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What (is this)? A workshop on the pelvic floor! Come to this workshop to learn about your pelvic floor, the role it plays in your body, how problems/discomforts/etc. you may feel could be related to issues in this part of your body, and how YOU can help create a happier, healthier pelvic floor for yourself! Why? The pelvic floor is a key part of our body, and we are generally taught so little about it. Many doctors do not understand enough either. Some signs of a not-toned pelvic floor may include having:  Urge or stress incontinence (50% of women suffer from some form of incontinence!)  Tightness throughout the body, or the jaws/neck/shoulders  Rounded lumbar/ tucked pelvis  Difficulty breathing from diaphragm (i.e. being a “chest breather”)  Digestive issues  Pain sitting, vulva pain… and much more

When? Sunday, July 28, from 4-7 p.m. Where? Eos Whole Fitness & Bellidance, in the Calvin Center: 755

Mahoning Ave., Youngstown. ** Space is limited. Pre-register by calling Maria Marucci: 330-787-7823. If possible, bring your own yoga mat (or large towel), blanket (or large towel), block, bolster and strap (or belt).

Cost? $20-$30 sliding scale. Who’s teaching? Daria Jacobs-Velde. Daria is a rabbi and educator who believes in the sacredness of the human body and is passionate about empowering women. She completed her pelvic floor teacher certification with Leslie Howard. Leslie Howard travels internationally to teach about pelvic floor health. (Check out for more info about Leslie.) ?s Contact Rabbi Daria @ 330-953-3588.