Festival

Friday, August 16 • 7 p.m. • St. Mark UMC (781 Peachtree St NE)

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the group, the ACT Up Atlanta Film Festival begins with a screening of United in Anger: A History of ACT Up, and continues Saturday night with How to Survive a Plague at 10:30 p.m. For more information, visit

Bruno Mars: Live

Sunday, August 18 • 7:30 p.m. • Philips Arena (1 Philips Dr)

Perpetual hitmaker Bruno Mars brings his Moonshine Jungle Tour to Atlanta. For more information, visit or

Josh Groban: Live

Sunday, August 18 • 8 p.m. • Chastain Park (4469 Stella Dr NW) If you prefer your male musicians a bit more classical in nature, Josh Groban is also performing in Atlanta tonight. For more information, visit

IN THEATRES THIS WEEK Jobs: Ashton Kutcher stars as Steve Jobs in a biopic that early reviews say glosses over some of the more negative aspects of the Apple founder’s life. Kick-Ass 2: The original Kick-Ass was a minor hit back in 2010. In the sequel, Kick-Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Hit-Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) team up with a new hero, Colonel Stars and Stripes (Jim Carrey) to take on The Mother Fucker (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), the villain formerly known as Red Mist. Lee Daniels’ The Butler: Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey lead an all-star cast in a film based on the true story of an African-American man who served as a butler in the White House over seven presidential administrations.

‘Haldol and Hyacinths: A Bipolar Life’

Paranoia: Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games) plays a young worker who turns into a pawn between two tycoons of the high-tech world (played by Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford).

Author Melody Moezzi visits Charis to discuss her book. For more information, visit

The Spectacular Now: The indie hit, which was shot in Athens and played as the closing film at the Atlanta Film Festival earlier this year, returns for its theatrical run.

Monday, August 5 • 7:30 p.m. • Charis (1189 Euclid Ave NE)

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Every third Wednesday at Jungle



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fairyscopes ARIES (March 20 – April 19): Don’t rush into anything

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22): Forgive all

today. In business, knowing the details will make all the difference. It’ll be the same in romance, as you’ll want to know more about a guy before saying ‘yes’ to his first date marriage proposal. Doing research today will save you from future shock.

past slights today, and let go of your grudges. It’s good karma, as grudges are childish and silly. Still, the actions of some people are so egregious they should never be forgiven. It’s okay to occasionally stick needles in dolls that look like them, if only for old time’s sake.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20): You’re a beautiful

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21): Tell a

person, and you’re into beautiful things. That’s why you surround yourself with them, be it possessions or men. Revel in such high aesthetics today, and indulge in both. Start by exchanging phone numbers with the cute waiter at the posh four-star restaurant you frequent.

friend some of your secrets today. But make some of them up, and see how many make it into the general public. Then make up some secrets about him, and spread them through the general public.

GEMINI (May 21- June 20): Head the busybodies off by making up rumors about yourself, and spreading them around. Make them outrageous and shocking, ten times worse than anything they could come up with. Nobody will believe the talk anyway, and you’ll walk away with your reputation unscathed.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 20): You hate yoga – it seems so pretentious. And you hate people who practice yoga – they’re always so damn Zen and serene. If you had your way, you’d throw a little aggression into the mix by making them play Black Sabbath at every yoga session. Now that would be Zen!

CANCER (June 21- July 22): You lied when you told

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 19): You

him you were a good cook, and now he wants proof. You’re pretty sure he’s not into Minute Rice and tuna helper for dinner, so you better get creative with take-out. Place a to-go order with a nice restaurant and spend a little money: He’ll know a Big Mac when he sees one.

want to meet a new guy, and you’re busy doing your research. You’re checking off a lot on the positive checklist, and those jeans aren’t filled with chopped liver. But all your research will be for naught once you make your move. Then you’ll have to go on animal instinct if you’re to make the catch.

LEO (July 23 – August 22): Your finances are thinner

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18): Business deals could be tricky today, as will the people you’re dealing with. Be careful of who you trust, because they may not have your best interests in mind. Have all the details worked out before you start. Maybe you can catch them at their own game.

than the Olsen twins, and it may be time to put yourself on a budget. It’ll be hard living the Park Avenue lifestyle you’re used to on a Hooterville budget, but you’ll learn the value of saving, and how to hide from bill collectors.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22): Today’s a good one to kick things off, whether it’s new projects or a hot new romance. Don’t think too much about any of them. Instincts and gut feeling will produce better results than deep analysis today, especially in romance.

72 //

PISCES (February 19 – March 19): You’re beginning to see how things really work in your relationship, and it’s looking like a dictatorship. Slowly his demands became greater than yours, and you’re looking like a serf before the feudal lord. Rise up today, and take back your power. Then say goodbye.


stylist wanted

Established and charming boutique hair salon in the heart of Buckhead seeks to add a full- or part-time stylist on a commission or rental basis. The ideal candidate will have positive energy and be attentive to clients in discovering their inherent beauty and sexiness expressed in hair art that is naturally beautiful. Must be dedicated to providing exceptional cuts, color and finishing with a whimsical, fun personality. This is an opportunity to establish a longterm working relationship with a salon owner who is an expert incolor, color correction and the French technique of hairstyling with a loyal clientele. Please submit resume and 2-3 portfolio-worthy photos of your work. Contact Allison McTigue at

RUB DOwN / body work

RUB DOwN / body work

QUALITY HANDS BY JEFF Full body rubs for Men 404-216-7214 FULL BODY MASSAGE by Walter @ 404-872-5671 (8th St. @Monroe Dr.) Only $40..Shave too DOWNTOWN / MIDTOWN MASSEUR Relieve your tensions from Head to Toe with a Full-Body Massage by licensed therapist

William 404-538-4770 HELP WANTED

M4M FULL BODY RUBS SENSUAL & DISCREET JIM (678) 251-5697 Midtown’s newest restaurant/bar now hiring servers

Applicants must have: • Minimum two years experience • POS knowledge • Three job related references Please email resume to:

ADVERTISE with the South’s longest-running LGBT weekly publication! Call us at 404.418.8901 x3 for rates & info @DavidAtlantaGA // 73

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So ya think I’m talking about your friend. Psh! Go get help, bubba. Getting involved in others’ business will get you hurt.

You’re a basic bitch. This is a fact. There are 365.242 days in a year, and you’re a basic bitch. I deserve the right to give my husband mediocre blow jobs only on his birthday like everybody else! #MarriageEquality

He’s a sociopath with a superhero face. I hate him, but will bang him. 76 //

Bottoming is my favorite form of exercise.

You’re saying that I talk shit, but I’m not the one running my mouth!

How come all the guys I like on Scruff were “online 20 minutes ago”?

I say this as a friend: your ex is still living with you after four years and has no job, which you say you can’t stand because he makes your life miserable and pathetic. But you’re allowing it. That makes you more pathetic. I love that people dislike Lady Gaga for being pretentious when she’s the only pop star smart enough to qualify as pretentious.

It’s Adam and Patrick, not Adam and Steve. Adam and Steve broke up ages ago. *This page reflects the bitchiness of the community not David Atlanta or its publisher (although we’re bitchy too!)

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