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2 | April 2020

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Girlguiding 30 Greening Tetbury


History of Tetbury Society


There’s no “What’s On” this month, because we just could not be sure what might be left of the social and entertainment schedules Tetbury usually offers. Our regular contributors supply contact details in their columns though – so we’d recommend, of course, that you contact them directly if you’re in doubt about a meeting or an event.

Leighterton Primary School


Letters to the Editor


We’ve dropped some advertising from this issue too, where we thought it appropriate - both with and without permission. Hopefully we did this using common sense. We shall see! We hope you’ll continue to support our advertisers in the coming months, if you can. All suppliers will need your support - almost as much, perhaps, as our neighbours who are in social isolation or those in the community who are part of an ‘at risk’ group.

Shots from a Lawyer’s Gun


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St Mary’s C of E VA Primary School


Tetbury and District Footpath Group


Tetbury Art Society


Tetbury Bowls Club


Tetbury Camera Club


Tetbury Hospital Trust


Tetbury in Bloom


Next month’s Advertiser may have an unusual profile, indeed. We look forward to preparing it for you in the best way we can. In the meantime, let’s look after ourselves and each other during the coming weeks. I assure you that at the Advertiser we will be washing our hands and keeping our heads.

Tetbury Library


Tetbury Nursery Playgroup


Tetbury Rail Lands Trust


Tetbury Theatre Group


Tetbury WI


The Barn Theatre


Richard Smith, Editor

The Feoffees and the Thirteen


DOLPHINS HALL COMMUNITY CENTRE Bookings can be made at www.dolphinshall.org or email: contact@dolphinshall.org

SCHOOLS SWR Comprehensive, Lowfield Road. Tel: 01666 502378 St. Mary’s Primary, St. Mary’s Road.Tel: 01666 502275.

LIBRARY Close Gardens. Tel: 01666 502258 (Mon 10.00-1.00, Tue 10.00-5.00, Wed 10.00-5.00, Fri 10.00-6.00, Sat 10.00-1.00) LOCAL AUTHORITIES Tetbury Town Council, Old Courthouse, Long Street. Tel: 01666 504670 (Mon-Fri 9am - 3pm) Council Info. Services, in Council Office. Email: executiveofficer@tetbury.gov.uk

A note from the Editor


Lion’s Den


Mayor’s Piece


News from Christ Church


News from St Marys’ Church


Probus 34

Young by Name


SWRS LEISURE CENTRE Tel: 01666 501086 TETBURY SHOPMOBILITY BOOKINGS Monday-Friday 9.00-3.00 Tetbury Town Council Offices 01666 504670. Saturday 10.00-4.00 Tetbury Tourist Information Centre 01666 503552

Cotswold District Council, Trinity Road, Cirencester. Tel: (01285) 623000

The Friends of Tetbury Community Transport Roger Bellairs, 07759 142577

NATIONAL EXPRESS Bookings taken at the Tourist Information Centre. Daily return service from Cirencester to Heathrow. www. visittetbury.co.uk

TETBURY CARES, www.tetburycares.org Website to signpost local health services

HOSPITAL Malmesbury Road. Tel: 01666 502336

POLICE STATION The Old Courthouse, Long Street Tel: Emergency - 999, Non-Emergency 101 (note new number).

Tetbury Town Crier Tony Evans, 24 Box Crescent, Minchinhampton, Nr. Stroud, Gloucestershire GL6 9DJ. Tel: 01453 731355 Mob: 07969 302042 Email: tonyevanstowncrier@btinternet.com

PHYSIOTHERAPY Tel: 01666 501766 OSTEOPATHS Tel: 01666 503599 & 01666 502214

RAILWAY STATION Kemble - 6 miles Enquiries Tel: 0845 748 4950

TOURIST INFORMATION 33 Church Street. Tourism@tetbury.org Tel: 01666 503552

340208 Piano Tuition

Young by Name KEEP CALM AND TIDY UP In times of crisis, tidy up. For years this mantra has helped me dispel anxiety. Sometimes I don’t even realise I’ve deployed it until my husband complains that I’ve rearranged the furniture yet again, expressing his fervent hope that this time I will feel I’ve finally got it right. We will always have worries in our lives, due to personal, national and global issues. How dull life would be without cares. But any adverse situation in the wider world is easier to handle when your home turf is under control. Not that I’m a disciple of Japanese decluttering guru Marie Kondo. No matter how sweetly charming she is in her books, on her tv show and in the media, I cannot buy into a philosophy that advocates each household should have no more than a dozen books. Our smallest room alone would fill that quota, and I wouldn’t want to live in there. But having Marie-Kondo’d my usually packed diary to the point of blankness (with apologies for the postponement of my scheduled local talks and the Hawkesbury Upton Lit Fest), I’m planning to fill my windfall of leisure time by rationalising my possessions.


Given that my garden has never been weed-free since, I daren’t do the sums to work out how many weed seeds are stored up out there, but this spring will surely be my best chance of reclaiming the soil for things I do intend to grow. Come to think of it, there’s never been a better time to strive for self-sufficiency. If only I had a packet of toilet roll seeds...

SHELVES APLENTY So, while at the time of writing, the media may be full of horror stories of supermarket shelves stripped bare, I predict that later this year, charity shops will have the opposite problem: such bulging stocks that shoppers can barely fit through the door to buy them. In the meantime, should I tire of my husband’s complaints about the disruption


Piano Tuition

By the time the Covid-19 all-clear sounds, my bookshelves, wardrobe, craft supplies, boardgames cupboard and larder should all be in perfect order. I’ll have bagged up all surplus items ready to take to charity shops. Once the weather warms up, my garden will be the most weed-free it is ever likely to be. The year I moved in to my cottage, an elderly neighbour whose own plot was immaculate leaned over our shared wall and surveyed my fine crop of dandelion clocks to offer a friendly, folksy warning: “One year’s weeds, seven years’ seeds.”


Jonathan Adkins Piano Tutor, Accompanist, Organist. Competitive Rates, Home Visits, Beginners Welcome email:jon.adkins@longfurlong.co.uk 340208

Tel: 01666 505692

within our four walls, I may find myself fantasising about despatching him to a charity shop with a label round his neck, Paddington-style: “Please look after this Scotsman (one previous careful owner)”. But there again he is very handy at putting up shelves. He’s busy installing a new one in the larder as I type. Perhaps that’s what’s missing in Marie Kondo’s life: she just needs a DIYmad partner to accommodate all her stuff. Debbie Young www.authordebbieyoung.com Debbie Young’s sixth Sophie Sayers Village Mystery, Murder Your Darlings, has just been published. The ebook of the first in the series, Best Murder in Show, is currently free to download from all ebook retail sites. All of Debbie’s books are also available in paperback.


4 | April 2020

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Lions Den in my Presidential year under the theme of “Youth Support,” we are also very actively engaged in projects with the Scouts, the Guides and Sir William Romney’s School, where we recently assisted in a careers day event. We have also recently contributed to TetFest20. We have made significant contributions to help the victims of the recent flooding and we continue to develop our “Men in Sheds” project, under the watchful eye of Ken White and his team.

I took what may have been an unprecedented decision early last month to cancel our normal Lion’s Club monthly meeting at the Priory due to the Covid 19 (Corona) virus outbreak. At the time the decision was met with mixed reactions; some, understandably, questioning why when the Government’s advice at the time was to keep going. The two most important considerations for me were simply that our Club has an average age, believe it or not, of 70 - and at the

time, there was a confirmed case here in Tetbury with only 23 in the entire country. Obviously, things have changed beyond all recognition since, but one case in a small town of around 6,500 - 7,000 people is equivalent to around 10,000 cases in the UK population as a whole.

With the dreaded Covid 19 (Corona) virus dominating our lives at the moment, I thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone that following a very successful conference organised and hosted by Tetbury Lions in June 2017, we have been maintaining a “Tetbury Cares” website ever since.

The way things developed so quickly in the following couple of weeks and the unprecedented actions and decisions of organisations and world leaders have left me thinking that while this was a tiny decision in the overall scheme of things, it was a wise one. Having not had our usual meeting has meant that there is less to report on, although the key committees have soldiered on via WhatsApp, email and by using the common-or-garden telephone. We continue to support the Food Bank and,

Robert W. Carter B.D.S. . Gloucestershire . GL8 8DS • Dentistry forStreet all .the Family 7 New Church Tetbury

It seems to me that all these themes and topics are more relevant than ever in the current climate. The website is www. tetburycares.org and there is a link there to take you on to advice from Public Health England on the virus.

(01666) 503788 • Private and Telephone Denplan

• Cosmetic treatment • Tooth whitening • Hygienist

A very happy Easter to everyone and I hope you manage to stay safe and healthy in these uncertain times. If you find it difficult to cope during this period, please contact the Town Council who are co-ordinating volunteers to help you through the dayto-day; their number is on page 3. There is also a leaflet insert in this edition of the Advertiser. The Tetbury Lions are proud to be part of your support group.

Robert W. Carter B.D.S. 7 New Church Street . Tetbury . Gloucestershire . GL8 8DS Telephone (01666) 503788

The conference was aimed at bringing together the many organisations, both statutory and voluntary, which provide care to the residents of the Tetbury area, to see if we could work better together to avoid duplication and to fill any gaps in local services. The conference was in two parts: the morning consisted of stimulating presentations to promote discussion - and the afternoon was a series of focussed, round table discussion on Family issues, Long term health conditions, Frailty and Infirmity, Transport & Communications and Improving Dialogue.


Lion Tony Sykes, President, Tetbury Lions.

Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

April 2020 | 5

Computer Advice

keep food well away. Vacuum any food particles stuck within the keyboard before it attracts even more nasties.

Is your PC making you ill and does it put you at risk of Corona virus? It is well known that computers suffer from bugs and viruses, but what about the germs, bacteria and viruses that actually live on them? Corona virus should be a wakeup call. Do not assume your computer kit is safe to use without taking action. Here are some ideas to help stop infection and your PC actually making you sick! Wash your hands. This is particularly important after taking a natural break. If you share a computer with someone, this is even more imperative. Apparently, some cold and flu viruses can survive on surfaces

for over 70 hours. The government have released information on washing your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds. Do heed this advice. Don’t eat near your PC or laptop. If you wash your hands, then touch your keyboard or mouse whilst you are eating, you have made a nonsense of washing them in the first place. Keep crumbs out of your keyboard! Use meal time as a break from the PC and

Tetbury Photo Competition

Use antibacterial wipes to clean your desk area. According to some research, the average desk supports huge amounts of bacteria, even more than that the average toilet seat! Wiping your work area with disinfectant wipes will reduce your exposure. Also clean your telephone, smartphone and any other devices that you handle regularly. Bacterial wipes may not kill viruses, but they go a long way to keeping you well and healthy. Why compromise your immune system unnecessarily. Clean your keyboard. Make sure your PC is turned off before carrying out any cleaning tasks. Turn the keyboard upside down and gently shake the debris out. Next, using a brush, try to remove as much other matter as possible. A vacuum may be helpful, particularly with a fine nozzle. Lastly, use an antiseptic wipe to remove the bugs on the surface. However, do be careful not to use any abrasives or chemicals which could remove the lettering. Clean your mouse and trackpad. Clean the upper surface of the mouse, and also around the base and optical sensor. You may also wish to clean your monitor and PC case - but do be sure not to damage the finish. To clean the screen, use only use wipes that are manufactured specifically for the purpose. I hope you find the above information useful. If you follow the above advice, you should be able to reduce the chances of your PC actually making you ill. If it is just the performance of your PC that is getting you down, or you need an upgrade from Windows 7 do get in touch, otherwise call the NHS on 111…! Please contact Nic on 01666 502067, mail@ inghamassociates.com or go to www. tetburycomputershop.co.uk Ingham Associates – the Tetbury Computer Shop; now in my 32nd year of Trading. Computer Nic

Love Tetbury? Love taking photos? Tetbury Visitor Information Centre would love to see your fabulous photos of Tetbury Any season, any scene, be it traditional or quirky Enter our FREE competition, open to all ages, by submitting your favourite shot (or shots) for a chance to win: Adult - A Sumptuous Champagne Tea for Two at THE CLOSE HOTEL Under 18’s - £25 CASH Winning entries and other selected photos may be chosen for a selection of Christmas and greetings cards showcasing our beautiful town Entries must be submitted in high resolution ‘jpeg’ format and should be accompanied by an Entry Form, found along with the T&Cs on the News & Events section of our website: www.visittetbury.gov.uk The competition will run from Wed 01 April to Fri 15 May 2020 1160420

6 | April 2020

PART-TIME CLEANERS, BAR STAFF AND GLASS COLLECTORS REQUIRED We are looking for cleaners, bar staff and glass collectors who are available on an ad hoc basis.


Health advice available at www.tetburycares.org


Nestled in the market town of Tetbury, Ilsom House is a friendly care home offering residential and nursing care for older people. At HC-One kindness is at the heart of everything we do and our care and services are tailored to individual preferences. Offering:

To find more information on the care we can offer you or your loved one, • Comfortable day rooms please visit our website, or contact our Home • Hobbies and interests Manager, Tracey Connor. programme • Short and long term care packages

• Nutritious home cooked meals


W hc-one.co.uk T 0333 321 4694 E careline@hc-one.co.uk A Ilsom, Cirencester Road, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8RX


House Cleaned Washing up done Clothes washed & ironed Beds made ....making life easier

We know how difficult it is to fit housework into your busy life.

Our services include: • Regular cleaning

• Washing up

The Housekeeper has been created to offer a truly bespoke service to deal with any chores that take up too much of your valuable time.

• One-off cleaning • Vacuuming

• Kitchen & bathroom cleaning

We’ll do what you need, when you need it... we’re here to make your life easier.

• Dusting

• Bed making

• Window cleaning

• Washing & Ironing

Call us today on

01666 460128

bookthehousekeeper.co.uk 1281017

8 | April 2020

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681 AD, and these were associated with monasteries. Tetbury became ‘Tetta Bury,’ (a bury associated with a woman was a church and not a hill top fort.) Previously, there were Romans in the area, as demonstrated by the Fosse Way. Tetbury has always been a border town close to Wales, once on the border of Wessex and Mercia and, more recently, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.

Dr Tony Walsh spoke to HOTS on March the 5th about the ‘History of Tetbury Feoffees.’ After the AGM, Tony set the scene as to why Tetbury eventually became the only free borough in England, (as opposed to a Royal Borough.) The word Feoffee, (‘Fief Fief.’) means ‘trustee’ - and that is what the original group of four men were for the town’s tolls, charities and markets. In pre-conquest days, Abbess Tetta founded a minster church in the town in

Richard Box. These four set up the Thirteen, the Twenty-Four, the ‘Commonalty’ and a bailiff to run the town. At that time Tetbury consisted of two Commons, the Advowson and the rents from properties. Everything was paid off by 1640.

Following the Norman Conquest, the town was owned by Siward who passed it on to Roger d’Ivry and eventually to William de Breuse, who tried to develop the town with the aid of grants to hold fairs and markets, from Henry III. The market for wool was very strong at this time, as much of the wool from England was exported to the continent. Twenty percent of it came from Tetbury – and it came to be known as the best wool in the county. By the time the Berkeley family became connected with the town, the markets were producing an astonishing £2,000 per week. William Romney was born in Tetbury and left for London, where he became a member of the Haberdashers Company. He later became an Alderman and helped to set up the East India Company, eventually being ennobled. He left money in his will to be used in the markets and fairs of Tetbury. Soon after his death, an initial misuse of funds was discovered, in 1622, and the case was sent to Chancery. In 1633 the Feoffees were formed to avoid any such shenanigans in the future, by Richard Talboys, John Gastrell, Toby Chapman and

Try Tetbury Hardware First!!

Before you travel, remember we are your store in Tetbury and we will deliver locally – Free of Charge t20 What do you need from us? etFes rs of T g the o s n o p in s r We will do all we can to obtain products you need when you u d s t Prou 11th fea ce, Abba . e July Experien r o want them that is our aim. Even at this time of scarcity. uch m ovi Bon J and so m ls NT Ange E EVEfee payable E R F g A bookin mily. the fa ticket (small line) for all ed to on obtain m e b t e s ts mu get th Ticke entry so you can. gain s soon as ea onlin

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History of Tetbury Society

Your local agent for UPS Package Handling

30a London Road Tetbury GL8 8JL - 01666 500353 (Follow us on Google and Facebook)

All profits distributed locally and internationally

The Feoffees exercised power over the town and were a self-perpetuating body, but there was some financial irregularity which resulted in the four becoming seven and an annual audit taking place. The Markets were very successful as the monies didn’t go to the Lord of the Manor, but back to the Feoffees, who re-invested them. New members of the Thirteen are welcomed into the group by a peal of church bells.

The Beadle’s Stave Tony then discussed the modern businesses of the group, including their charitable work, and showed us the properties that are still owned and cared for by the Feoffees. He concluded by giving us an explanation of the possible origin of the Town’s dolphins insignia. The St Valery coat of Arms Next month, on April the 2nd, our speaker will be Malcolm Watkins, who will be speaking to us about ‘Boil a Mouse in Urine – Childcare in Tudor and Stuart Times’. As usual we meet in Christ Church beginning at 7.30 pm. Jane Haines, The History of Tetbury Society

LEE COOPER (TETBURY) LTD The Forge, Trull Farm, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8SQ Telephone (01285) 841773 Specialists in custom made Metalwork for Industrial & Domestic use Please call: Martin or Jon or email: leecoopertetbury@gmail.com 0580420

April 2020 | 9

The Feoffees and the Thirteen We have continued with our Spring cleaning and planting throughout March, which has included the planting of some Christmas Trees. For many years now, the Lowsley-Williams family of Chavenage House have donated a beautiful pair of trees to stand at the steps of The Market House each Christmas and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their generosity, which is greatly appreciated not only by the Feoffees, but by the entire community. These newly planted trees will mean that we are replacing the trees that we have used over the years and are planning for future Christmases in the town. Thanks also to Feoffee Dave Norris (pictured) and Thirteen members David Smith and John Latter for their help in organising and planting. Many of you will have noticed that the Cherry Tree on The Chipping came down in the recent storms. We have found out that this tree was planted in 1912 by the Holborrow family; we plan to replace

the tree in due course. Meanwhile, work has continued in Berkeley Wood and in the Community Orchard, where we have planted some new apple trees. Sadly, our open spaces, along with many others in our town, are experiencing problems with dog mess. Could I respectfully ask residents to please ensure that if they have a dog they pick up after them? We need to avoid young children particularly encountering this mess, as it is not only unpleasant but can be dangerous. I am pleased to confirm that we have recent made a grant to Sir William Romney’s School of £2,000, toward the Music Department and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. I am also pleased to confirm that we also have a new member of the Thirteen, Georgina Alsop. We look forward to working with her in the town in the coming years

Dates for your Diary: • 26th June – Feoffee and Thirteen Free Community BBQ on the Millennium Green at 6.00 pm • 5th September – Beating of the Bounds – 9.30 am under Bath Bridge • 12th/13th September – Heritage Weekend – The Market House will be open to the public

If you think we may be able to help you or your group with an education or training grant or would like to know more about the work we do in our town, please visit our website – www.thefeoffeesoftetbury.co.uk - or speak to one of our members. Lastly, in last month’s article the spelling of our donor was incorrectly published, it should have read “Hygrove Home and Garden.” Lance Vick, Chairman

We specialise, and are security compliant, with Land Rover. We can carry out security programming of components and software updates. Official service history provided on line.

www.carcaretetbury.co.uk Units 1-3, Priory Industrial Estate, London Road, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8HZ

All cars are externally valeted following service.

10 | April 2020

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Tetbury in Bloom in February and daffodils in March, in April, over the next few weeks, we can now look forward to seeing the final results of our bulb planting endeavours of last autumn. Together with the fresh new colourful growth of the deciduous shrubs and perennials, hundreds of tulips, all chosen with their height, colour and time of flowering in mind, will come into bloom and fill the beds throughout the town with vibrant colour.

Tetbury in Bloom

Hanging Baskets Order Now!

Your choice of easy-to-care-for, self-dead heading, drought resistant trailing begonias, in red, pink & apricot shades OR a vibrant selection of trailing geraniums.

£32 each

Order from Sue Hirst on 504213 or email sue@tetburyinbloom.org.uk Delivered to your door by arrangement, first week in June.


What could be simpler?

At long last April has arrived - and… …on a very personal note, I can’t tell you how much I have been looking forward to this month arriving! Having been diagnosed with breast cancer last October I have since been undergoing chemotherapy, which has been a gruelling process, to say the least. During this time, whilst I’ve been out of action, the team have been doing a fantastic job keeping all the beds and the areas we tend, looking their best. Happily, my chemo treatment comes to an end this month and although there is more treatment of a different kind to come, I’m hoping that it won’t be so debilitating, and I’ll soon be back getting my hands dirty again with the rest of the team.

And speaking of vibrant colour… anyone still planning to order a hanging basket from us, please now hurry as they have been selling fast and I would hate you to miss out. Look for our adjacent advert for more details and let me know as soon as possible should you wish to place an order. They will comprise easy-care, trailing begonias in pink, red and apricot shades OR you can choose a colourful mix of vibrant trailing geraniums. For those living in Tetbury, they will be delivered to your door by arrangement during the first week in June. All profits raised go towards ‘In Bloom’ projects which allows us to continue the work that we’ve been doing throughout the town for the past fifteen years! Just call me on 504213 or email me on sue@ tetburyinbloom.org.uk to place your order. Sue Hirst, Team Leader, Tetbury in Bloom Ed: Well done to you, Sue, and we hope you’re back in action soon.

So, having had the crocus and snowdrops


Ridgeway Coach House, 13 Hampton Street, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8JN

Tetbury’s only family owned business Full facilities at our premises including chapel of rest

Philip Horgan

All religious, non religious, creed or faith services cared for INDEPENDENT FUNERAL DIRECTORS

Pre paid funerals

Funeral Director

Memorial Masons

Telephone: 01666 502295

Available 24 hours a day

Email: tetburyfunerals@gmail.com


Dignified, care and compassion Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

April 2020 | 11

Friends of Tetbury Hospital I’d like to introduce to you the Chairman of The Friends of Tetbury Hospital, 30 years experience, specialising in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Extensions and Renovations

chris@elliottbrothers.net 07786 085928 • 07769 153829

dan@elliottbrothers.net 0390220

Katharine Landale. Katharine joined The Friends’ Committee twelve years ago and has served as Chairman of The Friends for the past four. Having been involved on several charitable committees in the past, including Macmillan Cancer Support, Facing the World, Home Farm Trust and the Feathers Association,

she has solid experience of fundraising behind her. She currently runs a recruitment business, working between Gloucestershire and London, having worked for Citigroup and BNP Paribas before moving to Long Newnton with her family.

that our wonderful hospital maintains the unrivalled reputation and services it has become known for, is extraordinary. Their contribution stretches far beyond fundraising and I am incredibly grateful to each person involved.

She says ‘I have had the very great fortune to be involved with Tetbury Hospital for some years now and am immensely proud to be part of the Friends Committee. The tireless work each committee member (past and present) puts into ensuring

Committee meetings are hardworking, energetic, fun and not without a good dose of humour. Long may this continue. Thank you all, it’s a great privilege being part of such a magnificent team.’ The Friends of Tetbury Hospital

We specialise, and are security compliant, with VAG group. We can carry out security programming of components and software updates on your Audi, Seat, Skoda or VW. Official service history provided on line. All cars are externally valeted following service. www.carcaretetbury.co.uk Units 1-3, Priory Industrial Estate, London Road, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8HZ

12 | April 2020

Health advice available at www.tetburycares.org

Mayor’s Report Green Angels Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Service

We only use natural, non-toxic products and methods Better for you, better for the environment Regular house cleans – weekly, fortnightly, monthly One off blitzes Moving in/moving out cleans Office cleaning Call or email:

Tel: 01666 505365 Mobile: 07714 210766 jill@greenangelsecocleaning.co.uk www.greenangelsecocleaning.co.uk 0460419

Tetbury Lions Club




Tickets will be on sale in Tetbury town centre on Saturday 4th & 11th April. Also available from the Tourist Information Centre and Tetbury Hardware. NEW We now accept card payments.


Well, I wasn’t expecting to give my usual report this month - you were due to receive the Annual Town Report, in advance of the now postponed Annual Town Meeting, where I report upon my year as the Town Mayor. However, since we’re living in unprecedented and everchanging times. In fact, by the time that you read this, I am sure things will have moved on again. As I write this article, many of our community are self-isolating or, as in my case, ‘socially distancing,’ in order to protect the more vulnerable members of our families and community, to make sure that we stay as well as we can, enabling us to assist when we are needed. At this time, there’s great advice on the official NHS website under the link for the Corona virus. Please got to www.nhs.uk For more Community Support Information, please visit the Tetbury Town Council website and look for the link there, too. www.tetbury.gov.uk The Town Council, along with the Lions Club and local businesses, are working with the Tetbury COVID-19 Mutual Aid Facebook Group - and you will all have received a leaflet, giving both advice and contact details, including phone numbers. If you have any concerns, or if you know of a vulnerable or self-isolating member of our community who needs volunteer support, please let us know. The Government has announced the closure of all schools and if possible, that more people work from home. We have been asked to avoid unnecessary travel and social activities. I know that this is creating huge challenges for the families and businesses in our town; if the opportunity allows, please support our local businesses. I am confident, though, that we will all find a way to navigate these difficult times together. It has been an honour and my absolute pleasure to have been your Mayor for this past year. We are truly blessed to live in such an amazing community, and I would like to thank all of you who work tirelessly – inspiring us all to work hard too, to make Tetbury the very special place that we live in. I send you all my best wishes during these challenging times; I’m sure that we will emerge from this crisis a stronger community.

Nikki Ind, Mayor of Tetbury

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April 2020 | 13

Avening WI Of all the years of writing our monthly WI report for the Advertiser, this year must surely be the most difficult. Will any of the planned events go ahead? At present, no-one knows! Will we be confined to our homes and not allowed to meet, socially? I certainly hope not, but it is all in the lap of the Gods. Seeing empty shelves in our supermarkets is a grim reminder that so far 2020 has not been a good year. Floods and gales with destruction of people’s homes, rivers running at the highest levels ever recorded and now a dangerous virus striking in seemingly random places. Our March meeting carried on as usual this week, when we had John and Francesca Caton bringing costumes to demonstrate what life was like for ladies and gentlemen in the Baroque period. Our speakers had beautifully hand-made every part of the costumes, from stays, hooped skirts, petticoats and outer skirts and coats to stomachers in stunning fabrics. They explained and demonstrated that it could take over an hour for a fine lady to be dressed, as they had to be laced and tied into the clothes, since there were no zips or press

studs in those days. They showed a short film of a couple attending baroque balls and festivals in Bath, Venice and Versailles - and very elegant they looked too! The next activity at the end of March will be to take advantage of the Westonbirt Arboretum offer, whereby a visitor can have free entry with a member. We will be looking at the spring flowering shrubs in the Old Arboretum, so the dogs will have to stay at home. The day after that, we hope to attend the Federation Annual Council Meeting at the Cheltenham Town Hall, when members of our successful quiz team will be presented with their trophy. We were shocked to hear of the sudden death of our member Mrs Diane Wall. Di took a great interest in the history of Minchinhampton, (where she lived,) and has given us illustrated talks on the subject over the years. We have also been remembering Eileen Ind, who we still miss on our committee. We created a photo book and a planter in her memory to present to her husband on the anniversary of her death. Our president, Liz, created an entry for the Federation Tim Poole Cup competition. It illustrates our many activities during the year in the form of a photo collage. Unfortunately, she did not win but it is always good to take part. Our planter is blooming well and creating a splash of spring colours in the centre of the village!

Mrs Gill Thomas was enough to win the Denman College Bursary and although she is a volunteer helper there, she says she never gets a chance to take part in a course. As part of our 90th birthday celebrations we have planned a day at Denman in May, when we will have a demonstration of the skills taught there. We are also hoping to hold our usual village quiz in May. The proceeds will be donated to Avening Playgroup, who are having problems with a leaky roof. Shirley Hand, Avening WI.

We now carry out servicing and repairs on electric/hybrid cars by our qualified Electric Technician. www.carcaretetbury.co.uk Units 1-3, Priory Industrial Estate, London Road, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8HZ

14 | April 2020

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Good News! W e have achiev ed our goal of for our childre fundraising n’s playground at the station the time you yard. By read this we will have star it should be co ted work and mpleted by la te spring. I would like to thank fund raisers Barrie Carol Paton Doyle and for research in g and filing applications all those in time. Thei r belief and brought hom dedication e another £4,500 from District Coun Cotswold cils Commun ity Fund an from the Lo d £10,000 ttery. Jill Do dge’s friend also gave a ge David Owen nerous donatio n of £1,000. awards added These new to the £3,000 we already ha the Summerfi ve from eld Trust, £5 00 from Bristo £500 from th l Water and e Jack Lane Tr ust took us to We are still fu our target! ndraising for an easy to ac for wheelchai cess path rs and prams which will co also want to me later. I thank Tetbur y Town Coun help and supp cil for their ort, allowing us to build th on their land e play area .

Three cheers for everyone who pledged the “Playstatio support for n,” gave smal l donations or palings or br bought ic-a-brac to kick-start ou account. Gray r savings ham Cleaver an d I are going dedicating all to be busy the palings to their sponsors everyone; now, ! Well done as usual, it’s full steam ah ead! Will Cook


istrict er and D Cirencest and f o s e b ti lu ri C cal cha ptimist lo ro o S m o e h fr T ty The ons its chari applicati er nts, to ra g invites ll a ty numb red chari ls for sm a te u is id g on e iv ti d a in rust. (R her inform Minnis T and furt s rm Dorothy fo on Applicati website: 281078.) the club n o le b -trust a y-minnis are avail er/doroth st ce n re bi.org/ci however, www.sig y time, e de at an a m t Truste e x b e n ons can n at the o ti ra e Applicati d consi line for 0. the dead July 202 th 5 is meeting

Dear E

nks, With tha Banks Barbara

t d Distric cester an SI Ciren

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Dear Ed

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Due to the evol ving COV Dolphins ID-19 situ Dramatic ation, th Society h to postpo e as taken ne their th e decision sp ring prod which was uction ‘P to run from lay On!’ the 2nd to at the Dol phins Hal the 4th of l. April Our forem the healt ost conce h and sa rn is for fety of ou front of r audience house vol , cast an unteers. purchased d If anyone a ticket, has alread pl ea se contact 01666 50 y 3059. The Jenny Mil Dolphins es on coast is cl will ‘Play ear. On’ when the Dolphins Dramatic Society

April 2020 | 15

Making and sticking to your 2015 fitness goals Greening Tetbury

We love biodiversity and our website has a lot of details about local garden visits, the goal and completion date firmly set in with the theme of ‘eco-gardening’ or ‘wild your mind. Write it down! gardening.’ You can find out how gardens can invite wildlife in and promote healthy Making one big target is great, as this is environments. Our own garden visits will what you really want to achieve – for mark the start of our ‘Wild Spaces Initiative’ , example, running a marathon or losing five supporting the increase of plant varieties stone. But these targets take considerable and eco-friendly spaces.

– the chance for a fresh start, the ce to reignite your fitness, lose those ds, run that raceincreasing and break that The local onal best! interest in reducing our this looks and sounds great on paper, when the inkcarbon has driedfootprint… and it comes …and halting global warming has led to time and it’s easy to lose sight. Creating n to it (inevitably after the Christmas ‘Greening Tetbury’ meeting every month at Did you see our energy ‘Tip of the Month’ shorter-term goals aimed at the main goal k it is harderChrist and Church, sweatier ever), Thethan Chipping. We will also be in last month’s magazine, encouraging more from regularly to the Tetbury is beneficial, and these must also be goal seemscontributing much further your everyone to turn off stand-by connections Advertiser, thanks to generosity of the to the stick to ‘SMART’. A monthly objective might start p. Even if you’ve managed to televisions, game consoles and Tetbury Lions. computers? Look out for further tips in goals for a few weeks, results aren’t with simply going to the gym three times Our February meeting ys seen straight away, and we arebegan all planning forthcoming issues, to both save yourper week. summer of activity and we welcome tient even ataeveryone’s the bestparticipation. of times. On Sunday the pennies and to help save the planet. As we are all habitual creatures we fall cking to your requires 26th oftargets April between 11.00 aam and 2.00 into certain routines or habits, which can be pm, and we are to leadina ‘litter pick’ tured approach anplanning inner belief good or bad. Creating an exercise habit can close to the Shedmust area. Check our ability to reach what youGoods set. You be vital in helping you achieve your goal. Facebook page and website for final details, ble to visualise the process and the end closer to the time. withJackson an easyandhabit that will be easy to StartBen John Turton represent – but don’t just fantasise! stick to, and make sure you the are consistent Greening Tetbury on Climate May our local shops will be invited aking ‘SMART’In objectives with the help Strategy Group for Tetbury Town to create window displays along the and perform this habit for at least two Council. We look forward to working rainer or bymain yourself is aofgreat wayTetbury: of beat themes Greening Food/ weeks. For example, perform 30 minutes is vital, otherwise you lack the ability with the Council on relevant projects Environment, Transport, loping exercises and regimes thatEnergy are ortoMinimal of exercise on aour Monday, Wednesday and track improvement. and making voices heard. Plastic/Waste. The to pupils these steps plan ofa St Mary’s We have applied to become a charitableFriday. for you. Follow Once you have been doing this for School will be among the judges. Our local Everyone is welcome to join one of the ATTAINABLE r fitness goal. incorporated organisation (CIO) to enable shops are hugely important to us and we 4-6 weeks, change it – of maybe increase the groups that are part Greening Tetbury. A goal achievable for you are us tobe apply for grant funding in–future for are inviting them to demonstrate theirshould Whether you are interested in, or have length of your workout or switch exercises. CIFIC programme of action. to hear participation in the ‘greening’ of our youtown. in theour right place and haveWe thehope right in, theyour topics body of Food,and Minimal This expertise will keep brain 681010 March 1 21/9/10 22:08 Page 1 al must be individual tospaces! you,Roofing:Layout aiming at access Watch their soon. Meantime, Single-Use Plastic, Energy, Transport or for the objective you have set? guessing, and help lead you to your 2015 what you want to Setting smaller ones can help you develop Communication, please let us know via fitness – youpage can and do it! ourgoal Facebook come to our next accomplish. General and work towards a bigger end goal. meeting. Each of these groups meets targets lead to between the main monthly meetings to in Cotswold Stone Tiling reduced focus andSpecialist too REALISTIC develop an agenda and plan local actions. of tiling undertaken Come and tell us what interests you! The Totypes be realistic you must be able to visualize much wiggle room. All(slating : imitation : etc.) next meeting is on Wednesday the 15th yourselfre-roofs achieving the objective. Too high a Complete undertaken MEASURABLE April, between 7.30 and 9.00 pm at Christ General roofand repairs maintenance goal youand may struggle to see the end, Church in the Chipping, Tetbury. All are A goal must be Re-pointing to brick/stonework too low and you willetc. find yourself less welcome. able to be motivated. Please visit our website at www. measured –M: 07721746109 greeningtetbury.org and join us on Free estimates whether on TIMED Facebook at Greening Tetbury. Friendly professional advice Having a time frame for trade a goal is important, scales or on35 ayears experience in the roofing Greening Tetbury stopwatch, having a as this is what you must work towards. This time or weight to will give you a sense of urgency and keeps




Tetbury Chiropractic, 2 Silk Mill studios, 2 Charlton road, Tetbury GL8 8DY

16 | April 2020


Just symptoms some of the symptoms• that st some of the Migraine Acute• low back pain hat can be helped treatment: • Neck can be by helped by treatment: • Chronic lowpain back pain • • Acute/subacute neck pain Tennis elbow all now forCall free consultation now for a consultation! • Chronic neck pain • Low back pain etbury Chiropractic Commitment-free 15-minute • Migraine • Knee osteoarthritis cinity Health and Wellbeing Centre assessment available • Acute• whiplash-associated Shoulder girdle pain disorders ermaCo House Foot and ankle joint problems Telephone 07469 187004 • Tennis• elbow Charlton Road • Hip osteoarthritis (hip wear and tear) Acute whiplash-associated disorders • JwalaGurung Gurung etbury Jwala info@tetburychiropractic.co.uk • Knee •osteoarthritis Doctor of Chiropractic, Hip osteoarthritis (hip wear and tear) loucestershirewww.tetburychiropractic.co.uk Doctor of Chiropractic, Mchiro, CCEP, LRCC. L8 8 DY info@tetburychiropractic.co.uk Telephone 07469 187004 Mchiro, CCEP, LRCC. Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk


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! Tetbury Motor Centre

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Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

April 2020 | 17

Friends of Tetbury Community Transport

Peter O’Loughlin Ltd Painter, decorator and property maintenance services.

We held our Annual General Meeting on the 10th of February… …and confirmed that the total number of passenger trips we’ve accomplished has increased from seven hundred in 2018 to over eight hundred and twenty in 2019. Recent journeys included sixty-three minibus trips to local towns, (which on average attracted ten passengers per trip) and one hundred and ninety-four individual car trips. Although it’s not widely publicised, the Friends minibus trips are available to all GL8 residents. None of this could have been achieved without the help of volunteers, and the invaluable support provided by Community Connexions and Sir William Romney’s School. We were also extremely pleased that during the first quarter of 2019, Community Connexions updated the two buses they use in Tetbury, one of which was supplied brand new. We now have two regular volunteer minibus drivers in Tetbury, but only two volunteer car drivers, having lost four through ill health. We are in the process of recruiting three more and hope they will be able to start very shortly. We are constantly on the lookout for more volunteers! Training is provided and all necessary paperwork completed at no cost to the volunteers. Car drivers’ expenses are reimbursed at the rate of 45 pence per mile and they may commit to doing much or as little volunteering as they wish. If you’re interested, you can obtain more information from Roger Bellairs on 07759 142577.

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Our committee would like to express its gratitude to the Goods Shed, who have been showing an advertising clip promoting Community Connexions and the Friends of Tetbury Community Transport prior to their weekly film show.

• Sporting Events • Airport Transfers

The Friends of Tetbury Community Transport



E-MAIL adamoxi72@gmail.com

18 | April 2020


Health advice available at www.tetburycares.org

With our AGM behind us, on Wednesday the 26th February, a simple process, but it is quite challenging to ‘loosen up’ your usual style and move towards abstraction. Everyone enjoyed the session, declaring it to be both liberating and exciting. Our thanks go to Jackie for organising the workshop and to Chris for introducing us to this technique. The first of this year’s monthly meetings was held on the 4th of March, when Max Hale visited us again. This time he demonstrated ‘Pen and Wash’ techniques. Max told us that there was a time in his life when he was an illustrator and used ink very often. Now, as an artist, he has been working with it again for about eighteen months.

Christine Dack twelve members of Tetbury Art Society gathered for a workshop entitled ‘Painting with a Difference.’ This was organised by Jackie Sapp and delivered by fellow member Christine Dack.

loosely, as the ink would show through the paint to outline the subject-matter. A second demonstration piece was the colouring of already-inked figures. In this case the paint was applied more carefully into the various shapes. We were then shown how to describe texture with pens, using brickwork as an example. Throughout the evening, Max gave us a lot of snippets of information and good advice. Information on our society’s activities can be found on our website at www. tetburyartsociety.org.uk or phone Michael on 01666-502909 or Barry Barnes on 01666503926. We meet on the first Wednesday of most months in St. Michael’s Hall, Silver Street, Tetbury at 7.30 pm. We are a friendly group, welcoming those interested in art, whatever level they may have reached. If you are interested in our society, why not come along?

Ink is good for improving the accuracy of your drawing - and allows quick sketches, as the pen glides over the paper. The first demonstration piece was applying watercolour paints over an already-inked drawing of a vase of flowers, and Max told Michael Kingham and Jackie Sapp, 1 22/4/09 22:12 us1130509 that the Springfields1:Layout paint could be applied quite Tetbury Art SocietyPage 1


Chris demonstrated her technique of using acrylic paint, put down in layers with marks incised or scraped into the wet top layer, to reveal the layers underneath. It is

Tetbury Art Society

0 1 6 6 6 5 0 5 0 1 0 • w w w. d i e s e l p o w e r t u n i n g . c o . u k

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April 2020 | 19

News from St Marys’ Church “The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” Now that’s a great quote from the life coach, Tony Robbins. Or how about this: “It’s your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.” One of the things I love about the Christian faith is that it is all about journeying, and pilgrimage. And this month – at the heart of our worship – is the journey through Holy Week to Easter. This begins on Palm Sunday (the 5th of April) at 10.00 am, when we meet in the Market Place to re-enact the procession as Jesus entered Jerusalem. Processing to the church, then we prepare for the week to come by listening to the dramatic Gospel account of Jesus’ trial and crucifixion. Then, starting on Monday, our 7.00 pm services go to different churches in the Benefice, providing times of quiet reflection. Do please make time, especially, to join us at St Saviour’s on Tuesday the 7th of April at 7.00 pm, when we have a beautiful service of prayers and readings. Thursday the 9th of April is Maundy Thursday, when we remember the Last Supper at a special service at 7.00 pm in

St Marys’ Tetbury. Then, on Good Friday, we follow Jesus’ journey to his death and burial. We join the Churches in the Tetbury Area for the Walk of Witness at 11.00 am, starting at St Mary’s Primary School, with about sixty people joining is as we travel around the town, stopping in different places to pray and recall how the story of Good Friday unfolds. We then gather at St Marys’ Church between 2.00 and 3.00 pm for “The Final Hour,” with prayers, singing and time for meditation. Finally, at St John the Baptist in Shipton Moyne that evening (7.00 pm,) we share in a short and moving service to mark the burial of Jesus.

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20 | April 2020

Through Holy Week we travel to the cross, then on to the joy of the empty tomb and the Risen Christ. What a joy it will be to then celebrate Easter, and Jesus rising again! We start as we light our “Easter Fire” outside church on Saturday the 11th April at 9.00 pm; the service that evening finishes with bells, fireworks and bubbly. So do come along then – or for the 10.00 am service on Easter morning, which will include an Easter Egg Hunt for children! I look forward to seeing you in this special week of pilgrimage. And I’ll leave you with one last quote about our journey through life. “If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” With love and prayers, Poppy The Revd Poppy Hughes Parish Priest, St Mary the Virgin & St Mary Magdalen Church, Tetbury Join us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ St.MarysTetbury Website: www.tetburychurch.co.uk Go online to find out more about following Jesus’ journey through suffering and death to new life: www.churchofengland.org/ our-faith/living-out-our-faith/lent-holyweek-and-easter 100208 KP Gardens




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Tetbury Bowls Club It’s almost that time of year again when Tetbury bowls Club opens its doors to the new season… …and this year we will have sparkling new changing rooms, thanks to the great efforts of our members, who have donated the time and energy to get them built. This week the weather has been dry enough for the roof to be fitted, so we are watertight and the inside work can commence. We stage, and to County Building Supplies for need to thank all those involved who have 1110609 Jo Gale:Layout 1 19/5/09 22: their cheerful and prompt deliveries! donated money and fundraised for this first

Jo Gale (as mentioned in)

Cotswold Life

Painting, Decorating & any odd jobs Mobile: 07742 916044 Home: 01666 503872 1110609

In February we held a very successful Race Night fundraising event in the Dolphins Hall. Horses were sponsored and bet on, fortunes won and lost with plenty of exciting cheering, and the home made curry was enjoyed by all who partook. The two weekends at the end of March and beginning of April will see our members gathering at the club for the great Spring Clean, readying the inside and outside for the start of the new season. It needs two weekends this year because of the building work done over the winter - the workers have been very careful, but…

Our Easter Meal will be Sunday 12th April, always popular with members and again organised and cooked by our very active Social Secretary Bev Parry. Our Opening gala is the following weekend on Sunday 19th April, then we are straight in to matches the following week. For those of you wishing to try your hand at this funny old game we have our annual Open Day on Saturday the 25th April, from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm. Just come along wearing flat shoes and have a go! There will be people there to explain and help and equipment for you to borrow. It costs nothing and, who knows, you might enjoy it! Tetbury Bowls Club

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22 | April 2020

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Tetbury WI Once again Ali put together another fun event for the Supper Club, this time with a long leisurely lunch at Tetbury’s Italian restaurant, Casa. Over twenty of our ladies chatted and laughed, some forging new friendships and others catching up with friends they have made over their years as WI members. Ali also organises the monthly coffee mornings, which are held at the Snooty Fox on the fourth Monday of each month, the next is on Monday April the 27th, from 10.30 am. It’s a drop-in format and we love to see members both old and new.

720310 ET Lumley:Layout 1

Tetbury WI is actively involved in many aspects of community life and we are always happy to help out with other community necessary. Previously having 19/2/10 groups 20:37when Page 1 helped at Tetbury in Bloom and the Wacky

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Races, five of our lovely ladies were delighted to help with the Tetbury Girl Guides 100th Celebration, where we contributed 100 vanilla cupcakes which formed a wonderful and tasty display. As a group we are also very interested in local issues and following on from a visit from Town and District Councillor Stephen Hirst late last year, where changes to domestic waste collections and recycling brought much interest from the floor, Jan has put together a visit to Gloucestershire’s new ‘Energy from Waste’ plant, at Javelin Park in April. We will be able to enjoy a tour and presentation and hopefully will come away with a better understanding of what happens to our domestic waste once it has been collected from our homes. At our monthly meeting, author Glenn Salter, who writes under the pseudonym ‘Simon Fairfax,’ enthralled us all with his talk on how he researches and plots a novel. His carefully prepared novels weave fact and fiction together to create a feasible link between the characters in his books. The research is the ‘fun bit’ of the work that goes into plotting his stories, he says, and over the years he has travelled widely throughout Italy, Argentina and Russia gleaning the information to develop his Rupert Brett series of book. So far, he has also managed not to have been arrested! Avening WI have kindly offered us a ‘friendly’ Skittles match, which we are delighted to accept. We look forward to regrouping our Skittles team after a few months rest. Jennifer Walsh, Tetbury WI




Tetbury Sports Massage Sports, Remedial & Holistic Massage     

Your small, local nursery for home-grown hardy perennials, cottage garden plants, herbs, alpines and roses • The nursery is based on our farm in the South Cotswolds with walled kitchen garden and mixed herbaceous borders • Open for visitors Saturday 10 to 5 April until September • Telephone: 07799 738710 Walnut Farm, Bagpath, Tetbury GL8 8YQ

Stiff & sore, neck, shoulder, back, knee pain? Have you injured yourself either through sport or everyday life? Is it putting you off sport/exercise or affecting your work? Eliminate aches & pains, increase your flexibility, improve your performance Sports massage can detect problems, prevent injuries occurring & speed recovery.

All treatments include a consultation, postural assessment and a tailored massage to suit your individual needs. Christina Ticehurst BTEC ITEC MFHT 07738 597436 www.tetburysportsmassage.co.uk info@tetburysportsmassage.co.uk

@ Walnut Farm Tetbury 1260419


Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

April 2020 | 23

The Barn Theatre The Barn Theatre put on a miniaturised, comedy version of the epic saga ‘Ben Hur’ and Shirley and I were once again invited to the supporters evening to see it. This version, set during the lifetime of Jesus, is a comedy farce adaptation by Patrick Barlow, based on the original General Lew Wallace novel. It’s been skilfully adjusted to the Barn’s small stage by director Joseph O’Malley.

Tetbury Counselling Service Graham Hackney Dip HIC (BCPC) MBACP

It follows a small theatre troupe of four, who are struggling to stage one of the greatest stories of all time, creating, with difficulty, epic sea battles and chariot races - together with a failing stage set and personality clashes between some of the actors.

T: 07833 993249 www.tetburycounselling.co.uk E-mail: tcsenquiry@outlook.com 1200917

Daniel Veil is the theatre troupe’s leading actor and takes on the main role. He is played by Liam Horrigan, who fully understands the author’s wit and overacts in a disgraceful way! Edgar T. Chesterfield, the more experienced ‘older actor’ is played by James Dinsmore; Omar Lord, the ‘gorgeous hunk,’ is played by Dearnie Lothian - and Crystal Singer, ‘the sexy floosy,’ by Bronte Tadman. All three supporting actors played several parts in all scenes and all were excellent. The small set with its giant ‘Ben Hur’ sculpture was designed to be flexible - and it was constantly adapted to be the back drop to many different scenes, including the sea battle and chariot race. The lighting was terrific as usual. helping the set transformations wonderfully.

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I did struggle with the author’s style of drama. It mixed ‘The Play that Goes Wrong,’ a pantomime approach with audience participation, and Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’- and it did make me think that any single genre would have sufficed. The programme claimed the portrayal of Jesus was sensitively handled, but I also think that some orthodox Christians might have been upset. We have enjoyed four productions by the Barn Theatre over the last year, but this one is perhaps the least successful. Chris & Shirley French Ed: Thanks again to Lion Chris for an excellent review. Just like our very own Goods Shed, the Barn Theatre is now going through a very difficult time as Covid-19 forces shows to be cancelled. They would, just like the Goods Shed, appreciate any financial support avid theatre goers would like to give them.

24 | April 2020


Health advice available at www.tetburycares.org

Dear Resident, The Avening Community Coronavirus Team (ACCT) has been set up by the Parish Council and includes representatives from the village’s community groups. Its aim is to support residents during this difficult time. Our priorities over the next few days are:

1. To help set up effective neighbour networks across the village:

The best way to support each other is to form small networks of neighbours (ie 1020 households), who keep in touch in the most appropriate way. These ‘neighbour networks’ are best placed to share information, shop, collect medicines and walk dogs where needed. We are keen to know if anyone has already, or is planning

to, set up a network with their neighbours and if they could nominate a contact point for the Council and ACCT. We will then identify gaps and hope that the whole village can be covered by Monday the 23rd of March. Contact: parishclerk@avening-pc.gov.uk if your group is up and running, with details of your contact point, so we can make sure everyone is covered. Contact: Clare Bebbington via ccbebbs@ gmail.com if you want help setting up a group.

Avening Community Coronavirus Team touch with Gerald South, Parish Priest for Avening who is coordinating such support. We already have a small number of volunteers who are offering to ‘top up’ the neighbour networks, and Gerald will also keep a list of these ‘top-up’ volunteers. Contact: Gerald South on gp.south@ btopenworld.com

2. Provide extra support for the most vulnerable: Some people may need extra help. If you are vulnerable or isolated, please get in

Pixie Lock Ltd Professional Locksmith & uPVC Repair Specialist ‘Local & Independent’ 24 Hr Call Out - No Call Out Fee – Fast Reliable Service Non-Destructive Entry (Wherever Possible) Keys Cut on Site – uPVC Repairs All Work Guaranteed – Fully Insured – CRB Checked Free Consultations Call Ollie on 01666 848097 – 07823881639 – info@pixielock.com www.pixielock.com 1361013

3. Communicate as best we can: This leaflet is just a start; the Avening Facebook page will be our main way of getting information to you quickly - please share our posts online and in hard copy with neighbours who may not have access to a computer. We will also be updating the village website (www. avening-pc.gov.uk) and sending out leaflets at least fortnightly – more often if needed. Contact: Clare Bebbington (ccbebbs@ gmail.com) or The Villager (editors@ acvillager.co.uk) if you have information to share. This is a wonderful community and I am sure that we will come through this stronger than ever! ACCT will meet again on Monday 23rd March. Best wishes and stay safe,

720208 Nailsworth Dom Applian



Page 1

Tony Slater, Avening Parish Council on behalf of ACCT Ed: Even though the ACCT group start-up will of course have been “overtaken by events” by the time we go to press, I felt it important to help communicate this information.

A re liable, fas t & fr iend l y s e r v i c e

Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Tumble Dryers, Fridge-Freezers, Electric Cookers . . . N o

Cal l - out

Ch arge

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Sean Truby electrical

• New Installations • Building Rewiring • Additions and Alterations • Repairs & Maintenance • Testing and Inspecting • Free Electrical Surveys For a free quote/survey call Sean on

Call 01453

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Part P Registered

April 2020 | 25

What an exciting and productive start to 2020 it has been! Hunter French has kicked off to a proud start, agreeing sales on an array of property across the town and neighbouring areas. I am also very excited to announce that the team has grown, welcoming Julia Chappell on board at the start of February.

Julia brings a wealth of property knowledge and experience to the Company following a number of years working in the Cotswold property industry. She is also a past colleague of mine, so our working relationship is tried and tested, which always proves to be a productive and friendly one! Please do come in and say hello when you are passing the office. As always, I am very grateful for the local business and appreciate all the support Tetbury has given Hunter French since the doors opened in June 2018. If you are looking to buy or sell within the area, both Julia and I look forward to helping you along the way. Sam

Are you following us?!


t. 01666 505068 e. tetbury@hunterfrench.co.uk w. www.hunterfrench.co.uk

Sales Agreed in 2020 so far...







Tetbury Upton





Hawkesbury Upton




News from Christ Church Dear Friends, The last week of Jesus’ life takes up about one third of the Gospel stories. It was the most turbulent and traumatic week of his life. In the last week we see Jesus at his most vulnerable, most personal and most emotional. He see him praying, while others sleep, we see him sharing a last meal with his friends, he see one friend betray him, another deny him and all of them flee when danger comes. We see Jesus fiercely angry in the temple, we see him weep for his people, we see him tenderly wash his friends’ feet, we see him, helpless but courageous, on trial before the leaders, we see him crying out to God in despair. I believe we see the

height and depth of God’s love for us in all that Jesus does and bears. We call this last week of Jesus’ life Holy Week. It is a precious and special time in the Church’s life, a time for us to draw near to God, privately and collectively, to pray, reflect, meditate, to encounter the living


Nail-trimming including thickened nails Corn and hard skin removal Diabetic foot care Montgomery Foot Health Tetbury Osteopaths Foot clinics every Monday andaton the first Saturday 22 every London Road (opposite the Priory Inn). of month at Tetbury Euphoria Osteopathic Clinic, 12a Church Street, Tetbury, GlosMonday. GL8 8JG Ground floor clinics every

0797 0550 076

t: e: feet@catherinemontgomery.co.uk info@catherinemontgomery.co.uk www.montgomeryfoothealth.co.uk


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On Palm Sunday, 5th April, we sing and pray together at 10.00 am by the market hall. On Good Friday, 10th April at 11.00 am starting at St Mary’s School, we carry and follow the cross through the streets of our town. On Easter Sunday, 12th April at 10.30 am, we celebrate that Christ is risen; that neither hardship, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril, or sword, that nothing in life or death, nothing in this world or the world to come, nothing in all creation that can separate us from the love of God.

Catherine Montgomery


Christ. At Christ Church we will once again erect prayer stations in the church, from palms to tomb, to enable people to enter the story in their own way and be touched by it. Do come and take a look.

With every blessing, Rev Noel Sharp noel.sharp@btinternet.com

12/07/2015 16:51


28 | April 2020

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Spring has sprung and we are looking forward to warmer weather, lighter evenings, spring flowers and less mud! At St. Mary’s School we have continued to use the school field for playtimes over the winter. At times this has made life quite challenging for parents - and in the middle of one particularly wet spell a parent asked

in exasperation, “Why would you let them onto the field in this weather?” It was a question I asked myself on many occasions through December, January and February as I watched children stomping into school with muddy hands, trousers and coats.

So why do we let them on the field when it is wet and muddy? St Mary’s is blessed with a huge field. We also have three playgrounds, but the field is our treasure. When we started working

Optimum Mobility

Genuine advice and best value from the local specialist * Wheelchairs, manual and powered * Scooters and portable scooters * Powered rise/recline armchairs * Household, bathroom and walking aids * Large display with private test area * Disabled facilities, easy parking * Proper maintenance * Part exchange, new & reconditioned * Adaptations

Mobility assessments and tuition at home

We are a family business

The Old Dairy, Pinkney Park, Near Sherston, Malmesbury

01666 840060



St Mary’s C of E VA Primary School with the consultant from Outdoor Play and Learning, (OPAL,) he asked me how often the children use the field in winter and I told him that it was only used for football and rugby clubs and games lessons - apart from this the children didn’t play on it from October to April. Once the sun starts to shine and it becomes drier and warmer, each playtime staff hear: “Can we go on the field? Please can we go on the field?” Why do they want to go on the field so much? Because they want to play - and playing is so much better on the field where there is more space. All children need to play! The impulse to play is innate and it is fundamental to the healthy development and well-being of children. Our job at school is to support and facilitate the process of play. Working with OPAL we have turned our field into an adventure playground for the children to enjoy all year round. And the children love it – there is space to run around, they can play with children of all ages and there are different zones for different activities. They can climb trees (safely), dig holes, make Dens, build structures, play imaginary games, make mud pies…the list goes on. We also teach them how to do this safely, so they learn to assess the risk and make the right choices. We find the children come into the classroom better exercised and happier. There are less incidents of poor behaviour and the children are far more creative and co-operative in their play. So when I ask myself the question, “Why are we letting them on the field in this weather?” I only have to go outside and watch to get the answer. That said, I’m glad it’s Spring and I am sure that sales in washing powder will soon drop a bit!

We look forward to bringing colour and cleanliness back to your favourite floor coverings. Contemporary or traditional, large or small, piled or flat woven, hand knotted or tufted, shaggy or sheepskin, wool or silk – your rug will be cleaned using the right tools and techniques for the job. You can drop off or we can collect by appointment and either way you're very welcome to visit, discuss your requirements, and see us in action.

Mrs Woolley, Headteacher.

01453 836400 mail@rugcleaningworks.co.uk www.rugcleaningworks.co.uk Unit 11 Nailsworth Mills Estate Avening Road Nailsworth Stroud GL6 0BS



The Home of Specialist Rug Cleaning in the Cotswolds 0990516

Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events


April 2020 | 29

Girlguiding Our recent afternoon tea party celebrated many things; 1st Tetbury Guides was formed in February 1920 and the party was held on ‘Thinking Day,’ when we remember that we are part of a worldwide movement. It was held in memory of Trish Dent, our ex-President. Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Young Leaders and Leaders from Girlguiding Tetbury were joined by their special guests and supporters – members of Ingleburn Trefoil Guild, the Deputy Mayor, a member of the WI and Tetbury Lion, Warren. Activities were enjoyed by all generations and included decorating a glass jar to hold a Thinking Day candle and a scratch-art trefoil.

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Think you don’t need a water softener? Members of Tetbury WI kindly made and donated a hundred cupcakes, and our Rainbow leader Caroline organised a wonderful afternoon tea with great decorations. Everyone joined in with ‘pass the parcel,’ and we took special photos of members of 1st Tetbury Guides past and present. Following tea, we had an enrolment of five new Guides and the first badge presentation of Bronze awards from the new programme. We then had a camp-fire with each unit contributing a short item, the Rainbows performed a ’cheer.’ Brownies sang ‘Make new friends,’ Guides performed a poem and taught us a clapping song from times gone by. As with all good parties everyone took home a present!

30 | April 2020



Children in hard water areas are 54% more likely to suffer from eczema. Hair washed in hard water is duller and rougher.

Washing clothes in hard water makes the texture rougher and colour duller. Clothing life is reduced by up to 40%.

It’s hard to get a lather up in hard water and this can mean up to 50% more soaps, shampoos and detergents used.

Can you afford to ignore your hard water? It damages your appliances and increases your bills. Contact us for a FREE survey and we can help.

Our Centenary sweatshirts have now been given out and are being worn to weekly meetings. We are just waiting for our special celebration badges to arrive. We are very lucky in Tetbury to have great support from other organisations and in particular from the Tetbury Lions, which is enabling us to provide such great things for our members. Now we just need a few more volunteers to help run the meetings! Why not come and join in the fun? Sue Doidge, Tetbury District Commissioner tetbury@girlguidingglos.org.uk


01666 500 028 • www.tetburysoftwater.com The Cotswolds’ independent water softener specialist Water Softeners • Water Filtration • Salt Blocks 1231119

Health advice available at www.tetburycares.org



Landscaping your garden this year? Come and see our paving display by


Units 2 & 3 Hampton Street Industrial Estate, Hampton Street, Tetbury GL8 8LD Tel: 01666 331600 Email: sales@countytetbury.co.uk 0240420

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ex eac c. h va t


EASY Joint


Oak Sleepers

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Tetbury Theatre Group Unfortunately, our trip to Oxford was cancelled. We were going to see ‘Woman in Black’ at the Oxford Playhouse, but hopefully we will be able to go and see this wonderful production next year. The theatre in Salisbury has cancelled our trip there in April, too, which was to have been to see ‘Hayfever’ – another lovely day out. Perhaps unsurprisingly, The Mill at Sonning has also cancelled the production of ‘House on Cold Hill’ which we were going to see in May. Once again, both are productions we’re hoping to go and see next year. In view of these uncertain times, we have not booked our June event; we do not want to lose more money! But hopefully our July summer outing will still be ‘on.’ I’ll share details with you about that as soon as possible.

SHB Window Cleaning SHB uses the latest technology in reach and wash cleaning systems, offering an environmentally friendly, reliable and professional window cleaning service. We clean all windows, frames and sills leaving a spotless streak-free finish. Our water-fed poles can reach up to 35 feet, enabling access to the highest of windows. Call or email us for a free onsite quotation 07376 205788 or info@shbwindowcleaning.co.uk


These are strange, sad and worrying times for all of us. Although it is horrid for us not having these outings, we in the Theatre Group do feel doubly sorry for the actors, musicians and all the staff at the theatres who are not able to work now. We are also, of course, concerned our lovely local coach company. Let us hope for a seedy resolution to the current difficulties. Celia Bayes, Tetbury Theatre Group



32 | April 2020

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Shots from a Lawyer’s Gun in most cases that you lacked the ability to manage your own affairs and could no longer do so once it was registered with the Public Guardianship office. When the lasting powers are registered there is nothing to stop a donor of the power from carrying on if they have mental capacity.

The Turning Circle. One of the delights or tribulations of running a legal office is that you are trying to assist others in sorting out their problems to the best of your ability. In most cases the consequences are financial. From time to time the Government inflicts a change of rules that give you restricted time in which to operate. This happened, in particular, in October 2007, when the

government of the time decided that enduring powers of attorney should be replaced by lasting powers of attorney which had to be registered to be effective. The new documents required for lasting powers of attorney were long and exhaustive documents. You were supposed to see the donor of the power without anyone else present. The old powers could be used but the moment you registered the enduring powers you were admitting


E. stevefloydpestcontrol@gmail.com www.stevefloydpestcontrol.co.uk Fully qualified (25 years experience) Fully Insured T: 01285 643750 M: 07933 357373



The registration process was in the beginning longwinded and expensive. Donors were not that keen on getting them registered in the first instance because as the Judges at the court of protection mentioned in the press recently some donees regarded the lasting power as an early Christmas present. The attorneys can always register anyway but you do need to know about it. In recent years the forms have become more registration friendly and today we wonder what all the fuss was about in 2007 when people were rushing to get their enduring powers signed up. We would even advise scrapping the early LPS that were around from 2007 to 2012 because the present version is so much more user friendly and you do not have to undergo a fresh exercise to get the 2020 version registered... The stress factor now is getting the registered version past the banks because we have to include the right words so that the bank can exercise their powers of discretionary investment and certify each page correctly. Even if you do if your writing differs on any of the sixteen or so pages it is not unknown for the bank to allege forgery. I usually issue a letter on headed paper with the certified copy saying that over the past 50 years I have signed so many certificates that it is rare that my signature looks the same. I have got used to being ticked off by banks, but the excess zeal of London Banks and in particular UBS has been very trying however many times I have dealt with them. They want certified copies of my passport in colour and refuse to acknowledge prior dealings when all we want is information. The Court of protection, on the other hand, is quite satisfied that I am a proper person just by virtue of my qualification. Why did we bother in 2007? As for budgets that is another story… 150208 Maths & English

Choose our professional and friendly practice on your doorstep for all your legal needs, including:-

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APPOINTMENTS BY ARRANGEMENT - OR HOME VISITS www.lansdownelegal.com Tel: 01666 504005 Fax: 01672 563898 Email: info@lansdownelegal.com

All profits distributed locally and internationally


Michael Hodge, Lansdowne Legal

ENGLISH Teacher experienced with learning difficulties in children and adults up to GCSE/Key Skills


Call Jane Fraser 01666 500260 April 2020 | 33




Serving the Tetbury neighbourhood since 1866, our hospital continues to improve its facilities and expand the services it offers. This was the clear message from Lian Franklin and Nicola O’Hanlon on the 6th of February. Lian summarised the many consultant and procedural services currently provided, stressing the benefits of the friendly local facilities. Roughly 95% of the hospital’s work is commissioned and paid for by the NHS: income from the remaining 5% for the private sector supports the hospital. Same-day and even no-wait X-rays are often available - and Lian showed that waiting times before treatments are usually very much less than at major hospitals. She urged us to exercise our right to choose by asking for treatment at Tetbury Hospital whenever possible. Nicola emphasized that the hospital must and has remained attractive for patients, consultants and staff alike. Both buildings and equipment have been continuously upgraded to move with the times and be ‘fit for purpose’ for a rapidly expanding Tetbury. Provisional plans have been prepared to develop the minor injuries unit into an urgent treatment centre, offering a wide range of care: Government funding may be available. Many questions were asked at this positive, comprehensive and impressive presentation.

At our AGM on the 20th of February held at Steepleton, Malcolm Lomax stood down as Chairman after three muchappreciated years and volunteered to help our Speaker Secretary. Malcolm Parrish was elected to return to the Chairman’s role. Bob Burnett took over from Paul Harley as Vice-Chairman, David Hollister became Assistant Secretary, and all other officers retained their responsibilities. It was agreed to revert to the simpler name ’Tetbury Probus Club’ now remaining members of Tetbury Probus Two had been absorbed into our club.

General Handyman Services Incl. Loft & Garage Clearance

‘No Job Too Small’

A spell as European Sales Manager followed and then travels in Nigeria. A career change then found him in Tetbury, making specialised aerosols and distributing chemical products. Back with Westinghouse for eight years as Customer Service Manager, he and his wife Sally then retired to the Dordogne, tending 850 vines, before returning to Tetbury after ten years. It was an engaging account of a varied life, followed by an enjoyable lunch at Steepleton. Denis Cartwright has reported that two speakers from Bellamy Wealth Management opened our eyes on the 5th of March to shares, funds, market trends and many other features of global finance. Graphs showed lines rising from left to right, some climbing higher than others “There’s a lot going on,” said one speaker.

Contact Brian Jarvis on Tel: 01666 500244 Mob: 07837 896270 0460617

What was the point of this? It was to show how, with Bellamy’s help, this flow of money within and across nations could be harnessed for our personal advantage. We were advised to look to our wills, arrange Powers of Attorney and, with help, invest our money for the most profit, not neglecting, within the law, to deny as much as possible to the taxman. This presentation was informative, enthusiastic, polished and perhaps even persuasive.

bathrooms & kitchens

M: 07879 233173 T: 01666 502053 e: info@rs-bathrooms.co.uk



COMPLETE BATHROOM AND KITCHEN INSTALLATION Bathroom installs Kitchen installs Wet rooms Disability bathrooms All aspects of tiling Free estimates

34 | April 2020

Paul Harley then entertained us by summarising his well-travelled life. Yorkshire-born, he completed a fiveyear electrical engineering student apprenticeship at BTH where his work included commissioning 25kV electric locomotives. Four years with AEI at Trafford Park, midst alternating external odours of burnt cornflakes and processed rubber, led to the more amenable climes of Westinghouse at Chippenham. There, Paul worked with Indian railways and helped to design semiconductor power rectifiers.

Theo Stening, (01666 504243,) Tetbury Probus Club

Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk


01453 834 355 or 07976 779 130 ALL WORK FULLY INSURED & GUARANTEED NO VAT



Tetbury Rail Lands Trust In light of the recent announcement by the Government… …and the continuing global public health crisis regarding Coronavirus (Covid 19), sadly we are compelled to announce the suspension of all performances at the Goods Shed until at least the end of April. Please note that the Whistle Stop Café will continue to be open as usual, with all recommended precautions in place. Additionally, there will be the opportunity to order takeaway meals with a delivery service, in order that we can support and help the most vulnerable amongst us. Please telephone Sasha on 07483 173 770 for more information and to place your order. Wherever possible we are looking to reschedule events. If you have bought a ticket for any show between now and the end of April, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss your options to rebook where possible, or for a refund if not. If you hold tickets for performances beyond April please double check before attending - although we will, of course, be issuing updates on a regular basis. In these very difficult times, we are also inviting our customers to consider donating the value of their purchased tickets to the Goods Shed, to ensure that we can survive and continue providing this wonderful resource to our local and wider community in the future, once this crisis has passed. More information on how you can do this will be on our website shortly, or you can telephone our Administrator on 07483 173 769.


As we are all aware, this is a very fastmoving and unprecedented situation. Please keep an eye on our website and social media for updates.

Tel: 0785 505 6769 Please ring, text or leave a message for an appointment. Specialising in Sports Injury Diagnostics, Post Operative and Post Fracture Rehabilitation with over 20 years of International, Commonwealth and Olympic Games experience.

The Trustees and staff of Tetbury Good Shed would like to express their sincere gratitude to all our customers, supports and volunteers for helping to make this a wonderful and vibrant hub for the whole community. We look forward to welcoming you back very soon and to a swift end to the present situation - but in the meantime, we wish you safety and good health. 530212 Pat testing:Layout 1 17/1/12 Tetbury Goods Shed Team

Opening Times:

Portable Appliance Testing

For Assessment, Treatment with Manual Therapy, Electrotherapy, Acupuncture, Biomechanics and Exercise Prescription.

for Holiday Cottages, B&B’s and let Accomodation.

Didmarton B, Priory Park, London Road, Tetbury. GL8 8HZ Web: www.kirtonphysiotherapy.co.uk Facebook: Kirton Physiotherapy

Elaine Kirton MCSP HCPC 0321118

Tetbury Area

Monday/Wednesday 3.00 - 7.00pm Thursday/Friday 07.45 - 11.30am Out of hours appointments are available on request.

Chartered Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Please phone for details on

01666 502879

Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events


April 2020 | 35

Paul Carpenter Carpentry Services All aspects of carpentry, kitchens, uPVC doors and windows


T 01666 825198 | E sales@ryallsbs.com ryallsdecoratingandbuildingsupplies.co.uk Connect with us

ryallsltd ryallsmalmesbury

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Textile Textile Workshops Workshops





Indian Indian Block Block Printing, Printing, Screen Screen Printing Printing and and Heat Heat Press. Press. www.clarewalshdesign.co.uk See See www.clarewalshdesign.co.uk for for full full details, details, dates, dates, locations locations and and how how to to book. book. Tel: Tel: 07896 07896 055999 055999 0200919

McTimoney Chiropractic Clinics in Sherston, Malmesbury area & now at Tetbury Hospital

Stockists of: and many more fine brands BRANCHES


*Based on a radius of 20 miles from GL8 8HW or 0880218

SN16 0BX and a minimum order value of £25. ** Terms and conditions apply.

36 | April 2020

Unit 1 Park Road Centre Park Road, Malmesbury SN16 0BX

Gentle & effective treatment for back, neck & shoulder pain, sciatica, migraines, sports injuries


Priory Industrial Estate London Road, Tetbury GL8 8HW

Emma Newby BSc MMCA

07789 691479


Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm | Saturday 8am - 1pm

emma@mctimoneychiro.co.uk 0690715

Health advice available at www.tetburycares.org

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in Tetbury HHHH

Fish & Chips

Every Tuesday - fish and chips for 2 and a bottle of wine for £35


Every Thursday - Sirloin steak for 2 and a bottle of wine for £45 or Fillet steak for 2 and a bottle of wine for £55 The Close Hotel, Long Street, Tetbury Book online or call 01666 502272

www.cotswold-inns-hotels.co.uk 0210220


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April 2020 | 37


Landscaping Before

Extension Before

New Build Before

Landscaping After

dscaping Before

New Build Before

Extension After

Extension Before

New Build After

Extensions Loft Conversions Barn Conversions Extension After Landscaping After Listed Building Refurbishment Groundworks and Landscaping Natural Stone Walling RooďŹ ng Fascias & Guttering New Build After Kitchens & Bathrooms sions Roofing Carpentry onversions Fascias & Guttering Conversions Kitchens & Bathrooms Property Maintenance Building Refurbishment Carpentry

dworks and Landscaping l Stone Walling

Property Maintenance

T: 01666 824980 M: 07788 416875 www.danbaileybuilding.co.uk 640413

38 | April 2020


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Eating Out

After a winter break taking in some foreign sun, it was time to get back on the horse and ride out to another eatery. This time, wandering out into the wild west country (well, just up the road…) we fetched up at The Rose and Crown in Nympsfield - yet another place which has been through several hands in recent years. Having visited during some of its previous incarnations, we went with no particular expectations. In the past, we’d had some nice panini-type lunches, for sure, but we’d also had some of the most forgettable meals I can remember – if you get what I mean! Anyway, Flossy insisted I book but on arrival, it was pretty clear we hadn’t needed to do so, for a seven o’clock-Thursday-night table. Our hostess greeted us warmly from a bar offering some nice ales, showed us to a matt emulsioned table and handed out the menu – to our very pleasant surprise! Starters included sausage and black pudding scotch egg, Buffalo cauliflower florets (Flossy’s choice,) egg on toast with asparagus, blue cheese stuffed mushroom with wild mushrooms and truffle (my choice,) and a few more. The large and numerous florets were coated in the stuff you get on Buffalo wings and were very good, with a bit of crunch and spice and well-cooked ‘al dente’ veg, while my stuffed, surprisingly meaty flat mushroom on its bed of chopped wild ones was also very tasty. Actually, given that the ‘mains’ didn’t include any vegetarian dishes, you could do a lot worse than have these together as a meal – you’d certainly be full!


! ! !

By Appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales P & S Timbrell Decorators Painters and Decorators

The tempting menu offered four pizzas (one topped with chorizo, roast pumpkin, feta and mozzarella – yum!) and seven other dishes: the likes of Old Spot sausages and mash, roasted chicken breast, Belgian fries and gravy, clay-oven baked butterflied chicken, dauphinoise potatoes and asparagus, meatballs and pasta and lamb chops, squash puree and onion mash. Flossy chose salmon fillet, caper butter, asparagus and salad and I had smoked haddock, salmon and spring onion fishcakes with mustard cream and spinach. For good measure, we added a portion of parmesan and rosemary fries. The salmon was well cooked, with a good crispy skin, and presented on a lovely plate of salad and fine asparagus, which all went down very well, and my fishcakes were very ‘more-ish’, with a nice crispy coating and a well-flavoured and well-balanced filling. It’s as well we ordered the delicious fries, though, because the bed of wilted spinach did not really constitute a portion of veg, to my mind. However, that’s a very small gripe about what was a very fine meal indeed. With prices ranging from just £10 to £15, hopefully they will keep this quality going, so you can go visit and we can go back!




All profits distributed locally and internationally



April 2020 | 39

Tetbury Library

email us at tetburylibrary@gloucestershire. gov.uk or telephone us on 01666 502258.

“When you learn through coding, [you’re] coding to learn. You’re learning it in a meaningful context, and that’s the best way of learning things” Mitchel Resnick If you are keen to ‘learn through coding,’ we are now able to offer our code club again, ideally starting in May or June. The club is aimed at children aged between eight and eleven years old and will initially cover basic coding using ‘Scratch.’ We will be running the club for an hour, either alternate Saturdays, or after school on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Places are limited, so if you are interested in coming to the group (and can commit to the full program,) please get in contact with us and let us know which days of the week you are able to do. We will then go with the majority vote! We are also hoping to be able to offer a Lego club on Saturday mornings, so if you are interested in joining the club can you please get in contact with us so that we can gauge interest and the amount of Lego we will need. Also, any donations of Lego or Duplo would be gratefully received to accommodate this. For either club you can 140208 Classic Windows


During the Easter holidays we will have an Easter Egg treasure hunt around the library and maybe even an edible treat lurking for those who can find them all and our monthly story time will be held on Saturday the 4th of April at 10.30 am. It will be Easter themed, with the surprisingly titled “Happy Easter, Tooth Fairy!”

We are closed over the Easter weekend (Friday the 10th, Saturday the 11th, Sunday the 12th and Monday the 13th,) so why not pop in beforehand and stock up with books? If we don’t see you before, then have a very Happy Easter. Linda, Norah, Sophie and Julie, Tetbury Library

^ŵĂůů 'ĂƌĂŐĞ tĂŶƚĞĚ

dŽ ƌĞŶƚ ;Žƌ ƉŽƐƐŝďůLJ ďƵLJͿ ŝŶ dĞƚďƵƌLJ WůĞĂƐĞ ĐŽŶƚĂĐƚ ůŝǀĞ dŽĚŵĂŶ Ϭϳϳϯϲ ϲϳϰϰϳϴ


David Sheppard Building Contractor

• New Builds • Extensions

• Dry Stone Walls • Patios

Mobile: 07885 397986 Tel: 01666 502940 Email: d-sheppard2@sky.com www.davidsheppardbricklaying.co.uk 0240318


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Helping people on the move in Tetbury and villages Spring is definitely in the air and as we are filled with more hope for the upcoming summer there are more people out viewing and buying houses. We have had a terrific February and it looks like March is going to be even better. If you would like our thoughts on the value for your house, please call to arrange a no obligation appraisal. Helen Pugh, Branch Manager

Tetbury 4 bedroom detached cottage Tucked away and private, this detached cottage has plenty of space for everyone to find their own corner. The large kitchen-diner is a fabulous family space and there are plenty of opportunities to enhance the property to stamp you own mark on it. 01 / 08 / 2017 01 / 08 / 2017 SLIP SLIP OPTION OPTION A A SLIP OPTION A


Showing Showing slip slip and and drilling drilling in in position position Showing slip and drilling in position

£475,000 Guide Price




Guide Price


perrybishop.co perrybishop.co perrybishop.co

813 813 x x 135mm 135mm Single Single Sided Sided Slip Slip 813 x 135mm Single Sided Slip


01285 01285 655355 655355 01285 655355 perrybishop.co.uk perrybishop.co.uk perrybishop.co.uk

4 bedroom semi


01285 655355 01285 01285 655355 655355 perrybishop.co.uk perrybishop.co.uk perrybishop.co.uk

813 813 x x 135mm 135mm Single Single Sided Sided Slip Slip 813 x 135mm Single Sided Slip

Tetbury A house with the wow factor. It has everything you could want from a four bedroom house – a spacious sitting room, a fabulous kitchen-diner with double doors into the garden.

Showing Showing slip slip and and drilling drilling in in position position Showing slip and drilling in position

T & Flag Boards T & Flag Boards


perrybishop.co perrybishop.co perrybishop.co

3 bedroomOffice mid terrace Fascia Signs Internal Signs & Window Displays Office Fascia Signs Internal Signs & Window Displays

Shaped & Photo Boards Shaped & Photo Boards

This This proof proof is is to to confirm confirm the the Layout Layout Only Only This proof is to confirm the Layout Only

Please Please check check this this proof proof thoroughly thoroughly before before signing signing off off Please check this proof thoroughly before signing off

Beautiful Cotswold stone mid terraced house, built by Partridge Homes, and nestled within this pretty cul-de-sac in the village of Avening. Offered with no onward chain.

Screen Screen colours colours are are intended intended as as a a guide guide only only and and may may not not Screen colours are intended as a guide only and may not be a a totally totally accurate be accurate representation representation of of the the final final printed printed artwork. artwork. be a totally accurate representation of the final printed artwork.

Pav Pav



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Copyright Copyright © © These These designs designs are are the the property property of of Kremer Kremer Signs Signs and and is is protected protected by by copyright. copyright. This This artwork artwork must must not not be be reproduced reproduced or or copied copied without without the the prior prior Copyright © These designs are the property of Kremer Signs and is protected by copyright. This artwork must not be reproduced or copied without the prior

£300,000 Guide Price



Visit our Tetbury Office

Property Sales & Valuations

Lettings and Management

3 Church Street, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8JG

T: 01666 504418 E: tetbury@perrybishop.co.uk

T: 01666 504418 (option 2) E: tetburylettings@perrybishop.co.uk

For all listings visit: perrybishop.co.uk

ashcroft veterinary surgery


With clinics in Tetbury and Cirencester we are an independent family run business providing full veterinary care for your pets.




Currently pet passports are still valid until 31st December. From next year rules may change and a blood test may be needed. Please call for advice.


GROOMING Hannah our fully qualified dog groomer offers a full grooming service from basic bath and brush to complete clipping. Available at Tetbury and Cirencester.

Please call to book an appointment.

www.ashcroftvets.org.uk 0070420



01666 823165 01453 705560 01666 503531


Thank you to all who continue to recommend us Take a look online to see all our client reviews 42 | April 2020


Health advice available at www.tetburycares.org

Leighterton Primary School submarines for us to look at and we loved looking at these because we all love reading. One of the books had a famous submarine being built and we could open the flaps to read facts.” Benjie “During Science Week, Haymead children were learning about keeping healthy. They talked about healthy snacks and decided to make some. They made choc popcorn cherry cup-cakes and carrot and courgette muffins. I enjoyed making the muffins, but I was surprised that vegetables could be used to make muffins.

Our carrot and courgette muffins.

The children at Leighterton have enjoyed ‘Science Week,’ and have been taking part in activities in every class: “On Tuesday afternoon Mrs Russell, who works for the Royal Navy, visited Bowldown Class as a STEM Ambassador to talk about ‘Science on Submarines.’ At the beginning of her visit, she talked about the different components that make a submarine and she told us a little bit about life in the Royal Navy. After that the Bowldown children helped her to do some really exciting experiments.

the straw and were all amazed when the plastic bottle submarine rose to the surface. “The second investigation was also about floating and sinking. We helped Mrs Russell to make two boats out of foil. Both boats used the same amount of foil, but they were different shapes. One was long and thin and the other had a square base. They both floated well. We added weights to both boats to see what would happen. The long, thin boat only held two weights before it sank but the square bottomed boat held three weights and didn’t sink. We found out that the larger the base is, the better the boat will be at carrying cargo. “Mrs Russell also brought in books about

“First butter and milk were put into a bowl and mixed together well, then oats were added to thicken up the mixture. After that grated carrots and courgettes were put in to the mixture too and flour and baking powder were also added. Once these had been combined, the mixture was divided between the muffin cases and put into the oven to cook. “As they cooked, the aroma was delicious and they tasted divine too.” Lara If you would like to find out more or come and look around Leighterton Primary School, you are very welcome to contact the school office on (01666) 890273 and we will be delighted to show you round at a convenient time. Further information about school is also available on our website - www.leighterton.com Leighterton Primary School

“The first one involved a plastic bottle and a straw. The plastic bottle had some holes in it and there was a long straw sticking out of the lid. We put some weights under the bottle so that when we submerged it, the bottle filled with water and sunk in a huge tub of water. To make our plastic bottle submarine float, we sucked out air through



Television Electrical Repairs Sales and Repairs Televisionand

& Digital Box Sales. • Television Television Repairs. ••Television Repairs. Table & Standard lamp repairs. • NEW &TV‛sStandard • Table lamp tuned in &repairs. set up. • Replacementetcremote controls. ••NEW TV‛s etc tuned in & setup. Collection & delivery service ••Collection & delivery for in the for your repairs & sales

• Tree Surgery/reduction • Tree felling/removal • Stump grinding • Planting • Council applications completed • Fully qualified and insured

Malmesbury your repairs.& Tetbury areas.

Free quotations and advice Please contact; Ben King T: 01666 500216 M: 07976 262829 E: ben@kingstrees.co.uk W: www.kingstrees.co.uk

12, Avon Road, Malmesbury, Wilts SN16 0DL

07778 354668

07778 354668 for a friendly and personal service

for a friendly and personal service 0410115


Hand delivered to 4,500 homes each month

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Chelworth Bookworms ‘My Sister the Serial Killer’ by Oyinkan Braithwaite

What would you do to protect your sister? How far would you go? Korede has always looked after her little sister Ayoola – ever since they were children, growing up in their father’s house in Lagos. But although they still live in the same house, they have grown into very different people. Korede is a senior nurse at the local hospital: disciplined, conscientious and hopelessly in love with one of the doctors, Tade. Ayoola is a beautiful, frivolous fashion designer, using men to get what she wants.

The first time it happened, Korede believed her sister when she said she was acting in self-defence. But on the third occasion that Ayoola calls her to help clear up after she’s killed her latest victim, Korede begins to doubt. When Ayoola then sets her sights on Tade, Korede is torn between loyalty to her sister and her desire to protect the man she loves. Can she put him off without causing suspicion? With no-one to speak to but a comatose patient, Korede’s conscience struggles as she swings from love to

jealousy. Should she tell the truth? An excellent book, it drip feeds the little details that give you an insight into Korede’s reasoning and motivations. Although containing a murderous theme, it feels darkly comic at some points, tragic at others. How far does family loyalty go? And when you have gone so far, is it possible to turn back? Definitely recommended. Ghilly Vincenti, Chelworth Bookworms




High Quality Windows & Doors


Extentions, Sunrooms


Period property Renovations,

Crown reduction / reshaping Pruning Tree felling / removal Hedging Council applications completed NPTC Qualified & Fully Insured Free assessment & quotations

James Taverner 07515 918582 / info@tavernertrees.co.uk 1030420

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Residence 9 window products.


07773852349 shaun.cuss@btinternet .com

nserwdgtu 0910420

Building Tetbury for 3 Generations Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk

South Cotswold Bridge Club

Bridge quizzes may be a good way of seeing if we are all on the same page, especially if we base them on the standard ‘Acol’ bidding system (weak no trump, four card majors and weak twos except two clubs.)

1. Your Hand below, non-vulnerable. You have the opening bid, what is it?

You are free to disagree with the answers at the foot of this article!

NORTH A K 10 7 5 4 3 2


• Extensions • Renovations • New builds




KQ 0

3. Your hand below, vulnerable. Your partner`s opening call is one spade, no call from your opponents, what do you bid? K975


10 9853



4. You are vulnerable with 17 HCP and bid one heart. Your opponent intervenes with two clubs and you partner passes. What do you rebid?





For a free quote call Nick Ball on:


A Q J 10 3


Garages • Minor Alterations 07833 384991


2. Your hand below, non-vulnerable. You open one spade, opponents pass, your partner goes four spades. What is your rebid?

We are a family run building firm based in Tetbury with over 40 years experience in the building industry. All aspects of building work can be undertaken:

Or Visit our website @ www.cdbbuilding.co.uk



A10 7

The sign of building quality

KQ10 8




Come and test yourself at our friendly bridge sessions. South Cotswolds Bridge play duplicate in Tetbury at 1.45 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Christ Church in the Chipping, and on Fridays at Minchinhampton golf course at 10.00 am. There is assisted play for those that need it and you are guaranteed a partner. Members £3.00 and guests £4.00 per person per session. Just turn up!

Suggested solutions: 1. With only seven points clearly this is going to be pre-emptive. Should you go three or four spades? As you are nonvulnerable, we would go four spades (especially in duplicate where minus 100 is a good score if it stops you opponent getting a part score!)


Enter Your Text

Tetbury Private Hire www.tetburytaxi.co.uk www.tetburytaxi.co.uk 1160219

2. 4 Spades is a game call and partners call may well be pre-emptive to shut out Page 1 opponents. It is tempting to cue bid to check on aces now the suit has been agreed. However, you are missing three aces and the king of trumps, so we would pass. 3. You have six points so you must reply - and you have a five card suit with no honours. This is a difficult one as a long minor suit can be useful in no trumps. We would favour the dustbin bid of one no trumps, especially as partner is covering your void. Generated by: Jukeboxprint.com


4. It is tempting to bid two NTs to signal your point strength, but your partner is clearly weak, and you are weak in clubs. You need to know if your partner can help you with a four- or five-card suit. We suggest a weak take out double of opponent`s club call to show you are strong but weak in clubs, forcing your partner to bid. Jeremy North, South Cotswold Bridge Club

Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest newswww.tetburytaxi.co.uk and events

April 2020 | 45

Tetbury and District Footpath Group Winter Walks amongst the beauty of the Cotswolds! We have been walking through the pleasant months of winter on our winter walks program, managing to catch sunny days. During winter, we walk every two weeks, starting from The Goods Shed at 10.00 am. Despite the most rainy month of February, we decided to tackle the Cheltenham peaks. Well, the Devil’s Chimney to be precise. Starting from Seven Springs, (and The Hungry Horse Pub,) we started our pleasant ascent with walkers taking in the fresh air and views -and with pleasant chatter amongst our party. We always have a leader and a backstop and Julian was our leader and devised the walk this time, with Maggie at the back whistling merrily when a car threatened us. She did a sterling job of herding the strays in the right direction. There were places where the mud was oozing and a bit slippery, but we soldered on, with only one person losing their dignity. The views above Cheltenham are lovely and it reminded us how lucky we are to live in the Cotswolds. The walk was around five miles, so we got back to

the pub relishing our refreshments. It’s a Greene King pub so the food was good and the pie was delicious! The next winter walk, (our last before the spring, summer, autumn program begins,) is a five mile Nailsworth, North Woodchester one, finishing at Egypt Mill for lunch for those who want to stay. We will start off at the Tetbury Goods Shed as usual at 10.00 am. All are welcome. John is putting together our summer walks program, so more details on our website: www.tetburywalkers.co.uk Nigel Berry, Tetbury and District Footpath Group


Gas Safe Reg.

Oftec Reg.


Telephone/Fax: TETBURY (01666) 502287



FIVE MILE PICTURE FRAMING Mobile bespoke picture framing within a five mile radius of Tetbury including : - Avening, Cherington, Malmesbury, Sherston, Nailsworth, Minchinhampton)

So – you want something framed – it couldn't be more simple. • You call to make a half hour appointment for me to visit you on a no charge, no obligation basis • I bring sample picture moulding and mount board to your home • You receive professional advice and a quotation for framing prints, oil paintings, fabric, memorabilia and also for updating existing 'tired' frames • I take away your artwork, frame it and redeliver at the agreed price within an agreed time scale

Quality Alterations Sew Basic All manner of alterations undertaken Basic one-to-one lessons for adults and children in your own home Michelle Motti ~ 07581 058149 contact@michellemotti.co.uk

Please telephone me on 07764 302 683 for more information. 0490215

46 | April 2020


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Tetbury Hospital Trust

outpatients, day surgery and minor injuries departments took part in the survey and some also added wonderful comments too. All our teams take enormous pride in the hospital, and we love to have great results, but we also act quickly when necessary improvements are identified. So, firstly, 100% rated our hospital as ’very clean.’ This is due to our incredible housekeeping team who purposefully make the hospital environment spotless every morning, preparing for the day, and then come back again in the evening to do their magic once more. Throughout the day our clinical teams continue cleaning equipment to maintain our high standards.

Members of the Day Surgery Team with the survey Left to right: Maxine Clout, Dawn Connor, Deb Loewenthal

We’ve received outstanding results in our Patient Satisfaction Survey… …and we’re incredibly pleased to report that our patients think we are 100% in more ways than one! The results of our 2019 patient’s satisfaction survey,

which took place in November last year, have been collated and reported, giving truly outstanding results. Two hundred and twenty-three patients across

Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

“Thank you for excellent service. Immaculate environment and caring, friendly staff. Exemplary.””

Move away from negative thought patterns, reduce your anxiety and feel empowered to take back control of your life.

“The treatment I received on both visits for cataract surgery was first class. My thanks to all staff for their care and consideration.” “The hospital was amazing. The nurses are fantastic and very caring. The consultant was brilliant. Very happy!””

Offering Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions to individuals of all ages, including children and teenagers.

“We are very lucky to have Tetbury Hospital. Many, many thanks.”” “Staff and service were excellent. Will definitely make this my preferred hospital in the whole area.”

www.livingalifeinspired.com Call 07867 755 772

98% would be extremely likely or likely to recommend us to family and friends – this is particularly important to us as demonstrates the commitment we have to our patients and that they are very happy to endorse our hospital. What do our patients say (verbatim comments):

Emily King DHP, HPD, RMN


98% of patients rated their care as excellent or very good – this is due to our outstanding clinical and administrative teams who deliver an exceptional service across their departments.

Email emily@livingalifeinspired.com

The Board would like to thank all staff for their diligence and phenomenal contribution to these outstanding results. Read the full report on our website tetburyhospital.co.uk

Town & Country News Providing a local delivery service of newspapers and magazines to Tetbury and surrounding areas. Please be aware that Tetbury Hardware accept payments and vouchers in an envelope only. Many thanks!

Prescription Fees The Minor Injuries Unit, within Tetbury Hospital Trust, is now falling into line with other NHS Trusts and as of the 1st March 2020 will be charging those that have to pay prescription charges. The charge is set by the Government and will increase as per guidance from them. Currently the charge is £9.00 per item.

We thank all our customers for their valued continued custom.

Tel: 01666 502398

Email: sarah.townandcountrynews@btinternet.com


Tetbury Hospital Trust

Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

April 2020 | 47

Tetbury Nursery Playgroup Spring and Easter bring lots of learning opportunities for children; new life, baby animals, changing weather, planting, cooking and baking. We’ve recently been focusing on healthy eating, helping the children to identify which foods we can eat whenever we like, which are treats, and which foods we can have perhaps once a day, we’ve done this with the help of cut outs from recycled magazines of food and drink, and a big Venn diagram! We’ve also been showing the children different ways to enjoy their fruit and vegetables including watermelon ‘pizza’ slices with yogurt and strawberry ‘pepperoni’, and encouraging them to try new things by getting them involved the preparation and cooking, even supporting them in learning - very carefully - how to chop fruit and vegetables. Our focus story for this half term has been ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and we now have our very own live caterpillars growing in a butterfly house, the children can see the incredible transformation from chrysalis to beautiful Painted Lady butterflies which they will set free in the garden when the

time comes. We are also hoping to get some tadpoles but don’t currently have a suitable tank, so if anyone reading this has an old, but secure, fish tank they’re able to lend or donate us here at playgroup, that would be great.

with an Easter raffle and cake sale, we’ll be serving coffees and teas from 12 noon on Friday the 3rd April, with the raffle being drawn at 12.30 pm. Towards the end of June we’re joining forces with St. Mary’s playgroup to hold a ‘nearly new’ sale, watch this space for further details.

Our fund-raising efforts continue in April

Here at Tetbury Nursery Playgroup we offer a range of sessions for different ages, we have our ‘stay and play’ toddler group on Tuesday mornings from 9.15 to 11.15 am, we have morning, lunchtime and afternoon sessions in our playgroup, a Wednesday morning Pre-school session from 9 to 11.30 am, and a creche offering one-off or regular morning sessions for 0-2 year olds, from 9 to 11.30 am. We are now taking bookings for the new school year starting in September. To get in contact if you’d like to book a place, to find out about any of the sessions, or to arrange a visit, please visit our Facebook page, phone us on 01666 504855, or email us at tetburynurseryplaygroup@ eygloucestershire.co.uk

Stuart Forrest Accredited CBT Therapist

BABCP Accredited CBT Therapists

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is an effective talking therapy for:


Anxiety Depression Addiction Bereavement Phobias Insomnia For confidential advice or to arrange an assessment contact: stuart@tetburycbt.co.uk Tel. 07791161827



NORTH WILTS OVEN CLEANING Local – Professional – Affordable Let me do the dirty work!

Just an additional note; our popular Bingo sessions are currently on hold, but please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates. Tetbury Nursery Playgroup All Aspects of Interior Exterior Painting


I promise a thorough clean of your oven, hob, range, Aga, microwave or barbecue, using eco-friendly and non-caustic materials.

Call Dave Now, on 07706 084107 or 07703 667036

Paulo Rios

e-mail: northwiltsovencleanining5@gmail.com 0800619

48 | April 2020

Reliable Competitive Friendly Service Contact

Tel 01452 542179 Mobile 07866 366319 0940716

Health advice available at www.tetburycares.org

mini / k u . co ters. n i r p y eatle h w . www

Miniature Folding... •

Instructions • Leaflets • Mini Booklets

Miniature Folding is important to product manufacturers because it provides a cost-effective way to fit a great deal of printed information into a tight space or small package. Miniature Folding allows detailed consumer data, multi-language instructions, and other lengthy info sheets to be included with a product, even when there is minimal room within the product’s packaging to do so. >> Minimum Fold Size Down To 20mm


Parallel Fold


Concertina Fold

(3-panel Concertina Fold)

>> Contact Us For a Print & Fold Quote!

We are now on.. Check out our new mini folding website >> 1250420

Call: 01453 731001 www.wheatleyprinters.co.uk/mini

Tetbury Camera Club There’s a lot of truth in the saying: “No matter how old you are you can still learn something new every day” and the regular programme of guest speakers who travel to the weekly meetings of Tetbury Camera Club keep proving it accurate. An addendum to our article last month showed that we can also learn from observations made even closer to home! For the first time, we had illustrated our copy with a picture taken on a mobile phone and the editor commented that although he wasn’t sure when the first phone photo had appeared in the Advertiser, these days around 25% originate from a readers’ phone. Compared with the typical picture situation just a decade ago, that’s a remarkable development! Not long ago, when film was the most common medium used to record still as well as moving pictures, for most people photography was often a hit-and-miss affair. Images could easily be marred by camera shake producing blurred images, or by the people who were being photographed moving when the shutter was pushed. Poor light, which could affect colour rendition and make a shot unattractive, was another factor to contend with, as was too much sun, which could create burnt-out colours. Digital technology, even using a miniature lens like the ones incorporated in most of today’s mobile phones, has today turned anyone who wants to record a scene or event into a passable local version of Steven Spielberg. Watching coverage of the recent Crufts Dog Show demonstrated that there are now thousands if not millions of amateur cameramen out there, keen to do David Attenborough’s job. Each evening there were shots and short films of pets being shown on Channel 4’s coverage, all sent in by viewers. Not only does the digital technology now available in most purses and pockets dramatically reduce the possibility of a picture being taken which turns out blurred, too dark or too bright, on a recent club trip to London we came across a situation where a mobile phone achieved a shot some of our favourite full size cameras were challenged by! Visiting the top of the 202ft tall monument to the fire of London we encountered a bugbear that is becoming more and more common. Health and Safety! What used to be an open view is now encased in finemesh stainless steel netting. The result is that a once-spectacular view is now more like the one seen by chickens when they are caged to protect them from foxes.

50 | April 2020

Trying to shoot through that without including an outline of the net cables was a virtual impossibility; a much simpler solution was to reach for the mobile and take a quick shot with the little lens on the back pointing carefully through the centre of the mesh!

virus alert we are still meeting each Tuesday evening in the Priory Hotel. If you don’t fancy risking face-to-face meetings, but are keen to pursue your own interest in photography, you can also catch up on our adventures by logging on to tetburycameraclub.org.uk

Despite Tetbury’s recent headline-making

Iain Smyth, Tetbury Camera Club

AGW Howell (Builder) Ltd

A.G.W. HOWELL (BUILDER) LTD General Builder Specialising in Stonework and Renovations

Small local contractor for your building projects and property maintenance Call us on: 01666 860875 or 07786 938189 Email: howell.george@sky.com


Local company undertaking all types of building work including:

Monika’s Health & Wellbeing Classes Extensions Look after your Heart Call fo

r uote

a NewWednesday Build morning in the DolphinfrHall ee q Every there are two types of classes to choose from

Barn Conversions Tai Chi - 10am to 11am and Gentle Postural Stability training - 11.15am to 12.15pm Tel: 01666 or 07786 938189 Both classes860875 gently strengthen the body, releasing the stress of everyday life. 0221213


For more details call Monika on 07840 826306 Cost per person £6.00 Free parking available.


Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk

Interior and exterior work, Decorating, Tiling, Coving, Specialist wall coverings, wallpapering, damp proofing, furniture reconditioning FOR FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE CALL

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April 2020 | 51

Covid-19 Update - Tetbury Hospital

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we would like to advise that both NHS and private planned care will continue… … to be delivered by the independent sector, of which Tetbury Hospital is part. This may change over the coming weeks and months. We are doing everything we can to make sure people can still get access to care, while also taking every precaution to keep patients, carers, visitors and staff safe. Following the advice from Public Health England you should not enter the hospital if you have: A new continuous cough or a fever or high temperature. (37.8 degrees or higher.) You must stay at home and self-isolate. Further advice is available at nhs.uk Attending the hospital for an appointment: • If you are over the age of seventy or have known underlying medical conditions you will be provided with the latest government advice about social distancing prior to your appointment, so that you can make an informed choice on whether to attend the hospital.

• We now have a Hub desk at the entrance to the hospital where all patients, visitors and staff are stopped and asked to sanitise their hands whilst being asked some questions about their current health. If you cannot satisfactorily respond to the screening questions, you will be asked to return home and self-isolate or dial 111 if required. Hand sanitising gel is available throughout the hospital. • We are reducing the footfall within the hospital. All new and follow-up patients are receiving telephone consultation, unless the consultant has advised that you must be physically seen, and that your appointment cannot be postponed. The government’s latest advice about social distancing will be shared with you, so that you can make an informed decision on whether to attend. • Our waiting areas have been stripped back to minimise clutter. All chairs are at least two metres apart, and if all of these chairs are occupied you and/or your travel

companions will be asked to stay in the car and only enter the hospital when your appointment is due. • The number of patients on our operating lists have been reduced. This is to ensure you recover in a bay which is at least two metres away from other patients, and staff continue to wear appropriate PPE. • Our Minor Injuries Unit is still operating as normal and we have contingency plans in place should a very poorly COVID-19 patient attend the hospital who is not fit enough to be turned away. This is an unprecedented and fluid situation, and as government advice changes our response will also change to meet requirements. Updated information on COVID-19 is available on Public Health England and NHS websites. The Tetbury Hospital website ‘News’ page is updated regularly, www.tetburyhosptial.co.uk Take care and stay healthy! This Information is correct at 20th March 2020 and MAY change. Tetbury Hospital

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Details Increasing house calls and willing to be flexible Take Away Service Delivery ONLY - 7 days a week Take Away Service & delivery to Tetbury only with 10% discount As usual where possible Delivery service evenings only; 7 days a week Tetbury delivery service Mon- Sat Take Away Service; collection service Take Away Service Mon - Sat Online orders: www.houseofcheese.co.uk Take Away Service Home deliveries to Tetbury only; phone orders - card transaction Free delivieries for the self-isolating Home deliveries to Tetbury only Take Away Service Mon - Sat; contact us about delivery during this period Food delivery lunch time and evenings. “Just Eat” website. “Meals on Wheels” - 7 days a week Fish and Chips and Pizzas Take Away Service Ask about delivery Business as usual 6 days per week Take Away Service Take Away Service; delivery under review Delivery service

The Government’s decision to introduce isolation measures came just as the Advertiser went to press - leaving us very little time to react. We couldn’t ask ALL local service providers what measures they were taking, then, but we did get a reaction from these companies. We hope you’ll find some of the things you want here, from food to “DIY things to do,” to help carry you through the next few weeks. Many thanks to Lion Warren for capturing this information. To those traders and retailers who aren’t listed here, our apologies! Please DO phone your favoured supplier if you’re in need of something - the overwhelming attitude we’ve encountered is that our advertisers would be delighted to try and help you any way they can.