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What to Remember in Slow Carb Diet It is not a big deal at all to start with a slow carb diet as a way out from obesity or simply extra kilograms. Successful in accordance to users and their testimonies, this new step towards healthier nutrition is proven to reduce existing weight. Accordingly, hard carbs will do the opposite and prevent body from losing extra weight. Idea of forming complete list of diet filled with good carbs is always at hand if you learn to tell your food. Most common mistake people who conduct this diet make is paying no attention to the difference and real meaning of complex carbohydrates. Today known as slow ones, they take their time within the organism, dissolving slowly and allowing our bodies to absorb them in similar manner. While simple carbohydrates can be an instant resource of energy, the body will absorb it too fast and without proper use of its nutritive values. Slow carb diet is rather simple and easy to handle since it provides a safe and steady influx of stamina, allowing organism to feel no hunger and provoking no side effects. It is exactly why this diet has so many followers for quite a long time now, because most others completely erase carbs from their diet menus. They make the biggest mistake by including non-complex carbohydrates. They are easily absorbed and spend, leaving the organism with the feel of lacking food. It is very easy to understand that complex carbs will remain in organism longer, since they take more time to digest. It directly provides the needed feeling of filled stomach. It has always been a bad thing avoiding any type of nutrient, which goes the same for carbs. In slow carb diet, the only thing every dieter must have in mind is to avoid not all carbs, but those who are high in their sugar content, such as various candies and cakes. In such cases, since sugar is needed in human body, it is more recommended you deal with cravings by eating dark unsweetened chocolate with high cocoa content.

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Have you heard of The slow carb diet? This is an eating approach outlined by Tim Ferris, author of The 4-hour Work Week and The 4-Hour Body...