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WordPress SEO Plugin – A Review Of SEOPressor SEOPressor is a WordPress SEO plugin designed to check your on-page Search Engine Optimisation and help you to improve it. I thought that this was worth checking out because optimising your pages and posts is not the most exciting of tasks. On page SEO is important because it is the basis for all your other SEO activities. If your on page SEO is poor you will have to work a lot harder than necessary to get good search engine rankings. Why is this WordPress SEO Plugin needed? This WordPress SEO plugin does not claim to do anything revolutionary, rather it simply automates something you can do manually but most people don’t. If you are very disciplined you could easily create a checklist covering all the things you should do to maximise your on page SEO. You would then run through this each time you created or updated a page or post. Unfortunately this is quite a chore which adds considerably to the time you have to spend on this task. The result is that, whilst some attention may be paid to on page SEO, it is rarely as good as it should be. How does the SEOPressor WordPress SEO Plugin work? Once you have installed the WordPress SEO plugin you enter the primary keyword for each page and post. You then see, at the top of the WordPress dashboard, for each post and page, a percentage score (in red or green) for the SEO. Underneath this is the percentage keyword density and a series of comments/recommendations. The WordPress SEO plugin can make some simple changes itself, if you configure it to do so. However, it is really up to you to act on the recommendations whilst making sure that the content remains good for human visitors (i.e. don’t fall into the trap of writing content for the search engines). What are the Benefits of the SEOPressor WordPress SEO Plugin Having used this WordPress SEO plugin for a while the main benefit turned out to be the training it provided. At first I would produce my content, use SEOPressor to check it then follow its recommendations to optimise the content (because the results are displayed so prominently it is difficult to ignore SEOPressor). After a short while I started to get fed up with getting the same recommendations and having to make the same changes and started thinking about what SEOPressor would say whilst I was writing the content. The result was that I started to get less recommendations and therefore needed to spend less time making changes. I still have to go back and make some changes but content I produce is much better search engine optimised first time.

Of course the ultimate benefit is that my search engine rankings have improved. I can recommend the SEOPressor because it saves a lot of time and has helped get my content ranked on the search engines. If you think that SEOPressor could help you Click Here to learn more.

A Review of SEOPressor  

A review of this WordPress SEO Plugin which is designed to check on page SEO and make recommendations for improvements.

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