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David Safai

David Safai believes that it is not uncommon for consumers to experience the frustration of buying a new Smartphone only to have a newer version with more peppy features and capabilities become available soon after. For those that are eligible to upgrade, even they do not know where to begin; talking with retail salespersons, web searches, and “polling� friends are not always the right tools in determining what makes the most sense for each individual situation. While other companies aim exclusively on buying back used devices, Mobixa is the only Smartphone upgrade advisor which helps consumers to navigate the frustrating and confusing mobile phone landscape in order to offer people the device they really want.

David Safai, CEO of Mobixa, is a committed professional who believes in providing top-class services to the consumers. Mobixa is a part of IMC, Inc which has been there in the business of refurbishing mobile handsets for many years. The parent company, IMC, Inc. was a popular name in the wholesale market and their dealings are restricted to merely retailers that collect mobile handsets from the customers but Mobixa is more into the consumer industry and plays an important role for people who wish to sell their old handsets at the best possible price. Mobixa which is headquartered in Los Angeles has over 200 employees who process and prepare the mobile phone handsets for resale.

David Safai understands that people want to upgrade to the latest technology as soon as it is launched. Keeping this in view, he has established a platform where such people can get the best value for their existing phone when they wish to upgrade. Mobixa plays an important role and enables the seller to disposed his/her old handset at a satisfactory price. The company buys old phones that are further sold to other people who might have dropped their phone in the toilet accidently or might have misplaced it. For more information, please visit


David Safai  

David Safai claims that all the phones purchased by Mobixa are inspected, tested, data-wiped, cleaned, updated and then boxed up.