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Jonathan H. Hausman, Rabbi

Michelle Glickman, President

October Schedule Rosh HaShanah Day 2 Wednesday October 1 Tefillah........................................8:30 AM Mincha/Ma’ariv...........................7:00 PM

Shabbat Shuvah Bar Mitzvah Aaron Policow Friday October 3 Candle lighting............................6:03 PM Kabbalat Shabbat.........................7:30 PM Saturday October 4 Tefillah........................................9:30 AM Sunday October 5 Brotherhood presents brunch with the Spaceman Bill Lee. Minyan at 9 AM, brunch to begin at 9:45 AM. Details on page 10 Yom Kippur Wednesday October 8 Candle lighting............................5:55 PM Mincha.........................................5:30 PM Kol Nidre.....................................5:55 PM Thursday October 9 Tefillah........................................8:30 AM Ask the Rabbi..............................3:15 PM Mincha-Ma'ariv...........................4:15 PM Fast ends at 6:46 PM

Shabbat Ha'azinu Bat Mitzvah Sarrah Goldberg Friday October 10 Candle lighting............................5:52 PM Kabbalat Shabbat.........................7:30 PM Saturday October 11 Tefillah........................................9:30 AM Sukkot I Monday October 13 Candle lighting............................5:47 PM Ma'ariv.........................................7:30 PM Tuesday October 14 Tefillah........................................9:30 AM Sukkot II Tuesday October 14 Ma'ariv.........................................7:30 PM Wednesday October 15 Tefillah........................................9:30 AM Ma'ariv.........................................7:30 PM

Shabbat Hol HaMoed Sukkot Friday October 17 Candle lighting........................... 5:40 PM Kabbalat Shabbat.........................7:30 PM Saturday October 18 Tefillah........................................9:30 AM Sunday October 19 Hol HaMoed Sukkot Bat Mitzvah Keren Radbil Tefillah.............................................9:30 AM Shemini Atzeret Monday October 20 Candle lighting ...........................5:36 PM Ma'ariv.........................................7:30 PM Tuesday October 21 Tefillah........................................9:30 AM Yizkor will be recited Simchat Torah Tuesday October 21 Ma'ariv.........................................7:00 PM Wednesday October 22 Tefillah........................................9:30 AM Ma'ariv.........................................7:30 PM

Shabbat Bereisheet Friday October 24 Candle lighting............................5:30 PM Kabbalat Shabbat.........................7:30 PM Saturday October 25 Tefillah........................................9:30 AM

Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Heshvan/Noah Friday October 31 Candle lighting............................5:20 PM Kabbalat Shabbat........................7:30 PM Saturday November 1 Tefillah........................................9:30 AM

Ahavath Torah Congregation

President’s Message

1179 Central St • Stoughton MA 02072 •

ith the sounding of the Shofar we begin another exciting year. First of all, thank you to the committee volunteers that helped plan all of the various components that make the High Holiday Services run smoothly. Also, thank you to those that have helped us clean and spruce up the building and parking lot. Did you notice how we shine? Now that the roof has been completed, the interior work has begun. We have new ceiling tiles, new energy efficient lights upstairs and more enhancements to come. The downstairs is also going through a mini-remodel; walls are being repaired, closets are being cleaned out, lights will be replaced where needed and as always, there is laughter and learning in the school wing.

Affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism Monday - Friday 10 AM - 3 PM 781-344-8733 781-344-4315 Jonathan Hausman 781-344-8755

Ruth Greenfield Ina Beth Winer 781-344-8733

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Jonathan Bloom Jay Goldstein Simma Kuznitz Cindy Pazyra Rich Sandler Robin Zoll

Gary Levine David Steinberg Maxine Frutkoff Bob Powell Phil Weiner Sam Stein Dan Litwack Stan Zoll Anne Leppo Emily Prigot Howard Andler Howard Shaevitz Stacy Andler Dale Roseman Madeleine Lewis Susan Komisar Hausman Beth Ross Nessa Wilensky Rick Smith Anne Leppo Ellen Greene Helayne Adelstein Anne Weiner Jacquie Olans Amy Griffing David Steinberg Contact any of the above through the ATC office - 781-344-8733

Please! No Calls or E-mails to Temple Officers on Shabbat or Holidays


As usual, ATC has kicked off this New Year with lots of exciting events and activities. The religious school is fully staffed and has been busy discussing holidays, reading Hebrew and enjoying music led by our new 6th grade teacher Kevin Margolius. USY opens the year with a regional swimming night and the annual boat cruise. Social action runs the Project Isaiah food collection during the High Holidays, led this year by Evan Andler. Evan is assisted by a few of our 7th graders who were working on their mitzvah projects. Sisterhood held their fist Torah Yoga event and Brotherhood begins the year with a breakfast featuring guest speakers Bill "Spaceman" Lee, formerly of the Boston Red Sox, and radio host Mike Adams. Mark your calendars for these upcoming events. The New Member Welcome and Installation of Officers will be held on Friday evening, October 24th. The Auction will be held this year on November 15th. There will be a blood drive, rummage sale, interesting speakers, "Darkness to Light" programs, services and so much more. Please keep yourself involved and make ATC the place you want it to be. Watch the monthly bulletin and fliers for more information as dates get closer. On October 4th we begin to celebrate the Fall B'nai Mitzvah. A warm Mazel Tov goes out to Aaron Policow, Sarrah Goldberg and Keren Radbil and their families. For those students that are waiting for their special day to come this year, keep up the studies. We invite the entire congregation to join us for these services to see and enjoy what our youth are capable of doing on the bima. In closing, please remember that our shul depends on your generosity from your High Holiday Appeal contributions. Please contribute what you can and send in your donation soon. Until next month - live, laugh and enjoy ATC.

Michelle Glickman President Bulletin Contributions The deadline for contributions to the November Bulletin is Monday, October 13. Please submit your articles via email (preferably in Word format) to

October Calendar









2 Tishre

Candle Lighting Times October 3...........6:03 PM

October 17.......5;40 PM

October 8 ..........5:55 PM

October 20.......5:36 PM

October 10 ........5:52 PM

October 24.......5:30 PM

October 13.........5:47 PM

October 31.......5:20 PM

Rosh Hashanah Day 2 8:30 AM Tefillah




3 Tishre

Web site:



4 Tishre

Tzom Gedalyah 7:30 PM Kabbalat Shabbat


5 Tishre 9:30 AM Bar Mitzvah Aaron Policow

7:00 PM Mincha/Ma’ariv No Classes


6 Tishre


7 Tishre


8 Tishre

1st Yesod Class 7:30 PM Youth Comm. 10:00 AM Meeting Breakfast


9 Tishre Erev Yom Kippur


10 Tishre Yom Kippur

8:30 AM Tefillah

w/ Bill Lee

5:30 PM Mincha

3:15 PM Ask the Rabbi

12:30 PM Kadima Event

5:55 PM Kol Nidre

4:15 PM Mincha/Ma’ariv

7:00 PM Sisterhood Mtg

13 Tishre


8:30 AM USY Event 9:00 AM Executive Board Meeting No Classes

20 Tishre


Hol HaMoed Sukkot 9:30 AM Bat Mitzvah Keren Radbil


15 Tishre


16 Tishre


Columbus Day

Sukkot Day 1

Sukkot Day 2

Erev Sukkot

9:30 AM Tefillah

9:30 AM Tefillah

10:00 AM Junior Cong.

10:00 AM Junior Cong.

7:30 PM Ma’ariv Junior Cong.

7:30 PM Ma’ariv Junior Cong.

Bulletin Deadline

21 Tishre

No Classes


22 Tishre


23 Tishre


Sukkot Day 7

Sh’mini Atzeret

Simchat Torah

7:30 PM Ma’ariv Junior Cong.

9:30 AM Tefillah

9:30 AM Tefillah

10:00 AM Junior Cong.


7:30 PM Kabbalat Shabbat

12 Tishre

9:30 AM Bat Mitzvah Sarrah Goldberg

17 Tishre


Sukkot Day 3

18 Tishre


Sukkot Day 4

7:30 PM 7:30 PM Board of Kabbalat Directors Meeting Shabbat 9:30 PM Committee Chairs Meeting

24 Tishre


25 Tishre

Sukkot Day 5 10:30 AM Tot Shabbat


26 Tishre

10:00 AM Adult Ed.


28 Tishre


6:30 PM Sisterhood Paid-up Supper

29 Tishre


6:30 PM Special Ed Class 7:30 PM Speaker Frank Gaffney

30 Tishre


Rosh Chodesh Heshvan 7:30 PM Ritual Meeting

1 Heshvan


Rosh Chodesh Heshvan

2 Heshvan


9:30 AM Tefillah 10:00 AM Junior Cong.

7:30 PM New Member Welcome & Officer Installation

7:30 PM Ma’ariv Junior Cong.


9:30 AM Tefillah

7:30 PM Junior Cong.

10:00 AM Junior Cong.

19 Tishre

No Classes

27 Tishre


6:46 PM Fast Ends

No Classes

14 Tishre

11 Tishre


7:30 PM Kabbalat Shabbat

7:30 PM School Comm. Meeting

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From the Rabbi’s Desk...


ometimes, running into your past is more painful than you would have supposed. It is a sensation experienced on a personal level by divorced spouses, estranged family members, and haunted schoolmates. You think the grass covers all and you have moved on, and then it hits like a brick. It hits all the more when that unresolved past leads you into Auschwitz, things that happened 63 years ago, and happened all over again in September with a vengeance. Last month, Allianz, a Munich-based insurance giant, the old insurer of Auschwitz, the insurer that paid off Jewish life insurance policies to the murderers who took those lives, seemed close to finalizing a naming-rights deal with the new football stadium rising in New Jersey that will soon be home to the New York Giants and Jets. The deal was called off, following protests. There was a great sigh of relief from all Jewish fans of the Blue (Giants) and the Green (Jets). Has Allianz made a considerable effort to clean its past? Yes. Are the German businessmen from 1945 still sitting in the corporate offices? No. Chances are they are now in that world where justice is more pure than in our own. However, survivors, thankfully, are still among us. And we are heirs to their hurts, guardians of their dignity. Where is the line beyond which pain fades? Who among us boycotts all things German anymore, as many Jews did for decades after the war? We drive Volkswagens,

Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW), and Mercedes-Benz; we even drive Fords, though Henry Ford was notoriously antiSemitic; we vacation in and do business with Germany, now one of Israel's closest trade partners. Who remembers now that in 1952 Menachem Begin led feverish, sometimes violent, crowds of Israelis into the Jerusalem streets to protest the taking of "blood money" Holocaust restitution, and the opening of Israel-West Germany diplomatic relations? Why did the Jewish state establish relations with Germany just seven years after the war, when millions of Nazis and Hitler Youth were more alive than too many of our own, when thousands of Jewish arms were still blue-tattooed with their ink, but a pair of professional football teams can't take Allianz sponsorship, 63 years later? Why? Because while Israel had to do what it had to do, some of us in New York and in Boston, cities replete with survivors, don't feel like cheering or driving by a stadium where Allianz is the brightest light and the biggest sign. Because pain comes and goes, and its logic is not always linear. Because there are some days you wake up and it hurts all over again. This past month the hurt came back.

Rabbi J

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund Rose Silverman, in honor of the birth of great granddaughter, Brylie Nicole Weinstein

Leslie Boyle, in memory of Al Ross, father of Beth Ross

Sandi and Fred Sussman, in memory of Claire Goldshine

The Radbil family, in memory of Al Ross, father of Beth Ross

The Faigel family, in memory of beloved husband, father and grandfather, Oleg Faigel

Sandy and Fred Sussman, in honor of Ryan Wilensky's engagement to Rachel Schroeder

Margie and Warren Freshman, in memory of Jean Gould

Sandy and Fred Sussman, in honor of the birth of Marcia and Karl Flanzer's granddaughter, Brylie Nicole

Ruth Alpert, in memory of Irma Cohen The Bornstein family, in memory of dear "Aunt" Lillian Berman

Sandy and Fred Sussman, in hopes of a speedy recovery to Shelley Litwack Continued on the following page


Ahavath Torah Congregation

Frank Gaffney to speak on Tuesday, October 28th at 7:30 PM Iran: A Close Look at Its Foreign and Domestic Policies and the Effect of her Nuclear Ambitions Frank Gaffney, the Founder and President of the Center for Security Policy, which is a non-partisan, not-for-profit, educational corporation that was established in 1988 in Washington, DC, will speak at ATC on Tuesday, October 28th at 7:30 PM. His topic will be Iran: A Close Look at Its Foreign and Domestic Policies and the Effect of her Nuclear Ambitions. The Center spearheaded efforts to divest US public employee pension funds from companies that do business with Iran and state supporters of terror, and bringing to light the anti-Semitic histories of European governments that refuse to end bilateral trade with Iran. Under Frank Gaffney's stewardship, the Center has been nationally and internationally recognized as a resource for timely, informed and penetrating analyses of foreign and defense policy matters. He has served in the executive branch of the US Government as well as having served under Democrats and Republicans, most notably the late Senators John Tower and Henry "Scoop" Jackson in the areas of defense and foreign policy.

Mr. Gaffney is the lead-author of War Footing: Ten Steps America Must Take to Prevail in the War for the Free World is the highly acclaimed "owners manual" for the new global conflict in which America finds itself engaged - the War for the Free World. War Footing draws upon the work of the Center and offers practical steps for mobilizing the Nation and other freedom-loving peoples to enable their victory over those who would destroy them. Mr. Gaffney has published widely in The Washington Times,, and,, the New York Post and, amongst others and is a frequent commentator on national and international television and radio news programs. His op-ed articles have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New Republic, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Los Angeles Times, National Review, Newsday, American Legion Magazine, and Commentary. Mr. Gaffney received his MA in International Studies from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and his BS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. Mr. Gaffney's leadership has been recognized by numerous organizations including the Department of Defense Distinguished Public Service Award (1987) and the Zionist Organization of America's "Louis Brandeis Award" (2003). There is no charge for this program.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund (cont.) Hinda and Ron Gorin, in honor of the birth of Marcia and Karl Flanzer's new granddaughter Brylie Nicole Sandi and Dexter Goldstein, in memory of our fathers Sandi and Dexter Goldstein, with wishes for a speedy recovery to Shelley Litwack Donations received after September 12th will be acknowledged in the November issue.

Ahavath Torah Congregation

Lulav and Etrog Purchases If you would like to purchase a lulav and an etrog for use during Sukkot, please let Rabbi J know ASAP. Sukkot begins Monday evening, October 13. Cost is $35 for a standard set, $45 for an intermediate set, and $60 for a mehudar set.


Pulpit Fund

formerly Taylor Rental

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Steve & Gerry Kramer Toby & Paul Barbell

Donations received after September 12th will be acknowledged in the November issue

Youth Fund If you have a simcha, remembrance or any other occasion, please consider a donation to the Youth Fund. Your generosity has allowed several young members of our shul to attend international and regional USY events. We thank you in advance for your support. Donations received after September 12th will be acknowledged in the November issue.

STOUGHTON 287 Washington St Toll Free Dial 800-449-8368 or 781-341-5800

Torah Fund Cards Want to honor someone in a very special way, or send him/her good wishes or condolences? A Torah Fund card is just the right thing, as it states that a donation has been made to the Jewish Theological Seminary (the source of our Conservative rabbis, cantors, and educators) in their name. It’s a wonderful mitzvah for the sender, and an honor for the recipient! A donation of $4.00 per card goes directly to the Seminary to help build and maintain the beautiful sanctuaries, chapels, dormitories, affiliated camps and scholarships, etc. You can have a card sent by calling the Sisterhood Torah Fund Chair, Anne Leppo at 781-341-3946, or the cards may be purchased at all Sisterhood events.

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Sherut L'Tefillah Interested in improving your davenen skills? Would you like to learn how to lead weekday or Shabbat services in sections or in its entirety? Rabbi J and Arthur Arkanase are interested in helping. All you need is an ability to carry a tune, an ability to read Hebrew and desire. Any age welcome. Contact Rabbi J for further information.

SAMUEL M. HAUSMAN Attorney at Law Auto Accident, Slip and Fall, and Other Personal Injury Criminal Defense Business and Employment Law Medical Malpractice Social Security Disability General Practice Law Office of Esther C.S. Dezube 33 Kingston St., 4th Floor Boston, MA 02111 Phone: 617-451-0531 Fax: 617-451-5462

Mansfield (By Appointment) 508-261-8872

Ahavath Torah Congregation

An 80-Year Tradition Enters Its Third Generation Traditions. They're the things nobody tells us we have to do, but we do them because…well…"it's tradition." We have traditional meals, traditional ways of doing things, traditional ways of celebrating. Traditions give us direction. As Tevye says in Fiddler on the Roof, "Without our traditions our lives would be as shaky as, as…as a fiddler on the roof!" But what happens when the generation responsible for upholding the tradition moves away or passes on? If we are lucky, the succeeding generation will pick up the tradition and carry it on. Often, they carry it on with some modification, but at least the tradition continues. There are times, however, when there is nobody available to carry on a tradition and it passes into antiquity - like conducting the entire Pesach Seder in Hebrew did in my family with the passing of my Zaide in 1982. Never are traditions, or their absence, felt more strongly than they are at holiday time because continuing traditions keeps alive a part of those who have gone before us. My late father-in-law, Irving Snetsky, was part of a family tradition that had spanned nearly 80 years. Many of you may recall that Irving always chanted Maftir Yonah, the Haftarah for Yom Kippur afternoon. He had done so for nearly 40 years, since before he first joined ATC as a member. He had taken over the honor from his father who had done it for more than 40 years before him. But with Irving's passing in January, this Snetsky family tradition of nearly 80 years - an ATC tradition for nearly 40 - was in jeopardy of dying with him.

Ahavath Torah Congregation

About 2 1/2 years ago, during our shul's mission to Israel, Rabbi J and I (as we frequently seemed to be on that trip) were up late in the lobby of the hotel at Kibbutz Lavi, taking advantage of their wireless Internet connection. We got to talking about my father-in-law and the Rabbi was saying how much he appreciated what he'd done for him when he came to ATC 12 years ago. I added how much it had meant to me that he had stepped in as a father figure when my own father had passed away the previous year, in 2005. Somehow the conversation came around to Irving not being around anymore, Among the things I mentioned was that I thought it would be a shame to see Maftir Yonah not be part of the Snetsky family on Yom Kippur. What came out next was something I'd thought about, but had until then never said to anybody "traditionally" the kind of thing people later regret, although this one I never will. I told the Rabbi that with nobody else in the family willing or able to take it over, I felt that I should honor my father-inlaw by being the one to uphold the tradition of chanting Maftir Yonah. (So to those of you who thought Rabbi J had put me on the spot during Irving's funeral in January, please know that his charge not only had been a couple of years in the making, but also it was actually my idea, not his.) The Rabbi, who as you know holds tradition in very high regard, agreed. One thing we did decide, though, is that we would not say anything to Irving about it; we agreed we would let him do Maftir Yonah until it was his decision not to do it and only then would I pick it up. We agreed that we'd gauge how Irving felt and that I would begin my studies when it seemed he might be thinking about giving it up. At that point, we would tell him of the plan to

carry on his family's tradition, also figuring that I would have the most capable tutor in him. Sadly, however, by the time it became clear that Irving had chanted his final Maftir Yonah last year, it was too late for him to serve as my tutor. As I sat with him in his final days, though, I assured him that the tradition that his family had carried on for nearly 80 years would live on; that I would see it into its next century and would strive to pass it on to my daughter to carry on as a fourth generation tradition. Before closing, I would like to thank some people who have been instrumental in preparing me to carry on the now "Snetsky-Bloom" family tradition. First, my wife, Amy Snetsky, who is both proud and somewhat relieved that I am stepping in to carry on this tradition. To Rabbi J who has spent a number of Sunday mornings before Minyan on the unenviable end of my not-so-great voice as I stumbled through the Haftarah and Trope. To Tzvi Yoffa, better known to us as Harris, who from Israel, emailed me PDFs of the Haftarah, broken into workable and learnable sections along with digital audio files to go along with them. And to Harvey Cohen, who in his gruff but usually well-meaning way asked on many an occasion "How is Maftir Yonah coming along?" It was Harvey who finally lit the fire under me and arranged for me to get the files from Harris, which made studying Maftir Yonah a workable process. I may be as shaky as a Fiddler on the Roof when I chant Maftir Yonah on Yom Kippur afternoon, but steady and secure will be the TRADITION.

Jonathan Bloom 7

Rabbi Henry Gerson Religious School News From the Ed Director “Teachers and school children are society’s most beautiful ornaments.” Rabbinic commentary on Song of Songs After our first week of school, our classrooms are abuzz with the sights, sounds and symbols of the Aleph-Bet and of Hebrew songs. If you’ve been in the building at the end of classes, you couldn’t help but hear our students enthusiastically and excitedly humming and singing many of the Hebrew songs that they are learning and will be incorporating into the repertoire of our music program this entire year. We are just at the beginning of what will be a terrific, productive, pleasurable and positive learning experience this year. I am thrilled, delighted and honored to be able to impart Torah (in the generic sense) and Yiddishkeit to our ATC children. Our parents should be quite pleased with the very caring, competent and

proficient faculty that will take your children under their wing and will pass on their love of Hebrew, of Torah, of the Jewish holidays, of our Jewish way of life and of course, of our love for the State of Israel. I am passionate about achieving and accomplishing the goals of our Religious school with quality and with excellence. But to accomplish and succeed at our goals, we need you, the entire congregation, as well as you, our parents to be our Educational Partners. Even though we strive to do the best that we can in the short time that we have with the children, we need your help with very specific issues. Below are a few suggestions as we share in the partnership of your children’s Jewish education:

1) Show that Judaism and Jewish learning are important to you and in turn, it will become important to them. You are a role model. Your enthusiasm will be echoed in your children’s approach to religious school. 2) Prepare your child for religious school; impress upon your child the importance of learning and how Jewish education will make them more knowledgeable Jews and, in turn, better people. 3) Take an interest in the materials and notices that your child brings home throughout the year. Regularly discuss the content of the class materials. Your interest will serve as a stimulus to your child, creating increased effort and excitement. 4) Take an active interest in all of our school projects, not only the ones in which your child is involved. Join us for Holiday celebrations, Jewish Family Education Programs and for special activities. Inform the teachers about particular talents and interests that you would be willing to share with the students. Parent participation is always welcomed. Watch for invitations from each class so you can be engaged along with your children in the positive classroom experiences. 5) “The family that prays together, stays together.” It’s an old adage; an oldie but a goodie. Come with your children to Friday Night, Shabbat morning and Junior Congregation services. Make this a wonderful family experience. Continued on the following page

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From the Ed Director (cont.)

Bet Class

Ahavath Torah Self-Esteem Builders

Growing, growing, growing ...describes our class this year. It is wonderful to fill up the room with lots of wonderful children, all of them eager to learn. We are enjoying our music and our crafts throughout the month to come, to help learn about the holidays. Our virtual trip to Israel has begun and we have learned several letters of the aleph-bet. There are lots more exciting things to come.

We as a staff at Ahavath Torah are interested in building positive self-esteem, terrific self-confidence and great Jewish pride in our children. Our teachers will listen to our students very carefully because students know what makes them feel successful and good about themselves. I have instructed our teachers to reach each student with at least one of these self-esteem builders every day: · Smile when you see me.

B'Shalom Morah Y'hudit

Helayne Magier Adelstein

· Call me by my name. · Listen to me when I talk.

Hay Class

· Let me know that you missed me when I was absent.

Shalom! It was so nice to meet my new students on our first day of class. On our first lesson I heard great Hebrew names .We are going to call each other by our Hebrew names, trying to recreate a little Eretz Israel in class. We all had fun that first day.

· Recognize my own special talents, even if they may not show up on my report card. · Give me a chance to succeed in at least one small way each day. · Praise me when I do something right. · If you do not like something that I do, help me to understand that you still like me as a person. · Encourage me to aim high. I am looking forward to a dynamite, educationally fun year. My warmest wishes to you all for a healthy, meaningful New Year – 5769, a year filled with love and with many blessings. L’shanah Tovah Tikatayvu,

Ruth Greenfield

As we are entering the month of Tishre, we are going to talk about all the holidays and customs of this important Hebrew month. Our class is doing a great job in Hebrew, improving reading skills, and working on vocabulary, writing and conversational skills. We will learn about Brit-Milah, Baby Naming, Chuppah and other important moments in Jewish Life. I am pleased to teach this class and I am sure it is going to be a pleasant, meaningful and productive year for all of us. Thank you for sharing your children with me. It is an honor to teach such a wonderful class. I would like to wish everyone Shanah Tovah UMetuka in 5769! - Happy and Sweet Year 5769! Lehitraot,

Marina Korenblyum Kitah Hay Teacher

A Call to Minyan – We Need You! Please do not forget the continuing need of our Minyan. Minyanim are held Sunday at 9 AM, Monday through Thursday at 7:30 PM. Shabbat Services begin at 7:30 PM on Friday (unless otherwise indicated) and Saturday morning at 9:30 AM.

Ahavath Torah Congregation

Refilling your prescriptions? use ATC scrip ...

It’s a Mitzvah! 9

ATC Brotherhood Presents

Bill “Spaceman” Lee and Mike Adams Come and listen to baseball’s most colorful and interesting, former great Red Sox pitcher talk about his years during and after the Red Sox. Mike Adams from WEEI will be our MC and introduce our guest. Bill Lee will be taking questions during his presentation and will also be available for autographs and pictures. WHEN: SUNDAY OCTOBER 5TH TIME: 10:00 AM COST: $19.75 KIDS: $6.00 Space is limited and reservations are required. Please call Ina at the ATC office at 781344-8733 or Phil Weiner at 508-286-9089

FiOS Please call me before you sign up for FiOS. I have arranged for ATC to earn a $15 commission for everyone (Members or non-members, so tell your friends) who signs up through me. David Steinberg 781-686-2401 or


Recycling Collection Ends Please note that we are no longer recycling inkjet and toner cartridges. Please do not drop off your old inkjet or toner cartridges. Further information will follow, if we are able to restart this program in the future.

Ahavath Torah Congregation

Adult Education

Gan/Alef Class

Arthur Arkanase will be teaching three Hebrew classes for adults this year.

Shalom! The K/1 class is off to a great start. Some of the children in our growing group are both new to the Rabbi Henry Gerson Religious School, and new to the synagogue itself; while others are new to only one or the other; or returnees – whichever category you fall into, we welcome you! Sunday mornings give us a chance to meet new friends and reacquaint with old ones. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur came at the start of the school year.

Beginner's Hebrew class (which recently graduated eleven adult learners). This class will meet on Sundays from 10 to 11 AM. Hineni Prayer book Hebrew Class for Adults. This class will meet on Sundays from 11 AM to 12 noon. (Prerequisite Beginner's Hebrew Class or a basic ability to read Hebrew) Adult B'nai Mitzvah Skills Training Class. This class will meet during the week in the evening. (Pre-requisite Beginner's Hebrew Class or a basic ability to read Hebrew). The current plan is Monday evenings from 6:30 - 7:30 PM. Rabbi J will teach a class on Pirkei Avot/Ethics of the Fathers. Hebrew skills are not required. All interested should contact Rabbi J directly in order to determine the most convenient day and time to meet. All classes should start by the end of October at the conclusion of all of the Chagim. For further information, contact Arthur or Rabbi J.


Hands on experiences with the shofar were prevalent in our class. We laced our own shofarot, learned the shofar sounds, heard the shofar, and even tried to blow one ourselves. What a surprise when a few of our friends were able to make some sounds! The children experienced a sweet new year by tasting different apples and baking their own honey cake. Throughout all our activities we are beginning to learn some Hebrew letters as well, “shin” and “tzadik” are just the beginning. Collecting tzedakah will be a part of each and every class. We will be learning about the mitzvah of tzedakah and ways to help others. Please remember, whether it is a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, or more, every little bit helps. What a good way to start the New Year! So much to do, and so little time in which to do it. Morah Chaya,

Inez Springer A Call to Minyan – We Need You!

Heritage ~ Tradition ~ Community Pre-need Planning ~ Interfaith Section Available For information Contact Ira Vogel 781-828-7216

Ahavath Torah Congregation

Please do not forget the continuing need of our Minyan. The camaraderie and spiritual fulfillment which develops when building a Kahal Kodesh, a Holy Community, is just as important as the comfort we provide to mourners in daily worship. Minyanim are held Sunday at 9 AM, Monday through Thursday at 7:30 PM Shabbat Services begin at 7:30 PM on Friday (unless otherwise indicated) and Saturday mornings at 9:30 AM.

For all your grocery shopping use ATC scrip ...

It’s a Mitzvah! 11

ATC Brotherhood To all the men of ATC, Our Brotherhood is a great way to become more involved with ATC and at the same time network with other members of our congregation. Annual dues are $25 and offer the opportunity for Brotherhood to sponsor great programs while also providing us the ability to give back to ATC and support the congregation. We welcome your involvement, need your input, and also are looking for new members to Brotherhood. As always, we also look to you to provide new ideas for programming and fundraising. We have a number of great events planned for this year! October 5th Breakfast - Bill Lee (yes, the Spaceman himself) will be at ATC along with our guest host Mike Adams from the Planet Mikey show on Sports Radio WEEI. We will talk about Bill Lee's major league career including his time with the Red Sox January 17th - Our Annual Scotch-n-Cigar Night April 12th - Passover Jazz Brunch April - date still to be determined - Our First Annual Prime Rib & Poker Night June thru August - Brotherhood Softball League - We have two teams from Stoughton which compete in a six team league which consists of teams from synagogues in Sharon, Easton, and Brockton. If you are interested in joining please complete the form below and return it to the ATC Office.

ATC Brotherhood 2008/2009 Name: ______________________________________ Address: ____________________________________ Phone number: _______________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________ (Please note that the email address provided will be put on a Brotherhood-only list-serv)

Don't Forget Your Pasta and Raisins!!! Our congregation has made a commitment to Jewish Family Table to provide 30 packages of raisins and 30 boxes of pasta each month.

Please help out!

Please send your $25 check payable to ATC Brotherhood along with this form to the ATC office.


Ahavath Torah Congregation

USY News


Stoughton USY held their opening event for Kadima, Junior and Senior USY on September 13th at the Striar JCC, for a swim and gym event along with USYers from Temple Reyim, Temple Israel and Temple Beth Am. Over seventyfive enthusiastic USYers took over the JCC and had a blast. Special thanks go out to Janet Weinstein and Sherry Springer who helped chaperone the event as well as special kudos to our own Erica Greene, who helped lifeguard the pool area.

At the annual barbeque on September 7th, we were joined by several prospective and new members. It was nice to see them and they seemed to have a good time.

Thirty members of our already growing Stoughton USY chapter attended the annual NERUSY Regional Boat Cruise around Boston Harbor on September 28th. It was a great time for the kids to connect with old friends and make new ones. Senior USY is busily working on repeating last year’s popular Sushi in the Sukkah for all three groups. An upcoming make-your-own-sundae event is being planned for both Kadima and junior USY. Just a reminder for all parents whose children just completed their Bar or Bat Mitzvah ....the first year of USY dues is on ATC ...don't miss out on this great opportunity to get your kids involved. Please feel free to contact either Jacquie Olans or me for more information. The registration form for USY can be found on the ATC web site.

On Friday evening, October 24th, during the Shabbat service, we will welcome our new members as well as install our officers. We are all looking forward to this. We hope many congregants come and help us welcome our new members to our Ahavath Torah Congregation "family". We wish you a sweet and healthy Rosh Hashanah.

Anne Leppo Membership Chair 781-341-3946 Eying a new plasma TV? Use ATC scrip ...

It’s a Mitzvah!

Amy Griffing Co-Chair Youth Committee

Weight Watchers Weight Watchers now meets once a week at Ahavath Torah Congregation. Meetings take place on Tuesdays and begin at 6 PM. Doors open at 5:30 PM. Weight Watchers no longer meets on Wednesday mornings.

A Call to Minyan – We Need You! Please do not forget the continuing need of our Minyan. The camaraderie and spiritual fulfillment which develops when building a Kahal Kodesh, a Holy Community, is just as important as the comfort we provide to mourners in daily worship. Minyanim are held Sunday at 9 AM, Monday through Thursday at 7:30 PM Shabbat Services begin at 7:30 PM on Friday (unless otherwise indicated) and Saturday mornings at 9:30 AM.

Ahavath Torah Congregation


Sisterhood Sisterhood is off and running for the New Year! To date, we have cheered the Brockton Rox (thanks to Inez Springer's planning), had two rousing, well attended, productive board meetings and made our presence well known at this year's ATC BBQ (thanks to the creative collaborative efforts of Sue Korch and Vicki Lemkin)! We are a fun-filled, lively bunch and have some fabulous upcoming events for everyone to enjoy. By the time you read this we will all have stretched and assumed our "Downward Facing Dog" positions with Torah Yoga! Vicki Lemkin chaired this event and, as we went to press, 16 people had signed up to participate, though several more were planning to attend. We have, once again, included our Sisterhood bookmark in your prayer book for the High Holiday services. This bookmark highlights our many activities! Thank you to Robin Zoll for creating the bookmark and making sure there was one in each book! ATC is installing all shul officers, as well as brotherhood and sisterhood officers, along with welcoming our new members, on Friday evening, October 24th. What better way for us all to show our solidarity as one organization? Come daven, then nosh, as we welcome the newest members of our ATC "family", and wish the newest officers well. On October 27th, we will be having our annual Paid-Up Supper. Madeleine Lewis, my co-president and chair of Sisterhood membership, is in charge of this event. When we last left them, her committee was busy planning the menu and it was sounding really delicious! We will be entertained that evening by the Emerald Theatre, which makes its home right here at ATC. This event is always well attended and very enjoyable. Grab your friends and join us that evening. At Paid-Up Supper, everyone will have a chance to inspect, first hand, the gorgeous new Israeli jewelry purchases the Judaica Shop ladies made when they attended the gift show

Please... Help your synagogue by paying your dues on a timely basis. Thanks! 14

in August. Sandy Stogel, Jan Hackel and Lynne Rosenbloom make an awesome buying team and we have seen some beautiful pieces come in and fly out, into the hands of some savvy shoppers! The future holds a new display case for these lovely wares in the ATC lobby, but, until then, you can see them on Sunday mornings, at any ATC sisterhood event or by making an appointment with Sandy, Jan or Lynne. Also at Paid-Up Supper, will be our full array of Torah Fund cards. Anne Leppo is our Torah Fund chair and has some big plans for ATC Sisterhood and Torah Fund this year; we will begin a strong Torah Fund drive to emphasize our continued support for the Jewish Theological Seminary. Those who support Torah Fund in a big way will be honored by sisterhood and we will culminate the effort with our "Light of Torah" brunch in May. When you next have a reason to send a card remembering someone in your life, please consider a Torah Fund card and help us meet this year's goals. So, too, if you would like to make a donation of a book (or more) of stamps, Sisterhood will be able to mail those cards without cost and that would be greatly appreciated. Our fall Rummage Sale takes place on November 9th from 9 AM 'til 2 PM, so clean out your closets and help us earn some money. Clothing, bedding, shoes, purses, small toys, bric-a-brac‌we'll take it all! Just be sure to drop it off ONLY on November 8th from 7 - 9 PM, November 9th from 8 - 9 AM or call Sue Korch at 508-588-2449 for an appointment. Volunteers are also needed, so please step up and lend us a hand. On November 18th we will host a program with Lori Lieberman, one of the area's outstanding nutritionists. Lori practices what she preaches and her credo of balanced living shows. Come join us that night to learn how to optimize your lifestyle for a healthy, peaceful, contented existence. Continued on the following page Finishing the basement? Use ATC scrip ...

It’s a Mitzvah! Ahavath Torah Congregation

Sisterhood (cont.) On December 8th we will be sharing the ATC space with Sharon/Stoughton Hadassah and kicking up our bare feet in Israeli dancing! Far more than just the Hora, this should be a really fun, uplifting night out. Paint your toenails and then show them off while we circle and spin! Hillery Bauman is the evening's chair. Keep your eyes open for our very first Movie Minyan evening! We will announce the date soon and the plan is to open this to everyone at ATC, for free! Our first movie will be "Crossing Delancey" with Amy Irving and Peter Reigert. This is an absolutely charming film where Irving's nice, Jewish girl thinks she wants someone a bit more upscale than Reigert's pickle man, the man her Bubbe and the matchmaker have chosen for her (despite her objections). Will she choose him in the end or the uptown author she's had her eye on? You'll only know if you join us that night! Popcorn and other goodies are on the menu, so keep your eyes open for the date. There are numerous other events coming up as we have quite a full year planned! Look for our "Wonderful Women of ATC" series, our big Purim fundraiser (planned by the one and only Sue Korch), our "Take 7 Steps" Darkness To Light pre-dawn walk, among many others. Make your plans to send in your dues and join us for any and all events. The more, the merrier and this year promises something for everyone. At the very least, we have a good time when we are together! If you have any questions, please send me a note or give me a call. Happy New Year to everyone!

Susan Komisar Hausman 781-264-0181

Sisterhood Jewelry Fundraiser Well, it’s that time of year again. Looking through your closets and jewelry boxes for what looks the best on you for the Yom Tovim? While you are doing that, please help us here at Ahavath Torah Congregation with our new jewelry fundraiser. Clean out those jewelry boxes of your old, often decades-old jewelry, that you, your children and your grandchildren no longer wear (even for children’s “dress up”), and donate it to us; all donations are tax deductible. It does not matter if it is men’s ancient cufflinks and tie bars, or absolutely any women’s jewelry, even missing earrings, stones, broken chains, or any sort of damaged jewelry, we can sell it to raise money. Wrist and pocket watches, whether working or not, are welcome. Any sort of gold or silver will obviously bring us the most money, and little pieces quickly add up for us. Please leave your donations in the Sisterhood box in the shul office. If your donation is so massive that you need help transporting it, a member of the Sisterhood will gladly drive her personal armored truck to your home for pick up! Have a Happy, Healthy and less cluttered New Year.

Madeleine Lewis, Sisterhood Co-President 781-344-3909


Roasting a brisket? use ATC scrip ...

It’s a Mitzvah!

Join the ATC E-mail List To be added or deleted from this list, send an email to:

Mazel Tov Karl & Marcia Flanzer, on the birth of their granddaughter, Brylie Nicole Weinstein Rose Silverman, on the birth of her great granddaughter, Brylie Nicole Weinstein

Ahavath Torah Congregation

If you would like to send email to the congregation, send text as you would like the congregation to see it to:

Please note that you must send your text from a subscribed email address.


Tikun Olam/Social Action Corner Thanks to Janet Weinstein and Betsy Klein, who have taken over the Social Action Committee and are off to a great start. Thanks to the rest of the committee for filling in.

2008-2009 Distribution Schedule October 5, 2008

March 8, 2009

Jewish Family Table

November 2, 2008

April 5, 2009

At the BBQ, Jon Bloom and Amy Snetsky played "guess the number of candies in the jar" and "sold toothpaste and raisins", raising $44 or so for Jewish Family Table. Thanks to Jon and Amy who have agreed to continue to chair this project. Thanks to all of the people who volunteered on September 14th to "shop and deliver" the groceries for recipients of Jewish Family Table.

December 7, 2008

May 3, 2009

January 11, 2009

June 7, 2009

February 8, 2009

July 12, 2009

Our synagogue's commitment each month is to collect 30 boxes of pasta and 30 packages of raisins. Please remember to continue your donations. Drivers are needed each month to bring our collection to Waltham. If you are willing to drive, please contact Jonathan Bloom or Amy Snetsky. If you can help out, contact Jon Bloom at or Amy Snetsky at or call them at 508230-8688.

Don't Forget Your Pasta and Raisins!!!

Project Isaiah It is time again for Project Isaiah! Project Isaiah is being organized this year by Evan Andler as his community service project. The plight of the homeless and hungry is constantly before us. Part of the meaning of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is to remind us of our responsibility to help relieve misery. That responsibility is explicit in Isaiah's timeless message in the Haftorah for Yom Kippur... This is my chosen fast‌. Share your bread with the hungry, Take the homeless into your home, Clothe the naked when you see him, Do not turn away from people in need (Isaiah 58:6-7)

Please help out!

Project Isaiah is a national campaign sponsored by The United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism which is a Jewish solution to helping to feed the hungry in your area. In our case, all of the food will go to the Stoughton Food Pantry. In past years, we have helped stock the shelves of the food pantry in a time when the shelves are often depleted after the summer.

For all your grocery shopping

We will distribute shopping bags to each family on the first day of Rosh Hashanah on September 30th, 2008. Please fill the bags with kosher non-perishable food and paper goods. Examples include but are not limited to canned vegetables, canned fruit, pasta and spaghetti sauce, cereal, cake mixes, tissues, napkins, granola bars, juices, rice, tuna, tissues, napkins, etc. Please bring the bags back before the start of Kol Nidre, Wednesday, October 7th, 2008. Please do not carry bags of food into the synagogue either during Yom Kippur or Shabbat.

Our congregation has made a commitment to Jewish Family Table to provide 30 packages of raisins and 30 boxes of pasta each month.

use ATC scrip ...

It’s a Mitzvah! 16

No August distribution

We are encouraging for new members to join the Social Action Committee. Please contact Betsy or Janet for more information. Ahavath Torah Congregation

7 – 11 PM Saturday November 15, 2008 Balloon Raffle Live & Silent Auctions Bid Boards

Beer & Wine Cash Bar Hot & Cold Appetizers Coffee & Dessert

$25 per person in advance. $30 at the door. $225 reserved table for 10. Please RSVP by November 1 to 781-344-8733 or Ahavath Torah Congregation


Temple Beth Am & Ahavath Torah Congregation 2009 Mission to Israel February 11-23, 2009 Led by Rabbis Loel Weiss & Jonathan Hausman Tour Educator/Guide: Kayla Ship Join Rabbi J and Rabbi Loel Weiss, of Temple Beth Am, on a joint congregational mission to Israel. The trip is scheduled for February 11 - 23, 2009. The mission will begin by exploring the archaeological remains at Banyas (hopefully, with a tour by its lead archaeologist Dr. Ehud Netzer), a trip to Kiryat Shemona and Shabbat in the mystical city of Tzfat (for those who wish - a trip to the Carlebach Shul in Tzfat) and exploration of other famous shuls in the area. Following this will be a visit to the Western Galilee, Rosh HaNiqra, Haifa and the Bahai Gardens, Zichron Yaakov (and the wineries dotted around this city), a visit to Yerucham and the Dead Sea (perhaps a tour of Masada by Ehud Netzer), Ein Gedi, political briefings by government officials and the second Shabbat in Jerusalem. To receive a copy of the tentative itinerary or for further information, contact Rabbi J at 781-344-8733 or e-mail


Ahavath Torah Congregation

Linda Sheff Memorial Fund Wishing Bobby Cohn a speedy recovery from: Alan & Jacquie Olans Paul Greenfield Louise Sneider Shelley & Lew Litwack Susan & David Bernstein Steve & Gerry Kramer Wishing Arlene Hartstone a speedy recovery from: Diane & Bob Cohn Paul Greenfield Louise Sneider Shelley & Lew Litwack

Oneg/Kiddush/Seudah Shlisheet Sponsors Please consider full or partial sponsorship of an Oneg Shabbat (Friday night after services), a Kiddush (Saturday morning after services) or a Seudah Shlisheet (Saturday afternoon meal between Mincha and Ma'ariv services), or even a Friday Night Dinner in honor of a simcha in your life, in memory of a loved one, or just because you want to. Call the shul office at 781-344-8733 or e-mail to for details. Sponsorships received after September 12th will be recognized in the November issue.

To Lois & Sheldon Stone, in memory of their beloved son, Gary, from: Joyce Kaufman Arlene Hartstone Glen & Stacey Kreger Wishing Lois Levy a speedy recovery, from Susan & David Bernstein. Wishing Shelley Litwack a speedy recovery from: Susan & David Bernstein Roz & Jerry Rosenburg

Bikkur Cholim/Visiting the Sick Please call the office or have someone call on your behalf if you are ill, or know of a congregant who is ill, and would like a visit by Rabbi J. The only way Rabbi J will know if you are hospitalized or ill is if he is notified. Please rest assured that Rabbi J does his best to protect a person’s privacy.

To Karl & Marcia Flanzer in honor of the birth of their granddaughter from Roz & Jerry Rosenburg. Donations received after September 12th will be acknowledged in the November issue.

Paid-Up Dinner Event Sisterhood's Annual Paid-Up Dinner event will be held this year on Monday evening, October 27, at 6:30 PM. There will be a dinner followed by a presentation by the Emerald Theater Group, who rehearse and perform at ATC. They will give us a preview of their next presentation, Little Women, in addition to other numbers. All members who have paid their $36 dues to Sisterhood are invited to attend at no charge. Mark your calendars now, and join us for this Paid-Up Dinner event, sure to be an evening of wonderful food and fun!

Please... Help your synagogue by paying your dues on a timely basis. Thanks! Ahavath Torah Congregation


Tree of Life Our beautiful Tree of Life is located in the foyer of our synagogue. Purchasing a leaf or stone is a permanent way of honoring a birth, birthday, anniversary, graduation, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, etc. It is never too late to honor a special event or loved one. The price of each leaf is $54 ( triple Chai) plus a $6.00 handling charge per order. Each leaf permits up to four lines of engraving. The first and fourth lines hold up to 18 characters and the second and third lines up to 26. The cost of engraving is $.35 per character. You may reserve a leaf in advance. Final payment is due upon receipt of the leaf.

Tree of Life Order Form (Please Save) I wish to permanently inscribe my simcha as follows: (please print) Line 1 itzvah M t a B / r Ba Line 2 Receive s e i l i m a F Line 3 nt % Discou 5 1 Line 4 Name ________________________________________ Tel No. ___________________________ Total number of characters ___ x $.35 = $______ Plus Current cost of leaf 60.00 Total amount enclosed $ _____ PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO Ahavath Torah Congregation And mail to: Ann Carol Lipshires, 51 Godfrey Dr, Norton, MA 02766 (508-285-3766) or send to Ina at the synagogue office. A Call to Minyan – We Need You! Please do not forget the continuing need of our Minyan. The camaraderie and spiritual fulfillment which develops when building a Kahal Kodesh, a Holy Community, is just as important as the comfort we provide to mourners in daily worship. Minyanim are held Sunday at 9 AM, Monday through Thursday at 7:30 PM Shabbat Services begin at 7:30 PM on Friday (unless otherwise indicated) and Saturday mornings at 9:30 AM.


Refilling your prescriptions? use ATC scrip ...

It’s a Mitzvah! Please... Help your synagogue by paying your dues on a timely basis. Thanks! Ahavath Torah Congregation

ATC Judaica Shop Surprises in Store!!

Please Help a Fellow Congregant Through Rabbi J’s Job Bank!

Exciting happenings at your ATC Sisterhood Judaica shop are in store for the fall!!

One kind of mitzvah is giving a person something to eat. Helping a person to find a job so that he can provide his own food is even a greater mitzvah.

Sandy, Jan and Lynne are going to the trade show in New York City to bring back more beautiful and unusual Judaica items and jewelry for all of your holiday, ritual and gift-giving needs. Watch closely for new items and displays. The shop reopens on Sundays, when Religious school is in session. Remember to check out the many bargains on our 50%-off table, as we make room for new merchandise arriving from the show!

Many ATC members are looking for jobs. We want to help. Through Rabbi J’s Job Bank, ‘jobs wanted’ and ‘positions available’ are freely posted to a large number of people and allows us to post them through the ATC office and other publications.

Please give the Judaica shop a chance to meet all of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah, ritual, and gift needs. Remember, Bar/Bat Mitzvah families receive a 10% discount on purchases over $100. The Sisterhood Judaica shop is one of Sisterhood's main fundraising projects, thanks to congregants and friends who support this endeavor. Call Sandy 781-341-2916, Jan 508-238-6842 or Lynne 617-694-7917 for more information, or just stop by and see what surprises await you at the ATC Sisterhood Judaica Shop!

Buying gifts online?

It’s a Mitzvah! Get Well Wishes Linda Rudman Hinda Gorin Simma Kuznitz Shelley Litwack Bob Lazarus Steve Goldberg Arnie Lipshires Nate Stogel Bobby Cohn Arlene Hartstone

Ahavath Torah Congregation

If you are interested in participating, please submit no more than a five-sentence description (longer descriptions will be edited) of your skills or the job for which you are looking, or of a position which you may have available, by way of e-mail to If you know of any job possibilities that fit one or more of the resumes at any time, please call Rabbi J. He will relay your phone number to the appropriate party so they can follow up directly.

Ahavath Torah Congregation Charitable Funds There are several funds at our shul to which you may direct a donation to mark any number of events, milestones, remembrances or to express thanks. Please consider participating as your contributions help to maintain the high quality of programming at ATC. Beverly Manburg Memorial Library Fund Jacob and Bessie Lipsky Fund Kiddush Fund Linda Sheff Memorial Fund (please contact the Religious School) Prayer Book Fund Pulpit Fund Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund (please contact Rabbi J) Religious School Enrichment Fund (please contact the Religious School) Torah Repair Fund Tree of Life (please contact Ann-Carol Lipshires) Yahrzeit Fund Yahrzeit Memorial Plaques Youth Fund Unless otherwise noted, please contact Ina at the shul office to make a donation to the above funds.


October Yahrzeit Calendar October 1 Gerald Hartstone Joseph Markowsky Rose Sherman Esther Young October 2 Nathan B. Green Irving Nisson Beverly Schneider October 3 Ida Tolpin Cohen Ida Dorothy Goldman Ida Reinherz October 4 Sara Teper Gaffin October 5 Ida Fine Alfred S. Lipshires Bella Lipsky Bertha Ritter Sylvia Rubenstein October 6 Rubin Band Herbert Cohen Nathan Rudman October 7 Sophie Gabriel Goldie Nadler Elizabeth Platter

October 9 Anna Feldberg Bergstein Rose Seeley October 10 Sheila Bader October 12 Betty Harfield George Hillson Harry “Archie” Kroner Lillian Lehrman

October 18 Harry Frank Max Vinik Jennie Weiderhorn October 19 Arthur Bloom Paul Geller October 20 Kimberley Anne Berkovitz Philip Jacobson

October 13 David Chefitz Saul Litwack

October 21 Oscar Hoffstein Mollie Resnick

October 14 Dorothy Fruit Morris Goldstein Harry Grubert

October 22 Rebecca Greenberg Dora Westerman

October 15 Abraham J. Niers October 16 Robert Raphel David S. Rosenthal Hyman Sarin Yefim Segal

October 25 Bessie Kaminsky Clara Perlmutter Hasther-Esther Schach Moshe Schach Naftoly Schach Shoal Schach Milton Zwerdling October 26 Lillian Sherman October 27 Myer Grubert Paul Olans October 28 Elizabeth Lieberman October 29 Hyman Drukman Aaron Samuel Goldberg Alicia Sarah Goldberg Julia Novoson

October 23 Morris Bornstein Louis Brezner Ivoja Donath Paul Gorin October 24 Irma Lampert Ciccolo Howard J. S. Magier

October 17 Louis Fisher

October 30 Michael Frank George J. Kay October 31 Jeanne Kohner Pauline Livingstone Esther Weisberg Philip Zelbovitz

Schlossberg & Solomon “The Chapel on the Hill” The South Shore’s Only Family-Owned Jewish Memorial Chapel “To Remember and Celebrate Life” 824 Washington St., Canton, MA 02021 781-828-6990 • 617-739-3800 • 800-828-6993

This Page is generously sponsored by Schlossberg & Solomon Memorial Chapels of Canton, MA


Ahavath Torah Congregation

Nessa Wilensky 781-344-8823 Anne Leppo 781-341-3946 Rick Smith (Tanglewood) 781-341-0882

Ahavath Torah Congregation

Ellen Greene

781-344-4261 (JCC x262) 781-344-2016 Rabbi J & Ina at ATC 781-344-8733

Helayne Adelstein 781-344-7566 (Bet Class & Greenbrook/Copperwood) Anne Weiner (Norton/Attleboro) 508-286-9089


Dates to Save

Ahavath Torah Congregation 1179 Central Street Stoughton, MA 02072


TIME VALUE Board of Directors Meeting: October 16, 2008, 7:30 PM November Bulletin Deadline: Monday, October 13th

ATC Bulletin October 2008  

News and information about Ahavath Torah Congregation, a lively, family-oriented conservative synagogue located in Stoughton, Massachusetts....

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