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Prince Edward County for Nature and Adventure Lovers Prince Edward County is a haven for outdoor lover and adventure seekers. On spring and fall, it is one of the best birding areas in the whole of Canada. It is also a bed for some very unique plants. For adventures, there are a lot of options to choose from. Provincial Parks • Sandbanks. Positioned on a large scale of peninsula stretching along Lake Ontario’s north shore, it has long sandy beaches and 30 meter high sand dunes. The park is easily accessible. The dunes along the West Lake section are dubbed as the largest freshwater sand dune system in the entire world. The park bears the best beaches in eastern Ontario. Aside from swimming, you can also enjoy hiking, canoeing, and kayaking. • North beach. The park is an extended sand bar that cuts across North Bay. A smaller version of Sandbanks, its sand dunes are similar to Sandbanks. It also has excellent beaches. Boating, fishing, picnicking by the shores, swimming, and wildlife viewing are among the main activities in the Park. • Lake on the Mountain. The area is located at a high point of land that overlooks the Bay of Quiinte. Its turquoise waters, perfect view, and picturesque surroundings are a haven for summer strolls and picnics. The lake is surrounded by mysteries, and theories have risen to explain its origin. • Other Provincial Parks include Bon Echo, Charleston Lake, Ferris, Frontenac, Petroglyophs, Presqu'ile, Sharbot Lake, Silver Lake, and Algonquin Provincial Park. Pleasantly breath-taking, Prince Edward County promises a haven of the wonders of nature. Coming to the regions is never a bore, and is something you would never come to regret. To top the good things about the County, make it sure you retreat you self to a good home where you can relax and let your mind and body rest through the night and prepare it for the next day’s another set of adventure. The Wayfarer Beach House does it for you. It is a waterfront private suite located at the heart of Prince Edward County. The house contains a bedroom, a den, and a beautiful patio. Amenities include a mini kitchen with microwave, kettle, fridge, and coffee maker, TV and DVD, a brand new bathroom, and wireless internet service. For additional guests, a day bed and futon are available for usage in case of additional guests. Weekly and nightly reservations are welcomed. Go ahead, plan the best sprucing at the beautiful County of Prince Edward! Call us for inquiries and reservations. We’ll be more than glad to help you with your day trip plans too! Source:

Prince Edward County for Nature and Adventure Lovers