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Tetbury Art Society ‘Social’ Avening Social Club 7.30 pm.

Avening Primary School


Avening WI


2nd Dec History of Tetbury Society ‘Social’ Annual Social, and talk on Christmases in Victorian and Edwardian Tetbury.

Beauty Corner


Chelworth Bookworms


Friends of Tetbury Hospital


3rd Dec

Light Switch On 5.00 pm Market Hall /High Street.

Girlguiding 16

St Marys’ Church Christmas Fayre 10.00 am - 12.30 pm at the Market Hall.

History of Tetbury Society

5th Dec

St Marys’ Church Christingle 4.00 pm at St. Marys’ Church.

Lion’s Den


8th Dec

Tetbury Goods Shed Tea Concert Please see article in this issue.

Lions press release


Lion’s 200 Club


Mayor’s Piece


News from Christ Church


News from St Marys’ Church


News from St Michael’s Church


Shots from a Lawyer’s Gun


11th Dec Tetbury Library Snowman Story Time 11.00 am at the Library

St Mary’s CE VA Primary School


St Mary’s Playgroup


19th Dec Christ Church Carol Service 10.30 am at Christ Church

Tetbury and District Footpath Group


Tetbury Art Society


19th Dec St Marys’ Church Candle-lit service of Nine Lessons and Carols

Tetbury Camera Club


Tetbury Cricket Club


Tetbury Goods Shed


Tetbury Hospital


4th Dec

Richard Smith - Associate Editor

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10th Dec The Big Town Switch On 6.00 pm Houses throughout the town 18th Dec Tetbury Cricket Club Family Christmas Party 3pm at the Dolphins Hall.

24th Dec St Michael’s Church Christmas Eve Mass 9.00 pm 26th Dec St Michael’s Church Holy Family Mass 10.00 am V don olunt atio ary no nly

Friends of Tetbury Community Transport

December trips: To book 0345 680 5029 Sat 4th Bath Sat 11th Glos. Quays/Town Sat 18th Yate

9:00 am-3:00 pm 9:00 am-3:00 pm 9:00 am-3:00 pm

January trips: To book 0345 680 5029 Sat 8th Cribbs Cuseway Sat 15th Cheltenham Sat 22nd Highfield GC

9:00 am-3:00 pm 9:00 am-3:00 pm 11:00 am-3:00 pm

Greening Tetbury

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Leighterton Primary School


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Tetbury in Bloom


Tetbury Library


Tetbury Nursery Playgroup


Tetbury Probus


Tetbury Theatre Group


Tetbury WI


The Feoffees and the Thirteen


u3a 62 Window Wanderland Trail


Young by Name



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Young by Name “Museum of You” Each year, as soon as the clocks go back, I start to look forward to the fresh start a new year will bring. A pessimist might say that if I haven’t yet mastered time management, financial planning or decluttering, a new year is unlikely to make a critical difference. But I’m an incurable optimist, and in the last few weeks, chance sayings by three people of my acquaintance have inspired me for the year ahead. Catching up with an older friend after a couple of years apart, I was taken aback when she declared, “I reckon I’ve got another eight good years ahead.” From a less exuberant, busy type, that might have sounded like self-pity, but she was filled with gratitude. Never mind carpe diem, she plans to seize the next two thousand nine hundred and twenty-two days and squeeze every drop of life out of them. Trying to reach an elderly gentleman by phone, I was tickled by his answerphone’s announcement: “I’m busy having fun right now but leave a message and I’ll get back to you.” He’s right: fun is not the preserve of the young. Focusing on fun for however many days remain to you is a sound philosophy. The third arresting statement came from a much younger friend: “I’m proud of the life I’ve curated for myself.” Curated? I thought. What is she, a museum? Then I realised it was the perfect shorthand for purposeful management of your life. Like a good museum, she takes regular stock of her assets, jettisoning any that are irrelevant or surplus to her personal mission. A

good museum doesn’t stash away its best possessions for fear of breakage or loss – it exploits them with gusto. When I went on a writers’ retreat last month, it came up in conversation how sad it is when someone dies leaving gifts or purchases unopened, having saved them for a special occasion that never happened. My writer friends and I vowed that when we got home, we’d crack open all those fancy notebooks no writer can resist buying but often cannot bear to sully. By the same token, in my kitchen, I moved to the top of the drawer all the pretty unused tea towels previously nestling beneath the much-laundered, greying, and holey ones in constant use. In my bedroom, I rejected snagged tights that I’d been eeking out to the point of decomposition

and ripped the wrapper off a beautiful, patterned pair I’d bought about three years ago, even though I had no plans to go out that day. My daughter, with the natural assurance of the teenager, has a theory that the older you get, the more you are pleased by small things. Given the pleasure I’ve just gained from a fresh notebook, a virgin tea towel, and brand-new tights, I can hardly disagree. But I’m also reassured that whatever the new year brings after the stress of a postBrexit pandemic year, it won’t take much in 2022 to make me happy. I wish you a contented and peaceful Christmas, and a new year of living your best life. Debbie Young www.authordebbieyoung.com

Tetbury Lions fund specialist surgical equipment Recent months have seen Tetbury Lions donate over £7,000 to Tetbury Hospital for the purchase of two very specialist items of equipment. The first of these is a hospital defibrillator, an industrial strength device designed to deliver a specific charge. It is equipped with a range of diagnostic tools to monitor the heart performance of the person it is connected to. It requires a doctor to know how to use the machine and the correct way to achieve the best outcome for the patient. To ensure maximum performance the machine, which cost more than £4,000, had to be replaced after several years. The second purchase, at a cost of £3,000, was a hysteroscope together with additional surgical equipment required to complete a procedure called a hysteroscopy, a diagnostic procedure used to examine the inside of the womb.

A hysteroscope is a narrow telescope with a light and camera at the end. Images are sent from the scope to a monitor so that the consultant can see inside a patient’s womb. While Tetbury Hospital has the consultant to complete this procedure, patient numbers are restricted by the number of scopes available. Each scope must be sent away for sterilisation after each patient before it can be used again. Tetbury Hospital is an independent healthcare provider delivering high quality services on behalf of the NHS and for private patients. The hospital has a walk-in facility for minor injuries, and an X-ray department. It provides outpatient consultations and day case surgery. Care delivered on behalf of the NHS only covers the operations of the hospital, it does not pay for vital medical equipment that needs to be purchased or replaced.

Lion President Maggie Heaven, Zena Dalton Chief Executive, Tetbury Hospital and Derek Harvey, chair of the Lions Community Support Group.

4 | December 2021

Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk

This year, Tetbury Lions chose Westonbirt School as the venue for their Charter Night Black Tie Dinner Dance.

Lion’s Den

The evening attracted nearly eighty people, who enjoyed a superb dinner and wine followed by dancing to “Route 66.” We should like to thank the management team at Westonbirt School for making the evening so successful. This Charter Night marked the 48th year since Tetbury Lions was formed. Please put the date of the 22nd of October in your diaries for next year. I’m pleased to be able to tell you that despite Covid and the subsequent lack of opportunities for fundraising, we have, through donations, subscriptions, careful management of the advertising revenue from the Tetbury Advertiser and via online auctions, been able to give grants so far this year to the following organisations, both internationally and locally: Médecins Sans Frontières £1,500.00 Sight Aid £500.00 Save The Children £500.00 Avening Zip Wire £500.00 Hope for Tomorrow £500.00 St Mary’s School £1,300.00 Tetbury Bowls Club Juniors £673.60 Tetbury Cricket Club £500.00 Tetbury Food Bank £5,068.40 Tetbury Hospital £7,002.00 Youth Incentives £1,111.61 Total: £19,155.61

Under the circumstances this is a handsome total, and I should like to thank everyone that contributes to the Tetbury Lions and to the Advertiser. You are the ones who allow us to help to assist the organisations and the people who need help. If we don’t see each other face to face in the coming weeks, I’d like to wish you the compliments of the season from us all here – and best wishes both for a good Christmas, and for a happy and successful New Year. Lion Maggie Heaven, President of Tetbury Lions

Tetbury Lions support The Food Bank From Thursday the 18th through to Saturday the 20th of November, Tesco Tetbury were delighted to welcome The Food Bank into the store to both raise awareness and to accept donations of food and other essential products. Supported by Tetbury Lions Club, the event ran smoothly and the people of Tetbury and the surrounding areas really stepped up, with lots of helpful donations. On behalf of Tesco, The Food Bank and the Lions Club, thank you, everyone. If you are part of a deserving group, organisation or charity and would believe Tetbury’s Tesco may be able to help you in some way, please contact me, Peter Leech, the Community Champion. I’m in store Wednesdays through Saturdays, or you may leave me a message at the Customer Service desk. Peter Leech, Community Champion, Tesco Tetbury

Lion’s 200 Club An annual payment of £13 buys you into the Lion’s 200 Club lottery. We use these subscriptions to help local causes – and you get the chance to win a cash prize! Application forms can be obtained from Malcolm at Tetbury Hardware.

In the November 200 Club draw, there were 4 winners each receiving £20.00. Mr. Charles Cleaver, Mr. David Hicks, Mr. Richard Jefferies and Mrs. C J Taylor.

Thank you, Lion Brian Lion Brian Gammon has resigned from the Tetbury Lions and is leaving in good standing, after a long and stalwart period of service, including several years editing and looking after the commercial side of the Tetbury Advertiser. We’re sorry to see Brian escape “into the wild;” we all owe him a huge debt of thanks. We sincerely hope he and Pam will continue to join Lion’s social occasions for many years to come!

Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

December 2021 | 5

History of Tetbury Society Phillip Goodwin spoke on the 4th of November about the Woodchester Wayside Cross, that he considers to be Britain’s first War Memorial. He is talking about the Great War 1914-18 because he said there are memorials to the Boer War and other places were also making efforts to commemorate great losses of life in Belgium. Two parishioners of Woodchester Priory were killed in 1914. One Lt. Maurice Dease was awarded a posthumous VC for his bravery. The other Lt. George Archer-Shee, whose mother lived at Woodchester, was the ‘original’ of the Winslow Boy story. Their deaths had a profound effect on Father Hugh Pope, the Prior of Woodchester and in 1915 he began to consider how to mark their sacrifice. Then in August 1916 John Henry (Jack) Quinn was killed. He was a Barnardo’s orphan that had been fostered by the Priory and had worked as a garden boy. Father Pope then made known an idea he had had in 1915 to erect a wayside cross to commemorate the dead and provide a point for families to grieve that they were denied by the decision to bury the dead near the battle field. The proposal caused great interest in the Stroud valleys and people began to donate towards creating a fitting memorial. However there was opposition to the proposal especially from the Rev. Proctor, 720208 Nailsworth Dom Applian

The first Remembrance Sunday attended by 10,000 on August 4th 1918. vicar of Stroud, who considered the scheme inappropriate – it was entirely Catholic - devised by Father Pope (a catholic), a cross with the body of Christ (a catholic idol) and wayside crosses are common on the continent but not in England. Never the less the Priory donated the site, £100 had been raised so work started with one hundred and forty names carved on a stone memorial. Work was completed in 1917 though there was a hitch as the figure of Christ did not arrive from London, so the Priory provided a substitute. The dedication ceremony took place on the 3rd of June, 1917 with Father Pope presiding, but attended by Anglican clergy and by



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some three thousand people. The first Remembrance Sunday was held on the 4th of August 1918 when some ten thousand people attended. In 1921, the Government recommended that all towns and villages should make arrangements to commemorate the dead of WWI and that Armistice day, the 11th of November, should be Remembrance Day. As a result services at the Wayside Cross ceased and it subsequently fell into disrepair. The Priory closed and many of the buildings were demolished in the 1930’s. The figure of Christ was once seen in the hedge bottom. In 2013/ 2014 the Church of the Annunciation assumed responsibility for its restoration and appeals for funding brought in several thousand pounds and there has been an almost complete restoration. The replacement Cross was erected in 2017 and now stands beside the A46 road below the Catholic Priory Church in South Woodchester.

A reliable, fas t & fr ien d l y s e r v i c e

Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Tumble Dryers, Fridge-Freezers, Electric Cookers . . . N o

Cal l - out


6 | December 2021

The restored cross in 2014 This was a well presented talk with photos that showed the history including the original lane that has become the A46.

Ch arge

01453 ~ 833310

Our December meeting is on the 2nd of December at 7.30 pm in Christ Church, which will be our Annual Social, lower key than usual, where there will be a presentation about Christmases in Victorian and Edwardian Tetbury. History of Tetbury Society

Find out more about us at www.tetburylions.com

Helping people on the move in Tetbury and villages This yearishas flown by, withair Tetbury proving such a popular townhope to come andupcoming live in. We summer welcome all Spring definitely in the and as we are filled with more for the new residents, hope you enjoy your new homes and everything that our wonderful town has to offer.

there are more people out viewing and buying houses. We have had a terrific February and We wish everyone a very Happy and look forward to helping in the New Year. it looks like March is going to Christmas be even better. If you would like ouryou thoughts on the value for yourPugh, house, pleaseManager call to arrange a no obligation appraisal. Helen Branch Helen Pugh, Branch Manager

Avening 3 bedrooms


Formerly thedetached shop for the village, 4 bedroom cottage this charming period house has Tucked away and private, this been beautifully converted to create an elegantcottage house with detached has versatile plenty of space accommodation. for everyone to find their own corner. The large kitchen-diner is a fabulous family space and there are plenty of opportunities to enhance the property to stamp you own mark on it. 01 / 08 / 2017 01 / 08 / 2017 SLIP SLIP OPTION OPTION A A SLIP OPTION A


Showing Showing slip slip and and drilling drilling in in position position Showingslip slip and drilling in position Showing and drilling in position

£475,000 £595,000 Offers excess of GuideinPrice




Guide Guideprice Price


a fabulous kitchen-diner with double doors into the garden.

perrybishop.co perrybishop.co perrybishop.co

813 813 x x 135mm 135mm Single Single Sided Sided Slip Slip 813 x 135mm Single Sided Slip

Avening Tetbury

01285 01285 655355 655355 01285 655355 perrybishop.co.uk perrybishop.co.uk perrybishop.co.uk

24 bedrooms bedroom semi

£250,000 £340,000

01285 655355 01285 01285 655355 655355 perrybishop.co.uk perrybishop.co.uk perrybishop.co.uk

813 813 x x 135mm 135mm Single Single Sided Sided Slip Slip 813 x 135mm Single Sided Slip

Tetbury Tetbury A characterful house with property the wow A with potential create factor. It has to everything ayou commercial/residential could want from space, right in thehouse heart of a four bedroom Tetbury. – a spacious sitting room,

Showing Showing slip slip and and drilling drilling in in position position Showing slip and drilling in position

T & Flag Boards T & Flag Boards


perrybishop.co perrybishop.co perrybishop.co

23 bedrooms bedroomOffice mid terrace Fascia Signs Internal Signs & Window Displays Office Fascia Signs Internal Signs & Window Displays

Shaped & Photo Boards Shaped & Photo Boards

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Please Please check check this this proof proof thoroughly thoroughly before before signing signing off off Please check this proof thoroughly before signing off

Are you looking for anstone Beautiful Cotswold investment? couldbuilt mid terracedThis house, be the property for you,and by Partridge Homes, consists of ground floor nestled within this pretty retail space plus two bed cul-de-sac in the village apartment above.

Screen Screen colours colours are are intended intended as as a a guide guide only only and and may may not not Screen colours are intended as a guide only and may not be a a totally totally accurate be accurate representation representation of of the the final final printed printed artwork. artwork. be a totally accurate representation of the final printed artwork.

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Copyright Copyright © © These These designs designs are are the the property property of of Kremer Kremer Signs Signs and and is is protected protected by by copyright. copyright. This This artwork artwork must must not not be be reproduced reproduced or or copied copied without without the the prior prior Copyright © These designs are the property of Kremer Signs and is protected by copyright. This artwork must not be reproduced or copied without the prior

£365,000 £300,000

of Avening. Offered with no onward chain.


Guide price Guide Price


Visit our Tetbury Office

Property Sales Property Sales & & Valuations Valuations

3 Church Street, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8JG

T: 01666 01666 504418 504418 E: tetbury@perrybishop.co.uk tetbury@perrybishop.co.uk E:

Lettings T and HE Management FRIENDS OF

T: 01666 504418 (option 2) OSPITAL ETBURY E: tetburylettings@perrybishop.co.uk



Our Charity Partner, donation from every property we sell

For all listings visit: perrybishop.co.uk



Tetbury in Bloom Christmas trees. Lastly, we’d like to thank again the volunteers who helped us keep the displays and beds watered throughout the summer months, and to Sian who in June helped us, during our busiest time, to prepare the beds and plant them with summer bedding. The support that everyone has given us is greatly appreciated and without it we wouldn’t be able to do as much as we do, to make Tetbury look as attractive as it does, for the benefit of us all.

I’ve lost count of all the people who have said to me that they can’t believe it’s this time of year again, and Christmas is once again upon us!! The past twelve months seem to have just flown by! It’s at this time of year that we always take the opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us over the past year. Our grateful thanks go to Tetbury Town Council, not only for their financial support but for their much-needed practical assistance, without which we would really

struggle at times! Many thanks also go to the Feoffees of Tetbury, St Marys’ Parochial Church Council, The Rotary Club of the South Cotswolds, Tetbury Upton Parish Council, Hobbs House Bakery and Wildlife World for their generous donations. We also thank very much, all the residents and traders who supported us by buying one or more of our hanging baskets and

There isn’t a January edition of the Tetbury Advertiser so by the time the February edition is delivered, the spring flowering season will have just started with the appearance of hellebores, snowdrops, cyclamen and early flowering crocuses. This is my most favourite time of year when the days are noticeably getting longer, and the gardening year is full of promise for the months ahead. Until then, from everyone on the Tetbury in Bloom team, we wish you all a merry Christmas and a safe, healthy, and very happy New Year. Sue Hirst, Team Leader, Tetbury in Bloom


All profits distributed locally and internationally

December 2021 | 9

Tetbury and District Footpath Group One of our walks last month was the Luckington Loop Walk. This is part of a longer walk from Malmesbury to Alderton. Starting from Sherston, It features the beautiful Luckington Church and Luckington Court. Luckington Court featured as Longbourne in the best historical BBC television series of Pride and Prejudice. In the graveyard of Luckington Church there are some war graves. one is Gunner Halliday, an Australian, who died in the First World War. If you want to walk with us, you are very welcome. We are continuing to walk throughout the autumn and winter. More details of upcoming walks appear on our website. See www.tetburywalkers. co.uk and find the link to Walks Programme for details.

Contact the walk leader to participate or if you wish to walk independently, we have a variety of walks around Tetbury available on our website, free to download. Have a look under publications on our website: Happy walking!

Our stoic walkers

Nigel Berry


Floor Sanding

01453 548152 07890 282535

& Restoration

We are family run business that specialises in restoring wooden and stone floors. We use the best quality machines with high filtration vacuums that retrieve 98% of the dust. We will transform your room with minimal disruption and will leave your property clean and tidy with a room you can be proud of.

insideoutcraig@gmail.com floorcleaninggloucestershire.co.uk


For all your Christmas needs - T

Lights, Baubles, Wrap, Crackers, Pet Treats and 2022 Diaries. I 1041221

10 | December 2021

Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk

Tetbury Library

“I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights”

having a Snowman story time on Saturday the 11th of December at 11.00 am (booking is essential to allow for social distancing), along with a treasure hunt around the library. We will also be challenging you to write your own snowman story to either accompany the Raymond Briggs story, or one of your own.

Maya Angelou In whichever way you handle the tangled pile of lights and indeed the Christmas season, whether that is with childlike giddiness, or by avoiding it all together, we hopefully have something for everyone at the library. While we appreciate that Christmas is not always a happy time for everyone, if you are keen to fully embrace the season we have a few things going on during December.

Our theme this Christmas is “The Snowman” by Raymond Briggs and our talented Sophie will be painting the front window in that design. We will be decorating the library and

Town & Country News

Fri 24th December

Please be aware that Tetbury Hardware accept payments and vouchers in an envelope only. Many thanks!

We wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and happy New Year and thank them for their valued continued custom and support.

Garden & Agricultural Gates & Fencing Rose Arches & Gazebos Field Shelters & Stables Wrought Iron Work Large Stock of Timber, Steel, Nuts & Bolts, Gate Fittings and Garden Tools CHERINGTON LANE FORGE, CHERINGTON LANE, TETBURY, GLOUCESTERSHIRE GL8 8SE TELEPHONE: (01666) 505040

Sat 25th December


Sun 26th December


Mon 27th December


Tues 28th December


Wed 29th December

9.30 am – 5.00 pm

Fri 31st December


It’s got to be Tetbury Hardware your Local Shop in Town

Closed 10.00 am - 1.00 pm

Sat 1st January 2022


Sun 2nd January


Mon 3rd January


Tues 4th January

9.30 am – 5.00 pm

We are also looking for a new computer buddy volunteer to assist us in the library. If you are computer/digital media literate and feel you could give up a couple of hours of your time each week to help others learn how to use the computer or their new digital toy, then please consider us. We can be flexible to suit. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,


Try Tetbury Hardware First

10.00 am - 1.00 pm

Thurs 30th December

Tel: 01666 502398

G. L. C. & R. Williams

We have health and wellbeing books to boost your mood if Christmas fills you with dread, along with eBooks and eAudiobooks, if you don’t wish to go out. We are having a few days off over the Christmas period so our opening hours will be:

Providing a local delivery service of newspapers and magazines to Tetbury and surrounding areas.

Email: sarah.townandcountrynews@btinternet.com 130208 GLC Williams 22/2/08 22:03 Page 1

There will be a display of Christmas story books for you to choose from, both children and adult, as well as a variety of other books to keep you going in the lead up to Christmas and over the holiday period. Books to simply read and indulge in, to help you to make a Christmas gift, to inspire your imagination for the holidays or simply just to escape into an imaginary world. We have you covered.

Linda, Norah, Sophie and Nigel.

Call us to order 01666 500353

Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

December 2021 | 11

Chelworth Bookworms

Pixie Lock Ltd Professional Locksmith & uPVC Repair Specialist ‘Local & Independent’ 24 Hr Call Out - No Call Out Fee – Fast Reliable Service Non-Destructive Entry (Wherever Possible) Keys Cut on Site – uPVC Repairs All Work Guaranteed – Fully Insured – CRB Checked Free Consultations Call Ollie on 01666 848097 – 07823881639 – info@pixielock.com www.pixielock.com

The Sealwoman’s Gift by Sally Magnusson In 1627 the island of Heimaey, just south of Iceland, is raided by Barbary pirates and four hundred of the population are taken into slavery. Olafur Egilsson, his wife Asta and three of their children are among those transported to Algiers and the slave market. Slavery being a common and lucrative trade, Pastor Egilsson is sent back to Denmark to plead for a ransom – which is not immediately forthcoming. Separated from her elder son, Asta and her two remaining children are taken to the home of a rich merchant to act as seamstress to his wives. Asta tries to hold on to what remains of her family and her heritage by re-telling the old Icelandic sagas that used to put some colour into the hard life on Heimaey. Patiently, she waits for the ransom to arrive, but as the years pass, Asta struggles to remember her husband and her faith. Olafur does not forget his family, however, and after years of urging, a ransom is finally scraped together.



·5 Litre (~9 pint) Mini-pins · 10 Litre and 20 Litre boxes·

Asta’s story is the struggle to remain true to herself whilst still keeping true to her family. Places and people are beautifully described, but it is in Asta’s inner life that the book seems most real. The choices she must make, that no-one should ever have to make, ring painfully true. Highly recommended.

www.uleybrewery.com or call us on 01453 860120

You can also collect beer from brewery. Please order the day before.

Ghilly Vincenti, Chelworth Bookworms All Aspects of Interior Exterior Painting


Reliable Competitive Friendly Service Contact

Paulo Rios




ABV 3.8%

ABV 4.0%

ABV 5.0%

ABV 4.5%

ABV 5.0%


Amber English Bitter

Golden Nutty & Smooth

Copper Rounded & Full Bitter

Ruby Malty & Rich

Complex, Vanilla & Fruit 1271220

Tel 01452 542179 Mobile 07866 366319


You must be over 18 years of age to take delivery of beer. We may ask for ID if you look under 25.


12 | December 2021

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Mayor’s Report It is the most wonderful time of the year! For those of us who are lucky to have friends and family around us this is true, but here at Tetbury Town Council we are again remembering those who are on their own on Christmas Day. In conjunction with a local business, we are again planning on delivering a hot meal to all those who wouldn’t otherwise have one. If you know of anyone who will be alone this Christmas, then please do let us know on 01666 504670 or wellbeing@tetbury.gov.uk Have you heard about our Friendship Café? Well, it’s a great place to meet old friends and new, have a complimentary tea or coffee and a biscuit or two, all donated by our good friends at the Co-Op. Please do come along and join the fun. The café is open at the Dolphins Hall every Thursday from 10.00 am until 12.00 pm, with guest speakers most weeks. The speakers for December are Anton from Cirencester Foodbank on the 2nd of December and Millie from Clean and Green on the 9th of December. Every week Andrea Payne, the Health & Wellbeing CoOrdinator, is there with a smile on her face happily dishing out the tea and biscuits , along with some advice if that is needed. I called in a few weeks ago and was thrilled to see lots of people happily chatting. That’s what community is all about! Representatives from our friends at Cotswold District Council are out and about in Tetbury, knocking on doors with a survey regarding Physical Activity for residents aged 16+. Please don’t be alarmed if you get a visit, this is an important survey that will help shape the future of provision and services across the Cotswolds. The more people that fill this in the better. There is a QR Code for access to the survey directly online, at the end of this article. Light Switch on is the 3rd of December at the Market House. This year they are being switched on by Gold Medallist Tom McEwan, ably assisted by two young people from St Mary’s. The Big Town Switch On is Friday the 10th of December at 6.00 pm. If you would you like a coveted winner’s plaque to hang proudly on your wall, please join in the fun no matter how small your light decoration is. There were so many lovely entries last year! Please remember as the nights are now drawing in, to keep a watchful eye on any elderly or frail neighbours. I would finally like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, and a happy and peaceful New Year from all of us at Tetbury Town Council. Stay safe, Remember Hands, Face and as much as possible Space! Cllr Ann Pearce, Mayor Tetbury Town Council

Tetbury’s Christmas Lights And Festive Market Friday 3rd December From 5pm Market Stall applications, please email: reception@tetbury.gov.uk

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We have changed the date of our Christmas stall and will now be…

Friends of Tetbury Hospital

…at the Market Place on Saturday the 4th of December and Saturday the 18th of December, 10.00 am -1.00 pm. Do come along and see us. We have much more on offer this year from books, mugs, and Christmas gifts, to sweet and savoury treats, even a glass of mulled wine if it takes your fancy! Our committee members will be very pleased to meet you. Ann Tarlton, committee member and hospital volunteer, will be on our Christmas stall with Alexandra and Anna. We welcome all fundraising initiatives from the community. If you have an idea email friends@tetburyhospital.co.uk or call 01666 501786: Message from Katharine Landale, Chairman of the Friends of Tetbury Hospital: “On behalf of the Friends’ Committee may we wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful and healthy New Year”. Friends of Tetbury Hospital


Five Mile Picture Framing Professional and experienced framing service with home consultations within a five mile radius of Tetbury or at my studio in Avening WISHING ALL OF MY CLIENTS A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED CUSTOM AND LOOKING FORWARD TO MEETING NEW CLIENTS IN 2022. STAY SAFE EVERYONE. I have 30 years’ experience of working with individuals and interior designers. I frame everything from a photograph to large paintings and tapestries. Also watercolours, jigsaws, mirrors, rugby shirts, three dimension items - in fact almost anything you can imagine. I have a wide range of mouldings at all prices including bare wood which I finish by handpainting or gilding to personalise your artwork to your own taste. 0341221

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DOWDING & SON Television Electrical Repairs Sales and Repairs Televisionand

& Digital Box Sales. • Television Television Repairs. ••Television Repairs. & Standard lamp repairs. • Table • Table & Standard lamp NEW TV‛s etc tuned in &repairs. set up. • Replacement remote controls. ••NEW TV‛s etc tuned in & setup. Collection & delivery service ••Collection & delivery for in the for your repairs & sales Malmesbury your repairs.& Tetbury areas.

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December 2021 | 15


They have been learning about what it means to be a Brownie, so that the newer girls will be ready to make their promise before the end of this term, and all are word perfect. The Promise is an important part of being a member of Guiding and the Brownies’ is: I promise that I will do my best; To be true to myself and develop my beliefs; To serve the Queen and my community; To help other people and to keep the Brownie Guide Law. The Law is: A Brownie Guide thinks of others before herself and does a good turn every day.

1st Tetbury Brownies have been concentrating on community activities from lots of different badges. The Cats and Dogs Home Charity ran a best pumpkin competition for them, displaying the entries in the showroom. Ann Pearce, Mayor of Tetbury declared Darcy the winner with her cat and presented her with a prize of sweets which she donated. Thanks also to Sam Reid who kindly donated all the pumpkins. So that parents could still watch the ten new girls being enrolled they held their Promise ceremony outside by torchlight. 2nd Tetbury Brownies have been completing the Network Skills Builder badge. This included activities in teams,

Many good turns have been done over the past few weeks and some of them have been recorded on the outline hands they drew. Hopefully family, school and friends have benefitted!

and on their own, and then deciding if teamwork is always the secret to success. They thought about their friends and decided what makes a good one.

For bonfire night they did ‘Strike a Light’, making edible bonfires and sparklers, which looked absolutely delicious. They also learnt how to light a candle safely. They are looking forward to Christmas activities and learning some basic first aid.

Optimum Mobility

Genuine advice and best value from the local specialist * Wheelchairs, manual and powered * Scooters and portable scooters * Powered rise/recline armchairs * Household, bathroom and walking aids * Large display with private test area * Disabled facilities, easy parking * Proper maintenance * Part exchange, new & reconditioned * Adaptations

Mobility assessments and tuition at home

We are a family business

The Old Dairy, Pinkney Park, Near Sherston, Malmesbury

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The Rainbows held a Strictly Disco to raise money for Children in Need and the Guides used their donations to try lots of games and challenges using coins. They also dressed the commemoration stone outside the Malt House and planted their own poppy sticks. Sue Doidge, Tetbury District Commissioner Tetbury@girlguidingglos.org.uk

McTimoney Chiropractic Clinics in Sherston, Malmesbury area & now at Tetbury Hospital

Gentle & effective treatment for back, neck & shoulder pain, sciatica, migraines, sports injuries Emma Newby BSc MMCA

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16 | December 2021


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Tetbury Camera Club to remind you to zoom in with your feet instead of your lens. Get uncomfortably close, then back away just a bit. Getting extremely close to your subject helps you to see it differently. You see interesting details and more of the physical structure of what you are about to photograph. Taking the time to look closely at the details of your subject will help you eliminate elements you might find distracting later.

‘If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.’ Robert Capa Robert Capa was a photojournalist who believed that the best pictures were made when the photographer was as close as possible to their subject. Today, many photographers use zoom lenses to make it look as though they are close to their subject, when in fact they are not. This is not what Capa advocated.

Zoom with your feet and get physically close to your subject. This will help the viewer feel close to your subject too. One way to practice getting closer to your subject is to use a fixed focal length lens on your camera. Your mobile device has a fixed focal length lens. If you have a point-andshoot camera or a DSLR with a zoom lens, use the same focal length for every picture for several days. You will want to use a focal length in the normal to the slightly wideangle range, 50mm to 35mm. On a DSLR with a zoom lens, you can set the focal length and use a small piece of tape to hold it in place before you go out. This will help

Something else to look for is the relationship between your subject and the foreground and background of your picture. Is there something in the frame that is distracting? Can you move slightly and choose another angle that will eliminate the distraction and improve the composition? Most pictures are taken in a standing position, so consider getting lower or higher than eye level when looking at your subject’s relationship to its environment. Getting closer to your subject will help you and the viewer have a better connection with your pictures. Tetbury Camera Club welcomes photographers of all levels. For more information about the club, please visit TetburyCameraClub.org.uk Vincent Knaus Tetbury Camera Club


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December 2021 | 17

Tetbury Hospital Thank you Tetbury Lions from the Chief Executive, and all at Tetbury Hospital.

co.uk/minor_injuries.htm or if you are unsure contact us on 01666 502336 and we will be happy to advise you.

“On behalf of The Board of Trustees, the Staff, and Volunteers we wish you all a Very Happy and Healthy Christmas”.

Message from Zena Dalton, Chief Executive

Tetbury Hospital

We want to say a huge thank you to Tetbury Lions for their incredibly generous support over the last year, in donating two vital pieces of equipment for our clinical departments. Last year they donated a defibrillator for our Minor Injuries Unit, as our existing one became out of date. This year we were so delighted when they donated again. This time for a hysteroscope, which is a thin lighted telescope device used during a hysteroscopy procedure, a diagnostic test to examine the womb. During the pandemic we were unable to invite the Lions in to thank them in person and show them our new equipment. So we were incredibly pleased to be able to welcome the Lions President, Maggie Heaven, to meet Mr Mark Whittaker, Consultant Gynaecologist and Zena Dalton, Chief Executive, to show her the new equipment and talk about the importance of these items for the hospital.

Foot Health Services in your own home Call for an appointment or information on 0775 1129552

Miriam Thomas MCFHP Nail cutting, treatment of corns, verrucas & other foot conditions in the comfort of your own home 0710716

Mark Whittaker, Consultant Gynaecologist, has been working at Tetbury Hospital for over twenty years, treating both NHS and private patients. He is passionate about his specialty and was extremely pleased to meet Maggie and fellow Lions, Derek and Ken. Mark said “The new equipment donated by the Lions will go a long way towards helping us clear the backlog of patients that have developed as a result of Covid. I am very grateful for all their efforts in raising the funds.” Our Minor Injuries Unit, that houses the new defibrillator, will be open as usual over the Christmas period – Monday to Friday, 8.30 am - 4.00 pm. We are closed on public holidays. Our experienced nurse practitioners specialise in treating minor injuries. To find out what we treat in our minor injuries unit go to our website www.tetburyhospital. 530212 Pat testing:Layout 1


Tetbury Area

Portable Appliance Testing

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for Holiday Cottages, B&B’s and let Accomodation. Please phone for details on

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From all at Tetbury Hospital Cardiology ∙ Cataract Surgery ∙ Dermatology ∙ ENT ∙ Gastroenterology ∙ General Surgery ∙ Gynaecology Iron Clinic ∙ Pain Management

Oral Surgery ∙ Ophthalmology

Orthopaedics ∙ Respiratory and Thoracic Medicine ∙ Upper GI ∙ Urology ∙ Vascular Surgery ∙ Vasectomy

Useful opening hours Ͳ Minor Injuries 8.30amͲ4.pm · XͲray Department 9amͲ5pm The hospital is open from 8.15am MondayͲFriday (closed on public holidays) 1051221


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December 2021 | 19

Legal advice that brings balance to life We will help you navigate change and plan for the future.

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• Wills & LPAs • Trusts & Inheritance Tax • Probate & Estate Administration • Care Planning & Support

• Moving House • Remortgaging • Leasehold Issues • Retirement Property

• Separation & Divorce • Divorce & Finances • Children Matters • Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements

• Wills & Inheritance Disputes • Property & Land Disputes • Financial Disputes

Head of Private Client & Care

Head of Residential Property

Head of Family & Relationships

Head of Personal Disputes

The Feoffees and The Thirteen

TREE SERVICES LTD • Tree Surgery/reduction • Tree felling/removal • Stump grinding • Planting • Council applications completed • Fully qualified and insured Free quotations and advice Please contact; Ben King T: 01666 500216 M: 07976 262829 E: ben@kingstrees.co.uk W: www.kingstrees.co.uk 0510116

30 years experience, specialising in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Extensions and Renovations

It is with a heavy heart that I start this month’s article, with the sad news that… …Feoffee Emeritus John Sheppard recently passed away. John worked tirelessly as both a Feoffee and member of The Thirteen, particularly regarding the Market House. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly acknowledge his contribution to our organisation. Our thoughts are with Carol and the family at this difficult time. And now to the future, I am pleased to confirm that Ben Scrivens was recently elected as a new member of The Thirteen and we all look forward to working with Ben in the future – welcome Ben. By the time you read this update, many of you will have either watched members of the Feoffees and The Thirteen, on the last Saturday in November, decorating the Market Hall with lights and erecting the two beautiful Christmas trees, kindly donated to the town by the Lowsley-Williams family, or you are enjoying their splendour. As the Market Hall is owned by the Feoffees, each year our members ensure that this historic building becomes the centrepiece for Christmas in the town centre. As well as our members, I would like to thank Tetbury Plumbing & Heating, who provide us with essential assistance in this mammoth task. I am pleased to confirm that we have recently made the following grants:


• St Mary’s Primary School – to fund the purchase of thirty iPads and a charging trolley - £9,583

07786 085928 • 07769 153829

• Two students at university benefitted from a grant each of £250

dan@elliottbrothers.net 0390220

• Historic Annual Lecturers Grant to Rev Poppy Hughes £30 • Historic Advowson to Tetbury Town Council £70

Tetbury Sports Massage Sports, Remedial & Holistic Massage     

Stiff & sore, neck, shoulder, back, knee pain? Have you injured yourself either through sport or everyday life? Is it putting you off sport/exercise or affecting your work? Eliminate aches & pains, increase your flexibility, improve your performance Sports massage can detect problems, prevent injuries occurring & speed recovery, or maybe you just need a general 'MOT'/ release of tension

★ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! ★

Christina Ticehurst BTEC ITEC MFHT 07738 597436 www.tetburysportsmassage.co.uk info@tetburysportsmassage.co.uk


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All that is left to say is that I wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and prosperous 2022 – where I hope life will start to feel a little more normal – and if you can, please support our local small businesses and traders when Christmas shopping this year.

If you think we may be able to help you or your group with an education or training grant or if you would like volunteer to help us or wish to know more about the work we do in our town, please visit our website www.thefeoffeesoftetbury.co.uk - or speak to one of our members. Lance Vick – Chairman

December 2021 | 21

Tetbury Cricket Club Good afternoon fellow sports fans! Paul has taken a break this month as he wouldn’t write about one of the things we asked him to include, so I’m taking up the reigns for one month only, so make the most of it! On Saturday the 18th of December, we’ll be holding a Family Christmas Party, starting at 3.00 pm in the Dolphins Hall. We’re holding this Christmas Party for all our players, youth teams, members, their families and anyone in the wider community who wants to come! Now to the thing Paul refused to write about. This month, Paul was awarded the Major Tom Hancock Volunteer of the Year award from the Gloucestershire Playing Fields Association, picking up his trophy (which luckily is a tankard he will make full use of!) from Dame Janet Trotter, to recognise all his hard work and many hours spent on the cricket square and the wider Recreation Ground, for the benefit of all Tetbury residents. We thought we’d finish with a section of the citation which was read as PJ collected his award, and which sums up what an asset he is to the

community of Tetbury, and why we are so lucky to have him: “Paul is a trustee of the Dolphins Recreation Centre and Chairman of Tetbury Cricket Club. Both organisations had suffered from poor facility management and needed drastic action. As such, Paul was a man on a mission who has dedicated tens of hours a week to making it better. This year in particular, he has spent hour after hour on the facility, recognising that, especially during lockdown when people were suffering from increased mental health issues, it was important that people had a place they could go outside, where they could feel safe and enjoy the recreation facilities. Paul has obtained significant grant investment to increase the maintenance work which goes on, is regularly seen on a ride-on mower cutting the grass, and with a litter picker in hand picking up rubbish other people have left behind. What makes it all so incredible is he does all this alongside a full-time job too! Paul’s contribution has been immense, especially in such a difficult year for everyone, and has meant that more people then ever have been able to enjoy the community facilities in Tetbury, and has also meant the grounds look better than they ever have before. Everyone at the Dolphins Recreation Centre, the Cricket Club and Tetbury in general are forever thankful for the difference Paul makes.”

Having read my ramblings, I’m sure you’ll all be pleased to have Paul back next month, as he’ll be able to write without getting embarrassed and having to tell you about awards he’s won! Thanks, Mark Tetbury CC Secretary

Lumley Garden and Pet Supplies “For You And Your Pet’s Every Need” Merry Christmas & Happy New Year To All Our Customers From The Staff & Apple ✩ Christmas Gifts & Treats ✩ Own Label Premium Cat & Dog Food ✩ Top Leading Brands Of Food & Treats ✩ Bowls. Toys & Accessories ✩ Beds & Cushions ✩ Wild Bird Food & Products inc. Live Food ✩ Dog Tag Engraving


Tel: 01666 822325 Join us on Facebook - Lumley Malmesbury Email: etlumley@googlemail.com www.lumleypetsupplies.com Stainsbridge Mill, Gloucester Road, Malmesbury, SN16 0AJ

22 | December 2021

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Beauty Corner

the tissues, however when these beams come together under the skin it creates a thermal energy. This then heats the tissues up, causing them to contract and tighten, whilst also forming new collagen fibres. Collagen is really important for skin health because it is a natural protein that promotes skin suppleness, firmness, hydration, and that beautiful youthful glow we all desire. However, like many things, collagen production dwindles with age.

So, who is HIFU for? • Anybody who wants to tighten any ‘saggy skin’ and improve other signs of ageing

Have you heard of HIFU? HIFU is a non-surgical facial treatment, often referred to as the lunch time facelift, that lifts and tightens the skin of the face and neck using high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy. This is a new treatment in the beauty industry and has become hugely popular over the last couple of years. The ultrasound targets different depths of the skin, working to tighten the different skin layers to produce optimal results.

Specifically, the HIFU is focused on the ‘Super-facial Muscular Aponeurotic System (yes, a bit of a mouth full), I don’t want to get too technical, but we refer to this layer as the SMAS layer and it is the same layer that plastic surgeons work on when performing a face lift. The HIFU technology stimulates the cells to produce new collagen, enabling the skin to increase firmness and elasticity. HIFU uses multiple beams of ultrasound. Now individually these beams do not affect

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We are proud to be the shop of choice in Tetbury. Try us First!! Before you travel or use the internet. We will do all we can to help you find your product choice and we will even deliver locally Free of Charge (Subject to value). 2022 Diaries now available various styles, the best prices around. Limited Stocks

Malc, Lizzie, Steve and John would like to wish all our customers an enjoyable and peaceful Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2022. Pet Products: Remember We currently have a to order your regular pet food early to ensure we can source – some products are in short supply. Ask us about festive treats, litters, bedding, leads and harness’s and toys. If we can get it so can you!! Ask us for a quote you may even be surprised how competitive we are.


We stock a wide range of items and are pleased to say we will source other products for you. You will be surprised at our range and prices. Garden Care Products: Our new season 2022 Mr Fothergills Seeds are now in stock and make ideal stocking fillers.

large range of goods and services in Homewares, Electrical, Cleaning, Decorating, Key Cutting, Shoe Repairs, Fuels, Film Transfer and much more. We do all we can to provide as wide a range of products services at the best possible rates.

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• Anybody who would like greater jaw definition and a more defined profile • Anybody who would like to tighten loose skin around their chin • Anybody who would like to soften laughter and frown lines • Anybody who would like to reduce their wrinkles and have fuller and more pronounced cheeks • Anybody who would like to feel more confident when they look in the mirror or maybe, out and about with their friends

However, HIFU is not for everyone… HIFU is certainly not a treatment for anyone expecting results over night. It is indeed a waiting game. Collagen building takes time; therefore, you would expect to see results from a HIFU treatment anywhere from two months to six months post treatment. Now in terms of sensation, this is not the most comfortable treatment – however just remember everyone, no pain no gain! Luckily there is little downtime with this treatment, most people say they experience a ‘dull ache’ for approximately five days and a big positive is that you would only need this treatment once every twelve months. The beauty industry can be a bit of a mind field and overwhelming for many people. There are so many treatments, products, and equipment out there, it can be hard to know what’s right for you. My advice would be, to invest a bit of time in doing your own research and don’t be scared to reach out. We are so lucky in this area to have so many professional and lovely people who would be delighted to help you, myself included. So never feel you are on your own. Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own skin, with or without a little assistance.

30a London Road Tetbury GL8 8JL - 01666 500353

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Michelle Stead, Beauty Corner

December 2021 | 23

Avening WI The summer annuals are still blooming in the garden despite the date on the calendar, the middle of November! The preparations for Christmas seem unreal. But as we know, our weather can change overnight! We had a lovely morning to complete our Minchinhampton Treasure Hunt. It was very successful and although there was a large turnout, we all managed to get seated in The Kitchen for a most enjoyable lunch. The November walk will take place in Nailsworth, starting along the cycle track and ending up at Egypt Mill for lunch. It was a busy morning making the bunting for the Barn at Gatcombe. The work was very well organised, and we managed to produce two hundred flags. Helen Haiselden has strung them all onto four lengths of tape ready to be delivered. The

Nailsworth Bowls Club were full of praise for the supper we served them, and the bacon rolls we provided for the village Community Cafe were very popular. These events have led our catering team to “volunteer” to provide our Christmas lunch in Avening Social Club. Over the years

before lockdown, we have served lunches for various organisations, so we feel very confident that it will be a good “do”. Unfortunately, we have had to say goodbye to our bench in front of the church. This was gifted to the village to celebrate the Millennium, so it is not surprising that it has now been declared unsafe after twentyone years. Many a bride has sat on it for photographs during the years. Our Christmas party will take place in December with our usual scrumptious bring and share supper. Our charity support for this year will be donations for Stroud Women’s Refuge. Sue Osborne has appealed for loose change and our boxes of pennies to be brought to the meeting, as she will apply for match funding to double our donation to the NHS Cobalt Appeal.




24 | December 2021

07974 712 083

It is hoped that we will be starting an Avening WI Book club in the new year, and we have two teams ready to take part in the 2022 Federation Quiz. We have knitted lots of new poppies to enhance our display which has been placed on the front of the Memorial Hall. Shirley Hand 100208 KP Gardens




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Welcome to &Ellis & Killpartrick Welcome to Ellis Killpartrick Opticians in Tetbury!Opticians in Tetbury! We have recently taken over Poole Optometry in Church Street after the retirement of Mr Jeffrey Poole. Ellis & Killpartrick have been established for over 40 years with practices in Bath and Cheltenham. Our practices have gained a solid reputation for providing first class clinical care, whilst offering an extensive collection of designer and luxury eyewear. We also fit and supply contact lenses. Bath and Cheltenham stock Cartier, Mont Blanc, Chanel, Chopard, Tom Ford, Lindberg, Chloe, Jimmy Choo, Tiffany & Co and Oliver Peoples to name a few. We also stock sunglasses from Ray-ban and Maui Jim.

Many of these brands and others will be available at the new Ellis & Killpartrick in Tetbury. Nina Ricci and Chopard have just arrived to start off our collection. We also stock a great range of unbranded eyewear for those not wanting named brands. Being an independent group of only three practices we are able to offer a truly personal service at all of our locations with “head office” never being far away! Both Michael Killpartrick and Co Director Neil Vedmore are always on hand in one of the practices. The practice has been refurbished using as many local trades people and materials as possible, creating a warm and welcoming environment in which to care for our patients. The design took inspiration from the history and architecture of this beautiful town.


We would like to assure all of the patients that have been loyal to the practice over the years that they will continue to be looked after by the same team, in same manner that they are used to and would also like to invite all those new to the practice to come in and see what we have to offer! The comprehensive eye examinations include OCT retinal scanning in order to closely monitor the health of your eyes, whilst the latest generation of spectacle and contact lenses ensure clarity and visual comfort. Our frame styling process and final fitting will ensure that your eyewear looks and feels great! The team at Ellis & Killpartrick look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful new practice and would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and healthy New Year! For appointments, please contact the practice on 01666 502913 or e-mail us at tetbury@ellisandkillpartrick.com Facebook and Instagram accounts for Tetbury will be set up shortly to keep you informed of the exciting new additions to our frame collection! A paid-for feature




01 7310 453 1 0 : l Cal

Delivering Bespoke Festive Print

for Over 30 Years

• Christmas Cards • Calendars • Christmas Menus • Raffle Tickets • Brochures • Letterheads • Folders • Booklets • Postcards • Business Cards • Labels • Pads • NCR Pads • Envelopes • LAMINATING • MINIATURE FOLDING • DIE CUTTING • PERFING • FOIL BLOCKING • PERFECT BOUND BOOKS • SPOT UV



Call: 01453 731001 www.wheatleyprinters.co.uk 1231221

Units C1 - C5 Phoenix Trading Estate, London Road, Stroud, Glos GL5 2BX

News from Christ Church

We are delighted that many different community groups use our premises. For a couple of years, we have held an All Users Carol Service in December, where we invite all those who meet on our church premises, for whatever reason, to share in telling, and singing the Christmas story. This year, the service will be on Wednesday the 8th of December at 6:00 pm. Do come and share with us if you are able to. In Advent, we meet together to read the

Bible, reflect upon it and share something of our own stories. We will be gathering on Friday the 3rd, the 10th and the 17th of December at 2.00 pm. The Church Carol service will be on Sunday the 19th of December at our normal worship time of 10.30 am, when we will sing carols old and new.

Our Christmas Eve communion service will once again be in the afternoon at 2:30 pm and on Christmas Day we meet together for an all-age family celebration at 10:30 am, just for forty minutes. Do pop along to any of these. Jesus came to bring light and love into the world and he does so still today. We celebrate the life we have found in Jesus, celebrate the gift of this Earth and all creation, open ourselves to God’s Spirit, and offer our lives to God in loving service. May God be with you however you celebrate this Advent and Christmas season. With every blessing

1110609 Jo Gale:Layout 1


Noel Sharp

Jo Gale (as mentioned in)

Cotswold Life

Painting, Decorating & any odd jobs Mobile: 07742 916044 Home: 01666 503872 1110609



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December 2021 | 27


Shots from a Lawyer’s Gun What do you want for Christmas this year? Anything out of the ordinary seems to bug the probate office. The Government over the past three years has been trying to centralise both probate and divorce i.e the old probate, divorce and admiralty division that I grew up with. A grant of representation is a sealed document that allows the deceased’s personal representatives to deal with the dead person’s assets, but not all asset holders require the grant to be taken out. Where there is a will the grant is called a grant of probate and where there is no will it is called a grant of letters of administration. If you have to apply for a grant, you have to complete various tax forms usually the IHT205 in simpler cases or the IHT 400 where there is tax to pay. You may wish to claim allowances, like the residential nilrate band where your house is being left to descendants. A couple claiming these allowances has a good chance of having no tax payable on the first million pounds of the deceased’s estate, whereas a single divorced person will only have an allowance of £325000. If you use the IHT400, then you have to pay the tax first before you can approach the probate registry. If there is anything out of the ordinary like a British citizen dying abroad, or there being any doubt about signatures, then the delays can be very bad indeed, while members of the probate registry send the application round in circles. I have had two such cases being spun around the probate registry for nearly a year. There is no leadership.

the survivor, by appointing trustees in their lifetime. Thus the position emerges where you can leave your million pound share to anyone without applying for a grant of probate, whereas a few national savings certificates or a small holding of stocks and shares will probably require the application.

and the banks are more interested in cost cutting than service and as the delays mount up, relations will deteriorate between customer and provider. The attempts to raise the court fees have been dropped from time to time. Someone needs to get a grip.

The conclusion is that the Government

Michael Hodge, Lansdown Legal


L ANSDOWNE LEGAL Choose our professional and friendly practice on your doorstep for all your legal needs, including:-

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APPOINTMENTS BY ARRANGEMENT - OR HOME VISITS www.lansdownelegal.com Tel: 01666 504005 Fax: 01672 563898 Email: info@lansdownelegal.com

In 2018 when I made an application to the Winchester District probate registry and ! in there was a problem, it would be placed front of the District Probate registrar, who would have made a decision, which !would enable you to put matters right. Usually the problem would have been a dodgy ! signature, or a witness printing a signature rather than signing it.

By Appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales P & S Timbrell Decorators Painters and Decorators

Joint owners of a house can avoid having to apply for a grant if they wish to leave their shares in their house to anyone but

Jonathan Adkins Accompanist ♦ Organist ♦ Pianist ♦ Piano Tuition: All ages and abilities welcome Face-to-face or online lessons Friendly and flexible approach

01666 505692 07891 074878 adkinsjonathan968@gmail.com

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! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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All cars are externally valeted following service.

Official service history provided on line.

We can carry out security programming of components and software updates.

We specialise in, and are security compliant, with Land Rover.

Units 1-3, Priory Industrial Estate, London Road, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8HZ


Wishing all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas We offer a complete range of financial advice services; from retirement and investment planning to long term care planning and inheritance tax advice in the Tetbury area.We have been awarded Chartered Financial Planner status, the financial industry’s ‘Gold Standard’ for best practice and code of conduct

We provide an experienced wealth management service and offer specialist advice in a wide range of areas including:

Retirement planning | Investment planning | Inheritance Tax planning | Care Fees planning For further details call

Tel: 01666 503751 Address: 13 Market Place, Tetbury, GL8 8DA Email: cotswold.wealth@sjpp.co.uk Website: www.cotswoldwealth.co.uk Cotswold Wealth Chartered Financial Planners is a trading name of Cotswold Wealth Solutions Ltd 0201221




SE RVICES We are a local dog walking and pet sitting service in Tetbury and surrounding areas. Fully insured, DBS checked, reliable, Friendly and flexible. . Offering pop in visits for all pets, Dog walking- lone walks or pack walks. Please contact us for all of your Animal needs we would be happy to help!! CONTACT US ON 07734218277 WITH ANY QUERIES OR QUESTIONS.


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Find out more about us at www.tetburylions.com

Tetbury Nursery Playgroup and introduce the staff here at TNP. We’re Karen, Linda, Laura, Sandra, Emma, Anne, Kelly and Caroline. Between us we have a combined length of service of over 1one hundred years, so have seen quite a few changes. Some staff members are now seeing children of the children they used to look after, coming through our doors! We recently saw a quote that rings true for us “Chance made us colleagues, but the fun, laughter and craziness we share made us friends’.

We’ve come to the end of a busy November with plenty of things to talk about… …and lots of activities for the children to choose. We’ve based crafts, food, games, stories and chats around Remembrance, Diwali, Bonfire Night, the clocks changing and the beginning of winter. We’ve also had book-focus weeks centred around some of the children’s favourite books like Julia Donaldson’s ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘Stick Man’. Pin the ‘poisonous wart’ on the end

of the Gruffalo’s nose was one of the games we played! But now Christmas season is upon us and we’re making sure there’s lots more fun for the children at playgroup. We’re practising our pre-school nativity which we hope will be as big a hit as last year, when we had over one thousand three hundred views online! It’s always a very relaxed performance with no pressure put on the children, where rarely anything goes to plan, but we find that often makes the best nativity plays. This month we also thought we’d include a Christmassy picture of the ‘grown-ups’ ,

All of us would like to take this opportunity to wish the playgroup children and their families a very Happy Christmas. Thank you all for your continued support, and we look forward to continuing to have lots of fun with the children in the new year. An important update for supporters of our popular Bingo evenings. All being well these will restart in February, final details are being pulled together, so look out for an update in the new year. As the year comes to an end many of our sessions are full, but if you’re looking for a playgroup or pre-school space for your child for next year, then please get in contact with us, email us at tetburynurseryplaygroup@ eygloucestershire.co.uk, visit our Facebook page or give us a call on 01666 504855. Tetbury Nursery Playgroup

House Cleaned Washing up done Clothes washed & ironed Beds made ....making life easier

We know how difficult it is to fit housework into your busy life.

Our services include: • Regular cleaning

• Washing up

The Housekeeper has been created to offer a truly bespoke service to deal with any chores that take up too much of your valuable time.

• One-off cleaning • Vacuuming

• Kitchen & bathroom cleaning

We’ll do what you need, when you need it... we’re here to make your life easier.

• Dusting

• Bed making

• Window cleaning

• Washing & Ironing

Call us today on

01666 460128

bookthehousekeeper.co.uk Hand delivered to 4,500 homes each month

December 2021 | 31

Tetbury Goods Shed We had a wide variety of events down at the Shed in November. Contemporary Classical with the Spindle Ensemble, Jazz with Saxophonist Kim Cypher and her band and the worldrenowned pianist Melvyn Tan. We closed the month with the Pasqualati Quartet. Alongside we have our cinema screenings every Thursday, including a matinee for those not so keen on coming out in the cold and dark. Our first Community Environment Day was well received, and we are already looking at making this an annual event, so do get in touch if you want to be involved?

Looking ahead to what’s on during December at the Shed – our advert below gives you all the events we have planned (please check our website for latest information, in case we have to change anything at the last minute) and we are delighted to tell you that we are bringing back our popular afternoon Tea Concerts. The first one is on the 8th of December with Cathy Hill and the Stroud String Ensemble.

Finally - looking for the perfect Christmas present, then why not give your loved ones a Goods Shed Gift Voucher? We can tailor the voucher to an amount of your choice, a particular performance or cinema show, and if you want to include a glass of wine, or similar, then that is also possible. Just ring Kathryn on 01666 505496 to organise. Merry Christmas one and all and here’s to a healthy and happy New Year. Tetbury Goods Shed Team

Work continues returning our Signal Box back to its former glory. As long as the weather is kind the team, led by David Walker, can regularly be found restoring this iconic and historic Box. Our Art Exhibition changed in November, and running through to the New Year are works by the Tetbury Arts Society. A visit is definitely recommended, and, of course, our Whistlestop Café offers a tasty range of hot and cold refreshments.



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*CLASS 7 MOT now available*

Find us at our new premises around the corner at Home Farm


MOT Testing Class 4 and now Class 7 Vehicle Repairs Free loan cars Servicing are available Diagnostics

Call us on 01454 238 700 or visit www.mottetbury.co.uk

MO T TESTING 0870621

HOME FARM, KNOCKDOWN, TETBURY GL8 8QY All profits distributed locally and internationally

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The Holford Arms In Knockdown, is under new management! same warm friendly welcome with some exciting new Events and Menus for you to Try. Will Robson and his team would love to welcome you and your small Business’s to our Christmas Party’s on the on the 10th and 18th of December. Which features Our new Christmas Feast Menu and Live music from the Uptones Also we will be hosting a Christmas shopping evening (free entry) on the 7th of December for those last minuet locally made gifts and produce. Why not stop for a drink and some Christmas cheer. Please call 01454 238669 for reservations and enquiries or email Info@theholfordarms.co.uk 0451221

Interior and exterior work, Decorating, Tiling, Coving, Specialist wall coverings, wallpapering, damp proofing, furniture reconditioning

Christmas Shopping Evening


Tuesday 7th December

01666 826521

In our events barn Christmas gifts and local produce

07979363224 or 07736326269

Mulled wine, log fires and a sprinkle of christmas magic


www.thornburyandpearce.co.uk thornburyandpearce@yahoo.co.uk

6.30pm - 10.00pm 01454 238669



01666 823165 01453 705560 01666 503531 AVAILABLE DAY & NIGHT THROUGHOUT THE SEASON Ͳ CONTINUITY OF CARE 24/7

There are many temptations for animals in our homes at this time of year which pose a risk , if ingested— keep the following out of reach: Chocolate Ͳ poinsettia Ͳ mistletoe Ͳ macadamia nuts Ͳ peanuts Ͳ lilies Ͳ raisins Ͳ sultanas Ͳ currants Ͳ grapes Ͳ xylitol Ͳ ethylene glycol Ͳ onions (and onion gravy) Ͳ garlic Ͳ shallots

Do let us know in plenty of time if you are running low on any

prescription medicines for your pet.

Wishing all our clients and their families a restful and healthy Christmas 0371221

36 | December 2021

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Avening School.

were incredibly proud of all our pupils who behaved impeccably throughout.

Interschool sports events have always been an important part of our extra-curricular calendar at Avening School, but due to Last month, the whole school came together the restrictions and challenges of the past for an assembly of remembrance, followed two years, they have not been possible. It by a moment of silence and reflection in is with great excitement therefore, that we Avening Churchyard. The names of fifty have two interschool football tournaments members of the Avening community who coming up this term: one at Sir William lost their lives in both World Wars were read Romney’s School (SWR) in Tetbury and one out by pupils from year six, and crosses in Cirencester. Looking ahead, we have were placed around the Millennium cross several more by members of the school council. 1 22/6/09 We 830709 Hansen Tree Care:Layout 21:38 Page 1 sports events in the diary,

HANSEN TREE CARE LTD For a professional and efficient service including felling, pruning and hedging contact Piers Hansen (B Eng Hons) on 01453 836207, 07770 745642, piers.hansen@btinternet.com

Fully insured and NPTC qualified 830709 0480615

Avening Primary School including tag rugby, a hi-5 netball event, Quad kids (athletics), a dance festival and cricket tournaments, all uniting us with schools in our local cluster. Enabling the children to get to and from these events, we are fortunate to have the use of the SWR school minibuses and are delighted to announce that our very own Mr Wilkinson, Mrs Amos, and Mrs Carter have all recently passed their minibus driving tests. Go Team Avening! Continuing our sports theme, we must also give thanks to the group of young sports leaders from Sir William Romney’s School who have been running sessions for our pupils in football and tag rugby. Gloucester Rugby Academy are also coming into school to run a rugby session, and Forest Green Rovers Football Club are continuing their fantastic work with the whole school by currently running an after school multi skills sports club for our pupils in year three. Our love of the dramatics has not been forgotten in the whirlwind of sporting activity, and we are so excited about our Christmas productions this year. The Reception and KS1 children will be performing a modern retelling of the nativity in their production of ‘The Angel who nearly missed it all’, whilst the KS2 children will be transporting their audiences to a magical forest in their performance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ Every class will also be embarking on a trip to the theatre before Christmas with the Eagles and Kestrels classes travelling to the Wyvern Theatre to watch Jack and the Beanstalk; the Hawks to Bristol Old Vic to see Robin Hood, and the Owls will be watching Peter Pan at the Malvern Theatre. The last week of term will be non-stop activity with the Christmas productions, School Christmas lunch, a carol service and class Christmas parties. Phew! That just leaves us to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. we look forward to reporting our plans for the spring term in the New Year. For more information, please contact the school office and for more information about this busy place of learning, please see our school website: www.avening.gloucs.sch.uk Avening Primary School

Natural Handmade Soaps Using100% essential oils #supportlocal Free delivery in Tetbury


www.soapychameleon.co.uk 0270421

Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

December 2021 | 37

Leighterton Primary School The children in Haymead Class (Years 3 and 4) recently visited the Roman Baths as part of their topic about ‘Life in Roman Britain’. When we arrived, we were split into three groups. One group was with Mrs Hatfield, another with Mrs Ward and the other group was with Mrs Stevens. We were dropped a short distance from the Baths because the area is pedestrianised, which meant the coach was not allowed to drive there. We went into a secret room and met a lady who led the activities during the day. The first activity for our group was to dress as Romans. We each put on a tunic and helped each other to put on a toga. Mrs Hatfield took photos of each person, yes, she was wearing a toga too. Next, we went shopping for items we would need during our visit. We only had fifty coins to spend and had to choose between sandals, a skin scraper, an oil lamp, oysters

We loved wearing togas

(for a snack) and a Roman towel. We had to ensure that we could afford to buy the items we chose. We could not afford to buy the sandals. Our next activity was looking at artefacts with our guide. I enjoyed pretending to use the skin scraper to scrape off the dead skin, sweat and hairs from my arms. We also looked at the tweezers used to pluck out all the hair because Romans liked to be hairless.

• Electrics • Plumbing • Plastering

Just before we left, we saw lots of Roman coins that have been excavated and displayed. It was a brilliant trip and we learned lots of interesting facts about the Romans. I would love to return for another visit.

No Job Too Small • Free Quotes • Over 25 years experience

m 07795 101541

t 01666 503714

After lunch, we were all given a handset which we used to listen to recorded information about the Roman artefacts we saw as we looked around the Baths. As we walked outside, around the Great Bath, we imagined what it must have been like to be a Roman about to take a dip in the green, murky water. It was interesting to see the underground heating system and the hot spring. I found the mosaics fascinating too. Our group talked to one of the Roman slaves who told us about the make-up that her mistress used.

ARC Carpentry & Building Services • All Carpentry Work • Project Management • New Build • Extensions

After that, we went into another secret room overlooking the Great Bath and made mosaics. My favourite activity was building an arch using wooden blocks. It fell down a few times before we succeeded.

e andycook4@hotmail.com



By Benjie and Lilly If you would like to find out more, or come and look around Leighterton Primary School, you are very welcome to contact Mrs Davey in the school office on (01666) 890273 and we would be delighted to show you round at a convenient time. Further information about the school is also available on our website - www. leighterton.com Meryl Hatfield


01453 834 355 or 07976 779 130



38 | December 2021

EST 2011 0341121

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High quality seasoned hardwood logs (free delivery and stacking) Also, heat logs, firelighters, kindling. please ring for prices Contact Jo: 07989 528 938 Email: jo-read@hotmail.com



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21/05/2019 20:55





! Tetbury Motor Centre

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Your main dealer alternative •

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All profits distributed locally and internationally

December 2021 | 39


Window Wanderland Trail Wouldn’t it be great to wander along a trail of beautifully decorated windows, threading through Tetbury, over a weekend in the darkest depths of winter? Tetbury Goods Shed Arts Centre would love you to join us in creating a Tetbury Window Wanderland Trail, for a few days at the end of February. It would be a magical neighbourhood walking trail that can be explored and enjoyed by the whole community, in the early evening. We will be asking everyone in the town if they’d like to make a display to decorate their own front windows. Anyone can take part and almost anything can count as a display, from a string of fairy lights, to a set of stained glass windows made of tissue paper. As long as it’s family friendly, anything goes! It’s all free and the Goods Shed will provide ideas, free materials, and there will be workshops in January to get us started. We are grateful to Tetbury Lions for support and we hope other organisations in the town will join us too. We will put all the displays onto a map for people to follow. It will be a chance to have some fun, get creative and even be enticed out for some Covid-safe exercise. We’ll see Tetbury in a whole new light! If you would like to know more, please contact Christine Berry, info@shed-arts.co.uk. Similar events have been held in local towns in the area and you can find pictures on the website - www. windowwanderland.com Window Wanderland Trail

For all your ironing, cleaning & repairs Laundry Wedding Dresses UGG® Boots Dry Cleaning, Wet Care Duvet, Bedspread, Blanket Service Alterations and Repairs

Free delivery and collection

Drop off facility for your convenience

Professionally Fully insured for finished peace-of-mind garments

Work carried out at our premises

Call outout more or visit Callusustotofind find more or www.speedyirontetbury.co.uk visit www.speedyiron.co.uk Unit 4, 4, Priory Priory Ind.Est., Ind.Est.,London LondonRoad, Road,Tetbury, Tetbury,Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire,GL8 GL88HZ 8HZ

01666 503900


Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

December 2021 | 41


Members of the Society had a very busy month in October, culminating in a sale of work at The Market Hall the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of October. Visitors were able to purchase original paintings, prints and packs of cards. There was a relaxed atmosphere and it was good to see a steady flow of customers for the art work.

BY JONATHAN ADYE Professional, friendly and truly local family-run business with 30 years experience. Experience in English Heritage lead projects Churches, hotels and private dwellings

Listed buildings Grade 1, 2* and 2 contracts Skilled in all manner of pitched roof coverings.

@cotswoldstoneroofing jonathan.csroofing@gmail.com 07715 563 703 0191221

General Handyman Services Incl. Loft & Garage Clearance

‘No Job Too Small’ Contact Brian Jarvis on Tel: 01666 500244 Mob: 07837 896270 0460617

Our November meeting was held on Wednesday the 3rd when Miranda Carter introduced a talk about her training as an artist and her methods and materials. She then provided graphite and charcoal with paper ,for some exercises to get us all loosened up and get creativity going. One in particular where you were allowed to scribble and another to draw a hidden object through feel only. All members really enjoyed the session.


Nail-trimming including thickened nails Corn and hard skin removal Diabetic foot care Montgomery Foot Health Tetbury Osteopaths Foot clinics every Monday andaton the first Saturday 22 every London Road (opposite the Priory Inn). of month at Tetbury Euphoria Osteopathic Clinic, 12a Church Street, Tetbury, GlosMonday. GL8 8JG Ground floor clinics every Catherine Montgomery


0797 0550 076

t: e: feet@catherinemontgomery.co.uk info@catherinemontgomery.co.uk www.montgomeryfoothealth.co.uk


MFH_0004 Tetbury Ad 11.4 x 5cm.indd 1

12/07/2015 16:51

Tel: 0785 505 6769 Sadly we again had to restrict numbers for this event due to social distancing, but plans are afoot to address this issue, more information to follow in the next couple of months. In the meantime, our December meeting will be on Wednesday the 1st of December from 7.30 pm – 9. 30 pm for a Social Evening at The Avening Social Club. There is no meeting in January and we will be having a Workshop on the 5th of February at Sherston Village Hall from 10.30 am to 12.30pm, more details to follow.

Please ring, text or leave a message for an appointment to keep you up and running throughout the pandemic. Covid-19 risk assessed and following Government Guidelines. Specialising in Sports Injury Diagnostics, Post Operative and Post Fracture Rehabilitation with over 20 years of International, Commonwealth and Olympic Games experience.

Opening Times: Monday/Wednesday 3.00 - 7.00 pm Thursday/Friday 07.45 - 11.30 am Out of hours appointments are available on request. For Assessment, Treatment with Manual Therapy, Electrotherapy, Acupuncture, Biomechanics and Exercise Prescription.

Didmarton B, Priory Park, London Road, Tetbury. GL8 8HZ Web: www.kirtonphysiotherapy.co.uk Facebook/Messenger: Kirton Physiotherapy

For more information please contact the Chair, Jenny Riley on 01666 840682 or email: tetburyartsoc@tetburyartsociety.org.uk Tetbury Art Society

42 | December 2021

Elaine Kirton MCSP HCPC Chartered Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist 0521120

Find out more about us at www.tetburylions.com

Oil, Gas and LPG Central Heating Specialists We are proud to employ a fantastic team of Gas Safe and OFTEC qualified engineers who are committed to providing great service. Our reputation has been developed through hard work and reliability, making us the number one choice. FREE No Obligation Instant Quotes 0% Finance Boiler Service Plans FREE Extended Warranty


Boiler Installation, Servicing and Repairs

01666 390 309

Email info@justheatingltd.co.uk Web www.justheatingltd.co.uk

Just Heating Ltd | 2 The Old Dairy, Charlton Park Estate, Malmesbury, SN16 9DG




Hand delivered to 4,500 homes each month

December 2021 | 43




T ormond_tetbury

Baubles and bubbles

Merry Christmas from The Ormond


• Open for drinks & complimentary canapes • Book now for Boxing Day lunch Xmas Day from 11-3pm • NYE free entry & normal menu • Book now for Boxing Day lunch • Warming fire & decorations galore • NYE free entry & normal menu


T 1141120


@ormondtetbury @theormondhotel



• Mulled wine throughout December • Mulled wine throughout December j • Free mince pies Friday 6th December • Xmas Party menu available to pre book • Xmas Party menu available to pre book £22.95 for two courses £25.99 for three courses • Warming fire & decorations galore

www.theormond.co.uk info@theormond.co.uk 23 Long Street, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8AA Tel: 01666 505690


44 | December 2021

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Making and sticking to your 2015 fitness goals

News from St Marys’ Church

the goal and completion date firmly set in – the chance for a fresh start, the your own mind. Write itshare down! ce to reignite your fitness, lose those Christingle, in prayers and stories, Making one big target is great, ds, run that race and break that then enjoy singing around the fias re. this The is by the iSingPop whatevent youis run really want to Celebrate achieveteam, – for onal best! and we look forward to seeing you there. example, running a marathon or losing five this looks and sounds great on paper, At But 6.00these pm targets on Sunday 19th of stone. takethe considerable when the ink has dried and it comes December, in St Marys’ Church, there is timethe and it’s easy to lose sight. Creating n to it (inevitably after the Christmas candle-lit Service of Nine Lessons and shorter-term goals aimedMass at the mainpm goal k it is harder and sweatier than ever), Carols, with Midnight at 11.30 on Christmasand Eve and Christmas is beneficial, these must Morning also be goal seems much further from your celebrations at 10.00objective am. ‘SMART’. A monthly might start p. Even if you’ve managed to stick to Finally, look out this Advent, because goals for a few weeks, results aren’t with simply going to the gym threeMary, times Joseph and the Donkey are coming to stay ys seen straight away, and we are all per week. in Tetbury. Originating in Mexico, this is tient even at the best of times. the “Posada”. Small versions Asthe wetradition are allofhabitual creatures we fall of Mary and Joseph (in our case, knitted) cking to your targets requires a into certain routines or habits, which can be to Peter around, being welcomed into tured approach and anMany innerthanks belief in and Anne Lisle-Taylor for these beautiful Christmas scenesgoodtravel or bad. Creating an exercise habit can different households in the community, ability to reach what you set. You must and staying there for one night. Then they be vital in helping you achieve your goal. and then on Christmas Eve. You will arrive ble to visualise the process and thecreate end a welcomed into church These scenes with an easyback habit that will Christmas be easy to Startare to carol-singers in the churchyard then, Day, with the new-born Christ. – but don’t just fantasise! stick to, and make sure you are consistent following the path into church, you share Christmas “Journey to aking ‘SMART’ objectives with the help in the Christmas story. All are welcome. and perform this habit for at least two rainer or byBethlehem”. yourself is a great way of beat is vital, “Journey to Bethlehem” again replaces weeks. For example, perform 30 minutes otherwise you lack the ability Aren’tand theyregimes beautiful?that Each are scene tells part loping exercises our traditional Christmas Eve Crib Service, of exercise on a Monday, Wednesday and to track of the Christmas story: the angel with improvement. as we are not yet able to accommodate these steps to plan a for you. Follow Friday. Once you have been doing this for Mary, announcing Jesus’ birth; Mary and everyone safely in church. r fitness goal. Joseph on the road to Bethlehem;ATTAINABLE and the 4-6 weeks, change it – maybe increase the And there’s more to share A angel’s goal should be achievable for before you – then! are Onlength of your workout or switch exercises. shepherds in the fields, hearing the CIFIC Saturday the 4th of December we news of great joy. you in the right place and have the righthaveThis will keep your body and brain Marys’ Church Christmas Fayre, 10.00 al must be individual to you, aiming at access forStthe objective have set? guessing, and help lead you to your 2015 For the first time last year, in the days am-12.30 pm in theyou Market Hall, including whatup toyou wantthese to scenes leading Christmas, led smaller Setting ones can help you develop delicious home-made preserves and cakes fitness goal – you can do it! accomplish. General families through St Marys’ Churchyard, and and beautiful hand-crafted gifts. Then, at and work towards a bigger end goal. then on into the church, where the stable targets lead to 5.00 pm that day, we have the St Saviour’s I look forward to sharing this with everyone! nativity scene focus was candle-lit the Christmas Tree Festival Carol Service, REALISTIC reduced and too under altar. I will always remember the children led you by Tetbury Together. With love and prayers this Advent and To be realistic must beArea ableChurches to visualize much wiggle room. dragging parents and grandparents Surrounded by trees decorated and lit up yourself the objective. Too high ait is a Christmas, Poppy forward, MEASURABLE and pointing out Joseph and achieving by Tetbury groups and organisations, The Revd Poppy Hughes Mary, and the Baby Jesus. goal and you may struggle to seebythe end,wine joyful service … followed mulled A goal must be too low and Parish Priest, St Mary the Virgin and mince pies. find yourself less you will This year, families are again invited to & St Mary Magdalen able to be experience this “Journey to Bethlehem”. motivated.On Sunday the 5th of December, at 4.00 Catch up on news and events – pm -5.30 pm. there is a special invitation to children Come any measured time between 4.00 on our website: churchtetbury.co.uk TIMED to Celebrate Christingle with us: make your whether pm on Thursday the 23rdon of December www.facebook.com/St.MarysTetbury scales or on a Having a time frame for a goal is important, stopwatch, having a as this is what you must work towards. This time or weight to will give you a sense of urgency and keeps


Tetbury Chiropractic, 2 Silk Mill studios, 2 Charlton road, Tetbury GL8 8DY

All profits distributed locally and internationally


Just symptoms some of the symptoms• that st some of the Migraine Acute• low back pain hat can be helped treatment: • Neck can be by helped by treatment: • Chronic lowpain back pain • • Acute/subacute neck pain Tennis elbow all now forCall free consultation now for a consultation! • Chronic neck pain • Low back pain etbury Chiropractic Commitment-free 15-minute • Migraine • Knee osteoarthritis cinity Health and Wellbeing Centre assessment available • Acute• whiplash-associated Shoulder girdle pain disorders ermaCo House Foot and ankle joint problems Telephone 07469 187004 • Tennis• elbow Charlton Road • Hip osteoarthritis (hip wear and tear) Acute whiplash-associated disorders • JwalaGurung Gurung etbury Jwala info@tetburychiropractic.co.uk • Knee •osteoarthritis Doctor of Chiropractic, Hip osteoarthritis (hip wear and tear) loucestershirewww.tetburychiropractic.co.uk Doctor of Chiropractic, Mchiro, CCEP, LRCC. L8 8 DY info@tetburychiropractic.co.uk Telephone 07469 187004 Mchiro, CCEP, LRCC. December 2021 | 45

Letters to the Editor… Dear Editor, ve room to include I am hoping you ha towns folk know, the this letter to let the retirement from announcement of my month’s Advertiser The Thirteen in last more than I deserve. credited me with far flattering accolades Having wallowed in the has come to put the for a month, the time record straight. o had the vision to It was Will Cook wh of scrub below the transform that area ts into Tetbury’s Herd Lane allotmen y orchard, not me. wonderful communit ught to the project The only vision I bro ment day. That was was on the establish king sure he planted supervision of Will, ma the right way up! the unsponsored trees

Dear Editor,

tmas , Lord Suffolk has once again donated a Chris I’m delighted to tell you that very generously at St part in this year’s Christmas Tree Festival Tree to Tetbury Lions, so that we can take Saviour’s Church. ary 2022 December through to Monday the 3rd of Janu The event will run between Friday the 3rd of ch. ches Conservation Trust and St Saviours Chur and any donations received given to the Chur ce has to 5.00 pm and as part of the Festival a Carol Servi The church’s opening hours are from 9.00 am of December at 5.00 pm. been arranged, taking place on Saturday the 4th all your hard work on the Advertiser this year, Compliments of the season and thank you for Richard Smith, Tetbury Lions

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We share your genuine care


Attentive personal care & luxurious comforts set in a beautiful Cotswolds park

Award winning nursing care home The Hollies provides the ultimate in state-of-the-art accommodation. Spacious, beautifully designed rooms, suites and living areas along with pretty gardens provide residents with a high quality of living. Exceptional dining caters for the most discerning preferences and needs. An array of activities, events and celebrations are enjoyed by all.


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News from St Michael’s Church of the Old Testament, especially Isaiah, waited in hope for the Messiah’s arrival. The second candle represents faith and is called “Bethlehem’s Candle.” Micah had foretold that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem, which is also the birthplace of King David. The third candle symbolises joy and is called the “Shepherd’s Candle.” To the shepherd’s great joy, the angels announced that Jesus came for humble, unimportant people like them, too. In liturgy, the colour rose signifies joy.

On Sunday the 28th of November we begin the period of Advent; it is a time of expectation and hope. “Advent” means “arrival” or “coming,” and it prompts us to pause each day in December and remember why Jesus came at Christmas. The Advent wreath is created out of evergreens, symbolising everlasting life in the midst of winter and death as the

evergreen is continuously green. The circle reminds us of God’s unending love and the eternal life he makes possible. Advent candles shine brightly in the midst of darkness, symbolising and reminding us that Jesus came as light into our dark world. The candles are often set in a circular Advent wreath. A new candle is lit on each of the four Sundays before Christmas; the first, second, and fourth candles are purple; the third candle is rose-coloured. The first candle symbolises hope and is called the “Prophet’s Candle.” The prophets

Alan C. Sanders

Book-keeping & acountancy services Accounts prepared at very competitive rates. Rental accounts from £130. Small business accounts from £220. Call me to discuss your requirements. Available 9 am until 9 pm. 96 Cirencester Road, Tetbury, Glos GL8 8GJ Telephone: 01666 505324 email: alanc.sanders1@gmail.com 0050720

The fourth candle represents peace and is called the “Angel’s Candle.” The angels announced that Jesus came to bring peace, he came to bring people close to God and to each other again. Attending Church during Advent we are able to sit in silence away from the commercial world in which we live. It is a shame that the true meaning of Christmas has disappeared in some lives. When we go to Church at Christmas, it is lovely to gather together around the crib, and after our Christmas Eve Mass when we walk out into the still night and, on a clear night looking up at the sky and seeing the stars is a lovely experience. Our celebration of Mass on Christmas Day also remembers the birth of Jesus gathered around the crib. As a child, as well as the traditional Christmas tree, we also had a crib; a tradition that I have continued through my married life. All are welcome to attend our Mass during Advent leading up to Christmas. Those who have been away from Church during the pandemic, for personal reasons, or are new to Tetbury, on your own, or a family, join us for Mass in Advent as a new beginning and then at the special time of year of Christmas, will be warmly welcome. Our usual Sunday Mass is at 9.00 am. Our Christmas Masses are as follows: Christmas Eve

9.00 pm

Christmas Day

9.00 am

Holy Family - Sunday 26th Dec 10.00 am Mass during The Christmas Octave. Wednesday 29th Dec 12.00 pm Solemnity of Mary, The Holy Mother. Saturday 1st Jan 2022 11.00 am Our Parish Priest, Fr Philip Thomas and the Parishioners of St Michael’s wish you and your family a happy and peaceful Christmas and may the New Year of 2022 bring you all God’s blessing, peace, happiness, health and fortune.


Hand delivered to 4,500 homes each month

Elaine Wright Parish Administrator St Michael’s Catholic Church

December 2021 | 49

Tetbury Theatre Group It was so good to have another day trip to the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham. It had been twenty months since we were there (before Covid). It is always a lovely day out as we can lunch, shop and spend time with friends. We went to see “Dial M for Murder” written by Frederick Knott . It is an Agatha Christie type of play. Tony Wendice discovers that his wife is having an affair and blackmails an old acquaintance into murdering her so he can inherit her money. However things do not work out as hoped, even though he had been planning it for a year. It was cleverly produced as there were only four actors taking part, Christopher Harper taking two parts, Captain Lesgate and Inspector Hubbard. It was only one set, so no changes at all, with clever lighting that showed the different times of day through the windows. It was written in 1950s, the BBC snapped it up and it was adapted for television, in the days when there was only one channel. The weekly play was a major event and was first broadcast In March 1952, it then went on to be a great theatrical success, both in London and Broadway. Although written for the stage , the best know incarnation as a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1954.

Tetbury Counselling Service Helping you to get through any of lifes difficulties

Graham Hackney Dip HIC (BCPC) PCC (GCS) T: 07833 993249 www.tetburycounselling.co.uk E-mail: tcsenquiry@outlook.com Tetbury SWC ads 2019 178x115mm.qxp_Layout 1 14/10/2019 17:23 1051121

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Still think you don’t need a water softener?

When Frederick Knott first wrote the Dial M for Murder in the years after the Second World War, he couldn’t persuade anyone to put it on. He had never wanted to write a play, a lifelong cinema fan he was attracted instead by the thought of being a screen writer, but his agent apparently suggested a novel, or something for the stage might be a useful stepping stone. It was lovely to be at the Everyman Theatre again. There were several notices asking people to wear masks, which I think made everyone feel happier. On Thursday the 16th of December we are going to The Alexandra Theatre in Brimingham to see Jersey Boys

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On Friday the 28th of January it will be the AGM this will be at the Dolphins Hall at 6.30 pm it will be a social event with drinks and nibbles On the 2nd of February we are going to the Bristol Hippodrome to see the ballet, The Nutcracker, it has been a long time since we have seen a ballet For more information please visit our website www.thetertburytheatregroup.com or telephone our chairperson Helen Price 01666 503187 or Diana Challis membership secretary 01666 502768

01666 500 028 • www.tetburysoftwater.com The Cotswolds’ independent water softener specialist

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Celia Bayes Tetbury Theatre Group

50 | December 2021

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December 2021 | 51

Happy Christmas To One And All It has been a pleasure to make our debut into the housing market in Tetbury this year. We genuinely believe we offer sellers more for their money... - Professionally outsourced photography. - Professional films made by a British film school trained director not moving a camera around photographs. - All viewings are managed and attended by us, we never ask you to show your own property. - We are local people who have bought and sold property in the area for many years. - All properties listed on Rightmove, Zoopla, On The Market and our own national website with over 200 offices. - Our individual facebook and instagram advertising generates huge interest as we are trained by facebook and know how to get maximum exposure for you. - Our last three listings had over 25000 interactions combined before we even opened up viewings. - All those properties sold within two weeks at a combined total of £50,000 over asking price, meaning in real terms we didn’t cost those vendors a single penny! - We offer targeted individual leaflet drops specifically for your property. - Whenever possible we list you in this publication with a half page about your property. - We know the area, our children have attended local schools, we have a long history with the major sports clubs in town. We know how Tetbury likes to support local trade so please add us to your mental list of local traders. Contact us for an informal chat, use our free online valuation tool or simply book us to come and do a free valuation at your convenience.

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At our October meeting, Denis Cartwright presented a talk entitled ‘Road Transport in WW2 by an Eyewitness’ – his boyhood memories of the Leyland Badger wagon owned by his father at that time, with its starting handle, outside choke and single windscreen wiper. (They were always known as wagons not lorries!) His father was paid 10/- (50p) per ton for heavy freight which he loaded and unloaded by himself. His loads were organised by the local Leicester Motor Haulage company for delivery to various parts of the country . When the war started The Government wanted all goods to go by rail because they expected that there would be a shortage of imported fuel. However wagons, the vast majority of which were run by owner/ drivers, proved to be more flexible. The Government decided to control the business so it set up the rather inefficient Road Haulage Organisation, to allocate the loads and pay the drivers etc. This organisation morphed into British Road Services after the war, when road haulage was nationalised. We were then treated to a slide show of pre and wartime petrol and steam wagons and some drawings by Denis of incidents he remembered, including how his father unloaded barrels singlehandedly, without doing damage to the barrels or himself. The introduction of the forklift truck and pallets changed the industry forever. 140208 Classic Windows


The speaker for our next meeting was indisposed and, at very short notice, Denis stepped forward with a talk on ‘American English’. He explained how the rather flowery english of the newly formed United States was influenced and changed over the years, initially by the language and culture of Native Americans and the other colonists, France and Spain as their territories were absorbed, and later by immigrants from Europe and elsewhere. These early influences may be seen in place and animal names like Lafayette and caribou from the French, while armadillo, patio and stampede came from Spain. The bulk of the new immigrants were from Europe which brought words like caboose and boss (Dutch) and hamburger, fresh (impudent) and semester (German). The Italians influenced food, art and crime via salami, maestro and cosa nostra, while Jewish influence was mainly through the media and comedians, obvious words like bagel, smaltz but also phrases like ‘all right, already’.

Tetbury Probus aspects of our life results in the steady Americanisation of our English. We were able to hold our annual lunch at Minchinhampton Golf Club in October, postponed from the Spring, when thirty members, wives and guests enjoyed meeting together socially, in a relaxing environment, for the first time in eighteen months. Bob Burnett



The Chinese came to build the railroads and stayed to add chow, tycoon, ‘no-cando’ and ‘how-come?’ Where American English differs greatly from our English is in technical terms, pavement for road, semi for artic and engineer for train driver, plus conductor and brakeman. Denis finished by suggesting that the sheer size and involvement of the USA in many


FREE QUOTES - local references available CONTACT ADAM 07880772731 OR 0041118

E-MAIL adamoxi72@gmail.com

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Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

December 2021 | 53

Tetbury WI At our November meeting we heard from Clare Walsh who guided us through some Indian Block Printing. Based in the Cotswolds, and inspired by nature, Clare uses natural leaves and herbs to create original designs for her block prints. She told us about the history of the craft and brought samples of some of the blocks for us to see. Her talk was very well received with many questions from the floor. This was followed by our Annual Meeting, we heard from our President Chris, Secretary Anne, and Pam, who is our Treasurer. In Anne’s report we had details of all we have achieved since our last annual meeting. Our WI is in an extremely healthy condition, with twenty-six new members since February 2020. Anne also detailed how the committee had adapted to the pandemic restrictions, meeting on Zoom and following up with members via phone calls and newsletter drop-offs. The fellowship and support of our members being paramount to your committee, and we were delighted to receive a round of applause for all our endeavours.

After a wait of over eighteen months, we were able to gather once again for one of our regular monthly coffee mornings, with thirty of our ladies enjoying coffee and a pastry along with lots of congenial chat at Steepleton, where we were made feel very welcome. Clearly, this Tetbury WI regular event has been missed and all were very pleased that it’s back… Thank you Ali. Steepleton once again was the venue for Lunch/Supper Club on the 24th of November, this club regular had been much missed. Lots of our ladies came and

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meet up with friends for a casual lunch, chat, and a glass or two! These informal gatherings allow smaller groups to come together and get to know each other, forging lifelong friendships. December’s theatre trip to Bath, organised by Jan, to see “Six” is now fully booked. Six is a British musical with book, music, and lyrics by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss. The musical is a modern retelling of the lives of the six wives of Henry VIII presented as a pop concert…… Our new member, Sunni, hosted a Gin Experience on Thursday the 25th of November, one enjoyed by all who attended. We meet again at The Goods Shed on Monday the 13th of December at 7.30 pm. This will be our Christmas Social with a welcome glass of fizz and Secret Santa. Jenny Riley from the Tetbury Arts Society will detail the art exhibition that will be in place for the Christmas season. Be as festive as you like ladies! Tetbury WI welcomes members from Tetbury and the surrounding villages. Jennifer Walsh, Tetbury WI




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• 38 years experience


54 | December 2021

Mobile 07971 252715 Email stephen.damsell@hotmail.co.uk

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Ridgeway Coach House, 13 Hampton Street, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8JN

Tetbury’s only family owned business Full facilities at our premises including chapel of rest

Philip Horgan

All religious, non religious, creed or faith services cared for INDEPENDENT FUNERAL DIRECTORS

Pre paid funerals

Funeral Director

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Telephone: 01666 502295 Email: tetburyfunerals@gmail.com

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Dignified, care and compassion Independent Funeral Directors

Come and browse our lovely selection of gifts for all the family Open Monday to Saturday 08:30 – 17:00 Sunday 10:00 – 1600

Evening Shopping Thursday 02/12 17:00 – 21:00 Thursday 23/12 17:00 – 19:00

The on-site Courtyard Café serves Espresso Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Herbal Teas, Home-made Cakes, Sandwiches & Toasties Curtains and blinds handmade by our experienced team ● In-house modern and traditional upholstery ● Box seat and scatter cushions ● Extensive library of fabric pattern books ●

Noble Street Sherston SN16 0NA

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LEE COOPER (TETBURY) LTD Try us first for all your steelwork requirements – with the support of our network of associated


specialists, we are pleased to offer a fully comprehensive service:

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Site Survey Connection Design 3D Drawings Project Management Manufacture Protective Finishes Decorative Finishes On-site Installation


ARCHITECTURAL Trull Farm, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8SQ Telephone: 01285 841773 Email: leecoopertetbury@gmail.com lee-cooper.co.uk 0621221

St Mary’s Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary school was established by the church over… …one hundred years ago to teach the children of Tetbury. We are a school firmly at the heart of our town, linked with it history and committed to its future as we help the next generation of children to grow, develop and flourish. I recently had cause to look at the original trust deed of the school and came across a document written in 1848 which, identifies the vicar and church wardens as the trustees of the

school and the Feoffees as the managers. According to the trust deed, St. Mary’s C of E Primary School was set up as ‘a school for the education of the poorer inhabitants of the parish of Tetbury, according to the principles of the National Society.’ These historical roots are still relevant to our school today. We are still very much a church school, and we are committed to the Church of England’s vision for church primary schools. In the Bible, Jesus tells us, ‘I have come in order that you may have life – life in all its fullness.’ This is what we want for all our pupils – that they may live life in all its fullness and that the opportunities and experiences offered at our church primary school set them on the right path to achieve this.


Gas Safe Reg.

Oftec Reg.


Telephone/Fax: TETBURY (01666) 502287


St Mary’s CE VA Primary School Our links with the Feoffees continue to be strong. This term, the Feoffees have provided funding to the school to enable us to purchase thirty iPads and a charging trolley. iPads are one of the tools we can use in a classroom to bring education to life. Having one iPad per pupil provides endless access to information and interactive education makes learning more memorable and engaging. We are extremely grateful to the Feoffees for their continued support. Who would have thought in 1848 that they would be providing iPads today to the children of Tetbury! We hope that we will be able to participate in Christmas activities in the town this year and we look forward to celebrating Christmas with our whole school community. Happy Christmas from everyone at St Mary’s School! If you missed our Open day in October, and you are looking for a school place for your child in September 2022, please do get in touch and we will be happy to show you round our school. Jo Woolley Headteacher admin@st-marys-tetbury.gloucs.sch.uk 01666 502275


MOBILE MASSAGE APPOINTMENTS Introducing a new service directly to your home or business.

beverley@mybreathingspace.co.uk - 07785926130


Appointments available weekly at

Personal Best Studio,South Woodchester, GL5 5ET www.personalbeststudio.co.uk - 01453 873811

“I established Breathing Space in Cornwall in 2007 and have recently relocated to the Cotswolds. Each hands-on treatment is preceded by a thorough consultation, priorities agreed and the treatment tailored to your wishes. “ Beverley




All profits distributed locally and internationally

December 2021 | 57

St Mary’s Playgroup A warm welcome! Having recently been asked to take over as Chairperson for our wonderful playgroup, I was both daunted and delighted. Daunted to be following in the footsteps of my predecessor Chris Milton-Clark, who has done a fantastic job during such difficult times. Delighted to be supporting and representing St Mary’s Playgroup, our staff, parents and children.

and carers in the community has been so successful in its return this term. This has been really popular and has created a wonderful, friendly space for families which benefits both the adults and children. If you would like to come along from 9.00 am -1.00 am on a Monday, simply book your space in advance and come along to play!

In addition to our main committee, we are very fortunate to have a fundraising subcommittee who are solely responsible for raising money for resources and general running costs. They do an incredible job that is not only time-consuming but hard work too. Our most recent success was our Halloween fundraiser at the recreation ground, held in conjunction with The Picnic Box. Families were able to enjoy a treasure hunt, glow in the dark face painting, competitions and so much more before getting their tea in a box! Thank you so much to everyone involved and the kindness of Darby and The Picnic box team for donating their proceeds to us – we raised almost £200! Next up will be our Christmas raffle with lots of fantastic prizes from our awesome local supporters (more on this in the next edition).

For all enquiries or to find out more about what we do please visit our facebook page @stmarysplaygrouptetbury or email us stmarysplaygrouptetbury@hotmail.com Claire Josselyn, Playgroup Chair

M.MARCH ROOFING Specialist in Cotswold Stone Tiling

All types of tiling undertaken; slating, imitation and more… • Complete re-roofing projects • General repair and maintenance • Repointing to brickwork and stone

My eldest daughter thrived at St Mary’s, thanks to the nurturing, caring and forwardthinking playgroup team; my youngest is also flourishing there and, thankfully, has a couple more years until she starts school! We are a charity playgroup and, as such, require a committee to make decisions and help in providing relevant information to support the running of our playgroup. At our AGM in October, we retained some of our current committee members and recruited a new member. If you would like to join our committee, whether you have children who attend St Mary’s Playgroup or not, and if you enjoy the social side that comes with it, then please email chair@ stmarysplaygrouptetbury.co.uk

Tickets can be booked from ticketsource. co.uk/stmarysplaygrouptetbury

07721 746109 Free estimates, friendly professional advice, 45 years’ experience 0611120

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Finally, we are so delighted that our Monday Seedlings baby & toddler group for parents




PLEASE CALL ZARA 01666 500926

58 | December 2021

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Only £895 for a fully fitted electric door.


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Tool Hire & Building Materials Suppliers Trade and Public welcome

A massive thank you to all our customers who we would like to wish a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 01666 502101 Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5.00pm Cirencester Road, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8EQ 0301121

Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

December 2021 | 59

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60 | December 2021

29/10/2020 10:00

Find out more about us at www.tetburylions.com

Greening Tetbury You can browse through all the incredible entries on our website www. greeningtetbury.org/post/nature-poetrycompetition

Community Environment Day at the Goods Shed Sunday the 31st of October. Lots of useful information on wildlife, waste disposal, renewable energy, and GT. Also, a very interesting panel for the evening discussion. Well done Carol Paton and the Goods Shed. Thanks to all the GT volunteers who helped on our stand.

Regardless of Cop26 in Glasgow be assured we, at Greening Tetbury, will continue to join the people of our community in doing our bit towards combatting climate change. There have been some positive agreements at the conference so we now hope that the governments of the world will seriously address the everescalating problems we face, back at the ‘coal face’! The marches in Glasgow were

wonderful and showed how keen people are to encourage governments to seriously tackle the problems and not just have ‘blah, blah, blah’. On the 6th of November some of GT attended a small upbeat march in Stroud with the banner ‘One Climate, One World’ I think ER were in Glasgow! Meanwhile back in Tetbury, the winner of the nature poetry competition for The Great Big Green Week was “Night Walking” by an anonymous author and a special commendation was awarded to Lily McKay, aged 9, for “Nature’s Symphony”.

Sadly, we had to postpone the Sustainable Christmas Craft workshop on the 14th of November. We wanted to help people to think about Christmas in a different way. Not massive consumption and purchase of shop bought goods, but to personalise their gifts and think about the environment. We will try to reschedule, so please keep an eye on the social media for an update in December.

Getting the Garden Ready for Winter. The 5th of December is the United Nations’ World Soil Day, which aims to raise awareness of how important healthy soil and ecosystems are for human beings. Soil is a living thing with a whole world of creatures that feed and protect plants, keep the soil healthy and fertile, and make life possible on Earth.

So, look after the soil in your gardens! This time of year, we might think we should do a big clear up, but I’ve got good news: leaving piles of leaves, sticks and summer growth is the best thing you can do in the winter if you want to encourage healthy biodiversity in your garden. You’ll give overwintering amphibians, mammals, and insect predators somewhere to shelter and make sure they are there to keep the pests down next year. And in terms of the soil, just let the annual weeds die down instead of digging and disturbing the structure and life of the soil. Less is more. Next meeting for Greening Tetbury is the 30th of November at 7.30 pm by Zoom. All welcome. Join us: www.greeningtetbury.org See us on Facebook and Instagram 1101221

Hand delivered to 4,500 homes each month

Greening Tetbury

December 2021 | 61

We have no monthly meeting in December as it is a busy time of year, which seems to pass all too quickly. We do, however, have our Lunch at Chavenage House on the 16th. This is now fully booked and promises to be a special occasion being, because of the circumstances of the last couple of years, our first major social occasion. We hope it will be the first of many. By the time you are reading this we will have had our AGM on the 15th of November. Our Chair, Carmel Burton, will have given us a reminder of all we have been through since the beginning of the u3a in Tetbury. She told us, “Thinking back over the last year, I think it has been one of revival and learning. Accepting the inevitable, many of us embraced Zoom. Who would have thought that we could learn to use it, but we did ! We moved our monthly talks to Zoom , covering a diverse range of topics from Paris in the time of Toulouse Lautrec, through trekking in Nepal, to the history of a Gloucester village. Attendance at the talks was good. We tried to replicate the social aspects of our Goods Shed monthly meetings with virtual chatrooms after the talks. Not the same as face to face, but at least an opportunity for some social interaction. Quite a number of groups kept going through Zoom, and later through meeting outside. Who could forget Spanish in a stable! Many thanks to the many group leaders who kept things going. We couldn’t have functioned without you. We have all had to adapt and look at other ways of living, learning and laughing together. Our priority was initially keeping the social interaction going, keeping in touch through phone, on-line and the website, supporting members to use Zoom and other tools to get together, producing a regular short bulletin, so that members still felt in touch.

I would just like to say a few thankyous. Firstly, to the steering committee members, past and present. They have all given much time, knowledge and enthusiasm to Tetbury and District u3a. Many thanks for your contribution. To our Group Leaders who have done a sterling job. Many thanks! Without you there would not be a u3a. Your contribution is invaluable. You kept things going when it was not easy.

and Stephanie Dale from the play reading group, whose play writing skills generated a significant donation to Tetbury and District u3a funds, really helpful in supporting our Open Morning.

A particular vote of thanks to Jeremy North

Tetbury & District u3a


A small, friendly, family-run business with over 20 years experience. We work on Dry Stone Walling and Landscaping projects across The Cotswolds, both large and small. We offer competitive rates, free advice and free quotes For further information please contact David & Paul on 07711055001 or visit our website www.allseasonswalling.co.uk 0061220

Carpentry Services All aspects of carpentry, kitchens, uPVC doors and windows

Tel: 07952 931552 640513

62 | December 2021


Peter O’Loughlin Ltd Painter, decorator and property maintenance services.

Professional, friendly and reliable service All aspects of the trade EST: 1986/ Free Estimates Mobile: 07745495427 Tel: 01453756742 pete.oloughlin@sky.com Fully Insured

Stuart Forrest Accredited CBT Therapist


BABCP Accredited CBT Therapists

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is an effective talking therapy for:


Anxiety Depression Addiction Bereavement Phobias Insomnia For confidential advice or to arrange an assessment contact: stuart@tetburycbt.co.uk Tel. 07791161827


Paul Carpenter

And finally, to you , the members of Tetbury and District u3a. U3a is an organisation of equals, there are no teachers, only learners. If you have any ideas or suggestions , please contact me. chair@tetburyu3a.org.uk


bathrooms & kitchens COMPLETE BATHROOM AND KITCHEN INSTALLATION Bathroom installs Kitchen installs Wet rooms Disability bathrooms All aspects of tiling Free estimates

M: 07879 233173 T: 01666 502053 e: info@rs-bathrooms.co.uk



www.rs-bathrooms.co.uk Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk


It’s summertime! Living is easy at Upton Mill

Our residents and staff have been vaccinated against Covid-19, so whether you’re looking for care for yourself or for a loved one, you can be confident that Upton Mill is the safe choice.

Book a visit at Porthaven.co.uk or call 01666 336621 Whole home vaccinations complete CQC approved Porthaven infection control measures Upton Mill, Mercer Way, Off Quercus Road Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8FH 1190621

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year It’s been quite an incredible 12 months in the world of property here in Tetbury, with huge numbers of properties changing hands and an unbelievable level of love for both people moving to, and around our wonderful Cotswold town. Julia, Jamie and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all that have been part of our 2021! Sam

t. 01666 505068 e. tetbury@hunterfrench.co.uk w. www.hunterfrench.co.uk


Are you following us?!

Introducing the HF lettings team Founder & Managing Director Laura Larkin started HF lettings & Property Management 16 years ago and is proud to have built a strong sustainable business that focusses on excellent customer service and the very best client relationships. Being part of the Hunter French community means that we are now pleased to be working

closely with Sam and the Tetbury team in order that a seamless property service can be delivered to vendors, investors, landlords and tenants. Personal, efficient and proactive customer service is at the heart of everything we do.

Laura and the team at HF Lettings www.hflettings.co.uk Highfields, Tetbury - £1350pcm


Library Lodge, Tetbury - £1400pcm

Westonbirt, Tetbury - £2750pcm


t 01249 716333 e info@hflettings.co.uk | www.hflettings.co.uk



01666 505199

23 Market Place, Tetbury GL8 8DD www.matthewsoftetbury.com

Fully designed and installed home and office network installations.


Consumer unit changes from £299 +VAT fully certified. We provide a full electrical testing, inspection and fault-finding service.

Traditional funerals and woodland burials. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Interest free pre-payment funeral plans available.

Let Our Family Care For Your Family 0090419


Hair By Kat Master Colourist / Master Stylist My name is Kat Davis, I have been a hair stylist in Tetbury since I was 16 with over 7 years experience. I have completed all aspects of training in the Goldwell Academy London, receiving multiple qualifications.

Mobile Hairdresser Serving Tetbury & surrounding areas

07763 091960


66 | December 2021


Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk


Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

December 2021 | 67







Selection of tea, coffee or infusions with mince pies - £2.60

To book, call us on 01666 880 249 or email cat@catandcustard.co.uk

Pub of the Year 2019 0131221

The Cat & Custard Pot Inn is a traditional pub with lovely en-suite bedrooms. It is a stone’s throw from Tetbury, Malmesbury, the Beaufort polo club and the Westonbirt Arboretum. Sitting in the centre of a lovely village, Shipton Moyne, the Cat has a bustling bar which serves great local beers as well as classic pub food with a modern twist. Relax and unwind next to the cosy log burner or keep up to date with the latest sport, the Cat caters for all! Our new Pizza terrace is open Wednesday to Sunday and serves authentic Italian pizza produced by our traditionally trained pizza chef.

The Cat & Custard Pot Inn The Street . Shipton Moyne Tetbury . GL8 8PN www.catandcustard.co.uk

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