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IBM 000-978 Power Systems with POWER7 & IBM i Sales Skills - V1 10 Q&A

Version 3.0

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-2- Q: 1 A Power Systems seller is proposing a new IBM i server with twenty logical partitions. The representative needs to narrow the gap between a competing low priced, multiple x86-based VMware server solution and the IBM i PowerVM solution. What would justify the higher initial cost of the IBM solution from a Total Cost of Ownership standpoint?

A. VMware is third-party software which requires additional cost for x86 systems tovirtualize Windows environments. B. Windows applications could be run on a Power server using PowerVM Lx86 for a lower price and lower total cost of computing. C. PowerVM supports a greater number of partitions on a single server, resulting in higher utilization and lower ongoing cost of operations. D. IBM Systems DirectorVMControl reduces the total cost of ownership by reducing the required physical memory and I/O resources to support logical partitioning.

Answer: C Q: 2 A company is evaluating the purchase of a new Power 750 with DB2 to replace several x86 servers running Oracle. Before approving the purchase, the CFO would like to know how the new server will reduce operating expenses. Which statement addresses the CFO concern?

A. POWER7 processors require much less electricity to run than competitive servers, resulting in lower operating costs. B. Hardware maintenance and software maintenance costs are less for Power Systems and IBMi than comparable x86 servers. C. Database support and administration costs for Oracle are lower on Power Systems servers due to the integration of DB into IBMi.

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D. The DB2 database included with IBM i is an integrated system resulting in better system stability, administrator productivity and lower ongoing costs.

Answer: D Q: 3 Which statement describes IBM i in support of Solid State Disk(SSD)?

A. IBMi single level storage enhances the performance of SSD. B. IBMi supports multiple file types that leverage the use of fibre attached SSD. C. IBMi disk performance is enhanced with SSD when multiple fiber cards are used. D. IBMi automatically collects I/O performance data and moves the most active data to SSD.

Answer: D Q: 4 During a presentation to a prospective customer's IT Steering Committee, the Windows Manager questions the longevity IBM i on Power Systems and states that IBM i is obsolete. Which approach addresses this sales objection?

A. Set up a follow on meeting to review the IBMi Linux Strategy including support for open source software, Zend and PHP. B. Steer the presentation toward an IBMi Access for Windows 7.1 enhancement review which supports .NET, ODBC, XML support and OLE DB. C. Present the IBMi Roadmap which describes the investment commitment for the future, integration advantages, and virtualization capabilities. D. Focus on the POWER7 processor strategy and roadmap, including 8 cores with 4 threads each technology, scalability to 256 cores, and POWER8 future growth. Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools, Demo


Answer: C Q: 5 A CIO of a bank has the responsibility for reducing the run time of a read-intensive batch job by 40% to fit within the available processing window. The application is licensed by core, and adding cores would be too expensive. Which recommendation will have the largest positive impact on the application run time?

A. Implement Solid State Disks (SSDs). B. Contact the ISV to tune the application C. Provide an Application Review by IBM Lab Services. D. Tune application to exploit Symmetric Multi-Threading (SMT).

Answer: A Q: 6 An IBM i 6.1 customer wants to purchase a POWER7 Capacity Back Up (CBU) server. Which of the following is a prerequisite?

A. The primary system must always be POWER7 Enterprise edition B. Both primary and secondary systems need to be in the same location. C. CBU server userenablements must all be purchased at CBU server order time. D. Registration of primary system and CBU server is required prior to the CBU order being manufactured.

Answer: D

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-5- Q: 7 Which of the following explains IBM i reliability on Power Systems?

A. Database, security, and storage management are integrated and tested as part of IBMi on Power Systems. B. IBMi firmware and microcode are embedded within the POWER7 processor chip which eliminates system failures. C. The IBM i is based on hyperthreading technology which prevents software defects, operational issues and end user disruptions. D. Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS)is ensured by PowerHA for IBM i which provides for a clustered high availability environment on every system.

Answer: A Q: 8 What unique feature of IBM i protects customers from disruption to their applications as new hardware is introduced?

A. Object-oriented technology B. System Licensed Internal Code C. Single-level Storage Management D. Technology Independent Machine Interface

Answer: D Q: 9 PowerVMVIO Server can host which of the following IBM i partitions?

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A. IBMi 7.1 B. IBMi 6.1 and 7.1 C. IBMi 5.4 and 6.1 D. IBMi 5.4, 6.1, and 7.1

Answer: B Q: 10 A sales representative is reviewing the benefits of IBM i to a prospective POWER7 customer. Which of the following statements regarding IBM i should be included when the entire product line is considered?

A. Over 50 IBM software and middleware products are supported on IBM i. B. A relational database, security and built-in high availability software is standard with each IBMi license. C. Application programs developed on older generations of IBMi servers can be migrated to POWER7 using emulation mode. D. IBMi on POWER7 supports multiple workloads in multiple partitions with a single license of the operating system providing a lower cost of acquisition.

Answer: A

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Power Systems with POWER7 & IBM i Sales Skills - V1 Version 3.0 10 Q&A