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January Schedule Shabbat VaYechi Friday January 1 Candle lighting ...........................4:05 PM Kabbalat Shabbat.........................7:30 PM Saturday January 2 Tefillah.........................................9:30 AM

Shabbat Shemot Friday January 8 Candle lighting.............................4:12 PM Kabbalat Shabbat.........................7:30 PM Saturday January 9 Tefillah.........................................9:30 AM

Shabbat Va'era Friday January 15 Candle lighting.............................4:19 PM Kabbalat Shabbat.........................7:30 PM Hay Class Service Saturday January 16 Tefillah.........................................9:30 AM

Shabbat Bo Artist in Residence Weekend Friday January 22 Candle lighting.............................4:28 PM Kabbalat Shabbat.........................7:30 PM Saturday January 23 Tefillah.........................................9:30 AM Havdalah .....................................6:30 PM Shir Appeal Concert

Shabbat Beshallach Friday January 29 Candle lighting ............................4:37 PM Kabbalat Shabbat.........................7:30 PM Sunday January 30 Tefillah.........................................9:30 AM

A Call to Minyan – We Need You! Please do not forget the continuing need of our Minyan. The camaraderie and spiritual fulfillment which develops when building a Kahal Kodesh, a Holy Community, is just as important as the comfort we provide to mourners in daily worship. The opportunity to meditate, reflect, and remember is essential to our spiritual growth. To connect with the Almighty is a powerful experience! Minyanim are held Sunday at 9 AM, Monday through Thursday at 7:30 PM.. Shabbat Services begin at 7:30 PM on Friday (unless otherwise indicated) and Saturday morning at 9:30 AM.

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hope you all had a Happy Chanukah and a very happy New Year.

It was so nice to see everyone at the Chanukah Party on December 13th and especially, to watch so many youngsters enjoying the festivities. I want to give my personal thanks to Arthur Arkanase and Bob Cohn for making this Chanukah celebration happen. I also want to thank Bob Bornstein and all those members who helped prepare, serve and clean up. We hope to continue in 2010 with many wonderful programs. Some of our plans include a Blues Café, a Dinner Dance and our ongoing series of great speakers. Our next speaker will prove to be interesting as well as informative. Dick Morris, former Press Secretary to President Clinton, will be joining us. I hope everyone will come and support ATC and enjoy a fascinating evening. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, it should be a great evening. As I have mentioned in the past, we are always looking for more ideas to help with fundraising. If you have an idea for a successful event, contact anyone on the Executive Board. Or step up yourself and spearhead an event. Become an active part of your congregation. Now that the winter is upon us, money becomes very tight for ATC. This is when the congregation needs your dues the most…so please help by doing your part, please send in your dues payments on time.

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Friday 15 Tevet



7:30 PM Kabbalat Shabbat


17 Tevet

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19 Tevet


7:00 PM Exec Board


20 Tevet

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7:30 PM 2:00 PM Youth Committee Bloodmobile


25 Tevet


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28 Tevet


8:00 AM D2L Facilitator Workshop

No Classes

2 Shevat


3:00 PM Boston Community Choir



29 Tevet

4 Shevat


Martin Luther King Day

5 Shevat


23 Tevet

9:30 AM Tefillah 10:00 AM Junior Cong.


7:30 PM Hay Class Service

1 Shevat


Rosh Chodesh Shevat 9:30 AM Tefillah

7:30 PM Board of Directors

Bulletin Deadline

3 Shevat

9:30 AM Tefillah

7:30 PM Kabbalat Shabbat

7:00 PM Sisterhood Board

24 Tevet

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16 Tevet

7:00 PM Scotch & Cigar Night


6 Shevat


7:30 PM School Committee

7 Shevat


7:30 PM Sisterhood Shabbat

8 Shevat


9:30 AM Tefillah 10:00 AM Junior Cong. 6:30 PM Havdalah with Shir Appeal

9 Shevat


1:00 PM Artist-inResidence Lego Building Event

16 Shevat


10:00 AM School Tu B’Shevat Program

10 Shevat


11 Shevat


12 Shevat


7:30 PM Ritual Committee

13 Shevat


14 Shevat


7:30 PM Kabbalat Shabbat Junior Cong.

15 Shevat


Tu B’Shevat 9:30 AM Tefillah 10:00 AM Junior Cong.

Candle Lighting Times January 1.........................4:05 PM

3:00 PM Mah Jongg Tournament

January 8.........................4:12 PM

7:00 PM Exec Board

January 29.......................4:37 PM

January 15.......................4:19 PM January 22.......................4:28 PM

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From the Rabbi’s Desk... Is it a mere coincidence that in one week's time, the infamous sign over Auschwitz was stolen, destroyed and retrieved; a Las Vegas teacher was sent home for allegedly spewing Holocaust denial in her classroom; and Jewish basketball players and their families from Lower Merion High School in greater Philadelphia were subjected to anti-Semitic taunts? That the spate of incidents occurred so close together is, of course, happenstance. But the sheer fact of these occurrences must give us pause. Hardly a week goes by, it seems, without some anti-Jewish act occurring somewhere around the world. Consider these other headlines during the last month alone: "Demjanjuk Attorney Belittles Survivors' Testimony" and "Ten Students Suspended for Kick a Jew Day." It wasn't so long ago that antiSemitism, particularly in this country, was considered mostly a non-issue. Even as recently as two decades ago, those who tabulated and tracked the incidents were considered alarmists.

Certainly, we've come a long way since the days when Jewish schoolchildren were subject to regular beatings and harassment (I remember such incidents vividly in the early 1960s), when quotas limited the number of Jewish students admitted to Ivy League colleges, and top graduates were barred from law firms. Yet we now know that acts of violence against Jews still abound, as evidenced by the horrific shooting at the Seattle federation building in 2006. Just last week, the perpetrator, Naveed Haq, was convicted at his second trial of killing one woman and wounding five others. Indeed, the ADL tracking of hate crimes shows that two-thirds of such crimes in the US are directed at Jews and Jewish targets (coincidentally, the same study shows 8 percent are directed at Muslims living in the US). More common are the less violent but no less disturbing expressions of discrimination and intolerance. These incidents -- like the wellpublicized "kick a Jew" day in Naples, FL and much closer to home, the "warm up the ovens" and other Holocaust-related chants directed at the Lower Merion High School

basketball team at its game against Upper Darby -- are often rooted in ignorance and intolerance more than outright anti-Semitism. Unfortunately, it's not so uncommon for middle- and high-schoolers to use discriminatory language, often blurring the line between jest and maliciousness. The question is what adults do to condemn these instances and use them as teachable moments. Publicity and public education helps. In the Naples incident, the superintendent of schools has been lauded for devoting an entire school board meeting to the issue. In Upper Darby, some students were reportedly suspended for their actions, and the head of the Upper Darby police has said he would speak to the student body about the dangers of antiSemitism and hate speech. We might have come far, but not so far that we can let complacency prevail. Education against intolerance never ends.

Rabbi J

Bereavement Support Group Old Colony Hospice offers a Bereavement Support Group to afford those who've experienced loss, support during the grieving process. Drop-in groups and established groups are available free of charge on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For further information, contact Noreen Dionne, Bereavement Program Assistant, directly at Old Colony Hospice, at 781-341-4146 x210, to confirm your space. Old Colony Hospice offers many different services to the community and is a leader in palliative care. For further information, please contact the office at 781-341-4145.


Ahavath Torah Congregation

Chanukah Party Thanks

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Thank you to the following parents for their help at the Religious School’s Chanukah Party on December 13th. It was a huge success. I am sorry if I missed anybody; you all did an amazing job!

Rochelle and Alan Sherman, in memory of beloved mother, Ida Rostoff

The kids had a great time eating latkes, sufguniot, and clementines, playing a rousing game or two of dreidel, singing songs and most of all the donut eating contest!!

Bennette Shultz, in memory of Bob Saunders

Wendy Schulze Amy Litwack Marla and Matt Potter Edith and Matthew Rosenthal David Fox Tina Mallock Gwen Berkowsky Sheryl Sigrist

Rochelle and Alan Sherman, with thanks

Karen and Neal Zalvan, with thanks Janet and Dan Tassel, with thanks Marcia and Karl Flanzer, in honor of Michelle Bernstein's marriage to Jason Schweiger Marcia and Karl Flanzer, in honor of the marriage of Paul Greenfield and Barbara Rotman Marcia and Karl Flanzer, in memory of Al Feinstein, father of Arlene Rosenberg Karen Weinstein, with thanks for everything The Sussmans, in memory of Eleanor Schwartz

David Rosenberg

Lesley, Bob, Andy and Dana Bornstein, in memory of beloved niece and cousin, Elyse Andrews Enman

Stacy Andler

Jane and Bob Powell

Sheera Lader

Clara and Howard Freedman, with profound thanks for all that you did

Peter Asnes All of the Religious School Teachers for being such great sports during the contest!

Donations received after December 14th will be acknowledged in the February issue.

Chag Sameach,

Mindi Altman and Cindy Weiner Boston Jewish Music Festival

Aleksandr & Alla Ilchenko

The First annual Boston Jewish Music Festival is coming!! Save the Dates: March 6-14, 2010, for a new, exciting, and meaningful celebration of Jewish music in all its forms. From Klezmer to Cantorial to Classical, from Israel to the Balkans to Brooklyn underground, the Boston area will ring with music for all ages and tastes-concerts for the whole family, dance parties for the limber, workshops and special school appearances. It'll be the cultural event of the year-a source of pride and enjoyment for the entire Boston community.

Aaron & Katherine Salkin

Find out more about events, the latest news, and how you can help at

Ahavath Torah Congregation


Passport to Israel Program For over ten years now, Ahavath Torah Congregation has been participating in the Passport to Israel Program. This program, which is designed to help your children save for an educational trip to Israel, is sponsored by the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, and was made possible by the generosity of Bob and Myra Kraft. The opportunity to enroll in this program is available to third and seventh grade students who are enrolled in our Religious School or a local day school. The students presently enrolled in the program are Sam Barbell, Aron Barbell, Brian Crosby, Daniel Crosby, Jonah Crosby, Daniel Grubert, Jacqueline Hausman, Shaul Kushinsky, Dahlia Kushinsky, Benjamin Litwack, Joshua Potter, Adam Potter, Rebecca Prigot, Elan Radbil, Keren Radbil, Monica Rosenberg, Zoe Rosenberg, Rachel Rosenbloom, Jeremy Sawyer, Ilana Sawyer, Rebecca Sawyer, Evan Schulze, Noah Schulze, Samantha Weinstein, and Elise Weinstein.

If you choose to enroll when your child is in third grade, the congregation will sponsor each child with a $50.00 per year matching and the parents will have to provide $150.00 per year. This is a seven-year program. There is also a catch-up program for seventh graders. The congregation will sponsor each child with $100.00 per year for three years and the parents will have to pay $300.00 per year for three years. Your child is eligible to take an approved trip any time after tenth grade. For both programs, CJP will pay $700 at the time the money is requested for a trip. If you choose not to go at any time, all money is refunded to the parents and to the Congregation. Applications are due by the 1st of February for those eligible this year. If you would like to enroll in the program or would like more information, please call Faye Kushinsky at 781-341-1435 or e-mail

This is a risk free, 100% matching gifts program that will help you send your child on an educational summer trip to Israel during or after high school.

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Ahavath Torah Congregation

Ahavath Torah Congregation


Rabbi Henry Gerson Religious School News In these dark, gloomy, and cold days of winter, we, at our Religious School have had the warm glow of the Chanukah candles shining upon us. First, we were treated to the Aleph-Bet class participating in, and helping to “lead” our Friday night service. They showed us how much they have learned from the beginning of the year, and it was evident that they really enjoyed preparing for their service; they were soooooo proud of themselves and we celebrated in their joy and kvelled from their enthusiasm and eagerness. This class has been especially challenging this year since it is a multi-age group of students. The Aleph-Bet students shined for one reason; they were guided, with patience, knowledge, and competence by their extremely talented teacher, Helayne Adelstein. Helayne was presented with this tricky and demanding situation but has risen to the task with aplomb, with assurance, and with proficient expertise, which has resulted with excellent outcomes. After the first of the year, we are continuing with our class services, so come out and pray with us, help make a minyan at Friday night services, and share the joy of our students’ progress and continued growth, development and evolution into what it means to be Jewish.

The City of Gold/ The City of David/ The Holy City of Peace This month we have begun a brand new program called “MEYUCHAD” which means special/unique in Hebrew. For all the Sundays in January and two days in December, we’ll be enhancing our curriculum with an exceptional Learning Unit on the city of JERUSALEM! 3023 years


ago, King David conquered Jerusalem, and made it the capital of his kingdom and of the Jewish people. “For out of Zion, Torah will go forth and the word of G-d from Jerusalem.” Thus, for three millennia, Jerusalem has been, and still remains, the historical, religious, political and emotional focal point of Jews throughout the world. On Jerusalem’s birthday, Jewish communities throughout the world began to celebrate this exceptional anniversary. The enduring history of Jerusalem was taught in schools, synagogues, community centers and camps. Since this anniversary should not be taught as a one- year celebration only, this remembrance should stand as a permanent lesson in the primacy of Israel and of Jerusalem in the past, present and future. This curriculum is a sound, meaningful and comprehensive curriculum for the teaching of Jerusalem. It’s a graded, age-appropriate, sequential program which provides a curriculum for five consecutive years. This consistent focus on Jerusalem will indelibly impress students with Jerusalem’s many facets and its special place in the life of the Jewish people. I introduced this curriculum, initially, to have a bit of a change and variance, in the dark days of winter. Students will continue to study their Hebrew program as usual and the Jerusalem curriculum would be the other half of

the Sunday (and Tuesday) program. Coincidentally and serendipitously, it so happens that our ingenious and creative Artist-in-Residence program is totally focused on the theme of Jerusalem. Stay tuned for more info to be announced for the entire congregation and for the community regarding the Artist-in-Residence week-end (January 23rd & 24th). This year, again, we had our Chanukah contest! We wanted to see who could create the most innovative, imaginative and creative Hanukkiot and Dreidles. Congratulations to all those students who entered the contest, and used their imagination to construct and fashion unusual and atypical dreidles and menorahs (Hanukkiot). The contestants are: Lauren Asnes, Abraham Korenblyum, David Korenblyum, Taylor Levine, David Mallock, Abigail Roseman, Hailey Roseman, Nicole Sigrist, Emma Sokolovsky and Rachel Weiner. The winners will be announced in school this week, and will be noted in the next bulletin.


Morah Ruti Ruth Greenfield Director of Education

Project Ezra Recap Thank you all who gave so generously to Project Ezra! The program was an amazing success! We had gifts from the children’s wish list, hand made hats, scarves and mittens, $275 in donations, plus gift cards, which allowed us to buy gifts for at least 5 children this year, thanks to all of your kind donations! Thank you all from the Social Action Committee. Ahavath Torah Congregation

Ahavath Torah Congregation


Kitah Gimel

Kitah Hay

We had fun doing the many activities connected with celebrating Chanukah. Now, it is time to move on to other interesting things. In our I Live in Israel text, Y'rushalayim is our next destination. There are two parts to Y'rushalayim because the Arabs won a crucial battle just as the cease fire was being announced. The Jews who lived in the Jewish Quarter inside the walls of Y'rushalayim were expelled from the Old City, taking only what they could carry. All those Jews fled to the New City of Y'rushalayim. We read the book, Grandma Rivka and the Old City of Jerusalem written by Ofra Reisman and Miriam Snapir. Nurit, a young girl, tells the story of her Savta (Grandmother) Rivka who had lived in the Jewish Quarter all her life. When the soldiers knock at their door, their lives, as they knew them, would be changed forever.

It was a pleasure to speak with the Kitah Hay parents during parent-teacher conferences. I am pleased with the great progress that your children are making. I hope you had a great Chanukah and a nice vacation!

We finished learning Lichu N'ranina on page 22, and V'Shamru on page 64 in the Siddur Hadash. I will be sending home a paper with the names of the prayers so that you can listen to them read. In school, they will learn the Carlebach melodies for Kabbalat Shabbat (Welcoming the Shabbat.) Our next prayer to be learned is Shalom Aleichem.

As we are approaching Tu B’Shevat - the New Year of Trees, we will talk about the meaning and customs of this interesting holiday.

Listening to your children reading Hebrew, for ten minutes, two or three times a week, will help them smooth out the few bumps remaining in their reading. It will definitely make a big difference in their ability to read and chant the prayers we are learning for our service. Please be sure to write on your calendars that Friday evening, March 19, 2010 will be the Gimel Class Service. B'Shalom,

Morah Rivka G'veret Gaffin

Join the ATC E-mail List To be added or deleted from this list, send an email to:

If you would like to send email to the congregation, send text as you would like the congregation to see it to:

Everyone is working hard for our class service which will take place on Friday, January 15th, 2010. Hope to see you there! As we are entering the Hebrew month of Tevet, we will learn about the 10th of Tevet. In our History studies, we will talk about Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews, and their customs. An exciting History project is waiting for us at the end of the month – more details to follow.


Morah Mazal Marina Korenblyum

USY Youth Fund The USY Youth Fund is a scholarship program that is used to help out our USYer's in need. Your generous donations to this fund have allowed several young members of our shul to attend chapter, regional and international USY events. If you have a simcha, birthday, bar or bat mitzvah, remembrance or any other special occasion, please consider a donation to this scholarship fund. You may mail or leave checks (payable to ATC Youth Fund) with Ina in the main office. Acknowledgement cards and confirmation letters will be sent out for all donations. Thank you in advance for your support. Please feel free to contact me by email at

Amy Griffing

Please note that you must send your text from a subscribed email address.


Ahavath Torah Congregation

Kitah Vav Shalom. In recent weeks, Kitah Vav has begun to work on its class service, scheduled for March 6. We are looking forward to showing our parents, and the entire congregation, what we have learned about Jewish ritual. Please plan on joining us. We continued our study of the Holocaust with a focus on the ideology that motivated genocide. Our study of what it means to be Jewish addressed both who the Jews are -- how Jews differ from Israelites -- and how monotheism compares to the other forms of religion, polytheism, atheism, pantheism, and henotheism. (yes, even in sixth grade!) November and early December were marked by preparations for Chanukah, which culminated in our students' attendance at the congregational Chanukah party, as well as the school's party the following day.

Ahavath Torah Congregation

And now, an INVITATION: As some readers may be aware, I have been a Torah-reader at Temple Beth Abraham for six years, and have already chanted more than three-quarters of the scroll. In November, I read Toldot at ATC, and invited my students to attend. Those who attended were pleased with the turnout, and we are planning to repeat the event, giving our students an opportunity to experience the adult service on Shabbat morning. The next scheduled date is January 16, Va'era, which describes the Ten Plagues. This will be accompanied by a discussion of evidence that the plagues actually happened as described. L'hitra'ot,

Dr. Z Dr. Yale Zussman


ATC School Enrichment Fund

Kitah Bet

The Enrichment Fund is used to help sponsor school activities such as Onegs after class services and purchasing the siddurim for the Bet class. This can be a great way for people to recognize events or to memorialize the loss of someone special while at the same time assisting the religious school. People can leave checks (payable to the ATC Enrichment Fund) with information regarding the donation in either the school office or in the main office with Ina. I will check the office and complete acknowledgement cards and send out confirmation letters. I can also be reached at home at 781-341-0239 or at my email address of

Last month we were busy discussing Chanukah, and practicing for our class service. We managed to learn a few new letters and vowels along the way. We will continue on our voyage to Israel this month, and find more pieces of the scavenger hunt throughout the country.

Marla Potter Donations received after December 14th will be acknowledged in the February issue.

Shabbat is so important and we will be discussing that as well, along with introducing our Kosher symbols box. As challenging as it is to have a very multi-age classroom, all are getting along and doing well. Our older students often help out our younger ones when needed. If you happened to miss our class service last month, you missed a wonderful Friday evening. The students did well and were proud of their accomplishments, as were so many others. As January comes to an and end, we will be learning about the holiday of Tu B'Shevat and hopefully be planting a little bit as well... Stop by the hall, and see the beautiful decorations on our bulletin board which represent the wonderful work of our Bet class.

College Text Books? Use ATC scrip ...

It’s a Mitzvah!


Morah Yehudit Helayne Magier Adelstein

Rabbi Henry Gerson Religious School

PASSOVER CHOCOLATE SALE Kosher for Passover Parve and Milk Chocolate

Please help the school fund programs such as Israeli dancing and field trips to the Toro Synagogue. Sales brochures can be found in the ATC lobby, posted on all bulletin boards and in the school office. Purchase from the school office, any student, or on-line at, school code is 702909. For more information, email Marla Potter at or call her at 781-341-0239. All orders are due by February 24, 2010.


Ahavath Torah Congregation

Mah Jongg Tournament Ahavath Torah Congregation 1179 Central Street, Stoughton Sunday, January 31, 2010 3:00 p.m. Cost is $20.00. All players welcome! Bring your friends & meet new players! Food, fun, & cash prizes! Enjoy an afternoon of Mah Jongg! Reservations required by January 22nd mail to: Ahavath Torah Congregation Mah Jongg Tournament 1179 Central St. Stoughton, MA 02072 Questions? Inez Springer 781-344-9098 or Or Ellen Greene 781-344-4261 or Torah Fund Cards Want to honor someone in a very special way, or send him/her good wishes or condolences? A Torah Fund card is just the right thing, as it states that a donation has been made to the Jewish Theological Seminary (the source of our Conservative rabbis, cantors, and educators) in their name. It’s a wonderful mitzvah for the sender, and an honor for the recipient!

Ahavath Torah Congregation

A donation of $4.00 per card goes directly to the Seminary to help build and maintain the beautiful sanctuaries, chapels, dormitories, affiliated camps and scholarships, etc. You can have a card sent by calling the Sisterhood Torah Fund Chair, Anne Leppo at 781-341-3946, or the cards may be purchased at all Sisterhood events.


Kitah Dalet The Dalet Class had a busy month of December, filled with lots of learning, activities, singing and ruach! We focused on many areas, such as, Hebrew vocabulary, Hebrew reading, tefilot, prophets, Israel, Chanukah, and more. The students’ Hebrew vocabulary is growing and growing. It amazes me how many words they now know! We try speaking in short Hebrew sentences in class whenever we can. The students are extremely excited about their individual accomplishments in reciting several of our tefilot (prayers). They can all recite the blessings for Chanukah. We discussed the holiday of Chanukah and the Jewish people’s fight for religious freedom. We had a wonderful discussion about the importance of freedom and the students each gave their thoughts on the kinds of freedoms that people today need in order to live full and happy lives. They had wonderful answers, understanding and insight. The Dalet students also had lots of fun making Chanukah decorations for home and the classroom. In particular, they loved making “Latke People” from construction paper, using latke shapes for the bodies and heads. Take a look at the wall outside our classroom for their wonderful and very imaginative creations!

The Dalet students have also begun the school wide unit of the study of Jerusalem, the city of gold, the capital of our homeland, Israel. We are doing classroom learning and activities, as well as home research projects (posters, pictures, maps, etc.), which will be displayed on one of our classroom bulletin boards. The students are quite excited about it, and have already learned that the name Yerushalayim comes from the Hebrew shoresh (root), shalom, and that it means “city of peace”. January will be a very busy month, with much to do. We’ll start preparing for our Shabbat service, study about Israel, the prophets, and so much more. And of course we will be working on our Jerusalem unit. I hope everyone had a very joyous and happy Chanukah, a nice winter vacation, and I would like to wish the entire ATC Family a happy and healthy 2010.


Morah Sosah Leah Susan Bernstein

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Don't Forget Your Pasta and Raisins!!! Mention ATC and 10% of your wine purchase will be donated to ATC!

Our congregation has made a commitment to Jewish Family Table to provide 35 packages of raisins and 35 boxes of pasta each month.

Please help out!


Ahavath Torah Congregation

Ahavath Torah Congregation


ATC Chanukah Party

Craks, Bams, Dots, Winds It's time to think about your Mah Jongg card order for the coming year. Leaving for the winter? Order before you go. Have a group here and in the south, ask them both to order with us through our Sisterhood!! Do you know that Sisterhood gets $$ back for every 35 cards we sell? Last year we hit our goal of 150 cards, let's try for 175+. Standard print

$7.00 each

Larger print

$8.00 each

Order as many as you like. Please do not wait to the last minute, as all orders must be received by January 28th. Each person can have their order sent directly to their personal address, if they choose. Make all checks out to: ATC Sisterhood Kindly send orders directly to: Helayne Magier Adelstein 28 Cherrywood Dr Stoughton, MA 02072 Any questions please feel free to contact: Helayne @ 781-344-7566

Sherut L'Tefillah Interested in improving your davenen skills? Would you like to learn how to lead weekday or Shabbat services in sections or in its entirety? Rabbi J and Arthur Arkanase are interested in helping. All you need is an ability to carry a tune, an ability to read Hebrew and desire. Any age welcome. Contact Rabbi J for further information.

Please Help Our Food Pantry Collection! Unemployment and underemployment has devastated the community. The need for Food Pantry assistance has increased by 50% this past year. Please remember the ongoing needs of our Food Pantry collection. ATC serves as a collection center for the Stoughton Food Pantry and Jewish Family Table.


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Sunday, January 17, 2010, at 3 PM Ahavath Torah Congregation, in conjunction with the Stoughton Chapter of No Place for Hate presents the Boston Community Choir on Sunday, January 17, 2010, at 3 PM. The Boston Community Choir is an all-volunteer group, comprised of singers from many church, community, and university choirs throughout the Greater Boston area. The Choir is highly acclaimed, and has performed with well-known international recording artists, such as Patti LaBelle and the Boston Pops, and has been a staple at Symphony Hall's Gospel Night. Regularly, the Choir members and audiences are left in a state of total and exhausted joy due to the exuberance of its approach to holiness and music and the BCC's appeal to a broader-than-traditional audience. The Boston Community Choir is well-known throughout the Boston area for its inspired and uplifting performances. This concert will take place at Ahavath Torah Congregation, 1179 Central Street, Stoughton. All attendees are asked to bring one can or box of non-perishable food item for distribution to local food pantries.

Ahavath Torah Congregation


Sisterhood On December 14th, we kicked up our heels with Temple Adath Sharon Sisterhood at our Israeli Dancing and Yankee Swap! It was a great success and all who came had a great time. Thank you to Hillery Bauman for chairing this event. I hope it will become an annual one. January 22nd will be Sisterhood Shabbat. Paula Gaffin is the event chair. Please join us for a lovely, celebratory evening, saluting the hard-working women of our sisterhood. Our shul is a better place for their commitment. If you would like a part in the service, please RSVP to me and I will pass that along to Paula. BAM! No, not Emeril, but Mah Jongg! On January 31st we will have our Mah Jongg tournament, headed up by Inez Springer and Ellen Greene. This is a fun way to spend an afternoon! The event will begin at 3 PM, in the ATC social hall, and costs $20 to attend. There will be a raffle and prizes, and, of course, some great company! Inez and Ellen have run very successful Mah Jongg tournaments in the past for ATC; I am sure this will be a great success, as well! Please join us for the fun! Sue Korch, Vicki Lemkin, and Amy Snetsky will be taking charge of this year's big fundraiser: a community children's concert. Please mark your calendars for the afternoon of Sunday, March 14, 2010. At 2 PM we will be entertained by Debbie and Friends! Debbie is Debbie Cavalier, Dean of Education at Berklee, and she has been entertaining children for years. Her music is lively and fun; you can check it out at Come have a good time while helping support our shul. This is a major fundraiser; if you are able, please join the committee and lend a hand. You can reach Sue and Vicki at

Weight Watchers Weight Watchers now meets once a week at Ahavath Torah Congregation. Meetings take place on Tuesdays and begin at 6 PM. Doors open at 5:30 PM.


On Wednesday, January 13th, we will host our second Darkness To Light Facilitator Workshop, in the social hall, from 8:30 AM until 5 PM. If you, or anyone you know, would like to become a facilitator for this award-winning workshop, please let me know. There are CEU's available for those who qualify. Don't forget to shop the Judaica Shop! Sandy Stogel, Lynne Rosenbloom and Jan Hackel continue to fill the shop with beautiful wares from a variety of vendors, appropriate for all sorts of occasions. Help support sisterhood and ATC by shopping right here. Our Judaica Shop can provide you with wonderful, unique gifts for the special folks in your life. Also, if you would like to be a Shop volunteer, please contact Sandy at 781-341-2916. Additional help is needed on a regular basis. Don't forget about Torah Fund cards! Every card purchase supports the Jewish Theological Seminary in NY, and bolsters the conservative movement. They are lovely, and Anne Leppo, who works tirelessly at this, is happy to help you with whatever you might need. If you haven't yet joined Sisterhood, please do. Support your synagogue and our efforts. Bring your unique talents and vision to the table, and help us create bright, new programming that will appeal to a wide range of folks. See you soon,

Susan Komisar Hausman

For all your grocery shopping use ATC scrip ...

It’s a Mitzvah! Ahavath Torah Congregation

ATC 90th Anniversary Education Series ATC has a wonderful series of national and international renowned speakers coming to the shul this coming year. Please join us for one, two or all of the forthcoming personalities, who will share their particular views on the important issues of the day. There will be a suggested donation for some of our speaker programs, while others will require an entrance fee.

January, 2010

Dick Morris • Leading American political consultant • Author of 8 New York Times bestsellers • Fox News Channel commentator As one of America's most prominent political consultants, Dick Morris has served as advisor to clients of all political views. He advises US and international presidents, political figures from various elected roles, and frequently consults corporations on legislative developments. Furthermore, Morris has handled the winning campaigns for more than 30 senators or governors. Morris was once labeled "the most influential private citizen in America" by Time Magazine after successfully steering President Clinton to the center and away from the liberal policies he had pursued in his first two years in office. He additionally directed a conservative push inside the White House to pursue a balanced budget.

February 8, 2010 "Jerusalem, Islam and Arab Terrorism: The Myth of al-Aqsa" with Dr. Mordechai Kedar. Dr. Kedar is one of Israel's leading scholars of Arabic, Arabic literature, Arab political and popular culture, and mass media, Islam, Islamic Movements, gender issues in Islam, and state and society in the Arab world. He is a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University, from which he earned his Ph.D. He is fluent in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

March, 2010 Homegrown Jihad and Anti-semitism as a Growing Threat to the United States with Erick Stakelbeck, CBN news. Erick Stakelbeck is a sought after authority on terrorism and national security issues, with extensive experience in television, radio, print, and web media. He will discuss his on-the-ground reporting and investigations from mosques and radical Islamic hotspots here in the US.

Date to be determined An Evening with Pamela Geller, date and time to be announced. Pamela Geller is the founder, editor and publisher of, one of this country's most widely read news and opinion blogs.

Ahavath Torah Congregation


Tikun Olam/Social Action Corner Hope all of you had a festive Chanukah celebration!! During the month of December, you continued to generously help the Social Action Committee of our synagogue to help local residents in many ways. Through Project Ezra, our annual gift drive, synagogue members chose candles on the Menorah in the ATC lobby, and purchased items needed by local families. The Jewish Family Table also did very well in December!! December marked the fifth straight month that our shul collected our quota of pasta and raisins, or close to it for Jewish Family Table. As this was the "Chanukah delivery," we also brought a number of Chanukah-related items, including chocolate gelt, Chanukah candles, latke mix and dreidels. To those who made the effort to drop off pasta, raisins or Chanukah items, we thank you; to those who have yet to donate, we thank you in advance and urge you to please donate. Two special sets of thanks from our JFT organizers go out to John Rosenberg, who drove our donation to Waltham in December, and to the Bet Class of the Religious School, which incorporated pasta and raisins into the centerpieces for the Oneg following their Friday night service in December. These last few months have been an extremely welcome and timely stretch because JFT is currently servicing more families than ever before, with the number of families now nearing 220 -- by contrast, JFT was servicing 140 families in September 2008. Any extra food that was collected will be donated to the Stoughton Food Pantry. Just as our December collection for JFT went very well, we are already off to a great start for January, thanks to the incorporation of donations around several events at the shul, including the Chanukah party. Donations from these events, as well as those from several of the Religious School classes who incorporate pasta and raisins into the centerpieces for their Friday night services, are a huge boost to our collection efforts, but it is still the individual donor who keeps this program going, so please continue to bring pasta and/or raisins to the shul whenever you come to a non-Chag/non-Shabbat

2010 Family Table Distribution Schedule January 10, 2010 February 7, 2010 March 14, 2010


April 11, 2010 May 16, 2010 June 13, 2010

event. If you would like to help out even more, please e-mail or call Jonathan Bloom ( or Amy Snetsky ( to volunteer to deliver our monthly donation to Waltham. Also, be on the lookout in coming months for a call for people to pack and deliver groceries to families serviced by JFT. We will need 10 drivers for this; we selected the June delivery date so that families with children in the religious school can also participate. On Thursday, January 7th, from 2 PM until 7 PM, Ahavath Torah Congregation and Children's Hospital will have a Bloodmobile in the synagogue parking lot. We will be calling members and local residents to make donations to this blood drive. Donors must be at least 17 years old. If you would like to make calls, help with registration, or donate blood, please contact Janet Weinstein at 781-3411843 or Please help us help Children's Hospital!! Also, on January 17, at ATC, from 10-12, we will be collecting items to be donated to families of Cradles to Crayons. From 1- 3 PM, members of Ahavath Torah Congregation, nine years old and up, will visit and bring our synagogue's donations to Cradles to Crayons. Mitzvah credit will be given to Bar/Bat Mitzvah students. Examples of items that Cradles to Crayons needs, are clothing, books, toys, strollers, etc. Looking forward to having you be part of this charitable experience!! Thank you all again for a wonderful and generous month of giving of yourselves!!

Janet Weinstein and The Social Action Committee

Please... Help your synagogue by paying your dues on a timely basis. Thanks! Ahavath Torah Congregation

Oneg/Kiddush/Seudah Shlisheet Sponsors

Get Well Wishes Sydni Smith Simma Kuznitz Steve Goldberg Arnie Lipshires Nate Stogel Mildred Pearlman Michael Weinstein

Please consider full or partial sponsorship of an Oneg Shabbat (Friday night after services), a Kiddush (Saturday morning after services) or a Seudah Shlisheet (Saturday afternoon meal between Mincha and Ma'ariv services), or even a Friday Night Dinner in honor of a simcha in your life, in memory of a loved one, or just because you want to. Call the shul office at 781-344-8733 or e-mail to for details.


Sponsorships received after December 14th will be recognized in the February issue.

Attorney at Law Auto Accident, Slip and Fall, and Other Personal Injury Criminal Defense Business and Employment Law Medical Malpractice Social Security Disability General Practice Law Office of Esther C.S. Dezube 33 Kingston St., 4th Floor Boston, MA 02111 Phone: 617-451-0531 Fax: 617-451-5462

Mansfield (By Appointment) 508-261-8872

Bikkur Cholim/Visiting the Sick Please call the office or have someone call on your behalf if you are ill, or know of a congregant who is ill, and would like a visit by Rabbi J. The only way Rabbi J will know if you are hospitalized or ill is if he is notified. Please rest assured that Rabbi J does his best to protect a person’s privacy.


Heritage ~ Tradition ~ Community Pre-need Planning ~ Interfaith Section Available For information Contact Ira Vogel 781-828-7216

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January Yahrzeit Calendar January 1 Annie Markowsky January 2 Rose Barsen Maria Lustbader Norman Siegel January 3 Fay L. Kabler John Lefkovith January 4 Rhoda L. Koritz Rose Paine Leo Sandler January 5 Melvin H. Bloom Hilda R. Policow January 6 Rae Cohen Paul Kaufman Sarah M. Westerman January 7 Pessie Daitch Gertrude Horgick Harry Keller January 8 Rebecca Barbell Jack Shulman Phyllis Shulman Eva Snyder Yetta Steingart

January 9 Alane Mae Freshman Mary Stein January 10 Nelson Kabler Samuel Weiderhorn January 11 Samuel Eliot Freshman Pearl Kramer Claire Stuart Nudelman Barbara Triber Silverman Maw Waxman

January 16 Anne Fisher Jeff Lewis Harry Norris Mildred Seltzer Linda Sheff

January 18 Charles Gabriel Abraham Joseph Liansky Anne Saperstein January 19 Rabbi Eric Lowenthal Thelma Wilensky

January 13 George Baron Bernard Rubenstein

January 20 Myer Bernstein Anna Bornstein Herbert W. Rich

January 15 Annie Bass Anita Glickman Joseph Lipshires Robert Sandler

January 27 Fannie Goldstein Hyman Kominsky Julius Olstein

January 17 Solomon Jacobs

January 12 Coleman Katz Elizabeth Williams

January 14 Sam Dale Morris Perry

January 26 Helen Jacobs Marion Speyer

January 21 Bella Drukman Hyman Stickler Louis Tattlebaum January 22 Irving Bromberg Herbert L. Weinstein January 23 Harry Paskind Richard Robinson

January 28 Solomon W. Kramer Stan Myerow Lillian Shefshick Gloria Stroll David Swerdlick Matilda Wolf January 29 Samuel L. Barbell Jerome Sallerson January 30 Eugene Gianelly Yushuo Niyazova Edith Popper Ruth Tapper Abraham Wacks January 31 Nathan Flanzer Helen Kahn Harriet Spivack Kay Mary “Mamie” B. Manevitch Shultz

This Page is generously sponsored by Stanetsky Memorial Chapels of Canton, MA


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Scrip is a term that means “substitute money”. When you purchase scrip, you’re purchasing negotiable gift certificates and prepaid cards that are used just like cash. You can use scrip to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, and other essentials, and with every purchase, you earn revenue for ATC. Our supplier acts on behalf of churches, schools and other non profit organizations to purchase large amounts of scrip from grocery stores, department stores, and other retailers. Because the scrip is purchased with cash up front, the participating retailers offer a substantial discount. ATC buys the scrip at a discount, and re-sells the certificates to families like yours for full face value. The discount from two to fifteen percent or more – is our revenue. Scrip is a popular fundraiser because families don’t have to sell anything. Our congregants produce revenue by making regular household purchases they would make anyway. Groceries, clothing, toys, gifts, even gasoline can be purchased with scrip. Scrip is available at most major ATC functions. We stock scrip in various denominations for Shaw's, Stop & Shop, Roche Brothers, Butcherie, Barnes & Noble, Home Depot, Best Buy, Outback, and more. Go to for a complete list of available vendors. Nessa Wilensky Anne Leppo Rick Smith (Tanglewood) Ellen Greene (also @ YMCA Membership Office x262) Rabbi J & Ina at the synagogue Helayne (Bet Class & Greenbrook/Copperwood)

Ahavath Torah Congregation

781-344-8823 781-341-3946 781-341-0882 781-344-4261 781-344-2016 781-344-8733 781-344-7566



Ahavath Torah Congregation 1179 Central Street Stoughton, MA 02072



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