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December 2020

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from the Tetbury Lions

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'BUILDING WITH CARE' CASE STUDY CLIENT: MR & MRS ATWELL LOCATION: RODBOURNE, MALMESBURY PROJECT: CONVERSION OF TWO COTTAGES INTO ONE + EXTENSIONS AND COMPLETE RENOVATION How and why did you find SJS? My wife had been discussing with her hairdresser and explained how keen we were to crack on with our project and some of the difficulties we were having with the existing builders we were talking to. She instantly recommended SJS due to both knowing Simon and the good reputation he has locally. How you have found working with SJS? When we were looking to instruct a builder for our project the most important thing for us was to find someone that had the same levels of excitement and enthusiasm as we did. From the very first time of meeting Simon his enthusiasm and ideas he gave us impressed us straight away. The whole way through our project Simon has listened to what we were looking to create and provided us with his valuable input, as some of our ideas were not always that practical, but he could see what we were trying to create and helped us produce it. What do you think about our 'Building with Care' Philosophy? SJS's slogan Building with Care could not be more true and represents the company's ethics very well What you think about the quality of the work? It is not often you find someone that has the same levels of expectation and detail as Simon, this made it very easy working with SJS as we have all been trying to create the same finished standard. Would you would recommend SJS to others? I would strongly recommend SJS, in fact I already have to a number of friends and family. I just wish I had met SJS sooner after gaining my planning permission, as Simon's input at an earlier stage would have been greatly appreciated.

Thanks to the SJS Team. Chris & Amanda


SJS would like to wish all of our clients past, present and future a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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Dear Readers,

Avening Primary School


It’s been a year like none before, one that will without doubt, go down in the history books.

Avening WI


Avonvale United FC


Chelworth Bookworms


We’ve had to change the way we do things which is why I’ve been so pleased with your continued support and contributions, so that the Tetbury Advertiser has continued to serve your local community.

Cirencester Food Bank


Dolphins Hall and Recreation Ground




Greening Tetbury


History of Tetbury Society


Hopefully in the next edition, February 2021, we will be able to share a “What’s On” with you - fingers crossed!

Leighterton Primary School


Letters to the Editor


All that remains is for me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Lion’s 200 Club


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News from Christ Church


Best wishes

News from St Marys’ Church


Mary Roberts Editor



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We offer all manner of alterations, undertaken to the highest standard. Anything from a simple shortening or waist adjustment to a full garment remodel.

Bringing basic sewing skills to children and adults. Our classes are designed to spark an interest and a desire to explore what you can do with a little knowledge.

Curtain shortening and cushion making.

Forthcoming events Seasonal workshops, felt kilts, cushions and bunting making.

Mon to Fri 09:30 -15:00 or by appointment.

One-to-one sessions available.

2 Old Brewery Lane, Tetbury, GL8 8LL

Find us on Facebook.

Over 20 years’ experience. Competitive rates.

Prices shown do not include VAT charged at 20%. Please quote your invoice number in payment transactions Produced by The Tetbury Advertiser Limited (VAT number 338322801), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tetbury Lions Trust; Charity number 1152090.

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07581 058 149

All manner of alterations undertaken Hems, zips, waists, taper and cushion covers – a little tweak can make a big difference.

By appointment only. Please contact Michelle – 07581 058149 0700720

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DOLPHINS HALL COMMUNITY CENTRE Bookings can be made at or email:


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Sir William Romney’s, Lowfield Road. Tel: 01666 502378 St. Mary’s Primary, St. Mary’s TETBURY SHOPMOBILITY BOOKINGS Monday-Friday 9.00-3.00 Tetbury Town Council Offices 01666 504670. Saturday 10.00-4.00 Tetbury Tourist Information Centre 01666 503552 The Friends of Tetbury Community Transport Roger Bellairs, 07759 142577 TETBURY CARES, Website to signpost local health services

HOSPITAL Malmesbury Road. Tel: 01666 502336

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Making and sticking to your 2015 fitness goals Young by Name

the goal and completion date firmly set in – the chance for a fresh start, the your mind. Write it down! ce to reignite your fitness, lose those Making one big target is great, as this is ds, run that race and break Irrationally fondthat of what you really want to achieve – for onal best! round numbers and example, running a marathon or losing five this looks and sounds great on paper, irrepressibly optimistic, stone. But these targets take considerable when the ink has dried and it comes this time last year I was convinced that 2020 time and it’s easy to lose sight. Creating n to it (inevitably after the Christmas would be the antidote we needed to the shorter-term goals aimed at the main goal k it is harderrigours and sweatier than31ever), of 2019. Before December 2019, ‘2020’ in a word is beneficial, and these must also be goal seemsgiven much further fromassociation your test, I’d have automatically stick‘vision’ to , alluding ‘SMART’. A monthly objective might start p. Even if you’ve managed toreplied the optician’s measure of perfection. goals for a to few weeks, results aren’t with simply going to the gym three times I was away, also excited theare prospect ys seen straight and atwe all of a new per week. Could we look forward to our tient even atdecade. the best of times. own ‘Roaring Twenties’ - the heady days As we are all habitual creatures we fall cking to your targetsgrowth requires a of economic and prosperity that into certain routines or habits, which can be followed (Preferably tured approach andthe anGreat innerWar? belief in without good or bad. Creating an exercise habit can an equivalent the You Greatmust Crash of 1929.) ability to reach what youtoset. be vital in helping you achieve your goal. a hit with my readers? I’m not sure I should in 2020, write the date in full, rather than Back the present day,end and that neat ble to visualise thetoprocess and the with anriskeasy habitAfter that be easy to Startbe take the this year. all,will it is 2020. and tidy number has morphed into a abbreviating the year to ‘20’ , or tricksters – but don’t just fantasise! stick to, and make sure you are consistent curse. It’s become the standard response be able to add any further two digits Thank you for reading my Young by Name aking ‘SMART’onobjectives withtothe help report of will social media anyone’s and column perform this habit leastalso two of their choice to suit their nefarious needs. for another year for – andatthanks rainer or bymisfortune. yourself isCar a great way of “Well, broken down? it is A will dated simply ‘1/2/20’ could easily weeks. Forfine example, minutes to the team thatperform kept this30 wonderful beat is vital, otherwise you lack the ability 2020.”and Washing machine ooded? “2020 be changed to ‘1/2/2000’ or ‘1/2/2025’, loping exercises regimes that flare community in print for as long of exercise on magazine a Monday, Wednesday and to track strikes again.” 95-year-old film star dies improvement. thus pre- or post-dating a legitimate as the constraints of the extraordinary year these steps to plan a for you. Follow Friday. Once you have been doing this for peacefully in his sleep? “Aargh, 2020, what current document, with life-changing allowed. I wish you all a very merry Christmas ATTAINABLE r fitness goal. are you doing to us?” 4-6 weeks, change – maybe the consequences for the beneficiaries.’ and a peaceful andithealthy newincrease year. A goal should be achievable for you – are length of your workout or switch exercises. Of course, it’s not 2020’s fault at all. 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Too high a the credibility test I apply while writing MEASURABLE goal and you may struggle to see the end, fiction. I’ve lost count of how times A goal must bemany I’ve said while watching the news this too year, low and you will find yourself less tomy novels, be motivated. “If I put thatable in one of readers measured – ” would complain it didn’t ring true. TIMED To be fair, I whether stopped trustingon in 2020 early scales onthis piece a Having in the year, whenor I read of anti-a time frame for a goal is important, fraud advice: “Whenhaving signinga documents as this is what you must work towards. This stopwatch, time or weight to will give you a sense of urgency and keeps st



Tetbury Chiropractic, 2 Silk Mill studios, 2 Charlton road, Tetbury GL8 8DY

6 | December 2020


Just symptoms some of the symptoms• that st some of the Migraine Acute• low back pain hat can be helped treatment: • Neck can be by helped by treatment: • Chronic lowpain back pain • • Acute/subacute neck pain Tennis elbow all now forCall free consultation now for a consultation! • Chronic neck pain • Low back pain etbury Chiropractic Commitment-free 15-minute • Migraine • Knee osteoarthritis cinity Health and Wellbeing Centre assessment available • Acute• whiplash-associated Shoulder girdle pain disorders ermaCo House Foot and ankle joint problems Telephone 07469 187004 • Tennis• elbow Charlton Road • Hip osteoarthritis (hip wear and tear) Acute whiplash-associated disorders • JwalaGurung Gurung etbury Jwala • Knee •osteoarthritis Doctor of Chiropractic, Hip osteoarthritis (hip wear and tear) Doctor of Chiropractic, Mchiro, CCEP, LRCC. L8 8 DY Telephone 07469 187004 Mchiro, CCEP, LRCC. Read online at

Lion’s Den

It is raining outside and the garden is looking so gloomy, however… …in one corner of my garden a beautiful yellow rose is flowering and adding a wonderful splash of colour and it really lifts my spirit. The town is suffering and where there should be hustle and bustle it is very quiet. A lot of people are under the misapprehension that Tetbury is a very affluent place to live, for some this may be true, but for a lot there is a day to day struggle with no jobs, no money and no means to feed themselves and their children. A lot of people have not recovered from the last lockdown, which makes it challenging and only exacerbates mental health issues. The Lions want to help but without knowing who is suffering it makes it difficult. We have upped the money that we are putting into the food bank, as this is such a necessity for people. But there is always more we could do; chatting to someone, making a cup of tea [lockdown permitting] or just being there

for them makes a difference. Loneliness links with mental health issues and can be such an awful challenge for anyone. Where I deliver the Tetbury Advertiser I quite often see a gentleman leaning out of the window having a cigarette and I stop and chat to him. He is always so cheerful and ready with a smile. Fingers crossed that the Christmas Panto at the Goods Shed goes ahead in December. I think we all need a little light relief and there are several groups supporting the performances to enable people to get a chance to get out and have some fun. There will be secure transport available for anyone who should need it. We also hope to be able to give the opportunity for some people, who wouldn’t normally be able to afford to go to a performance, the chance to attend. We will be holding a bucket shake at Tesco in December via a very long handled broom!! All proceeds will go to the Food Bank.

Look out for us in the town on Saturday December the 12th and the 19th when we have our Christmas Raffle; with some lovely gifts donated by the town. Our on line auction was a huge success with over £2,000 raised. Thank you to everyone who donated and to those who bid. At our last meeting before lockdown we were able to welcome our Mayor Cllr. Ann Pearce and to hear what the Council have planned. Also present was Jaap de Jong, 1st VDG of 105CW District. Let us hope that we will be going into the new year with positivity and renewed hope. We need to know if there is anyone out there who needs help. Don’t be too proud to ask, any of us could be in a situation where we need help of some sort and we want to help you. I hope Christmas will be a time where people can all get together with friends and family and above all stay safe.!

Tetbury Lions

Christmas Treasure Hunt The Tetbury Lions’ cubs will be visiting the windows of twelve of the town’s shops between the 1st and the 19th of December.

Each of the cubs will be holding one of the traditional gifts of the “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Find them all to win a special Christmas stocking full of goodies! If you are 11 years old or younger, and would like to enter, find your first lion cub and ask for an entry form in the shop where you found it. 1071220

Merry Christmas

Lion Sandra

Lion’s 200 Club An annual payment of £13 buys you into the Lion’s 200 Club lottery. We use these subscriptions to help local causes – and you get the chance to win a cash prize! Application forms can be obtained from Malcolm at Tetbury Hardware. The November draw has four winners each winning £20.00. Mr P Farrow. Mr R.C.Hewitt. Mrs.J Williams. Mr. G Miles. Lion Brian Thacker


Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

December 2020 | 7

Tetbury Bowls Club

It’s all quiet up at Tetbury Bowls Club but, as usual, there are things going on behind the scenes. Contractors have been out and trimmed the hedge down to a more manageable 8ft and our green has been scarified, vacuumed, cored, seeded, top dressed, sanded and sprayed ready for next season. Our online AGM went without a hitch and our new committee met by Zoom last week so it’s business as usual there. Focus at the moment is looking ahead to next season and fundraising for stage 2 of our development project. During Spring Bank Holiday at the end of May 2021, Bowls England is organising a National Weekend Campaign to encourage more people to have a go at the sport. Here at Tetbury Bowls Club we are planning to take part in this, as well as our annual free trial day in spring, so there will be plenty of opportunity for you to come and have a go.

us entirely. We are giving our Lottery another boost and our Social Secretary, Bev, is planning the Big Red Christmas Quiz online, with a hamper for first and second prizewinners. We are still so much looking forward to being able to get together again in our newly painted clubhouse, let’s hope this can happen early 2021.

As far as social activities go, the fact that we can’t meet in person hasn’t stopped

Jan Yates, Secretary.

McTimoney Chiropractic Clinics in Sherston, Malmesbury area & now at Tetbury Hospital

Gentle & effective treatment for back, neck & shoulder pain, sciatica, migraines, sports injuries Emma Newby BSc MMCA

07789 691479 0690715










8 | December 2020

Health advice available at


New Hobbies, New Friends See where life takes you at Upton Mill

Book a visit at Or call 01666 336621 NURSING • RESIDENTIAL • DEMENTIA • RESPITE Upton Mill, Mercer Way, Off Quercus Road, Tetbury GL8 8FH


Beautiful kitchens designed and supplied by your local independent kitchen designer

Designs and styles to suit all budgets Call 07974 712083 for a free initial design consultation E: 0631220

Fully designed and installed home and office network installations. Consumer unit changes from ÂŁ299 +VAT

Interior and exterior work, Decorating, Tiling, Coving, Specialist wall coverings, wallpapering, damp proofing, furniture reconditioning

fully certified. We provide a full electrical testing, inspection


and fault-finding service.

01666 826521 07979363224 or 07736326269 1360314 10 | December 2020


Read online at

Probus One


This year certainly has been one that few of us will forget.



Sadly the number of meetings we have been able to hold has been at an all-time low. Now Halloween has crept by, there were no Bonfire Night celebrations, and we are heading towards what might be an unusual Christmas.


01453 834 355 or 07976 779 130



Things have been bad but they could have been worse. Recently a contributor to the national press reported that as well as suffering under the current overall virus precautions, lockdowns and falls in the stock market, he had broken his pelvis and caught Covid-19. Life has not been kind to him!

EST 2011

bathrooms & kitchens

M: 07879 233173 T: 01666 502053 e:


COMPLETE BATHROOM AND KITCHEN INSTALLATION Bathroom installs Kitchen installs Wet rooms Disability bathrooms All aspects of tiling Free estimates

For the next few weeks everyone will be inundated with ongoing updates about the ebbs and flows of infection rates, lockdown measures and disputes about the relevance of the data on which these are based. Added to these will be endless debates on the relative merits of alternative strategies to deal with the present pandemic. But the welcome news about recent successful vaccine trials was uplifting. With a second vaccine also expected soon, the future looks much brighter. Is the end of social starvation in sight? So on to Christmas, when Zoom is likely to be working overtime this year. We send everyone our best wishes for a happy and healthy one and our hopes for a better year in 2021. Meanwhile, please spare a thought for Santa Claus, whose reindeer may be furloughed! Theo Stening



All profits distributed locally and internationally

December 2020 | 11

Shots from a Lawyer’s gun If my wife decided she had had enough, and wanted a divorce with a financial settlement, the best Christmas present I would want would be a contribution towards a private financial hearing or dispute resolution.

It was infinitely better sitting in the comfort of one’s own rooms than fighting for space in a court building with all their security arrangements designed to terrify the parties. The parties, who had been so difficult, were quick to accept the “indication” of the private judge. The corollary was that we had to get this agreement past the court judge to obtain a court order that would be enforceable.

The disheartening thing about the financial side of divorce proceedings is the length of time it takes to resolve them. They take a large chunk out of your life and are expensive. The pre-action protocols are time consuming. If they do not provide a result after mediation fails you have to repeat the process of filing extensive means forms and then face a financial dispute resolution before a Judge, appointed by the court. I do not like mediation because; in many ways I see this as a bully’s charter. If you don’t opt for mediation you have to tell the court why you are not opting for it. In a recent case, my opposite number, a hotshot lawyer, suggested that my elderly client, nearing the end of his 8th decade, was a violent monster. Her client feared he would return to the matrimonial home and do her harm, even though he had departed when requested to do so. It worked and so she issued proceedings without the bother of mediation. So far so good, but the next excitement was her suggestion that we should find a private judge for the financial dispute hearing, which we did for £2,000 plus vat each. The advantage of this was that we could choose the judge, who gave us a day of his own time while we all sat in the comfort of our own rooms and zoomed in on each other. Both barristers presented their cases, and every time one of the parties wanted a lavatory break we knew we had scored a hit. The barrister allocated as the private judge then gave “an indication” which was his view on what would happen if the matter were to go to court, with the caveat that in the final resort the trial judge could exercise his discretion i.e. it would be a lottery and we would double our costs, now standing at over £30,000 each.

There was an aspect of the timing of the proposed court order I did not like and wanted changed, so we had a zoom hearing for that. Happily my Zoom connection with the court meant that I could see the judge and opposing solicitor but they could only hear me and not see me. I found that very helpful. The whole process was very satisfying for all parties. Michael Hodge, Lansdowne Legal

L ANSDOWNE LEGAL Choose our professional and friendly practice on your doorstep for all your legal needs, including:-

• • • • • •




APPOINTMENTS BY ARRANGEMENT - OR HOME VISITS Tel: 01666 504005 Fax: 01672 563898 Email:


Piano Tuition


Tel: 01666 505692

12 | December 2020


Jonathan Adkins

Piano Tutor, Accompanist, Organist. Competitive Rates, Home Visits, Beginners Welcome Online lessons available

Read online at




T ormond_tetbury

Baubles and bubbles

Merry Christmas from The Ormond


• Open for drinks & complimentary canapes • Book now for Boxing Day lunch Xmas Day from 11-3pm • NYE free entry & normal menu • Book now for Boxing Day lunch • Warming fire & decorations galore • NYE free entry & normal menu



T 1141120

@ormondtetbury @theormondhotel



• Mulled wine throughout December • Mulled wine throughout December j • Free mince pies Friday 6th December • Xmas Party menu available to pre book • Xmas Party menu available to pre book £22.95 for two courses £25.99 for three courses • Warming fire & decorations galore 23 Long Street, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8AA Tel: 01666 505690

CHARLTON PARK ESTATE FRESH CHRISTMAS TREES Choose your own tree; cut for you or dig your own – don’t forget to bring a spade! Ready cut trees available – order in advance and just come and collect! Holly, Mistletoe and Wreaths available



Estate Office, Charlton Park, Malmesbury, Wiltshire SN16 9DG Tel: 01666 822146  0121020

Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

December 2020 | 13


Wishing all our clients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year We provide an experienced wealth management service and offer specialist advice in a wide range of areas including:

Retirement planning | Investment planning | Inheritance Tax planning | Care Fees planning For further details call

Tel: 01666 503751 Address: 13 Market Place, Tetbury, GL8 8DA Email: Website: Cotswold Wealth Chartered Financial Planners is a trading name of Cotswold Wealth Solutions Ltd

PERSONALISED VEHICLE STORAGE Auto Barn is hidden within the grounds of a beautiful country Estate in Wiltshire, which boasts state of the art secure facilities for the automotive enthusiast SPECIALIST VALETING & DETAILING






01666 800272


14 | December 2020

Health advice available at

St Mary’s Playgroup 2 Allow them to play freely while you interpret these interests. 3 Keep watching and listen closely to your child. 4 You might start to quietly play alongside them if they haven’t asked you to join them. If so, talk out loud about what you’re doing so they can hear your language and become interested. 5 Stop asking lots of questions! You don’t need to ask ‘how many…’ or ‘what colour..’ but instead make comments, say ‘I wonder if…’ and ask open-ended questions. These are usually ‘How’ or ‘Why’ questions, and shouldn’t have a yes or no answer.

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! As a team, we always felt bogged down by endless paperwork, spending more time staring at a tablet than with a child, taking time out of the room to write up observations or to plan for the following week with reams of next steps to cover for each of our key children. Looking at our practice we noted children being called out of their play to take part in an activity, which really has no meaning to them. ‘In the moment planning’ has been around for years, and was how the Early Years taught before ‘Topic Planning’ and endless assessments and monitoring came into force, and its making its way back into settings! It’s all about completing the planning cycle ‘on the spot’ instead of planning in advance, sound crazy? Well it does work, and as a playgroup we started this journey last year and since being back in session, have continued to support and teach children in the moment. It involves standing back, making sure the children

are ‘fully engaged’ and after waiting (and waiting!) for the right moment, we position ourselves nearby to see if we will be invited in to their play. This then provides us with moments to listen and plan at that time, responding to the child with relevant teaching and learning. Because of this, it is now essential we create an environment that stimulates curiosity, and enables each child to engage in activities without being directed by an adult. Depending on the age range, and requirements of the children, we make sure each area (both inside and out) is equipped with all necessary equipment that allows them to learn or practice a new skill. So how could you incorporate this at home to help continue your child’s learning?

Ask yourself 1. Could you place a few items out around the room that you think might peak their interest, then stand back and watch how they interact with it? Notice what they become engrossed in and wait to be ‘invited in’

6 Always go to your child, wait to be invited into their play (I promise mostly you will be) By asking them to come to you, you are disrupting the flow of their play. Have a go and see what you find out about your child’s interests. Next month we will be talking all about loose parts and how these can create a whole host of new and exciting play ideas. For anyone looking to book their child into St Mary’s Playgroup for September 2021 we would highly recommend you getting in touch to reserve a space now. We currently have spaces available for our Forest School sessions for children aged 3+ and would highly recommend getting a place for this year sooner rather than later. To book a space or discuss sessions available, please email us at stmarysplaygroupadmissions@ For any further details on who we are and what we offer please check out our facebook page @stmarysplaygrouptetbury or email us if you would like us to send you a video tour. Kelly Seal Playgroup Deputy

Sean Truby electrical

• New Installations • Building Rewiring • Additions and Alterations • Repairs & Maintenance • Testing and Inspecting • Free Electrical Surveys For a free quote/survey call Sean on:

07899 893875



Hand delivered to 4,500 homes each month

December 2020 | 15

Tetbury Hospital Without doubt it’s been a challenging year, but… …we have been resilient and are now continuing to deliver all the services you expect from us. We have a few new processes in place to keep you safe, this is why you may still only attend the hospital if you have an appointment or need our Minor Injuries Unit. You can stay informed by reading our COVID-19 updates on our website.

Trustee Update Last month we were sad to say goodbye to Dr Tony Walsh who has stepped down in his position as Company Secretary and Trustee of The Board. Tony will be sadly missed by everyone, but we are confident in the knowledge that he’ll still be around supporting us. Ann Wyatt, Trustee, takes up the role as Company Secretary. We are delighted to welcome our new Trustee, Katharine Landale. Many of you will already know her as she has been a member of The Friends Committee since 2006 and most recently Chairman. Previously Katharine’s career was in Investor Relations with Citigroup and BNP Paribas in London, she has also been involved

with many charities over the years so is a wonderful asset to our Board of Trustees. Katharine says “What a great honour to join such an excellent number of Trustees on the Board of Tetbury Hospital. I hope I am able to contribute as much as they all have over the years to keep our wonderful hospital at the very centre of our community.” On behalf of The Board of Trustees, the Staff, and Volunteers we wish you all a Very Happy and Healthy Christmas Read more about our Board of Trustees at ‘About Us’ on our website

Katharine Landale

Zena Dalton, Chief Executive


Gas Safe Reg.

Oftec Reg.


Telephone/Fax: TETBURY (01666) 502287


The Friends of Tetbury Hospital

Merry Christmas from Tetbury Hospital Cardiology ∙ Cataract Surgery ∙ ENT ∙ Eyes ∙ Foot & Ankle ∙ Gastroenterology ∙ Gynaecology

Hand & Wrist ∙ Hernia ∙ Hips

Iron Clinic ∙ Knees ∙ Oral Surgery

Pain Management ∙ Podiatric ∙ Respiratory ∙ Spinal ∙ Upper GI ∙ Urology ∙ Varicose Veins ∙ Vasectomy Useful opening hours - Minor Injuries 8.30am-4pm X-ray Department 9am-5pm Mon-Fri (closed on public holidays)

Stay warm, stay healthy, and if you need us you know where we are!

01666 502336


16 | December 2020

Read online at


Burnt Fired Fumed Herringbone created in collaboration with a design team, with the brief to re-invent an aged, distressed, reclaimed industrial parquet floor. TW E956

Manufacturers of beautiful, sustainable, high quality wood flooring You can find us behind Helena Court and the old Thomas Panton wine merchants.


Landscaping Before

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Traditional funerals and woodland burials. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Interest free pre-payment funeral plans available.

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18 | December 2020


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“Living a stress free life doesn’t come from perfect experiences because there is no such thing as a perfect life: rather, it’s a reward of frequent positive interpretations of ones’ ordeals.” Edmond Mbiaka As we look back through 2020 I feel it safe to say that it has been an interesting year, unprecedented in many ways. We all have our own stories to tell, ordeals to live with, but regardless of whatever personal challenges we have faced, we have learnt to adapt and to live our lives a little differently. For many, it has been a time to re-evaluate our lives, a time for self-

reflection, to appreciate the simple things in life and to make time for those things that are important to you. For many, the library has been part of that process and we thank you again for all the kind words we have received. It still humbles me to hear them and know that we have been in people’s thoughts. While we do not know what 2021 will bring, and cannot accurately plan for anything at the moment, we will carry on as best we can, in whatever way we are able to. Whether that is to provide books, computers, job hunting opportunities, finding volunteering opportunities, tracing your family history, or studying for a new career or hobby. We will try our best to help you in your future endeavours as you try to make your life as stress free as you can. We offer self-help books on a variety of topics, so if you have been struggling and would like something to guide you we could help with those too. A lot of them are available online as eBooks too if

Tetbury Library that is more appropriate for you. You can drop by the library (if we are open) and look for yourself, or look online at https:// As this year draws to an end we have an online Christmas story that will be available on Facebook under Gloucestershire Libraries from Monday 14th December. The story will be “Bless you, Santa!” by Julie Sykes and Tim Warnes. An accompanied craft pack will be available from the library from the 14th as well. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, we are unable to offer Christmas cards for sale this year, and apologise to you all for this. We know how popular they are.

T 01666 825198 | E Connect with us

ryallsltd ryallsmalmesbury

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Our opening hours for December are uncertain, but regardless of what we are currently able to offer we will be closed a few days over the Christmas. Our planned hours for the festive period are: Friday 25th December Closed Saturday 26th December Closed Monday 28th December Closed Tuesday 29th December Normal hours Weds 30th December Normal hours Friday 1st January Closed Saturday 2nd January Closed Monday 4th January on Hours as normal More up to date information can be found online at uk/libraries/find-a-library/tetbury-library/ We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a lovely Christmas, and a joyous New Year. Norah, Sophie Nigel 1110609 JoLinda, Gale:Layout 1 and 19/5/09 Tetbury Library Team



Jo Gale (as mentioned in)

Stockists of:

Cotswold Life and many more fine brands

Painting, Decorating & any odd jobs



*Based on a radius of 20 miles from GL8 8HW or 0880218

SN16 0BX and a minimum order value of £25. ** Terms and conditions apply.

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Priory Industrial Estate London Road, Tetbury GL8 8HW

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Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

December 2020 | 19


Girlguiding Rainbow meetings came to an abrupt end due to the second lockdown but… …activities are being videoed by the leaders and put on Facebook. They have continued their theme about helping others and were making either bird feeders or duck food. 1st Guides have nearly finished their Express Myself Theme award; the Guides just need to complete an interest badge each. They made up stories using Haribo sweets as props and found items to use as sound effects for the story of the 3 Little Pigs. 2nd Guides have also started meeting on Zoom again – run by their leader in Antigua! That is one advantage to online meetings!

Girlguiding linked up with Children In Need this year and sent out a special challenge to “Act your Age”. The idea was for everyone to think of their own challenge based on their age – definitely easier for the girls to complete rather than the leaders! Some girls baked cakes; some did jobs around their homes or some walked miles. I decided to dance (or rather move around) to songs on the radio giving myself 12 days to complete it – it took a few days longer but 60+ is a lot of songs for a reluctant exerciser! There are special Pudsey badges for those that completed the challenge and made a donation.

All leaders are busy ensuring they have the correct levels of Safe Space training before the end of the year when these become mandatory. It will be necessary to have a leader present with Level 3 for every meeting as well as a current first aid qualification. If leaders are unable to attend and are the only holders of these qualifications it will mean meetings have to be cancelled. We would love to have more adult volunteers so that hopefully this situation won’t arise. Sue Doidge, Tetbury District Commissioner

It was strange being part of the Remembrance Sunday event this year without any of the girls, but I was proud to lay the wreath on their behalf. The Rainbows had painted stones and put them around the town and the Guides made Poppy pinwheels. During the 2nd World War many Guide units ran without leaders, as they were busy volunteering or working away from home. Guides were also used for running errands as the girls were seen as reliable.

We specialise, and are security compliant, with VAG group. We can carry out security programming of components and software updates on your Audi, Seat, Skoda or VW. Official service history provided on line. All cars are externally valeted following service. Units 1-3, Priory Industrial Estate, London Road, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8HZ

20 | December 2020

Health advice available at

Oil, Gas and LPG Central Heating Specialists We are proud to employ a fantastic team of Gas Safe and OFTEC qualified engineers who are committed to providing great service. Our reputation has been developed through hard work and reliability, making us the number one choice. FREE No Obligation Instant Quotes 0% Finance Boiler Service Plans FREE Extended Warranty


Boiler Installation, Servicing and Repairs

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Just Heating Ltd | 2 The Old Dairy, Charlton Park Estate, Malmesbury, SN16 9DG


British Oak that DOesn’t COst the earth 01666 504436 1131020

Hand delivered to 4,500 homes each month

December 2020 | 21

Wishing all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We specialise, and are security compliant, with Land Rover. We can carry out security programming of components and software updates. OfďŹ cial service history provided on line. Units 1-3, Priory Industrial Estate, London Road, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8HZ

All cars are externally valeted following service.


22 | December 2020

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Avening WI bulb and a small bag of compost. Put together by secretary Soo. We now have to produce a wonderful flower over the winter, so we shall see! We added some floral cheer to the village with a planter which looked good all summer and is now planted ready for the spring. We still issue our monthly newsletter. In October our oldest member Yvonne Crew submitted an article, about the WI when she joined in 1961, which was very interesting. Gwyneth wrote about her summer voyages on her canal boat with skipper husband Ian, Gwyneth the lock operator and second mate Bryn (the dog).

This year is our 90th Birthday and surely the strangest year since 1930. Even during the war years, we were still able to meet every month. The first record of an Avening WI committee meeting is October 4th 1930 and an extract from the rules at that time states:

Through the years we have done our best to further this purpose. Even in this COVID year we have encouraged members to meet up in small groups for craft, walks or even just to chat or socialise. Many of our ladies have been prominent in the Avening Tuesday Coffee Morning project, which is still continuing into the winter. Now, our present day committee meetings take place on Zoom!

“The main purpose of the institute is to improve and develop conditions of rural life by providing a centre for education and social intercourse and activities.”

To commemorate our birthday, Gwyneth baked a splendid cake (she used 20 eggs) and a large slice has been delivered to every member, together with a hyacinth

*We now have a full range of 2021 Diaries available. Our prices will not be beaten locally*

Try Tetbury Hardware First!!

Before you travel, remember we are your store in Tetbury and we will deliver locally – Free of Charge

Please note we will only be allowing 2 persons into the shop during opening times during the restrictions and ask that you wear protective face coverings. Please observe at least the 1 metre rule and be polite and courteous to our staff and fellow customers.

Malc, Lizzie, Steve and John wish all our customers and readers a Happy Christmas and hope that 2021 will be be better year than 2020.

Pet Products: We can supply most major brands of foods for your pets. Ask us about treats, accessories, litters, bedding, toys. Ask us first before travelling or going on line. We can order products for you from our Wholesaler. Remember to order enough pet foods for the Christmas period. Garden Care Products: New Season Mr Fothergill Seeds are now in stock. Buy 3 packs and get a 10% discount. Are you cleaning the garden for the winter and planning for 2021, if so, we have a comprehensive range of Garden Care Products, remember your needs are our aim so please ask us for any products however obscure and we will try our best for you. We currently have a large range of goods and services in Homewares, Electrical, Cleaning, Decorating, Key Cutting, Shoe Repairs, Video Transfer, Winter Fuels and much more.

30a London Road Tetbury GL8 8JL - 01666 500353 (Follow us on Google and Facebook)

All profits distributed locally and internationally

Presently we are producing a booklet all about our activities over the last ten years. I have been amazed at our wonderful record of interesting outings, impressive catering events and the diversity of our speakers.

We have tackled lots of craft skills. We have had sporting achievements and we walk in the area every month weather permitting. We have won the Gloucester Federation Quiz against all the other WI’s across the county. Di Wall went to the Albert Hall AGM when the Queen attended and Gwyneth went to Buckingham Palace garden party where the wind was responsible for the loss of a lot of the ladies’ hats! Twice a year we organise a quiz for the village and have raised money for local charities. Many of our ladies have been able to take a course at Denman College with the help of a bursary. The most important aspect of our WI is companionship and friendship. Nobody walks into our meeting without a warm welcome. We look forward to be able to meet together again soon. Shirley Hand. Avening WI

Paul Carpenter Carpentry Services All aspects of carpentry, kitchens, uPVC doors and windows

We wil be able to supply Lights, Tinsel, Baubles and Wrap plus any other items you care to order.

Your local agent for UPS Package Handling

We have been busy knitting poppies and sewing them onto net for the Memorial Hall porch display and Gill Adams laid our poppy wreath at the Remembrance Service at Holy Cross Church. We are also collecting items for the Stroud Food Bank for our usual Christmas contribution.

Tel: 07952 931552 1111220


December 2020 | 23

Tetbury Theatre Group

Alan C. Sanders

Book-keeping & acountancy services

As I am writing this we have just finished the…

Whether you are self-employed, have rental income or just need a tax return completed.

… first week of the second lockdown, BUT as I have said before we are so lucky to be in Tetbury where we have so much support.

Give me a call or email me for a free quotation. 96 Cirencester Road, Tetbury, Glos GL8 8GJ Telephone: 01666 505324 email:

We have no more news re theatres but are keeping our eyes and ears open and we will keep you informed , hopefully we may be able to think about booking in the new year. The theatres are really struggling, as are all the actors, musician and staff so it is good to hear when they have been helped.

Pixie Lock Ltd

The Mill at Sonning near Reading, which is one of our favourite venues in a lovely setting, sits on an island in the River Thames, has been helped this way. George and Amal Clooney, who is a human rights lawyer, have been praised for helping the theatre to reopen. Since July, The Mill has only been able to operate its adjoining restaurant with reduced seating. The Mill is the only UK’s dinner theatre, it was founded 38 years ago. Now thanks to the money donated by George and Amil Clooney along with other Mill Supporters they are hoping to get the theatre up and running again. The Clooneys are near neighbours in the riverside Berkshire village and regular attenders of the venue. Earlier this year, they also donated more than a million dollars to the coronavirus relief effort, including money for the NHS.

Professional Locksmith & uPVC Repair Specialist ‘Local & Independent’ 24 Hr Call Out - No Call Out Fee – Fast Reliable Service Non-Destructive Entry (Wherever Possible) Keys Cut on Site – uPVC Repairs All Work Guaranteed – Fully Insured – CRB Checked Free Consultations Call Ollie on 01666 848097 – 07823881639 – 1361013

Foot Health Services in your own home Call for an appointment or information on 0775 1129552

If you would like any details of the Theatre Group please ring Helen Price 01666 503187 (chairperson) or Diana Challis(membership secretary) Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year Celia Bayes Tetbury Theatre Group

Miriam Thomas MCFHP Nail cutting, treatment of corns, verrucas & other foot conditions in the comfort of your own home 0710716

Stuart Forrest Accredited CBT Therapist

BABCP Accredited CBT Therapists

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is an effective talking therapy for:


Anxiety Depression Addiction Bereavement Phobias Insomnia For confidential advice or to arrange an assessment contact: Tel. 07791161827


24 | December 2020

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Our beautiful barn style restaurant features an open theatre kitchen and is perfectly located in Tetbury, one of the most attractive towns in the Cotswolds. Open for a breakfast, choose something light from our lunch menu or join us in the evening where we turn down the lights and offer a calm, candlelit environment to enjoy our locally sourced menu by award winning chef’s.










Mayor’s Report Well, it’s hard to believe that Christmas is almost upon us, and what better time to remind you all of the Big Town Switch On Event. Don’t be shy do enter your home into the Christmas Light Competition, the winning homeowners, judged by the little people, will receive a Jesse Smith Hamper and Plaque to adorn their wall. November has been busy, and a month of change within the Council offices. My very best wishes, and those of the Council, must go to Georgina Osman who has moved onto pastures new. She will be a great asset to her new employers and we will all miss her greatly. I’m pleased to say however Victoria Bolwell is now working additional hours to do more committee administration cover. Our lovely receptionist/administrator Natalia Phillips is also working additional hours to do further administrative work within the office. I have decided that with my unused Mayors allowance, I would like to use part of this to provide a Christmas Lunch for our most vulnerable residents, who have no family or close friends in the town. This will make sure that each of these residents sees a friendly face on Christmas Day, and receives a hot meal. Our thanks must go to Neil McDonald, and all the staff at the Priory Inn, for making this possible. If you are aware of a neighbour who would meet this need then please email myself annpearce@ Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, please stay safe, and remember Hands, Face, Space! Cllr Ann Pearce, Tetbury Town Council - Mayor

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I’m dreaming of… Buying a real tree, to recycle or grow on. Using my artificial tree, (over and over again!) Renting a tree, to borrow and return. For more ideas, see:

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Cirencester Food Bank in Cirencester, meant that we could make up 51 mixed bags of apples, satsumas, pears and plums. These will be added to our normal food parcels and delivered to families struggling from food poverty across our area, including Tetbury and the surrounding villages. Without healthy donations such as these, there would be many young rumbling stomachs. Jesse Smiths Butchers, St Mary’s School and Tetbury Lions will also be working together to provide extra parcels of fresh food in time for Christmas. A huge thank you to all our wonderful local businesses that are keen to make a real difference. Cirencester Food Bank

Cirencester Food Bank is an independently run charity operating across Tetbury, Fairford, Lechlade and Cirencester. It belongs to the Trussell Trust food bank network as part of more than 420 Trussell Trust food banks across the UK. Since the start of March 2020, the food bank has helped over 4,300 people, an increase of more than 60% since the previous year. Deliveries to clients who live in Tetbury are on a regular, almost daily basis, combined with the weekly collections of donated goods from the collection point based at

All Aspects of Interior Exterior Painting


the local Tesco supermarket on the Priory Road Industrial Estate. The food bank is very thankful for all the support and wonderful donations that are provided to it throughout the year. Every item donated locally goes to help someone in our community who needs food bank support. The wonderful selection of fruit donated by the kind people at The Market Garden

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Paulo Rios

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Hand delivered to 4,500 homes each month

December 2020 | 27

Avening Primary School Normally at this time of year, preparations for our school Christmas productions would be well underway. Despite the inevitable restrictions, all classes are still getting ready to perform, albeit in a slightly different format this year. Classes will perform in their bubbles and each performance will be filmed and available for parents, families and friends to watch remotely. The Eagles (r/y1) and Kestrels (y1/2) classes will be performing ‘Baubles’ which is a re-telling of the nativity story set in a school. Meanwhile, the KS2 children will be narrating the Christmas story through readings and carols. It will be quite different to previous years but in no way less magical! Another annual event that had to take on a slightly different form this year was our

remembrance service last month, which this year was held virtually. In the assembly, the children told stories of the fallen of Avening. After the service, the whole school congregated in the churchyard in their bubbles to take part in the two minute silence. Members of the school council



Many satisfied customers and references available Interior and Exterior decorations Curtain, blind and picture hanging Shelf fixing Flat-pack assembley

then placed crosses around the Millennium cross, while y6 pupils read out the names of the fallen. The whole school demonstrated great decorum and respect. We have spent the past two months preparing our remote learning provision, which is available for any children who need to self-isolate and in the event of a school closure. Classes are also doing their Share and Learn homework tasks on Teams which is helping both pupils and staff familiarise themselves with working online. We are extremely grateful to Dyson for donating refurbished laptops to the school, which will prove invaluable in the current circumstances. Our community police officers paid a visit to the Owls class (y5/6) a few weeks ago, to talk about online safety. Our virtual school tour and introductory video are available to view on our school website and the head teacher Mrs Rushton is more than happy to answer any questions or queries for families interested in joining Avening School.

Indemnity insured, contact me for a realistic quotation 01666 502648 or 07961 392493

The school kitchen is getting ready for our annual school Christmas lunch which will be held in class bubbles and each class will also have their own Christmas party on the last day of term. On behalf of Avening School, we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!


Town & Country News

For further information about this busy place of learning please see our school website: Avening School Team

Providing a local delivery service of newspapers and magazines to Tetbury and surrounding areas.

Please be aware that Tetbury Hardware accept payments and vouchers in an envelope only. Many thanks!

We wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and happy New Year and thank them for their valued continued custom and support.


Tel: 01666 502398


28 | December 2020



PLEASE CALL ZARA 01666 500926

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Hair By Kat Master Colourist / Master Stylist My name is Kat Davis, I have been a hair stylist in Tetbury since I was 16 with over 7 years experience. I have completed all aspects of training in the Goldwell Academy London, receiving multiple qualifications.

Mobile Hairdresser Serving Tetbury & surrounding areas

07763 091960 Stylist @ Mayners Tetbury

01666 503261



All profits distributed locally and internationally

December 2020 | 29

Lumley Garden and Pet Supplies “For You And Your Pet’s Every Need” Merry Christmas & Happy New Year To All Our Customers From The Staff & Apple ✩ Christmas Gifts & Treats ✩ Own Label Premium Cat & Dog Food ✩ Top Leading Brands Of Food & Treats ✩ Bowls. Toys & Accessories ✩ Beds & Cushions ✩ Wild Bird Food & Products inc. Live Food ✩ Dog Tag Engraving

Tel: 01666 822325 Join us on Facebook - Lumley Malmesbury Email: Stainsbridge Mill, Gloucester Road, Malmesbury, SN16 0AJ






Relaxing massages Therapeutic facials Acupuncture Luxury manicures and pedicures Latest eye enhancements Aesthetics nurse Reflexology Permanent make-up artist Waxing Gift vouchers Full range of Guinot retail skin care




. .

Visit our tranquil, Covid-aware barn with ample free parking.

Filands Garden Centre B4040



Appointments 8am until late. Call or book online.

01666 826 466 Charlton Business Park, Crudwell Road, Malmesbury, SN16 9RU 0101120

30 | December 2020

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Avonvale United FC

We would like to send you festive greetings from everyone at Avonvale Utd FC.

It has been a while since we last appeared in the Tetbury advertiser, with many challenges, successes and indeed football taking place over the last few months. We are now based wholly at The Recreation Ground, Shipton Moyne where we enjoy some lovely facilities that have enabled us to grow in numbers once more. Following our move some 18 months ago, we are now offering football opportunities to all abilities from the age of 6 years and upwards – including those of a more mature age who play in our senior squad-currently sitting in the top half of the Stroud & District Division 2 after 8 games played.

30 years experience, specialising in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Extensions and Renovations 07786 085928 • 07769 153829 0390220

! ! !

By Appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales P & S Timbrell Decorators Painters and Decorators

Our youth section train every Saturday morning. Following the Covid-19 lockdown in the earlier part of the year, a comprehensive Risk Assessment (including a thorough track and trace system) was implemented by our newly formed Covid-Team. This allowed our parents to feel confident of returning to the Club and ensured a full contingent when we resumed our activities for this season. It has been so successful that we are urgently recruiting Youth Football coaches, as we have now needed to introduce a waiting list for many of our age groups. If you would be interested in resuming, or indeed starting a voluntary career in coaching, please get in touch. You will be made most welcome, and indeed supported by our experienced coaching team. We are most fortunate too to have a wealth of local sponsors on board who have supported us financially over the last few months, ensuring that our teams have both football kits and equipment to rival any. In this our first article, we would like to say a huge thank you to all of these local businesses who have been so generous. Finally, we very much hope that as you read this, the lockdown is lifting and we can all resume some form of normality in the run up to Christmas. Best wishes from all at ‘Team Vale’ and we hope to see you all pitch side very soon.

Masonry & Building Wet/dry stone Lime plastering Brick/block/structural Patios & repointing General building




Contact No : 077 325 641 64 Email:

1331013 0451120

! Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events


December 2020 | 31

Well, what a year! Despite the pandemic, the property market in the second half of 2020 has been incredibly resilient and bounced back to a great level of activity. This has been no exception for us here at Hunter French. From starting the year as just myself, we now are ending the year on a team of three with Julia joining the team in February, and Jamie in October. They both bring a great deal of qualities to the team, with independent experience in the property industry and both previous colleagues of mine in past employments. Biased as I may be, we are a great team and I am very proud of my little local business as we draw an end to the year. We have been lucky to have helped deal with some beautiful properties in the town and surrounding villages and to have been acquainted with more of the great community that live locally. I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the very best for a safe 2021. Sam

Some of our feedback this year... Thank you Sam and team for your fabulous service and support in respect of the sale of my father's house. Your communications and sound advice has been exemplary throughout; including through these tough Covid times. I would thoroughly recommend Hunter French - Sam and his team - to anyone aiming to sell or buy a property. Mrs P - Oct 2020

Amazing service from start to finish. We cannot thank Sam and his team enough for helping us through the whole process. Always available, by far and away the best estate agent in the area as you can see by the quickly growing number of sold boards. If only all estate agents were like Hunter French Tetbury. Thanks Again!!! Mr & Mrs E - Sept 2020

Very professional service from Sam and Julia. We recently bought our house through them and have found them very helpful and reliable. They have been easy to reach and kept us up to date as the transaction progressed. Would recommend and would use Hunter French in the future. Thank you! Mr & Mrs V - May 2020

Sam at Hunter French is both personable and highly professional. Should you need a top drawer estate agent in the Tetbury area, Sam and his excellent team will certainly not disappoint! Mr & Mrs W - Oct 2020

We were very impressed with Sam and his team throughout the process of selling our house. He is both professional and personable and really went above and beyond in what were challenging circumstances with the recent COVID-19. We both could not recommend him highly enough. Mr C & Miss C - April 2020

t. 01666 505068 e. w. 2 London Road, Tetbury Gloucestershire, GL8 8JL

Are you following us?! 0421220

Chelworth Bookworms

720208 Nailsworth Dom Applian



Page 1

A r e l i a b l e , f a s t & f r i e nd l y s e r v i c e

No Andrew Miller 720208

CDB BUILDING SERVICES We are a family run building firm based in Tetbury with over 40 years experience in the building industry. All aspects of building work can be undertaken:

• Extensions • Renovations • New builds Garages • Minor Alterations For a free quote call Nick Ball on: BUILDE

34 | December 2020




The sign of building quality 0110918

Tetbury Sports Massage Sports, Remedial & Holistic Massage     

This book is wonderfully descriptive, evoking the broad span of landscapes, people and events of Britain in the early 1800s, from trade, to medical advances, workhouses and the plight of the poor. Yet it is the relationships and interactions of the wide range of characters that make it well worth the read. Highly recommended. Ghilly Vincenti Chelworth Bookworms


07833 384991 Or Visit our website @


Lacroix’s partial deafness helps to convey his disconnection from the people around him, whilst the air of wariness and mistrust between the two followers helps to lay an unsettling atmosphere of lingering menace over the book. And then, in the remote western isles of Scotland, the tone shifts. Lacroix is taken in by a brother and two sisters, the outliers of a new community seeking to escape the constraints of society, and he starts to relax. However, as he eases into the simple life of the island, the chasers close in.

01453 ~ 833310


So begins a tale of two halves: the solitary Lacroix, trying to escape his past and the mismatched pair, doggedly following his trail. Short, precise descriptions set each scene so that the reader can easily imagine the characters and places – from the sweltering heat of Lisbon to the grey, rain-swept sea wall of Portsmouth harbour.

Ch arge


A soldier returns from the Peninsular War, exhausted and in poor health. Unwilling to speak about what he has experienced, he leaves to travel north as soon as he is fit. In Spain, an enquiry discusses the events and people involved in an atrocity. An English corporal and a Spanish officer are dispatched to track down the perpetrator.

Call-ou t


Now we shall be entirely free

Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Tumble Dryers, Fridge-Freezers, Electric Cookers . . .

Stiff & sore, neck, shoulder, back, knee pain? Have you injured yourself either through sport or everyday life? Is it putting you off sport/exercise or affecting your work? Eliminate aches & pains, increase your flexibility, improve your performance Sports massage can detect problems, prevent injuries occurring & speed recovery or maybe you just need a general 'MOT'/ release of tension

★★Gift vouchers available★★ ★★ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! ★★

Christina Ticehurst BTEC ITEC MFHT 07738 597436


Health advice available at


Dolphins Hall and Recreation Ground One positive that has come from this strange year is how much the recreation ground has been in use. As we have not been able to go anywhere on holiday, or for a period of time even to work, a lot of us decided to spend some time enjoying the sunshine on the grass. Some afternoons it was a delight to see the rec buzzing, as hundreds of people enjoyed this fabulous green space we are blessed to have in the very centre of our town.


A small, friendly, family-run business with over 20 years experience. We work on Dry Stone Walling and Landscaping projects across The Cotswolds, both large and small. We offer competitive rates, free advice and free quotes For further information please contact David & Paul on 07711055001 or visit our website 0061220


General Handyman Services Incl. Loft & Garage Clearance

‘No Job Too Small’

Although lockdown has meant many of us have missed being able to play sport, the recreation ground has thoroughly enjoyed its rest and is looking very good for it. Earlier in the year we reported that we had replaced some of the equipment in the young children’s playground. This month we can also report we have spent £400 having all the chains on the swings replaced, allowing them to be enjoyed safely for a long time to come. Can we remind everyone that the fenced off play area is for children up to six years old, and ask that older children respect that so the playground can remain safe for the little ones. Over the last few weeks we have had some reports of fires on the recreation ground. I am sure now cold evening have begun, that this is just young people trying to stay warm. We want to keep the recreation ground available for everyone as much as possible and really don’t want to have to close it in the evenings but we also need to ensure it is a safe place to be, so we ask that people stop doing this.

Contact Brian Jarvis on Tel: 01666 500244 Mob: 07837 896270 0460617

M.MARCH ROOFING Specialist in Cotswold Stone Tiling

All types of tiling undertaken; slating, imitation and more… • Complete re-roofing projects • General repair and maintenance • Repointing to brickwork and stone

07721 746109 Free estimates, friendly professional advice, 45 years’ experience 0611120

The regeneration project is moving forward. We are currently in the tender process to build Project One, the Youth, Sport and Community building, on the rec. If you are a local tradesperson (or know anyone who is) and would like to find out about tendering for one or more parts of the project then please contact:

TREE SERVICES LTD • Tree Surgery/reduction • Tree felling/removal • Stump grinding • Planting • Council applications completed • Fully qualified and insured

The Trustees would just like to thank the community for all their support to the Dolphins Hall and Recreation Ground during 2020. Let’s look forward to 2021 when we will hopefully have a new building on the site and actually all be allowed to go in and use it. Scotty

36 | December 2020

Free quotations and advice Please contact; Ben King T: 01666 500216 M: 07976 262829 E: W: 0510116

Read online at

Every blessing to you during Advent, Christmas and the New Year. We are very grateful to our pastoral visitors who have done a sterling job of keeping in touch with folk during the pandemic. Our worship thrives by Zoom and in church when we can. We will be celebrating on Christmas Eve with a communion service at 11.30 pm at church. Like all churches we have taken very careful steps to ensure best practice for meeting in person, recording who is

present, wearing masks and physically distancing. For communion the bread will be prepared and the wine poured into the glasses with gloves on before the service. Each person will pick up his or her plate with bread and wine to minimise close contact. On Christmas Day our service will be held by Zoom. All are welcome! Here are our dates for December – the ones in capitals will be at church, these


Five Mile Picture Framing Re-open for business from 15 July 2020 Appointments at Avening workshop (COVID 19 social distancing observed)

Best wishes to all my clients. I hope you have all survived lockdown and I am looking forward to seeing you again soon. I normally visit clients in their home but due to social distancing requirements I am opening my workshop in Avening, by appointment only, to discuss your framing queries and needs. Appropriate PPE will be worn by me for safety. I have 30 years’ experience of working with individuals and interior designers. I frame everything from a photograph to large paintings and tapestries. Also watercolours, jigsaws, mirrors, rugby shirts, three dimensional items - in fact almost anything you can imagine. I have a wide range of mouldings at all prices including bare wood which I finish by hand-painting or gilding to personalise your artwork to your own taste.

News from Christ Church

being provisional and may be affected by national regulations, but we plan in trust! Sunday 6th December, 10.30 am Morning worship via Zoom Wednesday 9th December, 10.30 am Zoom Coffee Pot Sunday 13th December, 10.30 am Morning worship via Zoom Wednesday 16th December 2.30 pm Wednesday Worship at church Sunday 20th December, 10.30 am Carol Service via Zoom Wednesday 23rd December, 10.30 am Zoom Coffee Pot Thursday 24th December 11.30 PM Christmas Eve Communion at church Friday 25th December, 10.30 am Christmas Day Zoom Service If you would like the Zoom link for any of these, then email me and I will email back the link. Every blessing to you from all of us at Christ Church. Rev Noel Sharp 01453 298389

Tel: 07764 302 683 for appointments or advice







! Tetbury Motor Centre

500 002

Your main dealer alternative •

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Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

December 2020 | 37


EAGLE PLANT An Employee Owned Company

Tool Hire & Building Materials Suppliers Trade and Public welcome

Self storage facility • Hire rates start from just £15 per week (plus VAT) • 24hour CCTV • Cabins 10ft to 20ft long

01666 502101

Thinking of our customers and wishing them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5.00pm Cirencester Road, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8EQ 0301220

38 | December 2020

Health advice available at

During these everchanging times it is sometimes difficult to prepare an article, especially several weeks in advance, that we can be confident will still be up to date by the time Tetbury Advertiser is published!

We have had to move a number of shows around a bit, but we hope to be able to welcome you all back in December and in the meantime we have put a number of performances on line and through Facebook – Gerard Logan’s reading of The Signal Man went down a treat and reminded us to sign up for tickets for his January show, plus Faeland offered us a taste of what to expect when they return to the Shed in February and of course our friends from Ninebarrow always prove popular.

But one tasty fact we can be sure of is the Whistle Stop Café. Throughout all the challenges Sasha and her team have worked Christmas will be a little different this hard to look after you all whatever the year but one tradition we are determined 1130509 Springfields1:Layout 1 20/2/10 10:54 Page 1 weather, whatever the social distancing rules. to keep alive is the annual festive Panto.


Tetbury Goods Shed With the support of Tetbury Lions, Tetbury Town Council and the Feoffees on Saturday the 2nd of January, Wonder Productions bring you a special production of Aladdin. Fasten your seat belts as we take off on a COVID SAFE magical carpet ride to Old Peking to meet Aladdin and his hardworking mother, Widow Twankey. Can the Genie of the Lamp help our hero? Will Aladdin manage to rescue the Princess from Abanazar who will stop at nothing to become the most powerful sorcerer in the world? and will Widow Twankey ever get her washing dry? There is only one way to find out – join us on a journey full of magical eastern promise.


0 1 6SWC 6 6 ads 5 02019 5 0178x115mm.qxp_Layout 1 0 • w w w. d i e s1e14/10/2019 l p o w e r17:23 t u n iPage n g .2c o . u k Tetbury

Still think you don’t need a water softener?

Utility bills

Hot water


Limescale build up in pipes can increase your energy bills by up to 25%, year-on-year.

Heating a tank of water can take twice or even three times as long as in a soft water area.

Water flow through a shower head can reduce by 75% in just 18 months of untreated hard water.

Can you afford to ignore your hard water? It damages your appliances and increases your bills. Contact us for a FREE survey and we can help.

01666 500 028 • The Cotswolds’ independent water softener specialist

Please check our website for the most up to date information – all the details of all our events will be found there, together with how to purchase tickets. Have a good Christmas, keep safe and we look forward to welcoming you back to the Shed. The Goods Shed Team

Dear Readers The Advertiser Tea m will be on our Christmas break in December, so there will be no publication delivered in January. Rest assured we will be back at work in January working on the February Issue.

Water Softeners • Water Filtration • Salt Blocks 1231119

Hand delivered to 4,500 homes each month

December 2020 | 39

Greening Tetbury Climate Change Climate change is one of the biggest threats we face. By creating links to climate organisations, Greening Tetbury can increase its reach and effectiveness. We are engaging with two other charities: the Stop Ecocide campaign and the Earth Protector Communities initiative. The Stop Ecocide campaign, (est. 2017) works to make ecocide - the mass destruction of ecosystems - a crime under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Sign the international petition here to pressure governments into increasing their climate action: https:// The Earth Protector Communities initiative involves towns, educational institutions and businesses collaborating to protect the environment and endorse the work

to criminalise ecocide. Stroud has already achieved ‘Earth Protector Town’ status, by agreeing to meet the following five goals: • Produce a strategy and a date to achieve a carbon zero future; • Practise the movement from sustainable to regenerative living wherever possible; • Protect and enhance eco-systems, habitats and species in and around the town; • Pioneer the reduction and elimination of single-use plastic; • Promote awareness of climate and ecological emergencies. These goals share similarities with Cotswold District Council’s (CDC) Climate Emergency Strategy, 2020-2030 (see November’s article), giving us the opportunity to take common action with CDC. There is more on how to become an Earth Protector Town here: https:// uploads/2020/01/EPC-Town-Flyer.pdf

Tetbury Counselling Service Social Distancing in place and/or Remote Sessions Available

Graham Hackney Dip HIC (BCPC) PCC (GCS) T: 07833 993249 E-mail: 0860720

If you support the idea of Tetbury becoming an Earth Protector Town, please email us at to say so, giving your name and the town/village you live in.

Agriculture and Food Many organisations have been deeply involved in watching over the progress of the Agriculture Bill as we move closer to Brexit. These include Sustain, the food and farming alliance, which represents c100 public interest organisations from local to national and international level. The Agriculture Bill was passed and became an Act on the 11th of November. Orla Delargy, Head of Public Affairs at Sustain said “It remains to be seen how the government intends to fulfil its own promise to voters to protect food, animal welfare and environmental standards”.

Green Homes Grant We hope that more registered ‘TrustMark’ traders will come on stream in time for householders to obtain this grant before the current deadline of the 31st of March 2021 (see November’s article).

Christmas Let’s move towards a greener Christmas! See our website, for some great tips on saving energy and reducing the use of single-use plastics this year. For everyday greening, look locally for loo paper packaged in compostable wrap. It is available, but you need to look! Let us know on our Facebook page where you find it! That’s one less single-use plastic to throw away…

Coming soon Apple pressing - there doesn’t seem to be many apple presses about; several people are travelling to Pershore, Wootton Bassett, Hungerford and Newent to have their apples juiced and bottled. I’m sure we can do better! Any ideas? Write them on our Facebook page. Litter picking – watch for news of a spring litter-pick on our website! 1210917

40 | December 2020

Eleanor Lines Greening Tetbury

Read online at


Jan place We uar s a h y a vail ave a nd Ap ble fo ril 202 r 1

The Zebedee Nursery School has been running in London, since 1982, and we opened a new branch in Tetbury in 2019.

We work hard at fostering a community where both children and families are welcome and integral to school life.

At Zebedee, we want to create a happy, stimulating and inclusive environment in which the children can flourish and develop at their own pace and in their own unique way; both socially and academically.

We have lovely premises in Tetbury on a gated estate, it is very rural and we are surrounded by fields. There is lovely outside space and we have access to the estate grounds, which means the children are able to participate in ‘Forest adventures’.

The Zebedee Nursery School The Old Stables, Upton Grove, Tetbury GL8 8LR Phone: 07917 206256 Email: Business hours: 9 am - 4 pm (Monday to Friday)


House Cleaned Washing up done Clothes washed & ironed Beds made ....making life easier

We know how difficult it is to fit housework into your busy life.

Our services include: • Regular cleaning

• Washing up

The Housekeeper has been created to offer a truly bespoke service to deal with any chores that take up too much of your valuable time.

• One-off cleaning • Vacuuming

• Kitchen & bathroom cleaning

We’ll do what you need, when you need it... we’re here to make your life easier.

• Dusting

• Bed making

• Window cleaning

• Washing & Ironing

Call us today on

01666 460128 42 | December 2020

Read online at

For last year’s HOTS Christmas Social it was decided to produce our own entertainment for the society. Our event was called the Twelve Gifts of Christmas. There were twelve readings representing the twelve gifts, then a surprise thirteenth being the entire collection presented to each participant in booklet form. In the current climate, this reading seemed to strike an appropriate note with the message of hope.

The Free Gift An adaptation of a story from Eastern European Folklore. In Pagan times evergreens were used as a symbol at the winter solstice, when all around was dormant in the dead cold of winter, the evergreens were life amidst death.

History of Tetbury Society

Over time the Christmas tree has come to symbolise amongst other things, hope and rebirth. In the First World War it has been recorded that Christmas trees appeared along the top of the German trenches on Christmas Eve.

When the widow and her children awoke the next morning, they were all very surprised! During the night a spider had spun beautiful silken webs all over their

So, as we take our trees into our homes and decorate them with all the lavish trinkets that money can buy, perhaps we could be reminded of a story from Eastern European folklore. A widow who lived in a hut at the edge of the forest with her children was far too poor to buy presents for them at Christmas time. A fir cone had seeded itself by her door and grown into a beautiful little tree. The widow carried the little fir tree into the hut on Christmas Eve so at least in the morning the children would have a Christmas tree as was tradition. Although pleased that she had managed to do something to decorate their home for Christmas, she went to bed sad, as she could not afford to buy any trinkets or presents to decorate it like she had seen in the big houses.

tree, in the morning sunlight, they glistened and shone like gold and silver threads, far more beautiful than any trimmings that money could buy. When they looked out of the window, they could see that the big trees in the forest had also been decorated, glistening frost and tiny raindrops had frozen like diamonds sparkling all over them

Peter O’Loughlin Ltd Painter, decorator and property maintenance services.

Professional, friendly and reliable service All aspects of the trade EST: 1986/ Free Estimates Mobile: 07745495427 Tel: 01453756742 Fully Insured


Tel: 0785 505 6769 Please ring, text or leave a message for an appointment to keep you up and running throughout the pandemic. Covid-19 risk assessed and following Government Guidelines. Specialising in Sports Injury Diagnostics, Post Operative and Post Fracture Rehabilitation with over 20 years of International, Commonwealth and Olympic Games experience.

Opening Times: Monday/Wednesday 3.00 - 7.00 pm Thursday/Friday 07.45 - 11.30 am Out of hours appointments are available on request. For Assessment, Treatment with Manual Therapy, Electrotherapy, Acupuncture, Biomechanics and Exercise Prescription.

Didmarton B, Priory Park, London Road, Tetbury. GL8 8HZ Web: Facebook/Messenger: Kirton Physiotherapy

Elaine Kirton MCSP HCPC Chartered Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

The widow gave thanks for the gift of all the beauty and love that surrounded her on that Christmas morning and she never felt that she was poor again. This folklore story is the origins of decorating Christmas trees with tinsel representing the spider’s webs. Sadly, we shall not be having our Annual Social this year, but let’s hope that we can in 2021. We hope that you have a peaceful and restful Christmas and look forward to a better New Year in 2021. History of Tetbury Society

Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

December 2020 | 43

The Feoffees and the Thirteen These unusual times have called for some unusual measures and… …I am pleased to confirm that Feoffees Richard Cooper, Dave Hicks and Dave Norris, with the assistance of Thirteen members David Smith, Mark Elliott and John Latter managed to stay Covid secure and install the Christmas Lights on The Market Hall, just before the second lockdown began.

Thank you to them all for arranging this with less than 24 hours notice and to Feoffee John Hugginson and Tetbury Plumbing & Heating for their additional support. I also attended the socially distanced wreath laying ceremony at the Town War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday, it is so very important that we continue to remember and to live our lives, looking after our community and neighbours as best we can in these difficult times.

for remedial repair works to take place and I would like to thank Feoffees Richard Cooper and Will Cook, Thirteen member John Latter and local resident Ben Scrivens, for their hard work and support with this.

The work of our group has continued and many of you may have noticed that at the Millennium Green the dam boards at the pond have been removed. This is to allow

• Education Grant for a local young lady about to start a University Course

Grant applications have continued to be received and I am pleased to report that support has been given to the following organisations/individuals as follows: • Support for a Community Pantomime at The Goods Shed

• Cirencester/Tetbury Foodbank – continued financial commitment to this vital work We were also pleased to have received letters of thanks from Tetbury Hospital for our support of a blood pressure machine and St Mary’s Primary School for the provision of an interactive whiteboard. If you think we may be able to help you or your group with an education or training grant, or would like to know more about the work we do in our town, please visit our website – - or speak to one of our members. It just remains for me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope that 2021 allows us to all return to some sort of normality. Stay Safe! Pat testing:Layout 1 530212


Lance Vick – Chairman

Tetbury Area

Portable Appliance Testing for Holiday Cottages, B&B’s and let Accomodation. Please phone for details on

01666 502879





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HANSEN TREE CARE LTD For a professional and efficient service including felling, pruning and hedging contact Piers Hansen (B Eng Hons) on 01453 836207, 07770 745642,

Fully insured and NPTC qualified 830709 0480615

44 | December 2020


Health advice available at

LEE COOPER (TETBURY) LTD Try us first for all your steelwork requirements – with the support of our network of associated


specialists, we are pleased to offer a fully comprehensive service:

• • • • • • • •

Site Survey Connection Design 3D Drawings Project Management Manufacture Protective Finishes Decorative Finishes On-site Installation


ARCHITECTURAL Trull Farm, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8SQ Telephone: 01285 841773 Email: 0601220

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Call us to find out more or visit Unit 4, Priory Ind.Est., London Road, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8HZ

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From December 2020 we will be located in our brand new premises around the corner at Home Farm ALL MAKES OF CARS, FOUR WHEEL DRIVES AND LIGHT COMMERCIAL VEHICLES

MOT Testing Class 4 and now Class 7 Vehicle Repairs Free loan cars Servicing are available Diagnostics

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Extentions, Sunrooms


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Residence 9 window products.


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46 | December 2020


Building Tetbury for 3 Generations Read online at

News from St Marys’ Church ways. But I am praying that it will also be a very special time this year. We are living very simply, in many ways. So, rather than a million and one things going on in our heads and our diaries – I’m hoping there will be time just to enjoy peaceful moments. Also, right now, we appreciate so deeply the value of community and relationship and many of us have experienced wonderful generosity and neighbourliness. So, as we celebrate the God of Love coming to dwell with us in Jesus Christ, we can discover afresh the joy of all that we share in our lives together.

Advent calendars are so exciting! Speaking personally, that’s as true for adults as for children. It’s the excitement of opening the first window – and then each day getting closer to Christmas. So, at St Marys’ Church, one idea this year is to put an advent calendar in our window. And each day we will change the number as we move towards Christmas, sharing the joy with everyone. Here’s one example made from black paper and cellophane!

(Posada is Spanish for “inn”) and, through December, small knitted versions of Mary and Joseph travel around, being welcomed into different households in the community each day, and staying there for one night.

Through it all, St Marys’ will also be continuing our Sunday Worship on Zoom. Do please join us “live” if you can by contacting Diana our Parish Administrator for details at

This year, of course, we will do things a bit differently, and the journey will happen “virtually”. A lovely picture of Mary, Joseph and the donkey will be sent by email from home to home, with prayers and stories added as they go. It promises to be quite a journey.

And we are praying and imagining the different ways we can celebrate Christmas We are holding a Posada again this year. year, 1depending on the restrictions You might this lovely 130208 GLCremember Williamsthat22/2/08 22:03thisPage in place. We will all find it hard in many Advent tradition originates in Mexico

G. L. C. & R. Williams Garden & Agricultural Gates & Fencing Rose Arches & Gazebos Field Shelters & Stables Wrought Iron Work Large Stock of Timber, Steel, Nuts & Bolts, Gate Fittings and Garden Tools

Or you can find recordings on our “Tetbury Benefice” channel on YouTube. Finally, as we prepare for Christmas, keep an eye on our website for up-to-date details of what’s happening in church and online: With love and prayers this Advent and Christmas, Poppy The Revd Poppy Hughes Parish Priest, St Mary The Virgin & St Mary Magdalen Facebook: St.MarysTetbury




All profits distributed locally and internationally



December 2020 | 47

St Mary’s CE VA Primary School We are enjoying getting ready for Christmas at St. Mary’s School! There might be a global pandemic on but it’s not going to stop us from getting out the tinsel and the glitter! Oh no it isn’t…. Oh yes it is…Oh not it isn’t…I think you get the idea. Sadly, we can’t invite the parents into school to watch any Christmas performances, but that is not going to stop us from draping tea towels on our heads and putting on our nativity. The plan this year is to record our Reception nativity and send it to parents so that parents still have those all important memories of the Nativity Scene. Each class is also hoping to record something Christmassy – like a song, a short play or reciting some poems, and we plan to send these out to parents to get them in the Christmas spirit. As a Church School we will also be holding a virtual Carol Service with Poppy leading us in prayer, readings and carols and our re-telling of the Christmas Story. Of course we will also be making as many Christmas decorations, cards and art as we can. Hopefully without making too much mess!

Throughout November the children have continued to get involved in community events. We sold poppies in school and raised over £600. Lots of children also took part in the Bonfire Art Competition organised by Upton Mill Care Home and we raised over £300 for Children in Need by holding a spots and stripes non-uniform day. Our fantastic PTFA haven’t let the pandemic defeat them – they organised an Autumn Colours dressing up day which raised over £350 for PTFA funds and a pizza night fundraiser with

the Priory Inn which was very popular and raised £160 for the school. As birthday parties are not permitted at the moment Mrs Pike, came up with a great idea to have a bubble birthday party in school on the last Friday of each month. This means all the children who had a birthday that month can celebrate with their class. Happy Christmas everyone! Mrs Woolley and everyone at St. Mary’s.


Ridgeway Coach House, 13 Hampton Street, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8JN

Tetbury’s only family owned business Full facilities at our premises including chapel of rest All religious, non religious, creed or faith services cared for INDEPENDENT FUNERAL DIRECTORS

Philip Horgan

Pre paid funerals

Funeral Director

Memorial Masons

Telephone: 01666 502295

Available 24 hours a day



Dignified, care and compassion 48 | December 2020

Read online at

And just when we thought we were getting back to some sort of normality! We, like other groups, are keen to keep everyone safe during this time and to do what we can to support young people, whilst keeping them and our staff safe. The youth workers have continued to be out and about on a Tuesday evening during No-vember’s lockdown, as under National

Youth Agency guidance we are permitted to do so. This is not to en-courage young people out to meet us at all, but to meet, chat and engage the young people that we come across. To use it as a space and time to build relationship and educate young people about the current guid-ance and the importance of keeping everyone safe. When schools and colleges are having to keep things so regulated to keep everyone safe, and many of the extra curricular and enriching actives have had to cease, it’s no wonder that young people are struggling.

Tetbury Area Youth Community Trust We are keen to respond to young people’s needs at this time and provide positive spaces, both in person and online, for young people. We are also looking at what we can provide to those who are missing activities.

I promise a thorough clean of your oven, hob, range, Aga, microwave or barbecue, using eco-friendly and non-caustic materials.

We are beginning to see some of the negative effects that this pandemic is having on young people’s mental and emotional wellbeing, there is certainly an increased need to provide more mentoring to young people in our community. We are doing what we can as a charity to enable this, partnering with the schools is one, but we are also looking for new volunteer mentors to come on board and support our young people. Supporting a young person through mentoring is so rewarding, as you build a meaningful relationship which can empower a young person to make positive changes in their lives, to help them see things differently and support them to move forward towards their goals. If you are interested in finding out more about mentoring and what it would involve, then please email:

Call Dave Now, on 07706 084107 or 07703 667036

This is looking to be a Christmas like nothing before, but we wish you all the best to keep safe and healthy during this festive period. Happy Christmas!

NORTH WILTS OVEN CLEANING Local – Professional – Affordable Let me do the dirty work!

e-mail: 0800619

140208 Classic Windows



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Jo Tancock Project Manager TAYCT - The Pod


Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

December 2020 | 49

Helping people on the move in Tetbury and villages We may be doing things a little differently these days, but we are still very much here to help – whether you are a first-time buyer, moving to a bigger family home or looking to downsize. Working from home has become very much a choice, with Tetbury a favourite with buyers from the cities. On behalf of myself and the team, we would like to wish everyone in Tetbury a very Happy Christmas. Helen Pugh, Branch Manager

Tetbury 4 bedroom home A substantial detached family home which has been completely refurbished to a very high standard by the current owners over the last 18 months.

£575,000 Guide Price


£450,000 OIEO 0751220





4 bedroom home

3 bedroom home

Beautifully presented three storey house, in a select cul-de-sac, within walking distance of the town centre and offering great accommodation with a low maintenance garden.

Beautifully presented modern town house in the centre of Tetbury with parking and a cottage garden.

£389,950 Guide Price


Tetbury 4 bedroom home A gated community of just two houses provides the setting for this beautifully presented family house, available immediately with no onward chain.

£500,000 Guide Price


£337,500 Guide Price





3 bedroom home

2 bedroom home

This charming Cotswold cottage-style semi-detached house, has a wonderful light and airy feeling to the spacious accommodation.

This beautiful retirement apartment built by McCarthy and Stone Ltd in 2015, has two bedrooms, parking and the use of the communal lounge and gardens.

£300,000 OIEO


Visit our Tetbury Office

Property Sales & Valuations

Lettings and Management

3 Church Street, Tetbury Gloucestershire, GL8 8JG

T: 01666 504418 E:

T: 01666 504418 (option 2) E:

Tetbury and District Footpath Group The Covid19 process to keep our walkers safe was going very well. We were being very disciplined and kept to our bubbles, two metres apart, whilst walking. This was hard to do when people were chatting merrily. More of our members were coming out, 15 on some walks, and it’s good to see their faces after so long an absence. We also have a few new members. Brian Coakely devised a walk to the north of Daglingworth and the weather was lovely, with a fresh southerly breeze whistling in the beech trees and the trees changing to their lovely autumnal colours. St Michael’s Saxon Church, Duntisbourne Rouse, is one of a few settlements in the vicinity named after Dunt, a Saxon chief. Following the Norman Conquest, the land was owned by a knight named Le Rous. The Government were encouraging outside healthy exercise but the new month long lockdown means we have had to suspend walking in groups. When the new lockdown lifts, you will have to become a member to walk with us but it is not very expensive £6. Contact Julian Upton to join on 07818 826530.

More details of upcoming walks after the latest lockdown lifts will appear on our website. This will probably not be until January now as December is usually a busy month for everyone. They will continue to appear one month in advance at a time, as a rolling programme moving through winter. Winter walks will be every two weeks from January on. See under Walks Programme for details. As a member, you will need to phone or email the appropriate leader to join a walk. Up to 15 participants can join inclusive of the leader, the deputy leader and the back marker. Please note: No DOGS are allowed.

Have a look under publications on our website: Or you can buy walk leaflets in our weatherproof format at the Tetbury Tourist Information Office or The Yellow Lighted Bookshop. Have a good Christmas everyone! Nigel Berry Tetbury and District Footpath Group


If you wish to walk independently yourselves, we have a variety of walks around Tetbury available on our website, free to download.

Television Electrical Repairs Sales and Repairs Televisionand

& Digital Box Sales. • Television Television Repairs. ••Television Repairs. Table & Standard lamp repairs. • NEW &TV‛sStandard • Table lamp tuned in &repairs. set up. • Replacementetcremote controls. ••NEW TV‛s etc tuned in & setup. Collection & delivery service ••Collection & delivery for in the for your repairs & sales


Nail-trimming including thickened nails Corn and hard skin removal Diabetic foot care Montgomery Foot Health Tetbury Osteopaths Foot clinics every Monday andaton the first Saturday 22 every London Road (opposite the Priory Inn). of month at Tetbury Euphoria Osteopathic Clinic, 12a Church Street, Tetbury, GlosMonday. GL8 8JG Ground floor clinics every

Malmesbury your repairs.& Tetbury areas.

12, Avon Road, Malmesbury, Wilts SN16 0DL

07778 354668

07778 354668 for a friendly and

Catherine Montgomery


personal service


MFH_0004 Tetbury Ad 11.4 x 5cm.indd 1


52 | December 2020

for a friendly and personal service

0797 0550 076

t: e:

100208 KP Gardens


21:50 0410115

12/07/2015 16:51


Read online at

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·5 Litre (~9 pint) Mini-pins · 10 Litre and 20 Litre boxes· or call us on 01453 860120

You can also collect beer from brewery. Please order the day before.





ABV 3.8%

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Tetbury & District U3A is now looking forward to next year, having had to cancel our “Monthly Meetings and Talks” in October and November. We are all hoping that it will be possible to meet face-to-face in January, but we also know that looking forward is exceedingly difficult. To this end, we are making plans to enable us to hold our monthly meetings next year via Zoom if we are unable to meet at the Goods Shed. Our talks are free to all members, however and wherever they are held. Our speakers are experienced in using Zoom and are happy to use this technology to talk to us, and we have Zoom help available for any members who may need it. All talks start at 10:30 am. Please keep your diaries free for Tuesday the 19th of January 2021 to hear Dr. Phil Yates talk about his experiences as a medical doctor on various expeditions including to base camp at Everest. Have you ever thought of climbing Everest or exploring new Continents? No need to undertake these adventures personally - hear all about it, particularly from a medical view, with Dr. Phil who has done all this on your behalf.


You must be over 18 years of age to take delivery of beer. We may ask for ID if you look under 25.

On Monday the 15th of February there will be a talk on “Dogs for Good” - how these amazing assistance dogs transform lives. Can your dog empty the washing machine, help you undress or call for help? Our speaker will tell us how these special dogs are trained to assist their owners with all sorts of tasks.

On Tuesday the 16th of March we hope to welcome Sue Limb, the renowned novelist, script writer and biographer. Sue’s talk is entitled “What’s So Funny?”. The details of all our talks for 2021 are on the Events page of our website 0740720

All profits distributed locally and internationally

Judith Walker, Tetbury U3A

December 2020 | 53

Visit our website for more information:

We offer video, telephone, or face-to-face meetings by appointment and are ready to assist you, your family, and your business Residential Property

Employment Law

Wills & Probate

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Lasting Powers of Attorney

Family & Divorce

Inheritance Tax Planning

Clinical Negligence

Commercial Property

Personal Injury

Davey Law @Davey_Law @DaveyLawSolicitors 0271220


01285 654875 10-12 Dollar Street, Cirencester, GL7 2AL

Instrumental Tuition in

Music Theory Violin Viola Piano Composition Students aged 8 & upwards welcome

Lessons in your home Weekly or fortnightly lessons online or face-to-face to suit your requirements

Scan QR code for application form Enhanced DBS Certificate available for inspection at any time on request 1070719


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Tetbury Art Society stunning building in Tetbury. Two winners were chosen, Rosemary Lachlan and Nigel Waldron. The Reception Manager, Nikki, presented the winners with vouchers for afternoon tea for themselves and a guest. The Close Hotel found the choice difficult as the standard was so high. Following a successful outdoor painting season, there was a celebratory meeting at Nailsworth garden centre for tea and cake enjoyed by a large group, socially distanced of course. There is a theme emerging here and perhaps we should rename ourselves the Tetbury Tea Society!

Keeping cosy inside during the second lockdown gave us time to reflect on this extraordinary year. We are the lucky ones, quite often, who have creativity to motivate and encourage us forward, looking to better times in the spring of next year! Time also to remember

those who tirelessly work in the NHS to keep us well, not forgetting all those other essential services as well. When I took over the writing of this article from Michael, little did I know that the art society’s activities would be so curtailed for so long! What to write about? Luckily members have been very inventive and creative. The Close Hotel ran a painting competition, inspired by TAS members, painting in their beautiful garden- the subject being their

I had the privilege of viewing Christine Dack’s pictures, a member of our society, at the Hook House Exhibition near Westonbirt. Run by Christopher White three times a year, this exhibition of local arts and crafts just sneaked in for a very successful week before lockdown. Well worth a visit next year. Have a joyous Christmas and New Year! If you would like more information about the Society, this can be found on our website or call Michael on 01666 502909 or Barry on 01666 503926. Our meetings are usually in St Michael’s Hall, Tetbury at 7.30 pm. We are a friendly and welcoming group to anyone interested in art. Jenny Riley, Tetbury Art Society


Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

December 2020 | 55

Tetbury Camera Club Adding a human element to your pictures can create more interest and give them more impact. We have all seen pictures of a figure in a brightly coloured jacket standing in a landscape, or the silhouette of a person on a beach at sunset. Who hasn’t seen a picture of a lighthouse with waves crashing around it during a storm? Now visualise those pictures without that human element. Waves crashing against a rocky coastline, a lonely stretch of coastline that is nowhere in particular, and the vast landscape devoid of any human element at all. Which do you find more memorable? One of the great things about adding human elements to your pictures is that you don’t necessarily need any humans. Most of the time, when I go out with my camera, I couldn’t care less if I see another person the whole day. Sometimes I really hope I don’t see another living soul, but I still look for human elements to include in my pictures. A well worn trail, stonewall, or hedgerow are just as much a human element as an old barn, castle ruins or a quay reaching out into the sea.

Not much time remained for the artists to complete their work. The judges were

getting ready to make their rounds selecting the best artworks for the coveted ‘Best In Show’ and other prizes. I saw this brush sitting on the far side of one large mural while the artist was cleaning up. She saw me get down low with my camera and said “Let me get that out of your way” and reached for the brush. I said ‘No, please leave it I’d like to get one picture with it where it is”. She looked at me like I was crazy, shrugged, said “OK” and went back to cleaning up. This turned out to be my favourite picture of the day.

We offer a professional and reliable cleaning service for your: • Window sills • Fascias and gutters • Conservatories • Solar Panels


Please contact Joshua on 07769 345773 or email for a free quotation

56 | December 2020

Vincent Knaus Tetbury Camera Club


• Interior & Exterior & wallpapering • Small maintenance works & repairs • Fully insured Free quotes City & Guilds served

• 38 years experience 0971020

• Windows - inside and outside

Anyone interested in photography is invited to join the Tetbury Camera Club. You can get more information about the Tetbury Camera Club and our programme of online meetings by visiting us at


I was walking around a street art festival where artists use chalk to create a temporary artwork on city streets, it’s great to walk around and see the artwork come to life. For the picture that accompanies this article, I wanted to find a human element, but I didn’t want a human in the picture. This can be incredibly difficult when the artist is reaching into the middle of their artwork, trying to finish before the deadline. I first found pieces of chalk that were too small to use anymore or larger pieces that had been discarded because they were no longer needed. Those pictures were nice, but they still left me feeling that something was missing.

Mobile 07971 252715 Email

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,h',^Θ ,h',^ KhEd/E' dĞůĞƉŚŽŶĞ ϬϭϲϲϲϴϰϬϵϴϰŽƌϬϳϰϳϮ ϰϭϬϲϳϲ ŵĂŝů ŝŶĨŽΛŚƵŐŚĞƐĂŶĚŚƵŐŚĞƐ͘ĐŽ͘ƵŬ







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58 | December 2020

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Tetbury in Bloom With ‘Lockdown 2.0’ preventing all nonessential shops from opening until at least the 2nd of December, it was uncertain whether many town centre businesses would choose to have Christmas trees on their premises. Happily, quite a few went ahead. So with The Feoffees of Tetbury decorating the Market House, and the contractors coming to install the lights in the large trees and the lamp columns in and around the town centre, it means Tetbury WILL sparkle this Christmas and hopefully raise everyone’s spirits!

Optimum Mobility

Genuine advice and best value from the local specialist * Wheelchairs, manual and powered * Scooters and portable scooters * Powered rise/recline armchairs * Household, bathroom and walking aids * Large display with private test area * Disabled facilities, easy parking * Proper maintenance * Part exchange, new & reconditioned * Adaptations

Mobility assessments and tuition at home

We are a family business

The Old Dairy, Pinkney Park, Near Sherston, Malmesbury

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David Sheppard Building Contractor

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All profits distributed locally and internationally

In our December article we always take the opportunity of thanking everyone who has supported us over the past year. We thank Tetbury Town Council not only for their financial support but also, for their muchneeded practical assistance, without which we’d be totally lost! Many thanks also go to the Feoffees of Tetbury, St Marys’ Parochial Church Council, The Rotary Club of the South Cotswolds, Tetbury Upton Parish Council and The Dolphins Hall Committee for their generous donations. Also, to the many residents and traders who have supported us by buying one or more of our hanging baskets and Christmas trees. Lastly, we’d like to thank again the volunteers who helped us keep the displays and beds watered throughout the summer months. Without the support and appreciation we receive, we wouldn’t be able to continue the work we do in making the town look attractive for the benefit of everyone, and we even managed to continue our work during the lockdown. Having carefully studied the new restrictions, we came to the decision that working in socially distanced pairs at different public spaces, raking leaves and tidying beds, qualified as permitted exercise. If anyone doesn’t think gardening is exercise, I can only suggest they try it! There isn’t a January edition of the Tetbury Advertiser so by the time the February edition is delivered, the spring flowering season will have just begun with the appearance of hellebores, snowdrops, cyclamen and early flowering crocuses something we can all look forward to! And with a bit of luck, getting back to a ‘normal life’ again might just be on the horizon! Until then, from everyone on the Tetbury in Bloom team, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. Sue Hirst, Team Leader, Tetbury in Bloom

December 2020 | 59

Tetbury Nursery Playgroup Exploring a new Fairy garden complete with toadstools and woodland animals, singing round campfires, firework craft and Diwali lamps, have all kept the children busy during November. On the 11th of November, Remembrance day, we explained the meaning of the big bangs from the cannon which they heard out in the playgroup garden, and we made a giant poppy which was displayed on the outside of the building for everyone visiting and passing to see. A few days later we all donned ‘spots and stripes’ in return for a gold coin for Pudsey and Children in Need. Now we move on to all the enjoyment and fun of December and the run up to Christmas. As the weather gets colder it provides the opportunity for some great sensory activities; exploring ice, icicles, frost, and perhaps snow? The children really enjoy tapping away at domes of frozen water made in bowls, to free dinosaurs ‘trapped’ in the ice. Another activity is painting ice to see

how the colours spread as it melts. Research shows that sensory play like exploring ice, or water-play, sand-trays, slime, playdough, making mud-pies etc all build nerve connections in the pathway’s to the brain, which can support cognitive development, fine and gross motor skills, help develop curiosity and social interaction, as well as having a calming effect. Christmas will undoubtedly be a little different for all of us this year, but we intend to do what we can to make it just as happy and exciting for our children. As we need to restrict visitors into the building we’re planning to do our first virtual nativity, which may actually help to calm the ‘stage fright’ a few of our children get when they see rows of proud faces watching them! It has been known in the past for one of our managers to have to step in as Mary midperformance, due to last minute nerves of a little leading lady! We’ll be decorating a tree, making lots of things to take home, practising new songs and carols and learning the Christmas story. Here at Tetbury Nursery Playgroup we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our children, their families, staff, and our community in Tetbury, a Happy Christmas, and perhaps a wish for a less-challenging new year.

Our Tuesday mornings play and stay group and our crèche facility remains closed for the time being, but we will send out an update as soon as this changes. If you’re looking for a playgroup or pre-school space for your child then please get in contact with us, visit our Facebook page, phone us on 01666 504855, or email us at tetburynurseryplaygroup@ Tetbury Nursery Playgroup

Ilsom House is a friendly care home nestled in the market town of Tetbury. At HC-One, kindness is at the heart of everything we do and our care services are tailored to individual preferences. The extensively trained team will deliver all the specialist care and support services that your loved ones require. Whether it is a little care break or a longer term care package you need, we’ll most likely have the perfect solution.

Offering: • Routine coronavirus testing • Telephone and video assessments • Enhanced infection control • Personal protective equipment (PPE) • Safe family visits • Barrier care expertise • Home cooked food • Multi-agency partnerships

We welcome new Residents and assure we will be providing safe visits whilst protecting those who already live with us.

To find more information on the care we can offer you or your loved one, please visit our website or contact one of our friendly Careline team. W T E A 0333 321 4694 Ilsom, Cirencester Road, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8RX


60 | December 2020

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High quality, affordable support at home from the experts in care. Prestige Nursing + Care is widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading care agencies. Offering high quality and affordable care services from 30 minute visits up to 24 hour nursing care. Expert provider for those with health care needs, physical or mental disabilities. Care provided for children, adults and seniors. Experienced in direct payments and individual budgets. Services available: • Companionship • Personal care • Complex care for acquired brain and spinal injures

• Dementia care • Respite for carers • Palliative care

Julie and her team would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year!

For more information on any of our services contact us on 01666 503020, email or visit 0811220

Wiltshire’s friendliest and most reliable Wiltshire’s friendliest and most reliable landscape gardener. landscape gardener. 25 years of 25 experience servicing Malmesbury and the surrounding area. years of experience servicing Malmesbury and the surrounding area. offer arange wide range of landscaping services including; We off er aWewide of landscaping services including;

Patios | Decking | Turf & Artificial Grass| Garden Clearance Patios | Decking | Driveways | Turf| Driveways & Artificial Grass | Fencing Fencing | Garden Clearance


PLEASE CONTACT A FREE T: 07788 588 115 US FOR T: 07834 970 221 | QUOTATION 01666 311 602 Andy Wicks

Kate Tilley



Andy Wicks Kate Tilley T: 07788 588 115 T: 07834 970 221 | 01666 311 602 E: E: 0051020

62 | December 2020

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to springboard him via martial arts into stunt acting. His career has taken him from China to Belfast and during the early years Sam worked as a TV extra and in Pantomime. He told us of the tricks of film production and of how stunts are put together… it’s not all as glamorous as it appears in the final cut!

Tetbury WI All of these happy memories sustain us now and fill us with hope of happy times together again.

Once again Sue represented us well at the Annual Remembrance Day Wreath Laying at St Saviours. Stirring music over the sound system made the event even more poignant this year as we remembered the freedoms fought for us by so many, freedoms made so much more real given the restrictions we continue to live under.

In November we had a fascinating talk from Stuntman Sam Durrani who has… …worked extensively on Film & TV including, more recently, The Crown and Luther. As a child, 39 year old Sam was involved in gymnastics and swimming, both hobbies gave him a solid background

While we may not be able to have our usual Christmas events and outings this year, our fun loving ladies are looking forward to when we can enjoy all of this again. Indeed, over the last years we have had several happy days together. In 2018 we travelled by bus to Blenheim Palace to see the Illuminated Christmas Light Trail, with the lovely Roger ensuring that we all made it home safely with our Christmas Market treats. Last year, Janet hosted a Pop Up Prosecco Bar, another occasion for the ladies to dress up and sample Christmas inspired cocktails. This time of year would normally see us in our Glad Rags, fuelled by lots of liquid Christmas cheer, at the Hare and Hounds Hotel for our Christmas Party.

Next month we meet again via Zoom, when on Monday the 14th December, Lizzy and Jonathan will host a Christmas Seasonal Sing-a-long, excellent fun times ahead! We do hope you’ll join us online. Tetbury WI continues to welcome members from Tetbury and the surrounding villages. Jennifer Walsh Tetbury WI



01666 823165 01453 705560

01666 503531


There are many temptations for animals in our homes at this time of year which pose a risk , if ingested— keep the following out of reach: Chocolate - poinsettia - mistletoe - macadamia nuts - peanuts lilies - raisins - sultanas - currants - grapes - xylitol ethylene glycol - onions (and onion gravy) - garlic - shallots Do let us know in plenty of time if you are running low on any prescription medicines for your pet.

Wishing all our clients and their families a restful and healthy Christmas 0361220

Hand delivered to 4,500 homes each month

December 2020 | 63

Letters to the Editor Dear Editor, As we have gone back into this second lockdown it made me reflect on the last lockdown and the months since. I realised I have been very grateful for lots of the people in Tetbury. Firstly, Sarah the lady whom started the Facebook support group Tetbury Mutual Aid, which is for the people of Tetbury in need of assistance. She has tirelessly helped the vulnerable get in touch with people who could help them with their shopping and errands. Not only does she manages this all in a great way, but it has also given purpose and meaning to those able to help and a sense of positivity within the Tetbury community when we really needed it. Secondly, on a more personal note I have been so grateful for the Tetbury Beaver Leaders; Sheena, Bruce and Logan, who have organised Beavers on Zoom when it wasn’t possible to meet, where they took part, albeit virtually, in the fabulous Remembrance service, many experiments, and building sessions. Then when it was possible to meet again they split the Beavers lodge into two halves and, come rain or shine, lead many outdoor activities with smiles on their faces.

SHB Window Cleaning SHB uses the latest technology in reach and wash cleaning systems, offering an environmentally friendly, reliable and professional window cleaning service. We clean all windows, frames and sills leaving a spotless streak-free finish. Our water-fed poles can reach up to 35 feet, enabling access to the highest of windows. Call or email us for a free onsite quotation 07376 205788 or



I don’t know how Sheena does it with the excitable 6 and 7 year olds all chatting away on Zoom, she is calm, keeps order and has tonnes of enthusiasm. I am very grateful to the Beavers and Scouting organisation for their support to my children, and I know that there are still many more enjoyable sessions to come.

Clare Banbrook


Servicing • Repairs • Diagnostics

01666 505010

It has been lucky timing for us that Richard has taken over as leader of the Tetbury Cubs and started sessions on Zoom, with my eldest now eligible to join them. There are many more people to be grateful for in my children’s lives such as Tetbury’s Football coaches, Cricket coaches and The team at St Mary’s school, you know who you are and you have all done your best in these challenging times, so thank you.




E. Fully qualified (25 years experience) Fully Insured T: 01285 643750 M: 07933 357373


Dear Editor,

In view of the Covid restrictions our an coffee morning co nual uld not take place as in previous years. We decided ther efore to raise funds by wa y of online donatio ns. This proved to be far more successfu l than we anticipated. In total we raise d £735 which was match ed as in previous years by Barclays Bank. Unfortunately Ma cmillan were un able to provide us with th e details of donors so we are using this lette r to thank everyo ne who contributed to this worthy cause. Let’s hope we wi ll all be able to meet up again next year. Thank you so mu ch for your cont inued support. Pam and Roger Be llairs

64 | December 2020

A Double Glazing Service that you can rely on... • • • • • •

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ters n i r P cal o L r u


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year To All Our Customers!

Miniature Folding

Talk to us about print in 2021...

Packaging Solutions

• We can provide a colour proof of your job to ensure you’re completely happy before your job goes to press. • We’ll agree a despatch date and a production schedule to ensure we meet your deadline. Over the past year, we delivered 99 per cent of jobs on time. • If storage is an issue, we’ll even keep your print safe and ready for you when you need it.

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New Luxury Dementia Care Home OPENING WINTER, 50% ALREADY RESERVED

New Holly Oak Dementia Care Home, set within a tranquil park overlooking the town of Dursley, is part of the established and highly regarded Hollies Care Centre. The Hollies offers nursing, dementia and respite care, later life living suites and assisted living apartments so as needs change so can our support. Maintaining the highest standard of qualified and trained staff, we have been accredited with the Gold Standard Framework (Commended) and in dementia care follow the internationally recognised ‘Household Model of Care’ which fully embraces a person centred approach. Holly Oak offers a range of spacious rooms, state-of-the-art facilities and comforting luxuries such as Bessy’s tearoom, a private bar, a beauty salon and garden aspect terraces. Our hospitality receives ongoing praise from the nutritional and delicious meals to the in-house catered special events. An excellent standard of dedicated care gives peace of mind – our comprehensive measures ensure the health and safety of all. 0401220

We welcome immediate and planned admissions, please call or email us today to arrange a tour or for further information. We are always happy to discuss and assist with your planning.

Call 01453 541400 Email Drake Lane, Dursley GL11 5HA

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Tetbury Advertiser December 2020  

Produced by The Tetbury Advertiser Limited (VAT number 338322801), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tetbury Lions Trust; Charity number 1152090....

Tetbury Advertiser December 2020  

Produced by The Tetbury Advertiser Limited (VAT number 338322801), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tetbury Lions Trust; Charity number 1152090....


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