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About Contact Lenses? Maybe you are attracted to the idea of wearing contacts and are looking for information. A lot of people with vision problems prefer contacts because they are more comfortable than glasses and they do not affect their appearance. For many people glasses can be annoying as they can slip down, irritate your nose and ears and cause reflections. Also you need to have a second pair to act as sunglasses or you need to pay more for transition lenses. A contact lens allows you to get rid of this paraphernalia and simply have your vision problems corrected. They are very difficult to see in the eye so most people will not even know that you are wearing them. A lot has changed since contacts were first introduced. The first contact lenses were of the "hard" type. These were made of a type of glass and were very rigid and uncomfortable to wear. As a result most people chose glasses as they were cheaper and easier to wear. Another problem was that great care was needed when removing these lenses as it was easy to scratch the eye. Soon glass material was replaced with a polymer based products making contact lenses a little more comfortable. However the restricted oxygen flow to the cornea was causing eye sight problems in individuals who wore contacts for several years. We now have a silicon hydrogel contacts. These are known as soft contact lenses. The material is like plastic and conforms to the eye easier than their earlier counterparts. In addition they are very thin and oxygen can pass through them. This thinner material tends to tear easily, but gives more comfort to your eye. The lack of any apparent weight means that you are hardly aware that you are wearing them. With the introduction of the silicon hydrogel contact lens we also have seen the introduction of more color contact lenses. There are a range of colors available, some look natural and some are just for effect. These color contacts can be very effective but there is a downside. They are a bit heavier than normal lenses and they tend to let less oxygen through to the eye. You can also have corrective lenses for conditions like astigmatisms. Bifocal contact lenses are available for those who need an adjustment for near and farsightedness and don’t want glasses. Without doubt your first step in getting contacts must be to have a proper eye examination and obtain a prescription for the type of lenses you want (of course you have to take the advice of your eye doctor on this). You can then buy a small quantity of the prescribed lenses to ensure that you can live happily with them. Then you can consider purchasing discount contact lenses on the internet. Buying contacts on line is actually much easier than buying eyeglasses online as in the latter case there are many more choices to make. With contacts you simply have to enter your prescription and you will get exactly the same lenses at a much lower price.

About Contact Lenses  

What are the advantages of contact lenses and what improvements have been made over the years.

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