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2011/2012 Annual Celebration and Vision Gathering.

Welcome Impact Yokefellows and Movement Stakeholders! This is an sliver of time we want to set aside every year to band together to celebrate all that God has done in the past year to show himself powerful in our midst as well as envision all that God longs to do in the coming year through our collective lives. All I can say as a pastor of this church is that I have been blessed beyond measure to witness the provision and providence of God this past year. We have seen such dramatic and fantastic demonstrations of God’s presence with us and shame on us if we don’t pause to acknowledge those all the while crying out for more of his power and favor in our body! Before we get started, I wanted to have a time to pray, worship and connect with each other on how good God has been to us remembering the ways he’s come through for us in our personal lives and as well as our church. I’m so excited about what God has in store for us and I can’t thank you enough for coming to get in on the action! Your presence galvanizes me with strength and confidence as we plunge into 2012/2013. I hope you will find yourself enlightened, encouraged and empowered when you leave today. You have no idea how God might want to use you to advance his kingdom in this new season of ministry that we are heading into as a church body. Listen for his voice…look for his touch tonight. Privileged to be in the middle of this with you… Jason


2011/2012 Annual Celebration and Vision Gathering.

Buckle up. • • • •

Opening Welcome and Prayer Worship Together Meet and Greet: Ask this Question: “What was the most Impacting thing you’ve experienced at Impact this past year?”

Recap of Vision e Strategy e Execution of 2011/12 #1 We see… …an Impact Campus in Saranac with a weekend service starting in January 2012 with nearly 200 people gathered to reach the un- and de-churched in the Saranac, Ionia, Clarksville area with the refreshing and redemptive gospel of God’s Grace. #2 We see… …a Regional Life Group Model of ministry initiated that mobilizes our church to fulfill the Great Commission and the Great Commandment… 1. Nehemiah “SICK” 9-week series in October through November — Over 350+ in Life Groups 2. Biblica New Testament series in January through March — Over 350+ in Life Groups a. 800+ Bibles Sold!! 3. Heaven Series in April through May — Over 200+ in Life Groups a. 400+ Heaven Devotionals Sold! #3 We see… …a Capital Campaign in the Fall of 2011 that molds and mobilizes the Body of Impact to raise financial resources over the next 3 years to fuel the movement of God in our world. This will address three primary areas… 1. Facility Debt Reduction and Expansion (Miracle May Offering & Facility Remodeling/Miracle May) 2. Saranac Campus — (His Day Offering/Yard Sale Gifts/ Donations/Impact Giving/Miracle May) 3. Missional Outreach — Swaziland (His Day Offering/Various Fund Raising Projects/Miracle May)


2011/2012 Annual Celebration and Vision Gathering.

Local & Global Mission Funds Given: His Day Outreach Offering (for Swaziland, Saranac & Local Mission)


Summer Yard Sale 2011 for Saranac and Swaziland


Spring Yard Sale 2012 for Swaziland


Saranac Donations


Impact Support of Saranac in 2012 Local Mission Donations Benevolence budget of Craft show for Benevolence

$20,000.00 $950.71 $2100.00 $1051.39

Brenda Peterson Funeral Bequests for Benevolence


Families from Impact Body Supporting Josh and Leslie


Scholarships Given to Impact Student Ministries for Conferences and Retreats


Total Given to Global and Local Outreach


One defining moment/turning point in this past year was the Nehemiah Series called “Sick”. Our body broke into regional Life Groups and everybody joined together in “one stream of consciousness” to give ourselves to the diligent study and passionate pursuit of what it would look like to band together and pursue God’s call on our lives “together”. I thought we would take a moment to remember what God called us to and is continuing to call us to as we move into this new season of ministry. **Video – Looking back at the Nehemiah Series and a remembering.


2011/2012 Annual Celebration and Vision Gathering.

Faith Goals for 2011/12 that kept us accountable to fulfill our 5 purposes: 1. Reach — 100 baptisms (70 in Lowell & 30 in Saranac) — Actual: 51

2. Grow — 700 in Life Groups (400 adults & 300 children and students) — Actual: 560

3. Serve — 600 serving in ministry (500 in Lowell & 100 in Saranac) — Actual: 550


2011/2012 Annual Celebration and Vision Gathering.

4. Multiply — 1,200 in attendance (1,000 in Lowell & 200 in Saranac) – Actual: 1050

5. Worship — $16,000 in weekly tithes ($14,000 in Lowell & $2,000 in Saranac) – Average of $15,000 for 5 months)


2011/2012 Annual Celebration and Vision Gathering.

Saranac: March 4th Launch 235 people!! Attendance the last couple months 200+ people weekly 20+ people serving weekly (Set up, Children’s Ministry, Set up and Tear down) Saranac Campus Easter Egg Hunt — (Community Event) Attendance: 300+

Recap on the Impact Finances of this Past Year up through April: Year to Date Income: Year to Date Expenses: Year to Date Surplus:

$671,893.61 ($14,000 weekly need) $636,455.99 $35,437.62


2011/2012 Annual Celebration and Vision Gathering. Impact Staff Jason Holdridge

Lead Pastor Favorite Verse: I have a different favorite verse for every day. My favorite recently is 2 Corinthians 11:1 - “I hope you will put up with a little bit of my foolishness, but you are already doing that.” What I’m passionate about: writing, creative conversation, good movies, dead poets, my wife and girls, people coming alive!

Phil Struckmeyer

Network Pastor Our Church Planting Ministry is led by none other than Phil Struckmeyer, the original church planter of Impact back in 2003. He is always on the move and is often referred to as the apostle of Impact. He travels thousands of miles a week visiting churches and supporting church planters and church plants with the sweat of his brow and the beating of his heart. He is a visionary, dreamer, strategist, cultural architect, and pator of pastors.

Andrea Struckmeyer

KidZone Director Our Children’s Ministry is led by Andrea Struckmeyer. She is a gifted writer, actor, speaker, artist and visionary. KidZone is a full-fledged hour and fifteen minute program every week of the highest caliber. Games, work stations, dramas, music, art, breakout groups, snacks, hands-on learning, videos, and teaching—it is probably the single greatest attraction to our church for families.

Jon Bell

Student Ministries Pastor Our Student Ministry is led by Jon Bell. He is bringing such fresh energy to our body! The student ministry has exploded with growth going from a little over 40 to almost 100 the first month of his leadership! Wednesday nights are filled with a live student band rockin’ out worship tunes, funny youtube clips, dancing, crazy games, small group breakouts, food, octoball, video games, and energetic teaching. What a great job he is doing!

Dave VanKeulen

Tech and Programming Director Our Tech and Programming Ministry is led by Dave VanKeulen. He has been on board at Impact since he was 16 years old. Dave’s eye for atmosphere and his ear for live sound is stellar. His attention to detail and his pulse for programmatic excellence is unparalleled. There is no way we should have someone of his caliber in the sticks of Lowell, but because we caught him early and because God is shining his face on Impact, we have been blessed beyond measure.

Bonnie Davis

Community Life Coordinator Our Community Life Ministry is led by Bonnie Davis, a part-time lawyer as well as a part-time staff member of Impact working with connections, communications, community, and culture. She is overseeing EMT, Life Groups, and anything that has to do with community life.

Tara Grizzell

Administrative Director Our Administrative Ministry is held together by Tara Grizell. In her first few months on the job, Tara successfully organized and orchestrated several delayed initiatives, bringing joy and passion to the details of administration. She is a go-getter, responsible, faithful, dependable, and a great proactive thinker.


2011/2012 Annual Celebration and Vision Gathering. Gene Beerens

Reach Director Our Reach Ministry is led by a retired pastor named Gene Beerens. He came out of retirement to put his neck out there for the kingdom and people of Impact. He receives no paycheck yet serves our body each week with passion and purpose, making sure that broken people are welcomed in and given opportunity to find healing.

Ted Cox

Missional Community Director Our Missional Ministry is led by a retired business man named Ted Cox who also came out of retirement to serve the kingdom and has a unique vision of banding people together to “love their neighbors.” He is getting a number of people in our body to reconsider the kingdom and to wonder about how God is wanting to use them in their jobs, volunteering roles in the community, and in their neighborhoods.

Ryder Jones

Worship and Arts Director Our Worship Arts Ministry is led by Ryder Jones, who plays the electric guitar like he’s taking a walk in the park. He composes music, writes songs, plays with a variety of bands at local venues and clubs, was the lead guitarist on Shawn McDonald’s last album, leads worship with a rabid and raw heart that ushers people into God’s presence, and leads our artists with a personal and professional care that is respectable and noble.

Chas Symanski

Administrator of Kid’s Ministries Our Kid’s Administrator is Chas Symanski, co-leader of Kid’s Hope and the right-hand “woman” of Andrea in KidZone. She is a details-oriented, task-driven organizer who has a passion for our church and community when it comes to youth.

Karen Pedley

Clean Team Coordinator Our Cleaning Ministry is led by Karen Pedley. She volunteers countless hours every week making sure our building is spotless and our volunteers are coordinated each weekend. You would not believe the amount of meticulous energy she pours in to the cleanliness of our facility.

Cy Floyd

Buildings and Grounds Director Our Buildings and Grounds Ministry is led by Cy Floyd and his faithful sidekicks, the Grieves father and son duo, Mark and Mitch. Cy is always rallying people together to pull off last minute projects and much-needed renovations or restorations.

Lori Floyd

Finance Director Our Finance Ministry is led by Lori Floyd who has been laboring over our books for 7 long years. She makes sure everything squares up in the budget and that the bills are paid. She is so gifted at organizing our finances and our fiscal vision.


2011/2012 Annual Celebration and Vision Gathering.

2011–2012 Ministries & Special Events KidZone Recap:


2011 Safety Town (Summer Community Event) Kids: 65 Adults: 10

2011 Arts Explosion (Summer) Kids: 60 Adults: 15

2011 KidZone Takeover Kids: 147 Attendance: 1068

2011 Exploration of the Arts (Fall) Kids: 70 Adults: 11

2012 Exploration of the Arts (Winter) Kids: 65 Adults: 15 – 20

2012 Exploration of the Arts – RECITAL at Saranac Campus Kids: 65 Adults: 15 – 20 Attendance: 400+

2011/2012 Annual Celebration and Vision Gathering.

Impact Student Ministries: Over 150+ at each event

Two 5th Quarter Outreach Events

“Big Chill” Winter Retreat

56 Attended

Never 2 Young Middle School Conference

20 Attended

2011/2012 Impact Moments to Capture and Savor: •

2011 Christmas Eve Services Attendance Total: 1075 (Last Year: 788)

2012 Easter Weekend (The Valley Production) & Saranac Easter Service Attendance Total: 1568 (Last Year: 1150) 1293 on Lowell Campus & 275 on Saranac Campus

2012 January Leader Vision Gathering Attendance: 300+

2012 Men’s Steak Night Attendance: 200+ Men

2012 Mirror or Maker (Women’s Community Event) Attendance: 250+ Women


2011/2012 Annual Celebration and Vision Gathering.

Impact Network Pastor: (Phil Struckmeyer)

Nitrogen and Church Planting Multiplication Investment: • $9,800 to Phil as Nitrogen Pastor since December. ($16,700 for the year) • $70,000+ given to Nitrogen for Church Planting (10% of Annual Budget)

Our Dream from the beginning of Impact…to plant 3 churches in 5 years and 10 churches in 10 years:




Impact of Lowell – Jason Holdridge

Epic of Portland – Duane Bower

2011/2012 Annual Celebration and Vision Gathering.


Pathway of St. Johns – Steve Cymbal


The Well of Ionia – Ed Love



Encounter of Belding – Rob Lawrence

Intersect of Westland – Jim Bowen



Ignite of Lowell – Jim Nora

Karis People – Josh & Leslie McCraken


Impact Saranac – Joel and Kelly Leipprandt


2011/2012 Annual Celebration and Vision Gathering.

Spiritual Focus for 2012/2012 Verse for this Year: “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” – I Peter 4:8 Theme for this Year: Simpler. Deeper. Richer. Fuller.

Impact Vision and Goals for 2012/2013 #1 – Community Connection & Outreach (Love in our towns and in the world) • 3 Love Weeks that mobilize our body to love our neighbors • Guiding Life Groups toward doing Mission Projects together every other month • Kids Hope Growth and Initiation of Middle School Program • Deepen the connection with our Swaziland Church Partnership #2 – Frontline Retool and Refuel (Hospitality to Un- an De-churched) • “They will know us by our Love.” – Turning our campus into a home…a culture of love. • Laying foundation and framework for love to be seen and felt under the leadership of Ed and Sharon Rix. • Launch Retooled and Refueled Frontline in Fall 2012 #3 – Developing a deeper culture of Prayer and Discipleship (broadening the base) • Monthly Gatherings for Prayer and Quarterly Gatherings for Worship starting in Fall 2012. • Initiating deeper accountability through Talmidims. (Two by two missional teams) • Deepening and Broadening the “Regional Life Group” Model as well as strengthening the “Affinity Groups”. • Bolstering our REACH ministry (Celebrate Recovery, Care Team, Divorce Care, Healing Communities)


#4 – Saranac Campus Leadership (building the foundation) • Campus Pastor and Point Leadership for Ministries • Recruiting and Training people to Serve • Teaching people to Tithe/Give • Inviting people to engage Life Groups • Equipping people to be on Mission

2011/2012 Annual Celebration and Vision Gathering.

Faith Goals that keep us accountable to fulfill our 5 purposes: 1. Reach – 125 baptisms (75 in Lowell, 50 in Saranac) 2. Grow – 800 in Life Groups (400 Lowell, 100 Saranac, & 300 youth) 3. Serve – 700 serving in ministry (600 in Lowell, 100 in Saranac) 4. Multiply – 1,300 in attendance (1,000 in Lowell, 300 in Saranac) 5. Worship – $18,000 in weekly tithes ($15,000 Lowell, $3,000 Saranac)

Budget passed by LAT for the Fiscal Year 2012/2013:

Purpose – “Loving Jesus, Loving Life, Loving People.” (Great Commandment) Vision – “Seeing un- and de-churched lives become passionate bands of Christ-followers” (Great Commission) We must do what only we can do so that God can do what only He can do.


2011/2012 Annual Celebration and Vision Gathering.

Simpler. Deeper. Richer. Fuller.

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Dream Annual Review Booklet - 2012  

Dream Annual Review Booklet - 2012  

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