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Why Use Prefold Cloth Diapers What is a Prefold Cloth Diaper? One of the confusing to understand, but simplest kind of diaper to use is the prefold cloth diapers. These are rectangular diapers with more layers on its middle and few layers on its side. The very common size is at 4x8x4. The first and the last number is an identification of the number of layers left and right side, while the middle number is the layers of cloth in the middle of the diaper. The numerous prefold cloth diapers available in the market differ in the number of cloth layering. The quality and number of the cloth layering will have a great impact on how well the diaper will perform in terms of absorption and how long can it last. A good prefold layering is that which would not appear bulky, keep the baby’s bottom cooler in warm weather and dry quickly. Prefold diapers may also be bleached and unbleached. The latter is preferred because it has the ability to last longer considering that the fabric has not been chemically weakened. Prefolds diapers are also made of difference weaves and fabrics. The commonly used and most durable are hemp and cotton fabrics. Low quality prefold cloth diapers have rayon polyester foam which has the tendency to break down easily. How to Choose Prefold Cloth Diapers? Many are wondering who are actually manufacturing the best prefold cloth diapers. One consideration is where the prefold diapers are made. By comparison, it is observed by many users that a prefold diaper from China is very sturdy. This quality means that they will be able to hold more washes. While these diapers tend to quilt up after several washes, other products shrink a little more. In either case, whichever diaper you have decided to buy, also check if the same has the DSQ or the diaper service quality. Having this mark is an assurance of durability in the product that you have purchased. Another consideration is weather the prefold cloth that you have chosen is bleached or not. It is proven by many users that a bleaching agent such as peroxide lessens the sturdiness of a diaper. It is better to choose the unbleached one to ensure that the bottoms of the baby are not exposed to unnecessary chemicals. Whichever brand of diaper that have chosen, be cautious also about their sizing. More often than not, sizing is being done by color scheme or by labeling it as newborn, infant or toddler. But the most advantageous ones are those which have the all size fits all so that it can be used from infancy until the baby is a little grown up. The thickness of the prefold cloth diapers also determines how absorbent it can be. But this is not to say that you should go for that super bulky as this could be uncomfortable to the baby. Choose something in between being too thin and too bulky. Some Good Prefold Cloth Diapers As commended by many users, prefold cloth diapers from Cloth-Eez Prefolds are simply the best. They offer a higher quality of products as compared to those in stores. It is made of 100% organic cotton. As with other prefolds, it is also structured to in a tri-folded style, but has concentration of cloth layering in the center panel for excellent absorption. The sizes of these products are color coded for the babies of different stages. The price is also very reasonable and gives you a fair share of savings for diaper costs.

The Indian Prefold Diapers from Diaper Safari is another excellent prefold cloth diaper product in the market. They claimed that Indian cotton is the most suitable for making the softest and amazing durable diapers. This product can be washed easily and dries very quickly. This also allows baby sitters to customize the diaper so that it will have a good fit. You can apply a folding technique so that the thickest the most absorbent part will be placed in the area where your baby needs it the most. This cloth prefold can also serve as an insert for diaper with pockets for added protection of babies who are heavy wetters. If these things are no longer to be used by baby, it can be transformed into great cleaning rags. Diaperco diaper product, on the other hand, has a Chinese prefold cloth diaper. It is made of 100% heavyweight cotton weaves. The diapers are not bleached to avoid any chemical exposure that can be harmful to a baby’s skin. The product is available in a size for new born which can fit up to six months. As the baby grow, the prefold cloth diaper can serve as a doubler of the toddlers diaper to help in the absorption process. It can also be used as inserts for pocket diapers. The lining of the prefold cloth diapers are also excellently structured in order avoid redness and irritation.

Prefold Cloth Diaper

Why Use Prefold Cloth Diapers  

numerous prefold cloth diapers available in the market differ in the number of cloth layering.

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