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My Poetry Collection By: Yehonatan

Limerick The Fat Digging boy There was once a boy who could dig He was as fat as a very big pig So he went on a bridge He found a talking fridge In the end The started to jig

Haiku Life It comes and it goes You only get one chance So use it wisely

Cinquain Hope Hope You should rely when it始s dark it gives light Don始t you ever give up on it Hope

Ode An Ode to Scuba Diving It lets me see the world that I never saw and helps me see the aquatic life in ways beyond what I have imagined I can see things so fascinating and amazing I would rather do it instead of playing games all day long. I saw fish, chorales, ells, sea urchins, sharks, and so much more I would eventually stay and not leave. It gives me joy and it gives me a sight that I would see every day of my life. It’s a joy that not only entertains but changes your life as person. It’s the best sport in the world and it’s a great joy of life so if you get a chance to do it, try.

Free Verse I Think And Stare I think and stare about the big life to come I think and stare about the warming talking sun I think and stare at all the trees and leaves and even the bugs that are as small as a pin I look outside and see the world like I’ve never seen such a world before, and even though I always know that I’m in the same world that I was always was on I think and stare at all I could achieve and all the great races and all the great quests my life will afford, and I know that I can do it all and master the big trail that I’m up against And in the end I sit and think “I did that once and I could do that again, again and again” and I know I can so all I need to do now is try till I’ve finished my race, my quest, my trail of life

Free Verse Cheeseburger I step inside the restaurant and it fills Me with joy, I hear the burgers sizzling on the Like the sound of a harp and the smell, more then any Diamond you could ever find. I place an order right away As I take the best seat in the house. And then a Drum roll “rrrrrrrrrrrrr…tada!” I see a food so amazing I could Jump all day long. Like a crystal on plate I sit and Stare at what restaurants call a cheeseburger. Like a crystal in my eyes that does not allow to leave it’s sight Of joy. Like crystal found in a cave and ordered by the Queen of England. I hold it in my hands, as a soft As a pillow and take a big bite. So full of taste I could barley stand my self from going Crazy. I finish in one gulp and say “That was my favorite meal”.

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