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My Poetry Collection by Justin

2.L The imeric re o k nce was so h eo pen The m a man ed on an and t w h e w as a a pla too ne, ind ka r e a a o jum nd lly w h big p in ed pai to t id t n. he he rain big lim bo


Spring Bees buzz on blossoms Spreading pollen to the earth. As spring sprouts open.


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th ons Drag ous teeth biting tee , i Feroc ing flame h Breat

To us e Bewa on jinxe d ene re! mies

4.Ode An Ode to the Forgotten/Dead An ode to the forgotten, Who were forgotten because they are dead? The forgotten that were once cared for and once loved much. People who once lived, and are still living, their spirit still there, but faint, faint because they are forgotten. and because they are dead. We shoo away their acceptance. From our caring mind And they feel great pain. That they aren’t loved, and they are forgotten. But some people still accept them. They are in their memories still loved, when they are remembered in memories, they always bring happiness to our mind to others there remembrance is vague, and can not be remembered but still matter is less, for to them, love is only for the living The forgotten the dead, they long for the love, that the living already has much of. without love, their hearts of been torn apart, no one had consideration for their feelings, but they don’t give up, and they still keep climbing for love, For there lives have been hard.

5.Free Verse Porcupines there sharp needless of death, for an unlucky predator they long pricks of grass, waiting for an unlucky predator, ci ci ci ci! when you touch a spike, lighting will get shocked through you!s you will get spiked so many times, you’ll have chicken pox! with real great red spots! and you’ll be cooked in a pot! and you’ll start to rot! and they’ll use your skin for a cot! The porcupine will laugh with pride! Hah! You’d think you could eat me! At least you would treat me! If you were that dum! If you come across me again! You’ll fall on your bum! and I’ll eat you for dinner! And my spikes will make you cry! for my needless of death! Are flawless! For I kill thousands like you! and hundreds, I chew!

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