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True Insurance Introduction to Insurance Part-2

What is Benefits of Insurance??

• As we discussed in previous part that insurance is specially designed to provide protection to you and your belongings against unlucky incidents. • It provides you financial help in dif ficult time.

Available insurance plans in the market

• There are various types of insurance plans available in the market the most famous insurance plans such as –

Life Insurance

Handbag Insurance

Mobile Phone Insurance

Travel Insurance

Bill Protection Insurance

Business Insurance

• There are various insurance companies which provide you different type of insurance plans. • Choose any insurance plan according to your need from these insurance plans. • We will discuss about these plans in next presentation in details.

Is it good to purchase cheap insurance plan?

• It all depends on the type of insurance plan and company policies. • But you should compare the plans of an insurance company to the other one. • It will help you to choose a best plan and company to protect yourself or your belongings.

• It is not required that you choose an expensive cover plan. • If you get good benefits in affordable price you should choose affordable insurance plan.

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