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Answer: D Question: 7 What is the process to automatically start an audit policy at DB2 startup? A. Specify DSNZPARM subsystem parameters AUDITST = * B. Specify DSNZPARM subsystem parameter AUDITST = YES C. Specify DSNZPARM subsystem parameter TRACSTR = YES D. UPDATE SYSIBM.SYSAUDITPOLICIES SET DB2START=Y for the row of the audit policy to be auto started.

Answer: D Question: 8 Which statement describes a DB2 ROLE? A. A role is a privilege. B. A role is a USERID. C. A role is a RACF entity. D. A role is a database entity.

Answer: D Question: 9 In a production DB2 subsystem, the display of database DBFW8401 shows that pages have been added to the LPL. The indexes for the database have the COPY NO attribute.

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