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EAE Prestige and Tradition Founded in 1958, EAE is one of the most prestigious business schools in Europe. The School offers a variety of business–oriented courses, acknowledged with a range of awards, including MBA’s, Masters in specialised Management Areas, Management Programmes, a University Diploma in Business Sciences, Specialisation Programmes, International Management Programmes and Lifelong Training Programmes. Our links with other national and international education organisations as well as with companies and management schools brings the most up-to-date knowledge to our courses.

Business Education Developed in Response to our Changing Times



The quality of our programmes is guaranteed by a careful recruitment and renewal of our faculty that consists of highly-qualified professors and lecturers from various national and international Universities and Business Schools. It also includes experts, consultants and top executives from the business world. Their experience and background guarantee our students an education that combines academic excellence with practical business knowledge. It is our aim to provide a high quality education giving an insight into the latest innovations and trends in each of our areas of specialised education.

Location and Facilities The Study Abroad course is offered at our campus in Barcelona. EAE is located in the heart of Barcelona, a dynamic and beautiful city, and it is there that the Institution develops its most important activities and projects. The building has seven floors above ground and four underground floors used as parking space. The modern facilities comprise a main lecture hall, 16 classrooms, three computer and multimedia rooms, three multipurpose rooms, ten rooms for meetings and seminars, the

MIKE DA SILVA CANADA “Studying at EAE in Barcelona is athrilling experience. It’s a great city,there are nice people and it’s very safe.”

Documentation and Resource Centre, and a cafeteriastudy room. The learning environment contributes significantly to a high quality service for the entire EAE community consisting of students, alumni, lecturers, Collaborating Companies and Organisations. The building was designed by the famous Spanish architect, Gustavo Coderch and facilities offer has stateof-the-art technology, including wireless Internet connection and multimedia equipment especially designed and produced by leading equipment manufacturers like


AMAT and AKABA. EAE strives to offer the best service to those individuals

“You feel very confortable at EAE.The staff is really attentiveconcerning students and, as aBusiness School which looks forexcellence, it tries to offer the bestservice to students.”

and organisations who are putting their trust in the School.



BARCELONA The Mediterranean International Business Capital The city of Barcelona and its metropolitan area have become one of the European Union’s most dynamic regions. Today, Barcelona is the sixth largest metropolitan area and the fifth largest industrial conurbation in Europe. Barcelona is placed among the premier European cities for its quality of life. It also ranks highly as one of the most favoured destinations for business executives. ECONOMY AND BUSINESS Barcelona and its metropolitan area are considered to be one of the principal motors of the Spanish economy. This is due to its high level of industrialisation, the dynamism of its economy and business, and the level of access to international markets. During the last few years, the economy has undergone a process of rapid tertiarisation due to the efforts made to develop activities related to new technologies. The intention is to turn Barcelona into “the City of Knowledge”.

LEISURE AND CULTURE Barcelona offers its visitors and citizens diverse cultural, sports, leisure and entertainment activities. Museums, theatres, cinemas, concerts, opera, exhibitions, international fairs, concert halls and art galleries are part of the cultural activities on offer. Works of art by some of the most prestigious artists of the 20th century, such as Picasso, Miró, Tàpies and Dalí are to be found. Barcelona has many important international cultural centres, the MACBA-Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, the MNAC-Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, and the




SPORTS Barcelona is an ideal city for professional sport. It has high quality facilities, good public 1992 Olympic Games provide dthe city with a valuable sporting legacy: an extensive infrastructure for both professional and amateur sport. The sporting facilities in the former Olympic areas have become top-quality sports complexes with a variety of purposes. They are suitable for sports courses and professional training sessions and are also available to the general public. Football and athletics stadiums, a velodrome for cycling events, swimming-pools, equestrian circuits for horse back riding, ice skating, sporting marinas, specialised training centres and a canal for rowing and canoeing, among others, make up the city's sporting infrastructure. Every year, important events take place in Barcelona. The city hosts annually the SPANISH PREMIER FOOTBALL LEAGUE, MOTORCYCLING CIRCUIT OF CATALONIA, TRUCK GRAND PRIX, BARCELONA MARATHON, BARCELONA OLYMPIC SAILING WEEK, CONDE DE GODÓ TENNIS TROPHY, INTERNATIONAL POLO TOURNAMENT AND THE SPANISH GRAND PRIX MOTOR, among others.


transport, hotels and a pleasant climate. The

NATHALIE HECKER GERMANY “I really feel Barcelona is the perfect city to study: there are first class Business Schools, it offers a big cultural variety, a great nightlife, it is multicultural, the climate is mild and all this is affordable.”


WHY STUDY ABROAD? Study Abroad is an enriching and eye-opening experience, not only personal but academic and cultural. Living and studying in a foreign country and getting in touch with other cultures, customs, people and language encourages the development of competencies that can be of interest to future employers and definitively an experience impossible to forget. The benefits of studying abroad cannot be overstated, they can be summarised in: · Personal growth



Students explore new ways of thinking and living, which fosters personal growth and independence, an experience


which enriches them personally and professionally. · New perspective on world affair Study abroad is a great opportunity to broaden your intellectual horizons and go deeper into the knowledge and understanding of international, political and economic issues. As a result of a sojourn abroad, students acquire

“I decided to study at EAE Business School because it offered a sound business management programme that would provide me with practical skills and the knowledge necessary to help me in my future career in the world of business.”

a more informed and accurate perspective on world affairs. It is the best opportunity to have first-hand knowledge of different ways of approaching tasks and challenges of everyday life, learning 'global' the international culture has become and appreciating the importance of international cooperation. · Career enhancement Study abroad not just promotes academic enrichment and personal growth, it enhances your employment prospects, especially in the fields of business and international affairs. Students who have successfully completed a study abroad programme are likely to have gained international knowledge and often second-language skills, most valued by employers. Other competencies that graduate and professional schools and employers highly appreciate and constitute an added value are cross-cultural communication and analytical skills, understanding of and familiarity with local customs and cultural contexts, flexibility, and ability to adapt to new circumstances and deal constructively with differences. Today competitive job market requires applicants to distinguish themselves from the rest and an international education experience is the perfect way to achieve it. Having international experience will give a great impact to your curriculum vitae, as it shows prospective employers your motivation, independency and general qualifications. Additionally, obtaining foreign languages skills make students eligible for a wider range of jobs.

MATTHIEU GIRAUDON FRANCE “At EAE you can find a lot of different nationalities and you can share a really international experience. Furthermore, it helps to facilitate the access to some interesting job offers.”

COURSE DESCRIPTION 路 IN WHICH LANGUAGE IS THE COURSE DELIVERED? The whole course is taught in English and as part of the course, Spanish language lessons are offered for non-Spanish speakers. 路 HOW LONG DOES THE COURSE TAKE? The length of the course can be one academic year or just one semester, either in winter or spring. 路 AREAS AND SUBJECTS -International Marketing The aims of the course are to provide a fundamental understanding of the philosophy and concepts of marketing and recognition of the importance of marketing in business. The course enables students to identify and apply the main concepts and techniques of marketing to business problems. Marketing as a process, function and marketing planning within the whole planning process, marketing strategies within the general context of business strategy and the ability to apply marketing concepts and skills in a management capacity. -Strategic Marketing This course aims to provide students with a framework for understanding and analysing marketing processes in various organisational types, encountering different and changing marketing environments. Students willunderstand and analyse diverse capabilities in the context of market-driven strategy. -Managing Risks in International Finance The course introduces new risks that increasing globalisation has brought to multinational companies and it examines these risks and the way in which they can be managed. It will look at issues related to globalisation and its causes, business strategies and their attitudes to risk, the international finance function compared with the national finance function, international financial instruments, all the categories of risk found in international finance and methods used to mitigate or eradicate them. -Corporate Finance Management The course provides students with the fundamentals of corporate financial management. Students deal with the tools necessary for a financial planning and management at the medium and short term. They will also learn how to evaluate the financial statement of an international enterprise. Financial sources and their costs will be also analysed.


people management activity are dealt with during the course. Some other topics included are the role of


Strategic Management This course provides students with an opportunity to draw upon previous experiences and education, to apply various business concepts and analytical tools to complex problems and issues in organisational settings. Students address strategic organisational problems and the functional development of the total enterprise. All these topics are covered through a series of lectures, discussions and individual and group projects. -Leadership and Management Skills The course introduces modern management concepts and their historical development. It acquaints students with managerial planning, organisation, control and motivation, ethics, decision-making and communication as well as various elements of group behaviour and leadership. The course also investigates the nature, purpose and function of management organisations. -Global economy This course looks at and studies the main economic concepts, principles and theories that help to explain



the structure and functioning of the modern international and global economy. The course deals with topics related to international trade and payments, exchange rate regimes, international factor mobility and capital flows and direct foreign investment, global and international economic institutions, economic integration and trading areas, world population and demography, economic growth and economic development and current discussions and arguments about globalisation. -Cultural crossing The objectives of this module are designed to help participants develop a greater awareness of cross-cultural idiosyncrasies and issues involved in today’s international business arena. Students learn how to challengethe opportunities and threats encountered when managing and negotiating in an increasingly complex multicultural environment. A theoretical framework will be provided which draws upon personal and cultural experiences of students. -Doing Business in Spain The subject is aimed at all those people interested in acquiring a better knowledge on the social and economic reality of Spain to help them ensure the smooth development of business in the country. -Spanish Courses The classes develop the ability to speak and understand basic Spanish vocabulary and grammar structures, both written and oral. Students acquire enough skills to be able to maintain a normal conversation using a range of business vocabulary.

ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) is a studentcentred system based on the student workload required to achieve the objectives of a programme, objectives preferably specified in terms of the learning outcomes and competences to be acquired. European credits include not only theory and practice learning hours but also the time students spent in academic activities and study and personal work to achieve the specific learning outcomes for each of the courses included in the study plan. One credit corresponds to a minimum of 25 hours and a maximum of 30 hours. DEMIAN ESCALERA MEXICO “EAE provides a global knowledge of the most important subjects to work in a multinational enterprise.”

REBEKKA BELK ENGLAND “EAE has given me the opportunity to study in a real international environment and this can only be an asset in today’s world.”



FIRST SEMESTER - AUTUMN International Marketing


Corporate Finance Management


Strategic Management


Global Economy I


Cultural Crossing


Spanish Course I


SECOND SEMESTER - SPRING Strategic Marketing


Managing Risks in International Finance


Leadership and Management Skills


Global Economy II


Doing Business in Spain


Spanish Course II




APPLICATION PROCEDURE To apply for a place on the course, please fill in the online Information Request Form for this programme available on our website The International Office will contact you shortly to explain you the steps of the admission



process. ADMISSION PROCESS 1 Academic records, photocopies of the Certificates and Diplomas of all previous studies. 2 Curriculum Vitae. 3 Photocopy of the passport or identification document (ID) and four photographs (passport size). 4 Students who do not have English as their first language must provide evidence of competency in English such as: - A valid English certificate: TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC,

GUILLERMO ESCOBEDO MEXICO “In EAE I have found people from many different countries and, of course, with different ways of thinking. In order to work together efficiently it’s needed to learn more about them and their cultures.”

Cambridge Advanced. - Proof that the participant has graduated from an English speaking University or that the participant has achieved a high language competence in an English Language programme. - Documentation that proves the participant has an English competence equivalent to a valid English certificate. The Academic Committee welcomes academic and professional letters of recommendation.

SARA PERLICK GERMANY “My classmates come from various backgrounds and have different ways of approaching issues and problem solving and this has enriched our group projects.”

SERVICES AND FACILITIES EAE students can take advantage of the following services an facilities during the course: LIBRARY (DOCUMENTATION AND RESOURCES CENTRE) The Documentation and Resources Centre meets the information requirements of the educational courses offered at EAE, while at the same time supports teaching, learning and research functions of all of its members. The centre has more than 13.000 volumes specialised in a variety of business topics and includes a large forms of research materials of historical interest have been collected. Those interested in consulting these publications will have to reserve them in advance. WELCOME SERVICE FOR STUDENTS EAE offers a welcome and general information service to resident and non-resident student designed to help them enjoy their stay in the city and at EAE. This service hopes to make the student’s tenure at EAE a productive and extremely useful experience in their personal and professional life. This service is also available to students who might need some help and orientation before and during their stay in Barcelona. INTERNET WIRELESS ACCESS Through the wireless Internet connection it is possible to access the electronic mail service and the Internet using a laptop. This wireless connection is available in all academic areas such as the cafeteria-study room, library and classrooms. CONFERENCES AND SEMINARS CYCLE This annual cycle comprises a number of important conferences for which the Institution has selected the most interesting current topics for professionals and business managers. It is designed to address the needs generated by the continuing evolution of business management issues. CAFETERIA-STUDY ROOM A perfect place for students and lecturers to work and discuss in an informal and pleasant environment. During the week, from Monday through Friday, reasonably priced lunches are also available. COMPUTER FACILITIES Up-to-date computer systems with more than 120 terminals available to our course students. Facilities at EAE include the latest computer hardware and software incorporating the most up-to-date innovations in multimedia and communications. All computers are connected via a local area network guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of information. Computer facilities also provide personal files, intranet connectivity, e-mail and Internet access.


collection of projects, cases, EAE publications, CD-ROMs and videos. Past editions of texts and various other


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