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Social Networking Social Networking is a brilliant device for communicating with your friends online. Social Networking works by “adding friends” and then communicating with these individuals. Social Networking is like a big classroom. For example: A classroom with everyone’s friends would be able to communicate but someone else who your not friends with in the other classroom wouldn’t be able to communicate with yourself. Social Networking usually occurs online because there are usually loads of people online who are looking to meet people and looking to gain relationships with. Social Networking is also very common for people who are interested in the same type of thing. For example: If people are interested in “Gardening” and/or “Football” then Social Networking sites use this to connect you together as both of you like the same type of thing. Main Features of Social Networking There are many features of Social Networking; these include: Instant Messaging

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Blogging Friend Searches Comments Although all this is capable within a social networking website the main feature is to just communicate with friends and family which really comes under “Wall Blogs” and “Comments”. The History of Facebook Facebook was launched by Mark Zuckerberg is his home in February 4th 2004. He built the system for people to communicate within his work place. On October 24, 2007, Microsoft bough a 1.6% stake in Facebook for $240 Million Dollars. Advantages There are many advantages with regards to Social Networking. One of them is Diversity. Social Networking is available to anyone who has an Internet Connection. This means that someone in the USA can meet/talk/chat to someone in Denmark all with access to the Internet. So from this point of view it’s a great place to be able to communicate with someone who is on the other side of the world. Most social networking sites are designed for anyone and anyone can use them. However some social networking sites are specially designed for special communities such as “School, Colleges, University, Churches, etc” this can be a brilliant thing if you want to restrict people to using this particular social networking websites.

It can generally be a lot of fun and easy. A lot of people find it really easy to communicate with your friends. The best scenario is if you don’t have enough credit to text or to phone someone, then why not give someone a post on a social networking website. It’s a good way of communicating quickly to your friends. Disadvantages While Social Networking websites can be a great thing, they also have their fair share of disadvantages. One of the biggest is the security behind social networking sites. You will often see social networking sites in the news about how people have hacked into someone’s accounts. Here’s how that works: Hackers will make a website that looks identical to Facebook or another social networking site. They will then get people to logon to that website and then it will direct them to the real Facebook once they have entered there details. So the hacker has now got a copy of the correct username and password and the hacker can successfully get onto their profile. Hackers also have pieces of code which they can upload to the FTP server: and this can send Trojan’s and Worms to the client who logs on. They are sent over a period of time. For example a Hacker may send the code for an hour where you can catch viruses by using a “Session Variable” whenever you log onto Facebook a “Session Variable” is created which is called Login. This then get changed to another “Session Variable” called “loginSuccess” which means that you have been logged in successfully. The system then can track at what stage you are and can track what piece of code needs to be activated in order to run the website successfully. Once the hacker has uploaded his code he is then able to cross this with the “Session Variable” and then some hacking can occur. A Change In Networking Social Networking has changed dramatically over the past ten years. Every day there are millions of designers that come up with new ideas for website such as Facebook. In the previous years there was no “photo uploader” or “comments” but over time designers and coders have created this and invented new ways to make social networking sites better. Take a look below at how Facebook has changes over the past ten years:

Facebook 2004

Facebook now (2009)

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