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David Dahl selected work


urban scale From Sea to Sky Inhabiting the Bay Bridge Lot 5 Past Futures Studio Dwelling in Sert’s Shadow ESTUARewind: Past and Future Visions of the Berkeley Waterfront

building scale Petaluma Rowing Repair and Boathouse Sliverhouse Little Haiti Housing Studio Museum of Harlem Cultural Center

professional work details, sketches, collages

urban scale

From Sea to Sky - Inhabiting the Bay Bridge - Oakland, CA - Fall 2009

With the construction of the new Bay Bridge, this project connects the existing Bay Bridge’s road deck to water level and occupying the space in between, harnessing the site’s elements of water, sun and fog in a reuse of aging infrastructure. The project includes residential space, retail space and an urban-scale destination park.

LOT 5 - Past Futures Studio - Tianjin, China - Fall 2010 - Spring 2011

Exploring mid-rise density in a Chinese setting this project, as part of a collaborative site design, slows, collects and treats monsoon rainfall before injecting it into Tianjin’s overly depleted aquifers. Collection roofs on top of residential buildings as well as a preschool and a gallery space guide rainfall through a system of channels and pools running through and around the project before being collected under the larger site’s collective open space.





Dwelling in Sert’s Shadow - Cambridge, MA - Fall 2006 In reference to both the large scale of the river with its recent buildings and the small scale historic neighborhood of Cambridge, this project provides a transition between the two with a community aquatic facility viewable from Memorial Drive as well as housing for Harvard visiting faculty.

ESTUARewind: Past and Future Visions of the Berkeley Waterfront - 2010 in collaboration with Nayoung Kim and Li Qingyue Based on a historical reading of the past form and function of the Berkeley waterfront, this project explores the possibilities of a future waterfront in which sea level rise has significantly altered the relationship of the city to the Bay. Storm water runoff treatment systems aligned with Berkeley’s bike boulevareds extend from the park as a means of reaching past its constraints of the freeway and railroad tracks.

building scale

Petaluma Rowing Repair and Boathouse - Petaluma, CA - Fall 2010 Located on a former rail yard adjacent to the Petaluma River, this live-work project incorporates a community boathouse, rowing repair facility and an owner’s residence. The shape of the rowing shell defines the lower level consisting of boat storage space and repair bays. The upper level focuses views to the water in the project’s workout and office spaces as well as the owner’s living space while maintaining visual connections to the functions on the lower level. The project’s site makes use of an existing dead end street and a small park as extensions of functional outdoor space.

Sliverhouse - Boston , MA - Fall 2006 A ten foot wide house on an alley infill site in Boston’s Beacon Hill, the vertical dwelling maintains existing pedestrian access to the inner block while creating a dramatic presence on the street. Service functions and stairs are kept to the center of the house while living spaces occupy either end.

Litte Haiti Housing - Miami, FL - Spring 2007 Two and three bedroom apartments designed for the neighborhood of Little Haiti in Miami, a mostly suburban area facing pressure to build more densely. The suburban relationship of common pedestrian path, yard and dwelling is maintained in a stacked and staggered form allowing for open gardens and a cool shaded parking and play area.

Studio Museum of Harlem - Cultural Center - New York, NY - Fall 2005 This artist in residence studio and museum takes advantage of the corner site and creates a circulation experience that takes the visitor through galleries under, next to, and above the studio space allowing views of the finished work and work in progress.

professional work

Northeastern University - Building K - Boston, MA William Rawn Associates Architects, Inc. Schematic Design - 2009

A high-rise dormitory project, Building K looks to expand Northeastern’s campus to the East with 600 beds on a tightly constricted site. Building core is minimized and city views are maximized. Project was designed through schematic design and partial design development. My role included developing the typical units and typical floor plan including the building’s core as well as coordination with consulting engineers.


267,200 sf building 602 beds

University of Virginia - Band Rehearsal Hall - Charlottesville, VA William Rawn Associates Architects, Inc. Conceptual Design - Summer 2009 Designed as the newest addition to the University’s Arts Precinct, the Band Rehearsal Hall accommodates rehearsal space, storage and office space for the University’s marching band adjacent to their practice space on Carr’s Hill Field. The project serves as a link across the steep terrain to connect the field, the band building and the rest of the Arts Precinct with a stepped roof terrace serving as a viewing area for band rehearsals. My role on the project included site studies and conceptual design work for the project. The project was eventually completed with a similar program on a different site.

Tufts University - Packard Hall Renovation and Addition - Medford, MA William Rawn Associates Architects, Inc. Conceptual Design, Schematic Design, Design Development - 2007 - 2008

This project was a renovation and addition to one of Tufts’ oldest buildings to accommodate updated office space as well as update the building’s vertical circulation to bring it in line with current safety and accessibility codes. My role consisted of interior space planning, stair design and physical model studies of the addition from conceptual design through partial design development. The project opened in 2009.



hurch will important mmunity

range of rsity uses:

lic access

Northeastern University Fenway Center Addition - Boston, MA William Rawn Associates Architects, Inc. Conceptual Design - 2008 This project investigated options for improving the functionality of the recently renovated Fenway Center, a multifunction classroom, performance and worship space on Northeastern University’s campus. The project accommodates storage, support and mechanical space as well as increased accessibility to the building’s basement. My role included developing project drawings, and code research.

details, sketches, collages

Construction Details ARCH 326 - Building Matters Spring 2006

f i l l

Materials Idenification

footing detail

steel cladding sheets

foundation and cistern detail steel frame

concrete base / foundation

Water Collection

Roof and Wall Assembly

steel roof and wall cladding

bulding paper serving as moisture barrier

i-beam roof beam standing seam gaps for thermal created by supporting expnsion folding over purlins spanning edges of adjacent panels interior vapor barrier

rigid foam insulation

plywood substrate

gutter detail

hollow steel purlins

batt insulation

gypsum board interior finish

Urban Intervention - Alexandria, VA - Spring 2005

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Selected academic and professional architectural design work

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