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Hosting Your Blog To allow you to set-up and manage your own blog you will want blog hosting. However you will not see this advertised specifically, so you need a web hosting service which is user friendly for the sort of blog you want. Before signing with such a service you might just ponder if a free blog on one of the big blog sites like Blogger, Tumblr, Posterous or might meet your requirements. These permit you to speedily create a blog however you don't get the versatility that is available with self-hosting your site. The first aspect to think about is the domain name. You will require this name when you sign-up with a hosting product and will need to choose whether to register it via the website hosting company or with a third party registration service. In terms of the operation of your site it doesn't make any difference nevertheless, getting it registered with a third party will probably make it simpler to move between hosting suppliers later, should this be necessary. If you utilize the hosting provider ensure that you own the domain and be aware that even if it is free (i.e. part of the package) you will have to pay the cost of this if you cancel the hosting, even during the period of any money back guarantee. There is a number of platforms you can utilize to build a blog like Movable Type, Textpattern or Drupal (for larger blogs) but WordPress is probably the most popular. You can find a large amount of plugins obtainable using which you can get your site to perform as you require. There are also numerous themes to be had using which you are able to get the appearance and layout of your site as you want it. Should you have any problems or need something unusual you will discover a lot of support accessible online as there's a large user community. Having decided to setup your own blog you will need a hosting provider and you may contemplate using one of the free web hosting sites. For anyone who is a newbie to blog hosting I would counsel against doing this for the reason that there is invariably a downside to free services. You cannot anticipate anything more than limited support, via email, neither should you anticipate any promises as regards uptime. In addition you are liable to be required to install your blog without any automated assistance which may be difficult if you do not have any experience of what you are doing. You are therefore best served by signing up with one of the main web hosting services the majority of whom provide technical support for blog software such as WordPress (however not all do and as a result you should choose carefully). Many offer a “One Click�, or similarly titled user friendly, installation process that means that you can have your blog up and running very quickly. Should you encounter any problems they will provide technical support on a 24/7 basis.

Hosting Your Blog