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Bayonetta is an Action beat ‘em which implements a combo system where you mix light and heavy attacks to pull off satisfying combos, and doing enough of these will allow you to pull of finishers, executions and ‘torture attacks’. If the player dodges an attack with good timing, they enter ‘witch time’ which slows down everyone but yourself, allowing you to evade another attack or position yourself to take out another group of enemies before they can react. This alongside the ability to double jump and perform mid-air combos allows for many varied attack styles, leaving the player to choose their favourite. Shadow of the Colossus is a game that fits into the action adventure category. In it, you play as Wanda, who must defeat the 16 colossi present in the game to resurrect a woman named Mono. Half of the game is spent exploring the vast and empty world on the back of your horse Agro. Whist exploring you can find fruit and lizards which you can shoot to increase your health and stamina respectively. The other half of the game is defeating the colossi, which is done by getting to their weak point(s) and stabbing them with your sword. This can be very difficult due to the size and movement of each colossi. The size of the world that you have to explore, on top of the unique fights with each of the 12 colossi make for a memorable adventure, and the soundtrack is perfect for each and every moment. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is an adventure game where you control two brothers as they try to find a cure for their father. The entire story is conveyed without voices, so you must interpret the story through gestures and the actions of the characters that inhabit it. You control both brothers at the same time, using the left analogue stick for one and the right stick for the other. The elder brother is stronger, and thus able to move large objects and levers, and the elder brother is smaller, so he can fit through smaller spaces. You must utilize these abilities to complete puzzle so that you can keep moving towards the cure. This style of movement allows for many more possible puzzle that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Chrono Trigger is a JRPG in which you play as a boy named Crono (default name) who travels through time, making new friends along the ways, and is faced with the task of stopping Lavos from destroying the world in a time that is future to his own time. You navigate the world from an overworld map from which you can enter towns, forests and dungeons to buy equipment, learn more of the time zone they are in and face monsters. Monsters appear on the map and a fight

begins when you come into contact with them. In these fights you can fight alongside one or two allies. You can perform Techs which consume MP to do special attacks, as well as Double and Triple Techs which require two or three members of the party to join in the attack. An ‘Active Time Battle’ system is used, where you can only perform an action once the character’s personal timer reaches 0. Game Dev Tycoon is a business simulator that places you in the early 1980’s with no employees, little money and only a couple of options for games to create. Your job is to choose what system to develop for, what genre of game you would like to make for it, and what aspect of the game to focus on (sounds, graphics, etc.). If your choices make sense, then you will usually make a profit, allowing you to research more genres and peripherals, or hiring new members to your company. The events of the game will mimic those of real life, up until you reach the present day, at which point you can continue playing and try making futuristic peripherals and your own gaming console to continue growing your company. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a turn-based action-strategy game in which you command a small number of solders around a small area of a city, finding aliens in that area and killing them before they can kill you. Each solider you control has a limited number of action they can take each turn (AP), which are consumed when you move, shoot or reload a weapon. Once you have used up all the AP on all of your units, the aliens take their turn, doing the same. Between missions you can research the technology you scavenge from the enemies’ bodies to improve your own, as well as training your men and doing missions for the countries that you want to improve relations with. If a country’s panic rating gets too high, they will pull funding for the XCOM project, and if too many countries leave you will get a game over. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a survival horror game where you play as an amnesiac called Daniel, who learns through a note he left for himself telling him that he deliberately erased his own memory and must descend the castle and kill the Baron Alexander. You must maintain a high level of sanity, which decreases when in darkness or staring at monsters, or else you will experience hallucinations that can draw the attention of monsters. As you have no weapons, you must hide from enemies and evade their line of sight. If the player is spotted by a foe, the foe will chase them until they lose sight of him or kill Daniel.

Realm of the Mad God is a MMO shooter in which you enter a world and attempt to kill the Mad God alongside the other players. You can choose to play as one of 14 classes (that you unlock by completing specific task with different classes), each of which can use a different pool of items on top of mana potions, rings and health potions which can be used by any class. You gain experience by killing enemies, which is made easier if you take them down with other players. The game will recommend bosses to try and kill based on your level, and if the players kill enough of these bosses they will be teleported to the boss’s lair, where the players will attempt to reach the Mad God and kill him. If the Mad god is defeated, the players who survived will be allowed to keep their gear and gain special items, before being kicked to the server lobby and the world is reset. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is an RPG based on the Mario franchise. The world and characters are all made of paper and the character’s abilities utilize this aspect of the world. Mario’s abilities include being able to roll up into a tube to roll under objects and turning into a paper plane to traverse gaps in the levels. You find new party members in different chapters of the game who can fight alongside you in battle. The battles are turnbased, but you can strike the enemy first in the field to get a ‘first strike’, giving you an extra hit before the battle starts. This also means that the enemies can do the same. You also gain new hammers and boots for Mario allowing him to jump higher and hit harder, which is useful both in battle and out in the field. Portal is a first-person puzzle platformer in which you must solve puzzles whilst trying to find out why you are in the aperture science testing facilities in the first place. They key gimmick of the game is the handheld portal device, which allows you to create portals on white surfaces and then traverse these portals. Throughout the game, you must reach the door at the end of the chamber using the portal device and objects found in the test chamber, whist constantly being berated by a sentient AI who is constantly trying to mislead and insult you. Using the portal device you are able to reach ledges you were not able to reach otherwise, and as momentum is conserved through the portal, you can accelerate objects and yourself over obstacles and up to higher places.

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