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IBM 000-821 Collaborative Lifecycle Management Exam

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Question: 1 What are three supported CLM clients? (Choose three.) A. Eclipse B. Oracle Netbeans C. Microsoft Visual Studio D. Borland Delphi E. web browser

Answer: A, C, E Question: 2 Which three sources can CLM use for user authentication? (Choose three.) A. browser B. LDAP C. Tomcat User Registry D. non-LDAP external registry services E. database server

Answer: B, C, D Question: 3 Which two build engines is Rational Team Concert's Jazz build engine designed to work with? (Choose two.) A. Apache Gump B. Hudson C. CruiseControl D. Bamboo

Answer: B, C Question: 4

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What limitation is inherited by choosing Apache Derby as the database for the Jazz Team Server? A. CLM integrations between RRC and RQM will not work. B. The Eclipse client for RTC cannot be used. C. The web client for RTC cannot be used. D. The deployment will be limited to ten total users.

Answer: D Question: 5 Which statement is NOT true about CLM providing linkages between applications? A. Test cases can be linked to work items. B. Test cases can be linked to requirements. C. Work items can be linked to test plans. D. Work items can be linked to test results.

Answer: D Question: 6 What are three limitations when each CLM application has its own Jazz Team Server (JTS)? (Choose three.) A. Applications cannot be consolidated to point to single JTS later on. B. The same LDAP server cannot be used for each JTS. C. Project areas cannot be managed with the Lifecycle Project Administration application. D. Each application cannot be run on its own application server. E. A client access license cannot be used on multiple servers.

Answer: A, C, E Question: 7 For which two purposes does CLM use absolute URIs? (Choose two.) A. to locate clients attached to the server B. to act as a stable resource identification for all applications C. to act as a proxy for other systems D. to permit consistent web access to stored artifacts

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E. to reduce the size of any URL referencing stored artifacts

Answer: B, D Question: 8 Which statement BEST describes the architecture of Rational Reporting for Development Intelligence (RRDI)? A. The report server can only create reports related to Quality Management data. B. The content store server extracts, transforms, and loads data into a data warehouse. C. The report server uses data collected in the data warehouse to create reports. D. The report server must be connected to Rational Publishing Engine to create reports.

Answer: C Question: 9 How does an administrator verify the database status for the Jazz Team Server? A. navigate to the administrative page (https://<your server>:9443/jts/admin) B. open the Eclipse version of RTC and verify the 'server status' viewlet C. check the server status light for verification of an active database D. view the database schema by opening the DB2 or Oracle control center via the desktop shortcut

Answer: A Question: 10 What is the Operational Data Store (ODS) in Rational Reporting? A. the process of collecting data from one or more source, cleansing and transforming it, and then loading it into a database B. a standard application programming interface for accessing data in both relational and non-relational databases C. a repository that stores copies of a subset of operational data from registered applications D. the database that contains the data needed to operate reports, such as report specifications and published reports

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Question: 11 Which two statements are true about security certificates and CLM? (Choose two.) A. The Jazz Team Server includes a self-signed certificate for SSL with the Tomcat Apache Server. B. Clients always ignore any security certificates installed on the server. C. Security certificates should be purchased from a trusted certificate authority and installed to prevent warnings on the clients. D. The Jazz Team Server requires both SSL and TLS certificates. E. The Jazz Team Server will not start unless an SSL certificate is installed.

Answer: A, C Question: 12 Which two statements are true about Rational Reporting for Development Intelligence (RRDI)? (Choose two.) A. RRDI is a mandatory component included in the CLM installation. B. A report authoring license is required to use RRDI with CLM. C. RRDI is an optionally installed offering separated from the CLM offering. D. There is no additional license or cost to use RRDI with CLM. E. A Rational Publishing Engine license is required to use RRDI with CLM.

Answer: C, D Question: 13 A project team is considering using Rational Software Architect Design Manager to assist in the process of reviewing and approving solution designs. What are three good reasons for using Rational Software Architect Design Manager? (Choose three.) A. It allows developers and designers to each update the relevant sections of a model at given points in the project lifecycle and according to a defined schedule. B. It allows reviewers to annotate and make comments on any of the elements in a design model. C. It allows stakeholders to create links from a solution design to specific requirements. D. It allows a team of architects to work concurrently on a solution design by locking or reserving particular sections. E. It allows a team of reviewers and architects to have an open discussion displayed next to the solution designs with annotations over the document.

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Answer: B, C, E Question: 14 When using Rational Software Architect Design Manager, what is the main difference between a formal and an informal review of a solution design? A. A formal review uses a snapshot of the model so that reviewers can see a specific version; an informal review does not require a snapshot because it presumes reviewers have the most recent version of an artifact. B. A formal review requires the specific creation of a number of artifacts defined by the project template, while an informal review uses free-text boxes where the comments can be expressed as required. C. A formal review needs to be governed by a lifecycle and a defined set of roles to run its review, fix, and approval process; an informal review has no such lifecycle and is initiated and completed to a schedule convenient to the participants. D. A formal review creates artifacts on the Design Manager server that can be shared between the various members of the reviewing party. An informal review is performed on a user's local workspace and can only be worked on by one person at a time.

Answer: A Question: 15 What is defined for a test cell, but is undefined for a test environment? A. hardware B. location C. operating system D. software

Answer: B

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IBM 000-821 Collaborative Lifecycle Management Exam

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