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authentic jeeP accessories

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Take the high road, LOW ROAD, OR better yet, no road.






1. Sport utilit y bars.

2. Roof Top Cargo Bask et.( 1 )

3. Front Air Deflector.

4 . Fog Lights.(3)

5. Front and Rear Tow Hooks.( 2 )

These bars are built of heavy-duty anodized

Adds cargo space, and locks to the Sport

Deflect road debris, dirt, and bugs up and

Designed specifically for your vehicle and to

Tow hooks are designed to help you get out of

aluminum and feature T-slots that allow for

Utility Bars.(2) Basket measures 44" x 39" and

away from your vehicle’s hood and windshield

undercut inclement weather and minimize

difficult situations. Front Hooks and Rear Hook

quick carrier installation. Bars attach to the

features a Front Air Deflector. Roof Bask et

with this easily installed accessory. Features

glare. Lights are integrated into fascia openings

are both available in Black.

standard equipment side rails and are designed

Cargo Net ( 2 ) securely holds cargo.

the Jeep® logo. Available in Smoke.

and match standard equipment fog lights.

to accommodate all of our carrier accessories.

Shown on Cover: Roof-Mount Watersports Carrier, Sport Utilit y Bars, fog lights, and Tow Hooks.

 Properly secure all cargo.  Sold separately. (3)  Consult state and local laws for restrictions on installation and use. (1) (2)

Rugged Good looks for rugged adventures.




1. Roof-Mount Ski and Snowboard Carrier.

2. Rear Air Deflector.

3. Molded Spl ash Guards.

4 . Hitch Receiver. ( 1)

Convenient carrier holds up to six pairs of skis,

Low-profile design offers plenty of good looks

Molded to the contours of your Patriot for a

Built for the long haul, this heavy-duty Class I

four snowboards, or a combination of the two.

and helps keep your vehicle’s rear window

perfect fit, these guards help protect the lower

Hitch Receiver can tow up to 2,000 lb.    Ball Mount,

Carrier features corrosion-resistant lock covers

clear by directing a stream of air across it

bodyside panels from damage caused by gravel,

Hitch Ball, Hitch Plug, and Wiring Harness

and either-side opening for easy loading

while the vehicle is moving. Features the

salt, and road debris. Features the Jeep logo.

sold separately.

and unloading. Mounts to Sport Utility Bars

Jeep® logo.

(sold separately).


 C heck User Guide for hitch type, load capacity, and heavy-duty equipment required. Do not exceed rated tow capacity of the vehicle as equipped. May require additional items not sold by Mopar.


Accessories that give you the latitude to explore some longitude.




1. Sport utilit y bars.

7. Hitch-Mount Bik e Carrier.( 2 )

Heavy-duty bars are built of anodized aluminum

Two-Bike style (fits 1¼-inch receiver) folds

and feature T-slots that allow for quick carrier

down to allow your vehicle’s liftgate to open

installation. Bars attach to the standard

without having to remove bikes. Carrier

equipment side rails and are designed to

features carrying clamps with rubber inserts,

accommodate all of our carrier accessories.

cable, and a bolt.

2. Roof Box Cargo Carrier.

8. Sunroof air deflector.

Tough, locking thermoplastic carrier keeps

Enjoy your sunroof and some fresh air without

cargo dry and secure. Carrier features quarter-

the air buffeting. Air Deflector is constructed

turn installation and gas cylinder opening

of tinted acrylic.

system. Mounts to Sport Utility Bars.(1)

9. Tent K it.

3. Roof top Cargo Carrier.( 2 )

Tent attaches to the rear of your Patriot for

This heavy-duty nylon carrier is weatherproof

maximum storage and sleeping space and

and secures to the Sport Utility Bars(1) with four

easily stands alone if detached from your

strong adjustable tie-down straps. Carrier also

vehicle. Available in two sizes.

features a large covered zipper opening and

10. Trail Edition Camper.

sealed seams.




Embrace trails with lightweight all-aluminum

4 . Roof-Mount Canoe Carrier.( 2 )

construction, 32-inch Mud Terrain tires, 12 inches

This fully adjustable carrier with latching nylon

of ground clearance, trailing-arm suspension,

straps holds one canoe and mounts to Sport

aluminum covering (capable of supporting

Utility Bars.(1)

450 lb of gear), and optional 360-degree axis

5. Roof-Mount Water Sports Carrier.


Designed to transport most kayaks, sailboards, or surfboards with flat or curved hulls. Carrier includes latching nylon strap and slip-resistant pads. Mounts to Sport Utility Bars.


6. ROOF-MOUNT BIKE Carriers.( 2 ) These versatile carriers are designed to accommodate virtually all types of bikes. The




Fork-Mount style carries one bike securely by the front fork and rear wheel. The Upright style


pintle hitch. Features a spacious 76 inches of headroom, queen-size bed, fold-down sofa, table, cabinet, 110-volt power supply, and a premium canvas enclosure. Hard-core offroad enthusiasts can up the ante with the

EXTREME TRAIL EDITION CAMPER (not shown) and its heavier frame, 35-inch tires, 15 inches of ground clearance, and full-underbody skid plate.

11. add-a-room. Tent attaches to both the Trail Edition and

carries one bike locked by the frame with both

Extreme Trail Edition Campers.(1)

wheels secured. Clamps include extra-large

12. Vehicle cover.

rubber inserts to help protect bike surfaces.

For protection against UV rays, dirt, and other

Carriers mount to Sport Utility Bars.(1)

pollutants. This contoured cover features double-stitched seams and is constructed of a premium material that is washable, breathable, and water-resistant. (1)

 Sold separately.  Properly secure all cargo.





enhance the adventure.







1. k at zkin leather interiors.

8. Floor Convenience Net and Envelope Net.(1)

Mopar® and Katzkin® have come together to

These sturdy Black nylon nets are custom

create a unique custom leather seating program

designed to fit the cargo area of your Patriot

for enthusiasts who want to express their

and are sold together as a kit. Both nets

individuality. Katzkin offers premium leather-

remove easily when extra storage space is

trimmed packages with embroideries, piping, two-

needed and are designed to fasten to tie-

tones, suede, and much more in many different

down loops to help keep loose items secure.

colors. Ask your dealer for more information.

9. Cargo Tote.(1)

2. Front and Rear Tow Hooks.

Organization takes a stand with this handy

Off-road hooks are designed to help you get out

storage bin that can be divided into four

of difficult situations. Front Hooks and Rear Hook


are both available in Black (sold separately).

10. Water-Resistant Seat Covers.

3. Authentic Jeep® Accessory Emblem.

High-tech “wet-suit” material helps keep

Let everyone know that your accessories are

dirt and moisture off your seat surfaces. Front

the real deal. Metal appliqué has Black

passenger-side cover includes a handy

background and Silver lettering.

seatback pocket and features the Jeep® logo.

4 . Door Sill Guards.

Covers are custom fit for front and rear seats.

Durable guards are constructed of brushed

11. Premium Carpet Floor Mats.

stainless steel to enhance the style of

Plush enough to go barefoot. Durable enough

your vehicle and protect all four interior door

to stand up to the elements and color-

sills from scratches. Front door guards

matched to your interior for an integrated

prominently feature the Patriot name.

appearance. Available in Slate Gray or

5. Premium Carpet Cargo Mat.

Pebble Beige and feature the Jeep logo.

Our premium mat is constructed of a durable

12. Slush Mats.

nylon carpet to look good while helping to

These custom-fit, heavy-duty mats feature deep

protect the cargo area from wear, soil, and

grooves to help prevent water, snow, and mud

stains. Mat features reversible rubber backing

from damaging your vehicle’s carpet. Sold as a

for added versatility. Available in Slate Gray.

set of four. Mats are available in Slate Gray or

6. Cargo Area Securit y Cover.( 1)

Pebble Beige and feature the Jeep logo.

( 1)

Tough vinyl cover keeps your valuables out of





 Properly secure all cargo.

sight in your Patriot’s cargo area. Cover removes easily for cleaning. Available in Pebble Beige and Slate Gray.

7. Vertical Convenience Net. Helps keep your pet from entering the rear seat and passenger area.




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Welcome additions to your playlist. 1. MEDIA CENTER 4 30N (RHB).( 1)

6. Remote Start.( 5 )

This AM/FM/CD/DVD/Navigation radio features

Hit the ground running with the ability to start

MP3/WMA support, 30GB digital hard drive,

your vehicle with a touch of a button. The

6.5-inch touch-screen, audio input jack, iPod®

system operates seamlessly with your

control, Uconnect® Voice Command,(2) GPS

vehicle’s factory electronic security system.

navigation, SiriusXMTM Travel Link,TM(3) and

7. ecometer.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio.(3)





If you want to improve your fuel efficiency,

2. MEDIA CENTER 4 30 (RBZ).( 1) (4)

then the Ecometer is for you. Its robust range

Play your media in a variety of ways via this

of functions keep you informed of your Patriot’s

AM/FM/CD/DVD radio with 6.5-inch touch-

speed, rpm, real-time fuel economy, and overall

screen, 30GB digital hard drive, Uconnect Voice

average fuel economy in a color-coded LED

Command,(2) and audio input jack. Plug it in with

eco-graph. The Ecometer offers easy no-tool

any music-capable cell phone or MP3 player.

installation to the dash for at-a-glance viewing.

3. MEDIA CENTER 230 (REQ ).(4)


AM/FM radio with 6-CD/DVD player, MP3/WMA

Blanket electrically warms the battery to

support, audio input jack, and Uconnect Voice

extend battery life and prevent loss of starting

Command.(2) Available with and without

power due to cold temperatures. 80-watt

integrated SiriusXM Satellite Radio.(3)

battery heater.

4 . MEDIA CENTER 130 (RES).(4)


AM/FM/CD radio with MP3/WMA support and audio input jack. Available with and without integrated SiriusXM Satellite Radio(3) and Uconnect Voice Command.(2)

5. K ick er® Sound Systems. KICKER speakers and subwoofers have been designed specifically for your Jeep® vehicle, so you get automotive sound the way it was intended. And best of all, KICKER parts install easily: bolt them in and then plug them in. No

 I n-dash DVD viewing capability is not available in all states. See your dealer for details. (2)  R equires Uconnect Phone. (3)  S ee back cover for details. (4)  Radio without integrated SiriusXM Satellite Radio requires satellite receiver/antenna kit, installation kit, and satellite radio service subscription. Radio with integrated SiriusXM Satellite Radio requires antenna kit, installation kit, and satellite radio service subscription. See back cover for additional details. (5)  C heck state and local regulations on the use of remote starters.

cutting or soldering is required!





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Go for comfort and convenience. 1. Uconnect WEB.( 1)

5. Shif t K nob.

Get high-speed Internet in your vehicle.

Add a dose of high-tech style to the interior of

Uconnect Web’s in-vehicle router receives

your Patriot with this custom accessory.

broadband Internet, allowing passengers to surf


the Web, social-network, look up directions, check email, play online games, or download music. Works with any WiFi-enabled device. No cell cards or software required. Subscription required. Sold separately. Uconnect Phone is an in-vehicle, voiceactivated communication system that allows you to talk on your Bluetooth®-enabled(2) phone virtually hands-free. Call contacts in your phone’s address book just by saying their name. Select radio station, SiriusXMTM Satellite Radio(3) channels,(4) and navigation(4) destinations using voice commands. And best of all, keep your eyes on the road while multitasking.

3. Electronic Vehicle Tracking system (EVTS). It’s a fact: time is of the essence when it comes to stolen vehicle recovery. The Mopar Electronic Vehicle Tracking System (EVTS) works 24/7 with nationwide coverage to keep track of your vehicle. This GPS-enabled realtime tracking system includes a $1,000 Theft Protection Warranty and is transferable. Optional upgrade plans provide Emergency Service Dispatch and OnCall on-board panic button. Features such as setting speed and distance







unlimited online tracking, and full concierge service are also offered.

4 . Bright Pedal K it. Stainless steel pedal covers add plenty of bold brightwork to your footwell. Rubber on pedals


provides contrast and positive traction.

6 4 7

a perfect amount of accent lighting to both the driver and front-passenger footwells. Eight color settings and low/high lighting intensity let you select one perfect interior ambience.

2. Uconnect ® PHONE.


These LED lights mount under the dash to add

7. HEATED WASHER SOLVENT kit. This system aids in the removal of snow, ice, frost, grime, and bugs. Once vehicle is at proper operating temperature, it will deliver the heated washer fluid on demand, in any climate.  T he Uconnect Web feature is not intended for use by the driver while the vehicle is in motion. (2)  P hone must support Bluetooth Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP). (3)  S ee back cover for details. (4)  W hen satellite and navigation features are equipped on your vehicle. (1)

Performance you can’t pass up. 1. Winter Wheel. This durable Black steel replacement wheel is a rugged and reliable bad-weather alternative and is great for any off-road adventure. Available in 16- or 17-inch diameters.

2. WHEEL LOCKS. Includes four new lug nuts and a special


fitting key to offer maximum wheel- and tiretheft protection.

3. ROADSIDE SAFETY KIT. Designed to be a valuable asset in a roadside emergency. Kit includes safety flashlight, fleece blanket, six-gauge jumper cables, safety triangle, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, pliers, two bungee cords, and gloves.




Additional Accessories:

The Mopar® name has long been emblazoned on race cars greeted by checkered flags, on boxes left over from a weekend of wrenching, and

Engine Block Heater

Premium Vehicle-Care Products

on shirts belonging to the masters of your make and model. Its rich history is born not just of parts…but of lifelong connections made at

Engine Oil Cooler Kit

Speed Control

those tracks, garages, and service bays. Mopar is with you the moment you get your new keys and for every mile thereafter. It helps make

Flat Splash Guards

Storage Bag

your ride your own with accessories of every kind. It assures you with expert maintenance, made-for-your-model parts, and Vehicle

Locking Gas Cap

Trailering Accessories

Protection plans. It engages you with the online Mopar Owner Connect and introduces you to fellow enthusiasts who are as multifaceted

Master Shield® Vehicle Protection Products

Windshield Sunshade

as Mopar itself. Welcome to Mopar Nation. In the world of cars, trucks, and SUVs, it’s a very nice place to be.

Molded Cargo Tray

The Mopar Nation is getting even stronger thanks to the online community. Compare notes, post comments, share pictures, and relive memories with enthusiasts worldwide. Join in on Facebook (, follow us on Twitter (, and check us out on YouTube ( By registering with Owner Connect (, you’ll have easy access to service records and everything you need to know about your vehicle.

je e p . c o m m o p a r. c o m s e r v ic e c o n t r a c t s . c h r y s le r. c o m Sirius services require subscriptions, sold separately after the 12-month trial included with new vehicle purchase. See our Customer Agreement for complete terms at If you decide to continue your Sirius services at the end of your trial subscription, the plan you choose will automatically renew and bill at then-current rates until you call SiriusXM at 1-866-635-2349 to cancel. Programming subject to change. Sirius satellite service available only to those at least 18 and older in the 48 contiguous U.S., D.C., and PR (with coverage limitations). Traffic information not available in all markets. See for details. ©2012 SiriusXM Radio Inc. Since the time of printing, some of the information you’ll find in this catalog may have been updated. The appearance of accessories shown may vary depending on vehicle application. See your dealer for the latest Mopar product information. Visit the Mopar Web site at ©2012 Chrysler Group LLC. All rights reserved. Jeep, the Jeep grille, Master Shield, Mopar, Patriot, and Uconnect are registered trademarks of Chrysler Group LLC. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Katzkin and the Katzkin logo are registered trademarks of Katzkin Leather Interiors, Inc. KICKER and the KICKER logo are registered trademarks of Stillwater Designs and Audio, Inc. Thule is a registered trademark of the Thule Group. Sirius, XM, and all related marks and logos are trademarks of SiriusXM Radio Inc. and its subsidiaries. Facebook and logo are trademarks of Facebook Inc. The Twitter logo is a service mark of Twitter, Inc. The YouTube logo is a trademark of Google, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Catalog # 00PM4898 (Quantity of 25) 07/12 15K

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