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Global Solid State Lighting Market by Types, by (2013-2018)

Verticals, Materials & Geography

INTRODUCTION : According to the market research report “GLOBAL SOLID STATE LIGHTING MARKET

By Types (LED, OLED, and PLED), Applications (General Lighting, Backlighting, Automotive, Medical), Verticals (Industrial, Residential, Consumer Electronics), Materials & Geography- Analysis & Forecast (2013 – 2018) Browse 365 pages and in-depth TOC on “GLOBAL SOLID STATE LIGHTING MARKET (2013 - 2018)"

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The Solid State Lighting Market has transcended from traditional lighting technologies such as CFL and CCFL to LED lighting. The rapidly decreasing shares of the conventional lighting products still existing in the market are creating huge opportunities for the manufacturers of emerging lighting products. In western countries, especially from, Europe and North America region, prefer green lighting solutions and LED based SSL compared to the traditional lighting technologies such as incandescent lamps and high intensity discharge lighting or any other lighting devices, as they are more energy saving. The developed countries pursue green lighting for better conducive green environment and; hence, this is the main driver for the SSL industry. Solid state lighting market is segmented in three categories namely: LED, OLED and PLED. The report also provide detail analysis on types of material used at different levels such as LED at Die level, Package level, Module level and Luminaries level. The different applications of the market are elaborated that includes: general lighting, back lighting, automotive lighting and medical lighting. The PLED market is still in its nascent stage of production, and has not been fully commercialized. Production of PLED has been restricted to small displays with limited number of applications. Report also covers the different verticals such as automotive &transportation industry, residential &offices, consumer electronics, and industrial sector wherein SSL technologies are deployed. Major players in the market include: Cree Inc (U.S.), GE lighting (U.S), Philips Lighting (Netherlands), OSRAM GmbH (Germany), Nichia Corporation (Japan), Veeco Instruments Inc (U.S.), Applied Materials Inc (U.S.), LG (South Korea), and Everlight Electronics Corp Ltd (Japan).

The prominent players in different segments of the solid state lighting market were recognized through secondary research and their market revenue was determined through primary and secondary research. The size of the overall market was derived by forecast techniques based on the top-down and bottom-up approach, the study of the application areas, and the trend for various geographical regions. Scope of the Report: This research report categorizes the global market on the basis of SSL products and devices being used in combinations of different types of components/package for different applications such as lighting, backlighting and automotive lighting. These applications find use in various end-users such as; automotive& transportation industry, residential & offices, consumer electronics, industrial sector, healthcare sector. The report also provides detail geographical analysis; forecast revenue, market modeling and evaluating trends in the market. On the basis of types of SSL: The market is segmented into four categories namely: LED, OLED, PLED and others which includes laser lighting and infrared lighting. These SSL technologies offer high luminance efficacy as compared to traditional green lighting sources. PLED based SSL is still in the phase of research & development and is expected to be commercially available by 2015. On the basis of applications: The different applications of solid state lighting market are segmented by lighting, backlighting, automotive lighting, medical lighting and others. These applications are deployed in different end-users lightings as per their need and requirement. On the basis of End Users: The end users market is segmented into automotive & transportation industry, residential & offices, consumer electronics, industrial sector, healthcare sector. On the basis of geography: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and ROW collectively are covered in the report.

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Solid state lighting market is segmented in three categories namely: LED, OLED and PLED. The report also provide detail analysis on types of...

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