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Mariposa The Spanish word for butterfly marks an official crossing in Nogales, Northern Mexico, where unsuccessful migrants to the US are deported and repatriated. They may have been apprehended in the desert in only a matter of hour s or have lived undocumented in the States for many years. The journey back to Latin America begins here.


had lived for eleven years in Phoenix, Arizona. He was deported after a raid at his work place discovered he had no papers.


began his journey in Tapachula, Southern Mexico. Deported after two days he was still looking for a way to enter the US. (from the Mariposa series) (following pages)


he spent six months in jail in Tucson, Arizona. He used to be involved with Mexican gang culture but has now left that behind him. (from the Mariposa series)


was looking for a way to join his sister in NYC. (from the Mariposa series)


had been attacked by the coyote (people smuggler) who was supposed to lead her across the border. (from the Mariposa series)

The Meadows Edge Think of Las Vegas and you inevitably think of the famous Las Vegas strip. Barely a hundred years old, Las Vegas continues to swallow up the vast desert that surrounds it. The building boom of the first decade of this century made Las Vegas one of the fastest growing cities in the USA, experiencing a 40% growth. This created an insatiable appetite for new homes for the people migrating here from all over the US. All this development ground to a sudden halt in the crash of 2008. Leaving many developments unfinished and bankrupt and Las Vegans with the highest unemployment rate in the country.

Development, Lake Las Vegas.

(from The Meadows Edge series)

Bradley, Las Vegas Speedway.

(from The Meadows Edge series)

Summerlin, Las Vegas.

(from The Meadows Edge series)

Stacie, 4th of July, Las Vegas.

(from The Meadows Edge series)

Bower Family Residence, Las Vegas.

(from The Meadows Edge series)

Shadow Ridge High School, Las Vegas. (from The Meadows Edge series)

Red State In November 2008 power in American politics swung from the Republicans to the Democrats with the election of Barack Obama. A look at the changing political map of the US showed a shift towards the Democrats for some traditionally right leaning states. However a closer look revealed that certain counties in some states remained as committed as ever to their Republican roots. With a vote of ninety percent in favour of the incumbent Bush government, these counties, north of Amarillo, Texas were truly the Red States.


Sherman County, Texas.


Ochiltree County, Texas. (from The Red State series) (following pages)

Tyler & Melanie,

Hansford County, Texas. (from The Red State series)


Hansford County, Texas. (from The Red State series)

The Rust Belt Once the industrial heartland of manufacturing in the US and the largest industrial region in the world. Big steel, auto manufacturing and mining were the backbone of the area until the decline through the recession of the early 80’s. The high cost of unionised labour and cheaper foreign imports impacted heavily. Factory closures left a still visible reminder of a lost era and a scar on the landscape that led to the regions unfortunate label.

Lackawanna, New York.

Lake Erie, Buffalo, New York.

(from The Rust Belt series)


(from The Rust Belt series)

Toledo, Ohio.

(from The Rust Belt series)

La Linea Two thousand miles of common border separates the USA from Mexico, running between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, traversing four US and six Mexican states. More than just a boundary, the line represents a division between first and third world, slicing the landscape abruptly in towns and cities, and anonymously and silently in the vast empty deserts.

San Ysidro Crossing, San Diego. Tijuana is in the distance.

International Street, Nogales, Arizona. (from La Linea series)

El Paso, Texas.

Ciudad Juarez is in the distance. (from La Linea series)

Pia, Del Rio, Texas. (from La Linea series)

Qui単ceanera, Los Ebanos, Texas. (from La Linea series)

Of Biblical Proportions. Travels along the Biblical tourist trail.

Umm Qais, Jordan.

Gai Beach Waterpark, Tiberias, Israel.

(from the Of Biblical Proportions series)

Bethany Beyond The Jordan, Jordan (from the Of Biblical Proportions series)

Sunbather. Sea of Galilee, Israel.

(from the Of Biblical Proportions series)

Archive. Smoker, Park Avenue, NYC.

Couple, Hawthorne, Los Angeles.

Claudia, TV Reporter, Los Angeles

Peep Show, Las Vegas.

Approach Road, Tiger Woods Golf Course, Dubai.

Ron, Los Angeles.

Morris R. Jeppson,

As the bomb armer on the infamous Enola Gay, Morris was the last man to touch the “Little Boy� atomic bomb before it was released over Hiroshima on 6th August 1945. Photographed at his home in Las Vegas shortly before his death in 2010.

Destiny, Long Beach, California.

Hakodate, Hokkaid천, Japan.

Table, Venice, Italy

Hotel, Hamburg, Germany.

Airport Lounge, Somewhere.

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