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Interior Floors  and  Acid  Stain     Nowadays,  




becoming more   creative   and   even   go   for   the   idea   of   adding   mysterious   effects   to   their   cement   floors,   concrete  



concrete walls   and   patios.   Indeed,   a   concrete  surface  is  the  ideal  canvas  to   apply  colors  and  unique  designs  to  transform  it  into  an  elegant  part  of  the  house.  And  this  is   possible  with  a  new  popular  application  of  staining  concretes.  Interior  floors  and  acid  stain  is   like  having  a  canvass  and  the  freedom  to  be  creative  in  creating  decorative  concretes  that  aside   from  the  beauty  it  offers  also  has  numerous  advantages.  Indeed,  many  people  are  interested   with   this   application   because   each   product   of   stain   reaction   to   concrete   surfaces   is   equally   unique.      

There are   three   components   of   acid   stains   namely   water,   the   acid   part   such   as  

hydrochloric acid,   and   the   salt   components.   This   mixture   penetrates   the   concrete   surface   where   it   is   applied.   After   this   process,   reaction   with   the   lime   compounds   present   in   the   concrete  follows.  The  end  result  varies  depending  on  the  properties  of  applied  substrates  and   its  colors.  Because  concretes  will  react  with  the  mixture  in  different  intensities,  each  concrete   finish   will   be   distinct   and   will   create   an   array   of   natural   colors   variations.   The   most   common   colors  available  in  the  market  for  acid  stain  mixtures  are  browns,  tans,  blue-­‐greens,  and  terra  

cottas too.  Water-­‐based  stains  also  come  in  brighter  colors.  Interior  floors  and  aid  stain  is  an   application  that  is  only  limited  by  the  imagination  of  the  person  decorating  it.      

What makes   acid   stained   concrete   floors   advantageous?   Plenty!   First,   the   obvious  

beauty and   appearance.   It   stands   out   on   commercial   buildings   and   public   venues   like   restaurants,  hotels,  stores,  and  offices.  The  more  practical  side  of  it  is  the  undeniable  durability   acid   stained   floors   have.   It   usually   lasts   longer   than   other   flooring   options.   It   is   also   easy   to   maintain.  An  occasional  mopping  to  remove  dusts  in  the  surface  and  occasional  waxing  too,  will   keep   acid   stained   floors   shining   like   new.   It   is   not   also   harmful   to   health,   especially   if   family   members   have   respiratory   issues   like   asthma,   because   it   will   not   trap   any   allergens   or   molds   in   it.   It   will   not   also   become   a   thriving   place   for   mites   and   lice   from   pets   around   the   house   because  the  surface  is  smooth  and  even.  This  is  why  interior  floors  and  acid  stain  is  a  better   alternative  than  installing  carpeted  floors.     And   what’s   more,   this   application   is   cost-­‐effective.   It   is   often   cheaper   compared   to   slates,  marbles,  or  terrazzo.  Interestingly,  the  exciting  effects  of  marble  chips,  glass,  or  pearls,   and   sometimes   even   dry   leaves,   could   make   the   concrete   elaborately   beautiful   just   like   any   other  flooring  materials  of  higher  price  tags.  The  customized  design  is  not  just  a  unique  art  work   but   it   is   also   said   to   be   an   effective   heat   radiator   especially   at   night.   Concretes   is   warmer   compared   to   tiled   floors.   Acid   staining   could   also   be   the   solution   to   make   a   house   or   a   building   look  more  spacious.    

Truly, interior   floors   and   acid   stain   is   like   letting   nature   have   its   way   in   transforming  

concrete floors.   Some   people   are   even   drawn   to   creating   some   blemish   or   imperfections   to   their  floorings  to  give  it  a  mysterious  and  unique  appearance.      

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