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Dear and Faithful Reader, there’s no ‘What’s On’ again this month, since social and entertainment schedules, usually very plump and fulsome in and around Tetbury, remain awry – but some of our favourite regular contributors have emerged to appear in this issue, so do please contact them directly if you’d like to know ‘What’s On.’

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On page three of the April issue, which appeared online only so we could guarantee your safety and ours, I filled in with a little piece that started “May you live in interesting times.” Although ‘lockdown’ is easing, the times are still far too interesting to suit my personal taste. Yet some of our stalwart local traders are now re-opening, and have given us their financial support through advertising, so we are delighted to be able to resume publishing. I hope you will continue to support them in turn in the coming months, if you can? As has been graphically demonstrated: ‘Without them, no Advertiser.’

Greening Tetbury


History of Tetbury Society


While I have the unexpected pleasure of space, I’d like to give my grateful thanks to David Roberts at Wilprint for his hard work during the last seven years of our adventures together, and especially for the April ‘issue that never was.’ This is my last edition as ‘front line’ editor, you see – I’m going to retire into the shadows and let the experts take over – but I can’t do so without saying what a pleasure it’s been to work with David, and with the splendid Lions David, Stephen, Warren, Eileen and Colin who have carried me through the sixty-eight issues we’ve managed to set before you, together.

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For now, I assure you that at the Advertiser we are washing our hands and keeping our heads. We sincerely hope you’re doing the same.

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Richard Smith, Editor



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Young by Name Kitten Therapy There is nothing like the acquisition of kittens to lift the spirits, and ours couldn’t have arrived at a better time! We arranged in February with the Stroud Cats’ Protection League to adopt a pair of boys as soon as they were old enough to leave their mother. This took us to Saturday 21st March, a pleasingly auspicious date on two counts: the first day of spring and my parents’ anniversary (67 years and counting.)

Silver Linings Back in February, little did we know that collecting the kittens from the kindly foster-carer would be our last family outing before lockdown. Ever the optimist, I soon realised that enforced confinement at home would give us the best chance of bonding with our new arrivals, especially for our daughter, who would otherwise have been at school all day. Once home, inspecting the adoption papers revealed another good omen: the kittens had been born on my birthday. This happened also to be the date our senior cat, Dorothy, a former stray, adopted us seven years ago. We called her Dorothy after the character in the Wizard of Oz who finds herself unexpectedly far from home. We named Bertie and Bingo, both boys, after the skittish, privileged and generally irresponsible young men in PG Wodehouse’s Jeeves stories. Bertie and Bingo, after spending the first nine weeks of their lives in a pen (albeit an ample one,) were initially content to keep to one room in our house. Since my husband built his room a couple of years ago, we had, with a singular lack of imagination, referred to it simply as ‘the extension.’ Now I think of it as The Drones’ Club, which is where Bertie Wooster and chums take their meals in the Jeeves novels, often leaving chaos in their wake. Advised to keep the kittens indoors for a couple of weeks, we eventually let them

into our enclosed garden. We kept them on tiny harnesses to slow them down until they’d got their bearings. Bertie and Bingo do everything at high speed, unlike our senior cat, Dorothy, who lopes around languidly like the Pink Panther.

Off the Leash After a few days we allowed them to roam at will, gradually expanding their territory and surprising us with their feats of athleticism. They share a talent for scaling vertical walls with the power and grace of Spiderman. Bingo has proven a dab paw at swingball, which he sees as a scaledup version of their scratching post, which happens to be topped by a ball on a string. Bertie prefers the trampoline, climbing to the top of the netting surround with ease. It’s only when one of the kittens tries to squeeze into the cardboard box that used to be big enough for both of them that we realise how much they have grown. I haven’t yet dared step on the bathroom scales to see whether lockdown has had the same effect on me. Debbie Young www.authordebbieyoung.com Debbie’s latest novel, Stranger at St Bride’s, will be published on 1st July in paperback and ebook. The first in the series, Secrets at St Bride’s, was shortlisted for The Bookbrunch Selfies Award 2020 for the best independently published adult fiction in the UK.


4 | July / August 2020

Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk

When I assumed the mantle of President of Tetbury Lions last July, I knew one of the regular aspects of the role was to write this Lion’s Den piece for the ten issues of the Tetbury Advertiser that are normally produced every year. Having written the piece for the April issue though, the difficult decision to cancel the print run was then made, and those words, together with those from all the other contributors to this wonderful publication, only appeared online. I do not think any of us thought that we would not see another Advertiser ‘in the flesh’ until July! During the hiatus we have continued to be as busy as the circumstances allow, with initiatives and charitable work as near to normal as possible, albeit with the threat hanging over us that without the Advertiser, the funds to make our charitable work possible would be severely diminished.

positions that simply don’t get advertised and yet are often the most challenging and exciting. Pupils gained a valuable insight into what is out there waiting for them, when they eventually head out into the Private or Public Sector. At an informal breakfast meeting just before lockdown which was well attended and a great deal of fun, we were truly fortunate to have a guest speaker, Roger Muggeridge, from an organisation called ‘Lights for Learning.’ They are an inspirational charity group providing solar powered electric lighting to educational establishments with no access to artificial light, mainly in rural African schools.

the Club. He was our “Senior Lion” and we made him an Honorary member in 2019. His knowledge of Lion procedure and lore was unsurpassed, and his help in distributing the Advertiser in Avening for many years, vital. Our thoughts are with Shirley and her family at this difficult time.

Their light installations have led to educational improvements measured by a 500% increase in exam pass rates, and health improvements have also been observed, due to the school children no longer having to breath in the kerosene fumes. A truly inspiring story. Tetbury Lions presented Roger with a cheque to help his worthy cause. Looking to the future as this lockdown gradually eases, we have been busy in our fund-raising committee to try and bridge the gap the missing Advertisers have created. We are planning to run the postponed Easter Raffle at some appropriate point in the near future. All those who have already bought tickets and would like their money refunded should contact Saxon on 01666 504715. We hope however that you will hold on to the tickets and we will enter them into the draw along with those we sell as soon as we are able to be out in the town again.

Bert Hand at the front line of collecting as ever - for Marie Curie

We also have ideas for a car treasure hunt, a quiz night (it was amazing last year) and a pie and pint (or cheese and wine) evening just before Christmas. More on these events as soon as we have the details. We were a bit sad to cancel our famous Wacky Races - but the intention is to be back, stronger than ever in 2021.

So what have been doing? Way back in January, we helped make a Careers evening at Sir William Romney School a great success by fielding some Lions who have had careers spanning several decades, and who were able to talk about those jobs and

In the three months of lockdown Tetbury Lions Club has lost two of its members: on the 11th of April long-standing Lion Bertram Hand passed away. Bert had been a Lion since 1968 and for very many years Bert held the office of Secretary for


Gas Safe Reg.

Lion’s Den

Oftec Reg.


Steve Parr assuming the President’s symbols of office from Alan Cross

On the 28th of May Lion Steve Parr lost his valiant struggle with cancer. Steve joined the Club in August 2014 and quickly established himself as an enthusiastic team player with a keen interest in Community projects. He was a joint leader in preparing the Tetbury Cares community conference, which generated significant interest well beyond the town limits. In addition, for three consecutive years Steve helped organise the track and marshalling functions for the Clubs Wacky Races, and in 2016 was the Race Director. In 2017/18 Steve served the Club as President but his biggest role, though, was undoubtedly as one of the cornerstones of the Advertiser, helping to organise and to manage the accounts. He will be greatly missed, and our condolences go to Sue and to his family at this sad and difficult time. This is my last Lion’s Den as President and I will sign off by welcoming Ollie North into the role from the first of July. I am indebted to Ollie for all the support he has provided me over this year in his role of Vice President - and in particular for organising and running a very successful Charter Night last Autumn. I wish him every success in this demanding but very rewarding and prestigious role. For now, as we have become used to saying – “stay safe.”

Telephone/Fax: TETBURY (01666) 502287


Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

Lion President, Tony Sykes, Tetbury Lions

July / August 2020 | 5

Friends of Tetbury Hospital T 01666 825198 | E sales@ryallsbs.com ryallsdecoratingandbuildingsupplies.co.uk

The Friends annual house to house collection, which usually takes place in June, has been postponed until September. We hope to be back out in the community again in September and updates will be on our website and Facebook page. And the Friends of Tetbury Hospital are looking for new committee members! Would you be interested in joining The Friends of Tetbury Hospital Fundraising Team?

Connect with us

ryallsltd ryallsmalmesbury

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The hospital, which is so central to our community, and of which everyone is incredibly proud, has been pitched into uncertainty due to Covid-19. We know that significant financial support will be needed to protect the future of the hospital, and so we are increasing our committee to enable us to step up and play our part.



What does it involve? This is a voluntary role and requires a commitment to the hospital and the community, with an interest in fundraising. We hold monthly meetings and require a small number of hours per month to focus on ideas and input. We are a very friendly group and would welcome new members. You may have been living locally all your life or are a newbie to the area, if you are interested and enthusiastic about joining a great team and making a difference, we would love to hear from you!

and many more fine brands BRANCHES


*Based on a radius of 20 miles from GL8 8HW or 0880218

Please contact the Friends of Tetbury Hospital Chairman, Katharine Landale, at friends@tetburyhospital.co.uk

SN16 0BX and a minimum order value of £25. ** Terms and conditions apply.

Unit 1 Park Road Centre Park Road, Malmesbury SN16 0BX


Priory Industrial Estate London Road, Tetbury GL8 8HW


Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm | Saturday 8am - 1pm

Pixie Lock Ltd

The Friends of Tetbury Hospital

Professional Locksmith & uPVC Repair Specialist LEE COOPER (TETBURY) LTD

‘Local & Independent’

The Forge, Trull Farm, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8SQ Telephone (01285) 841773 Specialists in custom made Metalwork for Industrial & Domestic use

24 Hr Call Out - No Call Out Fee – Fast Reliable Service Non-Destructive Entry (Wherever Possible) Keys Cut on Site – uPVC Repairs All Work Guaranteed – Fully Insured – CRB Checked Free Consultations

Please call: Martin or Jon or email: leecoopertetbury@gmail.com

Call Ollie on 01666 848097 – 07823881639 – info@pixielock.com www.pixielock.com


6 | July / August 2020


Health advice available at www.tetburycares.org


Tetbury Hospital is under pressure due to CovidͲ19 Tetbury Hospital is underneeded pressure to CovidͲ19 Financial support is urgently to due protect our services Financial support is urgently to due protect our services Tetbury Hospital is underneeded pressure to CovidͲ19

PLEASE DONATE NOW support is urgently neededand to protect PLEASE DONATE NOW UseFinancial the donate button on our website make a our realservices difference Use the donate to button on our and make a real difference the future ofwebsite your local hospital PLEASE DONATE NOW the future your local Use the donate to button on ourof website andhospital make a real difference DONATE to the future of your local hospital DONATE Find out more at www.tetburyhospital.co.uk DONATE Find out more at www.tetburyhospital.co.uk Find out

Postal donations to: moreTetbury at www.tetburyhospital.co.uk Hospital Trust Postal donations to: Malmesbury Road Tetbury Hospital Trust Postal Tetbury donations to: Malmesbury Road Registered Charity No: 1008926 TetburyGL8 Hospital 8XB Trust Tetbury Malmesbury Road Registered Charity No: 1008926 GL8 8XB Tetbury Registered Charity No: 1008926 GL8 8XB


Hand delivered to 4,500 homes each month

July / August 2020 | 7

Girlguiding Girlguiding is alive and active in Tetbury, despite weekly meetings ending abruptly with lockdown! Leaders are working hard to keep in touch with the girls and are using new ‘virtual’ ways to provide activities. The Rainbows have been getting a weekly video from Caroline or Freya and girls can send in pictures or videos of their activities; they have also just trialled a ‘Zoom’ meeting. First Guides have had email messages and an individual letter posted to each girl with adapted activities to complete at home – most of these also included badges they had earned, and which needed presenting. Second Guides have tried Zoom meetings with various fun activities which they plan each week. More meetings like this could well be the way forward for a while! Many of the leaders are still working but have taken the opportunity to catch up with ‘Safe Space’ training online, something we are required to do regularly. Our Centenary celebrations kicked off in style on the 22nd of February, when our afternoon tea party celebrated many things - The anniversary of the first meeting of 1st Tetbury Guides; Thinking Day (when we remember that we are part of a worldwide movement,) and time spent in memory of Trish Dent, our ex-President. 720310 ET Lumley:Layout 1


Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Young Leaders and Leaders from Girlguiding Tetbury were joined by their special guests and supporters – members of Ingleburn Trefoil Guild, the Deputy Mayor, a member of the WI and Lion Warren from Tetbury Lions. Activities were enjoyed by all generations and included decorating a glass jar to hold a Thinking Day candle and a scratch-art trefoil. Members of Tetbury WI kindly made and donated 100 cup cakes and our Rainbow leader Caroline organised a wonderful afternoon tea with great decorations. Everyone joined in a ‘pass-the-parcel’ and we took special photos of members of First Tetbury Guides past and present. Following 20:37

tea, we had an enrolment of five new Guides - and the first badge presentation of Bronze awards from the new programme. We then had a camp-fire with each unit contributing a short item, the Rainbows performed a ’cheer’, Brownies sang ‘Make new friends’, and Guides performed a poem and taught us a clapping song from times gone by. As with all good parties everyone took home a present!

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E.T. Lumley Garden & Pet Supplies Stainsbridge Mill, Gloucester Road, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, SN16 0AJ

Tel: 01666 822325 E-mail: etlumley@googlemail.com www.lumleypetsupplies.com

We are pleased to have been able to help the Primary School by loaning them our large mess tents and a gazebo. Hopefully these are providing shelter when they are outside – mostly from the sun and not the rain! Our centenary sweatshirts have been given out and we look forward to wearing them when we are back. We are going to redesign our special celebration badges and hope that most events will still happen – just a year later!

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for you and your pet’s every need.


Delivery Service Available

8 | July / August 2020

We are incredibly lucky in Tetbury to receive great support from other organisations, and in particular from the Tetbury Lions. This is enabling us to provide great things for our members and we can’t wait for the excitement and fun to return. Let us know if you would like to be involved or if your daughter would like to be put on our waiting lists. There will be a lot of sorting out to do when we return and extra adult help will be very welcome. Sue Doidge, Tetbury District Commissioner tetbury@girlguidingglos.org.uk

Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk

Leighterton Primary School work out how many counters were red and how many were blue. On our tables, we have our own trays of equipment where we keep everything.’ ‘It’s great seeing my friends. We did some drama and acted out the story on the field. It was really good fun and we have been learning to skip and keeping active.’ ‘I love eating lunch outside with my friends and teachers. We sit on the grass and have a chat and then we have a run around. It’s great to be at school again!’ We have been making up new games.

After being away from school since the start of the Lockdown,

our hands. We do lots of hand washing. Then it’s time for learning. Sometimes we get to do a word search to practise our reading skills which is really fun. Last time, I found all of the words! We have been learning a story about ‘The Wild Woods’. It is funny because there’s a squirrel and the girl wants to keep it as a pet.’

some of the Reception children at Leighterton Primary School are keen to share their experiences of being back at school. It has all changed in school since they were last in and they are now taught in ‘bubbles’ of children rather than classes and the classrooms look very different. Let’s find out about their days…

The returning Reception children have settled back into their new school ‘bubbles’ and routine really well and they always come in with a smile. They are looking forward to the learning challenges and reading and exploring more stories over the rest of the term.

‘It is great being back at school and seeing our friends and I love seeing them. We have to stay two metres away from each other, but we have invented lots of games to play using the playground markings.’

‘When we get to school, we are met by our teachers and we go to our classes and wash

‘We have been solving tricky problems in maths using the tens frames. We had to

Try Tetbury Hardware First!!

Before you travel, remember we are your store in Tetbury and we will deliver locally – Free of Charge

The children love climbing trees on our school field.

You have certainly tried us first over the past weeks and we thank you for that. It has been difficult, but we are very pleased to have served you, and with our sales response, and we hope to be able to keep supplying you all when things are back to normality. We will only be allowing two people into the shop during opening times. Please observe the two metre rule and be polite and courteous.

Pet Products: We can supply most major brands of foods for your pets, some for order only due to available space. Ask us about accessories, litters, bedding, toys. Ask us first before travelling or going on line. Gardening: We have a comprehensive range of Garden Care Products, but your needs are our aim, so please ask us for any products - however obscure - and we will try our best for you.

If you would like to find out more or come and look around Leighterton Primary School, you are very welcome to contact the school office on (01666) 890273 and we will be delighted to show you round at a convenient time. Further information about school is also available on our website - www.leighterton.com 1110609 Jo Gale:Layout 1 19/5/09 Leighterton Primary School

We currently have a large range of goods and services in Homewares, Electrical, Cleaning, Decorating, Key Cutting, Shoe Repairs, Video Transfer, Fuels and much more. Come in and talk to us, you may be surprised at what we are able to stock and to do, just for you. Product Availability: We, like many stores, have experienced problems with product availability, this is due in the main to the manufacture chain being empty. We apologise that we have been unable to supply all your needs - but rest assured we will do all we can to obtain the items you want.

Your local agent for UPS Package Handling

30a London Road Tetbury GL8 8JL - 01666 500353 (Follow us on Google and Facebook)

All profits distributed locally and internationally

Jo Gale (as mentioned in)

Cotswold Life

Painting, Decorating & any odd jobs Mobile: 07742 916044 Home: 01666 503872



July / August 2020 | 9


News from St Marys’ Church God be with you! That is the proper way to say goodbye. No really! Goodbye is short for “God be with you.” It is a beautiful saying, isn’t it? So, in our Sunday worship on ‘Zoom’ over the past months, one of our new customs is to use those original words as we finish our time together. It has been such a blessing to share this time together, Sunday by Sunday. We start at 10am, with hymns, Bible readings, and a short talk. We also post our prayers on “chat”, so we can share before God our concerns about our family, our community, and our world. You can see for yourself and find recordings of the services on the YouTube link below. About one hundred and thirty people join in each week – and it is a really special time when we ‘unmute’ to greet each other and then to share The Peace. We send out details with the Zoom link by email each week, so please contact Diana Sharp at office@tetburychurch.co.uk

St Marys’ Sunday Worship on Zoom, 10.00 am every week if you would like to be added to the mailing list. Everyone is welcome! Over these months, our church family have been involved in supporting people in Tetbury – keeping in touch and providing practical help. It has been wonderful to see

people being such good neighbours to one another. We opened St Marys’ Church as soon as that was possible in June, inviting people in for prayer in this beautiful, sacred space. We’ve been involved with bereaved families, of course, and just kept holding everyone in prayer. In June, we said goodbye to our Curate, Rob. It’s hard to believe that he has already completed his three-years training with us – and I’m delighted to say that he has moved on now to be a Chaplain in the Royal Navy. I know so many folk have appreciated his ministry. He cares deeply about people, and was much loved for his preaching, prayerfulness, and pastoral care. We had a lovely farewell drink on Zoom – with words of thanks from St Mary’s School, the Foodbank, Eileen in the Tetbury Dolphins Running Club and many more!


Then, at the beginning of July, we are welcoming our new Curate, Pauline Setterfield. Some of you may know her, since Pauline’s lived nearby in Hawkesbury Upton for the past thirty-four years, and she has been an ad hoc member of Tetbury Church Choir – even conducting, on one occasion! Pauline is a musician by training and is married to Peter with three grownup sons and a granddaughter. And she has been actively involved for over thirty years at St Mary’s Hawkesbury too, as organist/ director of the choir and in lay ministry, sitting on both PCC and Deanery Synod. So, she comes with lots of experience! Do look out for her over these coming weeks. More news from St Marys’ next month and until then, “God be with you.” With love and prayers, Poppy The Revd Poppy Hughes Parish Priest, St Mary the Virgin & St Mary Magdalen Church, Tetbury Follow our online Sunday Worship on YouTube by searching for the “Tetbury Benefice” channel. Join us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ St.MarysTetbury


10 | July / August 2020

Website: www.tetburychurch.co.uk

Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk


Five Mile Picture Framing Re-open for business from 15 July 2020 Appointments at Avening workshop (COVID 19 social distancing observed)

Best wishes to all my clients. I hope you have all survived lockdown and I am looking forward to seeing you again soon. I normally visit clients in their home but due to social distancing requirements I am opening my workshop in Avening, by appointment only, to discuss your framing queries and needs. Appropriate PPE will be worn by me for safety. I have 30 years’ experience of working with individuals and interior designers. I frame everything from a photograph to large paintings and tapestries. Also watercolours, jigsaws, mirrors, rugby shirts, three dimensional items - in fact almost anything you can imagine. I have a wide range of mouldings at all prices including bare wood which I finish by hand-painting or gilding to personalise your artwork to your own taste. 0260720

Tel: 07764 302 683 for appointments or advice

Lockdown hit our newly established groups before we were even a year old, but we have managed and survived, largely thanks to the technology available to keep us in touch with each other. Some groups switched seamlessly to being online (Bridge, Play Reading, Wine Tasting, Photography, Computers) while others (Boules, Short Walks) have found that impossible but all are still in existence and the cancelled monthly speakers have been rebooked for next year.

David Sheppard Building Contractor

• New Builds • Extensions

• Dry Stone Walls • Patios

Mobile: 07885 397986 Tel: 01666 502940 Email: d-sheppard2@sky.com www.davidsheppardbricklaying.co.uk

As the scientific advice is updated, we hope to get going again soon! New members are always welcome. Details are on our website: tetburyu3a.org.uk


Caroline Langston, Newsletter Editor, U3A


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July / August 2020 | 11

History of Tetbury Society Sadly, HOTS have not been able to meet of late – and our other ‘outside’ meetings have yet to be decided upon. Hopefully, we shall be meeting in September. Meantime, I have recently been given some archives to add to the HOTS’ collection, and in going through them I came across a case which some of you may remember reading about previously. Originally reported on the 21st of February 1903 via Gloucestershire Assizes, it’s an Interesting Tetbury case about an alleged horse whipping. Dr Mellish came to Tetbury around 1901 and lived and worked at Coombe House. On September the 17th of 1902 he found his maid, Kate Hunt, in an outside storehouse with young farmer George Pride, in a situation described as ‘behaving indecently.’ He conveniently had about his person a horsewhip, which he proceeded to use on George – thrashing him along the street.

“The effect of the assault was to loosen four of his (plaintiff ’s) front teeth, cut his lip open on the outside, and he bled. He was lashed all across the back and thighs - and was regularly stupefied” the Assizes reported. Kate Hunt was sent back into the house and took no further action that evening. George Pride took himself off to the Gas Works (just along London Road) to see his friend Mr Philpotts - and then to The Greyhound for three-pennyworth of whisky. He went to work the following day (Thursday.) partly walking and partly cycling, but eventually had to lie down as he was so injured. On Friday, he went to see Miss Hunt and his solicitor. By Saturday he felt that he was too ill to work, but it was not until Sunday that his brother went to Nailsworth to call out the doctor. He eventually had to employ staff to carry on with his farm work. The case came to court and was reported verbatim in the Wilts and Glos. Standard the following month. Thomas Hill published a report in the Tetbury Advertiser. The plaintiff, George Pride, brought a case for £500 damages against the defendant, Dr Mellish. All females not connected with the case were sent out of the court room and the case began. Mr Cranstoun opened for the plaintiff and set the scene regarding Mr Pride and Miss


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Hunt, who had been seeing each other for three weeks, and were now engaged to be married. They usually met outside Dr Mellish’s house, but there had been reports to the police of a man hanging around outside… The plaintiff was cross-examined first, followed by Kate Hunt, who then alleged that Dr Mellish had thrown her on his bed, and on one morning came down stairs in his night-shirt. There was much evidence from various witnesses who were cross-examined, then the case for the defence was heard. Again, many witnesses and cross-examinations were heard, with lots of surnames that may still be familiar to us today, such as Pride, Niblett and Holborow. Dr Mellish denied the charges. The judge eventually summed up by accepting that either the plaintiff or the defendant were lying, but that the defendant was guilty of the horsewhipping and he advised the jury to award damages to George Pride. They did, in the sum of one Farthing (¼ d.) The Case was closed. Jane Haines, History of Tetbury Society

12/07/2015 16:51

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12 | July / August 2020

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Health advice available at www.tetburycares.org

Helping people on the move in Tetbury and villages A boomisindefinitely the housing have busy locksummer Spring in themarket air andhas as meant we arewe filled withbeen morekept hope for throughout the upcoming down and beyond. We are delighted that we managed to help people to move, there are more people out viewing and buying houses. We have had a terrific February and giving them our best advice and ensuring that everyone was kept informed. There it looks like March is going to be even better. If you would like our thoughts on the value are lots of buyers looking for their perfect home and Tetbury and surrounds are still for popular, your house, please a no appraisal. as do give us acall calltoif arrange you think theobligation time is right for you to move. Helen Pugh, Branch Manager Helen Pugh, Branch Manager

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Tetbury Oaksey Quintessential Cotswold A house with the wow house, in the factor. Itnestled has everything pretty village of Oaksey, you could want from just steps from the village a four bedroom house shop and strides from – a spacious sitting room, the local pub. This lovely a fabulous kitchen-diner country cottage has a with double doors into traditional farmhouse the garden. kitchen.

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A beautifully presented Beautiful Cotswold stone lifestyle home,house, a shortbuilt walk mid terraced into the centre of Tetbury, by Partridge Homes, and combining period features nestled within this pretty with a contemporary cul-de-sac in the village feel and well balanced of Avening. Offered accommodation withwith no onward chain. potential to change.

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When making our New Year Resolutions for 2020, the strange and unprecedented events that followed soon after could not have been believed. All our exciting plans for the celebration of our ninetieth year have had to go on hold, but hopefully we will be able to have our birthday party in October.

Our members have contributed in many ways during the pandemic. Some members made one hundred and fifty scrubs bags for Gloucester Hospital and several sets of scrubs. We also made laundry bags for Avening School so that plastic toys can be washed. We helped make cakes for the children attending school during the lockdown. Our WI village planter (by the phone box) has been restocked with annuals and Fuchsias.

and if our village fete is able to take place in September, we will be providing the teas as usual. Shirley Hand, Avening WI

Avening has been blessed with a super volunteer network. Every Saturday a newsletter with information about resources and activities has been produced on the Avening website. On V.E. Day the village was decorated with Union Flags and many people dressed up and held tea parties and drinks in their front gardens chatting with their neighbours and friends: observing social distancing of course! The Church has been holding short services on-line. Many of our members help run our Community Café and although it has been closed it has continued to connect people via ‘Zoom’ software - and even had an afternoon craft session on soap carving led by Liz Adams. A large number of cheese scones and cupcakes were baked for over thirty customers on V.E. Day raising over £260. There has been a plant stall in the High Street raising over £300 and a roadside library in Old Hill and other sites. Proceeds were donated to local charities and the café was able to sponsor the colour spread in the May and June issues of the Villager magazine. Our WI committee had a Zoom meeting in June and we hope to be able to get together for a social evening in August



Fortunately, our March meeting took place just before lockdown and of course, we were not aware that we would not be meeting up again for many months. We have been able to keep in touch through email and our website for which we have been very grateful. At Easter we had an online quiz on our WI events a few years back, which brought back old memories.

In spite of steep paths, Avening has some wonderful walks which have been so enjoyed during lockdown. Gwyneth has devised a new walk for our WI when we get going again.


Avening WI

Your small, local nursery for home-grown hardy perennials, cottage garden plants, herbs, alpines and roses • The nursery is based on our farm in the South Cotswolds with walled kitchen garden and mixed herbaceous borders • Open April – Sept 10am to 5pm Saturdays Weekdays, if you are making a special trip, please call first to make sure someone is here Closed on Sundays. • Telephone: 07799 738710 Walnut Farm, Bagpath, Tetbury GL8 8YQ

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14 | July / August 2020

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Tetbury Police Museum arise to either work at home or on the collection, when circumstances allow.

While we are temporarily closed, sadly, due to the Coronavirus… …this is a good time to let you know what has been happening in the past year. At the museum we have been busy working on the Arts Council accreditation application which required lots of paperwork to be gone through, updated, and rewritten. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the history of the museum and its wonderful collection. Fingers crossed all goes through smoothly. We had a great time getting out and about and meeting people in town before the lockdown. As a non-Tetburian, (I am from

just across the border in Malmesbury,) I have enjoyed trying the cafes and going to the Good Shed for a variety of events. This is a beautiful historic town with loads of things going on and the museum will hopefully be part of things again soon.

Even though we are not open now, that does not mean we are completely silent. These have been very strange times and something we should document. I would like to put out a plea for any stories from our police about their patrols or unusual things that they have seen. It would be great if we could make up a display, but mostly the stories would be a fantastic record for future visitors to read or listen to. They do not have to be written - you can easily record the file on your phone and send it to me at curator@tetbury.gov.uk Anonymity will be provided if necessary!

All of us volunteers had a great time opening for Saturdays and Sundays in the holiday times and meeting so many visitors to the town and locals alike. It is amazing how much the visitors enjoy the museum and how many locals didn’t know it was there! When things are more back to normal, hopefully we can open on the weekend again. In the meantime, if you want to join us as a volunteer, please do get in touch and we will let you know of any opportunities

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It would also be great to collect some photos of the lockdown in Tetbury and the surrounding villages, to make a temporary display for when we open again. Please include anything that you think is important or beautiful or funny! Please send them digitally to curator@tetbury. gov.uk or post to the museum. As always we are interested in your stories about crime and history in town or your memories on the beat (and any old photographs.) We all look forward to welcoming you again to the museum! Maria Marsh, Curator, Tetbury Police Museum

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July / August 2020 | 15

Mayor’s Piece

shopping, to collecting prescriptions and pensions.

Welcome to this, my first Mayor’s report. I would like to start by passing on my thanks, and the thanks of Tetbury Town Council as a whole, to our outgoing Mayor Nikki Ind. Nikki has been involved in many new initiatives and positive changes during her tenure, including helping to start the Climate Strategy Working Group. Nikki remains committed to serving the town, both as a District Councillor, and as a Town Councillor, too. Our Town Clerk Stephen Holley has moved on to pastures new, Tara Niblett now takes over as interim clerk, whilst we move forward with an office restructuring programme. Tetbury Town Council for the first time ever held its Annual Meeting of the Council and election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor ‘virtually,’ on Microsoft Teams. Congratulations to Councillor Rob McCorkell, who remains as Deputy Mayor for a second term. We are now going to continue to hold all our committee meetings virtually, and members of the public may attend. To do so, please notify the Clerk via the email address executiveofficer@tetbury.gov.uk so that you may be sent a link to join in.

vulnerable residents, but for vulnerable people throughout the area. This invaluable service has meant so much to so many. I would also like to officially thank Councillor Martin Lea for collecting and delivering all meals over the past weeks with the help of his daughter Christine, who also has our deepest thanks. I would also like to thank Sarah Carney, along with her huge bank of volunteers, who through the mutual aid service has kept the town running. Their help has extended all the way from doing

Covid-19 has brought many challenges to us all. Having to learn to home school our children and keeping them occupied, to teaching them the complexities of social distancing and not being able to hug nanny and granddad, has been difficult – as has their not being able to see their friends every day. And in being furloughed or ‘working from home,’ and for many, being isolated at home on their own, Covid-19 has affected us all, old and young alike. If you feel that your mental health is suffering or you just ‘need a chat,’ either contact your GP for help and advice, or one of the many organisations that are there to help. And please, if you know someone who lives alone, do check in on them. Locally, there is a great free volunteer befriending service for older people called “People For You” for more information email:- info@ peopleforyou.co.uk or call Sue Black on 07810 630167. Finally, you may have noticed some pavement distance markers appearing on our streets. Do bear with us, while we trial various initiatives to maintain the flow of pedestrians and traffic around the town. Stay Safe, Be Kind and Best Wishes, Ann Pearce, Mayor, Tetbury Town Council

We are now in the process of setting our Working Groups back up, so that normal business can fully resume. As the lockdown continues to ease, we will be looking at the possibility of holding some meetings in person in larger venues, to allow members of the public who cannot attend virtually to still be involved and have their say. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Richard Davies and the staff at Calcot Hotel, for their commitment and drive in producing meals not just for Tetbury’s



16 | July / August 2020

Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk


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Covering Tetbury, Malmesbury and surrounding villages.

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! Tetbury Motor Centre

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Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

July / August 2020 | 17


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TAYCT News It is hoped that using these extra resources, over seven hundred young people, each year will take part in a meaningful and participatory process exploring their experiences of growing up in the Cotswolds. This will be shared with over fifty key stakeholders throughout the year and through an annual Youth Voice event bringing young people, youth organisations and decision-makers together to respond directly to their concerns and issues.

Young people in the Cotswolds are set to benefit from a range of new opportunities and activities… …over the next three years thanks to a national lottery application submitted by a partnership of youth organisations working in the Cotswolds. The application led by youth and community organisation ‘World Jungle’ and including key partners the Community Mentoring and Support Service (CMASS), inclusion charity Active Impact, Tetbury Area Youth & Community Trust and Black Cat Community Café will give young people new opportunities for development, support and recreation. The project called ’Cotswold Youth’ will include mentoring support for young people at risk of exclusion in schools, support to youth clubs, summer activities aimed at those making the transition from primary to secondary, leadership and work experiences as well as training and support

for organisations and individuals who support young people. Ben Ward, World Jungle Director, says: “We are absolutely delighted by the news. Young people in the Cotswold miss out on a whole range of experiences and opportunities due to the rural nature of the district that other young people in the county take for granted. Also. with the impact of lockdown, school closures and loss of other key services, young people are finding life harder than ever and we must mobilise youth services as soon as we can safely do so. The project, also supported by Cotswold District Council and the Cotswold Youth Network, has been over ten months in development.

It is further expected that over six hundred young people, each year will take part in high-quality inclusive youth sessions. Young people will benefit from weekly youth sessions, unique and special youth holiday experiences and support to see their ideas through. Forty organisations and individuals will be more resilient, more strategic and better placed to support young people as a result of direct training on issues such as fundraising, committee development, consulting with young people and inclusion by the end of the project. So, the Cotswold Youth Network promises to be a youth-led, strategic, influential and well-resourced partnership with a strong focus for the delivery of exceptional youth services in a challenging rural environment. Details of the programme can be found on the World Jungle website with a link from the ‘What’s On’ page: www.worldjungle.org.uk For more information, please contact Ben Ward from World Jungle on 07889 512644, email ben@worldjungle.org.uk or visit www.worldjungle.org.uk

The Cotswold Youth Network which is made up of voluntary and community organisations, district, town and parish councils, sports clubs, arts provider, play organisations and housing associations all committed to improving the lives of young people and this group will be key to ensure the widest number of young people benefit and hear about the opportunities.

AGW Howell (Builder) Ltd

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July / August 2020 | 19

Making and sticking to your 2015 fitness goals Shots from a Lawyer’s Gun

from both cancer and dementia, so my have cringed at my appearance in their garden and the unnatural situation has also wife went north, and our Wiltshire home the goal and completion firmlyItset caused people to act outdate of character. hasin became my office. After forty-five years your mind. Write it down! been easy to pick up the wrong signals, and of marriage we were about to mark our confidentiality, always as a tricky longest period of separation, but it was fine Making one big which targethas is great, this is issue, seemed even more so in lockdown! because we were confident that we were what you really want to achieve – for doing what was right. We were not unique, Whenrunning a will isa marathon made its contents are example, or losing five living in this unusual situation. Everyone confidential. Are the children involved and has their own story to tell. stone.‘inBut takewills considerable the these know?’targets Upon death become

– the chance for a fresh start, the ce to reignite your fitness, lose those ds, run that race and in break that A lawyer lockdown… nal best! When the pubs closed at the end of March, we sounds knew what we had to do. Me, because this looks and great on paper, my education started when I was seven and when the ink has dried and it comes sent to board with a latter-day ‘Wackford time aand it’s easy to lose sight. Creating n to it (inevitably after the Christmas public document if an application During the fine weather, clients would Squeers,’ who being an Oxford hockey blue for a grant of probate is made. In land come and sit in the garden, and I would shorter-term goals aimed at the main goal it is harderknew and sweatier ever),My wife had how to usethan the cane.* transactions there are always those who take statements with birdsong in the is beneficial, and these must also be goal seems amuch from similar further education up inyour Scotland (albeit like their lawyers sworn to secrecy - but Wills would be signed on the without canes.). Wetowere sticktaught to how to do background. ‘SMART’. A monthly objective might start . Even if you’ve managed ultimately the price paid will be revealed by bonnets of cars, and some testators would our duty. land going registry,to which a public goals for a few weeks, results aren’t with the simply the isgym threerecord. times round up witnesses, who I would have to Estate agents survive by making good sales Our recent has are beenallto my wife’s send home, because unknown to them ys seen straight away, duty and we per week. for high prices - but as a lawyer you survive they were potential beneficiaries. Some whoofwere respectively suffering tient even atsisters, the best times. and discreet. My duty As by wekeeping are allquiet habitual creatures we tofall king to your targets requires a my wife is diff erent from my duty into certain routines or habits, whichtocanmybe client! I am not going to tell my wife I am ured approach and an inner belief in goodmiserable or bad. Creating exercise habit can when shean is four hundred miles ability to reach what you set. You must be vital achieve goal. awayin- helping but I haveyou a duty to tell your my client le to visualise the process and the end theyhabit do notthat wantwill to hear, evento with an easy be easy Start something taking the flak. – but don’t just fantasise! stick ifto,it means and make sure you are consistent L ANSDOWNE LEGAL king ‘SMART’ objectives with the help One of my clients wanted and perform this habit fortoatexclude least her two daughter’s boyfriend, the father of her Choose our professional friendly practice on your doorstep rainer or by yourself is a great way of beatand weeks. For example, perform 30 minutes is vital, otherwise you lack the ability grandchildren, from being executor of legal needs, including:oping exercises and regimes that arefor alltoyour of exercise a outlived Monday,theWednesday and her will on if she daughter. I had track improvement. steps to HOUSE plan a for you. Follow these• MOVING • EMPLOYMENT written instructions to that eff ect. (Where Friday. Once you have been doing this for ATTAINABLE there are grandchildren the father is the • BUYING AND SELLING r fitness goal. • A DEATH IN THE FAMILY 4-6 weeks, change it – maybe increase the obvious candidate.) But I told her it was a BUSINESS be achievable for you – are • MAKING A WILL A goal should A length of your workout or switch exercises. CIFIC faux-pas. • PLANNING PROBLEMS • POWERS OF ATTORNEY you in the right place and have the right This diplomatic will keep your body and brain al must be individual •toDIVORCE you, aiming at access for the • TAX PLANNING The main art is telling a client what they do objective you have set? guessing, andtohelp you and to your 2015 not want hear lead with tact empathy. what • DISPUTES you want to Setting smaller ones can help you develop On the death of a much loved dog, my wife fitness goal – you can do it! accomplish. General and work towards a bigger end goal. likes to have a period of grieving before APPOINTMENTS BY ARRANGEMENT OR HOME VISITS targets lead to replacement, whereas my mother wanted www.lansdownelegal.com reducedTel:focus tooFax:REALISTIC immediate replacement so that she was 01666and 504005 01672 563898 Email: info@lansdownelegal.com 1130509 Springfields1:Layout 1 22/4/09 22:12 Page 1 not without a dog. I respect both views To be realistic you must be able to visualize much wiggle room. but how do you know who holds them? achieving the objective. Too high a MEASURABLE yourself Michael Hodge, goal and you may struggle to see the end, A goal must be too low and you will find yourself less Lansdowne Legal able to be motivated. *Ed: Since you’ll have read Dicken’s novel ‘Nicholas Nickelby’ I’m sure I won’t need measured – to remind you about this evil one-eyed whether on TIMED Yorkshire tyrant. How fortunate we were to 0 1scales 6 6 6 5or0 5 0 w w. ad time i e s eframe lpow t u n is i nimportant, g.co.uk Having forear goal on1 0 a• w have Mr Carwardine… stopwatch, having a as this is what you must work towards. This time or weight to will give you a sense of urgency and keeps 0580219




Tetbury Chiropractic, 2 Silk Mill studios, 2 Charlton road, Tetbury GL8 8DY

20 | July / August 2020


Just symptoms some of the symptoms• that st some of the Migraine Acute• low back pain at can be helped treatment: • Neck can be by helped by treatment: • Chronic lowpain back pain • • Acute/subacute neck pain Tennis elbow all now forCall free consultation now for a consultation! • Chronic neck pain • Low back pain tbury Chiropractic Commitment-free 15-minute • Migraine • Knee osteoarthritis cinity Health and Wellbeing Centre assessment available • Acute• whiplash-associated Shoulder girdle pain disorders ermaCo House Foot and ankle joint problems Telephone 07469 187004 • Tennis• elbow Charlton Road • Hip osteoarthritis (hip wear and tear) Acute whiplash-associated disorders • JwalaGurung Gurung tbury Jwala info@tetburychiropractic.co.uk • Knee •osteoarthritis Doctor of Chiropractic, Hip osteoarthritis (hip wear and tear) oucestershirewww.tetburychiropractic.co.uk Doctor of Chiropractic, Mchiro, CCEP, LRCC. L8 8 DY info@tetburychiropractic.co.uk Telephone 07469 187004 Mchiro, CCEP, LRCC. Health advice available at www.tetburycares.org

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22 | July / August 2020

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Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

July / August 2020 | 23

Men in Sheds

very soon. Vegetable sales take place every Wednesday between 10.00 am and 12.00 am and it is a plastic free site so please do remember to bring a bag.

Limiting the working team to three players, comfortably dispersed through the plot in line with the two metres guidelines, the Men on Sheds allotment project in Herd Lane has continued throughout the current difficulties. The site is now looking very neat, with an abundant selection of vegetables some of which will be available for purchase

There is no fixed price for our produce, all we ask is a donation to Tetbury Lions so that we can continue supporting groups and individuals in the town, but It has to be cash on the day as ‘will pay you next week’ has not worked out too well! This year we introduced plant sales, (herbs, tomatoes, and runner beans,) as a potential additional revenue source - and since it


01453 834 355 or 07976 779 130 ALL WORK FULLY INSURED & GUARANTEED NO VAT


has been remarkably successful, it will be continued next year with some further interesting additions. We also offer a range of donated second hand garden tools which have been cleaned and sharpened where appropriate. These are also for sale ‘over the allotment wall’ and once again, only a donation is required.

EST 2011

The second part of the Men in Sheds project, the relocation of the cabin from the recreation ground to its new site on the industrial estate in Cirencester Road, has now taken place. The next phase is connection to an electricity supply, allowing the use of power tools, some of which have already been donated (along with a large selection of hand tools.) We also have a work bench, racking, a lathe, and a milling machine all waiting to be installed. Once the workshop is fully functional it will provide a suitable space for the making and repairing of items for the residents of Tetbury and a fun place for men to socialise. So, all you men who like making things or just want some social interaction, even if it is just to make the tea, please call Ken on 01666 504189. Men in Sheds


24 | July / August 2020

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When I look back on the last few months, I am amazed at the amount of change we have dealt with, but thanks to the whole school community coming together we have emerged intact and smiling. When the school closed on the 20th of March, we were able to provide every child with a pack of school work to keep them going for the two weeks before the Easter holidays. We managed to close the school with forty-eight hours’ notice - and set up a new provision for vulnerable children and the children of critical workers. By the

end of the Easter holidays the teaching staff were ready to teach children using an online learning platform – and when we were asked to extend that provision to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children on the 1st of June, we carried out risk assessments, wrote policies, ordered protective equipment and put in place measures to do our best to protect our pupils, parents and staff. We were able to achieve all this because we have amazing staff, parents, governors, and a supportive community behind us! Thank you, then, to the teachers and teaching assistants who spent hours putting together the children’s packs, to staff who welcomed children into school with a smile on their faces every day in lockdown, to teachers who patiently shared their expertise and knowledge to

St Mary’s CE VA Primary School ensure everyone could use and access the online learning, and to those who organised and delivered packed lunches and food parcels to families. Thank you to the administrative staff who kept lines of communication open and planned the next steps with absolute precision - and to members of the community who helped put up tents and offered support. Thanks to parents who sent in such lovely messages of support and to the church for leading collective worship remotely. Thanks to staff for organising messages of support and to everyone who returned to school without question on the 1st of June to get the children back in.

Amongst all the worry and tragedy there have also been many positive things to come out of this situation. I asked our staff and children what they felt, and these are some of their responses: ‘Playtimes are good – it’s great being in small groups when we play.’ ‘We have explored new footpaths in Tetbury that we have never walked before.’ ‘The children have really missed school and they are so glad to be back. They have adapted amazingly to the new rules.’


‘Children have used their imaginations and made up new games, because they can’t use the play equipment.’ ‘During lockdown, life at a slower pace has been nice.’ ‘We have enjoyed family time together and lovely walks in the countryside.’

TREE SERVICES LTD • Tree Surgery/reduction • Tree felling/removal • Stump grinding • Planting • Council applications completed • Fully qualified and insured Free quotations and advice Please contact; Ben King T: 01666 500216 M: 07976 262829 E: ben@kingstrees.co.uk W: www.kingstrees.co.uk 0510116

All profits distributed locally and internationally

‘I love the way people have been using Zoom to communicate.’ ‘I like the way people have gone out of their way to help others, like Joe Wicks.’* ‘It has really helped me use technology to communicate more – I’m amazed at what I have learnt.’ No-one knows what the next six months will bring and how as a school we may need to adapt how we work, but one thing is very certain – we have amazing children, staff, parents, governors and a supportive community behind us. Jo Woolley, Headteacher *Ed: I’m sure you already know that Joe Wicks is a famous online fitness guru. Now that I’ve Googled him, I’m pleased to say that I do too.

July / August 2020 | 25

t. 01666 505068 e. tetbury@hunterfrench.co.uk w. www.hunterfrench.co.uk 2 London Road, Tetbury Gloucestershire, GL8 8JL

Are you following us?!



A modern family home arranged across three floors, boasting a practical layout. • • • •


Four spacious bedrooms Landscaped rear garden Off-street parking and a garage Walking distance of the town centre


A charming end terrace property with excellent proportions and a wealth of character. • • • •

Two reception rooms Modern kitchen, plus separate utility space Three bedrooms Off-street parking and a mature rear garden

Tetbury Town Centre


A modern, top floor apartment set within a charming period building in the town centre. • • • •

Malmesbury Town Centre

Open-plan living Two double bedrooms Recently updated shower room An ideal investment or first time purchase


A recently updated, Grade II Listed cottage occupying a central position in the market town of Malmesbury. • • • •

Spacious, open-plan ground floor living Two bedrooms Charming rear courtyard garden No onward chain













Some of our most recent feedback... Led by Sam, who himself embodies all of the qualities that Hunter French Tetbury, display on a daily basis; Hunter French have been a delight to deal with. Sam has been polite, diligent, professional & honest throughout the sale process, culminating in a sale at a price that we were very happy with, in what is not an altogether easy property market - I would not hesitate to approach Sam for my next house sale. Highly recommended. 10/10.

Mr and Mrs P - March Hunter French Tetbury did a wonderful job selling my property. I would highly recommend Hunter French over the local competition. Couldn’t fault them at all; highly professional, offering good advice and proactive throughout the sale. Thanks very much! Mr B - May 2020 Awesome experience with Sam - couldn't fault the professional service from end to end. The sale of my property was quick and easy and we were kept in the loop every step of the way (even going above and beyond and helping with printing services at an urgent point in my sale!). Had a few viewings held by another estate agent and wasn't a patch on what Sam provided - wouldn't hesitate to use again or recommend. Miss J - May 2020 Sam Kidner did a fantastic job finding me the right property and supporting me through an incredibly difficult few months culminating in the dreadful COVID-19. He remained calm through the storm and was able to get my sale resolved even during this crisis time. I am truly grateful and can’t thank him enough. Mrs J - March 2020

Tetbury and District Footpath Group During the pleasant months of last winter, we were on our winter walks program, managing to catch sunny days. During winter, we walk every two weeks starting from The Goods Shed at 10.00 am. And despite it being the most rainy month of February for a while, we decided to revisit our winter locations and tackle the Cheltenham peaks; the Starting from the Seven Springs, (and The Hungry Horse Pub,) we started our pleasant ascent with walkers taking in the fresh air and views and with pleasant chatter amongst our party. We always have a leader and a backstop, and Julian was our leader and ‘walk deviser’ this time, with Maggie at the back, both whistling merrily when a car threatened us and also doing a sterling job of herding the strays in the right direction. There were places where the mud was oozing and a bit slippery, but we soldiered on with only one person losing their dignity. The views above Cheltenham are lovely - and it reminded us how lucky we are to live in the Cotswolds. Our walks are usually around five miles, so we got back to the pub relishing the idea of refreshment

– and the Hungry Horse is a Greene King pub, so the food was good. (The pie was particularly delicious!)

walks program - but we will have to wait for things to ease just a little more before we can do this.

We were putting together our summer walks program when the dreaded spectre of COVID-19 hit and we went into lock down, so our summer walks program was suspended. Now that the government are easing the restrictions slightly, we are looking to reinstate that very summer

With on average fourteen walkers and a need for social distancing, this will be a new challenge for us. More details are on our website: www. tetburywalkers.co.uk Nigel Berry, Tetbury and District Footpath Group


Ridgeway Coach House, 13 Hampton Street, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8JN

Tetbury’s only family owned business Full facilities at our premises including chapel of rest All religious, non religious, creed or faith services cared for INDEPENDENT FUNERAL DIRECTORS

Philip Horgan

Pre paid funerals

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Dignified, care and compassion 28 | July / August 2020

Health advice available at www.tetburycares.org

I hope you are all keeping fit and well in these strange times, doing lots of walking, gardening or even doing fitness classes with Joe Wickes or Mr Motivater! We are so lucky to be living in a lovely town like Tetbury which is so supportive of vulnerable people and people living on their own, with the Covid 19 committee, our helpful small shops, and great takeaways. Also, it is beautiful just to walk around the

town and surrounding countryside which have been stunning this year. Unfortunately, we have had to cancel several trips which we hope to re-schedule next year. Our last outing was to the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham to see ‘Ten Times Table,’ which is a classic comedy by Alan Ayckbourn. It was set in the grand ballroom of ‘a local hotel,’ where a diverse committee gathers to discuss the organisation of a folk festival with a battle re-enactment. We all had fun seeing the similarity of the group to committees we knew!

Tetbury Counselling Service Social Distancing in place and/or Remote Sessions Available

Graham Hackney Dip HIC (BCPC) PCC (GCS) T: 07833 993249 www.tetburycounselling.co.uk E-mail: tcsenquiry@outlook.com 0860720

Tetbury Theatre Group The acting was brilliant, we really had to think where the title came from, one theory being that there were ten chairs round a table. It was a good day as the weather was lovely for February and it is always good to have lunch, shop and have coffee in Cheltenham. As soon as we consider it is safe to book theatre trips again, we will do; it will be so good to see all our members again.

I would like to say a very big thank you to Richard on behalf of the Theatre Group, for all the hard and wonderful work he has done making The Advertiser such a fantastic magazine, helping with all the illustrations and for having so much patience with us all when we are submitting articles. It is lovely to have the Advertiser back as a hard copy. Celia Bayes, Tetbury Theatre Group Ed: I’m embarrassed. It’s very kind of Celia to praise me in print. Standing up here on the shoulders of giants is great. It’s really not SO difficult, and the view is tremendous.


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July / August 2020 | 29

The reality is that in the Cotswolds local knowledge is virtually unbeatable Virtual viewings are an excellent tool for scratching the surface of what a property offers. Still, nothing beats having a local property expert on-site, making sure one of the most signiďŹ cant purchases of your life ticks all the right boxes for location, neighbourhood and value for money. Find out more about how Stacks Property has been helping clients achieve buying success in the Cotswolds for over 35 years. Craig Fuller +44 (0)7767 211707 craigfuller@stacks-fuller.co.uk www.stacks.co.uk 0810720

Best Property Finders ARP

International Property Award Daily Mail

WFH? Life after Lockdown! The abbreviation WFH (work from home) is now appearing on sales particulars postlockdown, as the market awakens from its recent uneasy slumber. For those of us with children, having now qualified as parttime teachers, IT consultants, imaginative restauranteurs and DIY experts, (albeit more Robinson than Heath perhaps), we are re-emerging from the havens from which many of us have continued to work throughout lockdown. One thing is for sure - WFH is very much here to stay!

Pre- the dreaded ‘C-word,’ there was a skip in the step of estate agents and buying agents alike as the market began to surge, and stock levels began to increase with the promise of Spring. With a recent return to the market, the situation is in many ways confused, and the key, as ever, is “management of expectation” between Buyers and Sellers. The International household Estate agents have a view which states that the market will be flat or dip +/-5% this year - and primarily grow back a similar level next year, but this remains confused, with the outlook for the economy looking distinctly gloomy.

Stacks Fuller My local market areas of the Cotswolds, North Wiltshire, Bath and Cheltenham remain stable. The stock level, however, remains very low as people find their feet - and because property at a higher price point is moving fast, driven by the demand of London buyers as the ‘Exodus’ begins to gain momentum. Tetbury, more than ever, is attracting massive interest for people looking to move to the Cotswolds, as the perfect balance between rural location and market town. What we want is changing with the COVID effect, too. More space both inside and out is key! The small and easily-managed gardens of last year are now being replaced by the “Barbara and Tom” desire to have fresh chickens and the space to make real attempts to “grow your own.” An edge-of-town house with excellent amenities and a stunning outlook has jumped further up the list of requirements. More extensive gardens (with an outbuilding that can be converted into an office) and direct access to the countryside are all vital. In the new ‘WFH’ world, the home has now become much more than what it was preCOVID. It is a place that needs to meet all the demands of life – because it’s where more time will now be spent, going forward. Craig Fuller


SJS is a trusted local company with over 30 years experience offering high quality, on spec home & garden renovations and improvements.

PLEASE GIVE US A CALL OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE m: 0777 55 61638 e: info@sjstetbury.co.uk w: sjstetbury.co.uk


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July / August 2020 | 31

Crown reduction / reshaping Pruning Tree felling / removal Hedging Council applications completed NPTC Qualified & Fully Insured Free assessment & quotations

James Taverner 07515 918582 / info@tavernertrees.co.uk 0841016



32 | July / August 2020

Health advice available at www.tetburycares.org



High Quality Windows & Doors


Extentions, Sunrooms


Period property Renovations,




Residence 9 window products.


07773852349 shaun.cuss@btinternet .com

nserwdgtu 0910420

Building Tetbury for 3 Generations

140208 Classic Windows




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Hand delivered to 4,500 homes each month

July / August 2020 | 33

Greening Tetbury Greening Tetbury’s progress has been pushed off track by the Corona virus: our AGM (the 15th of April) cancelled, the group litter pick (April the 26th) disabled - and May’s planet-friendly shop window display competition postponed. But in July we will meet again, in a virtual get together, at least. You can find more details on the date and how to join the meeting on our website. A survey on www.greeningtetbury.org is recording some of the ways in which our lives may have changed the planet for the better during ‘lockdown.’ The survey has

nine questions, taking only three or four minutes to complete, and is intended to capture changes in our use of transport, open spaces, local shops, single-use plastic and what has worked well for us as individuals and the community. It runs until the end of July and it would be great to have your input. The results will be shared on the Greening Tetbury website and Facebook page. Meanwhile, thanks to a small group of volunteers, Greening Tetbury was awarded charitable status from May the 28th, which means we can raise money where needed to help turn our plans into reality. Great! Nationally, Glasgow’s COP26, the international meeting to confirm and flesh out the Paris Agreement pledges, has been moved into next year. In the UK, the Climate Coalition (www.theclimatecoalition.org) calls for increased energy efficiency in homes - with support for an expansion in heat-pump installations to decarbonise

Tetbury SWC ads 2019 178x115mm.qxp_Layout 1 14/10/2019 17:23 Page 1

Think you don’t need a water softener?




Children in hard water areas are 54% more likely to suffer from eczema. Hair washed in hard water is duller and rougher.

Washing clothes in hard water makes the texture rougher and colour duller. Clothing life is reduced by up to 40%.

It’s hard to get a lather up in hard water and this can mean up to 50% more soaps, shampoos and detergents used.

Can you afford to ignore your hard water? It damages your appliances and increases your bills. Contact us for a FREE survey and we can help.

heating plus the use of Passivhausequivalent standards in new-builds by 2023 and no fossil fuels. It wants the UK to triple solar- and wind-power generation by 2030. For transport, the Coalition calls for the phasing out of new petrol and diesel cars/vans by 2030, alongside expansion of electrified bus and rail services, investment in walking and cycling and a curb on road building. All airport expansions should be stopped, they say, while aviation emissions must be reduced. What would Green shoots look like, here in Tetbury? Insulating homes and businesses would help to ‘green-charge’ the economy, creating jobs while reducing emissions. Retraining for a green revolution could include fitting new electric car chargingpoints and canvassing to boost bus travel, cycling and walking – and to create a frequent-flyer levy. We can all look at ways to stop using fossil fuels. Cotswold District Council is drawing up safety measures for cyclists and pedestrians, including social distancing. The government has instructed local authorities to work to make our streets safe for pedestrians and cyclists. Described by the Transport Secretary as a “once in a generation opportunity to deliver a lasting, transformative change in how we make short journeys”, please take a moment to visit www.widenmypath.com and mark locations on a map that require social distancing measures. Greening Tetbury’s Tip for July: take a bag with you on your daily walk and do some litter picking on the way!

01666 500 028 • www.tetburysoftwater.com The Cotswolds’ independent water softener specialist Water Softeners • Water Filtration • Salt Blocks 1231119

34 | July / August 2020

Post-covid, those with a special interest in Energy, Transport, Food, Plastic use or Waste can get involved and work towards our local green recovery, instead of returning to ‘business as usual’. Make your voice heard at Greening Tetbury on Facebook and visit www.greeningtetbury.org Eleanor Lines, Greening Tetbury

Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk

activities for the children, and we posted them on our Facebook page. We had a fantastic response, one of lovely Laura’s stories getting over 700 views! Lots of photos were sent in of children joining in, and we thank the parents for supporting us during this time. Just before lockdown we’d also invested in a butterfly growing kit, so one member of staff took them home and shared daily videos, showing the incredible transformation made by five tiny caterpillars into beautiful ‘painted lady’ butterflies, which were later released into the bright blue spring sky.

‘The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings’ says Okakura Kakuzo (from ‘The Book of Tea’), and the fabulous children at Tetbury Nursery Playgroup have certainly shown us just how they’ve got this ‘art of life’ thing covered! During April and May, when the children were at home, some playgroup staff volunteered to record stories and run little

Tetbury Nursery Playgroup shares resources just between themselves, and the children have loved having their own little drawer of pens, scissors and glue, and chair with their name on, a bit like ‘big school.’ After each session the area and those resources are thoroughly cleaned by the same adult.

At the beginning of June, as some restrictions were eased, we welcomed some of our cohort back into playgroup and they immediately readjusted to their somewhat altered surroundings, taking it all in their stride. Pre-school age children are obviously not really made for social distancing, and are not expected to do so, so we promote their safety by working in ‘bubbles’. Each bubble has a smaller group of children than before, they play within their own area, and the same adult is with them from drop off at the gate to pick up, to minimise the amount of children and adults coming into close contact with each other. Each ‘bubble’

Peter O’Loughlin Ltd Painter, decorator and property maintenance services.

This week each group has planted out tomato plants, and they’ll be responsible for watering and weeding them. We expect for the remainder of the summer term we’ll continue with a much smaller number of children, as many older children and siblings aren’t yet back at school, but we look forward to welcoming more children back after the summer holidays.

Professional, friendly and reliable service All aspects of the trade EST: 1986/ Free Estimates Mobile: 07745495427 Tel: 01453756742 pete.oloughlin@sky.com Fully Insured


These are just a few of the new ways of working staff and children have adapted to over the last few weeks. The setup of the day still looks similar with story time, singing, snack etc., but as you can imagine, lots of handwashing is involved, along with plenty of play and learning in our garden.


Due to the current circumstances we’re running with reduced hours, but this may be subject to change, so if you’re looking for a space for your child then please get in contact with us, visit our Facebook page, phone us on 01666 504855, or email us at tetburynurseryplaygroup@ eygloucestershire.co.uk

Local – Professional – Affordable

Tetbury Nursery Playgroup

Let me do the dirty work! I promise a thorough clean of your oven, hob, range, Aga, microwave or barbecue, using eco-friendly and non-caustic materials.

Call Dave Now, on 07706 084107 or 07703 667036

McTimoney Chiropractic Clinics in Sherston, Malmesbury area & now at Tetbury Hospital

Gentle & effective treatment for back, neck & shoulder pain, sciatica, migraines, sports injuries Emma Newby BSc MMCA

e-mail: northwiltsovencleanining5@gmail.com 0800619

07789 691479 emma@mctimoneychiro.co.uk 0690715

Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

July / August 2020 | 35

Citizens Advice When lockdown began on the 23rd of March, Citizens Advice Stroud and Cotswold Districts quickly mobilised staff and volunteers away from face-to-face interviews, to give one-to-one advice over the phone and via email, instead. Since then the charity has helped over 1,200 households, with both Coronavirus and non-Coronavirus related problems.

100208 KP Gardens



and many other issues. Sarah Telford, CEO, said “If you need help, whether your problems are due to Coronavirus or not, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Come to us as soon as you’re aware there’s an issue, and we can help.” The Helpline number is 0808 800 0511 Monday to Friday 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Calls are free from landlines and most mobiles. For email enquiries, visit our online email page at www.citizensadvicestroudandcotswold.org.uk and complete a short online form with a few sentences about your problem. We may not be able to meet you face-to-face right now, but we are all here, and waiting to help you. Citizens Advice, 130208 Williams Stroud andGLC Cotswolds District 22/2/08


Page 1 100208

Martin, a volunteer adviser said, “The service is more vital now than ever. There continues to be so much anxiety around the virus and what it means for people’s health, wellbeing, jobs and finances. As a volunteer, it feels good to be able to help - and it’s a privilege to work with such an experienced team of staff and volunteers.” Help can be given with applying for benefits, employment issues, managing finances, relationship breakdown, housing,

G. L. C. & R. Williams Garden & Agricultural Gates & Fencing Rose Arches & Gazebos Field Shelters & Stables Wrought Iron Work Large Stock of Timber, Steel, Nuts & Bolts, Gate Fittings and Garden Tools CHERINGTON LANE FORGE, CHERINGTON LANE, TETBURY, GLOUCESTERSHIRE GL8 8SE TELEPHONE: (01666) 505040 130208

Interior and exterior work, Decorating, Tiling, Coving, Specialist wall coverings, wallpapering, damp proofing, furniture reconditioning FOR FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE CALL

01666 826521 07979363224 or 07736326269 1360314

www.thornburyandpearce.co.uk thornburyandpearce@yahoo.co.uk 36 | July / August 2020

Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk

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Tetbury Hospital can treat people with potential fractures, although we are unable to do head, chest or spinal injuries. We do have quite a few horse riders attending MIU, along with runners and cyclists and we do occasionally have people who are incredibly unwell and require a main A and E department. We treat them and call them an ambulance to transfer them out to one of the larger acute hospitals, to ensure that they receive continuing care. “The morning can pass very quickly! I do a stores check in the afternoon and order any necessary items that we may be short of. We need to have a variety of splints, slings and air boots as we never know who or what injury is going to come through our door. I will clean any equipment used that is not disposable, (although thankfully these days most things are,) after each patient - and set up the room ready for the next arrival. “I love my job and can’t imagine doing anything but nursing. It is so very rewarding being able to help someone get out of pain, get comfortable and to be able to reassure them that things will be OK.”

Martina Middleton and Annie King, MIU

Martina Middleton, Tetbury Hospital MIU

‘A Day in the Life of a Tetbury Hospital Minor Injuries Nurse.’ Martina Middleton, Registered Nurse, tells us what it’s like to work in the Minor Injuries Unit of Tetbury Hospital. “I start my day at 08.30 am and I always wonder what lies ahead. No two days are the same! Sometimes we have a day full of sprained ankles or wrists, and other days we are full of lacerations, from paper cuts to deep lacerations requiring stitches.

All Aspects of Interior Exterior Painting


“I begin by checking the medical equipment that is in the minor injuries unit. This means ensuring that the resuscitation trolley and emergency equipment, defibrillator, suction unit, oxygen cylinder and so on are fully functioning and ready for use. “The patients that we have coming to the unit have all sorts of injuries. As we have an X-ray department here at the hospital, we


All profits distributed locally and internationally

Reliable Competitive Friendly Service Contact

Paulo Rios

Tel 01452 542179 Mobile 07866 366319 0940716


July / August 2020 | 37

720208 Nailsworth Dom Applian




Page 1

Our story so far‌ A r e l i a b l e , f a s t & f r i e nd l y s e r v i c e

This year we have enjoyed five talks and one lunch together and we are now poised to continue our wide-ranging programme as soon as we can. Talks on people, places and other subjects will include stories about Marc Brunel, Viscount Nuffield, and Ralph Vaughan Williams - alongside tales of civil nuclear power and a race to the Pole, the American language, and the history of the Kemble to Tetbury railway.

Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Tumble Dryers, Fridge-Freezers, Electric Cookers . . . No

Call-ou t

Ch arge

01453 ~ 833310


SHB Window Cleaning SHB uses the latest technology in reach and wash cleaning systems, oering an environmentally friendly, reliable and professional window cleaning service.

Fortunately, our speakers have been very understanding and cooperative in adjusting dates, so all being well, we hope to be able to enjoy our annual lunch which has been booked for the 10th of September. Potential members will be very welcome to our morning meetings at the St Mary’s Day Centre on the first and third Thursdays of each month, just as soon as Probus members can meet again.

We clean all windows, frames and sills leaving a spotless streak-free ďŹ nish. Our water-fed poles can reach up to 35 feet, enabling access to the highest of windows. Call or email us for a free onsite quotation 07376 205788 or info@shbwindowcleaning.co.uk


Let’s hope it will be soon! Theo Stening, Probus. 01666 504243

Tetbury Sports Massage Sports, Remedial & Holistic Massage

Piano Tuition

    

Jonathan Adkins

đ&#x;Œ&#x;đ&#x;Œ&#x; Planned re-opening from Monday 6th July in line with government guidelines, possibly subject to change.

Piano Tutor, Accompanist, Organist. Competitive Rates, Home Visits, Beginners Welcome Online lessons available email:jon.adkins@longfurlong.co.uk 0610720

Tel: 01666 505692

38 | July / August 2020

Stiff & sore, neck, shoulder, back, knee pain? Have you injured yourself either through sport or everyday life? Is it putting you off sport/exercise or affecting your work? Eliminate aches & pains, increase your flexibility, improve your performance Sports massage can detect problems, prevent injuries occurring & speed recovery.

Christina Ticehurst BTEC ITEC MFHT 07738 597436 www.tetburysportsmassage.co.uk info@tetburysportsmassage.co.uk


Health advice available at www.tetburycares.org

NIKKI’S NEWS INDEPENDENT DISTRICT COUNCILLOR TETBURY EAST AND RURAL WARD 3 Northfield Road, Tetbury GL8 8HB - 07847 605502 – nikki.ind@cotswold.gov.uk www.facebook.com/cllrnikkiind I had intended to produce a Spring update leaflet and to post it through your doors in March and April, but of course the Coronavirus Pandemic interrupted my well-laid plans - so I thought that our own very special Tetbury Advertiser would be the best way for me to let you all know how things have been going in our ward, during my first twelve months as your District Councillor. Firstly, I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone in our community who has worked so hard to keep us safe and supplied – Doctors, Nurses and Care Assistants, all NHS and Hospital workers, Refuse collectors, the Covid-19 volunteers, Community Buddies and neighbours, Prescription Delivery Teams, Scrub Sewing teams, all Keyworkers and the many local businesses who have adapted to ensure we had everything we needed - and who have supported us all. As your District Councillor, I have worked closely both with our Parish and Town Councils and with my District and County colleagues, as the day-to-day work continued. I have been involved in contacting vulnerable residents to ensure that they had support, I have attended District Council Covid-19 meetings and also meetings to plan for the re-opening of our high streets and businesses – including the delivery of business packs and floor stickers - and road and pedestrian traffic planning to aid social distancing. What has been truly inspiring to me is how our communities, Parish, Town and District Councils, all supported by the Gloucestershire County Council Hub, have pulled together at this time to ensure that our entire community remains safe. The way we both work and meet has now changed, maybe forever, and it is now routine for us all to attend virtual meetings. Top of the list of issues currently being experienced, particularly in the villages, is the lack of a sufficient internet service, vital for both home working and rural businesses. I have been working with the village Parish Councils and Gigaclear regarding this matter and I will continue to work to ensure that we all live in rural communities which have the same technical connections as our more urban neighbours in the District. In fact, I’d already raised this very issue with our MP, Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, at his February surgery in Tetbury. I believe that the Health and Wellbeing of our residents should be at the core of the work we do, and I am pleased to confirm that Cotswold District Council are planning to conduct a District-wide Health and Wellbeing survey. Over the past year I have also been working in partnership with colleagues on the following local issues: the GP Surgery, Leisure and Recreation, Elderly Care and Youth Services. Highways have continued to be a problem. I have worked closely with our County Councillor Stephen Hirst with regard to these matters and we have arranged safety inspections, repair works and re-surfacing to many of the roads and pavements in the ward. Climate Change – following the Declaration of a Climate Emergency at Gloucestershire County Council and Cotswold District Council, as a member of the Tetbury Town Council Climate Strategy working group, I will continue to work locally and at District level on this important issue. Finally, at the recent MP Surgery, I asked Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown to also investigate the following matters: A possible Business Rates Relief Scheme for Green/Sustainable businesses, a temporary Blue Badge scheme for people following injury/surgery on discharge from hospital, and an outreach Job Centre service for rural areas. As you can see, there is a lot going on in the Tetbury East and Rural Ward and please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any queries or issues you would like me to raise on your behalf. Please also say ‘Hello!’ if you see me out and about - I am looking forward to meeting you and working with and for you, over the next three years. With best wishes


SUMMER 2020 A paid for advertisement, promoted by Nikki Ind 3, Northfield Road, Tetbury GL8 8HB


Hand delivered to 4,500 homes each month

July / August 2020 | 39

Friends of Tetbury Community Transport

DAN BAILEY BUILDING In view of the Coronavirus pandemic the Friends of Tetbury Community Transport are of course obeying lockdown constraints - hopefully, we will be back just as soon as Government regulations permit.

Landscaping Before

Community Connexions are operating a limited service, transporting the few school children who are currently permitted to attend, running their regular bus route services and the car service wherever possible. Most users and volunteers are of course in the vulnerable and or shielding group which creates its own difficulties. Additionally, maintaining social distancing on a minibus or in a car is virtually impossible.

Extension Before

New Build Before

It is anticipated that as the restrictions ease, demand will increase, and users will of course be required to wear masks. If any of our users needs a mask, they are welcome to contact me, as my wife Pam is a wizard on her sewing machine, and will do her best to meet demand subject to receiving a voluntary donation to her favoured charity - Macmillan Cancer Support. Unfortunately, I cannot foresee being able to restart the FTCT trips to local destinations in the near future, but as soon as it is viable, we hope to resume. Stay Alert, Stay Safe and Save Lives.

Landscaping After

Roger Bellairs, Friends of Tetbury Community Transport

Landscaping Before

New Build Before

Extension After

Extension Before

New Build After

Extensions Loft Conversions Barn Conversions Extension After Prestige Nursing + Care provides an unrivalled range of care Listed Building Refurbishment services from one hour visits up to 24 hour nursing care. Groundworks and Landscaping Services available: Natural Stone Walling • Specialist Care for Acquired • Companionship Brain Injuries and Spinal Injuries • Personal Care Roofing • Dementia Care • Respite Care Fascias & Guttering • Palliative Care • Complex Care New Build After Kitchens & Bathrooms We would like to say a huge thank you toExtensions all our Roofing clients and staff for their continued determination Carpentry Loft Conversions Fascias & Guttering through the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Barn Conversions Kitchens & Bathrooms Property Maintenance Listed Building Refurbishment Carpentry

High quality, affordable support at home from the experts in care Landscaping After

Call us today on 01666 503020

Prestige Nursing + Care Gloucester First & Second Floors, Three Cups House 5c - 5d Church Street, Tetbury GL8 8JG

gloucester@prestige-nursing.co.uk www.prestige-nursing.co.uk 0640720

40 | July / August 2020

Groundworks and Landscaping Natural Stone Walling

Property Maintenance

T: 01666 824980 M: 07788 416875 www.danbaileybuilding.co.uk 640413

Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk

We hope you’ve been missing us? We’ve certainly been missing you! If you are down our way, to usher in our ‘new normal,’ the Whistle Stop Café takeaway is ready for action at weekends from the 4th of July and Ros’s vegetable stall will be back on Saturday mornings, as soon as her super fresh produce is ready. We are certainly pleased to be able to offer takeaway coffee and cake and delicious local produce again.

many things of late, particularly the moral and financial support of our audiences and volunteers. It is so encouraging that the Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden, mentioned Tetbury Goods Shed as a worthy recipient of Arts Council England (ACE) funds to help us survive. ACE and the government, via Cotswold District Council, have given very welcome grants to cover our more pressing overheads in the short term.

In turn, we want to go on providing access to the arts for our community and to support artists and performers who have appeared at Tetbury Goods Shed, or who are booked for when restrictions are lifted. Despite adverse circumstances, we have Our whole website has been turned over to had reason to be incredibly grateful their videos to virtual 681010 March Roofing:Layout 1 for 21/9/10 22:08andPage 1 art galleries, until

M.MARCH ROOFING All types of tiling undertaken (slating : imitation : etc.) Complete re-roofs undertaken General roof repairs and maintenance Re-pointing to brick/stonework etc.

Free estimates Friendly professional advice 35 years experience in the roofing trade

BABCP Accredited CBT Therapists

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is an effective talking therapy for:


Anxiety Depression Addiction Bereavement Phobias Insomnia For confidential advice or to arrange an assessment contact: stuart@tetburycbt.co.uk Tel. 07791161827


We are thrilled that some of these performers have made ‘Shutdown Showcase’ sessions from their homes, especially for us to screen on our website on Wednesday evenings. Blues guitarists, Stuart Earl and Keith Thompson, and folk musicians, Faeland, have each played soothing sets of chilled music, and our Jazz Club’s Stuart Carter-Smith a beautifully produced jazz session. Actor Gerard Logan filmed Shakespeare’s gripping ‘The Rape of Lucrece.’ There are more to come - and all can be seen again if you missed them on www.shed-arts.co.uk

Coming up, we thought we might record Tetbury’s creative response to the lockdown by presenting a ‘Life in Lockdown’ gallery of photos taken over recent weeks. How was - and is - life in Tetbury for you and your family, at home, at work, doing something new, or exercising perhaps? If you live in the GL8 area, we’d love to see your photos. Check the page our website for details of how to send them in.

M: 07721746109

Stuart Forrest Accredited CBT Therapist

we can physically reopen for exhibitions and performances.

Do have a look, you may end up staying some time!

Specialist in Cotswold Stone Tiling


Tetbury Goods Shed


One idea for the future is that since the Goods Shed is a very large space, it could be used for meetings, lectures and similar events with 3540 people present, while still maintaining the required two metre spacing. So, we would like to offer clubs and business forums, when allowed, our main hall for meetings, at low cost, until we are able to reopen for cinema and live performances. If any local club, organization or business could benefit from the use of the Goods Shed, please get in touch – office@shedarts.co.uk Tetbury Goods Shed Arts Centre


30 years experience, specialising in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Extensions and Renovations

chris@elliottbrothers.net 07786 085928 • 07769 153829

dan@elliottbrothers.net 0390220

All profits distributed locally and internationally


07919922061 07919922061 0390720

July / August 2020 | 41

Tetbury WI No tea or cake but it was a WI committee meeting, nevertheless. Six of us met in a beautiful garden at the beginning of June for the first time since March. We had our coats on, umbrellas at the ready and were, of course, two metres apart. At this meeting we agreed that forthcoming visits will be postponed until next year along with our various social events. One that we are hoping may happen sooner is a skittles match against our friends at Avening as this could be arranged at short notice. The annual Group meeting, where we meet up with Avening WI and Kemble and Ewen WI which was scheduled for June, will be held next year at Kemble. Some very active members of the needlework group and craft group have been busy producing jackets for premature babies, knitted hearts for hospitals, scrub bags for local hospitals and care homes, 90 headbands with buttons to attach masks for local hospitals and face masks for our members. Other members have been making cakes for hospital staff, for example those at the RUH in Bath. 530212 Pat testing:Layout 1

Inactivity means there is little to report but something that deserves a mention is the Wedding Cake tree in the grounds of St Marys’ Church. We donated the tree to Tetbury to mark the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge nine years ago. It was planted by the Duchess of Cornwall and has been well cared for by Tetbury in Bloom. It looks beautiful.

all keeping in touch with each other. We’ll resume our monthly meetings at the Goods Shed as soon as we are able and hope to welcome guests who may wish to attend some meetings before becoming members.

Even though we are unable to meet, we are

Chris Gibson, Tetbury WI

All current information is on our website. It is good to be writing an item for the Advertiser again. We’ve missed you!


E. stevefloydpestcontrol@gmail.com www.stevefloydpestcontrol.co.uk Fully qualified (25 years experience) Fully Insured T: 01285 643750 M: 07933 357373



Tetbury Area

Portable Appliance Testing for Holiday Cottages, B&B’s and let Accomodation. Please phone for details on

01666 502879



DOWDING & SON Television Electrical Repairs Sales and Repairs Televisionand

We are a family run building firm based in Tetbury with over 40 years experience in the building industry. All aspects of building work can be undertaken:

• Extensions • Renovations • New builds

Malmesbury your repairs.& Tetbury areas.

07833 384991




The sign of building quality


42 | July / August 2020


Or Visit our website @ www.cdbbuilding.co.uk


for a friendly and personal service


For a free quote call Nick Ball on:

personal service


07778 354668

07778 354668 for a friendly and


Garages • Minor Alterations

12, Avon Road, Malmesbury, Wilts SN16 0DL


& Digital Box Sales. • Television Television Repairs. ••Television Repairs. Table & Standard lamp repairs. • NEW &TV‛sStandard • Table lamp tuned in &repairs. set up. • Replacementetcremote controls. ••NEW TV‛s etc tuned in & setup. Collection & delivery service ••Collection & delivery for in the for your repairs & sales


Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk


DISCOVER YOUR INNER ATHLETE www.bpfhub.com 0070720

INFO@BPFHUB.COM 01666 318996


Tetbury Art Society How things change! In the April edition of the Tetbury Advertiser I reported on a workshop that had been organised by Jackie Sapp and led by fellowmember Christine Dack - and also on the first of this year’s monthly meetings held on the 4th of March, when Max Hale visited us again. When I wrote that article, I fully expected that my next would be reporting on our activities in early April - but that was not to be - and I am sure that I don’t have to explain why!

So, what have we been doing since March? Thank goodness for the internet! We are able to stay in touch with the majority of our members quite easily and of course our members can still continue their painting at home alongside the other activities for which we all normally struggle to find time: gardening, housework, sorting and tidying the cupboards... And we are able to share painting ideas and news of online demonstrations and workshops, for example! We are planning to put more paintings on our website too. We have even managed an outdoor socially-distanced committee

meeting with just six members - and we expect to do some outdoor painting in July and August too. in small groups of well-spaced artists, staying within the government’s guidelines. The photograph with this article, of an outdoor painting session at the Close Hotel in 2019, may serve to remind us all of easier times.

on our website www.tetburyartsociety.org. uk or phone Michael on 01666-502909 or Barry Barnes on 01666-503926. In better times, we meet on the first Wednesday of most months in St. Michael’s Hall, Silver Street, Tetbury at 7.30 pm. We are a friendly group, welcoming those interested in art whatever level they have reached.

Information on the Society can be found

Michael Kingham, Tetbury Art Society


MOT Testing Vehicle Repairs Servicing Diagnostics



Free loan cars are available


Fully designed and installed home and office


network installations. B4040


Consumer unit changes from £299 +VAT fully certified.

Call us on 01454 238 700 or visit www.mottetbury.co.uk

We provide a full electrical testing, inspection and fault-finding service.



44 | July / August 2020

Health advice available at www.tetburycares.org

Tetbury in Bloom planted it in 2006, we felt that fourteen years on it needed an overhaul. The three large choisyas had far outgrown their location and were totally dominating the bed. Once removed, there remained a good structure of smaller sustainable shrubs and perennials, which should do much better now that they have a lot more room and light. The spaces that were created by removing the choisyas have now been planted with a colourful floral theme using long flowering perennials and seasonal bedding. Tulip Display at Tetbury Fire Station

I am hopeful that at least some of you, while out on your ‘permitted exercise’… …or getting essential supplies during lockdown, have been able to enjoy the daffodil and tulip displays throughout the town. During recent times, our team members have managed to take those kinds of opportunities for themselves, to do a bit of deadheading while passing the flower displays, which has helped keep the

beds from looking totally neglected. In May, when the restrictions were eased and two members could work together, albeit at least two metres apart, we were then able to carry out more substantial maintenance. Then, at the beginning of June, when the restrictions were eased even further, and with ‘social distancing’ remaining uppermost in our minds, it enabled us to plant the town ready for summer. Before the lockdown we carried out some work to the flower bed adjacent to the road in front of the hospital. Having originally

We have also carried out a lot of work in Anniversary Gardens. The roses over the pergola and along the right-hand wall were all cut back to allow them to regenerate with fresh new vigorous growth and they are now doing very well. The oversized choisyas there were also removed - and now that the garden centres and nurseries have re-opened, these will be replaced in time with smaller more colourful shrubs and perennials. To find out more about how these locations have developed over the years, together with all the other locations that we tend throughout the town, please visit www.tetburyinbloom.org.uk and click on ‘what we do’. Sue Hirst, Team Leader, Tetbury in Bloom


Hand delivered to 4,500 homes each month

July / August 2020 | 45

Tetbury Scrubbers

Since the inception of Tetbury Scrubbers, ‘for the love of scrubs NHS and other healthcare professionals’at the end of April, we have recruited one hundred and twenty-four members, all of whom have helped in some way. Gwen Hobson set up the Facebook page so Annette and Terri could populate it with all the necessary information - and by announcing what we were doing on various forms of social media, within a week many people had donated material, cotton thread in a variety of colours, bias binding, elastic, tape and ribbon. Malc Philby of Tetbury Hardware donated dyes since some of the material was a bit ‘see through;’ dying the white fabric a darker colour ensured all our recipients would be ‘decent’ when they wore their new scrubs! Tetbury Lions very generously set up an account for £500 to buy scrub material and other haberdashery necessities; Amano Tailors in Malmesbury have given four rolls of scrub material, Williams Textiles donated elastic and cord and Ali Bristow and Stretch Lines gave loads of elastic. Other members offered their services as couriers and of course there are the amazing stitching ladies, an elite group of twenty-five, who offered their expertise in sewing.

What has been truly incredible is the quality and volume of the items made: Scrubs 158, Scrub bags 90, Scrub hats and hair bands 32, Face Coverings (masks) 370, and many more hair bands and ear protectors. These have gone out to a Tetbury nursing home, Great Western Hospital (GWH), Mental Health Nurses, Paediatric Nurses, GP’s, School Teachers (local school teachers responsible for any child who displays symptoms,) to Hospice Nurses, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Nursery Nurses, Chiropodists, Physiotherapists, Staff at a Rehabilitation Care Home, Specialist Staff that help people living on the streets, and to women experiencing domestic violence. Having stepped up to the plate, this group has not only grown in numbers but continues to gain momentum, providing an increasing number of much-needed scrubs and accessories to front-line organisations; essential protection for the day to day tasks they have to perform. Well done! Tetbury Scrubbers



01666 823165 01453 705560 01666 503531 Thank you to all our clients who have been so patient during lockdown and who have respected all adjustments and the control measures put in place to protect everyone. Find out more on our website and Facebook pages. 0310720

Working together to keep everyone safe and healthy

46 | July / August 2020

Health advice available at www.tetburycares.org

When I wrote the article for the April edition, I never imagined that that it would end up in an online version of the magazine and that our lives would have changed so much. I hope that you and your families have stayed well during the lockdown and as we move to the next phase during the pandemic of re-opening our town and businesses, we are going to notice changes which will be with us for a while

– not least Social Distancing and queuing outside premises at 2m distance from each other. The Market House will remain closed during this time, however, the market underneath will remain open on Wednesday and Saturday – it has been so good to see our stall holders returning during lockdown and providing valuable services to our town and residents. During the lockdown period The Chipping Car Park had the car parking charges suspended, but as we start to get back to the ‘new normal’ these charges, along with

General Handyman Services

the District Council Car Parks have restarted. Many of you may not be aware that, whilst this car park is managed by Cotswold District Council, this Car Park is owned by the Feoffee and all profits are put back into our community in the form of grants. We have been asked by many people about the CDC ‘Free after 3pm’ scheme and why we do not take part in this – the reason is that the loss of income would mean approx. £6k not being received by the Charity and therefore unable to be given out as grants. Sadly, prior to the Coronavirus crisis we were experiencing episodes of fly tipping along Herd Lane, can I respectfully request that you arrange to dispose of your rubbish responsibly and remove to the tip or arrange appropriate collection. Many of you will have also seen the reports that toddler den seats in Berkeley Wood were taken, however, following appeals these have been returned. On the Millennium Green the Bird Cherry Tree was damaged during heavy wind and rain, thanks to Richard Cooper, John Latter, John Hugginson, Danny Bristow and Mark Elliott who ensured that this area was made safe. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Tetbury Heating and Plumbing for their assistance in putting the hanging baskets on The Market House and for ensuring that they will be watered over the summer months.

Incl. Loft & Garage Clearance

‘No Job Too Small’ Contact Brian Jarvis on Tel: 01666 500244 Mob: 07837 896270 0460617

! ! !

The Feoffees and Thirteen of Tetbury

By Appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales P & S Timbrell Decorators Painters and Decorators

Whilst we have been unable to hold our Free Community BBQ on the Millennium Green this year, due to the restrictions of public gatherings, we have not yet cancelled the following planned events – we await further changes to restrictions and advice, but please note that these could be cancelled at short notice: • 5th September – Beating of the Bounds – 9.30am under Bath Bridge • 12th/13th September – Heritage Weekend – The Market House will be open to the public




Grants applications have continued to be received during this time and I am pleased to report the following support has been given:

bathrooms & kitchens COMPLETE BATHROOM AND KITCHEN INSTALLATION Bathroom installs Kitchen installs Wet rooms Disability bathrooms All aspects of tiling Free estimates

M: 07879 233173 T: 01666 502053 e: info@rs-bathrooms.co.uk

www.rs-bathrooms.co.uk Hand delivered to 4,500 homes each month

• Support for a young father terminally ill and his family - £500 •



Tetbury Foodbank - £2,000

If you think we may be able to help you or your group with an education or training grant or would like to know more about the work we do in our town, please visit our website – www.thefeoffeesoftetbury.co.uk - or speak to one of our members. Lance Vick – Chairman

July / August 2020 | 47

Tetbury Scout Group Since our last article Tetbury’s Beavers, Cubs and Scouts have not been able… …to enjoy their normal activities but have been very busy anyway in the virtual world, working their way through an alphabet of exciting activities. The Beavers led the way with their ‘animal friend,’ ‘book reader’ and ‘builder’ badges, whilst Cubs worked on their ‘artist’ badge. All the sections enjoyed various cooking challenges with many tasty looking biscuits,

cookies and cakes being seen across the computer screens of Tetbury. The Scouts made bug hotels, played bingo, worked on their craft badges, and made curries, which looked delicious. Other badges that our young people are working on include the ‘experimenter,’ ‘gardener,’ ‘nights away’ and ‘space’ badges.

All our Scouts love games and over the last months have enjoyed escape rooms, ‘capture the flag,’ Kim’s games, Lego challenges, physical challenges, quizzes, scavenger, and family treasure hunts around Tetbury. Cubs have also made floating boats and Scouts are completing their virtual ‘water activities at home’ badge.

rendition of ‘Alice the Camel’ will go down in Tetbury Scouting history – although perhaps the Beaver’s sign language version was more tuneful!

As Scouts, we are very aware that many people are not as fortunate as us, especially currently. Many of our members took part in the massive national fundraising effort – ‘Hike to the Moon.’ By each walking at least one mile – and getting sponsored by friends and family – Scouts hiked the equivalent of the 240,000 miles to the Moon to support people who need help most at this time. The Beavers have also been earning their ‘disability awareness’ badge, including taking part in virtual sign language lessons - and they have made ‘smiles,’ (a drawing or a craft that we hope make people smile,) to be sent to each resident of Ilsom House. One of the highlights for all the sections was the County ‘We Will Survive’ virtual camp. We had over thirty families camping in their gardens around Tetbury, setting up their tents and flags and cooking on open fires. There were various virtual campfire games and singalongs and Mike’s glorious

We are looking forward to returning to our normal Scouting activities soon, but in the meantime from the list of activities you can see above, you can see that it is simply amazing what our leaders manage to do with ‘Zoom.’ I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our leaders for the fantastic job they do; I am very proud to be able to write about their amazing efforts despite the current circumstances. Finally, a massive thank you to the Tetbury Lions for providing us with funding for our new event shelter and hi-vis jackets. Already, our tents and shelters are being put to good use, to help St.Mary’s School provide shade for the children on the school field. 1210917

48 | July / August 2020

Tom Glover, Group Scout Leader gsl@tetburyscoutgroup.org.uk

Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk

Letters to the Editor…

Dear Edit


I would like to pay tribute to Steve Parr, wh away, sadly, at o passed the end of M ay. It was a pl have known easure to him over the last few year kind, caring, s. He was a family man who contribut deal to the co ed a great mmunity thro ugh his tirele Tetbury Lion ss work with s, Tetbury Community Community Co Speedwatch, nnexions and the Friends of Community Tr Tetbury ansport.

I could always rely on him to help whenever often at shor he could, t notice, even when his he failing. I belie alth was ve many peop le in Tetbury him enormou will miss sly, as I shall. Yours very sa dly, Roger Bellairs .

, Dear Editor

k you! been Tetbury - Than partment have ) and X-ray De IU res (M it su ea Un m s g inor Injurie cial distancin The hospital M 9 crisis, with so rve se d-1 vi to Co re e he th e g ar y durin vironment. We en fe open every da sa ital a sp nd ho te e re you can at to a larger acut in place to ensu have to travel an t n’ or do it u Un yo s re rie to ensu the Minor Inju the community y. If you need ar ss ce ne ly te unless absolu n help. ay away, we ca X-ray, don’t st

Dear Editor, I wanted to write ‘officially’ from Cirencester Foodbank, to express a huge thank you to Tetbury Lions for their ongoing and very generous support. As you probably know, the last three months have been extremely busy, with a huge amount of operational change for us - as well as increases in client numbers and fluctuating food donation levels at the foodbank. I am delighted to say that our move to a home delivery operation in partnership with British Gas has gone smoothly and, thanks to the amazing community support from organisations such as the Lions, our food stock levels are looking healthy.

We remain nervous, though, that the coming months may see another surge in demand, as more redundancies are made across our area and children go without school meals over the summer holidays. We continue to manage our finances prudently so that we can react quickly to situations of need ‘on the ground.’ While we are keen to return to a ‘face-to-face’ service with our clients, the temporary solution of home delivery ensures the safety of our staff, volunteers and clients, and gives us the reach to assist all those in food poverty, no matter where they live in our region. We are working hard to continue to signpost our clients to services which will assist them.

We believe we are in a good position to meet what we anticipate may sadly be a continued period of increased demand for the foodbank’s services. Tetbury Lions support will enable us to continue these operations and to adapt as an organisation as the coronavirus pandemic develops. With best wishes and thanks to all your members, Anne Currie, Chair, Cirencester Foodbank

Dear Editor,

Lion Bert Hand I am writing to thank the Tetbury Lions for all the cards that our friends have sent to me with such kin d thoughts on the passing of Ber t. I also received a love ly bouquet from the Lion’s Club – left at the doorstep (for ‘social distancing,’) by Colin Poo le - and much appreciate d by me and the family. ylor, Matron: O and Sarah Ta d Fynn Brady Zena Dalton, CE Read, Oliver an idi He n re ild ch al loc by Artwork

you, the local e support from th ve ha to y ck we have ve been so lu recent weeks In turn, we ha d times. Over te en ed otective ec pr pr al these un g from person community, in nations rangin d staff do an d of ar e Bo nc e da th un e Trustees of Th received an ab . ne wi pport, d su an ed ) to cakes who have offer equipment (PPE ther thank you to all ge s to ou ed m lli or ra en s ha y an r community Ou would like to sa s. m ly to ite ss g e working tirele and by donatin both verbally, my team. We ar d ank an Th u s. yo of ice d rv so prou provide safe se once more, I am to continue to h this, ug re ro ca th er t liv ge ll de we charity wi adapt the way rstanding; our s as soon as pport and unde Surgery service y Da d you for your su an ts ien at tp Ou r ou -open and we will re so. it is safe to do

Who would have though t that there would be no Tetbury Advertiser printed at the time – and nothing mu ch to put in it, anyway! They ma naged to produce a Ma y version of ‘The Villager’ in Avenin g and I was pleased to be able to contribute an article as a tribute to Bert. The short service at the cremation was very str ange, with only ten of played lovely music from the family present, but ‘The Messiah,’ (his fav we ourite,) and lots of the in celebration of Bert’s family contributed me life. mories

Shirley Hand

Ed: Dear Shirley, many thanks for your letter. Even if we were to tak of this magazine wou e up all of it, a single ld not big enough to issue give credit to Bert splendid man. an inspirational Lion and a very

O, Zena Dalton, CE l Trust ita sp Ho Tetbury

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Chelworth Bookworms ‘The Travelling Cat Chronicles’ by Hiro Arikawa Nana was born a stray and therefore sees himself as an independent and street-wise cat. Even so, when he is hit by a passing car, he allows himself to be cared for by Saturo. In fact, even when he has healed, he decides to stay and allows Saturo to call him ‘his’ cat.

Whilst on the surface the group of old university friends seem a solid group, underlying tensions soon surface. Add into the mix a gamekeeper with a troubled past and a housekeeper hiding from the world, and the list of suspects grows as the snow gets deeper. The claustrophobic atmosphere within the lodge, cut off from the outside world, is gradually built up until the person ‘whodunit,’ and why they did, is finally revealed. Well-written, with characters who gradually reveal themselves, The Hunting Party is a real page turner. Highly recommended.

However, wary of any kind of change, Oliver’s resolutions were unlikely to be fulfilled. Only one – ‘I will ask Marie on a date’ – gained any traction in his mind, but would he ever have the nerve to do it? Then, quite out of the blue, Oliver meets two new women. Caroline seems open to a new attachment, whilst Edie has an unusual proposition that might save Clock & Son from the competition that has opened up across town. Making cautious steps outside his comfort zone, Oliver tries to spruce up his life and his business.

‘The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock’ by Jane Riley

However, now Saturo has decided he can no longer keep his cat and sets out to visit a series of old friends, hoping that one of them will agree to take in Nana. As Saturo visits his friends and reminisces with them about their time together at school and college, we learn about his early life and how, despite the difficulties he faced, he has been a good friend. When Nana is describing their travels, the tone of the book can be quite aloof and detached – just as you might expect a cat to be, but as the humans describe their lives, the emotions they often kept hidden at the time come to the fore. However, Nana’s nonchalance and apparent unconcern are just a front and he would prefer to stay with Saturo. Although most likely to appeal to cat lovers, this is basically a story of friendship. There are no real surprises in the book, but the moral is clear - your past actions can have a lasting effect on how you are remembered by others.

‘The Hunting Party’ by Lucy Foley A

Being a funeral director would not have been Oliver Clock’s first choice, he had wanted to be a journalist, but it was what he knew - and it became his responsibility when his father died, and he took over the family business. Lonely and approaching his 40th birthday, he knew he was not making the most of life and kept a notebook filled with his resolutions: ‘I will eat less cake.’ ‘I will get fit.’ ‘I will travel abroad.’

Endearing and life-affirming despite its somewhat gloomy setting, this book should appeal to all those who enjoyed ‘The Rose Project’ by the same author. Definitely recommended. Ghilly Vincenti, Chelworth Bookworms

Alan C. Sanders

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group of friends travel up to Scotland for New Year, but not all will return. From the start, we know that one of the guests staying in the remote highland lodge has died – but in an interesting twist on most crime novels – we do not find out who that person is, until the end.

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