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Introduction to Insurance Different types of Insurance

What is Insurance?? • Insurance is a simplest term of risk management. • It offers you cover against different type of unfortunate incidents. • Insurance plan provide you financial help in the difficult situation. • You can make insurance claim from the insurance company. • You pay lump sum amount to the insurance company so you can get help in critical situation.

Types of Insurance Handbag Handbag Insurance Insurance

Mobile MobilePhone Phone Insurance Insurance

Business Business Insurance Insurance

Accident Accident Insurance Insurance

Active ActiveLifestyle Lifestyle Insurance Insurance

• Insurance companies provide you various type of insurance plans so you can easily choose suitable plan according to your need. • They provide you insurance plans such as • Travel Insurance • Handbag Insurance • Mobile Phone Insurance • Business Insurance • Bill Protection Insurance • Accident Insurance • Tablet Insurance • Active Lifestyle Insurance

• These insurance plans provide you protection against: • • • • • •

Theft Business or General property damage Electronic or Mechanical Failure Accidental damage loss of personal stuff Loss of luggage, cash, credit card, important document at traveling time • Cancellation of trip • Fire smash up or material damage • Machinery failure and others

• It completely depends on the plan that what benefits you will get or for what you are covered. • Different insurance plan provide you different cover for example if you buy cover plan your business it will protect your business. • So choose the protection plan according to your need. • So it is necessary that you read terms and condition carefully before taking any cover plan from any insurance company.

• To manage the different types of risk insurance is best part of today’s world. • It gives you peace of mind because you know that you are covered for the unforeseen events. • This is beneficial for your income protection too because it also provide you benefits in tax.

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Introduction to Insurance  

Insurance is a term which is used for different kind of risk management. Insurance policies protect you against various types of unfortunate...

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