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Journal 1: What is your topic? Why did you choose that topic? 1/26/2012 The tough journey that I am embarking on this semester is going to be one that is somewhat untraditional. While someone my age might be taking on a journey such as learning a new language, being able to finance their money or income a little smarter, or simply improving their athletic talents, I will be taking on the challenge of making a short story film which will possibly as long as fifteen minutes. The Short story film will compare the modern college student and his or hers struggles and the college student from the 60’s and 70’s and his or hers struggles with everyday tasks. Considering the fact that I will have to write five essays over this journey, this will also be first time making, or attempting to make, a short film. While some students my age are going to accomplish an A or a B letter grade on their project, my goal is to make a B or higher. With that being said, having a B or higher will hopefully open some doors for me in the film making/photography field, which has been a dream of mine for some time now. Personally, that is the reason why I chose the topic I did, to simply do an extraordinary job and for it to open new doors in the near future. It’s a long shot, but I guess that is why they call them dreams.

Journal 1  

First Journal of the Semester

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