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Matthew Morrison ON BEING AN ALLY Getting Focused on

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What’s Next for Marriage Equality?


t’s the logical question to ask after the results of United States v. Windsor and Hollingsworth v. Perry. With Prop 8 essentially dead and a key component of DOMA also out, how should our community proceed? Marriage equality is obviously still a big issue. Even with California granting same-sex marriages, there are plenty of states where same-sex couples can’t get married. Lawsuits are popping up all over the country to try and fight state constitutional bans against same-sex marriage. Here in the South, we face a particularly rough uphill battle. Assuming marriage equality continues to come state by state, it’s not hard to imagine the South holding out far longer than any other region in the country. That doesn’t mean we need to stop, though – far from it. If we want a shot at marriage equality in Georgia, we have to continue to fight for it. There are times where it will seem futile, but we never know what will create the change we want.

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7.10.13 Issue #57

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MENTAL Health Checkup Sherry A. Meltz, PsyD Licensed Professional Counselor n

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Working with HIV+ and their caregivers since 1996

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Primary Care & HIV Physician Services Full-service retail pharmacy open to the public. Proudly serving the LGBTQ community

Pride Medical provides state-of-the-art comprehensive quality medical care in a multidisciplinary environment. Also: On-site Infusion therapy.


Pride Medical, Inc.

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** Free Anonymous HIV testing **

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By Romeo San Vicente Margaret Cho is In Transition

Then Graham’s friend Ellen DeGeneres – the pair talk a mile a minute every time Graham guests on Ellen – Margaret Cho has her own sitcom again, this time taking note of this development, decided to step in and on the Internet. Like everyone else with eyes facing produce the book as a TV series. The energetic Graham forward, the comic is bypassing the TV gatekeepers and will adapt the book into pilot form and, with a little luck, taking her work directly to her audience. The show’s careful shepherding from power-friends in high places called In Transition; it’s about female ex-cons (includand more good luck, this thing will go to series. We ing Cho) and it co-stars performer Selene Luna, Cho’s think Graham is cool, so fingers crossed. comrade from the reality series The Cho Show. The 13-episode series will be short-form and take place In The Woods is not Into The Woods but entirely on YouTube, marking another instance of that you might still get lost site’s own transition from the number one destination for bored employees searching for kitty and twerkThe Being Experience, a media event from filmmaker ing videos to instant TV network with original scripted Jennifer Elster, to be released on a variety of platforms content. Debuting in July, you can bet that its creator including the Internet, will begin this month with ...In will be keeping track of hits and making sure heads roll The Woods. The cast is big: Terrence Howard, Dave if numbers don’t blow up. That’s what all the big TV Matthews, Famke Janssen, Questlove, Paz de la Huerta, moguls do. Temple Grandin, Moby, Rufus Wainwright, Will Shortz, Alan Cumming, Debra Winger, Rosie Perez and what the Lauren Graham’s life becomes a book official press is calling “original vocalizations by Yoko becomes TV Ono.” Okay, yes, totally intrigued now, but what’s it about? Because that early press also skirts around the Gilmore Girls/Parenthood star Lauren Graham is an issue of story, preferring instead to tease us with ideas ambitious sort. You kind of have to be when you’re a about operating on “multiple levels of consciousness” woman in Hollywood. The men who make decisions and “penetrating what is often unspoken... existing outare almost never reliably into you, especially after you side of the bounds of how we are expected to behave.” hit middle-age, so Graham’s not taking her winning In other words, nobody wants to tell us and they’re streak for granted. She wrote her first novel, Someday, counting on your curiosity about watching Temple Someday, Maybe – witty comic fiction loosely based on Grandin interact with Questlove and Alan Cumming her own experiences as a struggling actress in 1990s while Yoko Ono hollers somewhere in the background. New York City – and watched it hit the bestseller list. OK, sure, we’re in. Look, it’s either this or Grown Ups 2. 12 //

Neil Patrick Harris will wigout in Hedwig Why didn’t someone think of this earlier? No sooner will How I Met Your Mother wrap up its last season with all questions about mother-meeting finally answered, than its womanizing star Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) will leap over to Broadway, strap on a wig and heels and turn himself into Hedwig, star of John Cameron Mitchell’s Hedwig and The Angry Inch. Harris is already excited to step into the role of the transgender, German, aspiring rock star for the show’s Broadway debut (it was off-Broadway before its 2001 film version) in spring of 2014. And while there’s no other casting news yet, does there really need to be? This is a slamdunk of a casting move, with Broadway’s favorite sitcom star/song-and-dance-man/ gay role model/Tony host/Harold & Kumar villain in the lead. It’s like an engraved invitation for 15 different audience demographics to flood the box office for tickets and a readymade, Internet-igniting, post-Tony Awards performance clip before it even happens.

Neil Patrick Harris

photos: / Helga Esteb

@DavidAtlantaGA // 13


of the week: Jim Daly

many people, Daly issued a statement reassuring everybody that he would make sure that gays would continue to be lied to and hurt. “Exodus’ closing is being hailed by some as a victory and indication that Christians are abandoning long-held convictions that living with God’s design for sexuality is possible through the power of Jesus Christ – that change is possible,” Daly said. But Daly knows better. After all, he apparently has seen God’s blueprints for sexuality. Although he couldn’t possibly be referring to the Bible because as a sex-ed text, that book is all over the place. Seriously freaky stuff happening back in those olden days. Daly continued, “The reality is that while Exodus will no longer exist, there are numerous Christian ministries that continue to provide excellent help to those struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction.” Which is true, so long as you replace the word “excellent” with “bullshit.” But there are plenty of “ministries” willing to “help” you pray the gay away, just as there are plenty of wealthy Nigerian “businessmen” emailing you about how you can get rich by sending them money.

By D’Anne Witkowski


hen Exodus International President Alan Chambers announced June 19 that his group, one of the most well known ex-gay rackets in the country, was closing up shop people were stunned. More surprising still was Chambers’ apology to LGBT people for, essentially, fucking up their lives by lying to them that they could pray the gay away. It was, Chambers said, all a sham.

“We believe there is hope for those who struggle sexually,” Daly said. “Be it a struggle with lust, adultery, pornography addiction, pre-marital sex, same-sex attractions or issues related to identity – there is hope.” Aww, hope. Isn’t that sweet and reassuring? Especially after Daly equates being gay with being a sex-crazed pervert incapable of fidelity. All the same thing in his book. “The hope of a Christian is that our behavior becomes more in line with God and God’s will,” Daly continued. “He wants us to drink from His full cup of grace and truth – because it’s through Him we can overcome lifelong struggles with sin.”

And since Daly has appointed himself The Boss of God’s Will, And so the whole ex-gay movement shriveled up and died he knows what you need to drink: Jesus Dew: Code Grace (tagline: “Dew with a rush of Truthy flavor”). and everybody lived happily ever after, right? Not quite. You see, the whole idea that being gay is a harmful lifestyle choice, akin to smoking cigarettes or alcoholism, that people can “fix” if only they work hard enough is the bedrock of the anti-gay right. Because if being gay is, well, normal, then being anti-gay is, well, a total dick move, as the kids say. But have no fear. There are plenty of folks willing to pick up and run with the ex-gay banner. Take Focus on the Family President Jim Daly, for instance. Just two days after Chambers apologized for lying to and hurting so 14 //

“God’s help usually doesn’t come as a ‘fast fix.’ It’s often a long process,” Daly said. “Many times it takes counseling, Bible study, prayer and community support – but it can be done.” At least Daly is willing to admit that becoming “ex-gay” doesn’t happen quickly. It takes a lot of time and energy. Daly is right: immersing yourself in the ex-gay lifestyle, i.e. isolating yourself from anyone who would dare tell you that you are okay the way you are and that they love you anyway, is crucial to living a lie.

- since 1997 -

- since 1997 -

Named People Magazine’s “Best Wedding Cakes in Georgia!”

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photos: Brian Bowen Smith 20 //

Glee star on being an ally, equal marriage and his gay following vs. Adam Levine’s Glee made Matthew Morrison (and his unruly curls) a star, but his success started long before his role as do-gooder teacher Will Schuester. Morrison originated the studly Link Larkin during the Broadway run of Hairspray, and then he went on to earn a Tony nomination for his stint in The Light in the Piazza.

Did you two ever settle the question that’s been on everyone’s mind: Who has the bigger gay following? Wow. I don’t think we answered that question. Do you know the answer to that? I have no idea. You’re supposed to say yourself. Well, you said it for me then. (Laughs) I would give myself the advantage coming from the theater world and stuff, but he’s younger and more attractive than I am, so I give him the advantage that way. It depends on what gay genre you’re looking at. If you like the tattoo kind of thing, he’s your guy. If you like the clean-cut kind of guy, that’s me.

The Glee star goes back to his Broadway roots for Where It All Began, a collection of show-tune covers. For Morrison, though, it goes back even further. All the way to elementary school, in fact. You say this is the album you always wanted to make. Why didn’t you make it the first time Where did it all begin for you? When did you around with your self-titled debut, when you first start singing? were on Mercury Records? I first started singing in fifth grade. I grew up in Southern California and my parents took me to Arizona for the summer – I have a lot of family there: aunts, uncles, cousins – and my grandma put my cousin and I in a children’s theater production of this show called The Herdmans Go to Camp. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. (Laughs) Yeah, it was big on Broadway, right? (Sarcastically) Yeah, exactly. It had a great run. (Laughs) So, it was this little made-up show and I was so lucky to have found my passion at such a young age in doing that show. I came back to Southern California after the summer and told my parents that I wanted to be in children’s theater and that started the whole thing.

You know, that’s a good question. (Pauses) I kind of felt like it was the height of Glee and that’s the kind of music that we were doing on the show and ... I liked that album. It was a really interesting process for me, just because I had never done songwriting before, so I got to work with some world-renowned songwriters – some people who wrote songs with Adele – so that was a really great opportunity to kind of work a muscle that I’d never really worked before. It was great, but it just ... it didn’t feel authentic. It didn’t feel totally authentic to me, whereas this is rooted in the music I grew up singing and I know so well. This music is in my bones, so I feel very confident.

We don’t have song-and-dance people anymore. A lot of performers can go up on stage now and dance, but they’re probably not singing most of the time. Then This album is being released on Adam Levine’s there’s the singers who go up there and plant their feet on label, 222 Records. How well did you get to know the stage and sing. I really wanted to go back to Sammy Adam? Did you guys have a beer after recording? Davis Jr. – to that kind of era – and really do it all. (Laughs) We’ve had a few drinks in our day. We both live in Los Angeles, and he’s such a big fan of this kind of music. I wouldn’t think that personally – you think of him as this pop-rock kind of guy – but he’s such a fan of the standards. When I got to know that, and we started talking about that, I told him this was the record I always wanted to make and he’s like, “Let’s make it.” He’s been a big champion of mine through this whole process, but at the same time he’s really given me my space. He’s an artist himself and he knows how an artist should be treated, and he really gave me space and respect. He checked in probably three times during the process just to hear stuff and hang out in the studio. He didn’t have much to say because he was really loving everything.

You look good in that top hat on the cover of the album. Are you much of a hat man? I do like hats ... especially because I’m so synonymous with my crazy curly hair now. I can cover it up. It’s good to have a little disguise. Is there a song on this album that most inspired your musical-theater career? Yeah, actually there is. “On the Street Where You Live,” which is from My Fair Lady, is a song that I found really early on in my life. I first sang it when I was maybe 13 at a talent show or something. It’s typically done as a ballad, and that’s actually the song I’ve sung for every single @DavidAtlantaGA // 21

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couples can marry. That you can’t marry the person that you love in today’s society is just wrong. I think a loving and committed gay and lesbian relationship deserves the same rights as anyone else’s. I was honored recently with the Ally for Equality Award at the HRC Atlanta dinner, and there were these brothers from New Hampshire. The younger brother is gay, and the older brother is straight and married to his wife, and hearing the straight brother talk about his brother and what he’s gone through and the person that he is, he got so choked up. It was the most beautiful thing to see him talk about his brother, (saying) that he deserved the same rights that he has. I was blown away by these two guys. It was pretty incredible. Have you performed at a gay wedding before? audition I’ve ever had in my entire life, including Glee. That song has kind of made my career, I guess. (Laughs) But for this version on the album, I really wanted to kind of give it a little more pep, speed it up a bit, make it a little more danceable. So that’s what we did! When you were recording these songs, did it dawn on you how outdated the vernacular is? And how much the word “gay,” which once just meant happy and carefree, has changed? It’s funny you say that, because every time I sing “Younger than Springtime” with the “gayer than laughter” line – I think I sing it maybe three or four times within the song – it does pop in my mind. You’re right, it doesn’t mean that ... well, it does mean that, but it has changed, absolutely. That song in particular, to me, is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. I love that song. I love the sentiment of the song. And when I originally was hearing it I was thinking of (the “gay” reference), but it’s not like I really care. (Laughs) Of all people, I didn’t think you did. (Sarcastically) Damn those gay people! How did you get involved in the Human Rights Campaign video for marriage equality? From my friends. I have so many friends who are involved with HRC – my friends from the theater community – and it’s a cause that I absolutely support. It just comes down to human rights. Forty years ago, if you saw a black man walking down the street with a white woman it was like “oh my god,” but now you don’t even blink. I’m hoping that’s the same thing that’s gonna happen with this, and hopefully gay and lesbian

I have performed at a gay wedding. And my massage therapist and his partner are planning a wedding in the next year or so and I plan on singing at their wedding too. What will you be singing? I’m gonna leave it up to them. But I’m taking requests! What’s your future on Glee? It’s been renewed for a couple of seasons, but I don’t know the answer to that question. What do you see for yourself when Glee does end? A break? I don’t think Glee is ever going to end. (Laughs) No, I don’t want a break. I have two months off from the show right now and I’m putting out an album and doing some touring. I love working. I always wanna work. I think for me – now that I’ve done everything, and I’ve been on stage for 10 years and done film and television – my heart is in the theater, and that’s where I feel the most alive and connected to the audience. I love being on stage. That’s something that I know I will definitely go back to. I feel like I’ve had a really well-rounded career so far, and I want to keep trying to put my hand in a lot of different things. I take it you won’t be bringing The Herdmans Go to Camp to Broadway? My career would probably be over. It’s that bad? I don’t remember it. That’s saying a lot. @DavidAtlantaGA // 23


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Who Runs the World?


28 //


fter her Super Bowl performance earlier this year, Beyoncé has kept the world wrapped around her finger with teases of new music, commercial campaigns for Pepsi and H&M, and a world-spanning tour. As the world-famous singer brings the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour to Georgia on July 12, here are some reasons we’re crazy in love with Beyoncé. •

She’s an inspiration to drag queens everywhere.

When she came out for marriage equality, she altered a line from “Single Ladies” to do it.

Even though she’s dropped out of the project, she was slated to star in a remake of A Star Is Born. You know who else starred in their own versions of that story? Judy Garland (1954) and Barbra Streisand (1976).

When she says that girls run the world on “Run the World (Girls),” she’s on record as saying that she’s including gays.

When Glee wanted to make a point of Kurt’s sexual orientation, they used “Single Ladies” – and even turned one of Beyoncé’s dancers for the song into the character Brittany.

“Telephone,” her collaboration with Lady Gaga, is one of the best pop collaborations in recent memory.

Her alter ego’s name? Sasha Fierce.

Beyoncé brings the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour to the Gwinnett Center on July 12. For more information on the tour, visit

Got Beyoncé?


2003 Dangerously in Love

2006 B’Day

2008 I Am…Sasha Fierce

2011 4

SELECTED SINGLES “’03 Bonnie & Clyde” (Jay-Z feat. Beyoncé) “Crazy in Love” (feat. Jay-Z) “Baby Boy” (feat. Sean Paul) “Me, Myself and I” “Naughty Girl” “Check On It” (feat. Slim Thug) “Déjà Vu” (feat. Jay-Z) “Ring the Alarm” “Irreplaceable” “Beautiful Liar” (with Shakira) “Until the End of Time” (with Justin Timberlake) “If I Were a Boy” “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” “Diva” “Halo” “Sweet Dreams” “Telephone” (Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé) “Best Thing I Never Had” “Love on Top” @DavidAtlantaGA // 29

@DavidAtlantaGA // 31


C 32 //

ll’s Well That’s

azwell BY



efore “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ruled the airwaves, comedy hip hop, with its lighter and more humorous style, was carried by several significant acts. In the eighties, the Beastie Boys rhymed how we all gotta fight for our right to parrrrty. They were followed in the nineties by Eminem who carried the genre into the millennium alongside artists like Eamon (“I Love Them Hoes”) and Nerdcore. While few rappers make comedy hip hop their focus, the genre has a substantial loyal following and has been a money-earner for a select few. Out hip hopper Cazwell earned his hipster credibility and fattened his wallet with a steady flow of hilarious yet danceable hip hop tracks, including “Ice Cream Truck,” “Rice & Beans” and “I Seen Beyoncé At Burger King”. His hypomanic take on pop culture helped him to rack in over ten million views on YouTube and sell over one million downloads. This summer, he returns with the first single from his soon-to-bereleased album

G A L L AGH ER Hard 2 B Fresh. With its horn-ridden electro beats, “Guess What?” is a slightly more serious direction for the rapper. Cazwell sheds his “Weird Al” Yankovic skin for a more Missy Eliot vibe, proclaiming his greatness, or rather, his hawtness, through smart-ass rhymes and the help of vocalist Luciana. Who is hawter than a chili pepper these days?  I was just saying the other day that I think Bruno Mars is totally hot. He›s like the perfect pocket straight. I›d hit it.  Is it true you have a man crush on Kanye West? Very true. I say that because of his talent. He’s one of my favorite rappers of all time. Love his new work. What’s up with your Judge Judy obsession? Judge Judy is the smartest person alive. I watch her everyday. Have you always enjoyed showing off your body? Yes definitely. It all started when I was working at an East Village dive where hosting in your underwear was mandatory. Of course, you have to monitor your body if your shirt is going to be off. I try to stay in shape now. For the most part, I enjoy being healthy. It’s rewarding. If my body is in shape, I find I’m in a much better mood. Would you ever pose full monty for pics? No. I like to leave something to the imagination. @DavidAtlantaGA // 33

Madonna posed nude in photos… just saying.

Yeah, younglings love my music! I have parents come up to me at shows all the time to tell me how their six-year old daughter loves “Ice Cream Truck” or “Beyonce at Yeah, I know and everyone knows I love me some Madonna. She changed the game and I give her all my re- Burger King” and sings it all day. spect for that. OK, I suppose if I were offered an obscene How do you describe your sound? amount of money to pose nude, I wouldn’t say no.  Growing up, were you a cool kid?

Whether its Hip Hop or EDM, I like to make music that people can dance to. My goal is to create beats I would play as a DJ. The new album has a lot of sounds going on but ultimately you can play the whole thing through at a party.

I was bullied, especially by the jocks in the school. I was flamboyant and fashionable. I hung out a lot with high school dropouts in the goth and drama scenes. Out of all my close friends, I was the only one to graduate high What themes are you exploring in your music? school. It was too difficult for my gay friends to make it through, from all the abuse and crap that they got. I didn’t start to like high school until my senior year. For the most part, the theme of my music is a gay guy living in New York City. I hope I make music that is relatable to most people. I find if people can identify with the How would your young self view the big gay rapping star you are today? music, it has more power.  I would think that I’m fuckin’ awesome. I always knew I wanted to be a stage performer. I was inspired by artists that put on great shows. Any artist in particular? I learned a lot from Peaches. I think she’s the best live performer I’ve ever seen. Do you have many young fans?  34 //

What is it about expressing yourself through rhymes that appeals to you? I’ve always been attracted to the power of rhyme. Even when I was a kid I would memorize Shel Silverstein poems and act them out for the old ladies in church. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that magic spells are in rhyme form. When you write a good set of bars, it’s very empowering. I went through a serious break up this year and did a lot of rhyming lyrical therapy. It definitely helped. 

You’re single?

on it, you would have thought she was performing Madison Square Garden. 

Sadly, I am. You sound like a lover scorned. Were you cheated on? Damn. Have you been reading my journal? Cheaters suck.

Tell the truth, did you think she would make it as huge as she has? Yes. I did. I immediately saw potential in her as a pop artist. “Just Dance” was a great pop song. That record got so much burn and everyone was requesting it. I did question if the public was ready for such a fashionable person but it happened at the right time, just as high fashion came in. Remember when Rihanna and Beyonce were wearing all those crazy abstract clothes too? Perfect timing.

Being cheated on is really bad on your self worth, especially when you love the person. I actually take monogamy seriously when I have a boyfriend. I enjoy being in a relationship. It’s a job, but if I decide to take it on, I strive to What do you think Gaga had that propelled her be good at it. I’d rather have one person I can trust and be to superstardom? a freak with than dip in a bunch of dudes.  Great songs. She gets so much attention for her looks but, Wow, so Cazwell believes monogamy is the in all actuality, if her songs sucked, no one would care. ideal? She’s very good at arrangement and hooks and she can sing. I miss her. I hope she comes out with some new Loving yourself is the ideal. But, yeah, everyone seeks a music soon. partner, I think.  Do you believe Christina Aguilera tried to rip off Do you mind being viewed as a sex object? Gaga’s look? No I love it. Might as well enjoy it while I can, right? I honestly don’t see myself as all that sexy unless I’m on stage. When I’m on stage I’m everything that I want to be and my most confident. I think everyone is sexy when they are doing what they love and that’s the truth. Is it important to you that people recognize the brains behind the brawn?

Yeah, but she didn’t even know she was doing it. At that award show, I’m sure her stylist just said “here..wear this!” and she did. I don’t think that much thought went into it. Last question, Cazwell. If you could wake up with anyone naked under your sheets… who would you choose?

Kanye West. But I hope he calls me back. Yes! I think that’s gonna happen with this album particularly. The only thing that ever really offends me is when Cazwell’s “Guess What?” is available on iTunes now. people say I’m not talented, or that all I do is get hot guys Visit to put in videos and that’s why I got popular. Writing simple songs actually takes talent. I haven’t always been good at it.  Let’s talk Gaga. How did you come to work with her? I rapped on a remix package of “Just Dance”. Was that before she was famous? Yes, we did of couple shows together when she was promoting the album. I think she’s really cool. She’s the real deal. I remember when I met her at sound check at like 5pm on Avenue C (a street in the East Village of New York). She took herself very seriously and was flawless head-totoe. Even though the stage was like 3 feet by 5 feet, she thought about ever angle of the show. The way she focused @DavidAtlantaGA // 35

38 //


Mini-Guide to


Summer Reads By Mikey Rox


hen you hit the beach this season, don’t forget to bring a good book. Here are our picks for Summer 2013’s hottest LGBT titles. Man Up!: Tales of My Delusional Self-Confidence Ross Mathews, the lovable, huggable, high-pitched personality who parlayed an internship at “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” into national stardom, releases his first book, Man Up!: Tales of My Delusional Self-Confidence, an autobiographical minimemoir of sorts featuring an introduction by Gwyneth Paltrow and afterword by Chelsea Handler. In this literary laughfest, Mathews, who hails from small town Mount Vernon, Washington, recounts his obsession with pop culture and his rise to national fame in a hilarious and witty debut that, in typical Mathews style, isn’t afraid to delve into cringe-worthy territory, including the most hilarious and embarrassing moments that made him the household name he is today. Next up for the comedian/celeb-obsessed redcarpet correspondent, a potential talk show produced by Handler, the pilot for which he taped earlier this year. Mathews currently lives in Los Angeles with his partner Salvador and their two rescue dogs.

42 //

The Art of the Visit: Being the Perfect Host; Becoming the Perfect Guest Anyone who has hosted a disrespectful houseguest or, on the flip side, spent time with aloof hosts will delight in author Kathy Bertone’s The Art of the Visit: Being the Perfect Host; Becoming the Perfect Guest, a complete etiquette guide for avid travelers and entertainers. Offering tips for planning and enjoying the perfect visit from both the host and guest point of view, Art of the Visit explores many topics to enhance your summer stays and hostings, including tips to stage and stock your vacation home to make guests feel comfortable when you’re not there; how to confront bad guest or host behavior without compromising the rest of the visit; how to comfortably, and stylishly, host several guests – even in a small space; and the 12 essential qualities of the perfect host – from becoming a master communicator to keeping your cool under pressure. With this book at your fingertips, you’ll ensure that your visits – both in and out of your home – will be fabulous and stress-free.

KC, at Bat LGBT sports fan – especially those with a special place for baseball in their hearts – get an extra dose of testosterone in their summer reading with Tom Mendicino’s KC, at Bat, a coming-of-age tale of what happens when you stop living life from the safety of the bleachers and finally step up to home plate. Charlie Beresford thought his summer would be a drag hauling furniture for a local moving company before heading off to college, but he gets a pleasant surprise when Kevin Conroy – the titular KC – joins the crew, too. As the summer wears on, the two teens grow closer on and off the clock – a bond initiated by the star ball player, much to Charlie’s surprise – resulting in an unexpected and complicated relationship that Time Out NY calls “thoughtful, textured, and poignant.”

Rapture Practice Many of us have a complicated relationship with religion, and that perhaps goes double for author Aaron Hartzler, who grew up believing that Jesus might descend from the heavens at any moment to take him “home.” In his debut memoir, Rapture Practice, Hartzler recalls his spirited adolescence that begins with a complete devotion to God but suddenly changes around age 16 when he’s compelled to explore more of himself and the world around him. Between sneaking out, making out, and playing hymns with a hangover, Hartzler learns a few lessons not found in the Bible that help him tell his own tale of losing faith, finding your place, and learning a truth that, by the end, you’ll agree is stranger than fiction.

@DavidAtlantaGA // 43

Arm Candy: A Celebrity Escort’s Tales from the Red Carpet There’s more than one way to skin a cat, they say, and author Christopher Gaida knows that better than anybody. While droves of wannabes pine to shine on the red carpets of Hollywood, Gaida made it his business – literally – to see and be seen from the most famous walkways in the world. In his new book, Arm Candy: A Celebrity Escort’s Tales From the Red Carpet, Gaida delivers his firsthand accounts of escorting some of the entertainment industry’s biggest names, including Julie Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, and Nicole Kidman, to award shows like the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Emmys, and Grammys for more than a decade. In addition to stories about what happens when the cameras are turned off, what really goes on backstage, and who he thinks is the biggest diva of them all, Gaida also devotes an entire chapter to being gay, coming out, and his thoughts on LGBT celebs in the biz.

Golden Boy On the outside it looks like Max Walker has it all. Good-looking, smart, and sporty, Max is the perfect son, the ideal friend, and the quintessential crush for the girls at school. His mother is a successful lawyer and his father is running for Parliament. But underneath that pristine façade, Max and his family are hiding a dark secret: He’s intersex, and his cover is about to be blown. That’s the premise of 25-yearold author Abigail Tarttelin’s much-buzzed-about new novel, Golden Boy, an of-the-times coming-of-age tale of a family in crisis. A fascinating exploration of identity, truth, lies, and consequences, rising star Tarttelin expertly delves into relatively unchartered territory in this engaging and thought-provoking story that has caught the attention of mainstream media, including O, The Oprah Magazine; Cosmopolitan; and Vanity Fair.

44 //

Wild Girls, Wild Nights: True Lesbian Sex Stories Ladies who love ladies can kick their hot-and-sweaty summer into high gear with Wild Girls, Wild Nights: True Lesbian Sex Stories, an anthology of real stories from real women, edited by Sacchi Green. Intimate, unrestrained details of wet, messy, frenzied and sometimes even awkward sex lives unfold in one tantalizing tale after another, the full collection of which are sure to add a little more heat to the beach. Tenderness merges with edge-play; scenes shift from Caribbean islands to desert battlefields to the ultimate privacy of home; and the writers range from well-known names to newcomers driven to share fresh memories they’ll never forget. In Evan Mora’s “The Insatiable Travel Itch,” repression in public drives her wild. Anna Watson, in “Tamago,” gives a poignant and sizzling view of being a lesbian femme who loves butches. No matter your personal proclivities, though, there’s almost certainly a raw, sexy story within that’s poised to hit your spot.

Danny’s Mom There’s been a lot of debate over bullying in our schools over the past few years, but is anything really changing? Perhaps we can all learn a thing or two from author Elaine Wolf, known as “the anti-bullying novelist,” in her latest, Danny’s Mom. The story of a woman who risks her career and her marriage when she speaks out against homophobia and bullying in the explosive high school in which she works as a guidance counselor, Danny’s Mom was described as “an excellent and essential read for mothers, adults who work in schools, and the LGBTQ community” by As a result of her prolific work to end bullying, Wolf received the 2013 Community Upstander Award, presented by the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County, New York.

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The Heat

The Heat The Heat, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, is Hollywood’s obligatory female-led film of the summer. It’s also one of the flat-out funniest films of the year, period. Between Bridesmaids and Identity Thief, McCarthy has already made her case as one of the funniest women in film, and she only cements that here with an intense, anarchic turn as Detective Shannon Mullins. Bullock, meanwhile, has played uptight and neurotic before, but she’s never been paired up with quite as polar opposite a performer as she is here as FBI Agent Sarah Ashburn. With both performers in roles that allow them to expand on their most notable characteristics, they take what would otherwise be a standard-fare buddy cop flick and turn it into a riotous tour de force. 48 //

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 After unifying the Marvel universe with The Avengers last year, Iron Man 3 is the first film to deal with the aftermath of that team-up. What director and cowriter Shane Black does is something unexpected: he gives Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) a form of PTSD. There’s a reason that Iron Man is the most successful of Marvel’s superhero film franchises, and it lies in Downey. Giving him some new angles to play keeps Iron Man 3 from feeling like a rehash of the series’ previous films. The villainous turns from Guy Pearce and Ben Kingsley also give the series a pair of villains who are actually intriguing.

The Kings of Summer

The Kings of Summer Making its way into the crowded coming-ofage genre, The Kings of Summer stands out thanks to a trio of engaging young actors—Nick Robinson, Gabriel Basso and Moises Arias—and a riotously hilarious supporting cast that includes Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Allison Brie and Mary Lynn Rajskub. The choice to let the cast, particularly the improv-trained supporting cast, go off-script keeps the film from becoming predictable. That predictability really only comes into play near the end, as events begin to draw the boys apart before bringing them back together. Still, The Kings of Summer is one of the funniest films of the summer, and it’s well worth watching. Man of Steel What happens when you take one of the most iconic superheroes of all time and pair him with the filmmakers behind the most critically acclaimed superhero film trilogy of all time? You get Man of Steel, a take on Superman that’s equal parts Dark Knight Trilogy and something else entirely. In this reboot of the Superman film continuity, Henry Cavill plays Clark Kent / Kal-El (note: the name Superman is barely mentioned in this film) as a more conflicted individual than we’ve seen in previous incarnations. The reasons for the conflict can ultimately be traced to two diverging thoughts regarding Clark’s abilities: Kryptonian father Jor-El believes his son will be a god to the people of Earth, while Earth father Jonathan Kent thinks Clark will be an outcast. This dynamic creates a far more interesting origin story for the character than

Man of Steel

Monsters University

we’ve seen in 1978’s Superman. That doesn’t even touch on the action, which may very well be the most impressive on-screen superhero brawling I’ve ever seen (and yes, that includes The Avengers‘ mega-battle). Monsters University By this point, it’s fair to say we’re well into Pixar 2.0, a period for the studio that’s not quite as fondly thought of as original Pixar. And yet, Monsters University is a worthy addition to the Pixar canon all the same. Unlike Cars 2‘s @DavidAtlantaGA // 49

Side Effects

The Place Beyond the Pines

unwanted focus or Brave‘s promising but somewhat slight story, Monsters University takes two of the most popular characters in Pixar history—Mike and Sully—and puts them in a new surrounding: college. Since the film’s a prequel, in some way we know how this will end, but the journey the film takes is what makes it work. It helps that Mike and Sully are two of Pixar’s most beloved characters. We know that they end up best friends, but seeing the journey they take to reach that point is filled with enough twists to make the story interesting. Pixar may no longer be the critically acclaimed powerhouse it was a few years ago, but if they keep it up, they’ll still tower over DreamWorks and other animation studios.


(Chronicle) as a teenager with connections to Avery and Luke. While DeHaan holds his own compared to his more well-known co-stars, the act’s attempt to put the other two into perspective makes it the weakest of the three, unfortunately weakening an otherwise stellar film.

Side Effects If Side Effects is truly director Steven Soderbergh’s last theatrical film, he’s going out with a bang. Side Effects follows Emily Taylor (Rooney Mara) as she deals with her life following husband Martin’s (Channing Tatum) release from prison. With the help of Dr. Jonathan Banks (Jude Law), Emily is able to find a pharmaceutical approach that keeps her calm…aside from some unexpected side effects from her experimental drug. The Place Beyond the Pines Ryan Gosling reunites with director Derek Cianfrance After Emily commits a horrific crime, Dr. Banks finds (Blue Valentine) for The Place Beyond the Pines, an ambi- himself at the center of controversy as his credibility tious and sprawling character drama that focuses on the is questioned. Armed with a remarkable cast that also lives of two men—motorcycle rider turned bank robber includes Catherine Zeta-Jones, Soderbergh tells a tale that plays like a modern update of an 80s suspense film. Luke (Gosling) and policeman Avery (Bradley Cooper)— and their families as their worlds collide one fateful The plot occasionally strains credibility, but only slightly. day. The film takes place over three acts spanning several The twists and turns in the film, though, make this far years, with each focusing on a different character. It’s an from predictable. In all, though, this is a well-crafted, interesting way to structure the film. The first, Gosling-led well-acted film that will leave audiences hooked. act nails the dark tone of Luke’s descent into crime as a way to support his new family. It dovetails into the more Stoker ambitious, slightly weaker Cooper-led act. Cooper’s act Korean director Park Chan-wook, whose releases spans over a longer period of time, and the tone of his include Oldboy and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, act is different from Gosling’s; while it’s strong, it doesn’t makes his English-language debut with Stoker, an arquite capture the impact of the first act. The third act, resting psychological thriller starring Mia Wasikowska, jumping forward several years, features Dane DeHaan Matthew Goode and Nicole Kidman, and written by 50 //

Wentworth Miller. Thanks to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the name “Stoker” has a long-running connection to a particular type of violence: brutal and romantic. That type of violence fits with what’s portrayed in Stoker, the story of India Stoker (Wasikowska), whose father died under mysterious circumstances. When India’s uncle, Charlie (Goode), ends up moving in with India and her mother, Evelyn (Kidman), he brings with him a wave of violence that awakens India emotionally—and sexually. If that sounds at least a little incestuous, you’re correct. Park certainly isn’t shy about using incest in his films (Oldboy in particular uses this to a devastating end), and that disturbing aspect works well at establishing a genuinely creepy psychological thriller, even more than the bursts of violence that progressively dominate the film. This Is the End In all honesty, I had no expectation that This Is the End would be any good. A slew of actors playing versions of themselves around an apocalyptic storyline? This sounds like a potential disaster. Instead, This Is the End is one of the flat-out funniest films of the summer. The plot in a nutshell: Jay Baruchel comes to L.A. to visit best friend Seth Rogen. Seth ends up dragging Jay to a party at James Franco’s house; while they’re there, all hell breaks loose. What makes the film work are two things: (1) every actor in this film is willing to send up their image in some way, and (2) the film is incredibly raunchy—I don’t think I’ve seen this much male genitalia in a mainstream film in quite some time. The film isn’t for everybody, certainly, but if crass stoner humor is your thing, this may be the funniest film you see this summer. What Maisie Knew Based on the Henry James story of the same name from 1897, What Maisie Knew tells the story of Maisie (newcomer Onata

Aprile), a young girl caught in-between her two selfinvolved parents (played by Julianne Moore and Steve Coogan), who use the girl as a bargaining tool in their selfish attempts to one-up each other. Maisie’s care ultimately falls to each parents’ new partners (Alexander Skarsgård and Joanna Vanderham). Even as it hits on the same emotional notes throughout its runtime, watching Maisie’s increasing understanding of her parents faults makes What Maisie Knew one of the more emotionally devastating films of the year. It’s also easily one of the best dramatic films released this year, and it deserves a bigger audience than its limited release has given it.

This Is the End

What Maisie Knew @DavidAtlantaGA // 51

Ford FOCUS Colton Ford Reveals ‘The Way I Am’ By Mark Dawson

photos: Aaron Cobbett 56 //


n his new album, Colton Ford reveals his story of coming to terms with the many layers that make up the silver daddy muscle-god we all know and love.

Of course, he is best known for his short but prolific time in porn. Colton Ford filmed twelve movies in ten months - but that was over ten years ago. Since then, he has dabbled in film (Another Gay Sequel), television (starring in three seasons of Here! TV’s vampire series, The Lair) and stage (performing Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Tour and Off Broadway in “Little House on the Ferry”). He has also released a slew of records –his latest, out now from Peace Bisquit, is his third full-length album. Titled The Way I Am, the album features collaborations with such dance music notables as Chris Willis, Ultra Naté, and Razor & Guido. Colton Ford says it is the record he has always wanted to release. We love it, too – and not only for it’s perfect blend of dance, electronica, house, pop, funk, R&B, and jazz. The album’s title gives us a rare opportunity to get answers to the questions Colton Ford fans have always wanted to know about the multi-talented star. How are you as a lover?

Do you enjoy a nice bubble bath every now and then? I’m not really a bath guy. Are you set in your ways? In certain ways I guess I can be. For instance, I like things tidy and in their place. I do have my opinions, but I’m open for discussion and I’m able to look at things from different points of view. If something resonates with me and makes sense, I can be open to a new perspective. What is your guiltiest pleasure? I don’t necessary feel guilty about it, but I do like to smoke pot. What is one thing you would like to improve about yourself? I would like to become more conscious of the caretaker within me. I struggle at times with boundaries, especially with my love object.

I’m loving, caring, supportive, understanding, thoughtful, patient and giving. How are you as a friend? Loving, caring, supportive, understanding. Basically, all I am as a lover. What makes you angry? Ignorance, unconsciousness and lack of empathy. Are you someone who will fight for what you believe is right?  Yes. What makes you smile? My adorable little niece, Haley. Are you someone who stops and smells the roses? Not as often as I should. I’m working on it though. When is the best time to approach you with bad news? Anytime. I don’t like putting something off just because it may be difficult to hear. @DavidAtlantaGA // 57

Who do you miss the most in the world?

What is the worst thing about getting older?

My mother. She was the kindest, sweetest woman I have ever known, and she had an amazing ability to accept just about anyone.

Losing people you love.

Do you like to dress up or are you more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy? Jeans and tanktops.

What are the first three things you do when you wake up? I open my eyes, yawn and grab my package. Will you slap a guy that tries to touch you inappropriately?

How do you measure success? Contentment. Would you prefer to read a book or wait for its movie to come out? I hate to say this because I do like to read, but I really love movies.

Not unless he doesn’t respect my wishes when I ask him to stop. Even then, I probably wouldn’t slap him. I would just walk away or maybe push him if the situation called for it. Ultimately, Mr. Colton Ford, how do you feel about the way that you are? I love me; my strengths and my weaknesses.

Do you prefer to text or call? I do both, but prefer live exchanges the most. What gives you the heebie-jeebies? Little bugs that move very fast! What do you like to do in your spare time? If I’m in a relationship, I love to hang out with my partner. Also, I enjoy connecting with loved ones and friends, going out to dinner and watching movies. Are you a spiritual person? Yes, I am spiritual, but I’m not religious. I feel we have no idea what’s really going on in our universe, but I believe that there is something much greater at play that binds everything together. Who do you love to snuggle with when you’re feeling blue? When I’m in a relationship, I like to snuggle with my partner. If I’m alone, I take care of myself and do the things that I know will help me feel better. Sometimes calling my therapist, if need be. How many dates before you sleep with someone? Hell, I’ve never needed a date to do that. How many dates does it take before a relationship begins? That’s the real question. 58 //

Colton Ford’s The Way I Am is available on iTunes now. For more information, visit

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theScene 1

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14 Cowtippers

27 Jungle

40 The Model T


Amsterdam 502 Amsterdam Ave. NE

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16 Einstein's

29 Manifest 4 U

42 Urban Body Fitness


BJ Roosters 2043 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

17 F.R.O.G.S

30 Mixx

43 Woof's


Blake's 227 10th St. NE

18 Felix's

31 Oscar's

44 XS Ultra Lounge


Bliss 2284 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

19 Flex Spa

32 Opus 1


Boy Next Door 1447 Piedmont Ave. NE

20 Friends

33 Roxx


Brushstrokes 1510 Piedmont Ave. NE

21 Gatsby's

34 Sam's Hair Salon

Le Buzz 585 Franklin Rd. SE Marietta, GA


Bubbles Salon 1579 Monroe Dr. NE

22 Gilbert's

35 Southern Nights

Mary's 1287 Glenwood Ave. SE

10 Bulldogs

23 Gravity Fitness

36 Ten Atlanta

My Sister's Room 1271 Glenwood Ave. SE

11 Burkhart's

24 Heretic

37 The Den

Club Rush 2715 Buford Hwy. NE

12 Capulets

25 Hobnob

38 The Fifth Ivory

Sister Louisa’s Church 466 Edgewood Ave. SE

13 Club Eros

26 Joe's on Juniper

39 The Hideaway

Swinging Richard's 1400 Northside Dr. NW

893 Peachtree St. NE 1492 Piedmont Ave. NE 1510 Piedmont Ave. NE 2219 Faulkner Rd. NE

1600 Piedmont Ave. NE 889 W. Peachtree Str. NW 1077 Juniper St. NE 931 Monroe Cir. NE 1510 Piedmont Ave. NE 76 4th St. NW

2115 Faulkner Rd. NE

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708 Spring Str. NW Not Shown: Cockpit 465 Boulevard SE

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736 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE 931 Monroe Dr. NE 219 10th St. NE

1824 Cheshire Bridge Rd. 2000 Cheshire Bridge Rd. 2205 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

2201 Faulkner Rd. NE 2069 Cheshire Bridge Rd. 1551 Piedmont Ave. NE 1049 Juniper Str. NE

990 Piedmont Ave. Ne 2135 Liddell Dr. NE 794 Juniper Str. NE 1544 Piedmont Ave. NE













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Monroe Dr. NE

42 2 Amsterdam Ave.


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Ave. NE Piedmont

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ree St. NW



Ponce De Leon Pl. NE


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West Peac ht

Spring St. NW


Piedmont Park



10th St. NE


tA ve .


Juniper St. NE

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Spring St. NW

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Ponce De Leon Ave. NE

Ponce De Leon Ave. NE



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Manchester St. NE

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Monroe Dr. NE

Piedmont Park






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12 18 11 31 30

Lindbergh Dr.








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got an upcoming event?


Brooks and Phoenix 10pm model t Party with Elvis - 9 pm BLAKE’S Game Night - Trivia/Family Feud oscar’s Ruby Redd’s After Party - 10 pm 11pm swinging richards 2-4-1 VIP Room BURKHART’S Blue Monday Karaoke w/ ten atlanta Drag-a-maki w/ Kitty Angelica D’Paige 11:30pm LeClaw 8:30pm COCKPIT  Big Red Cup All Day, specials tripp’s Free Taco Bar 5pm EAGLE Music Videos with Scotty xcess ultra lounge Raquell Lord’s FELIX’S  Free Pool Talent Show 10:30pm, Sophia Mcintosh & FRIENDS Manic Mondays DJ opens - 2 pm Fab 5 +1 11:30pm, 18+ HERETIC Jukebox drag with Knomie Moore woof’s Food Special, Trivia 8pm HIDEAWAY  $2.50 Domestic Beer JUNGLE Stars of the Century Show 11pm MODEL T Monday Night Madness Free blake’s Texas Hold’Em Poker 7pm, “Guys Pool - 10pm - 2am OSCAR’S Service Industry Night with Eric & Dolls” with Shawnna Brooks. 11pm BURKHART’S Twisted Thursday w/ swinging richards Hip-Hop Night, Phoenix 11:30pm Sponsored by Hennessy 8:30pm cockpit  Dirty Boy Bingo w/ Ruby Redd ten atlanta Poker Night TRIPP’S Monday Nite Madness w/ Tana 9pm eagle Balls Deep Karaoke w/ Mikey felix’s Karaoke w/ Brett & Tyler 10pm WOOF’S Texas Hold ‘Em Poker 8pm friends  Where Girls Who Like Girls Meet Girls with Regina Simms 8-closing Gilbert’s Wine tasting 6-10pm BLAKE’S POP! Karaoke with Sasie Monroe heretic  3 Legged Cowboy Night 9pm and Suzanne Gleeson 11pm hideaway  Service Industry Night BURKHART’S Trivia Tuesday Karaoke w/ jungle Members Only with Evah Angelica D’Paige 11:30pm Destruction 10pm club rush “Tipsy Tuesday” 18 & up mIXX Gentlemen Cocktails with Aaron & Open until 4am Matt at 6pm COCKPIT  80s Party 9pm, specials 5-8pm model t Party Time with Michael - 9 pm EAGLE Tuesdays w/ Tony oscar’s Twisted Thursday with Eric FELIX’S  Smirnoff Martini Night swinging richards 2-4-1 VIP & Entry FRIENDS Let’s Make A Deal with Ken 6 pm xcess ultra lounge Turnt Up Thursday Gilbert’s Industry Night (complementary woof’s Food Special, Country Music 7pm pizza after 10pm) HERETIC 2-Step Tuesday, dance till 11pm HIDEAWAY Trivia with Wil 9 pm 10th & piedmont Live DJ 10 PM JUNGLE Ruby’s Tuesdays 8 pm blake’s 5-9pm TGIF, Charlie’s Angels w/ MIXX Piano with David Reeb at 8pm Charlie Brown 11pm MODEL T Wii Tuesday Afternoons 2pm BURKHART’S Fab Five w/ Angelica 9pm $2.50 beer / $3.0 well vodka OSCAR’S Show Tune Tuesday with Chad- D’Paige 11:30pm club rush “Got Leche” Free entry until 8 pm 11pm 18 & up - Open until 4am SWINGING RICHARDS 1/2 Price cover cockpit  DJ Diablo Rojo, guest VJ/DJ’s WOOF’S Industry Day Free Wii 5pm eagle DJ Dance Party friends Happy Time Friday Kelly & Ken 6 pm heretic FUR Friday BLAKE’S 5-9pm Doug’s party pop hits, hideaway  Kick Back Fridays! Charlie Harding’s Hard Body Party 11 pm jungle Dinner and a Movie 7 pm; BURKHART’S Humpday Karaoke w/ The Other Show with Edie Cheezburger Darlene Majewski 11:30pm 9:30pm; Jungle POP 11pm COCKPIT Balls Deep Karaoke 10pm mixx Ron’s End of the Week Party 4pm | EAGLE Underwear Night with Tony Grown & Sexy Dance 10 pm Friends Hump Night with Regina Simms model t Friday Bagels - 10 am | Texas Gilbert’s Karaoke 10pm-2am Holdem Poker 8 pm heretic  Pig Dance Black Out Party DJ oscar’s Music Video Night Stan Jackson 10pm-3am NO COVER swinging richards T-Shirt Review,$10 hideaway 1/2 Price Beer ten atlanta Music by George Greenlee jungle Dragamaniacs with Nicole Paige tripp’s Afternoon Delights 4pm





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woof’s Atlanta’s Best Social Night 6pm


10th & piedmont Live DJ 10 PM blake’s Open at 1pm, Daring Divas 11pm BURKHART’S Extravaganza w/ Shavonna B. Brooks 11:30pm cockpit  DJ Diablo Rojo, guest VJ/DJ’s eagle DJ Dance Party felix’s Karaoke w/ Brett & Tyler 10pm friends Free Pool and Cheap beer with DJ! 2 pm - 6 pm Gilbert’s All you care to eat brunch (cooked to order) 11-4pm heretic Varies: Club Night or 3 Legged Cowboy Night - 10pm hideaway Open at 12:30pm! Saturday Night Party jungle The Q 9 pm; Club Night, Various Guest DJ’s mixx Guest DJ’s Dance 10pm model t Texas Holdem Poker - 3 pm | Party with the M&M Boiz - 9 pm oscar’s DJ Christopher Kind swinging richards T-Shirt Review $10 ten atlanta Music by George Greenlee tripp’s Afternoon Cookout 3pm xcess ultra lounge 25+ FREE til 12am woof’s Game Day All Day


10th & piedmont Bellini Brunch 11 AM & T-Dance 4 PM blake’s Open at 1pm - High Energy Music & Video w/ Bill Berdeaux & Daryl Cox BURKHART’S Armorettes Drag Show club rush Hip Hop and R&B - 18 & up Open until 4am cockpit  PBR Beer Bust felix’s  Bloody Marys & Mimosas friends Open @ 2pm; Dinner @ 4pm while it lasts Gilbert’s All you care to eat brunch (cooked to order) 11-4pm and Karaoke 6-11:30pm hideaway  Atlanta’s Favorite Bloody Mary Bar! 12:30 pm Jungle  The Day After with Knomie Moore 12-3pm; Sweet T with Bubba Dee and Wild Cherry Sucret 7pm las margaritas All You Can Eat til 3pm mixx Old School Sunday Dance 7pm model t Sunday Dinner with Ron 3:30 pm oscar’s Sunday Fun-day ten atlanta Music by George Greenlee tripp’s Buffet of Goodness - 3 pm | Karaoke - 7 pm woof’s Bloody Mary bar, PBR special

theRundown 50 Years of Bond

Nightly • 7:30 p.m. • Plaza Theatre (1049 Ponce De Leon Ave.)


Bedlam Presents: Paparazzi

The Plaza Theatre celebrates James Bond’s 50 years as a film franchise with nightly showings. For a full list, check out our article on page 20. For more information, visit

Bedlam brings their newest monthly party, Paparazzi, to 10th & Piedmont on the second Friday night of every month. The first Paparazzi event kicks off this Friday, July 12, with music by DJ MERR1N and artwork by Melissa Rucker. Guests are encouraged to dress up – “strong looks preferred.” There will also be a photo booth for guests to get their picture taken. There’s no cover, and the valet parking is complimentary. For more information, visit


Friday, July 12 • 8 p.m. • Gwinnett Center (6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Duluth)

Who runs the world? You know the answer. For more information, visit gwinnettcenter. com.

The Village People Friday, July 12 • 8 p.m. • Cobb Energy Centre (2800 Cobb Galleria Pkwy)

The legendary disco icons bring hits like “YMCA,” “Macho Man” and “In the Navy” to the Cobb Energy Centre. For more information, visit

Jennifer Knapp & Steff Mahan Friday, July 12 • 8 p.m. • Red Clay Theatre (3116 Main St, Duluth)

Lesbian singer/songwriters Jennifer Knapp and Steff Mahan join forces in concert. For more information, visit eddieowenpresents. com.

New Faces

Sunday, July 14 • 9 p.m. • Friends on Ponce (736 Ponce De Leon Ave.)

Regina Simms and Aqualencia Litré present their monthly lineup of up-and-coming drag performers. For more information, visit

T&F Transitionz: A Project of the Feminist Outlawz Monday, July 15 • 7–8:30 p.m. • Charis Books ( )

This forum for gender exploration for teens and young adults under 30 is presented by feminists Buttonz and SJ, who hold the space for open dialogue and activism around social issues. For more information, visit or 64 //

IN THEATRES THIS WEEK Pacific Rim Director Guillermo Del Toro brings his newest film, Pacific Rim, to theatres this week. Don’t let the huge robots in the trailers fool you; with Del Toro behind this, we’re not looking at a Transformers ripoff here. In the film’s futuristic setting, monstrous creatures called Kaiju have risen from the sea, starting a years-long war. To combat the Kaiju, humans design massive human-piloted robots called Jaegers. As the film starts, it’s up to two unlikely heroes to try and save mankind.

ALSO IN THEATRES Grown Ups 2: Adam Sandler and his friends reunite for another film where they all play variations of themselves. Oh, joy. The Way, Way Back: Fourteen-year-old Duncan (Liam James) comes of age one summer in this delightfully funny dramedy.

66 //

Every third Wednesday at Jungle



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fairyscopes ARIES (March 20 – April 19): You’ll be agreeable

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22): Your day will

and charming today. Your friends will be stunned by your generosity because it’s just so unlike you! But the truth will reveal itself once you start negotiating the brunch check down to the penny -- and suggesting that they pick up a little more, since they picked such an expensive place.

be like a reality show and you won’t know whom to trust. So keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You’ll be poised to become the sole survivor because you can connive with the best of them. If that doesn’t work you can always resort to kicking and punching.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20): Think of today as the

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21): The

beginning of a new chapter. Too bad some of last week’s messy subplots have spilled over and some judicious editing may be in order. Write out anything or anyone who no longer serves a purpose. It’ll behoove you to start the week with a whole new cast of characters.

outcome of domestic conflicts will be up to you today. Handle them with diplomacy and an open mind and you’ll be fine. But go in with your guns blazing and a war could erupt. Your partner’s better equipped than you, so option one could be the safer and saner choice.

GEMINI (May 21- June 20): Got some exciting profes-

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 20): You’re yearning for some major excitement, but is hitting the clubs on a school night really the best idea? Stay home instead, living the life vicarious via internet chat rooms.

sional goals on the horizon? Why are they so far away? Get crackin’ on your progress ASAP -- you don’t want to be eyeing them off in the distance this time next year, right? Chart out your path of achievement and get serious.

CANCER (June 21- July 22): You’ll put your power

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 19): You

schmoozing charms to good use today as you meet and greet the masses. You’ll come into close proximity to people of influence, but you’ll knock ‘em dead with your smooth intelligence, wry wit and that cute black velvet blazer that looks so good on you.

might be craving the discipline of deadlines and to-do lists, but maybe you just need a good, sturdy hand to help keep you in line today. Preferably with paddle.

LEO (July 23 – August 22): This will be one of those

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18): Friends and family have come to accept your quirkiness, but rein in some of your peculiarities today. If you invite over pals from the office for a game night, they may not enjoy your full reenactment of ‘Cabaret’ during charades.

middle of the road days notable only by it’s absence of extremes. You won’t care either way about anything today. But don’t nestle too far into the ennui of the day. That cute barista might be suggestively eyeing you up but you won’t even care.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22): You’ll have an urge to experience something foreign today. But foreign can also mean odd, so be a little more specific. Experiment a little but stay away from anything that involves clothespins, electricity or wearing diapers.

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PISCES (February 19 – March 19): Someone will come along today who regales you with beautiful words of deep feeling. He’ll say the things you want to hear with eloquence and humility. The freaky part will be when you realize you’re talking to yourself in the mirror.


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If God exists, Paula Deen’s son will come out of the closet and bring home a sexy-as-hell black man. And he’ll be a vegetarian.

I have no self-control when it comes to bad food. I either don’t eat it at all or I eat a lot of it. I can’t do moderation.

Eat, Cry, Sleep. Kinda like Eat, Pray, Love, but for poor people who can’t afford to travel.

While in the pool, it’s not a “chicken fight” unless your cock’s out. 76 //

Give me dick or give me death.

Skank, keep running your mouth and you’ll be doing it toothless!

Girl! Are you a hot-mess stripper? Your ads have us confused!

I hate that Atlanta no longer has a pride celebration. Last week LGBT Americans won historic victories. Last weekend every major city in America celebrated Pride. In Atlanta, a big nothing! Bitch Boy responds: Clearly, someone’s not paying attention to anything in Atlanta.

The number to text Bitch, Please listed in the magazine is not valid. Modern phones do not have letters listed on the number pad. Bitch Boy responds: Don’t know what you’re talking about – there are still letters on our phone’s number pad. *This page reflects the bitchiness of the community not David Atlanta or its publisher (although we’re bitchy too!)

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