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How To Find Top Web Hosting If you are setting up a web site (whether it is a business web site or a personal blog) to which you want to attract visitors, you need top web hosting. Having a site that is slow to load and is frequently down is a sure way to frustrate and lose visitors. Google also takes account of this when deciding how to rank sites. By using one of the large reputable web hosting services you should avoid such problems. Don't consider free hosting, there is always a disadvantage and you will not get the level of support that a new user will need. Shared hosting, which is the entry level service, is not expensive and there are many good providers but also some that are not so good. Finding the best web hosting for you can be difficult because there are many review sites, which make different recommendations. You might search out user comments but inevitably will find some complaints about every host (to be expected given the number of customers they have). Having looked at many user reviews and can say that most negative comments are the result of poor support. To get the top web hosting for your needs you must to be clear what they are: •

Windows or Linux Hosting:- If your site is being built for you then your developers will specify the hosting required. This choice depends on what software you intend to utilize to develop and operate the site. If you do not have any specific requirements it is best to go for Linux hosting. Type of hosting (shared,VPS,dedicated server):- Whilst it is normal to start with shared hosting, if you expect your site to become busy, it is worth considering what upgrade path a host offers. With shared hosting many users are hosted on the same server and share the resources of that server. A poor host can maximise profitability by putting too many users on a server but you should be safe with a reputable hosting company. Reliability and Speed:- If your site suffers from slow loading and frequent downtime then you will lose visitors. Your host should guarantee uptime in excess of 99.9%. To research this in advance you can look for user comments and try any other sites you know use that host, failing that look at the host's own site. Help and Support:- As mentioned above good support is essential. Quality web hosting services will offer 24/7 support preferably with a toll free phone number in addition to chat and email. Resources:- For shared hosting you usually see unlimited website hosting offering unlimited resources including unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. This is really just a marketing term as it is clear that the disk capacity in the server is finite, as is the provider’s bandwidth. Inevitably there will be some limitation in the terms of use as one user cannot be allowed to take all the server


resources. Despite this "unlimited" shared hosting keeps the product simple and resources are unlikely to be an issue unless the site gets busy. Cost:- Once you have found hosts that meet your requirements you should only then consider price. The price difference between the top web hosting providers is not enough to outweigh the other factors above. You normally pay a number of months in advance (the more months the cheaper it is per month) but some providers will allow you to actually pay monthly.

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What to look for in a top web hosting service.

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