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Buy Hearing Aids Online It is estimated that in excess of 30 million people in the United States would benefit from a hearing aid but, for many, hearing aids prices are a big issue. The latest digital models can greatly improve quality of life (although they cannot restore your hearing in the same way that glasses can restore eyesight) but they are certainly not cheap. The cost of hearing aids varies from well under a hundred dollars for a simple analogue model to several thousand dollars for a top of the range digital hearing aid. There are two basic types of hearing aids: •

Analogue Models - which are the traditional type. These simply amplify sounds and the user can adjust the volume.


Digital hearing aids - which are effectively small computers and these are now much more common. Their big advantage is that they can process the sound before feeding it to the wearer. This means that they can be programmed to meet each user’s specific requirements. They can also have features like two microphones so that they can give an indication of the direction sound is coming from.

If you realize that your hearing has deteriorated you should first consult an audiologist who will assess the problem and advise if a hearing aid is appropriate. Assuming that this is the case, the audiologist will do a hearing test and make an audiogram and then try to sell you a hearing aid (or maybe one for each ear). This will then be programmed it to match the audiogram and then fitted to ensure it is comfortable. The problem is that hearing aids prices are inevitably high when bought this way (as a large majority of hearing aids are). The big brands sell their products through audiologists and put considerable efforts into getting audiologists to stock their products. Obviously audiologists would not welcome cheaper competition selling these products so manufacturers do not supply other parties. As a result prices are maintained at a high level. Audiologists will cite their overheads (office space, personnel, etc.) plus their training and the level of service offered. However, this does not change the basic fact that there is a lack of a competitive market for hearing aids. However, some manufacturers do produce hearing aids under other names which are sold online. Of course buying online means no personal service but this will not matter for most people. If buying online is of interest to you it is worth checking out Century Hearing Aids as they offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Their aids are made in the USA and FDA approved and are excellent value for money. Buying online does have disadvantages and up to about 20% of people will not be satisfied (usually issues relating to fit and comfort) so the ability to get a refund is important. However, given the low hearing aids

prices you can find online it is well worth exploring this route. If you suffer from Tinnitus a hearing aid may help but you may also be interested in our Tinnitus Miracle Review. This is a comprehensive guide to the ear and hearing in general with much information on Tinnitus and how to treat it.

Hearing Aids Online  
Hearing Aids Online  

You can make major savings by buying hearing aids online. Of course there are disadvantages to this but it is well worth exploring.