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Metal objets trouvés merged with glass

STILL LIFE (after den Uyl), 2018 Objets trouvĂŠs in metal, glass 99,5 x 126 x 88 cm

TYPE 01, 2017 metal, glass 19 x 51 x 56 cm

Plow, 2018 steel, glass 66,5 x 54 x 29 cm

ADRIFT, 2018 iron, glass 19,5 x 17,5 x 11 cm

Blue Post, 2017 wood, glass, 55 x 35,5 x 33,5 cm

David Antonides Transfused

Metal objets trouvés merged with free-air slumped glass

The delusion of glass

For millennia the enchantment of glass has put its spell on man and countless numbers of these objects have had a permanent place in our everyday lives. Since the 1960s however, glass in the form of “studio glass” has found a place in contemporary art. Although freed from the purely decorative or functional it at last lives up to its beauty and its diverse forms of expression and presentation. The Berlin based Canadian artist, David Antonides, discovered a fascination for glass in his artistic work a number of years ago. In addition to working with the various techniques of printmaking and painting with water-soluble pigments on cotton paper, his artistic search led him moving increasingly into the sculptural. Through content, subjects and his choice to work with objets trouvés in combination with the translucent and reflective materiality of glass, he found a way to realize his desire to transfer his expressive brush-strokes from large-format paper into the three-dimensional. The technique of „free-air slumping“ of glass became particularly relevant to his expressive shapes and compositions: Like no other material, glass can be stopped in its fluid motion. By manipulating this exciting fact David Antonides creates moments of frozen dynamism, comparable to the scenes he chooses for his expressive cityscape paintings.

Poetry of the technical

David Antonides experiments with glass and has consistently refined his methods in the kiln. Through his work with glass and industrial objets trouvés, Antonides found a way to articulate his passion for the poetry of the mechanical. By investigating his own history as well as reflecting on the current sociopolitical circumstances, the sculptures of Antonides transport messages through the merged materials. He seals them in transparent glass, which changes the perception of the objects that it encloses. Enhanced by the appearance of solidified liquid, the metal objects seem to be underwater. The objets trouvés are revalued into submarine treasures and the viewers are exploring them with a new view. A typewriter, as under ice, questions the freedom of the word: Who is the author whose written statements we will not be able to read? A still life is transformed from its two-dimensional state into an object that reinterprets the individual components in metal and welds them together in a thick layer of glass. The transience of splendor and all earthly things is clearly apparent in the quoted masterful still-life of Jan Jansz. den Uyl. The theme of the masterpiece becomes a more emphatic reminder to the observer that he should not be blinded by the obvious glossiness of its appearance. There is a contrariness of these materials, metal stands for stability and glass for fragility, this creates a tension which is incorporated into the sculptures. A common aspect is shown in the coldness of both components but the dynamic of the shapes testify to the liveliness of the ideas behind the objects.

So1 metal, glass 73x 35 x 54 cm

Frozen moment

Without the limitation of casting molds but with meticulous conception and calculation of the paths of the free melting glass Antonides lets the viscous, glowing hot mass flow into his metal arrangements. The viscosity and self-determined flow of the glass makes it possible to create shapes that appear very organic and natural which seduces one visually to explore it haptically. Cooled down, the surfaces of the objects are given a sheen and translucence and, depending upon the layering, they also have a greenish opacity that hides much of what Antonides covered in glass. Other layering allows one to catch a glimpse of what lies beneath. The quality of the glass seems particularly suitable for countering the artist‘s search for transparency through the accentuation of opposites. Antonides imbues a volatility to these coarse and heavy metal objects by combining them with filigree glass that seems to flow from them. Enigmatic fusions and the physical absurdity of the frozen movement can elicit feelings of the surreal.

The freedom of serendipity

Antonides works with conventional float glass, which imparts a slight greenish color to the sculpture due to the industrial admixture of iron oxide to the silicate sands. Depending on the thickness of the glass plates used and number of layers, varying greens can be generated. By layering the glass plates irregular transitions from plate to plate appear. These transitions may look like cracks and, indeed, during the production process there is occasional cracking. As a result, these

metal objects seem to burst out of their glassy eggshell in their solidified final state. These fractures testify to the fragility of the material and are manifest facts and part of the artist’s work. A comprehensive knowledge of the melting behavior of these materials is required in order to direct the artistic process but when the pieces are in the kiln the artist lets them go their own way. Fatalism and curiosity contribute to Antonides’ glass works and create new individual forms which often are accompanied with seemingly serendipitous moments of flow of melting glass in congruence with these staid metal objects. The common heating of the disparate materials afford abundant freedom for the unplanned and it is just this that engenders the magic of these sculptures by Antonides.

CV David Antonides was born in 1958 in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. He currently lives and works as a visual artist in Berlin. Following secondary education, he attended a wide array of art workshops and seminars. To deepen his knowledge in the fine arts, he attended lectures at the Faculty of Art History at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Courses in anatomy, figure drawing, watercolor painting and sculpture at the Vancouver Academy of Art followed. From 2000 to 2005 he studied Fine Arts at the Art Students League of New York and at the same time Business Administration in London, Ontario in Canada. He left Western University with a Master of Business Administration, but began direct work as a visual artist in Vancouver and New York. In addition to his work with water-soluble pigments on large-format paper, sculpture, monotypes and etchings have been part of his work ever since. He has shown his work in numerous group and solo exhibitions in New York, Vancouver, Santa Fe, Berlin and Brandenburg. He is a member of the The Professional Association of Visual Artists Berlin (bbk berlin) and is also represented in its artist database for projects in public art. He has been working in the kilns of the sculpture workshop of the bbk for many years. Here he creates his glass sculptures and Objets TrouvÊs in combination with free-melting glass. For the near future, David Antonides’ plans are to integrate more of his glass reliefs and sculptures into public art installations.


1958 born in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada Painter and Sculptor lives and works in Berlin EDUCATION 2002 - 2006 Art Students League of New York 1999 – 2001 Vancouver Academy of Art, Vancouver 1998 - 2001 Western University, London, Ontario, Canada 1996 University of British Columbia art history (audited courses), Vancouver PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS - Professional Association of Berlin Visual Artists/ Berufsverband Bildender Künstler Berlins e.V. (bbk) - Artists’ Database and Archive of Art in Public Space/ Kunst im öffentlichen Raum im Kulturwerk des bbk berlin GmbH AWARDS AND RECOGNITION - Public Art Competition (shortlisted 8th) Humboldtforum im Berliner Schloss, Treppenhäuser I und V, Berlin, 2017 - Brandenburgischer Kunstpreis der Märkischen Oderzeitung 2016, Malerei (nominated) - AOK Art Prize 2016, Kunst trifft Gesundheit, (nominated) - Uckermärkische Kunstpreis 2016 (nominated) - Red Dot Award, Phyllis Harriman Gallery, New York, 2006 SELECTED PUBLIC SPACE ACTIVITIES 2017 2nd round, Humboldtforum im Berliner Schloss, with proposal Welt-Wort 2017 - 2019 Glass project Luther Apfelgarten / Wartburg, Apple-garden installation and exhibition 2013 Painting in the Rain, 9 day performance and public viewing, Vancouver Harbour Authority 2010 Olympics Art Exhibition- O Zone, invited by Tumbleweed Gallery and Winter Olympics, Vancouver, Canada, Feb 2010 2009 Top of the Tower, Tower 49, New York, installation of 11 large format watercolors through the view of Tower 49 SELECTED ART FAIRS 2015 ARTESSENZ, Art Fair Berlin Sony Center, Berlin, Aug 2013 Berliner Liste, Artfair with Albert Baake Galerie, Berlin, Sept 2012 Toronto International Art Fair with Granville Fine Art, Oct,

David Anotnides at Fishermen‘s Wharf in Vancouver, 2013

SELECTED RESIDENCIES 2014 Kunst Mecklenburg Inspiriert, International Exchange and Exhibition, Kühlungsborn, Feb-Mar 2014 PROJECTS Metropolis Touring Art Book - fine art prints by 303 artists, Italy, Germany Portugal, Brazil, USA, 3 year worldwide 2014-2017 12 Monate-12 Originale, Art Calendar, Berlin 2016 Mehr Berlin, Bilder eines Protests, Tagesspiegel, Berlin 25 Nov 2011 Experimental Glass, Project with Robert Held, Vancouver 2008

Painting in the Rain, 2013 David Antonides starting the watercolour painting project „Traverse“

SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2017 ZIP, Brunnen64 Gallery, Berlin, Sept/Oct 2016 Insight, Brunnen64 Gallery, Berlin, Feb/Mar 2015 solo, Brunnen64 Gallery, Berlin, Sept/Oct 2014 Transcapes, Brunnen64 Gallery, Berlin, Oct-Dec Density, Broadfoot and Broadfoot, New Jersey, Sept 2013 Ghost and Twins, Brunnen64 Gallery, Berlin, Nov/Dec City, Forest and Boat-Scapes, Granville Fine Art, Vancouver, June 2012 Berlin Interiors and Urban Life, Brunnen64 Gallery, Berlin, May/June New Work, Broadfoot and Broadfoot Gallery, NYC, Mar 2011 CITY CODE*required, Urban views and identities, Brunnen64 Gallery, Berlin, Mar/April Inner-view, Zeitfenster, interiors-inside out, Green Living, Kulturbrauerei Berlin, Feb 2010 Inner-view, Zeitfenster, interiors-inside out, Brunnen64 Gallery, Berlin, Nov/Dec Berlin Finissage, Private home exhibition on Jasmunder Strasse, Berlin, June New Work, Becker Galleries, Vancouver, Feb/Mar 2009 Vancouver Narratives, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, Nov New Work, Broadfoot and Broadfoot Gallery, NYC, Oct 2008 Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada Broadfoot and Broadfoot Gallery, New York, NY, USA

2007 Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada 2006 AutoOne Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2018 Brandenburgischer Kunstpreis 2018, Schloss Neuhardenberg, July/ August Wettbewerbsbeiträge Kunst-am-Bau, Treppenhäuser I und V, Humboldtforum im Berliner Schloss, Humboldtbox, Berlin, Mar/Apr Salon Nr. 2, Galerie Christine Knauber, Berlin, Mar-June Pulp + Process III, Madrona Gallery, Victoria, Canada, Jan 2017 Metropolis Touring Art Book project continues to exhibit Colours of summer VIII, Madrona Gallery, Victoria, Canada, June AOK Art Prize 2016 Show, Kunst trifft Gesundheit Neubrandenburg, Berlin, Jan Spectrum, Art 345 Gallery, New York, Jan Uckermärkische Kunstpreis 2016, Prenzlau, Kloster Chorin, Angermünde, Templin David Antonides with his glasswork in the Berliner Studio, 2015 2016 Salon Nr. 1, Galerie Christine Knauber, Berlin, Nov 16- Jan 30 Year Anniversary Show, Artworks Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, Oct Brandenburgischer Kunstpreis 2016, Schloss Neuhardenberg, Juli/ Aug Colors of the Summer, Madrona Gallery, Victoria, Canada, Jul AOK Art Prize 2016 Show, Kunst trifft Gesundheit, Schwerin, Berlin, Neubrandenburg, Jan-Dec Metropolis, Touring Art Book - fine art prints by 303 artists, Galerie 5ünf Sinne, Halle/Saale, Kulturhaus Milbersthofen, München; Biblioteca, Albergo delle Rovere, Palermo 2015 Group Work, Broadfoot and Broadfoot Gallery, NJ, OpenAirGallery, Oberbaumbrücke, Berlin, June July Gallery Artists, 5th Anniversary Exhibition, Madrona Gallery, Victoria, Canada, June Scapes, Artworks Gallery, Vancouver, June/July Paper, with Barbara Yeomans, The Project 155, New York, May Metropolis, Touring Art Book - fine art prints by 303 artists, BBK Druckwerkstatt, Berlin, Mar-June Urbanity, Artworks Gallery, Vancouver, Jan/Feb On-going Group Show, Albert Baake Galerie, Potsdam, Germany

2014 Weihnachtsausstellung, Stiftung Starke, Berlin, Nov/Dec/Jan Spur der Steine, Lithografie-Ausstellung, BBK Druckwerkstatt Bethanien, Nov On-going, Albert Baake Galerie, Potsdam, Germany, transit, 30 links Berlin, Oct INSTANCE, with Carole McDermit, The Project 155, New York, Fall Kunst Mecklenburg Inspiriert, Kunsthalle K端hlungsborn, Germany, Mar Transmetropolis, GASAG Kunstraum, Berlin, Feb/Mar aufgekratzt und tiefgedruckt BBK Druckwerkstatt Bethanien, Berlin, Apr-July OpenAirGallery, Annual Oberbaumbr端cke, Berlin, July Metropolis, Touring Art Book - fine art prints by 303 artists, Centro Internazionale della Grafica Venice, Kunstfabrik HB 55 Berlin 2013 Weihnachtsausstellung, Stiftung Starke, Berlin, Nov/Dec/Jan Big and Small for All, Granville Fine Art, Vancouver, Nov Fall Arts Preview, Granville Fine Art, Vancouver, Oct Limerick/ Berlin Print Exchange, BBK Druckwerkstatt Kunstquartier Bethanien exhibits at Limerick Printmakers, Ireland, Sept/ Oct Macht Kunst, Deutsche Bank, Kunsthalle, Berlin, April The Red Show, Granville Fine Art, Vancouver, Feb/Mar On-going Group Show, Albert Baake Galerie, Potsdam, Germany, Permanent Group Work, Broadfoot and Broadfoot Gallery, NJ 2012 Opening, The Project 155, New York, Dec Holiday Group Show, Granville Fine Art, Vancouver, Dec Broome Street Finissage, Broadfoot and Broadfoot Gallery, NYC, Nov/Dec Fall Arts Preview, Granville Fine Art, Vancouver, Oct Kunst pur, Sonderausstellung Wedding Kulturfestival Galerie Wedding, Berlin, Sept On-going Group Show, Albert Baake Galerie, Potsdam, Germany, Sep OpenAirGallery, Berlin, August NordArt, Internationale Kunstausstellung, Kunstwerk Carlsh端tte, Germany, Jun- Oct Sans Souci, Arbeiten auf Papier, Galerie 30 Links , Berlin und Rathaus Potsdam, Juli/Aug OpenAirGallery, Annual Oberbaumbr端cke, Berlin, Juli

David Antonides in the print workshop in Bethanien, Berlin 2013

2011 Werkstattdrucke, BBK Druckwerkstatt Bethanien, Berlin, Dec Permanent Group Show, Broadfoot and Broadfoot, NYC and NJ Granville Fine Art, Vancouver 2010 Grand Opening, Becker Galleries, Vancouver, January Olympic Games Exhibition- O Zone with Tumbleweed Gallery, Vancouver, Feb Group Show, Broadfoot and Broadfoot Galleries, NYC and NJ, Apr 2009 Cityscapes, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, Oct Annual Art Students League Shows, Phyllis Harriman Gallery, NYC, Mar ZBCA Annual Group Show, Zane Bennett Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM, Nov/Dec 2008 Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada Broadfoot and Broadfoot Gallery, New York, NY, USA 2007 Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada Phyllis Harriman Gallery, New York, NY, USA Basic Inquiry Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada 2006 Phyllis Harriman Gallery, New York, NY, USA Basic Inquiry Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Still Life (after den Uyl), detail view, 2018


LORENZ MAROLDT MAG MALEREI Lieblingswerke Tagesspiegel, Kunst Berlin 2017/ 2018 BALANCE OF POWER: DAVID ANTONIDES’S CITYSCAPES by Nione Meakin, Christie’s International Real Estate, Luxury Lifestyle Art and the Artist, October 31, 2017 RASANZ UND KRAFT, David Antonides bei Galerie Christine Knauber by Doris Heidelmeyer ARTERY, Berlin, December 12, 2016 ANERKENNUNG FÜR DIE KUNST Ehrung der Preisträger des Uckermärkischen Kunstpreises am 27. Oktober in Prenzlau by Dietmar Rietz, Märkische Oderzeitung, October 11, 2016 BRUNNENVIERTEL IM WANDEL TV Interview ZIBB, RBB, April 27, 2016 INSIDE THE STUDIO - DAVID ANTONIDES Saatchi Art, December 12, 2014 AUF HUNDENASENHÖHE Mit “Transmetropolis” eröffnet die GASAG ihren neuen Kunstraum am Hackeschen Markt Tagesspiegel, March 7, 2014 MECKLENBURG INSPIRIERT- AUCH IM WINTER Sieben Künstler aus Kanada, Hongkong, Ägypten, Israel und Japan arbeiten im Februar in Kühlungsborn by Lutz Werner, Ostseezeitung, Feb 7, 2014 VON DER FLÜCHTIGKEIT URBANER SZENERIEN DAVID ANTONIDES Ein kanadischer Künstler in Berlin: urbane Motive zeigen spezifische Städte wie Berlin, New York oder San Francisco In Potsdam, October 8, 2013 MOMENTS IN THE CITY, BIG AND SMALL by Austin A. Williams, American Artist Watercolor, April 2013 BILDER EINES PROTESTS Wie der Künstler David Antonides den Flugrouten-Protest sieht Mehr Berlin, Tagesspiegel, Berlin 25 Nov 2011 DAVID ANTONIDES, WATERCOLORIST IN SOHO, NEW YORK, October 26, 2010 VANCOUVER TRANSIT AND ART by Jason Vanderhill, The Buzzer, Vancouver, August 19, 2009

Photos: David Antonides and Doris Heidelmeyer Photos: p. 14 und 15: Frank Lee Photo: p. 16: Tatjana Schenk Layout and text: Doris Heidelmeyer

detail: Still Life (after den Uyl), 2018

Pricelist Title So1 TYPE 01 Plow Blue Post STILL LIFE (after den Uyl) ADRIFT



73x 35 x 54 cm

19,500 USD

19 x 51 x 56 cm

14,600 USD

66,5 x 54 x 29 cm

25,600 USD

55 x 35,5 x 33,5 cm

8,500 USD

99,5 x 126 x 88 cm

39,000 USD

19,5 x 17,5 x 11 cm

3,200 USD

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Portfolio glass 2018 david antonides e book  

English version of Glass 2018

Portfolio glass 2018 david antonides e book  

English version of Glass 2018