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Progressive design is

Progressive design removes restrictions ` and lets us think about the possible at the start

An approach that suggests a website should respond to a user’s environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. Or a one flexible design fits all sizes approach Helpful links:,

A Client's Choice Progressive design with HTML5 offers:

Lowest common denominator

Progressive Design

We design and build for IE6/7

We design and build with less limitations

One very basic experience

A flexible experience

More engaging experiences

Chrome users get an IE6 experience

Chrome users get a chrome experience

Less zooming within mobile devices

Different projects for each device, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Tablets, Desktop, Offline… The list goes on.

One project, smaller phases

Limited opportunities

Cutting edge opportunities

Much longer process

Faster process

An appropriate experience wherever they are

More responsive rich media Geo-location - making finding places easier Improvements for the visually impaired

A consistency of brand experience between devices

Progressive Design Cheat Sheet  

A quick look at the case for progressive design

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