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A Checklist for US President Election 2012 iPad Applications It’s all there, there in November! The much awaited political battle is scheduled on 6th November when the world will watch 57th quadrennial Presidential Elections. It’s a final term for sitting President Barack Obama who aims to make ‘Change is Possible’ possible one more time in this election. Having honored as first Black President of the most powerful nation, he has great challenges in the form of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the Green Party nominee Jill Stein and the Libertarian Party nominee (former New Mexico Governor) Gary Johnson. This’ll be something great this year.

The US Presidential Elections 2012 is not just a local event but global. Every alert citizen of all the countries would have an eye on the progress of this election and would like to get updated in time! It’s not possible to keep yourself seated in front of the television all time and hence, smart devices such as iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Phone have special apps for that. US Elections latest update for this year is available as iPad application. There are many who provide customized iPad apps for Presidential Election 2012 but then before getting the one, you must check out important things what we refer to as a checklist.

What features iPad apps for US Elections 2012 should have? Lightweight in installing, loading and updating The application should be lightweight (some call that as ‘lite app’) so that it’s easy to download, load and upgrade. Also, the latest updates would come as ‘JIT’ (just in time) and hence, the app should be light enough to display data as they happen. Heavy apps take time to fetch the data from third party and may hang.

Top election headlines and happenings

Though this is common feature, you must check it in United States President Elections 2012. The iPad app should fetch top news from reputed news channels and dailies. An easy-to-use scrolling list would be preferred.

Not be just for an election but elections You may hire iPad app developers and ask them to have better United States Elections for this year that can provide location, date and candidate for other major state legislate and gu bernatorial elections as well. While most of the US President Election apps on smart devices focus on main event, you remain updated on other important elections too.

For impatient and over enthusiastic individuals For enthusiasts, customized iPad apps for Prez Elections 2012 can have data directly derived from other sources that predict the probable outcome of the results. The app may be tailored to share among friends and generate the poll according to their choices within your circle. You may have an online friendly bets on the ‘winner’. It’s fun!

Candidate profile and biography Tailor made iPad app for US election 2012 is preferred to have access to the profiles and biographies of the candidates. Their past records, hobbies, their words on the nation and their passion to drive the nation in case they get selected –all this does matter in understanding the right candidate. The app may have short

description about the page or may take you directly to the authentic sources like Wikipedia.

The US map with colorful states (result wise)

This is probably the best way to have an overview. You may ask iPad apps programmer to develop US Presidential Elections software for 2012 that has colored representation of dierent states of the US. The states may change the color as they go Democrat or Republic. This gives you a clear idea of the results across the nation.

These are few of the features but you may include other things in your checklist according to your choice. Though there are many free applications available for the United States Election 2012, if you truly want updates your way, hire expert app programmer for developing iPad software for the special event. Media Information: 440 North Wolfe Road, Sunnyvale, California- 94085 USA Phone:+1 (408) 940 5879

A Checklist for US President Election 2012 iPad Applications  

It’s all there, there in November! The much awaited political battle is scheduled on 6th November when the world will watch 57th quadrennial...