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THE RIGHT CHOICE IN PARTS The Magneti Marelli Offered by Mopar® Parts Program offers over 30 product lines of maintenance, repair and service parts for many vehicle makes and models, including GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Kia, Hyundai and more.


Engineered with specially designed filter media, Magneti Marelli

filters ensure consistent performance. Precise fit and seal allows you to get the job done right, every time.

 OIL FILTERS  For oil filters that provide optimum protection for the engine, Magneti Marelli gets the job done. Featuring a high efficiency media that absorbs and traps dirt and solid particles, these premium filters are smaller in height and diameter than many standard aftermarket filters for easier storage with less inventory space.

 AIR FILTERS  Keep your customers’ engines clean with Magneti Marelli’s line of quality air filters. With specially embossed paper pleats, air flow and dust-holding capabilities are maximized. Only clean air passes to ensure consistent engine performance. • Precise fit and seal • Filter media specially designed to remove dust, pollen and airborne particles • Optimum ventilation through low-flow resistance • Consistent filtration performance throughout the entire service interval

 CABIN AIR FILTERS  Magneti Marelli cabin air filters feature a specially designed filter media that removes dust, pollen and airborne particles so that owners can breathe easier. With precise fit and seal, these filters offer consistent filtration performance throughout the entire service interval.

 TRANSMISSION FILTERS Gain and retain customer trust, loyalty and satisfaction with our transmission filters. Magneti Marelli filters prolong the life of the fluid and transmission.

 FUEL FILTERS Magneti Marelli’s line of O.E.-competitive fuel filters provides optimum filtration of contaminants. These filters are designed for optimized gas mileage and highest vehicle efficiency.

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Magneti Marelli brakes are a great solution for quality, troublefree brake jobs. Developed with longevity in mind, these brake components are sure to increase customer loyalty and avoid additional repair costs (by replacing inferior products).

 BRAKE ROTORS & DRUMS Magneti Marelli provides full cast-iron one-piece rotors and drums that are manufactured to comply with O.E.M. specifications and undergo strict quality checks. These rotors and drums are designed to eliminate vibration to allow for quiet braking and superior pedal feel. Where applicable, rotors come with integrated bearing kits or fixing screw kits.

 BRAKE SHOES Magneti Marelli brake shoes are all new and North American made. Our engineers and experienced brake experts have eliminated the guesswork with our premium friction formulation. The result is a clean and quiet braking system

 BRAKE PAD KITS These all-in-one-kits come complete with stainless steel hardware for easier installation and less vehicle downtime, while also eliminating the possibility of premature wear-out due to worn caliper hardware. Available in semi-metallic and ceramic formulas, these brakes provide excellent stopping power and superior braking performance.

FEATURES • All-in-one hardware kit – reduced repair time

• Premium friction formulations – clean and quiet • 100% factory installed shims – delivers quiet braking • All stainless steel hardware – prohibits rust, lasts longer • High temp moly-lube – lasts life of pads • Magneti Marelli brake pads are made in North America

BENEFITS • Premium friction formulations eliminate the guesswork

• Premium pads and shoes eliminate brake squeal for applications where both ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads are called for • New brake hardware prevents brake pad wear, damage to caliper or disc and reduces stopping distance

BRAKE PAD CERTIFICATIONS AND TESTING • ISO 9001:2000 Certified • DEA (FMVSS 105) • LACT (Los Angeles City Traffic Testing) • SAE J2521 (Most Stringent Noise Testing) • VESC V-3 Testing (Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission Regulation V-3) • BEEP (Brake Effectiveness Evaluation Procedure Testing)



Magneti Marelli electrical components are subject to intense factory testing to guarantee each component meets O.E.M. standards. Iridium spark plugs are available for many models and spark plug wire sets are engineered to provide maximum voltage and are manufactured to withstand extreme heat and chemical contaminants.

 SPARK PLUGS & SPARK PLUG WIRES  Magneti Marelli’s high content iridium spark plugs feature a fine wire ground electrode. The nickel-plated housing offers superior resistance to corrosion and seizing, while the factory set pre-gaps ensure an easy installation. FEATURES • Wire sets are engineered to provide the

BENEFITS • Maximum voltage and spark duration for top vehicle performance and reduced maximum voltage while suppressing radio carbon emissions frequency interference • Wire sets use premium insulating materials • High voltage generated by today’s vehicles is effectively channeled while delivering • Wire terminals offer a positive lock a safe, powerful spark for top engine connection for maximum spark performance plug retention • A proper fit, easy installation and proper • Spark plug and distributor boots meet vehicle operation connection for maximum original equipment specifications spark plug retention • Precise fit and function • Magneti Marelli boots provide maximum protection against extreme heat and chemical contaminants for peak performance and long service life


Prevent module failure with Magneti Marelli ignition coils. These factory-tested, competitive coils extend module life, reduce diagnostic time and lead to fewer comebacks.


• Highly conductive aluminum towers • Segregated secondary bobbin • Precision wound copper primary winding • High dielectric sleeve


• Extremely low secondary coil resistance • The best winding conductivity and durability available • High voltage output • Minimizes internal shorting • Reduces ICM (ignition control module) stress • Factory warranty

 Oxygen Sensors  B  ased 100% on O.E. design, Magneti Marelli oxygen sensors provide best-in-class performance and maximum service life. They are made with a combination of zirconium and yttrium oxides and other elements to form a touch base that can withstand intense conditions. FEATURES BENEFITS • Thermal shock protection • Prevention of cracking during extreme temperature fluctuations • Pump-reference air • Fully submersible – will continue to function if submerged in water • Every sensor is 100% exhaust tested • Every sensor is tested to ensure functionality and decrease • Patented double laser welding “green effect” when first applied • Increased durability to maintain original sensor construction

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 ENGINE SYSTEMS / CHASSIS Magneti Marelli offers a full line of tie rods, ball joints, Fuel pumps and control arms to help restore steering and handling control to a variety of makes and models. All chassis components are made from high quality materials to meet or exceed O.E. specifications.

 TIE RODS FEATURES • Full O.E. socket design • Self-adjusting internal constant tension spring • High-strength polymer bearing

BENEFITS • Restores original steering and handling control • Ensures constant tension for precise alignment and steering control • Eliminates internal friction and provides consistent, smooth articulation


FEATURES • Highly polished full ball stud • High-strength polymer bearing • Sealed integral boot retaining ring

BENEFITS • Superior strength and durability • Reduces internal friction and consistent, smooth articulation • Reduces dirt and contaminants

 Fuel Pumps

 Designed to operate under extreme temperatures, Magneti Marelli fuel pumps utilize the latest in fuel level sensor technology to resist contamination and improve fuel gauge function and accuracy. Quiet, efficient fuel pump operation provides improved driver comfort and reduced load on the vehicle’s electrical system.



 Magneti Marelli shocks and struts are engineered to meet or exceed

original performance damping controls. Shocks are available in a twin tube or mono tube design to restore performance, which is critical to the electronic stability control function. These high quality struts provide superior ride and handling.

Magneti Marelli also offers complete corner unit assemblies, which remove the guesswork and allow for quick and easy installation. They feature coil springs with improved corrosion-resistant coating.

Multi-disc valves provide an infinite performance range to meet every driving condition

Chromed and polished shaft

FEATURES: • Ultra smooth piston rod and resilient upper oil seals • Seamless extruded working cylinder • Multi-stage damping valves • Seamless eyelets and sleeves, bonded bushings

BENEFITS: • Reduces friction and wear; eliminates leaks • Seamless design provides 100% piston seal contact and consistent performance • Multi-stage valves are essential to calibrate O.E. performance capabilities • Seamless and bonded mounts won’t break, bend or make noise

Seamless working cylinder Multi-stage compression and rebound valving Seamless mounts, eyelets and sleeves

Visit for the full all-makes catalog, application guides and more.

 WINDOW MOTORS & REGULATORS M  agneti Marelli window lift products are manufactured to meet O.E. performance. All motors, power motors and regulator assemblies are built for advanced torque and speed. The quality, durability and reliability of all products are backed by years of excellence in door system components experience and know-how.

FEATURES: • All motors are new; none are remanufactured • All motors and regulators are built to meet O.E. performance • A  ll motors and regulator assemblies are built for advanced torque and speed

BENEFITS: • Circuit breaker prevents overheating • Motors are exact fit with O.E. style connectors • A  ll motors pass six tests in our in-house R&D lab before going to market (listed below)

Test Performed

Test Specifications




-20˚ to 160˚ F


Drop 18 inches onto connector

Water Entry

Five gallons per minute

Self Locking Drive

Gear won’t reverse unpowered

Noise Level

<65dB, 55dB normal

Technician Test Port for Voltage

Circut Breaker Prevents Overheating Long Life Bearing

Long Life Bearings

Clutch Assembly Withstands 6x Working Torque

High Efficiency Hardened Steel Gear Plastic Gears


 REMANUFACTURED STARTERS & ALTERNATORS Magneti Marelli remanufactured starters and alternators are

re-engineered and remanufactured based on lab durability testing. These starters and alternators feature upgraded components that produce premium quality units and provide extended service life.

FEATURES: • Expanded import and domestic coverage through model year 2010 for non-Chrysler applications • All units are 100% end-of-line tested at the factory • Remanufacturing process ensures units meet O.E. specifications • Product support — such as tech bulletins and a toll-free hotline staffed by ASE Certified techs — is included in the box


• The right coverage at the right time • Units are guaranteed to perform • Fit, form and function match the original design • Fewer issues and comebacks • Limited lifetime warranty

NEW Brushes

NEW Bushings

Machined Armatures

NEW Solenoid Contacts

Regulators Requalified to O.E. Specs

Tested Rotors & Starters

Upgraded Bearings

New Brushes

Visit for the full all-makes catalog, application guides and more.

 WATER PUMPS & TIMING BELTS M  agneti Marelli water pumps and timing belts are 100% tested and quality ensured, and come with all the necessary components for proper fit and long-life performance. Each pump includes heavy-duty unitized bearings and seals, pressed-on hubs, precision machined housings and optimal impeller clearance.

FEATURES: • All water pumps match O.E. specifications and are manufactured with superior material substances • All pumps feature gaskets made from premium materials • All plastic impellers are made from 40% fiberglass reinforced PPS • Limited lifetime warranty

BENEFITS: • Superior performance, maximum durability and precise fit • Exceptional protection against leakage and contamination • Improved sealing capability • Materials are resistant to corrosives found in plastic impeller applications • Guarantees product workmanship and reduces comebacks • All motors pass six tests in our in-house R&D lab before going to market



 Magneti Marelli develops and produces exhaust systems for vehicles using high quality, high performance

technologies. Direct fit bolt-on replacements make installation easier and less labor-intensive. The product range includes systems for exhaust gas after-treatment, like US-EPA compliant catalytic converters.

 CATALYTIC CONVERTERS  Magneti Marelli catalytic converters are designed to deal with the specific demands of today’s engine operation systems and emission gas levels. These US-EPA-compliant Catalytic Converters are efficient at the oxidation of HCs and CO, and very efficient at the reduction of NOx, storing of O2 and the steady release of O2 into the exhaust stream.


• Comprehensive application coverage

• Designed for late model OBDII vehicles • Manufactured from high quality materials for longer product life • Installation hardware included (where needed) • Design meets EPA and CARB emission requirements, as cataloged


• Quicker and easier installations

• Direct-fit bolt-on, less labor involved • 5-year/50,000-mile warranty on converter body • 25,000-mile emissions warranty

Visit for the full all-makes catalog, application guides and more.

 WHEEL BEARINGS & HUBS  Magneti Marelli wheel-end product performance and quality

begins by ensuring that bearings and hub assemblies meet O.E. specifications and incorporate only premium components. Complete O.E. specification hub assemblies include a pre-attached ABS tone ring, encoder seal or sensor, wire harness and connector. All individual bearings — and bearings incorporated into hub assemblies — are manufactured using only premium grade steel and are matched for even loading of rolling elements. All raceways are highly finished for smooth, quiet, long-lasting performance.

FEATURES: • Exclusive seal design eliminates contamination, prolonging bearing life and ABS performance • O.E.M. design eliminates the need for re-lubrication and Magneti Marelli hubs feature cooler-running non-metallic retainers • Integral raceways provide proper clearance between bearing and the raceway for smooth, quiet operation • All ABS equipped hubs and bearings include OEM ABS sensors and/or plugs for OEM fit and function BENEFITS: • Rigorously controlled manufacturing processes ensure exact matching of bearing raceways and rolling elements to consistently deliver superior performance and minimize noise and vibration • 100% post-assembly hub inspection ensures proper ABS signal and quiet operation • All Magneti Marelli hub assemblies and bearings start with premium steel and undergo computer-controlled heat treatment to deliver lasting performance

Magneti Marelli offers over 30 product lines. Contact your local Chrysler Group LLC dealer to learn more.

A look at Magneti Marelli Magneti Marelli has been manufacturing O.E. and aftermarket components globally since 1919 in Italy. With more than 34,000 employees in 100 locations and 18 countries, Magneti Marelli is a major player in the global automotive industry. Part of Fiat S.p.A., Magneti Marelli is a first-tier supplier to major vehicle groups in the U.S. and worldwide.

“Magneti Marelli Offered by Mopar ” Limited Warranties ®

“Magneti Marelli Offered by Mopar®” provides a 12-month/12,000mile limited warranty, with the following exceptions: Remanufactured Starters, Remanufactured Alternators and Water Pumps receive a limited lifetime warranty; Shocks, Struts, Brake Pad Kits and Brake Shoes receive a 12-month/12,000-mile Magneti Marelli also has a long-standing history in racing and limited warranty when installed by an Authorized Dealer or a provides innovative, high-tech components to Formula 1 and Rally limited warranty on parts only (exchange basis) when the parts car race teams. The company is co-sponsoring NHRA Funny Car are not installed by an Authorized Dealer. Log on to driver Matt Hagan and Pro Stock driver Allen Johnson in 2012. for full warranty details.

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(At left) Magneti Marelli and Mopar kicked off their alliance with this retrofitted 2011 Dodge Avenger Rally car.

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