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Position Title: Creative Content & Copy Manager Reporting: Reports to Pastor of Media & Communications Classification: Volunteer Position Summary The Creative Content & Copy Manager (CCCM) serves the church by overseeing a team of content creators guiding them to produce content to support church initiatives and consistent with the Mountain Park mission, vision and tone. This manager will also partner with the Pastor of Media & Communications in recruiting and training of additional volunteers as need arises. The individual who fills this position will receive direct one on one time with the Pastor of Media & Communications designed to challenge, refresh, renew, energize and grow the personal, professional and spiritual sides of the volunteer. Essential Duties and Responsibilities 1.

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Create and oversee a content production process with a team of writers and creative types. Content is to be compiled around needs as determined by the CCCM and Pastor of Media & Communications. Oversee quality assurance on all content submitted for review from the Communications Team. This is to protect the brand and tone of Mountain Park Community Church to prevent identity confusion. Communicate directly with the Social Media Manager for content dissemination on social media platforms. Work in tandem to also build a campaign around certain church initiatives. Provide training and direction to assimilate new members into the CCCT as needed. Provide leadership and encouragement to members of the Creative Content & Copy Team. This includes periodic encouraging notes, initiating relationship building moments and looking for ways to affirm and strengthen members. Capture the ‘story’ of Mountain Park in word and work with others to translate it to video, social media, etc.

Qualifications 1. Must demonstrate ability to manage and facilitate the gathering of diverse types of information and categorize it accordingly 2. Can learn new program and processes quickly and perform tasks relating to new systems with precision and excellence 3. Possesses the ability to build or oversee the building of content and copy based around common mission and vision and guide others to do the same 4. Possess strong skills in written communication as well as verbal communication 5. Must possess the traits of working well when taking and executing assigned tasks as well as self-starting Personal 1. Two words: PASSION and FUN. This person must be passionate about social media and connecting people to the local and global church through technology and the internet 2. People person - this person must naturally be drawn to engage in conversation and dialogue with individuals of all ages 3. Loyalty and dedication to Mountain Park mission, values and leadership Commitment 1. Meet one on one with the Pastor of Communications for 90 minutes no fewer than once per month and no more than 4 times per month 2. Term of service is 12 months with a 60 day training/trial period. Our hope is that any applicant would be open to being a part of the Mountain Park Volunteer Communications Team for the foreseeable future 3. Weekly time commitment of no fewer than 3 hours per week not to exceed 15 hours per week (with


exception for semi-annual vision meetings and strategy sessions) Attend majority of Communication Team team building and brainstorming sessions

Creative Content & Copy Manager  

Build and lead a team of content creators to produce content that tells the story of what God is doing at Mountain Park. Construct a path of...