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Congratulations! If you haven’t listed to Ryan’s and my call; make sure you do! It’s a great starting point!

Sadly most people that buy products never get this far. Seriously. So I want to take the time to seriously congratulate you on having the drive and desire to read this course. You’ll love it. Domain flipping isn’t hard at all... ...What’s hard is taking that first step. Overcoming the fear or overcoming the lack of motivation to better your future. So here’s a little about MY background... I didn’t know much when I came online. But what I DID know was that without domain names the internet would look drastically different. ...I mean without domain names there would be no There’d be a long IP address you’d have to type in. That’s the power of domains. They are here to stay and contrary to what some people think they are only going up in value! So that’s why I encourage you to take action. Even if you can’t sell your domain, even if you made a bad buy, you aren’t in negative territory. Hold it for a few months, a few years, and you’ll always get your money back out of it. I started in ’08 buying local domain names (we’ll talk more about this later in Module 3). All of a sudden, by using a simple system, I was able to buy literally $10 domain names and turn that into $500 profits. And it worked every single time I did it! With the cash cushion I had made from that I decided to branch into domains (again, don’t worry; we’ll talk about these later). I quickly started to learn the value of being able to persuade and just how crucial it was to barter.

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The first price is never the right price. If there’s one thing you take away from this book make sure it’s that. My first bigger domain I bought for $7,500 and sold a few months later for $8,000. Although a profit I felt defeated. ...And then, under a month after I sold that domain, the new owner re-sold it for $19,000! This is when I truly understood the importance of sales copy when selling to other domainers (like in Module 2). Definition: domainers are people who sell domains for a living. (Again, if this is all flying over your head, we’ll go over EVERYTHING. Don’t worry.) Fast forward to now - with hundreds of domain sales under my belt – this product encompasses everything you will ever need to know when it comes to domains. You see unlike all the guru’s I’m not into gouging you. ...To be honest I really enjoy writing about the domain industry. And there’s nothing like teaching someone how to make their first dime online. I know, I know. It sounds cheesy. But it’s 100% true. When it comes right down to it domaining (selling domains) can never become saturated because there are always other markets (domain extensions) to enter into. Always price increases. Always trends. And always new buyers to sell to. Now before getting into the “real meat” – because that’s what you really came here for – we need to talk about something pretty serious.

The Industry There’s a whole industry around domaining. Some of it interesting, some of it downright dirty. Without understanding the industry you’re entering into making a profit is going to become a little tougher for you. This is what most people won’t tell you. You have three main groups of people in the industry. These are basically all groups of people who are trying to make money from domaining. Here they are: Corporate 3 |  P a g e    

I’m technically a corporation. And actually most people who make any real money online are incorporated (mainly for tax and personal reasons). But this category talks about companies like GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc. These are the domain registrars that make money from selling you your domains. And these are multimillion to billion dollar corporations. Note: Just a week ago GoDaddy offered itself for 1 billion! ...But not everything is exactly squeaky clean about them. There have been many, too many to count, cases where a domain has expired “early”. Meaning if the domain was going to expire May 18th it actually does May 17th. Not a big difference, it can really just be a few hours difference, but this allows GoDaddy to sweep in if it’s a good domain and take it themselves. Legal? Yes. But you have to realize the margins these companies run on aren’t big enough to warrant their massive advertising. They need other sources of income and they strive to connect and “help” the end-consumer (like Bob the plumber in La Jolla) while making the biggest profit possible. Even if that means stealing or farming data from you. For legality purposes I’m not going to name names or get into specific, well documented cases. And to be honest I don’t know why I would bother you with all the lawsuits, etc, in the industry. It’s just information that WON’T make you money. With digital products like this the word gets out and lawsuits can very easily be filed against me (which no one wants :-). The only reason I’m really telling you this is to make the point that all the tools we use, which aren’t many, are purely third party and free. Domain searches, where you search for XXX domain like on the homepage of GoDaddy, are watched and farmed of all information. And on the back-end they probably sort how much certain things are being searched and register, automatically, domains that are searched a lot but not bought. This is usually done by other divisions or different companies all together to avoid conflicts of interest lawsuits and all that good stuff. Make no mistake its being done by many companies though. It’s not to say third party tools DON’T farm your info. But they don’t have the resources to do it as well so we’ll go with the “lesser of two evils”.

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...I know that’s a bit negative. But I truly believe for you to do well, and make a ton of money, you need to know the bad along with the good. Medium-Sized This term, I admit I’m not great at picking the names, is used to describe people like us. People who “domain squat”, invest in them, or simply flip them like we’ll be doing mostly. ...The only difference is these are people with hundred million dollar portfolios who don’t mind outspending you. These people, luckily for you, are more interested in valuable (100k+) domains not numerous, cheap domains. It’s always good to learn from these people though. Understand their thinking and understand why they are choosing to buy certain domains. Most domains that go for a million or more are sold at live auctions. These almost always pop up on YouTube. Watch and get a feel for the “big leagues” (or go to one if it’s near you). This is an auction for where Divyank Turakhia gets it for I believe 1.4 million. If you go to the domain now you’ll see it’s just being parked...we’ll talk about why it’s worth 1.4 million to HIM to not build out a site later on.

(Click to play) These people, who are buying million dollar domains, mostly started out just like you. It’s important, even if you never have the intention of buying such a big domain, to really give yourself a test asking yourself:   • • • • •

Why would they have bought this domain? Is there any reasoning to the number they bought it for?   What are they doing with the domain now?   Would this have been a good buy?   Given the comparables how much should he have gone to?  

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Through the course you’ll learn how to answer those questions and then can come back and actually start testing yourself to expand your mind (if you want :-). Small-Size   This is us. Unless you have a portfolio with over 8 or 9 figures worth of domains in it you’re a small-size domainer. And there’s absolutely no better place to be! • • • •

You don’t need to pay millions for domains (that aren’t worth it) Very rarely will you get in bid wars that in the end aren’t profitable You have the luxury of time to find killer domains for $10 which will make you thousands You will always be able to make money (the question is how much...)

Knowing your place on the food chain is important. It’s also important to realize who you’ll be bidding against in the event you’re ever at a live event or an online auction for expensive domains down the road. Just because something goes for double what YOU would’ve been able to pay doesn’t make it profitable. would NEVER have gotten more than $1,000 on the open market. But to Google the domain was priceless. Sometimes branding and other things out of our known control have huge factors in domain value. The industry I’m in, and now that you are also in, is crazy. Full of big money, big deals, and sometimes huge losses. Like – do a search on that domains history to see the huge losses it’s come across for most of its owners. But don’t get stressed. Remember all you have to do is DO IT. Once you do it you’ll get a feel for the art and the science involved in picking winning domains you can sell for a 1000 times more than you bought it for. So...

What Is Domain Flipping? My dictionary defines a flip as “to toss so as to cause to turn over in the air”, or “to buy and usually renovate (real estate) so as to quickly resell at a higher price”.

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It is, of course, the latter definition that we are concerned with: “to buy and usually renovate so as to quickly resell at a higher price”. Domain flipping, quite like real-estate flipping, involves buying domains on the cheap and reselling them at a higher price. One can add some extra value to the domain (“renovate”) by developing it into a website, but in its purest form, domain flipping is largely the buying and selling of empty, undeveloped domain names. Just like real-estate flipping, domain flipping can be extremely profitable. My own story should serve as a good example. I once sold a domain name for a $19,000 profit within 3 days. Another domain was sold for a $27,500 profit within 3 months, and one more domain was sold for a $493 profit within 18 hours! Flipping, by virtue of the very term, means making quick profits. In this book, however, I will focus not only on quick flips (which, as I’ve said, can be immensely profitable), but also on building a long term business. The only tools you really need to be able to use the information in this book are a few dollars in cash, a couple of hours of your time, some free tools I show you, and the desire to succeed!

Three Steps to Success Domain flipping follows a simple formula: find a quality domain and buy it on the cheap, and then sell it for a higher price at the right marketplace (online or off). The skills and techniques required can be basically broken down into three parts: 1. Identifying a Valuable Domain 2. Buying Said Domain for Cheap 3. Selling Domain to the End User Before we proceed, let’s take a closer look at these three skills/techniques/concepts in detail: 1. Identifying a Valuable Domain Think of a real estate flipper who can look at a house and immediately figure out if it will make for a successful flip or not. What all factors go into his decision? Location, neighbourhood, construction quality, number of rooms, etc. are factors that he has to keep in mind before making his decision. The very same rules apply to domain names:

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unless you can instantly figure out whether a domain name is valuable, you will have a hard time succeeding with domain flipping. I’ve covered this skill in detail later on. In fact, my primary focus in this book is to help you understand the various factors that make a domain valuable. Even if you decide NOT to invest in domains, you’ll find it particularly illuminating and useful in other online ventures (which undoubtedly will NEED domain names). I’ll give you all the theoretical knowledge you need to identify a valuable domain. At the end of the day, however, it is your real world experience that will determine how good you are at it. Remember: practice makes perfect. It took me several months of trial and error and even longer study of the market before I really understood how domains are valuable. Even today, some freak sales throw me off guard. But that’s all part of the game as you’ll soon see... 2. Buying the Domain For Cheap Unless you can find a domain at or below market value, you’ll struggle to turn a profit. Therefore, in this section, I’ll discuss the various places where you can buy or register domain names for cheap. We go over this in both Modules 2 and Module 3. In module three I go over how to get crazy 10,000% ROI’s. 3. Selling the Domain to the End User This is where all our knowledge comes together: selling the domain name for a profit. After you’ve identified a domain’s value and bought it for cheap, you will need to sell it at the right marketplace (on or offline) at the right price to make a successful flip. And there you have it. Those are the core three principals involved in flipping domain names. Like I said before there’s no need to worry – there’s hundreds of pages of pure content ahead to help you understand these three steps, along with side techniques, tips and tricks, fully.

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The domain industry is vast and complicated. As a multi-billion dollar a year industry, it is impossible for me to explain its each and every aspect within this course. Since this course is aimed primarily at domain flipping, you will learn how to find and recognize valuable domains for flipping, how to buy domains, and how to sell them. I’m here to teach you the direct methods to making you thousands of dollars a month. I don’t want you, or I for that matter, to get distracted from that main point. That said, I will make an attempt to explain as many concepts as I know of (which are a lot). I will go in-depth into each subject and give you actual examples, provide screenshots, etc. to help you fully understand it. I will also ask you to show some restraint when putting these methods to practice. I know from experience that domain flipping can be highly addictive and expensive, but also very lucrative. Please don’t go overboard with your purchases and adopt a “slow and steady” approach, learning along the way. I can give you all the information in the world, but only experience can give you real world knowledge. Domain flipping is a wonderful method to make money, and there’s no reason you can’t have HUGE success with it If you do have some extra cash in your pockets, or are just curious about how this industry works, step right on in. This is going to be one hell of a course...

Methods vs. Businesses One of my biggest pet peeves is courses that teach a “method”. ...A method for “quick cash” or “quick riches”. You know what I mean – the latest craigslist posting guide or e-whoring method to make a few hundred a day. Take my advice. If you learn one thing in the course learn this: If you want huge money over time follow business plans – not methods. Is there more work in the beginning? Sometimes. Depends... But there is SO much money to be made in the future and you’ll sleep much better at night (knowing that you’re building real wealth). Domain flipping is a full-fledged business – not just some method.

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Ask the guy worth 400 million living in his 20 million dollar Las Vegas penthouse. He’ll tell you there’s potential in this whole “domaining” thing. ;-) Whether you want to sell 10 domains a month for $1,000 a piece or flip one domain for $10,000 every month you CAN make a very respectable living barely working and by just being smart. And on the flip side by working your ass off you can make much, much more than that. ...Right now I’m sitting on my deck, MacBook Pro on my lap, a margarita beside me, overlooking the river. Now THAT’S what life is all about.

And domaining will allow you to do that.

Information Overload The equivalent of the black plague to internet marketers... Information overload is something 99.9% of marketers face at one point or another and because of it thousands start, fail, and stop their online careers. Wasting both time and money. All because they have TOO MUCH information. 10 |  P a g e    

Information overload left my career crippled when I first began. I’d jump from method to method, e-book to e-book, guru to guru, and I made all of something like $3.48 in my first half a year. This course is big. I’ve bought List Control, Mass Control, Traffic Secrets, etc. All $1,997.00 courses... And the content in this course rivals the amount of content they have. I’m not comparing the quality of the products – that’s like comparing apples and oranges because this is totally different than those products. But my point is THERE IS A LOT OF STUFF FOR YOU TO GO THROUGH. Every method, every approach, I talk about I have and still do myself. I have hundreds of domains and have sold hundreds more. All the methods here work. They’re the cream of the crop methods to putting cash in your pocket right now. So I encourage you to go through this WHOLE course. Read every word; make notes on your first impressions of each module, book, etc. Make it clear to yourself what methods you LIKE and would like to do and what ones you aren’t too fond of. ...We all have different methods we like. I personally like selling to offline people – I enjoy talking to them, getting to know them, and putting together a deal. But maybe you want to keep everything online. No calling involved. If so, no problem, make a note of it and write down all the methods that DON’T involve what you DON’T want to do. By the end of the course you’ll have a refined list of actionable techniques, tricks, and methods to make you a lot of money. Pick one, or two, and get going with it. See how you do. Keep trying. Whether you lose a few dollars or make a few dollars when you begin is irrelevant (although it’s always nice to make some cash on your first try) you want to gain experience. So take notes, make a list, pick a few things on that list, and take freakin’ action! Couldn’t be any easier... So you have no excuses, right? There’s so much money out there. Money with YOUR name on it. All you have to do is go and grab it. So what are you waiting for? 11 |  P a g e    

See ya in module two... Zach P.S – Since first releasing this course, to a small group of students, 10 have made money and I know of a few who now flip domains FULL TIME! I’m always amazed at that fact. I didn’t coach these people, hell besides an e-mail or two I’ve never even talked to them! But I still get e-mails all the time thanking me for the course and about their latest successes. Make that next person YOU! P.P.S – This might have been a bit boring. But I just needed to give you a quick debrief before getting into the good stuff!

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