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Menu My menu is very short for now. I am very limited to breaded items.

Menu for now Cookies(sugar)- 1 dozen for $5 Cookies(Chocolate)- 1 dozen for $6 Muffins (Chocolate)- half a dozen for $5 Muffins (Blueberry)- half a dozen for $5 Croissants(1 dozen)- $8 Croissants(1/2 dozen)- $5 French Toast/ Pancakes- $3 for 5

Cakes Chocolate- $10 White- $8 Yellow- $8 Independence Day- $10 Cupcakes- 1 dozen for $7.50

Order Today via (661)746-0556 or via e-mail ( Thank You For Your Support!

Catering Menu  
Catering Menu  

This is the menu to my catering business!