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Bill Cover versus ACCident Cover P re s e n t e d B y : Tr u e I n s u ra n c e

Bill Cover: Bill Protection Insurance provides you with a lump sum to assist pay the bills if you are unable to work due to;

Involuntary Unemployment A serious Accident and Sickness

Bill Cover policy offers you financial protection and help you to pay your daily life bills such as water, electricity, rent, telephone, internet and other bills.

This insurance plan provides you freedom to focus on getting back on track as soon as possible and the bills never become a financial burden for you.

Accident Cover: If an accident happens with you, medical costs can be covered by the assurance provider company.

This cover plan provides financial protection to you and your family, if you were to pass away or go through a serious injury in an unlucky accident.

Accident Cover basically designed to provide financial security to your family, if something wrong were to happen to you.

Both Insurance Plans provide you financial protection but the benefits are different of these cover policies. Bill Protection protects your lifestyle by the paying your daily life bills when you are unable to pay those bills and on the other hand accident insurance maintain your current lifestyle by paying your medical bills when you are seriously injured.

It is recommended that you Check Out terms and conditions carefully.

If you are an Australian Resident then you can purchase these cover policies from a growing assurance provider company True Insurance in Australia. True Insurance provides various kinds of insurance plans to their customers in affordable price.

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