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What is a kitchen makeover? By David Ball We are a kitchen makeover company based in Milton Keynes, and although this is a real buzzword at the moment, it’s important that our customers understand what this means. Although we also provide kitchen redesign services, a kitchen makeover is very popular with our customers as it can help them save time, money and a lot of hassle. So many people ask us ‘What is a kitchen makeover?’ and want to know what it involves, how long it will take and what the end result is. To answer this common question, a kitchen makeover is the act of transforming the your kitchen by replacing the cupboard doors, accessories, worktop and white goods (if required). If you are happy with the condition of the kitchen cabinets (and we agree that they are suitable) then a kitchen makeover enables you to completely change the look of your kitchen without having to replace the cabinets. It’s more cost effective and a lot quicker, plus the end result is just as good as a kitchen re-design.

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What is a kitchen makeover? By David Ball With a kitchen makeover we will come to your home after you have chosen your desired kitchen style and strip out the doors, plinths, end panels and corner posts so you are literally left with the skeleton by way of just cabinets. From this point we then refurbish the kitchen adding worktops, a sink, a new hob, kickboards and corner posts. You don’t see the old cabinets just a beautiful brand new kitchen.

Using the basic infrastructure, your kitchen will look brand new and it typically costs between 30 and 50% less. You aren’t paying for the removal of the cabinets and the cost of the labour involved. A kitchen makeover is a great way to update your kitchen without the high price tag. We also do redesign, but can combine this with a kitchen makeover. Often our customers have areas of the kitchen they aren’t happy with and so rather than paying for a complete new redesign we can combine elements of both to keep costs down and achieve your perfect kitchen.

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What is a kitchen makeover?