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Domain Names Search -Choosing The Right Domain Name You might think that a domain names search is a simple thing to do and you will speedily select and register a domain name for your website/blog. However, it is remarkable just how many things you need to take into consideration. On the assumption that you need the website to rank well in the search engines, you might want to take into account: Should you buy a pre-existing domain name or register a new one? • In the main, registering a new domain name will be cheaper and you have a lot more scope to get exactly what you require but a pre-existing domain will be simpler and quicker to get into the search results. If purchasing an existing domain ensure it is indexed (i.e. it appears in the search results). • GoDaddy are one of the top domain registrars where you can get both kinds of domain names. The best extension for your site • If you are aiming at a global audience you are still best using a .com domain. Should this not be practical the standard advice has been to use .net or .org but people have fedback decent results with others such as .biz and .info. So if you are unable to get a .com opt for whatever allows you to acquire the most appropriate domain name. • If you are aiming at a geographically restricted marketplace it is advisable to utilize a local suffix for example .au or as these are preferred in the local search engines such as Google UK. • If you need a separate version of your site for mobile devices you may consider selecting a .mobi domain also. It is presently not clear as to whether it is better take this course or host your mobile site on a sub-domain of your normal domain, for example At present it is advisable to observe how others in your market have done it and follow their lead. What to include in the Domain Name If possible it should be: • As brief as feasible - preferably not more than 20 characters. • Have no hyphens or underscores - should you be having difficulty registering the name you want it is preferable to put in a prefix (e.g tips, key, secrets, top, fast, etc) or suffix (today, info, advice, tool etc). Even though the search engines won’t mind a couple of hyphens, they will result in mistakes by people wanting to see your site. • Make clear the focus of your site - when your website/blog is listed on the search results it is beneficial for the visitor (furthermore they are more apt to click) if your domain name shows that the website is appropriate to their query. • Include your primary keyword - a well focused site is likely to rank faster when the domain name contains a keyword. When you do include a keyword it is best to have it at the front of the domain name.

The Domain Name shouldn't • Infringe any trademark - it is not advisable to include anyone else’s name or trademark in your domain name without their permission. If you are required to modify it in the future all your efforts to promote your site will have been a waste of time. • Be open to misinterpretation - if it can be interpreted in multiple ways then this is a case when a hyphen is acceptable. When you have finished your domain names search you will then need web hosting services and our current recommended hosting provider is HostGator.

Domain Names Search  

You might think that registering a domain name is a simple thing to do but there is a lot to think about.

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