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David Safai

David Safai Claims That Mobixa Connects People With The Device They Really Want David Safai is the CEO of which is a trusted online recommence advisor that is highly beneficial to consumers who are looking for a great price while trading in their old or current Smartphones. The service provided by Mobixa is open to all and free to use. It works seamlessly across numerous mobile phone carriers like AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint. The company takes only a little input from users and handles rest of the legwork on their own. To be more precise, Mobixa is a perfect platform where anyone who is looking to sell his/her sell phone can dispose off an old phone at the best possible price.

What Does Mobixa Do? David Safai told in an interview session that Mobixa is an ultimate Smartphone upgrade advisor that helps customers in understanding their upgrade eligibility status, current trade-in value for existing phone and knowing release dates for latest phones.

Basically, Mobixa fills a gap in the market and enables third party service to provide some assurance to consumers by recommending the timing that is right for them and alleviating some part of financial expense by paying the best price for a used device. is the one and only Smartphone upgrade advisor service which serves as an advocate for consumers and assists them in navigating confusing and complicated mobile phone landscape by making the entire process easier. The company connects people with the device that they really want.

Three Simple Steps David Safai runs that is a simple, fast and comprehensive website where consumers can follow three steps and sell their phone without any inconvenience. At first, a consumer has to tell the company about the phone he/she wants to sell and the company will provide an instant quote. Then, the company will generate a shipping label after which the consumer needs to box up the phone and drop it in any mailbox. As soon as Mobixa receives the phone, it undergoes the inspection process and the payment is immediately sent to the consumer. For more information, please visit

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David Safai