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Cheap Travel Insurance It’s Never too Late to Get Insured David Wright

Whenever we plan for travelling, we always think of the other side that calls for security measures like a first aid kit, locks and chain, precautions for pre-diagnosed disease, etc. In today’s era, everybody takes up an affordable travel insurance,






insurance is, itself a bunch of securities in case of any misfortune related to health or properties carried while travelling.

Sometimes, we forget to buy insurance, especially in case of emergency plans. In such cases, a solution will resist you with all the stress of not been insured due to lack of time. Just move on and get into the insurance product for emergency cases, i.e. called the last moment insurance. The last moment insurance is the insurance sold at the terminals (at the kiosk center) for the convenience of the customers who were unable to buy insurance due to any reason.

The insurance kiosk is placed at after check-in and customs in the terminals. The smart insurance industry has brought this facility for the customers to get insured at the last

moment, so that nobody flies without the security to his life or property. The kiosk with the on-the-spot policies offers you various classes of policies suiting to your budget and need. The kiosks work 24 hrs a day, to provide you the best suited travel policy for future safeguard. The supportive staff guides you to choose the best plan.

The ON THE SPOT cheap travel insurance cover for loss and delay of luggage, dental expenses, 24/7 emergency assistance, overseas emergency medical and hospital expense, rental vehicle excess, travel delay etc.

A similar process is carried for the claims in on the spot insurance, as in other insurances. The declarations, medical reports, valuations, police reports, receipts or other such evidence is needed while claiming.

Local Authorities along with your Transport Provider (if applicable) must be informed about the Lose made and the reports must


in written form

to obtain written

acknowledgment so that, it can be submitted for further

proceeding, to claim. Claims can be made to the concerned industry or insurer, within around 30 days of a claim or as soon as reasonably possible.

Issues related to the airlines or flights be informed to respective authorities immediately, In case of claiming for overseas medical, claims should be submitted to relative private health insurance provider prior to lodgment with the insurer company.

In case of any threats to claim, or reimbursements, the complaint can be made to the customer service, and if satisfactory results cannot be seen, then the complaint can be forwarded to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Nearly 500 complaints about travel insurance have been handled, by the Financial Ombudsman Service related to travel insurance in recent years. Emergency cases will be handled separately.

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