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Secrets behind Slow Carb Diet The slow carb diet has been result of many nutritional and clinical researches. There are countless professional athletes who chose either low carb diet or complex carbohydrates in their professional life, although it turns out lately that complex carbohydrates allow you to build muscles while losing fat only. It is generally the goal of every diet in the world, but not necessary successful. First and major point is to stick to major three groups of nutrients and mix them endlessly, where excuse of not having certain type of food is no excuse. The major trick behind this diet is the avoidance of the whiteys (bread, sugar, salt, cereal, rice, pasta etc). Depending on the organism’s health, the diet with complex carbs can really change metabolism, making it run faster. It is due to the longer period of time our body processes the intake of carbs, feeling no cravings or rapid variations in blood sugar. However, sometimes low carbs are necessary for the immediate source of energy, though in the long run, most nutritionists will say that introducing complex carbs along with green vegetables will help weight loss. Basically, slow carb diet is what every person adjusts to the best of its organism. Complex carbs such as various dark beans, soybeans, unprocessed rice and oat instead of white bread and cereal provide excellent material for organism to work with through the day. Unlike these, some low carbs found in potatoes, for example, might easily leave you tired and generally deprived of food, which will only lead to excessive cravings. Combinations of food in using complex carbs diet avoid fruits for their high content of fructose. Three types of nutrients are major mixture for the healthy results of slow carb diet. Similarly to contents of many Mexican meals, which users found extremely suitable for this diet, people can consume proteins in form of eggs, fish and lean meat and smaller amounts of cheese. Following are vegetables, prevailingly green ones such as lettuce, spinach or broccoli, where legumes and various beans should have their place, due to their multiple fiber content. Persistency in avoiding what’s forbidden, such as candies and fruit, will lead to final result.

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