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My Poetry Collection By Gus N.

Night dances

The shifting green grass Dances for the lonely wind Waiting for the night

Jack and the tack There once was a boy named Jack Who one day sat on a tack He leaped for to the sky Oh ever, ever so high And that was the end of poor Jack


Music Room clearing Calming angry souls Starting the stupid arguments Art

Pencil Meets Paper

Pencil meets paper Voyaging across the land Like a boat in the sea Pencil meets paper Dancing in the sea Finding new land

Ode to my sweatshirt My parents bought you somewhere And gave me you as a gift You are with me everywhere On me or on the floor I love you so much my name is on your back So when someone finds you they know you are mine I love you more than my shoes I love you more than my shirts You help me conserve my love Some hate and some love Thank you sweatshirt

Mirror mirror on the wall Who is the tastiest of them all Crème caramel crème caramel The sensation of sweetness in my mouth The school makes you good My taste buds do a little jig This is even better than roasted pig But not as good as the restaurants Caramel pudding dancing in my mouth My heart flutters missing a beat This is much much better than steak meat I almost jump out of my seat Sweetness symphonies in my mouth With a little bit of salt finishing the show Caramel soft pudding melting in my kisser I can smell you from the kitchen Not yet ready but still a delight Eat it for dessert at the meal in the night Crème caramel is a star in the sky Fueling my soul Guiding the rest

Gus Issuu  

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